500 Clever Candle Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you love candles? Do you enjoy creating them? Are you interested in starting your own candle business? If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then this article is just for you. We’re going to share with you a huge collection of creative candle business names ideas to help you come up with the perfect name for your new business.

Candles are among the oldest forms of lighting used by humans. They were originally made using animal fat and beeswax. Today, candles are widely used as decoration items, as well as for practical purposes. Candles are used for cooking, reading, relaxation, and even meditation.

In recent times, the use of candles has become increasingly popular. People are now looking for ways to incorporate candles into their everyday lives. In fact, there are many people who prefer to light their homes with candles instead of electricity.

As a result, the demand for candles has increased significantly. There are now more than 100 million candles sold every year. And the number keeps growing.

However, choosing a name for your candle business can be challenging. You need to consider several factors, including the type of product you plan to sell, the price range, and the location of your store.

You might think that choosing a name for your business is easy. However, it’s actually quite difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a list of creative candle business name examples to help you come up a great idea.

Catchy Candle Company Names

Catchy candle labels are a great way to promote your store. They are inexpensive, easy to order, and offer a wide range of customization options. However, there are certain factors you need to consider before deciding which label type to use. In this article, we’re going to discuss the different kinds of labels available and how to decide which option would work better for your business.

As a small business entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy display materials. But these days, many businesses are using stickers and labels to advertise their products. Stickers are ideal for businesses that don’t have much space to spare or need something temporary. Meanwhile, labels come in handy for companies with larger spaces and a longer-term goal.

Stickers provide several advantages over labels. For example, stickers are usually cheaper than labels and can be used in a wider variety of applications. Also, since they are more affordable and flexible, they allow you to change them frequently without burning a hole in your pocket.

However, stickers aren’t always as effective as labels because they can easily fall off or be detached. So, keep all this information in mind while choosing your next label. Now let’s check out our list of best candle company names.

  1. Kringle Candle Company CORPORATE OFFICES
  2. Tigotà – Belli, puliti, profumati
  3. Yankee Candle Store
  4. Candle Store Roma
  5. Candle Emporium
  6. Waxy Flower
  7. CASA Città di Castello
  8. Broken Top Brands
  9. METRO, Roma La Rustica
  10. White Barn
  11. Container16 Roma
  12. De Sanctis 1890
  13. Ye Olde Soap Shoppe
  14. Rockport Candle Company Studio & Workshop
  15. Kalamazoo Candle Company Factory
  16. Fendi Casa Milano Marittima
  17. Tuesday Morning
  18. Trudon
  19. Vranjes Firenze
  20. Cereria Pernici Srl
  21. Aztec Candle and Soap Making Supplies
  22. Dukeshire Farms Natural Products
  23. Tyler Candle Company
  24. Penn & Beech Candle Co.
  25. Petrella Home Decor Gioie Argenti
  26. Conforama Aprilia
  27. Maddison Avenue Candle Co
  28. Erich Kopschitz GmbH – Candle Factory
  29. Yummi Candles
  31. Beeswax Candle Co
  32. Happy Casa Store Teverola
  33. Moniker General
  34. Fleurty Wick Brands
  35. The Flaming Candle Company
  36. diptyque im Alsterhaus
  37. Interspar
  38. Warm Glow Candle Outlet
  39. Serendipity Soy Candle Shop
  40. Lora’s Jewelry
  41. The Scented Market
  42. Indigenous by La Rue
  43. Sugar Shack Home Decor Store
  44. Lakewood Candle Company
  45. Woodfire Candle Company
  46. Root Candles
  47. Seventh Avenue Apothecary
  48. Eurobrico Selvazzano
  49. Bougie Doozy Candle
  50. HomeGoods
  51. F. Candle Co.
  52. Candle-lite Company
  53. Candle Lake Visitor Reception Centre
  54. Maker House Co.
  55. Candle Factory
  56. Yummi Candles
  57. Kansas Candles, Inc
  58. Grancasa
  59. The Yankee Candle Store
  60. J & J Candles
  61. Vranjes Firenze
  63. 204 Candle Co LLC
  64. The Philosopher’s Stone Crystal Shop
  65. Casa Piocheur Italy Srl
  66. Daniel Knüttel
  67. Cotswold Candle Co
  68. Lone Star Candle Supply, Inc.
  69. Macy’s
  70. Mercatopoli San Lazzaro
  71. Bell-A-Roma Candles
  72. Mixture
  73. Feine Kerzen
  74. DMC Visions Inc
  75. Lit Lab Berlin
  76. The Shoppes at American Candle
  77. Natures Garden Candle Making Supplies
  78. Candlewic
  79. Hobby Lobby
  80. Rich Hill Candles & Gifts
  81. Candle Box Company
  82. Sparkle Candle Co.
  84. The Wicked Bee Candle Company
  85. LuBella Candle Co.
  86. Jo Malone London Boutique
  87. candēlae
  88. Alene Candles LLC
  89. Often Wander
  90. Altered Decor

As a candle maker, you know how important it is to have a catchy company name. A well-branded candle company helps others connect with your brand and lets those who support your business know where their purchases are going. Today we’re sharing five ways to create a catchier, memorable, and useful candle company name.

Catchy Company Names Aren’t Just Fun

Creating a catchy company name doesn’t mean that you can’t also have fun with it. After all, most companies have fun as one of the main goals when naming themselves. Why not take advantage of that? Use puns, play on the name of your company, and enjoy the creative process.

Use Different Parts of Speech

Instead of saying “Candle Co.,” consider saying “Candles by Candlelight.” Then, you can use different parts of speech to really pack a punch.

Add Some Drama

Don’t forget to use some drama in your company name. Think of a word that you associate with your candles or candle accessories. You might even use some slang words.

Get Personal

After all, you are selling candles. How much personal information can you share with potential clients? Include your family members’ names, pets, favorite colors, hobbies, and anything else you feel connected to.

Look at Other Entities

Take a look at other entities that have used similar names. For instance, you might notice that there are several companies named “Wax Works.” You might want to create a new candle line that has a similar name.

Cute Candle Business Names

Think about it. When people think of candles, do they automatically imagine a burning wick and scented wax dripping down onto the flame? Well, that’s exactly how they look, smell, and feel. But there’s much more to candle making than this.

There are several different ways to make candles, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Today, we’re here to share with you some great candle company name ideas that will allow you to create your own unique line of candles.

Candles can be made out of almost anything, including beeswax, soybean oil, paraffin wax, mineral oil, coconut oil, and many others. However, the most common type of candles are paraffin (sometimes referred to as petrolatum) and soybean. Soybean candles are considered environmentally friendly since they use less energy and provide better illumination. They don’t give off smoky fumes, and they won’t cause harm to your skin. The downside is that the scent tends to fade fast.

Paraffin candles are by far the most widely used form of candles. They burn faster than soybean candles, which makes them ideal for creating the illusion of flickering flames. Unfortunately, paraffin candles aren’t biodegradable, so they leave behind heavy amounts of pollution once they’ve burned through.

While paraffin candles are still being manufactured and sold all around the globe, they’re gradually losing popularity because of the environmental impact that they have. Thankfully, there are other forms of candles that are eco-friendly and safe to consume.

  1. Candle Corporation of America
  2. Custom Candle Co.
  3. Heliotron Deutschland GmbH
  4. Toby’s Candles
  5. Conforama Rieti
  6. Thistle Garden Floral Home
  7. Kringle Candle
  8. Cereria Ferrario
  9. 1502 Candle Co.
  10. Lyon Candles
  11. Natura Soylights
  12. Coast Candle Co
  13. 1502 Candle Co
  14. Vranjes
  15. Barn Candle Company
  16. Sea Love
  17. Bed Bath & Beyond
  18. Coyer Candle Co.
  19. Love & Aesthetics
  21. Prosperity Candle
  22. Silver Dollar Candle Co.
  23. James at Home
  24. Candles With Care
  25. Piccole Armonie
  26. Brico io VIAREGGIO
  27. Botanica Mama Roots
  28. Roman Candle Tours
  29. Soy Basics/ Milkhouse Candles
  30. LLK&A Candles
  31. IKEA
  32. Bright Futures Candles
  33. Little Fox Apothecary
  34. Our Own Candle Company
  35. Globaltech
  36. The Candle Company
  37. Scentsy with Cassandra Weinberger
  38. The Candle Pour
  39. CASA Figline Valdarno
  40. Bloomingdale’s
  41. Escents Candle Co
  42. Agev Co.
  43. Empire Candle Co., LLC
  44. Kiko + Sven
  46. Royal Canadian Candles
  47. METRO
  48. Black Crow Candle Company, Inc.
  49. Casa & Co.
  50. Mister Risparmio Cassino
  52. The Hot Spot Pottery Painting Candle
  53. Southern Elegance Candle Company
  54. Botanic Planet Canada Inc.
  55. Melt Candle Company
  56. Hanna’s Candle Company – Candlemart.com
  58. Calwax
  59. New Scotland Candle Co.
  60. Pampered Soaps
  61. David Oreck Candle Co. Candle Outlet Store
  62. diptyque im LUDWIG BECK Kaufhaus der Sinne
  63. Conforama Fasano
  65. Hartmont Candle Company The
  66. Slow North
  67. Graziani fabbrica di candele dal 1805
  68. diptyque im Breuninger Düsseldorf
  69. Green Fresh Florals + Plants
  70. Brico io PONTEDERA
  71. Candle Company Co
  72. Alìper supermercati
  73. Thread + Seed – Banker’s Hill
  74. Pure Canadian Candle Co.
  75. Simón Limón
  76. Jo Malone London
  77. Amanda Davis Candle Shop
  78. Northern Lights Candles
  79. Canyon Pottery Company
  80. Esselunga
  81. CASA Foligno
  82. Metro Cash and Carry
  83. Candlefish
  84. Joyful Home Inc
  85. The Divine Bubble
  86. Ma Pa Scott
  87. CKK Home Decor
  88. Party City
  89. Acqua Di Parma Boutique Barberia
  90. Le Labo
  91. Bougie et Senteur
  92. North Country Candle
  93. Pacific Trade International
  94. Modern Candle
  95. Candles4less
  96. Warm Glow Candle Corporation
  97. Keystone Candle
  98. Clou & Classic Germany GmbH
  99. Kalamazoo Candle Company Marketplace
  100. Freedom226
  101. Dollar Tree
  102. Seracon
  104. Backwoods Soap & Candle Co.
  105. 1502 Candle Co. HQ
  106. Rocky Creek Candle Company
  107. Voyageur Soap & Candle
  108. Artempo Manifatture Design
  109. KC Candle Company
  110. La Maisonnette
  111. Blush Candles
  112. MADE Candles

Before beginning to brainstorm, check these simple steps below:

1) Check whether the name is already taken. Most people don’t know this, but you can easily search online to see if the name is available before starting to name your business. There are numerous websites where you can do this for free. Just type in your keywords, such as “candle company names,” and you’re ready to start!

2) Make sure that the name doesn’t sound too generic or cliché. Choosing a name that is too general might cause confusion among your customers. They may think that they’re buying an ordinary candle when they buy yours. Similarly, choosing a name that is too specific may leave them confused about what exactly they’re getting.

Funny Candle Company Names

Candles have always been used for various purposes throughout history. From religious rituals to romantic nights, candles were indispensable tools for their users. Today, there are many different kinds of candles available in the market, each serving its own purpose.

There are candles made for decoration, scented candles, therapeutic candles, and even aromatherapy candles. But regardless of the type of candle, you decide to use, it still has to have a great name.

A little bit of creativity goes a long way when naming a candle business. Think of something original, catchy, and memorable. Choose a name that reflects the product and speaks to your target audience.

  1. Allen Wick Candles
  2. Circle E Candles Inc
  3. Ella B. Candles
  4. The Flower Company Kamloops In Hudson’s Bay
  5. Cathedral Candle Company
  6. Auburn Candle Company
  7. Fiery Wicks Candle Co.
  9. Canada Wax Corporation
  10. D3 Home Modern Furniture
  11. CASA Corciano
  12. C. B. UMA GmbH
  13. Yankee Candles
  14. Magic Candle Company®
  15. GALA Kerzen GmbH factory sales
  16. Https://JessieandLexy.Scentsy.us
  17. METRO Napoli Pozzuoli
  18. Candles on Tap
  19. Homecoming Candles
  20. Danhera Italy
  21. Knorr Candle Shop
  22. Ice ‘N’ Fire Candles
  23. bekro chemie GmbH & Co. KG
  24. Vancouver Candle Co.
  25. Foggy Island Candle Co.
  26. Rare Bloom Boutique
  27. Moda Metallica Group
  28. Serendipity SOY Candle Factory and Marketplace
  29. Pigment
  30. Happycasa Store
  31. Purple Broom Company
  32. Mac Sculpture
  33. Milk Jar Candle Company
  34. west elm
  35. San Diego Florist Supplies Inc
  36. Handmade Habitat
  38. Aura Candles
  39. Athenian Candle Co.
  40. Candle Shack BV
  41. Charleston Candle Co.
  42. Ava and Addi Candle Collection
  43. Moon Grove Goods
  44. Alene Candles Midwest LLC
  45. General Wax & Candle Company
  46. Malicious Women Co.
  47. Market Candle Company
  48. Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts
  49. Heavenly Candles.Co
  50. Shiptonville Candle Company
  51. Waxhaw Candle Company
  52. L’Isola che non c’è
  53. Stories of Italy S.r.l.
  54. Battle Rattle Candle Company

Candle companies sell handmade candles made from soy wax, beeswax, cornflower wax, shea butter, and others. Candles provide comfort and relaxation, and they can create magic.

Whether you’re interested in creating personal candles or wholesale candles, here’s what you need to know before starting your own company.

Why Choose a Catchy Candle Brand Name?

There are two main parts to selecting a catchy candle company name: the brand name itself and the tagline. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Brand Names Are Key

A brand name is the most important aspect of any product. When customers hear a brand name, they know immediately whether or not they want to purchase that product.

Brands are also the easiest to remember. Customers might remember the name of the brand, but they couldn’t tell you the name of the actual brand owner.

In contrast, a tagline describes the benefits of a particular candle. A customer knows the tagline because he has heard it somewhere else first.

So, let’s say that you want to open a line of vanilla-scented candles. What would you want your tagline to be? Something like, “Vanilla Bliss,” or maybe, “Vanilla Magic.”

Pick a Meaningful Tagline

A catchier tagline will help to develop a relationship with your customers. After all, people buy candles for themselves. Therefore, you should select a tagline that speaks to them personally.

Consider the emotional side of your target audience. Do you want to sell candles to children? Then, you should pick a playful tagline. Perhaps something like “Let’s get lit!”

Or, if you’d rather appeal to adults, you could go with a more serious tone such as this: “We bring joy to homes.”

Get Creative

Once you have chosen a meaningful tagline, you need to find ways to incorporate it into your marketing materials. For example, you could print your tagline on labels to stick inside jars of hand lotion or jars of lip balm.

Creative Candle Company Names

Candles come in many forms. Wax is melted down, poured into molds, rolled into balls, molded into specific shapes, dipped in dye, and then hardened. It can also be made from coconut oil, soybean oil, beeswax, palm oil, etc.

You don’t always have to set out to create a great-looking candle. Sometimes, a simple candle can be just as effective as something elaborate. For example, lavender-scented candles are known to provide soothing aromas. They keep away bugs, reduce stress levels, and promote sleep.

In order to launch a successful candle business, you need to pick a market niche that suits your skillset. For instance, if you love creating intricate designs and decorations, perhaps you should try making colorful candles. But, you may want to avoid selling cheap candles because you know people would rather buy quality products.

If you want to start off small, you can choose to focus on one type of candle. Perhaps, you would like to specialize in wicking candles. Wicking candles are essential if you want to sell eco-friendly candles. These candles feature natural cotton wicks instead of petroleum oil wicks.

Your potential customer base is another important aspect to consider when choosing a name for your business. Will your product appeal to men, women, or both? Do they prefer sweet, fruity flavors, spicy, zesty ones, or a mixture of all three?

  1. The Julian Soap Company
  2. Ylamae Candle Company
  3. Canadian Heritage Candles
  4. Brico io L’AQUILA
  5. Yankee Candle
  6. diptyque im Voo Store
  7. Paramold Manufacturing Ltd
  8. The White Barn Candle Co.
  9. Conforama Campogalliano
  10. Alene Candles
  11. Laguna Candles LLC
  12. History & Heraldry Canada
  13. The Scented Market Inc.
  14. Anthropologie
  15. Seawicks Candle Company
  16. Candle Delirium
  17. West Sea Co Nautical Antiques
  18. Bees Wax Works
  19. Balloon Express Shop Firenze
  20. C.B. UMA GmbH
  21. Amethyst Moon
  22. Happy Casa Store Napoli Capodichino
  23. Michaels
  24. Rustic Candle Company
  25. CASA Porto San Giorgio
  26. Noted Candles
  27. Morouge Canada
  28. Wick’d Wax Creations

How do you convey your company’s message without sounding cheesy? What type of company name will stick around longer? Is it worth paying extra to create a unique name? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Pick A Fun Word

One way to make sure your name sticks around is to pick a fun word. For example, instead of calling yourself “Cotton Candy Candles,” why not call your company “Iced Sugar Cookies?” Pick a cute phrase or even a silly word that makes sense for your business. Once you have a name, you can start brainstorming product names.

Don’t Be Too Clever

While picking a funny word is important, it doesn’t mean you have to make up a completely made up word. Don’t give your name away by having a clever title like “Baked With Love.” Although, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could call your candle company “Lucky Love” or “Sugar Loves Me.”

Don’t Copy Anyone

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to come up with a truly original candle company name. Nobody else has ever used the word “strawberry” in their name. Why not try something new? Also, avoid making your company name sound like you’re selling cotton candy or sugar cookies.

Create An Easily Memorable Name

Once you’ve decided on a name, you’ll need to find a way to explain the concept behind it. This usually means coming up with a slogan or tagline. To help you along, here are a few examples of famous companies’ slogans:

– Walmart – “Low Prices Everyday!”

– Apple – “Think Different”

– Starbucks – “Real Food, Real Taste, Real People”

– McDonald’s – “Where Great Moments Come From”

– Nike – “Just Do It”

– Coca Cola – “The Best Day Ever”

You can take inspiration from these famous names.

Unique Candle Company Names

As a small business entrepreneur, you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy display materials. But these days, many businesses are using stickers and labels to advertise their products. Stickers are ideal for businesses that don’t have much space to spare or need something temporary. Meanwhile, labels come in handy for companies with larger spaces and a longer-term goal.

Stickers provide several advantages over labels. For example, stickers are usually cheaper than labels and can be used in a wider variety of applications. Also, you won’t have to worry about replacing them once they start falling off. On the other hand, stickers can’t hold as much information like labels, so you might want to think twice before choosing them.

Stickers can be bought online or offline. There are a number of places where you can buy them, including Walmart, Dollar Tree, Office Depot, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and Target. Some stores even offer free shipping for orders above a certain size.

You can easily create custom stickers by designing them yourself using graphics software. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase pre-designed designs.

In addition to creating customized stickers, you can design your own labels too. All you need is a desktop printer that allows you to print multiple copies on a single sheet. You can then download the resulting images onto your computer. From here, you can select a template, add text, and save the file.

Alternatively, you can just upload your image directly to a website’s printing section. Once uploaded, the company will automatically convert your file into a PDF format. This makes it easy to customize the labels whenever you feel like updating them.

You can send your new labels straight away or wait till they’re ready. If you want them shipped right away, you can opt for the digital proof. This means the labels will be printed immediately after receiving payment. On the other hand, however, if you don’t mind waiting a few more days, you can request a physical copy instead.

  1. C & C Candle Company
  2. Eco Candle Co.
  3. Target
  4. Madison Valley Soy Candle Company
  5. Seminole Candle Company
  6. Crossroads Candles Factory Store – Bucyrus
  7. The Wandering Merchant – Premium Canadian Goods
  8. Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co.
  9. Garden State Candles
  10. PF Candle Co
  11. Goose Creek
  12. Aromalight Candles
  13. Country Affair Candles Inc
  14. Oyster Candle Company
  15. Karachi Candle Company
  16. Cultura Heritage Candle Corpor
  17. Risparmio Casa
  18. Tea House Candle
  19. Renegade Candle Company
  20. Private Label Candles
  21. Dovelee’s Candles
  22. Lewisville Candle Company
  23. candleswholesale
  24. CandleScience
  25. LOHN
  26. CASA
  27. Island Escape Fragrances
  28. Backyard Candles
  29. Elida Candle Company LLC
  30. Country Home Candle
  31. Pure Integrity Soy Candles
  32. Brico io POGGIBONSI
  33. Mercatopoli Roma La Storta
  34. Cheeky Bee Candle Company and Gallery
  35. Augusta Candle Company
  36. Riau Canada – Fair Trade Candles
  37. METRO, Treviso Silea
  38. Brandon’s Candles
  39. Acadian Candle Company
  40. Newville Celebration Candles Ltd
  41. The Home Depot
  42. The Olfactory Candles, Body & Bath
  43. Kandl Artistique
  44. Unwined Candles
  45. Custom Candles LA
  46. Reed Candle Company
  47. Candle Factory Dennis E. K. Gödeke
  48. Leroy Merlin Bologna
  49. Hand Poured Hope Soy Candle
  50. Citchen Candle Co.
  51. Rockport Candle Company
  52. DakotaBlu Candle Co
  53. Coal & Canary
  54. National Candle Association
  55. Lifestyle Market
  56. The Candleberry Co.
  57. Custom Scented Candles
  58. VOLUSPA Headquarters
  59. Our Own Candle Company Deutschland
  60. Denk Keramische Werkstätten e.K. Fabian Denk
  61. KARE Design
  62. Leroy Merlin
  63. Wholesale Flowers and Supplies

The candle industry in Canada is a $50 million market. The main reasons for the high demand are that candles can be used anywhere and they don’t stink up your home, unlike flowers or fruits which you need to keep fresh and away from children.

Candles are also very easy to transport and sell, and have great branding value since they come in all shapes and sizes, which means sales opportunities for many different types of businesses. But it does not stop there.

The Canadian population is one of the largest consumers of candles in North America with an average per capita usage of 2.5 kg a year. So make sure your business caters to this huge customer base.

How Do You Pick The Perfect Name For Your Company?

When picking a name for your candle company, you should take into account the following points:

1. Make sure it has a meaning, but it doesn’t have to mean anything specific.

2. Avoid using overly personal terms, such as “Mom”, “Dad”, “Nana”, etc.

3. Use the first letter of each word in the phrase to create a strong initial impact. For instance, if you wanted to name your candle company “Pillows,” you could use the letters P-I-L-O-W-S.

4. Choose a name with multiple meanings, because this helps consumers connect the name with their own experiences. For instance, a single candle could be named “Kiss Me In The Morning” and a different one could simply be titled “Love”.

5. Don’t use any commonly used phrases or acronyms unless you’re a direct competitor of someone else who uses the same phrase or acronym.

6. Check the dictionary to ensure that the name isn’t already being used by another company. If you find that it is, consider changing it.

7. Create a website, blog, and/or Facebook page for your company. After all, how well you promote your company depends upon how much exposure you give your company.

8. Always choose a name that sounds good, even if you’re not going to use it. When picking a name for your company, you want people to say, “That’s pretty cool!” instead of thinking, “What kind of stupid name was he/she thinking?”

9. Pick a name that you’d love to see on your favorite products!

10. Be creative, and try to make your name as unique as possible.

11. Think about what you want to represent in your candle company. Is it fun, serious, or somewhere in between? Do you want to sell only eco-friendly products? If so, you’ll need to set up a separate logo for your eco-friendly brand.

12. Decide whether you’re selling candles for women or men. If you’re selling candles for men, you’ll need to figure out whether you want your candles to smell masculine or feminine.

Candle Company Name Generator

Candles have always held a special meaning to people around the globe. They symbolize life, warmth, love, peace, and beauty. Candlesticks, lanterns, table lamps, tea lights, scented candles, and votives are all common household items. So, why not create a niche in the industry by creating your own unique candles?

In addition to being trendy and fun to use, candles emit a relaxing aroma which makes them ideal for relaxation therapy. These days, people are increasingly aware of how harmful chemicals found in many products can be and want to do their part to create safer alternatives. That’s why there is a growing trend of people wanting to go green and become more eco-friendly.

A lot of times, people think that starting a candle business means spending thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With modern technology, you can easily sell your candles online and even through retail stores. Plus, you’ll save money compared to other businesses because you won’t need to pay expensive rent and utilities.

  1. Candle Light Foundation
  3. Crave Candle Company
  4. Independent Scentsy Consultant
  5. Mondoaffari
  6. Holder Handcrafted Candle Company
  7. Hope Candle Ltd
  8. True North Candle Company
  9. Bath & Body Works
  10. Kalamazoo Candle Company South Haven
  11. Brico io FORMIA
  12. diptyque in den Galeries Lafayette
  13. Ice ‘N’ Fire With Amanda Dorey
  14. METRO Chieti Sambuceto
  15. Sable Candle Co.
  16. RiverFront Candle Co.
  17. Bricoman
  18. DanCandle
  19. 1803 Candles
  20. The Candle Co.
  21. Windy Point Soap Making Supplies
  22. Engels Kerzen GmbH
  23. Restore Candles
  24. Planetitaly Srl Illuminazione Led
  25. Paddywax Candle Bar
  26. Voyageur Soap & Candle Co Ltd
  27. Boreal Soap & Candle Co.
  28. CASA Castenaso
  29. CB2
  30. GG Brands GmbH
  31. Thompson’s Candle Co. Factory
  32. CASA Meraville
  33. Artempo Italia Di Nicola Di Cuia
  34. Scentsy Independent Consultant
  35. ZARA Home
  36. Stone Candles
  37. Chesapeake Bay Candle
  38. Excelsior Candle Company
  39. Small Batch
  40. Fanny Bay Candle Company
  41. Reusable Finds
  42. Cereria Lac s.r.l.
  43. SER S.p.A.
  44. Soulscape Gift & Book Store
  45. The White Company
  46. Hometown Candle Co.
  47. Canadian Candle
  48. METRO Parma
  49. Yankee Store
  50. Niagara Candle Supplies
  51. SOJA&CO.
  53. See’s Candies
  54. Botanica El Secreto
  55. The Candleberry Company

There are several factors to consider when choosing a catchy brand name. First, make sure to find a name that works for every part of your business. Make sure that the name you choose relates to all aspects of your business. Consider the following items.

1. ProductName

2. URL/Website Address

3. Logo Design

4. Tag Line

5. Branding

6. Social Media Profiles

7. Color Palette

8. Website Appearance

9. Overall Look And Feel

10. Pricing Model

Candle Company Names

9 Pro Tips to Name Your Candle Company

In this day and age of such a competitive and constantly growing candle industry, it is no cakewalk to have it stand out. Your brand’s identity, its products, and its name will play a crucial role in cementing its position as a competent business. The reason why a name holds so much weight is that before the customers go through your products or use them, they encounter your name. Your name is the one factor that can make or break your business. It helps in painting a certain image of your business in the mind of the customers.

Naming a business has many individuals frustrated. The naming process can easily take up a month (or two). So, if you’re stuck on this step and looking to find a name then no need to worry because we’ve got you.

How To Name Your Candle Company

When opting for a name for your business you need to keep in mind certain factors and unsaid rules. By following these tips and rules you can achieve the best possible catchy name for your candle business. In this article, we have listed all the rules and tips to help you name your candle company.

What Is The Niche Of Your Company

Before we begin to brainstorm for ideas, you need to be clear of one essential aspect. What is going to be the niche of your company? What is going to be your target audience? Having clear answers to these questions will help you in naming your company with ease. The name of a company is a spokesperson of what it sells. If you have got a boring name then your products will be viewed as basic automatically. While a candle business is a general term, it has many niches under its belt. From the super-specific niches, here are some of the different types of candle businesses based on their wax:

  • Paraffin Candles
  • Soy Candles
  • Palm Wax Candles
  • Beeswax Candles
  • Bayberry Wax Candles
  • Liquid Wax Candles
  • Tea Lights
  • Fuel Cartridges
  • Wax-filled Glass Candles
  • Cartridge Candles
  • Scented Candles

Here are some of the specific types of candles based on their wicks:

This list is constantly expanding. The reason for listing all the above terms is to give you an idea of how vast the options are for you to give your company a specific identity. Having a vague name that just clarifies your company as just a “candle selling company” will only cause it to get lost among all the existing businesses. Giving the name a unique and specific touch will help it to stand out and benefit you.

Jot Down Keywords

Now that you have a clear image and specific niche, you can move ahead. Make a list of keywords that come to your mind when you think of your business and the products. You can also write down phrases and put them to use later on. Use a candle and your niche-related words like “flame”, “ambiance”, “lamp”, “votive”, “scent” etc.  Set aside the list of a few days and return to it with a fresh mind and see how you can put it to use.

Use Thesaurus

If you feel like your list of keywords is not enough you can lengthen it by using a synonym dictionary or thesaurus. Doing this will give you several new and unique words with simple meanings. You can also avail this dictionary online by using “Thesaurus.com. Just enter your keyword and you are good to go.

No Wordy Names

One golden and unspoken rule in naming any business is to keep its length as short as you can. Wordy names are an adversary for many reasons. Lengthy names are difficult to remember and incorporate into packaging. These names are also difficult to pronounce more than often. We recommend 15 characters in the name at most to keep it memorable and appealing.

Talk To Potential Buyers

An easy way to please and attract your target audience is by conversing with them to determine their perceptions and expectations regarding your brand. Talk to them and note down the key points, phrases, and concepts that you think can help you in any way.

Use Alliterations

Alliterative words, if thought out properly, can work wonders for a business. These names are striking and memorable due to their creative and fun nature. Mix and match similar sounding words from your list to experiment and see what fits best. This specific option just requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Get creative and you might get yourself a catchy alliterative name.

Keep In Mind The Storefront and Packaging

When naming a business you need to keep in mind the shop front and packaging as well. Opt for a name that looks appealing and trendy on the cutesy little packaging. Appealing names result in appealing designs.

You also need to keep in mind the aura and appearance of your products. Are your products going to have a cute and cozy look? Or will the products be chic and sophisticated? Keep the name according to your idea of the products and packaging. If you want a soft vibe to your products then go for cozy names and if you want a sophisticated aura then opt for chic names.

Make Sure The Name is Not Taken

Another factor that is not to be ignored is the availability of the name. Before you finalize name research and see if the potential names are taken or not. You also need to review if the name you’ve opted for shows up in the top search results on Google.

Make Sure To Secure a Good Domain Name

When naming a company make sure that it guarantees a good domain name. The importance of a domain name cannot be ignored in this age. A wordy and common does not guarantee a good domain name. Limit the name to 15 characters and keep it simple and unique.

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How to Start a Candle Business

Making candles is fun and creative. Whether you are making personal gifts or commercial candles, there are several ways you can turn your hobby into a thriving candle business.

In the below section, we’ll show you how to start a candle business – step-by-step.

Start With A Small Scale

When starting a candle business, you should first invest in small-scale equipment. Because you probably won’t be making hundreds of thousands of candles each month, you should buy equipment that’s affordable and reliable.

Doing a little research online before buying your equipment will save you money. Choose a company that has a positive reputation for its product quality.

Get The Right Supplies

Next, consider getting the supplies you need to create your candles. Since you’re going to only produce a limited amount of candles per week, you’ll need to purchase the tools needed to make candles efficiently. Make sure you buy high-quality wax and wick materials.

Also, consider purchasing small quantities of fragrance oil and essential oils. You’ll find these ingredients helpful when creating scented candles.

Create a Unique Brand Name

After you determine which supplies you need, it’s time to choose a unique brand name for your candles. There are two types of candle brands: private labels and manufactured brands.

Private label companies manufacture their own candles under their own brand name. Manufactured brands sell their candles under another company’s brand name.

Choose a brand name that identifies your candle as being made specifically for you. Also, avoid using names that sound similar to other candle makers.

Establish a Website

Finally, establish a website where you can advertise your candles. Establishing a website allows you to market your candles to a wide audience. Plus, having your own website makes it easier for you to update your inventory.

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram also helps you reach a larger group of people. Good Luck