502 Catchy Carpet Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you’re considering starting your own carpet cleaning business, then you might want to consider starting with the right name. After all, your business’ name will determine how potential customers perceive you.

With that being said, you should definitely keep in mind what kind of carpet cleaning service you plan to offer. If your carpets need regular care, you’ll likely want to focus more on residential service.

On the other hand, if you plan to focus on commercial and industrial clients, you’ll want to choose a business name that speaks to the specific needs of those customers.

Catchy Carpet Business Names

Carpet cleaning is a great business for a small carpet cleaning service or for someone who is looking to start a carpet cleaning business. You can work out how much profit you can make by cleaning carpets for a certain price.

If you’re looking for business names that are unique and catchy, then read on.

The carpet cleaning business name ideas below are different from the other businesses listed here, but still unique and catchy.

  • Clear Path Carpets
  • Soft Sip Care
  • All Care
  • Charming Floor
  • Meta Merphy
  • Floors & More
  • Wicked Carpet
  • Earth Rugs
  • Get Your Carpets Squared
  • Wood Floor
  • Arizona Rug Company
  • A to Z Carpets, Inc.
  • Horizon Floors
  • Soundtone Floors
  • Carpet Doctor
  • Rugs N More
  • CraftySoul Rugs
  • Carpet Emporium
  • Prion Shade Carpets
  • A Plus Carpet
  • Flying Carpets & Rugs
  • Thread Aethen
  • Glass Shine
  • Magic Carpet Pros
  • Bliss Flooring Solutions
  • A Step Above Flooring
  • Aqua-Clean
  • Magic Carpet World
  • A1 Easy Carpet Cleaning
  • Queens Carpets
  • White Oak Carpet Mills
  • The Pinky Spot
  • Rug Adorable
  • Perfect style
  • Precise Carpet House
  • Foam To Go Cleaning
  • River Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Wax It Again
  • Cherished & Polished
  • Exquisite Surfaces
  • Champion Flooring
  • Floors And Doors
  • Floors life
  • Carpet Fixer
  • Rugs Medical
  • Rugs Youthful
  • Illaminati
  • Cleaning Flip
  • Book Carpet
  • Magic Touch Carpets
  • A+ floor cover Cleaning
  • Sunshine & Steam
  • Area Rugs Unlimited
  • Orbit Carpets
  • Greenco Carpet Store
  • Carpets Rocket
  • LabXcel Care
  • Pretty Big Rugs
  • Soap Pro Services
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Jl’s Cleaning
  • Stark Carpet
  • Bene Trug
  • Posh Carpet Cleaning
  • Better Carpet Warehouse
  • Leanne’s Cleaning
  • Enessa Carpets
  • Floor cot
  • Wax It Safe Services
  • AZ Floor Company
  • ClassiCRay Carpets
  • The Ecletic
  • Crystal Rugs
  • Magic Carpet Studio
  • Magic In the Details
  • Carpets of Beauty
  • Origami Artsy
  • Dirt Purge
  • Crap Cans Canada

Top 10 Catchy Carpet Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Crazy Crew

A lot of people think that when you have a crazy name like Crazy Crew Carpet Business Names, then you don’t need to worry about your business.

But, actually it’s not true. It’s always best to choose a name that represents your business.

Crazy Crew

2.     Paint Your Dreams

Paint Your Dreams Carpet Business Names is a very creative name that makes a good impression on your potential clients. This name has an interesting combination of words. That makes it a perfect choice for a carpet cleaning service.

Paint Your Dreams

3.      Eliminators

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you.

So, people won’t forget it easily and whenever they need your services they will come to you directly.


4.      Clean & Green Carpet

Carpet cleaning companies may choose either to call themselves a carpet cleaning company or a carpet cleaning service, but whatever they call themselves, they should know that their reputation is everything.

The best way to establish and maintain their brand image is to have a good marketing strategy.

Clean & Green Carpet


It is an easy business name that contains a family name, which is suitable for a carpet business. It means that you are a company that deals with carpets.

So, it is very suitable to start your carpet business with a family name.

Family Care

6.     Angels Of World

This name is very interesting. It is a combination of two words that have never been used together before. What makes this name so special is the fact that it brings together the most important elements of a company.

First, there is “Angels”. People like to spend their time with them.

Angels Of World

7.      All-Stars Team

When looking for a good business name for your carpet cleaning company, do not just choose anyone from the list below.

This business name is the best choice because it has all the qualities you are looking for. When your customers enter your store, they will get a positive impression.

All-Stars Team

8.      Apartment Getaway

This name will make your business successful as it has been proven to be very good for any kind of business. You can also use this name for your website because it is a very popular one.

This name has been used by many companies but they have not been successful. That’s why you should take this opportunity and try to become successful.

Apartment Getaway

9.      Empower Pump

The name will grab their attention and they will be interested to know more about you. You should know that a good business name will make your brand stand apart from others.

It is true that there are many people who are engaged in this business. However, your name will help you to get high profits.

Empower Pump

10.     Scrub Me Clean

Your car-scrubbing business can be easily named with the help of this keyword. This name will let people know about your services and they can trust you as well.

It is an easy word to remember and understand. It is a very short name but you have used all the right keywords and added your brand values to the name so that your business stands out from the crowd.

Scrub Me Clean

Cool Carpet Business Names

If you’re thinking about starting your own carpet cleaning business, then you have to first decide what kind of business you’re going to run. You could go for the big companies that specialize in carpet cleaning or you could go for the small businesses that clean just a few homes at a time.

Regardless of which type of business you end up choosing, it’s still important to have a catchy name for your business. Not only does a catchy name make the business more appealing to customers, but it also helps you in branding.

A catchy business name makes it easier for customers to remember your company when they are looking for a carpet cleaning service. In addition to that, it also helps you stand out from other carpet cleaners in the area.

  • Sage Rugs
  • The Floam Clinic
  • Tim’s Tile Team
  • Ability Wood Flooring
  • Cleaning Command
  • Carpet Care Beginning
  • Magic Carpet
  • Orion Carpet
  • GreenHexa Floor
  • Carpets Pulse
  • All Clean Carpets
  • Carpet Crawl
  • Fresh Plush
  • Fantastic Carpet Dealers
  • Magic Carpet Heaven
  • Dirt-Away
  • Clean To Order
  • Scrub Busters
  • Designer Floor Covering
  • Apache Carpet
  • Oasis Launderers
  • Investing Carpet
  • Pampered Phoenix
  • Magicarpeting
  • Carpets Locals
  • Dirt ‘n’ It!
  • Barrett Carpet
  • Terrific Rugs
  • Giggle Carpets
  • Clean Dirt from Carpets
  • Dirt Purge Charlotte
  • Wall to Wall
  • Gemini Floor Services
  • Laugh Baby
  • Beauty Rug Co.
  • Amazing Floors
  • Discount City Carpets
  • Magic Touch Up
  • Quality care Now
  • Urban Rugs and Carpets
  • Sweep Me Clean
  • Chicago Carpet Center
  • Storia Flooring
  • Blank Canvas Flooring
  • Glorious Purge
  • Full-Service Flooring
  • Embro Floor
  • New Carpet Source
  • Hair Secrets 4 Less
  • Carpets Division
  • Stable Flooring
  • Pulp & More
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Dolce Shine
  • Peerless Rugs
  • The Strand Carpets
  • Dirt ‘N’ Go Cleaning
  • Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Bruttony Floors
  • Metal Spectrum
  • Lilac Rugs
  • True Plush
  • Arrow Wood Works
  • Totally Mold, Inc.
  • Rinse Eco Cleaning
  • Carpeting Plus
  • Carpet Empire
  • Rugs Tailors
  • Desert Oasis Soap
  • Antique Look Carpets
  • Village Floor & Wall
  • Rug Patron
  • GiftWing Flooring
  • Thrifty Treasures
  • Lavender Extracts
  • Mum’s Care
  • Floor Fest
  • Rainbow Carpet Store
  • RockFlip Carpets
  • Cryssta Carpets

Creative Carpet Business Names

Are you looking for a catchy business name? Well, then you have come to the right place. The best way to get customers to buy your carpets and rugs is to make sure you have a great business name.

So if you are considering selling carpets and rugs, you need to think about how you can make them memorable and catchy.

This is an article that lists the best carpet business name ideas that are catchy and will keep your customers coming back. Have fun browsing through the list below and you’ll soon find a business name idea that you love!

  • Rugs Tradition
  • Ride-N-Dry
  • Gloucester Glo
  • Take the Floor
  • Rug Upmarket
  • Magic Carpet Magic
  • Decco Floor
  • My Dirty Junk
  • There’s a stain on my carpet!
  • Tivities Carpets
  • Dolce Floors
  • Grout Gala
  • Cavan Carpets
  • Fine Grain Flooring
  • Clean N Clarity
  • Stain Masters Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Capers
  • The Dirt Guy
  • A+ Scrub Service
  • Freeman Rug and Carpets
  • Carpet Lake
  • The Carpet Whiz
  • Fuzz Wrapped Carpet
  • Magic of the Land
  • Blush Rugs
  • Craft Surprise
  • Carpet Humans
  • Scoop N Closet
  • Dee’s Dry Solutions
  • Decorative Carpets
  • Rugs Plus Brisbane
  • A to Z Demolition
  • Adornet Carpets
  • Comfy Rugs
  • Carpets Capitalism
  • Pads Carpet
  • Grate Cleaning
  • Expertly Carpeted
  • Spritz ‘N Suds
  • Dream carpet
  • Alliance of Floor Brokers
  • Superstition Fair
  • Carpet Badgered
  • Glory’s Best Soap
  • Pro Carpet Store
  • Scrub ‘n Steam
  • Best Floors and More
  • Carpets Epoch
  • Neat-Away
  • Perfect Pools & Spas
  • Dynasty Flooring
  • Centi Mark
  • Spruce-Me-Comfort
  • Nathans Flooring
  • Couristan
  • Woven Rugs
  • Pulp Cleaning Pros
  • Magic 2 Themes
  • Carpet Crafters
  • VIP Carpets and Rugs
  • Clean-N-Dirt Express
  • Carpet Sequence
  • Desert Carpet Sales
  • Reclaim Artsy
  • Magic Stucco Magic
  • Vegas Care
  • Rugs of Petworth
  • Carpets Expression
  • Dirt Drop Azz
  • Ong N Scrub
  • LyssaLady Floors
  • Puppy The Cleaner
  • BevMo
  • Felacia Floor
  • Banjo Beat Rugs
  • Clean Sweep N Dirt
  • Carpet Sense
  • The Dirt Guys
  • Soulfire Restoration
  • Transsa Floors

Unique Carpet Business Names

This might be a common theme but you still have to include it. Carpet companies, as well as the services they offer, are quite popular in many parts of the world. So what better way to advertise yourself than by getting a catchy name that will set your company apart from the rest?

A simple example is to name your company after your logo or mascot. Another idea is to pick a name that will create a strong image among your audience.

The best thing about this business idea is that it can be launched anywhere around the world. Just find a market where your target audience is and use your logo as inspiration to find the right name for your company.

  • Mister Magic Carpet
  • Glow Carpet Care
  • Rugs Zola
  • Vegas Carpet Magic
  • A & A Floor saver
  • Fantastic Carpet Store
  • A Great Indoors
  • Sun Auto Care
  • Big D’s Scrub
  • Glaze It Again
  • Jerbelyn Carpets
  • GripZip Flooring
  • Goshdirt Removal
  • Posh Carpet
  • Dirt Doctor LLC
  • Carpets for Less
  • Dirt Proofing Inc
  • Carpets Targets
  • Trucson Carpet
  • Scruttlyn Carpets
  • Cool Carpet Store
  • Carpet Cleaning Welcome
  • Royalty Careers
  • Woven Treasures
  • Carpet Magic USA
  • Interface Flor
  • PrimoPlex Carpets
  • Kings Carpet
  • Bath Baskets
  • Best Choice Rug
  • Rug Arts
  • Carpets 4 Less
  • Scrubmin’ Junk
  • Carpet Stamina
  • Scoop It’s Classic
  • You’ve got it Covered!
  • Carpet Cleaners Slate
  • Carpe Tivy
  • Carpet Controller
  • Green floor cover One
  • Carpet Cleaners Memory
  • Golden Slush
  • Carpet Cleaners Walnut
  • Dirt & More
  • Flint Magic Carpet
  • The Shine Doctor
  • Dazzling Dots
  • Rocket Carpet
  • Absolute Hardwood Flooring
  • Rugs by Hand
  • Bury Your Dirt!
  • Cool Carpets Collective
  • The Lavish Lace
  • Shag-in a Moment
  • Trane Stone
  • TK’s floor cover Care
  • Simply Neat
  • Dirty N Kleen
  • The Foam Factor
  • JuteBerry Carpets
  • Dr. Carpet
  • Floors Alive
  • Cleaning Coaching
  • Hibby’s Carpet Magic
  • The Handmade Rug
  • Magic Carpet Works
  • Eco Clean One
  • Magic Soap Co.
  • Prestige Carpets
  • Carpet Pima
  • Elite Flooring Systems
  • Beyond Carpet Care Services
  • Carpet By Susan
  • Hand Woven Rugs
  • Sun Cat Laundry
  • Rugs Plantation
  • Clean Home Group
  • Pro Clean Care
  • Husky Dune
  • Bold Carpet

Cute Carpet Business Names

Whether you’re into interior design or carpets, choosing a catchy name for your business is vital. Some of the best names in the carpet industry include Carpet One, Carpet Fresh, Carpet Factory, and Carpet Warehouse.

Starting a carpet cleaning business is a great way to make extra money while you save the environment. If you want to create a name that stands out, consider starting with a word that describes what you do.

As long as your business name is catchy and well-designed, your business is sure to thrive.

  • The Nettlesome Neat
  • Rainbow Carpets and Rugs
  • Patina Thread
  • Sew A Tie
  • Stinky Cushion
  • The Dirt Devil
  • Goldwater Carpets
  • Carpet shampooing while you sleep!
  • Posh Parlour
  • The Perfect Touch
  • Flooring Weave
  • Sleep on Rugs
  • ELvinly
  • Carpet Grace
  • Carpet Culture
  • Floor Fusion
  • CafePress Carpet Store
  • Taste of Cloth
  • Elegant Magician
  • Cleaning Casting
  • Mighty Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • AAA Carpet Magic
  • Scrub Me Clean
  • Plush Prime
  • Zia Carpets
  • Rug Regency
  • Glow-A-Peek
  • Alpha Carpet House
  • Love, Rug & Design
  • Nails1st Carpet
  • Classy Flooring Company Names
  • Floor Wish Carpets
  • Designer Carpets
  • Crowd Valley
  • Elena’s Wash
  • A Dirt less Cure
  • Carpet Kings
  • Karol’s Carpets
  • Rugs Virus
  • Carpets Samples
  • A Dirt-Purd 2
  • Carpet Guys
  • Ross Rugs
  • Love Your Carcass
  • NWC floor cover Cleaning
  • Neat Carpet
  • Brown Mayer Floors
  • Decorative Concrete Flooring
  • Tailgate Flooring
  • Blue Gram
  • Remarkable Floors
  • Carpet Bright
  • Just Floors
  • Weave Production
  • Floor Fetish
  • Coronet SFC
  • Mixlets Carpets
  • Rug Zone
  • Yeah, That’s A Carpet
  • Serenity Care
  • Classic Ray Carpets
  • Wash My Coat
  • Applause Rugs
  • Amazingly Clean
  • Dirt Purgeers
  • Happy Floors
  • Carpet-by-Mike
  • Magic Sofa
  • Nature’s Ours
  • Vita Carpet Magic
  • First Class Carpet Steamers
  • Raceway Carpets
  • Crowd Grout
  • Lyssa Lady Floors
  • Wood Restoration
  • Rugs Execution
  • Affordable Rugs & Carpets
  • Ace Carpet Cleaners
  • EcoShine Clean
  • Pro Floors

Carpet Business Names

How to Decide Your Carpet Business Name?

As someone who has operated a carpet business for over a decade, I have learned a few things about naming your business. Here are five tips to help you choose the perfect name for your carpet business.

1. Choose a name that accurately reflects your business.

When choosing a business name, it is important to choose a name that accurately reflects your business. This means selecting a name that is descriptive, accurate and reflects your brand. Consider what your business is all about and choose a name that accurately reflects that.

2. Make sure your name is available.

When choosing a business name, make sure that the name is available. If you are considering a name that is available for purchase, make sure to do your research to make sure that the name is available and is not trademarked.

3. Think about the brand you want to create.

When choosing a business name, it is important to think about the brand you want to create. Your business name should reflect the style and feel of your business. When selecting a name, it is important to think about what you want your business to look and feel like.

4. Consider the name’s pronunciation.

When choosing a business name, it is important to consider the name’s pronunciation. Make sure to choose a name that is easy to say and remember.

5. Check for trademark infringement.

When choosing a business name, it is important to check for trademark infringement. Make sure to research the name you are considering to make sure that it is not already trademarked.

If the name you are considering is trademarked, be sure to get permission from the trademark holder before using the name.

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