502 Catchy Cell Phone Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you considering launching a cell phone business? If you’re thinking about starting a cell phone business, you may want to consider selecting a catchy, unique, and creative company name that’s perfect for your new business.

Choosing a good name is crucial to the success of any business, including yours. It’s also important to get it right the first time. Once you choose a name, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and resources into promoting it properly.

Catchy Cell Phone Company Names

Have you been contemplating starting a cell phone company? With all of the competition, it might be tough to stand out from the pack. A catchy and unique company name can help you stand out from your competitors and help you grow your brand.

Below you’ll find a list of catchy cell phone company names that could work for your cell phone business. Pick one or two, and get to work!

  • iFix
  • Alfa Mobile
  • Mobius Telecom
  • FixScreens
  • Connection Traders
  • Handheld Group
  • Busy Communications
  • Steller Repair
  • 5 Star Cell Phones
  • The Chip Shop
  • Fix A Phone
  • Cell Techs Plus
  • iCell Boutique
  • Cell City Solutions
  • Mobile World
  • Blu Store
  • Redstone Phones
  • Actionlink Wireless
  • FunnyCellars
  • Inland Cellular
  • Peoples Wireless
  • Elite Cellular Corp
  • Infinite Tech
  • Digital House
  • Lone Cellz
  • Cellarena Store
  • Cheap Mobile Handsets
  • Connected Lyfe
  • Airvoice Wireless
  • New Cell Phones
  • Blackview
  • Zoom Mobile Shop`
  • Orion Wireless
  • Mobile Technology Shop
  • WOW Mobiles
  • Cell Savings
  • iDevice City
  • MoBuilt
  • Red Apple
  • Amoi
  • Trading Enterprise
  • Mobicity
  • Boost Cell
  • Manaspace Phones
  • Keys Technology
  • Get Wired
  • iCell Phone Store
  • Mobile Stars
  • Phone Repair Cafe
  • Beacon Tech Wireless
  • Fix and Accessorize
  • Business Solutions
  • iConnect
  • Phone Flash Net
  • Net Media
  • Mid Rivers Communications
  • Strikersgate Mobiles
  • Sprint Nextel Mart
  • Asus
  • Pulse Mobile
  • Cell Save World
  • Vast City Deals
  • Google Fi
  • Freedom Mobile
  • Galaxy Xtreme
  • Cellar Phone Depot
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Alice Phones
  • Cell Express
  • Techspark
  • MVP Mobiles USA
  • Big Boys Mobile Shop
  • Xtreme Accessories
  • Spice Digital
  • Ultra Mobile
  • Best Deals Mobiles
  • Crazy Mocha Mobile
  • Alfa Telecom
  • Phone Max
  • Cellcom Now

Top 10 Catchy Cell Phone Company Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Ultra Mobile

People who love technology can understand this business name perfectly. They will notice the name of your company and they will realize that it can help them in many ways.

Ultra Mobile

2.    Encased Mobiles

There are several names in the market that may be relevant to your business. You should consider those names carefully because they are all related to your business.

However, not all of them are appropriate for your business.

Encased Mobiles

3.      Safe Phones

If your goal is to create a good reputation in the market then you have to choose the right business name. You need a name that represents you. And when you choose a good business name then people will remember you for a long time.

Safe Phones

4.      Pixel Case

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. The name has some unique features that differentiate it from its competitors.

Pixel Case

5.      Mobile Stars

If you want to use this name for your business, you have to be sure that you can provide your customers with very good service.

For example, if you sell cell phones, then you have to check whether or not your company can provide the best quality phone.

Mobile Stars

6.      Game of Phones

Game of Phones Cell Phone Company Names is popular name among mobile phone company companies.

This business name has a good image and you can easily promote your business with such a catchy name.

Game of Phones

7.      Big Bird

Your business name must have a catchy name. That is why we have found the following name for you. This name is very unique and very easy to remember.

On top of that, this business name is also memorable for everyone and it will make your business stand out from all others.

Big Bird

8.      Astronomy

This name is recommended for you because it has a strong meaning behind it. It is also easy to remember. In addition, this name is short and simple. Thus, it is good for your business.


9.      Crealla

This business name is suitable for your company because people are looking for a reliable cell phone service provider.

When people call your company they are hoping to get a good experience.


10.    Dark Masters

This name is very attractive and powerful as well. The word “Dark” is a very negative word but it means something very different from other words.

It means something mysterious and dark.

Dark Masters

Cool Cell Phone Company Names

Starting a new business is not a quick or easy process. In fact, it takes time and effort to build up a name that stands out from all the others.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of catchy phone company names that will definitely make your customers sit up and take notice.

So get inspired by our list, pick out a name you think would work best for your new cell phone company, and get started building your brand!

  • Best Cellular
  • Cellular Abroad
  • Fast Fix
  • Phone Fancy
  • Ouch! Mobile Shop
  • Gen Mobile
  • Sanyo
  • Jingle Mobile Shop
  • Mobile Links
  • BouncyCellular
  • Cell Speed Mobile
  • Max Telecom
  • Tech Exchange
  • Blackberry Care
  • Mobile King
  • Easy GO Wireless
  • Motor City Phones
  • Ace’s Cases.
  • Evolve Broadband
  • Freedom Pop
  • Nexian
  • Cell-Max Store
  • Mobile Twister
  • Bluesky
  • MegaFone Wireless
  • Sharks in Cell
  • T-Mobile Home
  • Phone Restore
  • Go Cell Depot
  • Galaxy Luggage
  • Ace Mobile Mart
  • Yellow Mobiles
  • Air One Cellular
  • Sun Valley Mobile Shop
  • Best Buy Moto
  • SmartBuy Wireless
  • VIP Smartphones
  • Mobile Desh
  • Prince Mobiles
  • SnapCity Spark
  • All System
  • Smart Phones Shop
  • Luxy Smartphones
  • Smart Buy
  • Budget Cell Movers
  • Mobi Care.
  • Samsung Customers
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Mesa Spark
  • Visible
  • Boss up Covers
  • CellCampus
  • Eco Mobile
  • Cheap Phones Plus
  • 5G Mobile Repairs
  • CheapTmobile
  • Dilworth Smartphone
  • Sky Electronics
  • Switch My Stuff
  • Mobile Aroma
  • Snappy iPhone Store
  • Future’s Cell Shop
  • Speark Smart
  • Flash Wireless
  • Lucky Wireless Shop
  • Flash Cell Deals
  • Mobistar Store
  • Motivo store
  • Fido Mobiles
  • Galaxy Big Cart
  • Mobile Phones Galore
  • Mobile Planet
  • Pulse Cellular
  • 30 Minutes Fix
  • Boutique Telecom
  • Street Talk
  • Cellentric
  • Redzone Wireless
  • My Mobile Phone Guy
  • Mobile Cents

Creative Cell Phone Company Names

Cell phone companies are among the most profitable companies in the US. They make money by selling mobile phones and data plans. They also sell other services like TV, Internet, and more.

As such, it makes sense to give your cell phone company a catchy and original name. A catchy name will appeal to customers. A great name will allow your company to stand out in the crowded market.

Here are some cell phone company name ideas to get you started.

  • United Wireless
  • MVP Cell Phones
  • ZoluCell Phone Shop
  • Lucky Wireless
  • Beast Mobile
  • The Case Cabin
  • Mob City Cell Phone
  • Telefonika Store
  • Techie Space
  • Basic Connections
  • Rising Cell
  • Ming Space
  • Smart Mobile Shop
  • Front Line
  • The Store on Main
  • Cell ever
  • Big Buy Mobile
  • Apple Mission
  • Skytel Store
  • Buy N Cell Phone
  • Mobile Leones
  • Universel Phones
  • Blue Wireless
  • MAD Mobile Mart
  • Cell Care
  • Silver Bridge
  • iStash Mobiles
  • FTC Wireless
  • Nubia Technology
  • Omega Box Mobile
  • Mobile Island
  • Seawolf Wireless
  • EZ Cell Phone Shop
  • Coolpad
  • VegasCellulars
  • Boost Mobile
  • OneGo Wireless
  • Smart Wireless
  • Galaxy Mega Store
  • Q Link Wireless
  • My Phone King
  • Cell Phones & More
  • Go Cell Hub
  • Protect Connect
  • Appalachian Wireless
  • Plugged Inn Computers
  • Chit Chat Mobile
  • Flashback Mobiles
  • Alcatel Mobile
  • Total Wireless Store
  • Hacks & Beats
  • Zilla Talk
  • Mobocellular
  • First Tel
  • Niche Cells
  • Gizmo Geeks
  • Mobi 7
  • Celltel Store
  • Cellucity
  • Veracity Networks
  • Connected Devices
  • Cellraz
  • Flywire Wireless
  • Mobitop communications
  • Platinum Wireless
  • The Moto Cell
  • Seer Technology
  • Best Buy Spark
  • Specsky iPhones
  • The Phone Zone
  • Future’s Mobilia
  • Earth Tones
  • Mobile Repair Ambulance
  • Allied Mobile Store
  • Mobile Repair Plaza
  • Phonelink
  • World Phone Fix
  • Cell Crunchy
  • Capital Connections
  • The Phone Guy

Unique Cell Phone Company Names

A cell phone company’s job is simple – they sell phone services to people. So it stands to reason that if you’re considering starting your own business, it would probably be best to keep the focus of your brand on cell phones.

However, when naming your business, you might want to choose a more creative name. Something with a little more pizzazz. Something that reflects the way your customers use their cell phones, and is still easy for your customers to remember.

  • WaveRiver
  • Otterpad
  • Talk N’ Fix
  • RuraLTE
  • Quick Mobile Repair
  • Trac Fone
  • Epic PCS
  • Alpha Smartphones
  • Blaze Wireless
  • West Central Wireless
  • Dell Inspire Mobile
  • Smart on Track
  • Choice Wireless
  • Liberty Wireless
  • Triangle Mobile
  • Roam Mobility
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Payless Wireless
  • Dream Covers
  • Victory Cellars
  • Smart Cellular
  • Nokia One
  • Met Tel Mobile
  • Wireless For You
  • iPhone Visions
  • Starmobile
  • Luxxycell
  • All Phase Communications
  • Ladybug Wireless
  • Mob Energies
  • Precision Cell Phones
  • Mobilicity Store
  • Mob City Store
  • Clearway
  • Cloud Network
  • Buy Right Mobile
  • Bounce Me Inc.
  • Imagine Wireless
  • Intelletrace
  • The Cell Wireless
  • Lucky Samsung World
  • Star Edge
  • Mobile Paradise
  • Internet on the Go
  • Arise Mobile
  • Xero Mobile Cafe
  • Patriot Mobile
  • Mobile Leaside
  • Bolt Cellz
  • The Mobile Communication
  • Republic Wireless
  • Screen Surgery
  • Urban Talkies
  • Eco Cell
  • Design Solvers
  • Citywide Mobile Phones
  • Haier
  • Dr Mobile Repair
  • Nemont
  • Clearwire
  • Cellular One
  • Yespecialty Mobile
  • Cell Point
  • Cell World
  • Mobiyte
  • Phone Box
  • Wireless Giant
  • Vegas Phone Zone
  • ReGen Mobiles
  • Soft Covers
  • Galaxy Super Phone
  • Phone Repair Champs
  • Mobile Doctor
  • Mobili Fc Mobile
  • Mobile Airtel
  • Fly Cell Service
  • Feelsafe Wireless
  • Electronics Galaxy
  • Bravado Wireless
  • Pleasant Wireless

Cute Cell Phone Company Names

When you’re creating your cell phone company name, you have to make sure that it stands out from the rest. Cell phones are a relatively new business, which means there are only a few well-established companies that you could possibly copy.

Here are some unique and catchy cell phone company names to consider:

  • Tronic Techs
  • Next Level Wireless
  • TerraCom Wireless
  • Green Tooth Phones
  • Mobile Hospital
  • My Mobile Galaxy
  • Wireless Connections
  • All Pro Cell Phones
  • Acer Inc.
  • Access Wireless
  • Puppy Wireless
  • Smart Mobile
  • Lets Connect
  • Mega Cell Works
  • Mission Wireless & Repair
  • Cellect Mobile
  • Apple Mobiles
  • Mobile Phone Geeks
  • The Sound Shoppe
  • Hisense
  • Wireless Waves
  • Plus Point Mobiles
  • Big River Broadband
  • Mobile Yip
  • Fury Mobilia
  • Mobile Guru.
  • Oscar Mobile Shop
  • Virgin Media accessories
  • Phone Hero
  • Bluegrass Cellular
  • Fix My Phone
  • Telekom Wireless
  • The Next Store
  • Wind River Cellular
  • GCI Wireless
  • Mobile Kiko
  • Spectronic
  • Oxygen Cellz
  • Amazing Geeks
  • Pine Belt Wireless
  • Gfive
  • Infinite iCell
  • Simple Cell Solutions
  • Secondhand Phones
  • Callaway Cellular
  • Handy Mobile Shop
  • OnePlus
  • Kool Arts
  • Talk King works
  • The Big Red Phone
  • Mobixpress
  • Smart Buy Mobile
  • Phone Corner
  • Carlos Cellular
  • Thumb Cellular
  • Harbor Mobile
  • Mobile Guru
  • Rock Wireless
  • Street Phone
  • Black Wireless
  • Spectrum Mobile
  • enTouch Wireless
  • Quick Cell Phone
  • The Clear Store
  • Sharp Corporation
  • Musah Ventures
  • Phone Garage
  • Kids Connect
  • Go Mobile
  • Hot Mobile Shop
  • Torque Mobile
  • South Side Mobiles
  • Selectel Wireless
  • Cell Smart Home
  • Cubot
  • Instant
  • H20 Wireless
  • Tru Connect
  • Sidestreet Wireless
  • Go Cells

Cell Phone Company Names

How to Decide Your Cell Phone Company Name?

Do you have a favorite cell phone company? Maybe it’s because you’ve had their service for years, or maybe it’s because they’re the only company that you’ve ever used. Maybe you just really like the name.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to get the name right. Here are a few tips on how to name your cell phone company.

1. Start with a catchy name. Your customers will remember your company’s name better if it’s something they can easily say or remember. It’s also a good idea to choose a name that’s not already being used by another company.

2. Make sure the name is trademarked. Once you have a name, it’s important to make sure that it’s trademarked. This way, you can protect your company’s name from being used by someone else.

3. Choose a name that’s relevant to your company. If your company makes phones, for example, you might want to name your company “Phones Inc.” If your company makes software, you might want to name your company “Software Inc.”

4. Choose a name that’s easy to spell and pronounce. Your customers will be able to spell and say your company’s name easier if it’s easy to do so.

5. Make sure the name is registered with the relevant government agency. This will ensure that your company’s name is legally protected.

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