399 Cool Anime Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

A lot of people enjoy anime, and if you are one of them then this is the perfect opportunity to make a new group. There are many anime fans around the world, so why not unite your friends and build a community?

Here are a few anime group name ideas for you to consider!

Catchy Anime Group Names

Get inspired by your favorite anime characters. Instead of using your favorite anime character’s name, you can use his or her voice actor’s first or last name. If there are more than one of your favorite anime characters, you can choose different names for each character in your group. You can choose a first name, last name, nickname, or title from a character’s uniform.

You could also combine a role-playing game character with a popular anime character. If your group is a fan of Naruto or Sailor Moon, you might create a group name that includes the name of your favorite role-playing game character. For example, if your group has a Naruto or Sailor Moon role-playing game character named “Serenity” and “Chibi-Moon,” then your new group name could be “Naruto Chibi Moon.”

  • Cariño
  • Unseen Plague
  • Lovebird
  • The Lagoon Corporate (Black Lagoon)
  • Generation Of Miracles
  • Tron Wolves
  • Golden Vultures
  • Thunderthorn
  • The Survey Corps: Attack On Titan
  • Team Rocket (Pokémon)
  • Energetic
  • Band Of Seven
  • Open Regiment
  • The Silent Voices
  • Disillusioned With the System
  • Transfer Students
  • Akatsuki – Naruto
  • Celestial Being
  • Abandonment
  • Team Rocket: Pokemon
  • Metal Knight/Soshiki – One punch man
  • Shimmercloaks
  • Team Rocket
  • One Punch Men
  • The Akatsuki (Naruto Shippuden)
  • Joestar Group
  • Battleguards
  • Anger of Impurity
  • Homunculi
  • Fairy Tail Guild
  • Living Plague
  • Loo Loo
  • Patlabor
  • Born With Magic Powers
  • The Hunter Organization
  • Megane Archetypes
  • Shirazuki Keifumi
  • Keepers Of The Tricked
  • The Seven Fatal Sins (The Seven Fatal Sins)
  • With Geass Control: Code Geass
  • Hestia Familia (Danmachi)
  • Past Problems Solvers
  • Penguin Hat Revival
  • Rum-Rum
  • Immortals
  • War Brothers
  • Kokoro Club: Heart
  • Senpai Mentors:
  • Hollowlanders
  • Polar Superstar Dorm
  • Konihara Manpachi
  • Redbeards
  • The Order Of The Black Knights
  • Humble Helix
  • Godhand: Berskerk
  • Enraged Gangsters
  • Your Fitness Café
  • Pussy Cat
  • Sins
  • Team Urameshi
  • The Elric Sisterhood
  • Quinx Squad
  • Yorozuya (Gintama)
  • Blackdawn
  • Demolition Vanguardians
  • Considered Kawaii: cute
  • Vizards (Bleach)
  • Workforce Rocket
  • Polar Star Dorm (Food Wars!)
  • Dark Pegasus
  • Workforce Rnjr (Rwby)
  • Villains of the Claw
  • Kamiko Army
  • Team Yato
  • Splitstriders
  • Tyranny Pergatoryshimmercloaks
  • Meganekko Frames
  • Dragonfly
  • Cheeky Chimp
  • Guerilla Group Zero

Top 10 Rare Anime Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     The Dollars

This name is one of the most unique names. When you think of this name, the first thing that comes to mind is “Money” and it can be used by people who are really serious about their money. When you think about it, it has a very negative meaning as well. If you have a bad name then this is not a good name. Thus, this name should be avoided on all kinds of occasions.

The Dollars

2.      The Z Warriors

This name is suitable for those people who are not afraid of making mistakes and working hard for their dreams. They don’t think about the past and just focus on the present. They are so optimistic that they always see the bright side of things. Thus, they have become an ideal choice for their name. You can select this name for your group name to make them stand out from the crowd.

The Z Warriors

3.      Team Dai-Gurren

Dai-Gurren is an ancient samurai warrior from Japanese folklore, but his story is told as that of a simple farmer and his journey into a warrior on the battlefield. In his youth, Dai-Gurren had a dream of becoming a samurai warrior but was forced to stay with his family when his parents were killed. At age 18, he took up the sword and began his lifelong journey to become a warrior, eventually joining the Gurentai to avenge his parents’ deaths and to seek justice for the wrongs done to him. His first opponent was a group of five men who attacked him. When they were defeated, the next day the same five men attacked again. By day three of his training, his group of opponents grew to fifty. He was forced to train constantly to hone his skills until his enemies were no match for him.

Team Dai-Gurren

4.      The Ouran Host Club

The Ouran Host Club is a Japanese anime television series that has been popular all over the world. It is a comedy and romance series about the members of a prestigious private school host club. In Japan, the name of this club is Ouran High School Host Club. In English, the name is the same. This name can be used for many things. You can use it for any organization or company and create a club that has fun.

The Ouran Host Club

5.      Straw Hat Pirates

This name will bring out a sense of adventure in you, thus allowing you to achieve higher levels of success. This name will not only help you in motivating yourself but also in motivating your group members towards the same goal. Therefore, you can use this name for your team or group name.

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Straw Hat Pirates

6.    The Akatsuki

It also is known as the Black Star Cluster and is one of the largest and most massive star clusters ever discovered.

In Japanese, the word “kami” means “god” or “sacred being” and “Akatsuki” means “constellation”. In this name, the kanji is meant to suggest a “god”, in the form of a celestial body.

The Akatsuki

7.      The Hunter Organization

This name is a suitable one for the group that wants to hunt for all kinds of animals from different corners of the world. This will lead you to hunt for new ideas that will be useful for the development of your career. Thus, if you want to develop your career in the right direction, then you need to choose this name for your organization name.

The Hunter Organization

8.      The Phantom Troupe

The name here would be suitable for those people who have been working hard for a long time and are well known in their profession. You need to choose a name for your group which should be based on the nature of work done by them. And if you are a perfectionist like them, you must opt for this name.

You can also get this name for your team. But in this case, you can also choose a name that is similar to the name of your organization. For instance, if you are in the marketing sector, you can choose names like Marketing, Media, etc. This way you will be able to establish a name for your team, which has a strong association with the same.

The Phantom Troupe

9.      Fairy Tail

If you are a person who is not just interested in doing well but also wants to prove yourself on a wider scale, then you need to pick this name. If you are interested in studying something new, then Fairy Tail is one of the best choices available. This name will help you in taking up a new path in life. This name is a combination of ‘fairy tale’ and ‘tail’. Thus, it represents all the good characteristics.

Fairy Tail

10.      The Seven Deadly Sins

The name you have chosen should be in line with your beliefs. This is because this will help your followers to be more motivated and passionate about your group and team. When you use this name for your group, it will surely attract the attention of people who are interested in your group.

The main motive of this name is to make people feel that they are not alone, which will definitely increase their confidence to perform well. If you are someone who has the capability to make your team members happy, then using this name will definitely help you in achieving your goal.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Cool Anime Group Names

Anime fans will enjoy finding anime group names with similar words. Anime is one of the most popular anime styles, and many people enjoy the same shows and movies. You can easily find cool anime group names for your group by looking up synonyms for the show or movie your group enjoys. You could create a word association group name for your group, or you could look up synonyms for anime.

Find a popular anime group name. Popular anime groups often have a strong group name that makes them easier to recognize, such as the Gundam series of anime, which has the popular group name “Gundam” in Japanese.

Choose a word that describes the anime your group watches, like “Super Sentai” or “Shoujo” (the Japanese word for “young lady”). If there’s a particular anime your group likes, like “Berserk,” you could create a group name for your group with an anime synonym for the title, such as “Berserker.”

  • Archers Of The Revenant
  • Frostskulls
  • Resident Evils
  • Agony Of The Universe
  • Gum-Anime
  • Soul Reapers
  • Hunter Association
  • Team Jnpr (Rwby)
  • Ordained End
  • The Gotei 13 (Bleach)
  • Cosplay Collective: Costumes
  • The Akatsuki
  • Switch Supporters
  • Shug
  • The Rule Breakers
  • Honorable Senseis
  • Senpai Mentors
  • Maka’s Workforce (Soul Eater)
  • Kawamotos
  • Microwaveable Messages: Steins; Gate
  • Workforce Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • Slaystation
  • Trope Trackers
  • Fans Without Filler
  • Awful Oblivion
  • Boku No Anime
  • Golden
  • Recon Corps
  • The Survey Corps
  • Maka’s Team (Soul Eater)
  • Harbingers Of The Rhino
  • Sacred Society
  • The Chibi Crew: Small
  • The Phantom Troupe: Hunter X Hunter
  • Ikebaru Motoke
  • Delicate Punks
  • Penguin Highway
  • The Tokyo Ghouls: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Doujinshi People
  • Catbus Passengers
  • Ganbatte! Force: Good Luck
  • Copycat
  • Wolkenritter
  • Low Lust
  • The Monster League
  • Mithi
  • Ban Of Forests
  • Subaru (Shichisei No Subaru)
  • Honored Strikers
  • Night Raiders
  • Yakuda Matantaro
  • Penguin Hat Revival: Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Sweet One
  • Bodacious Babe
  • Movie Star
  • Into A Parallel
  • Champions Of The Earth
  • Interrupted Journeys: Michiko & Hatchin
  • Action-Adventure
  • Prime Ritual Of Chaos
  • Lapooheart
  • Scourge Plague
  • Shadow Hunters
  • One-Punch Men: One-Punch Man
  • yabi Mamokko
  • Traitors of the Living
  • Muratsumi Utarazo
  • Akatsuki Collectivemanga
  • Anteiku/Aogiri – Tokyo ghoul
  • Black Bullsteam Gurren
  • The Blade Breakers
  • Affliction Of The Mighty
  • Joyous Vigor
  • Riko & Reg Abyss League
  • manga
  • Honey Bee
  • Just Like Naruto
  • Caramela
  • Megaminds
  • Hottie Tottie

Creative Anime Group Names

Get inspiration from anime characters to create a group name for your anime fan group. Characters from all genres and eras of anime are popular subjects for groups. Anime characters come in many types, so choose one that represents your group. You can use a character’s name or nickname in your group name. For example, if your group members share an interest in superheroes, they can use the character’s superhero name in their group name.

Pick a character who you admire. If you like the anime characters in your group’s favorite anime, you might find an inspiring quote that you’d like to use in your group name. Use the character’s first name or last name in your group name.

  • Urane Kemochi
  • 00 Cyborgs: Cyborg 009
  • The Z Opponents – ‘Dragon Ball Z’
  • Black Devils
  • Kuriyomi Hokurio
  • World
  • Shonen Jumpers
  • Sose Kuniharu
  • Zero’s Freedom Fighters
  • The Phantom Troupe
  • Slime Reincarnated
  • High Ritual Of Chaos
  • Within Citadel
  • Naruto
  • Recruits of Mystery
  • Future Gadget Lab (Steins;Gate)
  • Cowboys Of Bebop
  • Out Of Doors The Machine: Psycho-Cross
  • Okufumi Bunramon
  • Firewell
  • Technology Of Miracles
  • Reason
  • Adorable
  • Doki Doki Anime Club
  • Ichishige Tamudaira
  • Nestor
  • The Straw Hat
  • Anime Otakus: Superfans
  • Kurimaya Yoshimaki
  • Abyssal Ones (Claymore)
  • Deadmen Wonderland
  • Quinx Squad (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Star Shine
  • The Mecha Matrix: Super Robots
  • The Hunter Group
  • Beastars
  • Recon Corps – Attack On Titan
  • Kawazuno Takamoru
  • Cara Mia
  • Kokoro Clubspunky Genki Set
  • The Sugoi Squad
  • Black Bulls
  • Over 9000
  • Pursuit Of Immortalityjust Like Naruto
  • Ultraman
  • Ops And Eds
  • The Black Knights
  • The Fit Fork
  • Kazezuno Koreo
  • Team Rwby
  • Kemonomimi Kollective
  • The Burial Agency
  • Struggle Of The Dove
  • Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
  • Dumpling
  • Jessie Loves To Run
  • Kamikaze Penguins
  • Bouldervale
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Dere Decoders
  • Balanced on a Knife-Edge
  • Into a Parallel World
  • Show Your Stand
  • Shatterbane
  • Immortality
  • Immoral Thunder
  • Beck (Beck)
  • Emerald
  • Sunswords
  • Anime Plus Ultra
  • Shadow Knights
  • Curse Of The Rhino
  • Alchemists In Complete Steel
  • Koyanagi Tadamo
  • Hunters Association
  • Outside The System
  • Kiki’s Krew
  • Kitty Dance
  • Alpha Genesis
  • Miles

Funny Anime Group Names

The name of an anime club you join should include your favorite character, or something related to anime that you love. You can base your group name on a favorite character, theme, idea, or phrase from your favorite show. Use anime synonyms for words like “love,” “happiness,” “happy,” “funny,” “love,” “cool,” or “awesome” to inspire your group name.

You can also choose a short name based on one word from the title of your favorite show, such as “Kappa Squad” or “Boruto Squad.” Look up anime groups to find ideas for group names that work with your favorite characters.

Choose a group name based on a Japanese phrase or proverb. If you’re a fan of anime, you might enjoy making your own anime group name using a Japanese proverb. For example, if you like the phrase “Inchiki” (one who does good things) you could make a group name like Inchiki Squad.

  • Monsters Of The
  • Cutie Patootie
  • The Magical Ladies
  • Studentsbeasts Of The Spider
  • Kowa Motosine
  • Familiamaka’s Team
  • Demon Slayers
  • The Yorozuya (Gintama)
  • Silence Of The Buffalo
  • The Paranormal Liberation Entrance
  • Bun Butt
  • Marbleflayers
  • Home Of The Shield
  • Espada (Bleach)
  • Considered Kawaii
  • Stray Gods – Noragami
  • comic-book
  • Dubs and Subs
  • Adventures In Anime
  • Space Cowboys
  • Tsundere Supporters
  • Allies From The Woods
  • Collecting New Swords
  • Anime Underground
  • The Soul Reapers: Bleach
  • Anime/Manga
  • Host Club
  • Team Natsu (Fairy Tail)Quick Foxes
  • Closed Strategy
  • Celestial Being (Gundam 00)
  • Killers Of The Lion
  • Sweety Cakes
  • Girls Gone Wow
  • Kamima Gokeno
  • Stardust Crusaders
  • Meisters – Soul Eater
  • The Titan Attackers
  • Vectors – Elfen Lied
  • The Ghibli Group
  • Hatchin’s Voices of Reason
  • Kanayomi Kanzarai
  • Dimples
  • Yorozuya – Gintama
  • Zero’s Freedom Fighters: Code Geass
  • Team Dragon Ball Z
  • Pookie Anime
  • Invocation
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Spirited Away Squad
  • The Gotei 13
  • Doujinshi People: superfans
  • Fearless
  • Smoochy
  • Senpai Mentors: upperclassmen
  • The Genki Group: Cheerful
  • Akatsuki – Naruto
  • Wards Of
  • Von – Zankyou no terror
  • Zanzibar-Copal
  • Irresistible Queens
  • Team Natsu (Fairy Tail)
  • High Legacy
  • Forbidden Chaos
  • Sumimasen Squad: Sorry
  • Videogame
  • Foreign Media Exchange
  • The Spriggan 12
  • Workforce 7 (Naruto)
  • Adanma
  • Crescent Wings
  • Wakimatsu Shihoya
  • Moshi Moshi, Moshi Moshi: excuse me
  • Club
  • Cuddly Anime
  • Mad Castle
  • Shadow Hunters Slaystation
  • Tyranny Pergatory
  • Burning Nightmare
  • Redemption Of Shadows
  • The Yorozuya

Cute Anime Group Names

Create an anime name that shares a word with your group. Pick a character from an anime series that sounds similar to your group’s name, and add a prefix to it to make it cuter. For example, you could name your group “Kamikaze Squad” and add the cute anime character “Samurai” to it.

Pick an anime character that shares a word with your group. Find a cartoon character that looks similar to your own business, and choose the name of the character instead of your group’s. You could use a character that sounds similar to your group’s name, or one that sounds similar to your business’s name. For example, you could pick the character “Captain America” and name your group Captain America Squad.

  • Honorable Senseis: teachers
  • Allies Of The Forbidden
  • The Black Knights (Code Geass)
  • The Chibi Workforce
  • Brilliant Life Chiropractic
  • Ill Moguls
  • Workforce Natsu
  • The House of Small Cubes
  • Wreckingmanes
  • live-action
  • Celestial Witches
  • Boulderbeards
  • Reckless
  • Team Dai-Gurren
  • One-Punch Men
  • Itchy Assailant
  • Black Bull Squad
  • Melod
  • Peace Of The Cosmos
  • Quick Foxes
  • Honored Vultures
  • Hellbow
  • Past ProblemsFrom The New World
  • With Geass Control
  • Odd Jobs
  • Spunky Genki Set: energetic
  • Anime Association
  • The Straw Hat Pirates: One Piece
  • Tomiro Nobuzan
  • The Loli League: Innocent
  • The Soul Reapers
  • Traitors Kohai Krew
  • Team Gurren
  • Contract Maggots
  • Sern – Steins Gate
  • Shinoa Squad
  • Motoguchi Orikao
  • Naruto’s Army
  • Homunculi (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003)
  • My Sweet Queen
  • Pursuit of Immortality
  • Girl Power
  • Snuggles
  • Scourge of the Dove
  • Hot Spring Episode
  • Amiga
  • The Chibi Crew
  • Thunder Of Fortune
  • The Mecha Matrix
  • When Stars Align
  • High-Rise Invasion
  • Team Totoro: My Neighbor Totoro
  • Sacrament Of Secrets
  • Dashingbreaker
  • Heroic Admirals
  • Tronners
  • The Straw Hat Pirates
  • Honey Bagel
  • Beastly Alliance
  • Alchemists
  • Deviant Blades Collective
  • Hate Of The Wolf
  • The Chibi Crew Open Regiment
  • Moonglades
  • Hestia
  • Z Warriors: Dragonball Z
  • Threats And Conspiracies
  • Foreign Language Films Fun
  • The Seven Deadly
  • Team Dai
  • Oshita Maesami
  • Grouchy Power
  • Susuwatari Soot Sprites
  • The Ultra Brothers
  • Kokoro Club
  • Assault On Titan
  • Dark and Vicious Forces
  • Cry Of Nature
  • Demons Of The Desired
  • Awful Discipline

Unique Anime Group Names

Select a unique name for your group that relates to the anime you watch. For example, if you love to watch anime that includes dragons or ghosts, you could choose a name like “Ghost Club” or “Dragon Club.” Choose a word or expression that makes sense when put next to your group’s name.

Get inspiration from popular anime characters. Anime fans may know that they can find many of their favorite characters in popular games, cartoons, films, and other mediums. You can even add your own twist to some of the most popular characters, such as Dragon Quest’s Algus, Sailor Moon’s Chibiusa, or Code Geass’s Lelouch. For example, if you’re a fan of the character Lulu, you could combine her name with a unique word, like “Lululu Club.”

  • Yummy Anime
  • Sos Brigade
  • My Love
  • Occult Research Club: High School Dxd
  • The End of Evangelion
  • Boku no Anime Club
  • Mysterious Vikings
  • Outside the System: Psycho-Pass
  • Marble Eagles
  • The Magical Girls
  • Slice Of Lifestyles
  • Metal Knight/Soshiki
  • Cowboys Of Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)
  • Fiends Of Ending
  • Ghibli Groupies
  • Fairy Tail
  • Point Of No Return
  • Horde Of Immortals
  • Workforce Gurren
  • The League Of Villains
  • Polar Star Dorm
  • Shinoraki Hisakumo
  • Little Runner
  • The Never Learning Network
  • Mon Cherí
  • In The Sky Castle
  • Alchemists In Full Metal
  • Ghibli Groupiesgolden Vultures
  • Sacred Eye – Mirai Nikki
  • Snowstriders
  • Ghouls of Tokyo
  • Schnookums
  • Entities Of The Mystical
  • Mobile 13 (Nanbaka)
  • Masasawa Shimuro
  • A. (All About Anime)
  • Spunky Genki Set
  • Pursuit Of
  • Shepherds Of The Shark
  • Minimalist Baker
  • Torpid
  • Tempest Moguls
  • shoujo
  • Catbus Passengers
  • Akatsuki Collective: Naruto
  • The Dollars
  • Meganekko Frames: Girls With Glasses
  • Second Cour
  • Rumblestand
  • The Z Warriors
  • Motonobu Akenao
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • One Piece Adventurers
  • The Chunibyo Club
  • Cats and Kawamotos
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Voices of the Demonic
  • Wellness Wagon
  • Night Raiders The Phantom Troupe
  • Upperclassmen
  • Backstreet Girls
  • Oompa Loompa
  • Cp9: One Piece
  • Sern – Steins gate
  • Cosplay Collective
  • Unusual Jobs
  • End Of Defiance
  • Yorozuya
  • Hatchin’s Voices of
  • Workforce Yato (Noragami)
  • Red Ribbon Army
  • Magic Notebook Network: Death Note
  • Stray Gods
  • Gathering New Swords
  • Abyssal Ones
  • Fearless Pergatory
  • Otaku Spot
  • Cats And
  • Ghosty
  • Smile – Mob Psycho

Anime Group Names

How to Decide Your Anime Group Name?

Amine group names should be something that represents the personality of the group.

Use these tips to create a name that reflects your group’s personality:

Make sure your group name is memorable and unique. Some people will recognize your group by its name alone — if your group isn’t memorable, it could turn off potential members who want to join your group. Consider how people might refer to your group, as well as what other groups or events might call your group.

Think about the people in your group. What type of people will they be? Does the name reflect the kind of people you’d want to be with, or does it focus too much on things they don’t like?

Don’t let your age be the focus. Your age can definitely make a positive impact on your group’s name, but you don’t have to focus so much on the number of years you’ve lived. It can make sense to include references to the fact that you’re getting older, but that doesn’t mean your age has to be the center of everything!