502 Catchy Birthday Party Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re planning on throwing your little one a birthday party, you want to choose the perfect name. Choosing the perfect name for your party will give you a chance to include a few fun extras like custom favors and decorations.

However, naming your party can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled a list of awesome birthday party name ideas for you to consider.

The best part is, that the ideas are all super-creative and super-unique! They’re guaranteed to give your party guests a smile or two and a chuckle or three.

Catchy Birthday Party Names

Birthday parties are usually fun times for kids and parents. But if you want to add more fun to it, why not organize a birthday party where you play games and compete? Here’s a list of catchy birthday party name ideas for you to use.

  • StarBirthdays
  • The Stranger Things Party
  • BigBashParties
  • GuruEvents
  • EventsDelux
  • ThePartyLounge
  • Everafterprincessparty
  • RoyalBirthdays
  • BirthdayHub
  • ThePartyCorp
  • MarvelousEvents
  • BirthdayLab
  • BirthdayVision
  • MountainParties
  • HouseBirthday
  • BirthdayParadise
  • EnjoyTheDay
  • RavishingParties
  • BirthdayForest
  • Amazingkidcompany
  • BirthdayCustle
  • PartyZoid
  • FlavourfulEvents
  • PartyBeam
  • NextDoorParties
  • EventsLounge
  • ThePartyQueen
  • ThePartyGuy
  • PartyMagnet
  • RobastBirthdays
  • GorrillaEvents
  • DesignBirthday
  • BirthdayBliss
  • ExoticParties
  • TheBirthdayDelivery
  • Craftyparties
  • PartyGurus
  • AdorableBirthdays
  • A Year Older. AYear Wiser.
  • StunningParties
  • EventEssentials
  • TrendyBirthdays
  • EventsBuzz
  • GreatBirthdays
  • BirthdayDeluxe
  • Event-o-Holic
  • MyHomeBirthday
  • PartyHolics
  • EmpireBirthdayParty
  • ThepartyMan
  • MarvelousBirthday
  • PartyExperimenters
  • BirthdayPirates
  • ExoticBirthday
  • BirthdayPlaza
  • GalaxyParties
  • Book-a-Event
  • Book-a-Party
  • PartyTrends
  • InspiredEvents
  • Glam Up for Lana’a B’day
  • AffordableParties
  • HiParty
  • RefreshingEvents
  • PartyCentric
  • RapturousParties
  • BirthdayProject
  • SecretBirthdays
  • FairytalebirthdayCo
  • BirthdayCentre
  • EventPerfectionist
  • BirthdayBash
  • Cool Pool Party
  • PartyCanvas
  • Jenna’s Big Day
  • LoftyEvents
  • PartyGem
  • DivineBirthdays
  • UpbeatEvents
  • SunshineEvents

Top 10 Catchy Birthday Party Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Royal Birthday

This company name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you. On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique.

Royal Birthday

2.     The Party Guy

This name is good for a restaurant or a bar that provides party services. This business name is catchy and creative.

It shows that you have a sense of humor. So, customers will love to visit your place. The most important thing is that this business name is very easy to remember.

The Party Guy

3.      Divine Birthday Party

When you are thinking about a name for your business, you should be very careful to choose something which can create a good first impression.

This is because a good name will help your company to get success in a short period of time.

Divine Birthday Party

4.      Cake House

If you’re a cake lover and want to have a cake business then this name is perfect for you. Because this business is about cakes, cakes, and more cakes!

When you read the name you will realize how beautiful and charming the name sounds and you can also see how this name will attract many customers.

Cake House

5.      Sweetwed

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.


6.      Life_Of_The_Party

This name is very appropriate for your business. Because the name itself is very meaningful.

This means that it gives your target audience information about your business. For people who are looking for a party service provider, then this is a perfect choice.


7.      Rock the Party

When you select a name that contains the word “rock”, then you are able to increase the number of customers visiting your business.

The word “party” also helps you to increase the number of customers. Therefore, when you combine both words together, you get the perfect name for your business.

Rock the Party

8.     Party With Me

If you are planning to throw a birthday party for a child then you should consider choosing a special theme for your party.

For instance, you can invite friends over and serve them cake and cookies. You can also hire a band or organize a disco party to entertain your guests.

Party With Me


This is a creative name for your business. It is very unique and it is also easy to remember. You should use this name because it is memorable and eye-catching.

You can also give this name to your business because it is also attractive and catchy. The name will not lose its appeal if it is used in any way by other companies.

Party Planet


Your brand name should be short and catchy to help you catch the attention of your customers. Your company name should also be catchy as well.

That’s why it is very important to consider the title and description of your company when choosing a name.


Cool Birthday Party Names

Birthdays can be a big event, especially when children are involved. A birthday party requires careful planning and preparation.

That’s why it’s important to have a catchy name that people will remember. Here are some birthday party name ideas for your consideration.

  • Coolest Bash
  • WiseBirthdays
  • SplendidEvents
  • Plan4You
  • SmashingBirthdays
  • Pureimaginationparty
  • It’s Birthday Time!
  • Harmonic Birthday
  • PartyGorillas
  • Balloons-N-Ribbons
  • Katie’s Birthday Bacchanalia
  • PartyDawn
  • BirthdayGenius
  • Scene75
  • MajesticBirthdays
  • SpicyEvents
  • DiamondEvents
  • Birthday101
  • PartyShots
  • HardcoreParties
  • Birthday Like No one else’s
  • PartyAmbush
  • BirthdayHut
  • ChilipeperParties
  • Coco Events
  • DreamyEvents
  • BirthdayBeast
  • The Perfect Bornday
  • WonderBirthdays
  • BirthdayFusion
  • A Year gone
  • WeServeYourDay
  • SpicyParties
  • PartyWizerd
  • ProsperousBirthdays
  • FabBirthdays
  • BirthdayChronicles
  • The Best Birthday Blowout
  • CeremonyPlanners
  • ThePartyNight
  • TreatyParty
  • Today’sParty
  • Birthday by the Beach
  • Barbara’s Burgundy Birthday
  • BirthdayActs
  • PartyBeats
  • PartyStar
  • Let’s Do This Birthday
  • BirthdayUnlimited
  • Prep-Birthday
  • Keeping Up With The Big Day
  • FairytaleCelebration
  • As-u-Wish
  • PerfectFunctions
  • PartyGoddess
  • All-Season Parties
  • The Karaoke Bash
  • Damn! It’s Her Birthday
  • TheSpecialDay
  • InStyle Events
  • PartyEssentials
  • PerfectBirthdays
  • BirthdayinTown
  • PartyDelux
  • Birthdayegy
  • RefreshingParties
  • FruitfulEvents
  • What-a-Party
  • SupremeEvents
  • PartyToRemember
  • BirthdayTime
  • The Dancing Party
  • Amusingparties
  • ThePartySolutions
  • Party Begun
  • BirthdayPort
  • BirthdayExpress
  • TheBirthdayAvenue
  • EventKingdom
  • Andy’s 2000s Birthday

Creative Birthday Party Names

Birthdays are great occasions to celebrate. But if you’re planning a birthday party for your child, it can be tough to figure out what to call it.

The last thing you want to do is make a mistake when naming your event. So here’s a list of catchy and descriptive birthday party names to choose from.

  • MagnificentEvents
  • DreamBirthday
  • BirthdayKids
  • Event-to-Remember
  • FeaturedBirthdays
  • BirthdayLux
  • OnTheRocksParty
  • BirthdayCorner
  • BlissfulEvents
  • VibrantBirthdays
  • ButterflyParties
  • BirthdayCurators
  • “Not Another Birthday Party”
  • Birthday-o-Pedia
  • PartyFusion
  • It’s Partayy Time
  • ThrillingParties
  • EventParadise
  • Crazziest Birthday
  • Day2remember
  • MagicalEvets
  • PartyNetwork
  • ThePartyCentral
  • Party-To-Remember
  • ThrillingEvents
  • SparklingBirthdays
  • PartyMood
  • The 80’s Themed Birthday
  • PartyActs
  • SpicyEvents
  • PartyCorner
  • TheEventDay
  • BirthdayBeats
  • Amazingfairytaleparties
  • CelebrateInStyle
  • BirthdayCentral
  • PartyScheduler
  • PartyBeginsHere
  • EnchantingParties
  • It’s A Blue Birthday
  • MajesticEvents
  • TheBirthdayGem
  • BirthdayBuzz
  • GeekyParties
  • Jazziest Birthday
  • TerrificEvents
  • DeepBlue Events
  • LifetimeEvents
  • Zebra Entertainment
  • Cut Your Cake Today!
  • BirthdayToday
  • PartyBeasts
  • BlissfulParties
  • StunningEvents
  • WifiParties
  • Cake Up Your Day
  • PartyHelper
  • EventsStreet
  • PartyLanes
  • InHouseBirthday
  • BlissfulBirthdays
  • Let’s Go Retro
  • EngagingEvents
  • PartyCraft
  • PartyBeginsHere
  • ThePartyKingdom
  • BirthdayInHouse
  • Kylie’s Masquerade Bash
  • Aspireparties
  • DayToRemember
  • SmoothyParties
  • IncredibleBirthday
  • Come On Friends! It’s My Birthday
  • UpbeatParties
  • NetBirthday
  • Birthday Calls Games
  • FullCircle Party
  • JubilantEvents
  • ThePerfectBirthday
  • FeaturedParties

Unique Birthday Party Names

Whether you’re hosting a party for a child, or a special event for friends, you’ll probably want to find a creative and catchy way to celebrate the occasion. If you’re having a birthday party for children, you may want to give the party a fun theme.

For example, a pirate-themed party would be fun and entertaining for all ages.

So how do you go about finding a good party name? Well, you could brainstorm with your friend.

  • BirthdayGames
  • CraftyEvents
  • BirthdayEssentials
  • AstonishingParties
  • SpeedyEvens
  • PartyCloud
  • Ballroom Birthday
  • OptimumParties
  • The Best Birthday In Town
  • ElegantEvents
  • ThePartyAdmin
  • NinjaBirthdays
  • YourPartyHost
  • BirthdayManiac
  • Make Up. Bake Up.
  • PartyHorizon
  • ClassyEvents
  • Big Day Quest
  • EnchantingEvents
  • BirthdayProductions
  • LusciousEvents
  • UrbanEvents
  • BirthdayMed
  • Balloons. Candles. Cakes.
  • BirthdayHub
  • Bonnie’s Birthday Blowout
  • BirthdayPies
  • EventsCorner
  • EventsDelight
  • UniquePlanners
  • ClillyParties
  • Get-A-Party
  • Get Dressed, It’s Brenda’s Day
  • BirthdayGround
  • EventsHub
  • WeMakeitHappen
  • 90’s Partayy
  • Chill, You’re Just A Year Older
  • BirthdayGoal
  • JubilantParties
  • Make It To My Day
  • ThePartyBay
  • Party-In-Time
  • Plan-It-Now
  • OmegaEvents
  • BirthdayCare
  • The Avengers Partayy
  • TheSunlightParty
  • ThePartyNight
  • PartyGamers
  • VibrantParties
  • EventsTriangle
  • Houstonkidsbirthdayparty
  • SpotlightEvents
  • PartyCrafters
  • WeDeliverParties
  • SpotlightEvents
  • JubilantParties
  • LetItDone
  • PartyOrbit
  • PartyChronicle
  • Plans-to-Perfection
  • ImpactParty
  • JuicyBirthday
  • OmegaParties
  • EmpireEvents
  • Balloons-n-Cakes
  • In-Birthay-Planner
  • Party Sphere
  • PartyDelight
  • TheWowParties
  • Party-Prep
  • BeyondParties
  • LoftyParties
  • EcstaticBirthdays
  • YourDay-OurPlan
  • My Kinda Birthday Scene
  • BirthdayPros
  • The Metallic Bornday
  • GottaParty

Cute Birthday Party Names

Whether you’re planning a kid’s party or a big birthday bash for a relative, you’ll need to pick a name for your event. If you’re planning to go the ‘old-school route, you can opt to pick a theme for your party and use a pun for a party name.

For example, you could have a “Marilyn Monroe-themed” party and call it Marilyn Monroe’s Party. Alternatively, you can go the more modern route and use the age of your guests as inspiration for the name.

Here are some cute ideas for birthday party games for kids and adults.

  • RobastEvents
  • Big Day! Game On!
  • TrendyEvents
  • VividEvents
  • It’s Anna’s Birthday
  • ThePartyNight
  • Girl Turned A Year Older
  • Only Girls Fun Night
  • BirthdayGurus
  • BirthdayTreat
  • The Metallic Birthday
  • BirthdayMedia
  • AmusingEvents
  • JoyousEvents
  • AffordableBirthday
  • DelightfulEvents
  • RavishingEvents
  • BlessedParties
  • B’day Slumber Party
  • CheeryEvents
  • TheBirthdayKey
  • DivineParties
  • Jakesunlimited
  • PartyFusion
  • PartyExpress
  • A-Z Parties
  • BirthdayHorizon
  • Illusion Events
  • WePlanBetter
  • BirthdayPartyService
  • OneTouchParties
  • BirthdayPlaza
  • QueenBirthdays
  • FascinatingEvents
  • BirthdayDelight
  • To An Amazing Day
  • PartyBites
  • Events-o-Sphere
  • BirthdayPoint
  • MarvelousParties
  • Enchantingbirthdays
  • PartyLover
  • BirthdayScne
  • TheUrbanBirthday
  • PartyKeen
  • Sip and Swing!
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Bash
  • Rockin’ & Rollin’
  • BirthdayInaBox
  • PartyExtraordinarie
  • It’s A Royal Birthday
  • It’s All Fun
  • The Big Birthday Movie Night
  • The Surprise Bash
  • ThepartyLab
  • Party Town
  • Burdae in Vegas
  • GreenBirthday
  • GoldenEvents
  • The Beach Birthday
  • PartyBuzz
  • ClassyParties
  • PartyWings
  • It’s Cake Cutting Day
  • VibrantEvents
  • Day2Celebrate
  • BirthdayArchives
  • JoyParties
  • Joe’s Big Birthday Bash
  • ItsMyBirthday
  • Cakes. Beers. Fun
  • PartyPioneer
  • ThePartySmasher
  • EnjoyTheDay
  • TheEventDay
  • MagnificentBirthdays
  • Party-Wiz
  • ThePrincessParty
  • SonicParties
  • CharmingBirthday

Birthday Party Names

How to Decide Your Birthday Party Name?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of time to plan and organize a big birthday party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and memorable birthday party without spending a fortune. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Choose a theme. Your birthday party can be themed around a specific activity, character, or event. For example, you could have a pirate-themed birthday party or a themed birthday party for your little brother or sister.

2. Choose a location. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can often hold your birthday party at someone’s home. You can also choose to have the party outdoors at a park or in a public space like a mall.

3. Involve your friends and family. Invite all of your friends and family members to your birthday party. This will make the party more fun and will give you an opportunity to get to know them better.

4. Have a schedule. Plan out your party schedule and make sure everyone knows what to expect. This will help to avoid any last-minute surprises.

5. Have a fun game or activity. Have a game or activity planned for the party. This will keep everyone entertained and prevent the party from becoming too boring.

6. Serve food and drinks. Have food and drinks set up so that everyone can have a good time? This will help to make the party more enjoyable and will make sure that everyone is fed and hydrated.

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