700 Fascinating Albanian Names for Your Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Albanian Names”! If you’re searching for some creative and unique names, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of fascinating Albanian names that are sure to captivate your imagination. As the great philosopher Plato once said, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” So, let’s dive into the world of Albanian names and discover the beauty they hold!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve delved deep into the art of naming. One of my passions lies in crafting names for fantasy characters, where imagination knows no bounds. In my journey as a naming enthusiast, I’ve come across numerous captivating Albanian names that carry rich history and cultural significance. I believe that names have the power to shape our perceptions and even influence our destinies. So, get ready to embark on a journey of exploration, where each name tells a story of its own.

Are you tired of common names that blend into the crowd? Fear not, for in this article, you will discover a treasure trove of unique Albanian names that are waiting to be embraced. Each name on our list has been carefully selected to stand out and make a lasting impression. So, if you’re seeking a name that exudes individuality and charm, rest assured that you will find it right here. Let’s unravel the world of Albanian names and uncover the one that resonates perfectly with your desires and aspirations. Get ready to be inspired!

Albanian Names

Albanian Names

  • Adela
  • Bajram
  • Celin
  • Dardan
  • Elida
  • Fabjon
  • Genti
  • Ilina
  • Jorgo
  • Kiona
  • Liridon
  • Marla
  • Nard
  • Oreta
  • Piro
  • Qendrim
  • Rea
  • Skerdi
  • Tilda
  • Uljana
  • Valmir
  • Xhoan
  • Yljon
  • Zara
  • Besar
  • Diona
  • Erald
  • Fjona
  • Genti
  • Heldi
  • Iliana
  • Jetro
  • Keida
  • Lekë
  • Mina
  • Ndriçim
  • Odeta
  • Petrit
  • Qëndresa
  • Ronela
  • Shpetim
  • Tedi
  • Uarda
  • Vasil
  • Xhuli
  • Ylber
  • Zaim
  • Besa
  • Çela
  • Drita
  • Egzon
  • Flaka
  • Gjergj
  • Hana
  • Ilir
  • Jona
  • Kozma
  • Lenda
  • Marin
  • Naim
  • Olsa
  • Pjetër
  • Qëndrim
  • Rovena
  • Selim
  • Terez
  • Uendi
  • Valter
  • Xhevahire
  • Ylfete
  • Zhaneta
  • Blerim
  • Drilon
  • Erjona
  • Fatbardh
  • Genta
  • Halil
  • Igli
  • Jolanda
  • Klodian

20 Albanian Names With Meanings

Albanian Names

  1. Alketa – “Defender of the truth.”
  2. Fjodor – “Gift of God.”
  3. Rozana – “Dew of the rose.”
  4. Zefir – “Gentle breeze or west wind.”
  5. Flutura – “Graceful like a butterfly.”
  6. Elidon – “Freedom and sincerity.”
  7. Perparim – “Progress and advancement.”
  8. Xhevahire – “Precious gem or jewel.”
  9. Endrit – “Light or illumination.”
  10. Anxhela – “Angel or messenger.”
  11. Flamur – “Flag or banner.”
  12. Bekim – “Blessing or benediction.”
  13. Argjira – “Silver-like and precious.”
  14. Natyra – “Nature or character.”
  15. Shpati – “Swift and agile.”
  16. Lumtur – “Happy and content.”
  17. Jeta – “Life or existence.”
  18. Vullnet – “Will and determination.”
  19. Vlora – “Colorful and vibrant.”
  20. Artan – “Gold and treasure.”

Common Albanian Names

Albanian Names

  • Ardian – “Loyal and noble.”
  • Elona – “Shining light.”
  • Genti – “Determined and strong-willed.”
  • Drita – “Radiance or brightness.”
  • Agron – “Warrior or fierce.”
  • Anisa – “Gracious and merciful.”
  • Besim – “Faithful and trustworthy.”
  • Enkelejda – “Angel or messenger.”
  • Fatos – “Fate or destiny.”
  • Liria – “Freedom and liberty.”
  • Ilir – “Free person or noble.”
  • Melisa – “Sweet as honey.”
  • Kastriot – “Strong as a castle.”
  • Ornela – “A flowering plant.”
  • Renis – “Joyful and glad.”
  • Shpresa – “Hope and aspiration.”
  • Valon – “Brave and courageous.”
  • Viola – “Purple flower.”
  • Xhevahir – “Precious gem or jewel.”
  • Zamira – “Thoughtful and considerate.”
  • Endrit – “Light or illumination.”
  • Florina – “Flower-like and blooming.”
  • Herion – “Heroic and valiant.”
  • Jonida – “Dove or messenger of love.”
  • Mariglen – “Golden flower.”
  • Nertila – “Strong and powerful.”
  • Petrit – “Rock or stone-like.”
  • Rozafa – “Refreshing like a dew.”
  • Skender – “Defender and protector.”
  • Vesa – “Promise or vow.”

Good Albanian Names


  • Zemira – “Heartfelt and sincere.”
  • Argjend – “Precious as silver.”
  • Flutura – “Graceful like a butterfly.”
  • Bardhyl – “Pure and white like snow.”
  • Delina – “Gentle and kind-hearted.”
  • Dorian – “Gift or token of love.”
  • Ermal – “Peaceful and serene.”
  • Arlinda – “Golden beauty.”
  • Fitim – “Victory and triumph.”
  • Belina – “Bright and shining.”
  • Gazi – “Victorious and triumphant.”
  • Lumturije – “Happiness and joy.”
  • Eron – “Peaceful and harmonious.”
  • Xheni – “Gracious and hospitable.”
  • Mirela – “Good and virtuous.”
  • Flamur – “Proud and honorable.”
  • Neven – “New and fresh.”
  • Mariza – “Star of the sea.”
  • Rezar – “Pure as dewdrops.”
  • Elira – “Free and independent.”
  • Kejsi – “Crowned and honored.”
  • Taulant – “Heroic and brave.”
  • Virtyt – “Virtue and goodness.”
  • Xhoana – “God is gracious.”
  • Imer – “Loyal and faithful.”
  • Rina – “Pure and clean.”
  • Krenar – “Proud and esteemed.”
  • Vjollca – “Bright and sparkling.”
  • Lumir – “Radiant and glowing.”
  • Plarent – “Shining like a star.”

Albanian Names Male

  • Besnik – “Loyal and devoted.”
  • Agon – “Fierce and competitive.”
  • Gentian – “Gentle and kind-hearted.”
  • Lirim – “Freedom and liberation.”
  • Besart – “Golden and precious.”
  • Erion – “Peaceful and harmonious.”
  • Ilion – “Sun-like and radiant.”
  • Dardan – “Brave and fearless.”
  • Besian – “Trustworthy and reliable.”
  • Eron – “Peaceful and tranquil.”
  • Florjan – “Flourishing and blooming.”
  • Drin – “Clear and pure like a river.”
  • Erald – “Gifted and talented.”
  • Artion – “Courageous and strong.”
  • Franc – “Free man or liberated.”
  • Eldar – “Warrior of light.”
  • Argjent – “Silver and valuable.”
  • Gavrosh – “Young and spirited.”
  • Marsel – “Brave and martial.”
  • Endrit – “Enlightened and illuminated.”
  • Renar – “Reborn and renewed.”
  • Granit – “Solid as granite stone.”
  • Herion – “Heroic and noble-hearted.”
  • Xhino – “Graceful and elegant.”
  • Adriel – “Follower of God.”
  • Kristofor – “Bearer of Christ.”
  • Luar – “Moonlight and luminous.”
  • Jonid – “Beloved and cherished.”
  • Markuar – “Remembered and memorialized.”
  • Veton – “Wise and knowledgeable.”

Albanian Names Female

  • Alara – “Gleaming and radiant.”
  • Elissa – “Noble and exalted.”
  • Bora – “Wild and untamed.”
  • Florina – “Flower-like and delicate.”
  • Ardita – “Golden day or dawn.”
  • Drina – “Clear and pure like a river.”
  • Belina – “White and shining.”
  • Ermira – “Peaceful and calm.”
  • Gezim – “Joy and happiness.”
  • Blerina – “Green like a flower.”
  • Ilda – “Battle of the warrior.”
  • Etrita – “Star-like and twinkling.”
  • Denisa – “Devoted and loyal.”
  • Diona – “Divine and heavenly.”
  • Dituria – “Wisdom and knowledge.”
  • Endara – “Moon-like and luminous.”
  • Flutura – “Butterfly-like and graceful.”
  • Gezuar – “Festive and celebratory.”
  • Griona – “Graceful and elegant.”
  • Imeria – “Faithful and loyal.”
  • Jorina – “Guiding star or light.”
  • Kaltra – “Blue and serene.”
  • Ledina – “Happy and cheerful.”
  • Mariglen – “Golden flower or blossom.”
  • Nertilja – “Clever and intelligent.”
  • Ora – “Golden and radiant.”
  • Prina – “Tender and delicate.”
  • Rovena – “Strong and resilient.”
  • Selira – “Bright and shining.”
  • Teuta – “Queen and ruler.”

Popular Albanian Names

Arta – “Golden and precious.”

Enea – “Praised and admired.”

Kosta – “Constant and steadfast.”

Elda – “Battle maiden or warrior.”

Fitore – “Victory and triumph.”

Jon – “Beloved and cherished.”

Lara – “Famous and distinguished.”

Marin – “Of the sea or marine.”

Nora – “Honor and light.”

Rea – “Queen and ruler.”

Skerdi – “Defender and protector.”

Tedi – “Gift of God.”

Valer – “Strong and valiant.”

Xheni – “Gracious and hospitable.”

Ylber – “Rainbow and colorful.”

Zana – “Enchanting and magical.”

Bardha – “White and pure.”

Zeni – “Bright and shining.”

Ani – “Graceful and charming.”

Ardi – “High and exalted.”

Ela – “God’s promise or oath.”

Dori – “Gift and token of love.”

Ervin – “Friend and companion.”

Alba – “White and pure.”

Besa – “Faith and promise.”

Gent – “Gentle and kind-hearted.”

Lira – “Freedom and independence.”

Flori – “Flower-like and blooming.”

Ilia – “Divine and heavenly.”

Ena – “Renewed and reborn.”

Funny Albanian Names

Bari – “Loud and noisy.”

Gjella – “Pancake or flatbread.”

Vrapuesi – “Fast and speedy.”

Qershia – “Sour cherry or tart.”

Gjumi – “Sleepy and drowsy.”

Tufa – “Rock or boulder.”

Shkrepse – “Firecracker or sparkler.”

Priti – “Patient and waiting.”

Sheshi – “Square or plaza.”

Gjembesira – “Ticklish and giggly.”

Vajzat – “The girls or young ladies.”

Gjithe – “All or everything.”

Kafshe – “Animal or creature.”

Qendresa – “Resilience and endurance.”

Gjyshi – “Grandfather or elder.”

Jasteku – “Cushion or pillow.”

Peshku – “Fish or fisherman.”

Gjysma – “Half or semi.”

Gjarperi – “Snake or serpent.”

Luletari – “Florist or flower seller.”

Qorre – “Sharp and pointed.”

Zgjebja – “Funny bone or amusement.”

Qetesi – “Tranquility and calmness.”

Vrapimi – “Running or sprinting.”

Gjithepashket – “All the sheeps or everyone gathered.”

Njoma – “Clumsy and awkward.”

Thundertari – “Thunderous and loud.”

Qeshmija – “Laughter or giggling.”

Gjysemzjarr – “Half full or half empty.”

Zvarraniku – “Sneaky and cunning.”

Unique Albanian Names

Besarta – “Golden promise or oath.”

Diturim – “Knowledge and learning.”

Flamurore – “Honorable and flag-like.”

Guximtar – “Fearless and courageous.”

Ideart – “Noble and idealistic.”

Jetmire – “Everlasting and eternal.”

Krenare – “Proud and esteemed.”

Lumturor – “Bringer of joy and happiness.”

Magjistar – “Magical and enchanting.”

Nderor – “Respectable and honorable.”

Oazis – “Oasis or sanctuary.”

Pergjithmone – “Forever and always.”

Qendronjesh – “Central and prominent.”

Rrezart – “Radiant and shining.”

Shenjtor – “Saintly and holy.”

Tundim – “Tremor or earthquake.”

Urim – “Blessing and benediction.”

Vullnetar – “Volunteer and selfless.”

Xheloz – “Jealous and envious.”

Yll – “Star or celestial body.”

Zemershkelqyesh – “Heart-shaped sparkler.”

Zhvillues – “Developing and evolving.”

Cuditshme – “Wonderful and astonishing.”

Thesar – “Treasure and gem.”

Vargmalor – “Mountainous and hilly.”

Shtegtim – “Journey or pilgrimage.”

Xixellonjesh – “Bubbling and effervescent.”

Yje – “Constellation or star cluster.”

Shkretire – “Desert or arid land.”

Zonjar – “Lady or gentlewoman.”

Cool Albanian Names

Arion – “Son of Poseidon.”

Draven – “Beloved and cherished.”

Bexhet – “Blessed and fortunate.”

Genta – “Kind and generous.”

Elton – “Noble and majestic.”

Jeton – “Life and vitality.”

Keida – “Unique and one of a kind.”

Leonit – “Lion-like and fierce.”

Fjona – “Free and liberated.”

Marlin – “Warrior of the sea.”

Nikolla – “Victory of the people.”

Orlind – “Golden and precious.”

Prenda – “Virtuous and chaste.”

Rovena – “Renowned and famous.”

Silva – “Forest or woodland.”

Trin – “Pure and clean.”

Uendi – “Wave or surging water.”

Val – “Strong and powerful.”

Xavi – “Bright and radiant.”

Ylber – “Rainbow and colorful.”

Thana – “Gift or present.”

Xhino – “Graceful and elegant.”

Ylli – “Star or celestial body.”

Zandri – “Defender of mankind.”

Shpati – “Swift and fast.”

Giza – “Worthy and deserving.”

Ulsi – “Free and independent.”

Fjordi – “Narrow and winding sea inlet.”

Vjosa – “Clear and pure like a river.”

Klemend – “Merciful and compassionate.”

Best Albanian Names

Shpresa – “Hope and aspiration.”

Vlera – “Value and worth.”

Ornel – “A flowering plant.”

Thana – “Gift or present.”

Valbona – “Good wave or stream.”

Yllber – “Rainbow and colorful.”

Arianit – “Holy and pure.”

Fjolla – “Leaf or foliage.”

Genc – “Youthful and vibrant.”

Ilia – “Divine and heavenly.”

Julinda – “Jewel and gem.”

Kamila – “Perfect and complete.”

Lindor – “Born in the spring.”

Mirela – “Good and virtuous.”

Ndriçim – “Illumination and light.”

Oltion – “Golden and precious.”

Pranvera – “Spring and new beginnings.”

Ariana – “Holy and pure.”

Edon – “Passionate and enthusiastic.”

Bleron – “Green and flourishing.”

Gentiana – “Gentle and kind-hearted.”

Elvin – “Noble friend or companion.”

Kejsi – “Crowned and honored.”

Marinor – “Of the sea or marine.”

Yllka – “Bright as a star.”

Ardor – “Ardent and passionate.”

Fjolla – “Leaf or foliage.”

Xhevair – “Precious gem or jewel.”

Iliriana – “Free person or noble.”

Rrezarta – “Radiant like a star.”

Shpati – “Swift and agile.”

Cute Albanian Names

Arusha – “Little ray of sunshine.”

Elida – “Small and precious.”

Blerina – “Little green blossom.”

Gjeli – “Little chicken or chick.”

Dhurata – “Small gift or present.”

Flori – “Little flower bud.”

Jeta – “Little life or existence.”

Kreshnik – “Little hero or warrior.”

Luljeta – “Little flower or bloom.”

Meri – “Little sea or ocean.”

Nderim – “Little respect or honor.”

Oni – “Little wave or surge.”

Pini – “Little pine tree.”

Rina – “Little pure or clean.”

Shpresa – “Little hope or aspiration.”

Titi – “Little songbird or canary.”

Ulvi – “Little wolf or wolf cub.”

Vjollca – “Little bright star.”

Xhino – “Little grace or elegance.”

Ylli – “Little star or celestial body.”

Zgjim – “Little growth or development.”

Bora – “Little wild wind or storm.”

Dita – “Little day or daylight.”

Guxim – “Little courage or bravery.”

Hana – “Little happiness or bliss.”

Ilda – “Little battle of the warrior.”

Joni – “Little beloved or cherished.”

Kastriot – “Little strong castle.”

Leka – “Little lion or lion cub.”

Mevisa – “Little scent or fragrance.”

Albanian Names

How To Choose A Good Albanian Name

In the rich tapestry of Albanian culture, names hold a profound significance. The process of choosing a good Albanian name transcends mere labeling, as it intertwines tradition, history, and the cherished values of family and heritage. In this exploration, we delve into the world of Albanian names, unveiling the beauty of linguistic melodies, the significance of ancestral connections, and the impact of names on individual identity. Let us embark on this captivating journey, where tradition and modernity converge to celebrate the essence of Albanian naming.

Understanding Albanian Naming Traditions:

Albanian names boast a unique blend of paternal and maternal elements, with both the father’s and mother’s names carrying weight and shaping a person’s identity. The importance of family and clan names further strengthens the bonds within Albanian communities. Throughout history, external influences from various cultures, including Roman, Greek, and Ottoman, have also left their mark on Albanian naming practices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Albanian Name:

The musicality and phonetics of Albanian names play a pivotal role in their selection. The rhythmic flow of syllables adds to the beauty and resonance of a name. Additionally, honoring ancestral connections through names fosters a sense of continuity and reverence for family heritage. As parents choose names for their children, they often seek to reflect personal values, aspirations, and the dreams they hold for their offspring.

Exploring the Meanings and Symbolism of Albanian Names:

Albanian names are a tapestry of meanings and symbols, each woven with deep-rooted linguistic origins. Analyzing root words and etymological references unveils hidden layers of significance. Cultural and mythological references provide insight into the cultural fabric of Albania, where names hold connections to ancient traditions and belief systems. The meanings behind names can significantly impact an individual’s sense of self and identity.

Researching Albanian Names:

Delving into the world of Albanian names often involves exploring ancient texts, folklore, and literary works. By consulting local dialects and regional variations, one can uncover a diverse array of names that celebrate the rich tapestry of Albania’s cultural heritage. The availability of online resources further facilitates name exploration, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Preserving and Reviving Forgotten Albanian Names:

In the quest to honor the past and preserve cultural heritage, efforts are made to rediscover forgotten names from historical records. Celebrating the diversity of regional naming practices contributes to the preservation of unique traditions. Reviving traditional names instills a sense of pride and fosters a connection to ancestral roots.

Embracing the Future with Albanian Names:

While traditions are cherished, the landscape of naming evolves with time. Modern trends in Albanian naming embrace innovation while respecting age-old practices. Striking the perfect balance between preserving tradition and embracing the future ensures that Albanian names continue to thrive and hold their significance in a changing world. Cultivating a sense of identity through names strengthens the bonds of Albanian communities and celebrates the vibrant cultural heritage of this fascinating country.


In conclusion, exploring the world of “700 Albanian Names” has been an enriching journey filled with cultural significance and creativity. We’ve encountered a vast array of names, each carrying its own unique charm and history. The Albanian naming tradition is a testament to the rich heritage of this beautiful country, and it offers a diverse selection of names for anyone in search of something extraordinary.

Throughout this article, we’ve celebrated the power of names and their ability to shape identities and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a soon-to-be parent seeking the perfect name for your child or a writer crafting a fantasy world, Albanian names present a delightful option worth considering. From timeless classics to more modern choices, there’s something to suit every taste and preference.

So, as you embark on your own naming journey, remember that each name carries its own story and significance. Embrace the beauty of these names, and let them inspire you to make a choice that feels meaningful and personal. We hope that this compilation of “700 Albanian Names” has sparked your imagination and left you with a newfound appreciation for the art of naming. Happy naming and may you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and aspirations!


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