502 Catchy Charity Golf Tournament Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for a unique name for your charity golf tournament? Something that will make it stand out from the rest? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll share with you some of the best charity golf tournament names out there.

Catchy Charity Golf Tournament Names

Charity golf tournaments are a great way to raise money for charity. This means that your golf tournament business will have plenty of customers to support you and you can turn your tournament into a fundraiser.

But before you go and register your event, you first need to figure out a name that is catchy and makes people want to attend.

Check out our list below to find ideas for a catchy charity golf tournament name.

  • Fore! Fore! Fore!
  • Golfers Against Hunger Cup
  • The Sandy Shores Open
  • We’d Hit That
  • The World Stage
  • ​Friends With Golf Tees​
  • The Jack Nicklaus Invitational
  • Callaway Golf Tournament
  • Eagle’s Eye View of Life
  • The Fairway to Heaven
  • Golfing in The Clouds
  • Beer & Birdies Classic
  • Nineteenth Hole Heroes
  • Barking Spiders Classic
  • Spring Scramble Open
  • Hit It Like a Girl
  • Golf and Glam Z
  • Hashtag Golf Tournament
  • Le Tour De Hamptons
  • Basket of Cheer Golf Tournament
  • Hole-y Moley
  • Champion of Champions
  • Skirt Stuffers Classic
  • Driving for Dollars
  • Gobble Golf Tournament
  • The Mercury Invitational
  • Winning the Trophy
  • King of The Links
  • Masters by The Sea
  • Golden Tee Tourney
  • The Birdie Ball
  • Fred’s First Annual Golf Tournament
  • Birdies and Bogeys
  • Blue Skies Golf Tournament
  • Golfers in Paradise
  • Driven to Distraction
  • It’s Par For The Course
  • The Valley of The Sun Championship
  • Birds of A Feather (6 Holes, Open Championship)
  • The Players Championship
  • Captain’s Tournament
  • The Blue Ribbon Tournament
  • Shooting Star Tournament
  • The Masters
  • Golf X
  • Pebble Beach Invitational
  • The Comedy of Errors
  • The Stroke Bait
  • The Long Game
  • Sandy Bottoms
  • Albatrosses, Eagles, and Birdies
  • Putting for Profits
  • The Bogey Beast
  • The Duke’s Cup
  • Ladies’ Long Drive
  • Florida National Golf Open
  • Golf Tourney to Remember
  • The Long Drive
  • The Alister Mac Kenzie Invitational
  • Strictly Balls
  • Greens, Eats and Treats
  • Coral Reef Classic
  • The Hacky Sack
  • Spring Fling Golf Tournament
  • Swing for The Green
  • Par-Tee Time
  • Women in The Rough
  • U.S. Women’s Open Championship
  • Golf, Anyone?
  • Duo Masters
  • International Golf Tour
  • Masters of The Mulligan
  • The Fore Mother Cup
  • The 10,000 Yard Club
  • Ladies Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Captain’s Choice Junior Tour
  • Sub Par Dads
  • Pro-Am Challenge
  • The Fall Classic
  • Fore!-some Swingers

Top 10 Catchy Charity Golf Tournament Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    ​Friends With Golf Tees​

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

The name is also memorable and unique. So, people will remember you and when they need your services they will come to you directly.

Friends With Golf Tees

2.    Callaway Golf Tournament

Here the name of the business is “Callaway Charity Golf Tournament”. The name is perfect for a golf tournament and you can use this name if you are planning to organize a golf tournament and you want to get a good sponsorship.

Callaway Golf Tournament

3.      Hashtag Golf Tournament

This name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. People will love your business because you are giving them some great experience.

And, they will like your business very much when they know that they will be able to have a good time and at the same time they will be able to help others at the same time.

Hashtag Golf Tournament

4.      Gobble Golf Tournament

This name is good for golf lovers because it is not too long and easy to remember. The name also conveys the image that you can provide a great golf experience to your visitors.

The name is very suitable for your business because you can easily attract customers from different places.

Gobble Golf Tournament

5.      Blue Skies Golf Tournament

You have a lot of options available for choosing a business name. But, not every name you choose is perfect. The problem is that there is no standard for a perfect business name.

That is why you should be very careful when selecting a name for your business.

Blue Skies Golf Tournament

6.     Shooting Star Tournament

If you have an eye for fashion and design then you should take advantage of this business opportunity. The name of the company is a little long and it seems like you’re going to take the lead from other companies.

However, if you can manage it then it can be the best thing for you.

Shooting Star Tournament

7.      Swing for The Green

Swing For The Green Charity Golf Tournament Names is one of the names you can use to attract more people to your business.

This name is simple but effective. You can also include other information in your logos such as location and contact information. One thing that people need in order to be successful is a good brand name.

Swing for The Green

8.      World Tour Golf Tournament

World tour charity golf tournament names is a great idea for your business because it is very popular among people all over the world.

So, choose this name for your business and let people see what a good company you are.

World Tour Golf Tournament

9.      Masters of Golf

You should use this name if you want to raise funds for charity. Because this name is going to give you a good reputation for your business.

You can also use this business name to establish a new charity.

Masters of Golf

10.    Birdwatching Golf Tournament

A business name with the keyword “charity” in it means that you are going to give back to society. You should also know that this business name is easily remembered by potential clients.

Birdwatching Golf Tournament

Cool Charity Golf Tournament Names

With golf tournaments becoming a more popular activity for people to partake in, there are more and more charity golf tournaments being held across the country.

The best way to raise awareness of your charity and to make your event even more attractive is to use a catchy name.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most catchy charity golf tournament names around so that you can come up with the perfect name for your upcoming event.

  • Golf-N-Chill
  • The Clubhouse Classic
  • The Excellent Eighties Tournament
  • Gator Pride Invitational
  • The Royal Affair
  • Slicing The Wind
  • The Thornberry Open
  • Hooked on Golf
  • High Flying Eagle (Golf Tournament for Seniors)
  • Valley Club Golf Day
  • Let’s Get Quirky Golf Tournament
  • The Grange League
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Cruz Klan Classic
  • The Birdie Challenge
  • The Big Scramble
  • Links and Drinks
  • No Holes Barred! Golf Tournament
  • The Sweet 16’s
  • Ladies’ only Invitational
  • The Forefathers
  • The Pro’s Pro
  • Eagle Lake Golf Tournament
  • Fore, Fore, Fore, Fore, Fore!
  • Riviera Classic
  • Putt Putt Tournament
  • Kid’s 18 Open
  • Father’s Day Open
  • The Birdie Bash
  • Pink Storm
  • Cypress Pointe Cup
  • Apple Baker Golf Classic
  • Come out Swinging!
  • Strokes of Genius
  • Ice Golf Open
  • Last Place Invitational
  • Golf Balls from Mars
  • Great Balls of Fire Golf Tournament
  • Augusta National Women’s Open
  • Simpsons Open
  • The Grassy Knoll Cup
  • Ace & Putt Mania
  • Stroke by Stroke
  • The Field Marshal Championship
  • ​Hole In None​
  • Muddy Marathon Open
  • The National Women’s Championship
  • Little White Balls
  • Golfer’s Dream Gift Baskets
  • St. Paddy’s Day Putt-In on Par
  • The Green Valley Golf Tournament
  • Capital City Classic Golf Tourney
  • The Wisconsin Invitational
  • Around the Greens
  • The Captain’s Cup
  • We’d Rather Be Fishing!
  • The Big All England
  • Backslacker Shootout
  • Angel Fire Open
  • Putt-Hutt Golden Girls
  • The Incredible Putt
  • Battle at The Lake Golf Tournament
  • Golf for Fun-Day
  • Ace Race Hole in One
  • Masters of Golf
  • Fairway My Way
  • Here for the Beer
  • Connie’s Crazy 9s
  • Green Jacket Invitational
  • Weekend Warrior
  • Midlife Crisis Links
  • The Island Challenge
  • Riverbank Rumble
  • Fairway for Charity
  • World Tour Golf Tournament
  • Skidmark Golf Classic
  • Putt for Dough
  • Hat Trick Me (A Men-Only Golf Tournament)
  • Endless Summer
  • Minute Maid Invitational

Creative Charity Golf Tournament Names

Charity golf tournaments are a great way to help out a worthy cause while having fun at the same time. This makes them an appealing addition to many businesses’ events calendars.

You can use the occasion to announce an upcoming event or product launch, and a charity golf tournament name is a great way to promote this.

  • Beauty and The Tee
  • The Hole in Won
  • Hole Patrol
  • Shady Oaks Junior Tournament
  • Bunkers, Birdies, and Badges!
  • The Green Monster
  • The Sandbaggers Golf Tournament
  • Srixon 3 Hole Shootout
  • Indian Creek Golf Tournament
  • The Golf Ball Droppers Tournament
  • Champions Tour
  • Annual First Tee Challenge
  • Hope for Golf Tournament
  • ​We Only Golf on Days that End in Y​
  • Long Drive Challenge
  • Aces for Autism
  • The Four-Ball
  • The Green Harts
  • Dames that Play Games
  • Albatross Open
  • Dusty’s Mudder Shuffle
  • Diva of The Day Tournament
  • Annual Ladies Championship
  • Simply Swin’ & Dunn Open​
  • The Last Shot
  • Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament
  • America’s Cup of Golf
  • Tee Time with The Ladies
  • Fairway So Hard
  • Flamingo Fling
  • Abundant Agriculture Golf Tournament
  • The Big Hack Golf Classic
  • The Arnold Palmer Cup
  • Tiger Woods Invitational
  • The Fairway Fashionista
  • Swingers Anonymous
  • The Triple Smackdown Golf Tournament
  • Bob’s Bunkers Bash
  • Blue Ridge Classic
  • Day of The Putter
  • Always Sunny Cup
  • Fore the Love of Golf
  • Castle Course Classic
  • Hole in Two for One
  • Ryder Cup of Golf
  • Breaking Par for Charity
  • Celebrity Golf Tournament
  • Golfing at The Palace
  • Fore the New Dads!
  • Spring Sweeps
  • Rank-N-File Invitational
  • Birdwatching Golf Tournament
  • Texas Scramble Championship
  • The Goodyear Invitational
  • Whistling Straits Country Club Golf Tournament
  • The Green Mile
  • Duffers Anonymous
  • Northshore Championship
  • Hitting Like a Girl
  • The Duffer’s Cup
  • The Mulligan Classic
  • Hole in One Anniversary
  • Golf Bingo Bash
  • Best Shot Golf Tournament
  • The Airplane Invitational
  • Birdie Bash
  • Firestone Country Club Golf Tournament
  • Golfing Ninjas Unite!
  • The Wacky Waterhole Golf Challenge
  • It’s in the Hole!
  • Mission to Sand Hills
  • Day of The Under Par
  • Get Your Putt on Golf Tournament
  • Green Grass Classic
  • The Ugly Sweater Tournament
  • Hackers and Slackers
  • Masters of The Green
  • The Las Vegas Open
  • Bunkers Fore!
  • Girls Gone Wild

Unique Charity Golf Tournament Names

If you’re looking for ways to make your golf tournament more effective and successful, try this simple idea: take a look at the charities that you know well and see how they use their own names to promote their work.

If you notice a consistent theme throughout the names of the organizations, you may want to borrow it for your own tournament.

For example, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is a great example of a charity that uses a lot of creative language and imagery to grab attention. Check out their website to see how they describe themselves.

  • Ladybugs’ Tea Party
  • Tour of Champions
  • Rum Runners Open
  • Bobcat Golf Tournament
  • Sweaty Thumbs
  • Bagged It Again!
  • Cash Canonhole Golf Tournament
  • Cheat to Win
  • Hole-In-One Shootout Golf Tournament
  • Birdies for The Brave
  • Miss Universe Golf Tournament
  • Kid’s Golf Classic
  • Pebble Beach Golf Tournament
  • The Winter Wonderland Golf Tournament
  • The Diva Cup
  • Holes for Heroes Golf Tournament
  • ​Meddling Miniature Golfers​
  • Buster’s Big Blast
  • The Big Bertha Golf Tournament
  • 18 Holes of Pure Perfection
  • Greens for Dollars
  • The Shady Oaks Open
  • Alfresco Fairway Open
  • All Pro Golf Tournament
  • The Hundred Hands Open
  • Putt for Fun Tournament
  • Great Golfers & Great Causes
  • Arnold Palmer Invitational
  • ​Golf Addicts Anonymous​
  • The Green Teasers
  • Deer Creek Golf Tournament
  • Driving Range Tournament
  • The Weatherby Cup
  • Flirt with The Green
  • Berry Pickin’ Golf Tournament
  • Beer Pressure
  • Caddyshack Fest
  • Autumn Glory Golf Tournament
  • Best Ballin’ in Town!
  • All-Star Tee Off
  • Castle Challenge
  • Hillbilly Hero Cup
  • Rummage Golf Tournament
  • Grateful for Golf Tournament
  • Elite Golfers Tour
  • Monday Night Challenge
  • The Masters of Sand
  • City Golf Tournament
  • Nine and Wine Ladies Invitational
  • Barefoot Rumble
  • Greens and Brews
  • Exotic Africa Adventure Golf Tournament
  • 11 Holes and a Wife
  • Mr. Big Shot of The Midwest
  • Freedom Golf Tournament
  • One Putt Wonders
  • Best of The Worst
  • Fairway Fancy Tournament
  • Bayview Women’s Golf Tournament
  • The Fore Fathers
  • Sand in Your Caddy’s Pants
  • Mighty Metz Tourney
  • Oakmont Country Club Golf Tournament
  • The Masters of The Links
  • The Road to The Masters
  • Chicks with Sticks
  • Dirty Birdie Tournament
  • The Gopher Cup
  • Bells n’ Baubles Golf Tournament
  • ​Oh My Putting​
  • Tee Off Tournament
  • The Duffer’s Challenge
  • Cypress Point Golf Tournament
  • The Masters Golf Extravaganza
  • Amelia Island Amateur
  • Hit ‘Em High, Hit ‘Em Long
  • Wormy Groove Across America
  • The Benson & Hedges Invitational
  • The Women on Par Tournament
  • Harbor High Pheasant Hunt

Cute Charity Golf Tournament Names

Many businesses choose to use their name for charitable events or fundraisers. These types of activities are very popular among customers and they want to support a good cause while getting a discount or a freebie.

However, when choosing a name for a charity event or fundraiser, keep in mind that your name has to be catchy and have a personal touch to it. This is why using your own name is a good idea.

It shows that you have a genuine interest in what you’re doing.

  • Penthouse Masters Cup
  • Super Tournament of The West
  • The Broadberry Classic
  • Game On, Girls
  • The Great Green Shoot Off
  • Wacky Ballz!
  • The Great Golf Scramble
  • Corporate Golf Classic
  • Genesis Open
  • Presidents Cup
  • Birdie Blitz
  • Summer Swing Classic
  • Most Valuable Golfer
  • Hold the Greens
  • Birds of A Feather Shaft Tournament
  • Wild Card Open
  • Golf Marathon
  • The Happy Cup
  • The Count’s Cup
  • The Wankers
  • Birdies for A Cause
  • Diamonds Are Forever Golf Tournament
  • Top Flite Golf Tournament
  • The Hootie Shootie
  • The Pga Women’s Division
  • Ladies with Clubs
  • Captain’s Cup
  • The Women United Invitational
  • Golf-A-Thon
  • Glyn Leach Memorial Tournament
  • Sand Scotch Tournament
  • Chi Chi’s Compassion Cup
  • The Junior Open
  • Red Rover Invitational
  • Bootylicious on The Greens
  • Ladies European Tour
  • Scaredy-Goat Golf Tournament
  • Putt Off Drinks
  • Putting for The Cure
  • Rocker Invitational
  • Bay Hill Invitational
  • Off Your Tee Tournament
  • Make Your Mark
  • Ace in The Hole
  • Tiger’s Revenge
  • Spanish Bay Pro-Am
  • Warrior Golf Tournament
  • Wild West Shoot-Out
  • The Surfer’s Stroke
  • Afternoon Delight Classic Golf Tournament​
  • Frisbee Golf Scramble
  • Fall Masters Golf Tournament
  • You’ve Been Parred
  • The Chariot Golf Tournament
  • Wizard of Oz Golf Tournament
  • Gentlemen on The Green
  • Greens and Giving
  • Calamity Jane Ladies Golf Classic
  • Putt to Help
  • Crazy Golf Tournament
  • Battle for Love
  • The Golf Legends Cup
  • If the Tee Fits
  • Whale of A Hole-In-One
  • Battle Scar Golf Tournament
  • The Charity Champs
  • Champions Invitational
  • The Phil Mickelson Cup
  • Desert Golf Tournament
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Purple Power Golf Tournament
  • We’re Not Out Of The Woods Yet
  • Senior Statesman Open Golf Tournament
  • Caddyshack Scramble Tournament
  • The First Tee Open
  • Isleworth Country Club Golf Tournament
  • All-Star Golf
  • Fore Seasons Golf Tournament
  • Caddyshack Golf Tournament
  • Par For The Course

Charity Golf Tournament Names

How to Decide Your Charity Golf Tournament Name?

When you’re planning a charity golf tournament, one of the first things you need to do is come up with a name for the event. The name of your tournament can set the tone for the event and help you attract participants and sponsors.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide on a name for your charity golf tournament.

Think about your audience

Who are you trying to attract to your tournament? If you’re looking to attract serious golfers, a name like “The Charity Classic” might be a good choice.

If you’re looking to attract more casual golfers, a name like “The Fun Charity Golf Tournament” might be a better choice.

Think about your cause

What cause are you raising money for? If you’re raising money for cancer research, a name like “The Charity Golf Tournament for Cancer Research” might be a good choice.

Think about what you want your tournament to be known for

Do you want your tournament to be known for its great prizes? Its a fun atmosphere? Its a challenging golf course? Choose a name that reflects what you want your tournament to be known for.

Think about your tournament’s location

Is your tournament going to be held at a specific golf course? If so, you might want to include the name of the golf course in the tournament name. For example, “The Charity Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach.”

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should have a good idea of what you want your charity golf tournament to be called. Use your tournament name to set the tone for your event and attract participants and sponsors.

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