502 Catchy Cable Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

The cable company names are a big deal. They are the first thing people see when they walk into a store, and they can determine a lot about the company. In this post, we will explore some of the most popular cable company names, and what they mean.

Catchy Cable Company Names

Cable companies are always in demand. Not only do they provide an essential service that helps keep our homes connected, but they also provide a great revenue source for small businesses.

For this reason, cable companies have become an increasingly lucrative business. If you’re considering starting your own cable company, you need to choose a catchy name that will set your business apart from the rest.

Here are some awesome name ideas for your cable company.

  • New York Cable
  • Rise Cable Connect
  • The Cable Bay
  • Beyond The Cables
  • Fista Cable Network
  • Essential Cable Connect
  • Flag Cable Point
  • Highway Cable Network
  • Control Cable Centre
  • Significant Cable Network
  • Muscle Cable Connectivity
  • Sinful Cable Connections
  • Smart Cable Network
  • Dot Cable
  • Zap To It
  • Aestrix Wires
  • Wave Cable Network
  • Beat Cable Network
  • Swing Cable Network
  • National Cable Network
  • Metro Cable
  • Assure Cable Network
  • Globaltranstech
  • The Hunt Cable
  • Excel Electric
  • The Cable Land
  • Cables All Across
  • Exotic Cable Network
  • Tata Telecom
  • Green Cable Unit
  • Triggers Cable
  • Medi Cable Connect
  • Prime Cable Company
  • The Cable Lane
  • Trip Cable Network
  • Southwestern Telephone & Cable
  • Ace Cable
  • Alive Cable
  • Wide Cable Network
  • Crown Cable
  • Directtv connect
  • Good Guy Wires
  • Lone Star Cable
  • Monster Cable
  • Electric Fan
  • Plus Cable Connectivity
  • Insert Cable Company
  • Pull The Wire
  • Street Cable Network
  • Union Cable
  • Near Cable Network
  • Wide Area Cable Connectivity
  • Estta Cable
  • A Plus Cable
  • Blink Cable Network
  • Escott Cable Network
  • The Network Issues
  • Platinum Network Limited
  • X Broadband
  • Electric Sparks
  • Maxfrett Cables
  • Rossdale Cable
  • Ultimate Broadband
  • Space Cable Connectivity
  • Ultra Cable Inc
  • 1-800-Cable
  • Age Of Cables
  • Best Of Cable Network
  • The Cable Buddies
  • Cable Market
  • Electrical Experts
  • The Cable Crew
  • Spectrum Television
  • Time Cable Network
  • Train Cable Network
  • Communicate And Connect
  • Heaven Swing
  • Horizon Cable Connectivity
  • Artoine
  • Pinnacle Communication

Top 10 Catchy Cable Company Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    18-Speed Transmission

The business name “18-speed transmission cable company” will not only help you in growing your business but will also let you know that you are a trustworthy person.

This name will attract people to your business and they will be glad to use your services.

18-Speed Transmission

2.     Flash Service

A good choice of business name for this type of company is Flash Service Cable Company. The name provides a lot of information about the business that you are about to start.

First, you should know that the company deals with cables.

Flash Service

3.      Fontytech

Fontytech is a company that provides a wide range of cables and accessories for your computer, mobile phones, video games, audio equipment, etc.

This business name represents quality and reliability. A great way to attract customers to your business.


4.      Ovid Technologies

For this business, the first word “Ovid” is a noun and means the origin of something. It is also an adjective that means something related to this word.

The word “Technologies” is an adjective that describes something technical. When combining these two words, we get the name of Ovid Technologies.

Ovid Technologies

5.      Be the Light

For those who are looking for a business name that will bring them lots of success, then this business name is recommended for you.

If you check this business name, you will see that it is short and catchy. Moreover, the meaning of this name will be quite easy to understand.

Be the Light

6.     City Com

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. The name is short and sweet which makes it easy for the customers to remember.

Also, the name sounds catchy and friendly so the customers will love to hear it.

City Com

7.      Master

The name is also easy to spell which means less time spent on typing the name of the company. The name is also easy to pronounce so it will not be a problem for the customers when they want to contact you.

Also, the name sounds friendly and catchy. So, the customer.


8.      Blazing Stars

You can choose this keyword because this name can be easily remembered by your customers. Also, this name will not be difficult to spell.

Therefore, your customers will easily remember this name. This name also shows that your business is reliable and trustworthy.

Blazing Stars

9.      Astronomy

When you look at this name, it appears that you have a company that specializes in the field of astronomy. The name itself is not just good but also easy to remember and recall when customers search for the name.

So, it is a perfect name for your business.


10.    Fast And Furious

The keyword “Fast and Furious” suggests that you have a lot of things in your business that makes your customers want to buy from you.

You can use this name to create a positive image of your business.

Fast And Furious

Cool Cable Company Names

The first step to running a successful business is to find the right name. You want to pick something catchy and easy to remember.

Are you a cable installer? Or a cable repairman? Or maybe you offer a combination of both services. Regardless of your niche, a great name can help your business thrive.

A catchy business name not only inspires confidence in your customers but also makes it easier for them to remember your name, service, products, etc.

Here are some catchy names that are perfect for cable companies

  • Emerald Cable Connect
  • Up And Down Connect
  • Ultrafast Router
  • Venture Cable Network
  • Aura Cable Network
  • Octane Cable Connections
  • Duke Cable
  • Shore Cable Connectivity
  • Mad Cable Network
  • Connection Express
  • Vegas Tv Mount
  • Hornet Cable
  • Trusted Voltage
  • The Wired Company
  • Victora Bay
  • Xtreme Cable
  • American Cable
  • Questa Cable
  • Primary Cable Services
  • Mqax Cable Company
  • Checking Your Network
  • Medi Cable
  • Supramax Cables
  • Unit Of Cable
  • Baseline Cable
  • Oho! Cable Network
  • Superior Cable Company
  • Alberta Cable
  • Chaplin Cable
  • Any Network Issues?
  • Expert Cable Network
  • Sense Cable Network
  • 24 Hours Cable Network
  • Optimal Cable Connectivity
  • Mplex Circuits
  • Fountain Cable Network
  • Steel Cable Group
  • Adexxin Valve
  • Mcast Business
  • Squad Help
  • Beam Of Light
  • Mega Cable
  • Actv Mount Fix
  • Thunder Cable Unit
  • Atlantic Broadband
  • Oak Cable Centre
  • Yellow Cable Centre
  • New England Cable
  • Ultrax Power Cable
  • The Cable Buddy
  • Pro Cable Connectivity
  • Alphex Cables
  • The Cable Island
  • Delight Cable Network
  • Deal With Cable
  • Zip Zap Cable Network
  • Rock Cable Connect
  • Supreme Cable Network
  • Sienna Cables
  • Electric Avenue
  • Sylinn Cable
  • The Mount Technician
  • Specialist Cable Company
  • Cable Hq
  • Cellar Cable Connect
  • The Diy Network
  • Wish Cable Point
  • Tata Cable Limited
  • Centick Wires
  • Accelerated Communication
  • Cambridge Cable Company
  • Era Cable Connect
  • Communispark
  • Amped Cable
  • Corporation
  • Point Of Cable
  • Moun Tenna
  • Mcast Communication
  • Dot Cable Network
  • Marvella Cable

Creative Cable Company Names

If you have a passion for cable TV, then you can use your love of TV and cable TV shows to come up with a catchy name for your own cable TV business.

In fact, there are many names available for this type of business, from companies that make cables for home entertainment systems to those that sell only television sets, cable boxes, and other related electronics.

  • Just Cable Systems
  • Cable Creative
  • Novanym
  • Aerial Cable Connect
  • Maxxin
  • Bare Cable Network
  • Electric Excellence
  • Cable 24 Hours
  • Centravec
  • Fame Cable Network
  • Pro Star Mounts
  • More Ups
  • Feet Cable Network
  • Green Cable Network
  • All Season Cable
  • Cable Classics
  • Bar Cable Network
  • Nesta Cable Network
  • Spirit Cable Network
  • Valve Cable Connectivity
  • Wind Cable Network
  • Cable One
  • Angel Cable Company
  • Market Cable Centre
  • Bratt Cable Centre
  • Net And Television
  • Oasis Cable Network
  • Turtle Cable
  • Pacific Cable Connectivity
  • Wave Cable Company
  • Streax Cable Connect
  • Chromosome Cable Network
  • Whitney’s Wires
  • Rise Cable
  • Fiesto Wires
  • String Cable Connect
  • New Wave Cables
  • Go-To Electricians
  • Namelix
  • Capital Wire
  • Bong Cable Connect
  • Cable Express
  • Berry Cable Network
  • Villa Cable Network
  • Thrifty Cable
  • Eight Cable Centers
  • Abner Cables
  • Only Cable
  • Triumphtl
  • Point Cable Connectivity
  • Stable Cable Network
  • The Cable Network
  • Mystic Cable Network
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Virgohue Wires
  • Mysteva Wires
  • Penta Cable Connect
  • Cablevision Systems
  • Red Cable Connections
  • A1 Mount
  • The Cable Print
  • Qwest Wireless
  • Layout Cable Company
  • Omni Point Communication
  • Stream Cable Connectivity
  • Urbn Dash
  • Voltage
  • Aerian Digital Cable Company
  • Cable Time
  • Aeron Cable
  • Omni Cable Network
  • Tritonna Wires
  • Marmon Cable Company
  • Front Zest Cable
  • Superfast Cable
  • Hexagon Cable Network
  • Londonderry Cabling
  • Glaze Cable Network
  • Atomized Audio
  • Fiesto

Unique Cable Company Names

Cable companies have an excellent business opportunity. They are in high demand and are highly competitive.

However, this makes them a great business for any entrepreneur who is willing to learn and grow their skills in order to make a success of the business.

If you are considering starting a cable company, you should be thinking about what kind of name you want for your business.

A name for your business will have a huge impact on how people view and understand your company. Also, the name should help you explain what your company does and allow it to stand out from its competitors.

  • Olive Cable Company
  • Fom Fred
  • Tower Cable Connectivity
  • Bliss Cable Point
  • Lubrex Cable Point
  • White Cable Network
  • Walton Cables
  • Town Cable Centre
  • Electric Experts
  • Cable Cellar
  • Cable Plus
  • Wired Up
  • Bundle Tv
  • Fox Cable Connect
  • Cascade
  • Nest Of Cable
  • The Rner Electrical
  • The More Cable
  • Active Cable Connect
  • Marcus Cable Network
  • Cable Connectivity Ride
  • Power Plex
  • Mr Fix It
  • Exotix Wires
  • Tendert
  • Blue Wave Communication
  • Golden Cable Network
  • Victor Cable Area
  • Super Cable Connectivity
  • Wood Cable Network
  • Arizona Cable Network
  • Coat Cable Services
  • Cort Cable Limited
  • Mail Cable Network
  • Bizz Cable Network
  • Deluxe Cable Services
  • Ccv Cable
  • Star Edge Wires
  • Tuscan Cable Network
  • Growth Of Cable Network
  • Skymen
  • Static Electricity
  • Deadfly Cable
  • Dish Cable Company
  • Dollar Cable Network
  • Elite Tv Mounting
  • Entertainment And Network
  • Fusion Cable Connectivity
  • Retail Cable Network
  • Joe’s Underground Cable
  • Bar Cable Networ
  • Midwest Communication
  • Inside Cable Connect
  • Extensive Cable Network
  • Proton Cable Connections
  • Turner Cable Connections
  • Improve Your Cable Connections
  • Gradient Cable Creation
  • Royal Cable Connect
  • Rapid Internet
  • Virgo Cable Network
  • Big Cable Network
  • Zing Television Network
  • Big Vision
  • Haven Cable Network
  • Western Cable Connections
  • Intern Cable Network
  • Tv One
  • Ford Cable Connect
  • Libert Cable Connectivity
  • Gram Cable Network
  • Innercast
  • Park Connect Network
  • Lawrence Cable Service
  • Johler
  • Houston Cable Company
  • Wire World
  • Blackbeard Cable
  • Twenty Two Wires
  • Wireless Express

Cute Cable Company Names

In the cable industry, it is important that your business name is catchy enough to draw attention to your brand. Customers like a good name that makes them want to learn more about your company.

If you’re looking for a good catchy name for your cable company, take a look at this list of cute cable company name ideas to get you started.

  • Instant Input
  • Ace Cable Company
  • convenient Cable
  • Azzona Wires
  • Bluebird Cable
  • Rt Cable
  • Cable Beats
  • Bright Cable Company
  • Atlantic Cable
  • Spectrum Cable Network
  • Thunderra Wires
  • Ozzon
  • Marble Cable Company
  • House Of Cables
  • Magma Cable Network
  • Fly Cable Network
  • Prestige Mount
  • Golden Mayer
  • Old Cable Connect
  • Merlin Cable Network
  • Albert Cable Connect
  • Hexaview Cable
  • Television And Cablevision
  • Star Edge
  • Horizon Communication
  • Everland
  • Real Cable Connectivity
  • Neon Deal Cable
  • Top Cable Connectivity
  • Crazy Mount Pros
  • The Wire Guys
  • Zinneva
  • Deal Maker Cable
  • Curl Cable Network
  • Digital Cables
  • Enomott Cables
  • Zest Cable Centre
  • Trigger Cable Point
  • Movistar Cable
  • Eurotec Cable
  • Hard Wired
  • Mora Cable Connectivity
  • Spire Cable Point
  • Grip Cable Network
  • Rusty Cable
  • Triton P+
  • Planet Cable Services
  • Timber Cable Unit
  • Marvella Cable Connectivity
  • One-Stop Cable Shop
  • Amozzin
  • Lakeland Cable
  • Bell Cable Network
  • Palace Cable Connectivity
  • Cable Connectivity Area
  • Quest Cable Network
  • Floyd Cable Network
  • Della Cable Connect
  • Better Cables
  • Hexa Beat Cable
  • Tv Guru
  • We Make Light
  • Frett Cable Connectivity
  • Line Cable Network
  • Beyond Cable
  • Technology And Cable
  • Onyxter
  • Wired Bliss
  • Cheerful Time
  • Just Cables
  • Micro Cable Network
  • Mightybling
  • Garden Cable Network
  • Pixel Cable
  • Dream Cable Network
  • Orander
  • Reference Cable Network
  • Metal Cable Network
  • Prizma
  • Trance Cable Connect

Cable Company Names

How to Decide Your Cable Company Name?

If you’re looking for a cable company to call home, there are a few important things to consider. First, research the different options available in your area.

You’ll want to find a company that offers a good selection of channels, at a price you can afford. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to decide on a name. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a cable company name.

Naming your cable company

First, it should be easy to remember. Second, it should reflect your company’s values. And finally, it should be catchy. After all, you want people to be able to say “I’m with Company X” without having to think too hard.

1. Think about what your company’s core values are. Are you passionate about sports? Maybe you should choose a sports-focused cable company. Are you into the arts? Maybe you should go with an arts-focused company.

Or are you more interested in technology? Maybe you should choose a technology-focused company. Once you know your company’s values, it will be much easier to choose a name that reflects them.

2. Consider what your company’s name would sound like spoken out loud. Is it catchy? Is it easy to remember? If it’s not catchy or easy to remember, it may not be the best name for your company.

3. Think about what other companies in your industry have names. If you’re looking for a name that is specific to cable TV, make sure to look for names that are unique. But don’t be too unique or your company name might not be easily understood.

4. Try to find a name that is trademarked or copyrighted. This will help protect your company’s name from being used by someone else.

5. Finally, make sure to get approval from your trademark or copyright office before you start using your name. This will help ensure that your name is legally protected.

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