499 Car Washing Business Names Ideas to Inspire You

Do you want to earn extra money by running a car wash service in your neighborhood? Are you already running a successful business, but are looking to expand your reach and grow an additional stream of income by adding another type of product or service to your repertoire? Or maybe you’re just dreaming big and want to create something totally different than the typical car wash business? Whatever your reason may be, this post contains amazing car wash business names that you can use to help jumpstart your brainstorming process.

A car wash is an establishment where people can wash their vehicles. These establishments are typically run by businesses that specialize in washing cars. They come in all shapes and sizes but generally consist of three basic components: a large area that features a water hose, a conveyor belt that carries the vehicle through, and a set of brushes that clean off the dirt and grime.

Car washes were originally used to wash horses and buggies. Then later, they were used to wash autos. As more people started buying automobiles, these car wash businesses became extremely popular. Today, there are many companies specializing in car washes. Some prefer to do a full detailing while others only offer an exterior cleaning.

There are several ways to start a car wash company. One way is to buy a franchise. Another option is to open a standalone car wash. Yet another way is to build your own facility and hire employees. If you choose the latter, here are some great car wash business names that might work for you.

Car Wash Names

Once you know what kind of car wash business you’d like to create, you can move forward with brainstorming. When brainstorming, think up the different ways you can differentiate your car wash from other nearby businesses. How do you plan on making it stand out from the crowd? Perhaps you can add a special feature such as a heated towel dryer, a fancy vacuum system, or even a pet care station.

Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to narrow down your list. Instead of wasting time writing down every single idea you have, try creating categories. For example, if you have a laundry room, why not create a category called Laundry Room Ideas. Then, you can write down any and all related concepts under that one heading. This way, you will be able to easily find the best car wash business name ideas later on.

After sorting out your categories, you’ll want to start thinking about potential keyword phrases. Keywords are the words, symbols, and phrases that people type into search engines when they’re trying to find information online. Therefore, they’re very valuable tools when it comes to finding new business ideas.

  • Suds Express
  • Ez Lube & Car Wash
  • Affordable Mini Wash
  • Showroom Shine
  • California Oaks Car Wash
  • All-American Car Wash
  • Jadara
  • Ride & Shine Express Car Wash
  • Fast Track Car Wash
  • Simi Auto Spa & Speed Wash
  • Great Escape Car Wash
  • Fast Lane Car Wash Inc
  • Bliss Car Wash
  • Folsom Glenn Car Wash
  • Dry Rub ‘N Wash
  • Automated Wet Wax
  • Icon Parking
  • Surf And Turf Auto Wash
  • Color Me Clean
  • Aaa Truck Wash Scale
  • Aaa Cleaners
  • Rain Dance
  • Dazzle ‘N’ Shine Family Auto Spa
  • Bubbles Car Wash And Detail Centre
  • Valero Car Wash
  • Sonic Car Wash And Lube
  • Wide Open Horizons Car Wash
  • Lather Up! Car Wash
  • Mister Car Wash
  • Stars & Stripes Carwash
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Sud-A-Jet Car Wash
  • Anvil Car Wash
  • Planet Wash Car Care Center
  • Blast Away Dirt
  • Water Droplets Car Wash
  • Hot And Fresh Car Wash
  • Washlinks
  • Riverhead Car Wash
  • Quick ‘N Shine Car Wash & Laundromat
  • Tumble Dry Cleaners
  • Hughes Car Wash
  • The Chamois Full Service Car Wash
  • Misty Shine Mobile Wash
  • Budget Car Wash
  • Red Carpet Car Wash
  • Elephant Car Wash
  • Los Banos Car Wash Inc
  • Bubba’s Carwash
  • Nanak And Mega City Car Wash
  • Car Wash Campus
  • Nyack Soft Cloth Car Wash
  • Nj Auto Detailing
  • Wash & Co
  • Fresno Truck Wash
  • Sunset North Car Wash, Paso Robles
  • Coin Operated Car Wash
  • Grit & Splash
  • The Raindance
  • Conejo Valley Car Wash
  • Friendly Car Wash & Pet Spa
  • Merry Maids Car Wash And Detail Center
  • Fast5xpress Car Wash Ontario
  • Me So Clean Car Wash
  • Auto Spa
  • Surf Thru Express Car Wash
  • Buff Master
  • Brentwood Auto Spa
  • Sparkles And Polish
  • The Clean Machine Car Wash
  • Car Wash And Coffee Machine
  • Champion Car Wash
  • Clean Sweep
  • Hi-Style Car Wash
  • Brickyard Wash
  • Los Primos Mobile Car Wash
  • Sparkle & Shine Mobile Car Wash
  • Fresh And Clean Auto Detailing
  • Mach Wash
  • Petro-Canada & Car Wash
  • Soap Suds Laundromat
  • Body Shop
  • Sunnyside Car Wash
  • A Clean Sweep
  • Prime Shine Car Wash
  • Express Car Wash
  • Northvale Soft Cloth Car Wash
  • The New York Car Wash
  • Touchless Car Wash
  • California Car Wash & Detail
  • New Generation Shine
  • 7 Flags Self-Service Car Wash
  • Dollar Car Wash
  • Grand Prix Express Car Wash
  • Spotless Shine Car Wash
  • A Clean Slate


Car Washing Business Names

A car wash is just like any other type of business; the name plays a vital role in drawing customers in and telling them what your business is all about. This is why, when naming your new car wash, you should keep these things in mind:

Is it original? Does it sound catchy? Will it draw traffic to your location? Would your ideal customers enjoy visiting your car wash?

It can be frustrating if you’re trying to come up with a name for your car wash and fail to find something that meets the criteria above. However, it shouldn’t end up being too much trouble either. Just check out our list of best car wash names and see which ones tickle your fancy.

You might even find a couple of names that are perfect for you! But don’t forget to visit our related articles section below to learn more about how you can effectively apply the names we found to your own car wash franchising projects.

  • Sunny Truck Wash
  • Eco California Auto Detailing
  • Abc Car Wash
  • Classic Car Wash
  • Splash N Dash Car Wash
  • Rainy Day Car Wash
  • Fast Lane
  • So Cal Express Car Wash
  • Shine ‘N’ Dry
  • Acrylic Touch Car Wash
  • Jumbo Wash N Go Car Wash
  • Transformer Car Wash
  • Dry And Shine Car Wash
  • Splashy Shine Car Wash
  • Celebrity Car Wash
  • Grapefruit Car Wash
  • Sunnydaze Carwash
  • Triple Xxx Car Washes
  • Whistle Dixie Car Wash
  • Diamonds Washes
  • Mile-Wide Car Wash
  • Cliffhangers Car Wash
  • Merry Mates Car Wash
  • Wash Or Wax
  • Handy Car Wash
  • Full Car Wash
  • Slick ‘N’ Shine
  • Kool N Shiny Car Wash And Detailing Center
  • The Muddy Washes
  • The Chamois Car Wash & Detail
  • Speedy Wash
  • Astrawash
  • Bouncing Bubble Auto Spa, Inc.
  • Quick Shine Car Wash
  • Wet, Shine, And Go Car Wash
  • Goshen Car Wash Oil Express
  • Petro-Canada
  • Johnny’s Car Wash
  • Wild Horse Car Wash
  • Trog Rinseout Inc
  • Rain Or Shine Wash
  • Charming Clean Auto Wash
  • Lickety Flash
  • Flashy Car Wash
  • Performance Car Wash
  • Magic Touch Car Wash
  • Presto Wash
  • Eagle Car Wash
  • Aqua Wheel Wash
  • Bellagio Car Wash
  • Miami Carwash & Detailing Center
  • Mountain View Carwash Express Lube
  • Eco-Friendly Car Wash
  • Super Soap Suds Car Wash
  • Spot Free Car Wash
  • Beach Bum Car Wash
  • Tropical Car Wash
  • Blue Ribbon Car Wash
  • Starstudded Wash
  • M&M Mobile Car Wash & Detail
  • Steam Car Wash
  • Whiz Kids Car Wash & Detailing
  • Harbor Breeze Car Wash And Detail Center
  • Sparkles
  • Ace Car Wash
  • Nice ‘N Clean Car Wash
  • Megawashyland, Inc
  • Drive Through Wash And Shine
  • Shine Master
  • Beastwash
  • Beach Cities Car Wash
  • California Shine Co. Carwash
  • Wash & Shine
  • Oily Slick Car Wash
  • Abc Auto Wash
  • Auto Magic
  • Air And Water Car Wash
  • Bluewave Express Car Wash
  • Rust-Oleum Car Wash And Detail Centre
  • The Raindrop
  • Ozone Park Car Wash
  • Naples Island Car Wash
  • Hollywood Wax
  • M1 Express Car Wash
  • Aqua Car Wash & Detailing
  • Candy Car Wash
  • Once In A Blue Moon


Funny Car Wash Name Ideas

As far as creating a successful business, your first choice should always be to come up with a name that sounds catchy and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who hears it. Also, you should consider how easy it would be to pronounce. For example, “Carwash” might sound nice and catchy, but it’s hard to say. On the other hand, “Cleaning Cars” seems much simpler to pronounce.

A great way to decide between two similar names is by asking yourself these questions: What do I like about this name? And, what don’t I like about it?

For instance, if you enjoy the word “car,” then you may pick “Carwash’ instead of “Cleaning Cars.” But maybe there’s no particular reason why you picked “Cleaning Cars,” except that you liked the word itself.

Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that you pick a name that suits your business. You should think beyond the obvious and dig deeper to see what makes each name stand out.

So, to help you out with choosing a name for your car wash, we’ve rounded up a list of different car wash names to spark your creativity.

  • Lake Breeze Car Wash
  • Cable Car Wash
  • Cancun Shine And Dry Car Wash
  • Five Points Car Wash
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Sunnyside Do It To It Car Wash
  • Car Wash Village
  • Clean Image Car Wash
  • Palm Olive Car Wash
  • Clean Auto Wash
  • Jack’s Car Wash Co
  • Driving Miss Daisy
  • Tiago’s Auto Spa
  • Genuine Car Wash (Or Genuwash)
  • Spray N’ Shine
  • Super Sparkly
  • Quick & Clean Car Wash
  • Dust-Off Carwash
  • Sunshine Car Wash
  • Just Another King Wash
  • American Car Wash
  • Shampoo And Shine Car Wash
  • Automatic Car Wash
  • Big Shot Garage
  • Victory Auto Spa
  • Sir Wash-A-Lot
  • Royal Car Wash And Detailing
  • Astroblast Wash And Shine
  • Scotts Valley Car Wash
  • Bonnema’s Auto Detail
  • Rusty Bucket Car Wash And Lube
  • Bubble Blue Car Wash & Auto Detail
  • Personal Touch Car Wash Of Elwood
  • The Clean Car Wash
  • Five Minute Car Wash
  • Peak Oil Change & Lube
  • Super Clean Auto Wash
  • Golden Arrow Car Wash & Detailing
  • Splash @ Highland Springs
  • Raindrop Car Wash
  • Quick-Kleen
  • Rainbow Car Wash
  • Sunset Car Wash
  • Shining Light Car Wash
  • Fearless Shine Car Wash
  • Hot Shots Car Wash
  • 76 Touchless Car Wash
  • Glimmer Auto Wash
  • Livingston Circle Car Wash
  • Zap Hand Car Wash
  • Mckinley Hand Car Wash
  • Black Sheep Carwash
  • High Roller Wash
  • Joey’s Crystal Car Wash
  • Globe Car Wash
  • Simply Spotless Auto Spa
  • Swirlin’ Bubbles
  • Noname Car Wash
  • Southampton Car Wash & Detail Center
  • Valli Gas & Car Wash
  • Fancy Branches Car Wash
  • Booster Car Wash
  • Emma’s Escape Route Car Washes
  • Butterfield & Robinson Car Washes
  • Absolute Auto Spa And Detail Center
  • Cathedral City Car Wash
  • Crews Magic Hand Car Wash #1
  • Soapy Joe’s Car Wash – Oceanside
  • 1 Dollar Car Wash
  • Automatic Drive Through Wash
  • Blue Diamond Car Wash
  • Amazing Mr. Shine
  • The White Knight Car Wash
  • Every Detail
  • Playa Vista Car Wash
  • Fluffy Towel
  • Aquarius Car Wash
  • The Car Wash
  • Coin Car Wash
  • Soapy Suds Car Wash
  • Clean Auto Spa
  • Go-Go Gumbo
  • Finish Line Car Wash
  • Sidekick Car Wash
  • Five Star Auto Center
  • A Washers Dream
  • Carwood Car Wash
  • Mint Car Wash
  • Adam’s Car Wash
  • Touchless Wash
  • Sierra Car Wash
  • California Vita Clean
  • A Touch Of Fruity Car Wash
  • Big Shot Car Wash
  • Dandy Wax & Shine Car Wash & Detailer
  • Clear Car Wash
  • The Rinse Cycle
  • Sparkling Suds Car Wash
  • All Around Car Wash Service Inc.
  • Personal Touch Hand Car Wash
  • Crystal Clean
  • Pearl River Kwik Lube
  • Soaring Car Wash
  • Riverbend Hand Car Wash
  • Surrey Car Care Ltd
  • Final Finish
  • All-Star Detailing Spa And Wash


Car Wash Company Names

In case you’re wondering why car washes are still extremely popular despite the fact that they’re old-fashioned, here’s the reason: They offer a convenient way to clean your vehicle quickly, cheaply, and easily. Many people appreciate the convenience of having their cars cleaned at home rather than wasting precious time waiting around at a busy gas station. In addition, car washes are usually a part of a larger fleet of businesses (such as a car dealership), meaning that they can give you access to a whole network of customers.

But even though car wash owners enjoy these benefits, they sometimes struggle to come up with catchy and memorable car wash names.

Fortunately, there are many resources online where you can learn everything you need to start a successful car wash business. As a result, you can launch a profitable carwash in no time.

Still, choosing a car wash name sounds like a daunting task. There are a bunch of factors involved; therefore, it’s difficult to narrow down your search to only the best ones. But luckily, we’ve got some amazing ideas that might spark your creativity. So, keep reading to discover them!

  • Wow Car Wash
  • Cityscape Wash
  • Franklin St. Mobile Car Wash
  • Jet, Shine & Blast
  • Galaxy Car Wash
  • Silver Lake Auto Spa
  • Sparkle Shine Car Wash
  • La Car Wash Inc
  • Vroom-Vroom Wash And Go!
  • Come Clean
  • The Express
  • Speedy Kids Wash Station
  • Shell Touchless Car Wash
  • Burlington Auto Spa
  • Car Washing World
  • Shell Clean Plus Car Wash
  • Gleam Masters
  • Car Wash
  • Green Machine Washes
  • Route 66 Car Wash
  • Drizzle Dip & Dash
  • Air Duct Cleaning And Car Wash
  • Cottage Car Wash
  • Petro-Canada Car Wash
  • Town And Country Carwash
  • Touchdown Car Wash
  • High Speed Detailing
  • Speedy Scrub
  • The Pride Of The Automotive Kingdom Of Sparkle City
  • Autumn Rain Car Wash
  • Sparkling Diamond Car Wash
  • Autoshine Express Car Wash
  • 1/4 Mile Car Wash
  • Bubbles And Bubbly
  • End Wash
  • Softsuds Carwash
  • Shell Car Wash
  • Truck Lube Inc
  • Executive Carwash Center
  • Fresh And Green Car Wash And Lube
  • Bubbles Car Wash
  • Bubbles And Dazzle Car Wash
  • Windex
  • K5 Auto Service
  • Royal Car Wash – Canandaigua, Ny
  • Fuzzy’s Mobile Car Wash
  • Above And Beyond Car Wash Inc.
  • Clearly Clean Car Wash
  • The Swirl
  • Shine Time
  • Super Wash Soft Cloth
  • Beautiful Bumper Wash
  • Shell Automatic Car Wash
  • Scrubbs Inc
  • The Washing Place
  • G-Force Wash
  • Value Buyers Car Wash
  • Super Shine
  • Chemical Guys
  • Heaven Sent Car Wash
  • Auto Spa Car Wash


Other Names For Car Wash

Running a carwash is something that takes a lot of money and time. You’ll spend hours and days trying to figure out how to set everything up correctly. But with our tips, you’ll be able to save lots of time and money while also ensuring that your car washing experience is fun, safe, and memorable.

A good car wash is one that makes your customers feel comfortable and happy. Having clean, well-maintained cars in front of your store is essential. However, making sure that your car wash is accessible doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be located inside a building. Many people prefer car washes outside their stores because it means that they don’t need to worry about security issues. Plus, it allows them to drive through and show off their vehicles to friends and family.

When it comes to choosing a location for your car wash, there are many factors to consider. The site itself shouldn’t be too big or small. You wouldn’t want your car wash to cover a large area. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be too isolated either. Make sure that you pick a spot where you can easily reach by foot or by vehicle.

It’s always best to choose a location that is close to your car dealership since this ensures that customers won’t have to waste precious time driving back and forth. Also, having a centralized location saves you money on gas since you won’t have several stops along the way.

You also need to ensure that your car wash is designed in such a way that it attracts positive attention. For example, you want the sign to be visible to passing motorists. And the color scheme should reflect your brand. Remember, your car wash is likely to be seen by a lot of different people. Therefore, it needs to look professional at all times.

  • Eazy Shine
  • Mr Car Wash
  • Royal Car Wash
  • Comet Car Wash
  • Fresh Breeze Car Wash
  • Alpine Auto Wash
  • Shiny Mobile Car Detailing
  • Armor Car Wash
  • Dream Car Wash
  • Summer Breeze
  • Martin Hand Car Wash
  • Clean Car Wash Campaign
  • Kearny Auto Spa Car Wash & Oil Change.
  • Clean As A Whistle
  • Wash And Shine
  • Aero Mobile Detailing
  • Crossroads Hand Car Wash
  • Bonded Appearance Car Wash
  • Ride The Wave
  • Rogers Car Wash
  • All-Group Shine
  • Touch-Free Autowash
  • Top Shine Car Wash
  • Ultimate Clean Car Wash
  • Diamond Clean Car Wash
  • Touch Of Magic Car Wash
  • Zoom, Rinse, And Dash Car Wash
  • Deep Clean
  • Car Wash Spa
  • Amethyst Washes
  • Kiss And Dash Wash
  • Raindrops And Shine Car Wash
  • Balloon Wash
  • Blue Swirls Car Wash
  • Sparkles
  • Efficient Washes
  • Retrorama Wash
  • Fire Hose Car Wash
  • Go Mobile Wash
  • Whizz And Shine Auto Wash
  • Shiny Trucks Detailing
  • Speedy Car Wash
  • Swanky J’s Auto Spa Incorporated
  • Flamingo Car Wash
  • Miami Mobile Car Wash
  • Dark Knight Solutions
  • Suds Car Wash
  • Progressive Car Care
  • All Dirt Gone
  • Our Water Works Car Wash
  • Bixby Knolls Car Wash
  • Sparkles Car Wash & Lube
  • Unlimited Car Washes
  • Splash And Dash Car Wash
  • Curly Wash
  • Espresso Car Wash
  • Aaa Rocket Wash
  • Black & Bleach Auto Wash
  • Wheel Soap
  • All About The Wax
  • Gas Station And Car Wash
  • Power Wash & Shine
  • Class Washes
  • Under The Weather
  • Express Oil Change
  • Shell Touchless Carwash
  • Number Wash
  • Fast5xpress Car Wash Perris
  • Superior Car Wash & Detailing
  • Ace Shine Auto Wash
  • Snappy Shine
  • A Touch Of Class Car Wash
  • Shampoo & Shine Car Wash
  • Quick Clean


Catchy Car Wash Names

Car washes are one of the easiest businesses to get started. They are usually relatively low cost, hassle-free, and extremely profitable. However, there can be a lot of headaches involved too.

You might end up spending a ton of money on advertising and paying rent/mortgage. Or maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a successful car wash business model.

In these situations, it’s essential to think outside the box. The traditional way of thinking doesn’t always work well in car washing. So, you need to come up with unconventional ideas to stand apart from competitors.

Luckily for you, we‘ve collected a huge list of totally unique car wash names. All you need to do is pick the best ones based on your preferences and niche.

  • Big Dog Car Wash
  • Thanks For The Rain Wash
  • Beach Shine Car Wash
  • Chuck’s Car Wash
  • Belmont Car Wash
  • Car Wash Deluxe
  • Amity Car Wash & Detail Center
  • Kimo’s Tropical Wash
  • Windsurf Car Wash
  • Studio Hand Car Wash
  • Primo Mobil Hand Car Wash
  • Dirt-Busting Diamond Washes
  • Vip Car Wash
  • Quick Quack Car Wash
  • Black Pearl Car Wash
  • Clear View Car Wash
  • Blush Car Wash
  • Elite Car Wash Of Utica
  • The Pink ‘N’ Clean
  • Bubble Bath Car Wash
  • Clean Slate
  • Abba Hand Car Wash
  • Quick Wash Of America
  • Care N Shine
  • Extreme Car Wash
  • Flippin’ Wash
  • Quiky Car Wash
  • Cool Splash Car Wash
  • Touchy Car Wash, Inc.
  • Casa De Sheen
  • Quick ‘N Shine Car Wash
  • Cruz Car Wash
  • Outlaw Mobile Detailers
  • Champs Carwash
  • Quality Car Detailing
  • The Clean Cut Car Wash
  • Do It Now! Washes
  • Melissa’s Car Wash
  • Hand Car Wash
  • Super Wash
  • Collision Control Car Wash & Detail Center
  • West Coast Car Wash Concepts
  • Down To Earth Car Wash
  • Wonder Wand
  • Sparkles And Shine
  • Crease-Free Car Wash By Handy Keith’s Kars Inc.
  • Compton Car Wash
  • Thunderbird Car Wash
  • Micro-Dry Car Wash
  • Western Auto Wash
  • Luxury Touch Car Wash
  • Miracle Dryer Service
  • Clean Cut
  • Spin Spa Suds & Shine
  • Bermuda Shine
  • Red’s 99 Tank Wash
  • Bathing Beauty Car Wash
  • Canyon Shine
  • Canadian Tire Gas
  • Drive-By Wash
  • Dazzle And Shine Carwash
  • Western Pride Car Cleaning
  • Sparkling Lady Car Wash
  • Energy-Saving Diamond Washes
  • Splash N Dash Car Wash
  • Mike’s Car Wash
  • Wash It Again
  • Xtreme Wheel Works And Shine
  • Orange Hand Car Wash Detailing And Tint
  • Wash, Wax & Shine
  • A Touch Of Shine
  • Two Thumbs Up Express Car Wash
  • Mission Car Wash
  • Shampoo & Shine Car Wash & Laundromat
  • Rancho Car Wash
  • Sparkle Car Wash
  • Speedy Truck Wash Inc
  • Dazzle And Shine Carwash And Car Detailing Centre.
  • Paradise Auto Spa
  • Pedal To The Metal


Mobile Car Wash Names

Do you want to start a mobile car wash business but don’t know where to start? Do you wonder how others started their mobile car washes and what kind of name would be ideal for your business? If you answered “yes” to both questions, this resource is for you.

According to Business Insider, the average cost of setting up a mobile car wash service is around $16,500. As much as 40% of entrepreneurs fail within three months of launching a mobile car wash business. So, why are they failing? Well, apparently, the biggest reason is that they didn’t come up with a good name.

A great name is a vital part of any successful business. After all, it makes a big difference between failure and success. For example, here are some examples of businesses with great names:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Dell Computers
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Subway Sandwiches
  • Starbucks Roast Coffee
  • The New York Mets Baseball Team
  • Nike Shoes
  • Toyota Cars
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The fact is, when you have a memorable brand name, customers will trust you more, which in turn helps you earn more money.

So, if you were looking for a way to get into the profitable world of mobile car washing, you may have found the solution.

  • Fast Finish Car
  • Bubble Bath
  • Twinkle Time
  • Acadiana Car Wash
  • All-Purpose Auto Wash
  • Diamond Shine Car Wash
  • Hydros Auto Spa
  • Newport Exxon
  • Applied Clean Auto Wash
  • Brampton Galaxy Car Wash
  • Six Car Wash
  • Blast Off
  • Cashmere Car Wash
  • Sir Washes-A-Lot
  • Ultimate Shine Car Wash
  • Easy Breezy Car Wash Express Tunnel
  • Jet Dry Mobile Wash
  • Redlands Foamy Car Wash
  • Drive Cleaner Car Centre
  • Bubba’s Car Wash
  • Snappy Car Wash & Lube
  • Wash Of Luxury
  • Aaa Truck Wash
  • Car Washing Company
  • Gold Coins Car Wash
  • Tulare Truck & Rv Wash
  • Green Earth Auto Wash
  • Black Ice Wash And Dash
  • Come On In And Shine
  • Golf’s Car Wash
  • Streamline Washes
  • Super Suds Car Wash
  • K & R Car Wash
  • Spotless
  • Orange Car Wash
  • Diamond Concours Renovation, Inc.
  • Nelson Carwash
  • A-1 Sunshine Car Wash
  • Car Wash Abc
  • Megapolish
  • Hollywood Car Wash
  • Black Diamond Washes
  • Auto Pride Car Wash
  • Reliable Car Wash
  • Uber Wash
  • Awesome Auto-Spa
  • Clean
  • Cashe’s Wash
  • Car Wash Express
  • Golden State Truck Wash
  • Bellagio Express Car Wash
  • Heart Of Gold Cleaners
  • Aaa Truck Wash Llc
  • The Best Bet
  • Megabrite Car Wash
  • Super Suds
  • Moonlite Car Wash
  • Bayside Car Wash
  • Sunrise Express Car Wash
  • Bob’s Car Wash And Lube Unlimited
  • Ee Auto
  • Coin Slot Car Wash
  • Always Spick And Span Car Washes
  • La Quinta Car Wash
  • Junior’s Car Wash
  • Ty’s Car Cleaning Inc.
  • Zee Zany Zebra Car Wash
  • Grade A Car Wash
  • Impressive Freshness
  • Raceway Express Car Wash
  • Lave Auto Clean International Inc
  • Soapy Joe’s Car Wash
  • East Hill Car Wash
  • Simply Brilliant Car Wash
  • Sunwest Chevron Extramile Lodi
  • Fast And Friendly
  • The Clean Machine Car Wash
  • Dazzle
  • Grand Car Wash


Funny Car Wash Company Names

Car washes are businesses designed to clean our cars and remove dirt, grime, grease, dust, and oil that may accumulate on them. They’re great places to promote your business because people always stop by a car wash when they’re in need of a quick clean. So, if you’re thinking of going into the auto service business, then you’d better think twice about picking something too generic. The key is to pick an innovative, memorable, and creative name that will stick in your potential customer’s minds.

With that said, here’s a look at some of the most creative car wash company names we found online:

1. “No More Dirty Cars”

2. “Dirt Free Cleaners”

3. “Gentle Touch”

4. “Easy Car Care”

5. “Your Complete Auto Detailing”

6. “Dirty Carwash & Detail”

7. “Don’t Get Wet with This Car Wash”

8. “Freshest Car Shine On the Planet”

9. “The Ultimate Carwash”

10. “Car Washes That Don’t Make You Sweat”

And, you can use the below ideas to make a name for your business.

  • Touch And Go Wash
  • Mountain Spring Wash
  • Clean And Green
  • Cherries & Cre
  • Handy Fixer Auto Wash
  • Shinetastic
  • Wash, Rinse & Dry
  • Aquarionics
  • Absolutely Spotless
  • Hygiene Car Wash
  • Deep Blue Carwash
  • Superclean Xpress Carwash
  • Family Car Wash And Detailing Centre
  • Make My Car Sparkle!
  • Coast To Coast Car Wash
  • Soft Touch Car Wash
  • Flashy Sparkle Car Wash
  • My Baby Is Clean And Shiny Today
  • Flush And Sparkle
  • Blue Collar Car Wash
  • The Sprinkle Car Wash
  • Diamond Show Carwash
  • Above The Rest Car Care Centre
  • Thrift And Shine
  • Clouded Vision Car Wash
  • Over The Hump
  • Details Car Wash By Hand
  • Clean Touch
  • Happy As A Pig In Mud
  • Carswell Car Wash
  • Awesome Car Wash
  • California’s Finest Detail Supply
  • Perfection Auto Spa
  • Sunnyside Wash


Unique Car Washing Business Names

You see them everywhere – shiny cars driving down the road, making their way through busy city streets. These vehicles leave behind a trail of water in their wake. Their wheels cleanse the pavement of all dirt and grime. They wash away every speck of dust, mud, and debris left by the weather. In fact, they perform a vital function in keeping our cities clean.

Running a car wash business is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to create a successful business in this highly competitive industry. However, if you don’t know how to come up with a good name, you may end up losing potential customers due to the lack of attention to detail.

In addition, it can be hard to develop a strong brand identity for your car washes. Most often than not, people tend to associate the color of a car wash with its services. Or maybe they think of the location itself as being synonymous with the type of vehicle that comes there.

This is why you need to work extra hard to come up with good car wash business name ideas for your own business. After all, a great name will play a major role in determining whether or not you succeed in this industry.

  • Family Detailing
  • All The Best Cleaning And Auto Detailing
  • The Wash Spa & Wipe Out
  • Speedy Wash Inc
  • Boomerang Car Wash
  • Always Bright Cleaners
  • Good Knight Car Washes
  • High Gloss Shine Cleaning
  • Airy Fairy
  • Soapy Joe’s Car Wash
  • Subway Shine And Dry
  • A To Z Car Wash
  • Extra Shine
  • Blitz Wax And Wipe
  • Pure Car Wash
  • The Safari Soap Car Wash
  • Affordable Auto Wash
  • V-Cleaners
  • A Classy Touch Auto Detailing, Inc.
  • Blue Sky Wash
  • California Express Wash Sacramento
  • Bubbles And Suds Auto Spa
  • Brights Day
  • The Detailing Station
  • Marshall’s Auto Detailing
  • Great Canadian Oil Change
  • Car Care Center
  • Fresh Squeezed Car Wash
  • Splash Car Wash
  • Ice Crystal Washes
  • Firenzo’s Fine Line Car Wash
  • Magic Shine Car Wash
  • Spot Free Cleaner Car Wash
  • Time For A Change
  • Spa & Fun Wash

Car Wash Names

How to Name Your Car Wash Business

We can’t escape the fact that car wash businesses have become increasingly popular over the years. Whether we live in cities or towns, we still depend heavily on our cars to get us around. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Americans spent $76 billion on vehicle services last year alone!

So, it makes sense that many people rely on car washes to keep their vehicles clean and looking good. If you want to open up your own car wash franchise, here are 7 things you need to know.

Know Your Competition

The first thing you need to do before opening up a car wash franchise is to figure out what brands are currently operating in your area. This is important because there are hundreds of different car washing franchises available.

Look at What Works for Them

You may notice that certain brands have been hugely successful while others have failed miserably. By examining what works well for other car wash franchises, you might be able to learn from those mistakes so that you don’t repeat them yourself.

Understand the Market

Even though car washing may seem fairly straightforward, it’s actually a competitive industry. If you want to succeed, you need to ensure that you have a plan for getting into the market in the first place. Know exactly where your target audience lives and how much money they spend on car care products, insurance, and gas. Then, consider whether or not you should offer any additional services or products beyond simply washing your customers’ vehicles.

Think About Marketing

It’s a pretty simple concept – you can either compete through price, convenience, service, etc. or by offering a unique product or service. The only way to really stand out is by combining both strategies so that you can give consumers what they want and expect.

Find ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and make sure that you market properly so that your brand becomes synonymous with quality.

Be Flexible

There will be times when you’re going to face unexpected challenges along the way. If you have some kind of backup strategy, then you won’t be caught off guard. Don’t hesitate to pivot as needed.

Build Relationships With Local Dealers

If you plan to operate your car washing franchise locally, it’s important to build relationships with local dealers. These individuals can help you gain access to high-quality parts and equipment. Also, if you have any issues with the dealership, they can provide you with references for other businesses in the community.

Start Small and Expand

Once you’ve got everything figured out, it’s time to start building your brand. To start, you might want to focus on just one location within the city or town in which you want to operate your new car wash franchise. From there, you can expand quickly and grow your brand until you reach your goal.

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