502 Catchy Caribbean Party Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you need to come up with a catchy, fun Caribbean party theme name for your next event? The answer is yes! However, you may be wondering how you can get a name that will appeal to all ages and genders since many Caribbean parties are aimed at kids.

When it comes to planning parties, we love throwing themed parties. Whether you’re throwing a beach party or a jungle party, we know that you’ll have a blast! In fact, we think that Caribbean party names are the perfect theme to host any kind of event.

Catchy Caribbean Party Names

Whether you are planning a Caribbean party for a group of your friends or an extravagant one for a company celebration, party ideas can really help your event go smoothly. It can also help to plan a party name that suits your theme perfectly.

In this article, we will discuss all the best Caribbean party names that you can use to decorate your venue and invite your guests.

  • Water Bugs
  • ‘Pelican’ bar of fun!
  • Not a basic beach
  • Coconutty Connections
  • Caribbean Carnival!
  • Aruba Affairs
  • Take Me To The Ocean
  • Feather Fa’sea’nation!
  • Never Enough Crayseaness
  • Feather Function!
  • PomPoms and Bubbles
  • Beach Bacchanal
  • Paradise Cove
  • Island Beach Party
  • Beach Party Is Live
  • Grape Times
  • Arthur
  • Best Beach Escape
  • Heat The Summer Beats
  • Glitzy Jamaican Gala
  • Caribbean Consistensea
  • Seaside Treasures
  • Lotan
  • Hello Beach Lovers
  • Rudder
  • Fraser
  • Artsy Aruba
  • Party, matey!
  • Summer Beach Concert
  • Sunbathing By The Sea
  • Convivial Caribean
  • Mary Rose
  • Peace and Plam
  • The Monday Movie Mood
  • The Vacation Slideshow
  • Jamaican Bacchanal
  • Caribbean Silent Disco Night
  • Zale
  • Mojito Overboarded
  • Surfin’ Safari
  • Kiawah
  • Island Entrance
  • Ferrytale Function
  • Peep boards
  • Party Like Never Before
  • Thats what ‘sea’ said
  • Kai
  • Beaching Catwalks
  • Caribbean Wonderland
  • Caribbeanised Coconutty Fun
  • Mojitoes pink sand
  • Cayman Catchup
  • Anapos
  • Sea You There!
  • Brishon
  • Tropical Tunes
  • Beach Babe(s)
  • Feather Function
  • Bright lights
  • Watch The Waves
  • Running Wild for The Weekend
  • Madison
  • Beach For Life
  • Ruming towards fun
  • Going For A Swim
  • Pink flowery pinacoladas
  • Anthia
  • Leander
  • A Quick Dip
  • Kuroshio
  • Turbo
  • Ocean Occasions
  • Caribbean sailebration
  • Catchin’ Some Rays
  • Partying among Parrots
  • Hula Isle
  • Discover Dany’s Beach Party
  • Palm Tree Picnic
  • Joyful Jack sparrow
  • The Online DressUp

Top 10 Catchy Caribbean Party Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Party With Me

You are probably wondering why this name should be picked for your business. If you take a look at the name, you will realize that it is catchy.

The name is also perfect for the location. This name gives the impression of a party and a fun place.

Party With Me


This name will give a good impression of your business and at the same time, it sounds very exciting and catchy.

When your customers hear the name, they will be attracted to it and so they will be more likely to buy your products or services. Also, the name will help you to build your brand in the market.


3.      Best Kingdom

Best Kingdom Caribbean Party Names is a good choice for you if you have a plan to start a party business.

The name will let the customer know about your business in a better way and it will provide them with all the information they need about you and your services.

Best Kingdom


This name will help you to promote your business on a wider scale. When someone types this name, they will search for an online business like yours.

Then, they will see all kinds of offers from you and choose one that they like. They will be convinced by the offer and buy your products.

Party Planet

5.      Rock the Party

With this name, your business will increase significantly and you will earn more money.

The name also shows that you are offering something interesting and unique to your customers. That is why you should use it.

Rock the Party

6.      Citywine

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

People who have this name on their business can attract a wide variety of clients from all over the world.


7.      Recycled Party Glasses

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you. On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique.

Recycled Party Glasses

8.      Bingo Game

This name is one of the best names for any business. This name is very popular as well as easy to remember and you can use this name in your business as well.

The name itself stands for a great image of the company and its services as well.

Bingo Game

9.      Cellar Boyz

This name is quite suitable for a party company. It shows that you have a great experience with parties and that you know how to entertain your clients with great fun.

So, if you are looking for a party company that can provide you with great entertainment, then Cellar Boyz Caribbean Party Names is the best option for you.

Cellar Boyz

10.     Be the Light

Be the Light Caribbean Party is a business name that should be considered by every business owner who wants to start a party rental company.

The name is very catchy and it will help to attract many people to your business.

Be the Light

Cool Caribbean Party Names

The Caribbean region is known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine. A fun and lively holiday destination for millions of people. But the area also boasts some amazing resorts and hotels that can be just as fun to party at.

But if you’re going to be hosting a party, you will need to choose a good party name. A catchy and fun name will make your event much more memorable. So pick one of the following party business names for your next event.

  • Water War
  • Tis the sea sesh!
  • Fineapple Feasting
  • Sunny Sandy Sunday
  • Drunk In Beach Trunks
  • Beach Ball Babe
  • Summer Beach Souls
  • Beach Lay And Play
  • Tequila at Trinidad
  • Hawai’Ian Party
  • Colorful Feathers, Crazy Fun!
  • A Beachy Ride
  • Pre’sea’ous Cayman Partay!
  • Pinacoladas with Pirates
  • Our Little Fish
  • toasting to Caribbean
  • Diana
  • Parrots
  • Glow In The Sun
  • Beaches And Witches
  • Live Beach Party
  • Beachy All Night
  • Aloha!
  • Masika
  • Mai Tais with Mai Guys!
  • Clarion
  • Live It Up, Beaches!
  • Azure/Azurine
  • Palm Partay!
  • Splash And Sand Beach Deem
  • Adira
  • The Summer Glow
  • Cosmopolitan Caribbean
  • Marina
  • Waves At The Waves
  • Sunscreen And Sunglasses
  • Pearl
  • Names Nectar
  • Alon
  • Sea.
  • Juke Box Jamboree
  • Edward
  • Lir
  • The Virtual Starry Night
  • Barrel of Rum
  • Candid Times Caribbeanized
  • SandTastic
  • Caribbeanized Cocktails
  • Cool Clear Water
  • Hola Beach Friends!
  • Coraline
  • Caribbean Fantasea
  • Virtual Decade Party
  • Alvin
  • Sea Shell Summer
  • Taste of Trinidad
  • Partaying at PalmLand
  • Seas The Day.
  • Saltwater And Champagne
  • Caribbean Carnival Catch up
  • Samudra
  • Fas’sea’nating Caribean Fun
  • A Beachy Afternoon
  • Aesthetic Beach Party
  • Rusty
  • Good Times, Al’waves’!
  • Water Boy
  • Sweet Corn Pops
  • Partying among Pirates
  • Blue Bayou
  • Ay Ay Captian
  • Ariel
  • Sparkly Drinks, Jamaican Scenes
  • A Walk On The Beach
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Cayman Chronicles
  • Mojitology
  • Tropical Island
  • Extra Surfboards
  • ‘Hog’ging On good times

Creative Caribbean Party Names

Startup companies are known for their creativity, and the same can also be said about party names. For your Caribbean party business, you have to come up with something catchy and interesting, yet easy to remember.

Here are some party names ideas for you to choose from:

  • Jamaican Jammin’
  • Life In a Swimsuit
  • Splendid Sea Party
  • En’dolphin’s Excitement
  • Trinidad Treats
  • Remember Walkin’ In The Sand
  • SeaRial Chiller
  • Cosmos of Caribbean
  • The Face Of The Water
  • Soaking up some sun!
  • Turtle Shaped Mini Buns
  • Isha’s Island Party
  • Caribbeanism
  • Trippy Beach Trips
  • Rosé Pink Sand
  • Beach Bum(s)
  • First Dip Of Summer
  • Cliff
  • Pos’ship’bly The best Party
  • Tasman
  • Sunsets and Sobian Feels
  • Going Bananas At Barbados
  • Netting and Lobsters
  • Jamaican Me Excited
  • Indoor Coconut Shy
  • Davit
  • Ginger
  • Wild Tales Of Island
  • Beach Ceremony
  • Brooke
  • DJ
  • Sea sights, Island Vibes
  • Pompomiefied Pastime
  • Talbot
  • Bahari
  • Sedna
  • Coastal Craze
  • palm down!
  • Reach The Beach Theme Hack
  • Seaside Thoughts
  • Evening Island Party
  • Sub’lime’ Shindigs
  • Karaoke
  • Pompom Party
  • Lil’ Sandman
  • Boho Beach Party
  • Beach Volley Ball War
  • The Onscreen Screaming
  • Elegant Aruba Extravaganza
  • Cheese on board
  • Caribbean Creek
  • SandSational
  • Last Beach Party
  • Making A Big Splash
  • BeachSide Bar
  • The Story Narration Night
  • Beyond Blurred Limes
  • Sip! Sip! Sip!
  • We Love Beachin’
  • Sippin’ The Jungle Juice
  • Parrot’s Invitation
  • Beach Blanket Nap
  • Scandalous Beachy Affair
  • Most ‘oar’waited Party
  • Pompom partay
  • Cocktails under Tropical Canopy
  • Booby
  • StarShaped Jelly Candies
  • Earwyn
  • Silver Thatcher Soirée
  • Giant Clam
  • Steel Band
  • Sand, Swimsuits, And Splashes
  • Dana
  • George
  • Waikiki Pa’Ina
  • Boardwalk Party
  • Beach Beryl
  • Caribbean Comedy Nights
  • The Never Have I Ever Night

Unique Caribbean Party Names

A party is an event for a group of people to gather and celebrate a specific occasion or simply enjoy time together.

So why not give it a Caribbean twist and create a whole new type of party? These party name ideas will make your party a fun experience for everyone who attends.

  • Hula Hoop Beach Party
  • Beach Music Festival
  • Gos’ship’ sesh
  • Beach And Bliss
  • Sea Beach Love
  • Feathers, Fantasea World
  • Shellebration By Sea
  • Kuril
  • Until The Sun’s Gone
  • Jacques
  • Magdalene
  • Bellus
  • Caribbeanology
  • Sunday Surf Fun
  • Boreal
  • Beach Part Obsession
  • Caribbean Evening
  • Sea And Food
  • Hanno
  • Bop Beach Bash
  • Liberty
  • Island Bash
  • Aqua Kid(s)
  • Chaotic Caribbean
  • Driving By The Beach
  • Chilled Beach Days
  • “First Come, First Surf”
  • Just S’More Beach
  • Swim And Shine
  • Harlequin
  • Apam Napat
  • Piering At ‘sea’ns
  • Fried Fish And Chips With Cheese Sauce
  • Fool a Pool
  • Mood Beach Switch
  • Trippy Trinidad
  • Welcome to Caribbean Sign
  • Lime Nights
  • The Bali Feeling
  • Sea And She
  • Veg And NonVeg Mini Sliders
  • Mojito Drips, Merry Trips
  • Caribbean Stud Poker Table
  • ‘Seas’ your Sangria
  • Life Is a Beach Names Anon
  • Sea, Sports and Sangrias
  • Message In a Bottle
  • Aegir
  • Glan
  • Skip/Skipper
  • Wet ‘N Wild
  • Fan’sea’ Festivity
  • Okeanos
  • Surfin’ And Snacking
  • Shrimportant Shenanigans
  • Aberdeen
  • Share a Secret
  • Ride And Tide
  • Get Wet Together
  • Tiger
  • The Beach Festival
  • Beyond The Sea
  • Sit By The Ocean
  • The Spooky Story Saturday
  • Feathery Feast
  • Pink Sandy Affairs
  • Dipsi
  • Coconut Cove
  • Joyful Jungle Night
  • Marin
  • Drinking Capa’sea’ty
  • Bold and Boozy
  • Funky Shades
  • Eldoris
  • Beach Trippy Afternoon
  • Fineapple Fiesta
  • Jelly Jamboree
  • Vintage Beach Vibes
  • Wild Water War
  • Hurley

Cute Caribbean Party Names

A Caribbean-themed party is one of the most exciting celebrations in life, so why not let it be reflected in the party names that you use? Choose a name that suits the tropical island theme and the unique feel of the Caribbean.

Use it on invitations, party favors, and other party essentials.

  • Nahla
  • A Dance For Lei People
  • Trigger
  • Seashells By The Seashore
  • Mentofied Merry Times
  • Daria
  • Roger
  • 3 Palm Trees
  • Magellan
  • Beach All Ready!
  • Trinidad Festivity
  • Golden Hour Beach Party
  • Toes In The Sand
  • Just Beachy
  • Orchids Oasis
  • Bahamasian Bacchanal
  • Sand(Chocolate) Pudding
  • Sunkissed Sandy Sunday
  • Under The Sea
  • ‘canoe’t say no!
  • Lahloo
  • Breezy BoozSplashing
  • Umiko
  • The Onscreen Confession
  • Shell we drink?
  • Aquaholic Affairs
  • Fram
  • Caribbean Delight Day
  • A Good Beach Time
  • Adriatic
  • Bowline
  • Fury
  • Caribbeanized Plam
  • Aukai
  • Sunrise Beach Party
  • Dancing On The Sand
  • Salt Water Party
  • Bloom
  • Sonar
  • Indra
  • Palm Partying
  • Carrack
  • California Beach Vibes
  • Roasted And Salted Nuts
  • Sailor’s Sailebration
  • Building Sandcastles
  • Douglas
  • Margarita.
  • Cocktails with crew
  • Hawaiian HubbleBubble
  • Sailing Through Dhades
  • Virtual Talent Hunt
  • Musical Mojitos
  • Bahamas Dramas
  • Keeping Summer Alive
  • More Casino Tables
  • Christopher
  • Brizo
  • Cumberland
  • Beach Vacation Vibes
  • Hulahoops and featherops
  • Sea Says Hello!
  • Tides And Trunks
  • Hat Haven
  • Stop feeling Lousy!
  • Sea Re’sea’ption
  • 2 Surfboards
  • Tobago Delight
  • Caribbean Carnifest
  • Bay Beach Ball
  • Makin’ A Splash
  • Autumns at Aruba
  • Sundance
  • Boose And Breeze
  • Eric
  • Delmare
  • WonderWorld Of Caribbean
  • Ula
  • Beach People Forever
  • Radar

Caribbean Party Names

How to Decide Your Caribbean Party Name?

Looking to jump-start your Caribbean party planning? We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to name your Caribbean party:

1. Start with the location. The party will be themed around the location where it’s being held, so choose a location name to go with it. For example, if the party is being held in the Virgin Islands, you could call it the Virgin Islands Party.

2. Think about the mood. Are you looking for a festive party with a Caribbean flair, or a more relaxed and fun one? Think about what kind of party you want and select a name that reflects that.

3. Consider the theme. Do you want to go with a specific Caribbean theme, or are you open to whatever ideas come your way?

4. Think about the guests. Who will be attending your Caribbean party? How many people? What age range? Will they want to party on the beach, by the pool, or in a hot tub? Consider the types of people you want in your party and select a name that reflects that.

5. Consider the drinks. Are you looking for a themed drink menu, or do you just want something to quench your thirst? Consider the drinks you want to include and select a name that reflects that.

6. Think about the decorations. Do you want to keep the party simple and tropical, or go all out and get a Caribbean theme? Think about the colors you want to use and select a name that reflects that.

7. Finally, pick a party date. Once you’ve selected all the details for your Caribbean party, it’s time to set a date!

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