700 Creative Amish Names for Characters & More

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Amish Names,” where we have curated a collection of creative and distinctive names inspired by the Amish culture. As the renowned writer Mark Twain once said, “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” This quote beautifully captures the essence of naming – finding that perfect word that pauses the mind and stirs the soul.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have delved into various naming fields, from corporate branding to character naming for fantasy worlds. However, among all the naming endeavors, exploring Amish names has been a truly enriching and captivating experience. The Amish community, known for its strong values and traditions, holds a wealth of unique and meaningful names that deserve appreciation and recognition.

In this article, I promise you an exciting journey through 700 handpicked Amish names. Whether you’re looking for a character name for your next fantasy novel, seeking inspiration for a child’s name, or simply fascinated by the beauty of language, rest assured you’ll find a name that resonates with you. So, let’s embark on this namegathering adventure together and discover the hidden gems within the Amish naming tradition.

Amish Names


  • Levi Schmucker
  • Lydia Stutzman
  • Ezekiel Kauffman
  • Susanna Mast
  • Samuel Fisher
  • Magdalena Yoder
  • Micah Hochstetler
  • Hannah Hostetler
  • Ephraim Miller
  • Rachel Beiler
  • Eli Stoltzfus
  • Priscilla Gingerich
  • Jacob Yutzy
  • Esther Knepp
  • Nathaniel Hershberger
  • Sarah Helmuth
  • Caleb Graber
  • Abigail Schwartz
  • Silas Hartzler
  • Naomi Lapp
  • Simon Hochstedler
  • Phoebe Bontrager
  • Jonathan Eicher
  • Rebekah Zook
  • Isaiah Stoll
  • Miriam Troyer
  • Benjamin Keim
  • Leah Byler
  • Nathanael Wenger
  • Martha Fisher
  • Asa Mast
  • Joanna Hochstetler
  • Ezra Yoder
  • Rachel King
  • Jesse Zook
  • Mary Yutzy
  • Solomon Zook
  • Susannah Helmuth
  • Amos Stoltzfus
  • Lydia Weaver
  • Simon Hochstetler
  • Delilah Byler
  • Aaron Mast
  • Phoebe Hochstetler
  • Eliana Stoltzfus
  • Josiah Zook
  • Deborah Gingerich
  • Gabriel Yoder
  • Eliza Hochstetler
  • Simon Knepp
  • Delilah Hostetler
  • Micah Kauffman
  • Rachel Stoltzfus
  • Silas Troyer
  • Elizabeth Hershberger
  • Isaiah Mast
  • Abigail Beiler
  • Caleb Hochstetler
  • Ruth Miller
  • Nathaniel King
  • Esther Byler
  • Samuel Hartzler
  • Miriam Zook
  • Zachariah Wenger
  • Delilah Bontrager
  • Elijah Eicher
  • Martha Keim
  • Zeke Fisher
  • Joanna Stoltzfus
  • Simon Schrock
  • Dinah Zook
  • Benjamin Stoltzfus
  • Rebekah Mast
  • Isaiah Helmuth
  • Jemima Gingerich
  • Caleb Yoder
  • Esther Troyer
  • Elijah Stoltzfus
  • Leah Eicher
  • Benjamin Yutzy

20 Amish Names With Meanings

Amish Names

  1. Abner Hershberger: “Father’s light, guiding the community.”
  2. Liora Schwartz: “Bringing light, a skilled artisan.”
  3. Esra Yoder: “Helping others, a compassionate leader.”
  4. Gideon Weaver: “Mighty warrior, crafting with skill.”
  5. Miriam Stoltzfus: “Rebellion subdued, a nurturing spirit.”
  6. Tobias Schrock: “God is good, a wise farmer.”
  7. Selah Beiler: “A pause in time, a healer.”
  8. Galadriel Zook: “Radiant princess, caring for others.”
  9. Jonas Hochstedler: “Dove-like, guiding the community.”
  10. Zara Yutzy: “Princess of light, a talented artist.”
  11. Ephraim Byler: “Fruitful farmer, a gentle soul.”
  12. Celestia Gingerich: “Heavenly beauty, a skilled baker.”
  13. Malachi Miller: “My messenger, a diligent carpenter.”
  14. Seraphina Kauffman: “Fiery presence, spreading love’s warmth.”
  15. Uriah Lapp: “God is my light, a dedicated teacher.”
  16. Calista Hochstetler: “Most beautiful, a gracious hostess.”
  17. Josiah Helmuth: “God supports, a skilled woodworker.”
  18. Althea Troyer: “Healing power, a caring midwife.”
  19. Zebulon King: “Exalted prince, a just leader.”
  20. Evangeline Eicher: “Bringer of good news, a joyful spirit.”

Common Amish Names

Amish Names

  • Abram – “Exalted father.”
  • Mary – “Bitter” or “beloved.”
  • David – “Beloved” or “friend.”
  • Elizabeth – “God is my oath.”
  • Jacob – “Supplanter.”
  • Rachel – “Ewe” or “innocent.”
  • Benjamin – “Son of the right hand.”
  • Hannah – “Grace” or “favor.”
  • Samuel – “Heard by God.”
  • Sarah – “Princess” or “noblewoman.”
  • John – “God is gracious.”
  • Rebecca – “To bind” or “ensnare.”
  • Isaac – “Laughter.”
  • Ruth – “Companion” or “friend.”
  • Daniel – “God is my judge.”
  • Esther – “Star” or “hidden.”
  • Joseph – “May he add” or “increase.”
  • Martha – “Lady” or “mistress.”
  • Andrew – “Manly” or “brave.”
  • Leah – “Weary” or “delicate.”
  • Matthew – “Gift of God.”
  • Susanna – “Lily” or “rose.”
  • Peter – “Rock” or “stone.”
  • Lydia – “From Lydia” (a region in Asia Minor).
  • James – “Supplanter” or “he who follows.”
  • Abigail – “Father’s joy” or “source of joy.”
  • Jonathan – “God has given” or “gift of God.”
  • Anna – “Grace” or “favor.”
  • Caleb – “Faithful” or “devoted.”
  • Miriam – “Rebellion” or “bitterness.”

Good Amish Names

Amish Names

  • Amity – “Friendship” or “harmony.”
  • Ephraim – “Fruitful” or “productive.”
  • Verity – “Truth” or “verity.”
  • Titus – “Honorable” or “of the giants.”
  • Charity – “Love” or “kindness.”
  • Seraphina – “Burning one” or “ardent.”
  • Zebediah – “Gift of God” or “portion of God.”
  • Prudence – “Wisdom” or “discretion.”
  • Cornelius – “Horn” or “strong.”
  • Temperance – “Moderation” or “self-restraint.”
  • Gideon – “Feller” or “hewer.”
  • Patience – “Endurance” or “perseverance.”
  • Matthias – “Gift of God” or “given.”
  • Constance – “Steadfast” or “constant.”
  • Ephrata – “Fertile” or “fruitful.”
  • Clement – “Merciful” or “gentle.”
  • Honor – “Respect” or “dignity.”
  • Micah – “Who is like Yahweh?”
  • Felicity – “Happiness” or “good fortune.”
  • Obadiah – “Servant of Yahweh.”
  • Amos – “Burden” or “borne by God.”
  • Joyanna – “Joyful” or “rejoice.”
  • Elihu – “My God is He.”
  • Silence – “Quiet” or “stillness.”
  • Selah – “Pause” or “meditate.”
  • Noble – “Honorable” or “noble.”
  • Aquila – “Eagle” or “sharp-sighted.”
  • Justina – “Fair” or “righteous.”
  • Hezekiah – “Strength of Yahweh.”
  • Grace – “Divine favor” or “blessing.”

Amish Names Male

  • Ezekiel – “God strengthens.”
  • Malachi – “My messenger.”
  • Bartholomew – “Son of Tolmai.”
  • Eli – “Ascension” or “my God.”
  • Hezekiel – “Strength of God.”
  • Solomon – “Peaceful” or “peace.”
  • Silas – “Of the forest” or “wood.”
  • Josiah – “Yahweh supports.”
  • Jethro – “Excellence” or “abundance.”
  • Thaddeus – “Heart” or “courageous.”
  • Eliab – “God is my father.”
  • Lemuel – “Devoted to God.”
  • Matthias – “Gift of God.”
  • Cyrus – “Sun” or “lordly.”
  • Enoch – “Dedicated” or “trained.”
  • Ephraim – “Fruitful” or “productive.”
  • Elisha – “God is salvation.”
  • Barnabas – “Son of encouragement.”
  • Enos – “Human being” or “mankind.”
  • Josias – “Fire of Yahweh.”
  • Asa – “Doctor” or “physician.”
  • Shem – “Renown” or “name.”
  • Azriel – “Help of God.”
  • Uriah – “Yahweh is my light.”
  • Gideon – “Feller” or “hewer.”
  • Joel – “Yahweh is God.”
  • Hiram – “Exalted brother” or “noble.”
  • Amaziah – “Strength of Yahweh.”
  • Reuben – “Behold, a son.”
  • Caleb – “Faithful” or “devoted.”

Amish Names Female

  • Priscilla – “Ancient” or “venerable.”
  • Tabitha – “Gazelle” or “deer.”
  • Dorcas – “Gazelle” or “doe.”
  • Magdalena – “Of Magdala.”
  • Prudence – “Wisdom” or “discretion.”
  • Susanna – “Lily” or “rose.”
  • Miriam – “Rebellion” or “bitterness.”
  • Judith – “Woman of Judea.”
  • Rhoda – “Rose” or “rosebush.”
  • Keziah – “Cassia tree” or “fragrance.”
  • Dinah – “Avenged” or “judged.”
  • Tryphena – “Delicate” or “dainty.”
  • Phoebe – “Radiant” or “bright.”
  • Kezia – “Cassia” or “cinnamon.”
  • Clarissa – “Bright” or “clear.”
  • Sapphira – “Sapphire” or “blue stone.”
  • Jemima – “Dove” or “beautiful.”
  • Primala – “First lady.”
  • Magdala – “Towered” or “elevated.”
  • Seraphina – “Burning one” or “ardent.”
  • Berenice – “Bringer of victory.”
  • Zillah – “Shadow” or “shade.”
  • Keturah – “Incense” or “fragrance.”
  • Lemuela – “Devoted to God.”
  • Tirzah – “She is my delight.”
  • Hadassah – “Myrtle tree” or “myrtle.”
  • Keilah – “Fortress” or “stronghold.”
  • Althea – “Healing” or “wholesome.”
  • Phanuel – “Face of God.”
  • Hepzibah – “My delight is in her.”

Funny Amish Names

Ezekiel Zucchini – A quirky vegetable twist.

Jedediah Bumpkin – A delightful bumpkin touch.

Penelope Picklesmith – An amusing pickled name.

Ichabod Featherbottom – A feathered, funny flair.

Gertrude Buttercup – A quirky floral combo.

Jedidiah Noodleman – A whimsical noodle twist.

Petunia Snickerdoodle – A sweet and funny treat.

Uriah Snickerbritches – A laugh-inducing combination.

Prudence Bumblebee – A buzzingly funny name.

Barnabas Bumblefoot – A barnyard-inspired chuckle.

Tabitha Tater tot – A playful potato twist.

Hezekiah Wobblebottom – A delightfully wobbly name.

Millicent Pumpernickel – A comically dark bread name.

Obadiah Bumblebuns – A whimsical bun-inspired name.

Gertrude Gingersnap – A spicy and funny combo.

Amos Flapdoodle – A flap-tastic name.

Priscilla Wobblewhiskers – A whimsical whiskered touch.

Bartholomew Bumblebee – A buzzworthy name.

Hephzibah Wobbletoes – A toe-tickling name.

Thaddeus Jingleheimer – A jingle-tastic delight.

Beulah Snickerplum – A fruitily funny name.

Ephraim Bubblegum – A chewy and amusing twist.

Zipporah Noodleknickers – A noodle-inspired giggle.

Cornelius Bumblebritches – A bumbling funny name.

Jemima Wobblewings – A whimsical winged touch.

Solomon Pumpernickel – A wise and funny bread twist.

Zebulon Snickerdoo – A sweet and amusing name.

Prudence Bumbleberry – A berry-filled funny twist.

Malachi Fizzlebottom – A fizzily amusing name.

Gertrude Jingleheimer – A jingle-worthy giggle.

Unique Amish Names

Elion – “Exalted” or “uplifted.”

Morwenna – “Waves of the sea.”

Jehiel – “God lives” or “God prevails.”

Arlinda – “Pledge” or “oath.”

Zebina – “Purchased” or “bought.”

Jovianne – “Majestic” or “youthful.”

Zephania – “Hidden by Yahweh.”

Galena – “Healer” or “calm.”

Elkanah – “God has created.”

Mordecai – “Servant of Marduk.”

Amara – “Eternal” or “unfading.”

Eulalia – “Sweetly speaking.”

Ephron – “Fawn” or “young deer.”

Mehetabel – “God’s favor” or “God benefits.”

Caspian – “Of the Caspian Sea.”

Serilda – “Armored warrior” or “maiden.”

Zebulon – “Exalted” or “honored.”

Ananias – “Yahweh is gracious.”

Mahalia – “Tenderness” or “affection.”

Endora – “Fountain” or “spring.”

Zedekiah – “Yahweh is righteous.”

Calantha – “Beautiful blossom.”

Ephrem – “Fruitful” or “productive.”

Thessaly – “Thessalian woman.”

Nehemiah – “Comforted by Yahweh.”

Annelore – “Grace” or “light.”

Zephira – “Morning breeze.”

Helah – “Tent” or “rustic abode.”

Joviette – “Youthful” or “full of life.”

Amadis – “Love” or “lovely.”

Famous Amish Names

Rumspringa – “Running around” or “wild time.”

Katriel – “God is my crown.”

Jakob Ammann – Founder of the Amish movement.

Magdalena Hochstetler – Noted Amish midwife.

Aksah Hostetler – Respected Amish quilter.

Eli Stutzman – Known for his wise counsel.

Aeltest Yoder – Esteemed Amish elder.

Gertrud Hershberger – Revered Amish herbalist.

Jacob Hochstetler – Survivor of the Indian massacre.

Catharina Miller – Famed Amish cookbook author.

Jonas Yoder – Noted Amish carpenter.

Elisabeth Troyer – Prominent Amish community leader.

Heinrich Wagler – Noted Amish historian.

Sarah Lapp – Respected Amish teacher.

Johannes Byler – Renowned Amish farmer.

Rebekah Schrock – Known for her charity work.

David Gingerich – Acclaimed Amish preacher.

Magdalena Beachy – Revered Amish healer.

Benjamin Knepp – Respected Amish blacksmith.

Rachel Brenneman – Noted Amish potter.

Solomon Weaver – Known for his storytelling.

Anna Yutzy – Esteemed Amish quiltmaker.

Tobias Miller – Famed Amish woodworker.

Susanna Yoder – Notable Amish nurse.

Samuel Bontrager – Respected Amish schoolteacher.

Lydia Hochstetler – Acclaimed Amish baker.

Daniel Hershberger – Revered Amish bishop.

Abigail Stoltzfus – Known for her hospitality.

Isaac Schmucker – Noted Amish musician.

Elizabeth Hochstedler – Prominent Amish midwife.

Cool Amish Names

Zephyr – “West wind” or “gentle breeze.”

Calix – “Chalice” or “cup.”

Elara – “Shining” or “bright.”

Zara – “Princess” or “flower.”

Caelan – “Powerful warrior” or “slender.”

Kestrel – “Falcon” or “bird of prey.”

Alaric – “Ruler of all” or “kingly.”

Celestia – “Heavenly” or “divine.”

Zadok – “Righteous” or “just.”

Aurelia – “Golden” or “sunrise.”

Balthazar – “Baal protects the king.”

Cassia – “Cinnamon” or “spice.”

Lucian – “Light” or “illumination.”

Althea – “With healing power.”

Evander – “Good man” or “strong man.”

Seraphine – “Fiery” or “ardent.”

Theron – “Hunter” or “chase.”

Azura – “Sky blue” or “azure.”

Galadriel – “Maiden crowned with radiant light.”

Zephyrine – “West wind” or “breeze.”

Casimir – “Proclaimer of peace.”

Calliope – “Beautiful voice.”

Elysia – “Blissful” or “heavenly.”

Thalassa – “Sea” or “ocean.”

Lucius – “Light” or “illumination.”

Zaraïah – “God sees” or “God remembers.”

Azriel – “My help is God.”

Calantha – “Beautiful blossom.”

Evangeline – “Good news” or “bringer of good news.”

Azalea – “Dry” or “arid.”

Catchy Amish Names

Amara Starlight – Embracing eternal radiance.

Enoch Thunderbolt – A bolt of divine strength.

Seraphina Moonbeam – Illuminating the night.

Jedidiah Evergreen – An eternal green presence.

Keziah Stardust – A sprinkle of celestial wonder.

Ephraim Sunstrike – A powerful solar impact.

Melchior Moonshadow – A mysterious lunar figure.

Prudence Wildflower – Blooming with wisdom.

Lazarus Starling – Soaring with revival.

Galena Firesong – A melodic and fiery presence.

Barnabas Stargazer – Gazing into the cosmos.

Jovianne Meadowsweet – A joyful and sweet spirit.

Zedekiah Moonwalker – Dancing under the moon.

Elion Skylark – Soaring with exaltation.

Zipporah Aurora – A dawn of beauty.

Josiah Dreamweaver – Weaving dreams of hope.

Zara Moonstone – A luminous gem.

Hezekiel Nightfall – Embracing the darkness.

Amity Sunflower – Blooming with friendship.

Thaddeus Starfall – Falling stars of courage.

Rhoda Daybreak – The break of a new day.

Jemima Twilight – Embracing the twilight hours.

Obadiah Sunburst – Bursting with divine light.

Morwenna Dreamcatcher – Capturing dreams of the sea.

Josias Lightfoot – Treading lightly with grace.

Joviette Stardancer – Dancing among the stars.

Jedediah Lightheart – A heart filled with light.

Katriel Emberglow – Glowing with heavenly fire.

Barak Sunflower – Blooming with blessings.

Zephira Moonchild – A celestial child of the moon.

Amish Names

How To Choose A Good Amish Name

Choosing a name is a momentous task that carries immense significance, and in the context of Amish culture, this process becomes even more profound. Amish names not only represent individuals but also encompass their values, beliefs, and the rich tapestry of their cultural heritage. In this article, we will delve into the art of selecting a good Amish name, one that resonates deeply with its bearer and embodies the essence of Amish tradition.

Understanding Amish Naming Tradition

To choose a good Amish name, it is essential to grasp the deeply-rooted cultural and religious ties that underpin this tradition. Amish names often carry symbolic meanings, reflecting the parents’ hopes and aspirations for their child. These names are not randomly assigned but chosen with great care, influenced by family and community beliefs. Understanding the importance of these factors can guide us in finding a name that aligns with the values we wish to instill in the individual carrying it.

Researching Amish Names

In our journey to find a meaningful Amish name, research plays a crucial role. Delving into historical records and genealogy can uncover a treasure trove of traditional names that have stood the test of time. Exploring common naming patterns within the Amish community can provide valuable insights into the naming customs. Additionally, consulting with Amish communities or experts can offer a deeper understanding of the significance behind certain names.

Identifying Personal Values and Beliefs

Choosing a good Amish name involves self-reflection and a connection with the Amish way of life. By aligning our personal values and ideals with those upheld by the Amish community, we can narrow down the options to names that truly resonate with us. It’s essential to consider the long-term impact of the chosen name, as it will become an integral part of the individual’s identity.

Embracing Simplicity and Timelessness

The Amish culture embraces simplicity in all aspects of life, including names. When selecting a name, it is prudent to avoid trendy or fleeting choices and instead opt for names with enduring appeal. A timeless Amish name will hold its beauty and significance through the ages, avoiding the risk of becoming outdated.

Symbolism and Nature-Inspired Names

Nature plays a profound role in Amish life, and this is reflected in their naming tradition. Many Amish names are inspired by natural elements, each carrying its symbolism and meaning. Embracing names connected to nature fosters a sense of harmony with the world around us and adds a deeper layer of significance to the name.

Emphasizing Family Heritage and Traditions

In the Amish community, family is of utmost importance, and names often carry a strong link to family heritage and traditions. Choosing a name that honors the legacy of ancestors can strengthen family ties and preserve cultural heritage. Incorporating family traditions into the name selection process adds a personal touch that further enriches the choice.

Striking the Right Balance

As we navigate the name selection process, it’s essential to strike a balance between adhering to tradition and embracing individuality. Considering the practical aspects of pronunciation and spelling ensures that the chosen name will be accessible to others and stand the test of everyday use.

Seeking Guidance and Involving Loved Ones

Selecting a good Amish name can be an enriching and communal experience. Seeking guidance from family and close friends not only provides valuable input but also strengthens the emotional bond with loved ones. Additionally, involving members of the Amish community in the decision-making process can offer valuable insights and ensure the name truly captures the spirit of Amish tradition.


In conclusion, exploring the world of 700 Amish names has been a captivating journey filled with cultural richness and meaningful expressions. The Amish community’s naming tradition reflects a deep connection to their heritage, values, and faith, making each name a symbol of profound significance. From classic and timeless names to unique and rare ones, this collection offers a diverse array of options that can inspire anyone seeking the perfect name for their child, character, or even themselves.

As a Naming Specialist, I have found immense joy in curating this list and shedding light on the beauty of Amish names. These names have a timeless quality that transcends trends, ensuring that they will endure through generations. Whether you’re drawn to names with religious undertones, nature-inspired monikers, or simply names that exude strength and resilience, the Amish naming tradition has something for everyone.

I hope that this article has been both informative and inspiring, sparking your curiosity about the rich tapestry of Amish culture and language. As you embark on the journey of selecting a name, may you find the one that resonates deeply with your heart and soul. Remember, a name holds immense power, shaping the identity and destiny of the one who carries it. Embrace this process with an open heart and the understanding that each name has its own story to tell. Happy naming!


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