700 Mesmerizing Archdevil Names for Your Dark Fantasy

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Archdevil Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and intriguing names for your fantasy characters or just curious about the fascinating world of archdevils, you’re in the right place. As a naming specialist with three years of experience, I have compiled an extensive list of archdevil names that will surely captivate your imagination. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.” Similarly, in the depths of our article, you will discover a plethora of captivating archdevil names that will bring your fictional world to life.

Having delved deep into the realms of fantasy character naming, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise in crafting names that resonate with the essence of the archdevil archetype. Over the years, I have honed my skills in finding the perfect balance between the mystique, power, and malevolence that define these otherworldly beings. I understand the importance of a well-chosen name in creating a lasting impression on readers and players alike. With my passion for the subject and dedication to the craft, I am confident that you will find the perfect archdevil name that fits your narrative like a glove.

But wait, there’s more! Within the pages of this article, you will not only find a comprehensive list of 700 archdevil names but also unique and captivating suggestions that will make your characters stand out from the crowd. I have meticulously curated this collection to ensure that each name possesses its own distinct personality, evoking a sense of awe, fear, or even curiosity. Prepare to be immersed in a world where names hold great power and unlock the hidden potential of your storytelling.

Archdevil Names

Archdevil Names

  • Zephyrion
  • Morgrax
  • Nephiloth
  • Baelgor
  • Nyctarius
  • Malphasus
  • Xeraphim
  • Belzarael
  • Astarothus
  • Lilimara
  • Zeraphion
  • Abysmion
  • Molochus
  • Vesperis
  • Seraphiel
  • Lucifel
  • Valakor
  • Thaumiel
  • Vesperoth
  • Naberius
  • Ragnaris
  • Mephistra
  • Infernion
  • Belethar
  • Gorgoroth
  • Nihilus
  • Agrippa
  • Ashteroth
  • Deimos
  • Nixus
  • Ravengor
  • Belphegore
  • Nephthys
  • Hadesius
  • Iscariot
  • Azrakel
  • Phobius
  • Amonus
  • Nyxus
  • Leviticus
  • Malachar
  • Seraphis
  • Belpharon
  • Cerebus
  • Vexalith
  • Stygian
  • Morbior
  • Invidia
  • Belialus
  • Nocturnus
  • Ramiel
  • Serpentis
  • Balazoth
  • Nebulon
  • Vesperon
  • Infernus
  • Corvinus
  • Maelstrom
  • Malachor
  • Gravitor
  • Nephora
  • Sanguis
  • Lilithia
  • Ignatius
  • Damocles
  • Zephyros
  • Mortifer
  • Calypso
  • Vindictus
  • Rexifer
  • Seraphis
  • Ophidian
  • Lucindra
  • Bellicus
  • Nyctra
  • Asmodeon
  • Grimshaw
  • Draconis
  • Nemeson
  • Zadkiel

20 Archdevil Names With Meanings

Archdevil Names

  1. Aamon the Bloodbane – Drinker of life, he craves blood.
  2. Sitri the Enchantress – Seductive sorceress who enthralls minds.
  3. Vassago the Prophet – Reveals future horrors through twisted visions.
  4. Ronove the Manipulator – Master of manipulation, he bends wills.
  5. Phenex the Immolator – Sets souls ablaze in eternal flames.
  6. Ipos the Diviner – Unveils secrets, delving into souls.
  7. Sallos the Matchmaker – Forges unholy unions of love’s torment.
  8. Dantalion the Mindreader – Delves deep into thoughts, unveiling secrets.
  9. Forneus the Whisperer – Whispers forbidden knowledge, driving madness.
  10. Alloces the Warmonger – Reigns over battlefields, spilling rivers of blood.
  11. Ose the Trickster – Expert in deception, weaving intricate schemes.
  12. Furfur the Stormbringer – Summons thunderous storms, wreaking havoc.
  13. Vine the Entangler – Ensnarer of souls, entwining them forever.
  14. Zagan the Alchemist – Transmutes life into agony, eternal suffering.
  15. Botis the Inquisitor – Extracts confessions, relishing in torturous interrogations.
  16. Marax the Plaguespreader – Releases pestilence, withering bodies in agony.
  17. Glasya-Labolas the Schemer – Mastermind behind intricate webs of deceit.
  18. Raum the Harvester – Reaps souls, harvesting them for eternity.
  19. Ipos the Puppetmaster – Pulls strings, controlling lives at will.
  20. Valefor the Thief of Shadows – Steals souls, leaving only darkness behind.

Dnd Archdevil Names

Archdevil Names

  • Asmodeus – “King of the Nine Hells”
  • Belial – “Master of Deceit”
  • Mephistopheles – “Lord of Cania”
  • Dispater – “Iron Duke”
  • Baalzebul – “Lord of the Flies”
  • Geryon – “Guardian of the Fifth Hell”
  • Mammon – “Greed Incarnate”
  • Zariel – “The Fallen General”
  • Fierna – “The Temptress”
  • Levistus – “The Frozen Traitor”
  • Glasya – “The Ambitious Princess”
  • Bael – “The Warlord”
  • Moloch – “The Tyrant”
  • Barbatos – “The Schemer”
  • Focalor – “Master of Storms”
  • Gargauth – “The Hidden Lord”
  • Hutijin – “The Malicious Trickster”
  • Graz’zt – “The Dark Prince”
  • Marchosias – “The Emissary of War”
  • Malphas – “The Harbinger of Darkness”
  • Nybbas – “The Whispering Shadow”
  • Orcus – “The Prince of the Undead”
  • Vapula – “The Master Artificer”
  • Raum – “The Shadowed Ravager”
  • Titivilus – “The Corruptor of Faith”
  • Haagenti – “The Fiery Alchemist”
  • Fraz-Urb’luu – “The Prince of Deception”
  • Andras – “The Slayer of Men”
  • Bifrons – “The Opener of Gates”
  • Dagon – “The Abyssal Ruler”

Archdevil Demons Names

Archdevil Names

  • Azazel – “The Tainted Flame”
  • Naberius – “The Grinning Scholar”
  • Balam – “The Whispering Shadow”
  • Andrealphus – “The Tempting Seductress”
  • Vual – “The Master of Divination”
  • Alloces – “The Executor of War”
  • Purson – “The Herald of Secrets”
  • Vapula – “The Technomancer”
  • Astaroth – “The Mighty Duke”
  • Vine – “The Whispering Vines”
  • Andromalius – “The Avenger of Betrayal”
  • Decarabia – “The Infernal Flame”
  • Gusion – “The Wise Counselor”
  • Sallos – “The Puppet Master”
  • Ronove – “The Artful Diplomat”
  • Haures – “The Vengeful Spirit”
  • Eligor – “The Swift Knight”
  • Seere – “The Revelator of Secrets”
  • Sitri – “The Enchantress of Lust”
  • Marbas – “The Healer of Maladies”
  • Ipos – “The Ruler of Foresight”
  • Glasya-Labolas – “The Hunter of Souls”
  • Buer – “The Herbalist”
  • Bune – “The Keeper of Fortune”
  • Berith – “The Commanding General”
  • Aamon – “The Prince of Beasts”
  • Orobas – “The Speaker of Truth”
  • Shax – “The Whisperer of Curses”
  • Malphas – “The Collector of Secrets”
  • Raum – “The Shadowed Marauder”

Pathfinder Archdevil Names

  • Geryon – “The Rotting Tyrant”
  • Belial – “The Master of Lies”
  • Moloch – “The Armored Despot”
  • Mammon – “The Lord of Greed”
  • Asmodeus – “The Supreme Tyrant”
  • Dispater – “The Iron Duke”
  • Baalzebul – “The Lord of Flies”
  • Mephistopheles – “The Devil of Ice”
  • Zepar – “The Corrupter of Love”
  • Zagan – “The Keeper of Secrets”
  • Marchocias – “The Whispering Blade”
  • Sabnock – “The Infernal Architect”
  • Glasya – “The Princess of Hell”
  • Barbatos – “The Master of Beasts”
  • Focalor – “The Stormbringer”
  • Vapula – “The Grand Artificer”
  • Halphax – “The Gatekeeper”
  • Malphas – “The Dark Summoner”
  • Belphégor – “The Lord of Sloth”
  • Buer – “The Healing Master”
  • Orthos – “The Two-Headed Guardian”
  • Raum – “The Shadowed Ravager”
  • Haagenti – “The Fiery Alchemist”
  • Gremory – “The Seductress of Desires”
  • Furfur – “The Thunderous Commander”
  • Andras – “The Bringer of Discord”
  • Amdusias – “The Symphony of Souls”
  • Decarabia – “The Fiery Whisperer”
  • Forneus – “The Sorcerer of Waters”
  • Ipos – “The Eye of Truth”

Fantasy Archdevil Names

  • Azazel – “The Fallen Seraph”
  • Nybbas – “The Weaver of Shadows”
  • Andras – “The Bloodthirsty Ravager”
  • Raum – “The Devourer of Souls”
  • Alloces – “The Commander of Legions”
  • Gusion – “The Wise Diviner”
  • Vine – “The Manipulator of Nature”
  • Bifrons – “The Keeper of Portals”
  • Orobas – “The Mystical Seer”
  • Andromalius – “The Avenger of Betrayal”
  • Vual – “The Prince of Thieves”
  • Balam – “The Dark Soothsayer”
  • Ronove – “The Master of Illusions”
  • Haures – “The Tormentor of Spirits”
  • Ipos – “The Visionary Judge”
  • Sallos – “The Charmer of Hearts”
  • Glasya-Labolas – “The Soul Hunter”
  • Bune – “The Hoarder of Wealth”
  • Berith – “The Commander of Legions”
  • Seere – “The Revealer of Secrets”
  • Sitri – “The Seductress of Desires”
  • Marbas – “The Healer of Ailments”
  • Astaroth – “The Mighty Demon”
  • Gremory – “The Enchantress of Desires”
  • Furfur – “The Herald of Discord”
  • Forneus – “The Lord of Waters”
  • Malphas – “The Architect of Shadows”
  • Shax – “The Cursed Whisperer”
  • Decarabia – “The Infernal Flame”
  • Gusion – “The Diviner of Truth”

Cool Archdevil Names

Zephyrus – “The Tempest King”

Ebonthorn – “The Shadowblade Sorcerer”

Ignis – “The Inferno Lord”

Obsidian – “The Dark Sentinel”

Aurelius – “The Radiant Sovereign”

Astralyn – “The Starborn Divinity”

Vortex – “The Whirlwind Conqueror”

Emberlyn – “The Flame Mistress”

Vespera – “The Twilight Enchantress”

Voidreaver – “The Void Devourer”

Nocturna – “The Nightfall Empress”

Solarius – “The Solar Champion”

Lyra – “The Melody Weaver”

Grimshaw – “The Grim Harbinger”

Nighthawk – “The Shadowy Predator”

Aetherius – “The Ethereal Luminary”

Scorchbane – “The Scourge Annihilator”

Seraphel – “The Seraphic Avenger”

Zephyrion – “The Windwalker”

Valerius – “The Valiant Protector”

Shadowfury – “The Shadowfire Conduit”

Luminara – “The Radiant Empress”

Nexus – “The Interdimensional Gatekeeper”

Blazeheart – “The Fiery Sovereign”

Stardust – “The Cosmic Sorcerer”

Obsidianus – “The Obsidian Lord”

Astrid – “The Starborne Guardian”

Drakonos – “The Draconic Tyrant”

Spectralis – “The Spectral Enigma”

Vesper – “The Twilight Sorceress”

Good Archdevil Names

Seraphiel – “The Divine Herald”

Solarius – “The Radiant Judge”

Astraea – “The Starlight Guardian”

Sanctus – “The Holy Protector”

Luminara – “The Illuminated Seraph”

Aetherius – “The Ethereal Champion”

Aurelia – “The Golden Redeemer”

Celestia – “The Celestial Divinity”

Valerius – “The Valiant Defender”

Veritas – “The Keeper of Truth”

Angelus – “The Angelic Arbiter”

Astrid – “The Guiding Star”

Seraphina – “The Serene Radiance”

Gloriana – “The Glorybringer”

Invictus – “The Invincible Protector”

Prisma – “The Rainbow Seraph”

Sentinelis – “The Ever-Watchful Guardian”

Arcanum – “The Arcane Luminary”

Aegis – “The Shield of Justice”

Elysia – “The Blissful Emissary”

Radiantus – “The Radiant Sentinel”

Astralyn – “The Celestial Diviner”

Lumina – “The Luminous Guardian”

Serafina – “The Seraphic Aegis”

Harmonia – “The Harmonious Oracle”

Solara – “The Solar Beacon”

Sancta – “The Sanctified Guardian”

Clarion – “The Clarion Call”

Iridesca – “The Shimmering Seraph”

Aetheris – “The Aetheric Sovereign”

Unique Archdevil Names

Belvarix – “The Crimson Inferno”

Zylthorn – “The Voidbinder”

Elysium – “The Arcane Nexus”

Pyraxis – “The Ember Lord”

Morvena – “The Astral Enchantress”

Drakonir – “The Draconic Devourer”

Zephyrion – “The Stormborn Sovereign”

Nyxara – “The Shadowweaver”

Astralis – “The Cosmic Archon”

Ignatius – “The Flamebringer”

Celestria – “The Celestial Empress”

Stygian – “The Abyssal Herald”

Azurion – “The Azure Seraph”

Nocturnus – “The Nightfall Reaper”

Malachor – “The Malefic Conqueror”

Aelirah – “The Aetheric Empress”

Caelum – “The Celestial Sentinel”

Obsidianus – “The Obsidian Tyrant”

Valeriana – “The Valiant Sorceress”

Zyrelle – “The Luminescent Seraph”

Vespera – “The Dusk Queen”

Nebulon – “The Nebulous Enigma”

Pyralis – “The Infernal Flamebearer”

Lunaris – “The Lunar Sovereign”

Astronir – “The Astral Conduit”

Noxaris – “The Shadow Serpent”

Zeraphim – “The Zeroth Archon”

Velarian – “The Velveteen Tyrant”

Solstice – “The Radiant Equinox”

Abyssia – “The Abyssal Empress”

Funny Archdevil Names

Beelzebubba – “The Lord of BBQ”

Mephistochuckles – “The Fiendish Comedian”

Diabolicus Snickerdoodle – “The Devilish Baker”

Belphegiggles – “The Master of Pranks”

Impsy McSneaky – “The Mischievous Imp”

Belzabubble – “The Bubble Blower”

Gigglefang – “The Giggling Menace”

Baalzeboop – “The Prince of Boops”

Pranksteron – “The Trickster Supreme”

Mirthos – “The Jester of Hells”

Diabolotus – “The Devilish Musician”

Snarklebottom – “The Snickering Demon”

Roflcopterus – “The Flying Laugher”

Sillithrax – “The Silly Serpent”

Gigglypuff – “The Laughing Enchanter”

Jesterix – “The Prankster Archon”

Grinfester – “The Grinning Fiend”

Impishka – “The Imp of Mischief”

Belialaugh – “The Lord of Laughter”

Snickerclaw – “The Clawed Jester”

Chucklespook – “The Spooky Chuckler”

Prankenstein – “The Monster of Mirth”

Snickerdemon – “The Devilish Chuckler”

Belzebubbles – “The Bubbling Trickster”

Impishnicker – “The Mischievous Snickerer”

Hahaflame – “The Flame of Laughter”

Grinbert – “The Grinning Devil”

Cackletongue – “The Tongue-Twisting Cackler”

Jokermaw – “The Laughing Abyss”

Belzelaugh – “The Master of Hilarious Schemes”

Scary Archdevil Names

Mordred the Tormentor – Inflicts eternal agony.

Azazel the Soulrender – Devours restless spirits.

Lilith the Whisperer – Haunts dreams with dark whispers.

Belial the Desecrator – Defiles sacred grounds.

Abaddon the Annihilator – Brings utter destruction and ruin.

Beelzebub the Plaguebringer – Spreads pestilence and disease.

Leviathan the Devourer – Consumes souls without mercy.

Malphas the Shadowcaster – Manipulates darkness for malevolence.

Lucifuge the Deceiver – Traps souls in eternal illusions.

Asmodeus the Tempter – Corrupts hearts with irresistible desires.

Mammon the Hoarder – Traps souls in eternal greed.

Belphegor the Temptress – Lures with false promises of pleasure.

Baalzebul the Corruptor – Infects minds with madness.

Nybbas the Illusionist – Creates hallucinations to torment.

Agares the Torturer – Inflicts unimaginable physical pain.

Astaroth the Ensnarer – Traps souls in inescapable snares.

Raum the Infiltrator – Invades thoughts and controls minds.

Barbatos the Ravager – Pillages and devastates realms.

Vapula the Inventor – Creates diabolical devices of torment.

Gusion the Seducer – Corrupts through irresistible seduction.

Haagenti the Devourer – Feeds on souls for sustenance.

Orobas the Reaper – Harvests souls with relentless precision.

Gomory the Succubus – Drains life force through seduction.

Marchosias the Executioner – Executes souls with sadistic pleasure.

Halphas the Warbringer – Initiates eternal wars and battles.

Focalor the Tempest – Unleashes destructive storms and floods.

Orias the Possessor – Takes control of mortal bodies.

Shax the Cursed – Casts malevolent hexes and curses.

Glasya-Labolas the Hunter – Pursues souls with relentless determination.

Zepar the Corruptor – Turns love into obsession and cruelty.

Archdevil Names

How To Choose A Good Archdevil Name

When crafting a fantastical world filled with mythical beings, selecting a good archdevil name is an essential element that should not be overlooked. A well-chosen name holds the power to set the tone, evoke emotions, and captivate the readers’ imagination. As writers and creators, we aim to create immersive experiences that transport our audience to extraordinary realms, and a good archdevil name plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing a good archdevil name and the impact it can have on your storytelling.

Understanding the Archdevil Character

Before embarking on the quest for the perfect archdevil name, it is crucial to understand the nature and significance of the character itself. Archdevils are formidable entities in the realm of fantasy, often embodying malevolence, power, and dark allure. They play vital roles as antagonists, enigmatic rulers, or cunning manipulators, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. A well-developed archdevil character becomes the catalyst for tension and conflict, and their name should mirror their essence.

Research and Inspiration

To embark on the journey of naming an archdevil, one must dive into a sea of inspiration. Exploring mythology, folklore, and the vast expanse of literature can unveil hidden gems and intriguing concepts. From ancient deities to legendary creatures, there is a wealth of names waiting to be discovered. Additionally, studying historical figures or personas known for their cunning or wickedness can provide a unique foundation for crafting an archdevil’s name.

Consider the Archdevil’s Domain and Role

An archdevil’s name should align with their domain and role within your fictional universe. Deciphering the sphere of influence, be it fire, deception, or chaos, allows you to infuse their name with symbolism and meaning. Consider how the name reflects the character’s purpose and the impression it will leave on readers. Furthermore, the name should mirror the archdevil’s alignment, whether they are cruel, manipulative, or even tragic, enhancing their portrayal and establishing a cohesive narrative.

Sound and Linguistic Elements

The phonetics and linguistic elements of an archdevil name can profoundly impact how it resonates with readers. The sound of the name can evoke certain emotions, whether it is through harsh consonants that signify power or mellifluous tones that hint at hidden beauty. Balancing simplicity and complexity is also vital, as overly intricate names might be difficult to remember, while overly simple names can lack impact. Experimenting with different combinations of syllables and phonetic structures can lead to a name that harmoniously blends with the character’s essence.

Unleashing Creativity

Creating a good archdevil name requires unleashing your creativity and thinking outside the box. Wordplay and symbolism can add layers of meaning and intrigue to the name, making it memorable and captivating. Drawing inspiration from unexpected sources, such as rare gemstones, constellations, or obscure mythological creatures, can provide a fresh perspective and a unique name that stands out. Incorporating elements from different languages and cultures can also infuse the name with an exotic and enigmatic quality.

Testing and Refining

Once you have crafted a potential archdevil name, it is crucial to test its impact and refine it if necessary. Seek feedback from peers, fellow writers, or beta readers to gauge their impressions and assess the name’s memorability. Consider how the name resonates with your target audience and whether it aligns with the character you have envisioned. Iterative refinement allows you to polish the name until it possesses the desired impact and perfectly encapsulates the archdevil’s essence.


In conclusion, our journey through the realms of archdevil names has been nothing short of exhilarating. We have explored the depths of imagination and unearthed a vast collection of 700 unique and captivating names that will undoubtedly breathe life into your fantasy worlds. Whether you’re a writer, a game master, or simply a lover of all things fantastical, these names will add a touch of mystique and intrigue to your narratives. The power of a well-chosen name cannot be underestimated, and with our comprehensive list, you have the tools to create unforgettable archdevil characters.

Remember, each name in our compilation carries its own distinct personality and conveys a sense of power, malevolence, and otherworldly allure. As you embark on your storytelling endeavors, allow these names to guide you in shaping the identity of your archdevils and the stories that revolve around them. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your readers or players become enthralled by the enigmatic nature of these intriguing beings.

We hope that this article has ignited your creativity and inspired you to delve deeper into the realm of archdevils. The possibilities are endless, and with our carefully curated collection of names, you have a solid foundation to build upon. So go forth, storytellers, and unleash the power of the archdevils through the names you choose. Embrace the darkness, the mystery, and the sheer magnitude of these fascinating characters. May your tales be epic, and may your archdevil names echo through the annals of fantasy lore.


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