399 Cool Church Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Churches are an excellent resource for community members to interact with other people and make friends.

Many churches run activities for different demographics, including senior citizen groups, youth groups, and singles groups.

You can search for your church’s current activity listings by clicking here.

If you are interested in starting a new church group, these ideas will inspire you!

Catchy Church Group Names

Churches are a great source for group names. You can pick from the church’s name, its purpose, or its theme. Choose a term or name that your group focuses on. If your group shares a focus on children, you might choose a name related to kids, such as “Kids Church.”

  • Proclaiming Our Salvation
  • Refuge For Our Souls
  • Baby Got Track
  • Bethel Hearts
  • Collective Devotion
  • Seal Of Love
  • A Faith Revelation
  • Truth-Seekers
  • Youth Group
  • With Him
  • Looking Above
  • Breakthrough Brigade
  • Risen
  • True Faith
  • Strong Sisters
  • Worthy Warriors[3]
  • God’s Flock
  • Bible Satisfaction
  • Better Bets
  • God’s Grace

Top 10 Rare Church Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Refuge For Our Souls

If you are looking for a name that can give you a strong spiritual feeling and gives you strength, then you can choose this name. People who are religious should go for this name as it has religious and spiritual meanings.

In fact, this name will give you the strength to overcome all the hardships in your life. If you are using this name for your group, then you can also use this name for your church or any other group which is related to religion.

Refuge For Our Souls

2.    Truth-Seekers

If you are looking for a church group name that can represent all the attributes of the group that you want, then it is best to choose a name that is related to truth.

Since the group is a church group, then the name should represent all the attributes of the church group such as love, honesty, and purity.


3.      Best In Basket

A name like a Name Here is one of the best names for your church group. You will not find any other name similar to this name. The meaning of this name is very much simple.

This name implies that you have put all the necessary requirements in order to name your church group. This name will not only help you name your church group but also give you a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

Thus, you must not miss this name when you want to name your church group.

Best In Basket

4.      Power in Prayer

This name is a perfect one for those church groups, where prayers are given the highest priority. People who belong to such a group are energetic and they make sure that all the prayers are answered. So, it is necessary to choose such names for your team or group name.

It will make them feel good about themselves and they will be motivated to work harder for the betterment of your group.

Power in Prayer

5.      Christ is Our Comfort

You must go with this name if you are looking for a name that will inspire others to take the lead and run with it. If you are a person who believes in Christ’s teachings, then you must use this name for your group name.

You must also use this name for your group because it will definitely inspire you to do better and lead the group in a more positive direction. You cannot leave this name behind.

Christ is Our Comfort

6.    Christ’s Crowd

You may not have heard this name, but we think it deserves a place on our list. This name describes a church group where all the members are Christian and they enjoy working together to make the Lord happy and to spread the message of Christ.

If you are planning to start such a group, then this is the perfect name for you. This name gives you an assurance that people from various walks of life are involved in your group and they are open-minded enough to listen to you.

The people are highly interested in knowing about the message of Christ and they want to hear more from you.

Christ’s Crowd

7.      Circle of Trust

It is one of the most popular names for the churches, which includes some powerful symbols. If you are planning to have a group named “Circle of Trust Church Group” then you should choose the name ‘name here.

This name will give you an idea of trust, faith, and responsibility. You can also use this name for your church groups.

Circle of Trust

8.      Following the Savior

This name will help you attract more members to your church group. Thus, it will prove to be very useful to your church. This will also let your members feel that they have joined a group of people, who are highly committed to their faith.

It would help them in bringing out the best in them.

Following the Savior

9.      Leaning on Jesus

If you have a Christian background then this name would be very good for you. With this name, you are bound to attract Christian youths to your group. Since they are generally more interested in their faith and religion than any other.

This will help you to bring them to your group with great ease. If you choose this name, you are sure to have fun while working in your group. You will have a lot of fun while working for this name because it is all about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your group will also have lots of fun since the name is just a fun name to say out loud.

Leaning on Jesus

10.      Spiritual Listening

Everyone loves to listen to some music and spend quality time with their loved ones, so this name is perfectly suitable for church groups and church groups.

The reason behind naming it ‘Spiritual Listening Church’ is because this group is interested in listening to some spiritual songs. So, you can use this name for your church group, worship team, or any other type of spiritual organization.

Spiritual Listening

Cool Church Group Names

A group named “Church of Awesome” would be perfect for a team of small business owners who love to help each other and inspire each other.

If you don’t already have a group, you can create a group. In the Church Directory app, you can search through churches in your area. Browse through churches, and click on the ones that interest you. Click on “Add group” in the top left corner.

Choose a name for your group, and fill out the details about your group.

  • Prayer Army
  • We Are Friends
  • The Found Flock
  • Don’t Peek
  • Path To Peace
  • Radical
  • Ladies’ Prayer Circle
  • The Unpardonable Win
  • Brothers From Another Mother
  • Living On A Prayer
  • Unchanging Love
  • Tower Of Hope
  • Everpresence
  • To Christ’s Love
  • Children Of Prayer
  • Arise And Shine
  • Regeneration
  • Exuberant
  • Open Hearts
  • Live Loud

Creative Church Group Names

The church is a sacred place, so creating a group name based on this idea will set a good tone. Focus on positive words and phrases that convey your group’s purpose.

If you are involved with a church group, it is likely that you are part of a denomination that is very concerned about how people view the church. For example, “Ecclesia,” “Bible,” “Spirit,” “Word,” “Church,” “Prayer,” “Love,” “Faith,” “Sacred,” “Worship,” or “Religion.”

  • Together In Church
  • For The King
  • Getting Closer
  • Housing Our Faith
  • Collective Truth Seekers
  • Spiritual Pep Talk
  • Universal Love
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Warm Embrace
  • Crossway
  • Rock
  • In God’s Care
  • Refuge
  • His Words
  • The Great Resource
  • Be The Light
  • With Godgrace Full Hands
  • Woven[4]
  • The Chosen Ones
  • Endless Battle

Unique Church Group Names

If you belong to a nondenominational church group, you don’t necessarily need to think too much about what you want to say in your group name.

The main thing you’ll want to include in your group name is a positive word or phrase that describes the group’s purpose. For example, “Friends,” “Family,” “unique,” “Garden,” “Celebrate,” “Fun,” “Dance,” “Sisterhood,” or “Music.”

  • His People
  • Collective Faith
  • Inspirational Lifestyle
  • Wherever He Leads
  • Following His Footsteps
  • Standing In Awe
  • Hope Full
  • Soul Refuge
  • The Silly Squids
  • Men And Women Of Christ
  • Forge
  • Jesus Leads Us All The Way
  • Bible Behemoths
  • The Unknowns People
  • Spiritual Listening
  • No One Reads Philemon
  • Exalted Forever
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  • Team Redemption
  • Gracious Givers

Cute Church Group Names

If you belong to a church group, think about a cool group name that you can use for your church group. Look for terms and phrases that are cute and positive. Keep things lighthearted and fun to make your group name sound appealing.

Use a combination of a religious term and a cute expression. Here are some ideas for your group name: Prayers for Success: This group aims to encourage and support people who are trying to start a business or grow a business.

Let Your Church Be Your Business: This group is for church members who are thinking about starting a business and need some support.

  • Attitude Group
  • Devotional Walk
  • Agape
  • Legacy
  • Prayerful Hearts
  • Letting His Light Shine
  • Brothers In Prayer
  • Feeding The Soul
  • Root Love
  • Kid Zone
  • Peaceful Beginnings
  • Bible Connection
  • Victorious
  • Switch House
  • Access
  • Bold Spirit
  • Soul Smiths
  • Pathfinders,
  • Forgot To Warm-Up.
  • Fire Within

Church Group Names

How to Decide Your Church Group Name?

Church groups take many forms, from small to large, and they can be used by single individuals or by groups of people. Church groups have been around since biblical times.

So there are a lot of ways to name a church group, including using a specific Bible verse, a specific scripture, or even a hymn. Use these tips to give your church group a name that’s meaningful to your group:

Think about your congregation. What is the common denominator among your church group’s members? Is it your faith, the area you live in, your ethnicity, or anything else? Focus on that common bond to make your group name come to life.

For instance, instead of naming your church group after a general term like “church” or “congregation,” try a name that reflects your group’s shared experiences or beliefs.

Use hymns and scriptures that relate to your group’s values and beliefs. The Bible is full of inspiring, relevant, and beautiful quotes — and you can use those to inspire your group’s name. For example, Psalm 121 might inspire your church group to name itself “The Family of God.”

Use a biblical quote. You may have a favorite quote that best represents your group’s values, but it could also represent a great way to name your church group.

A Bible verse can easily become your group name, so remember to keep your message in mind. Use a name that has meaning. You’re not just naming your group to get some cool name ideas, you’re giving your group a name that has meaning to you.

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