700 Civilization Names to Ignite Your Imagination

Looking for creative civilization names? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of 700 unique civilization names that will inspire your imagination. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” These names will bring your civilizations to life and make them unforgettable.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I know firsthand how important it is to have a great name. Whether you’re naming a fantasy character or a civilization in a video game, the right name can make all the difference. With our list of 700 civilization names, you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration. I’ve spent countless hours researching and curating this list to ensure that it’s the best it can be.

We promise you’ll find a unique name on this list that will set your civilization apart from the rest. From the majestic to the mysterious, the silly to the serious, we’ve got names that will suit any style or genre. So why settle for a boring, generic name when you can have something truly special? Let us help you make your civilization one to remember.

Civilization Names

Here are some famous and ancient civilization names:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient China
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Mesopotamia
  • Mayan Civilization
  • Inca Empire
  • Aztec Empire
  • Persian Empire
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Ancient Israel
  • Viking Civilization
  • Ancient Persia
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Minoan Civilization
  • Carthaginian Empire

50 Civilization Names With Meanings

Luminary Empire: A civilization of brilliance and enlightenment.

Harmonia Kingdom: A realm of harmony and peace.

Radiant Republic: A society guided by brightness and transparency.

Serenova Dominion: A dominant civilization of serenity and grace.

Astral City-States: Independent celestial communities.

Elysium Realm: A paradise-like civilization of bliss and tranquility.

Celestia Federation: A united alliance of celestial realms.

Etherealis Confederation: A harmonious union of ethereal realms.

Stellar Commonwealth: A vast civilization spanning across star systems.

Arcanum Collective: A society centered around arcane knowledge.

Solara Dynasty: A long-standing royal lineage of radiant rulers.

Harmonic Enclave: A secluded community focused on balance and harmony.

Aurelian Dominion: A civilization of golden prosperity and abundance.

Utopia Union: A society striving for a perfect and ideal world.

Ascendant Alliance: A coalition of ascended beings and realms.

Astrum Republic: A democratic civilization based on celestial principles.

Zenith Empire: A civilization at the peak of enlightenment and progress.

Empyreal Enclave: A sanctuary of ethereal beings and wisdom.

Aetheria City-States: Independent cities connected by ethereal energies.

Nova Commonwealth: A unified civilization fueled by stellar energy.

Edenia Realm: A utopian civilization in touch with nature and harmony.

Seraphic Federation: A collective society of angelic beings.

Illuminara Republic: A republic driven by knowledge and illumination.

Astralis Confederation: A confederation of celestial realms and cultures.

Stellaris Empire: A vast empire spanning across the stars.

Arcadia Kingdom: A peaceful realm of abundance and contentment.

Celestial Union: An alliance of celestial entities and realms.

Radiance City-States: Independent cities basking in luminous splendor.

Ethereal Dominion: A civilization governed by ethereal laws and principles.

Astral Republic: A democratic society influenced by celestial forces.

Serenity Commonwealth: A peaceful union promoting tranquility.

Luminara Collective: A society united by the power of light.

Aurea Dynasty: A regal lineage adorned with golden prosperity.

Eudaimonia Enclave: A community dedicated to living a fulfilling life.

Harmonia Federation: A federation fostering harmony among diverse realms.

Etherealis Empire: An empire harnessing ethereal energy and wisdom.

Utopia City-States: Independent cities striving for a utopian vision.

Ascendancy Realm: A realm of ascended beings and higher consciousness.

Astral Commonwealth: A vast commonwealth connected through celestial bonds.

Zenith Dominion: A dominant civilization at the zenith of progress.

Empyrean Enclave: An enclave of divine beings and celestial knowledge.

Aetherius Republic: A republic based on the power of the ethereal realm.

Nova City-States: Independent cities fueled by stellar power.

Edenic Federation: A federation promoting harmony with nature.

Seraphic Empire: An empire led by angelic figures and celestial guidance.

Illuminara Confederation: A confederation driven by the pursuit of enlightenment.

Astralis Kingdom: A kingdom ruled by celestial influences and principles.

Stellaris Union: A union of diverse stellar civilizations.

Arcadian Commonwealth: A commonwealth embodying the spirit of Arcadia.

Celestial Dominion: A dominant civilization shaped by celestial forces.

50 Civilization Names With Meanings

Civilization Name Ideas

Veridian Union: Thriving green civilization alliance.

Etherealis Collective: Society of ethereal beings.

Astral Enclave: Sanctuary for astral travelers.

Serenity Kingdom: Peaceful and tranquil realm.

Stellar Republic: Celestial law-governed society.

Harmonious City-States: Coexisting cities in harmony.

Elysian Empire: Idyllic and serene dominion.

Celestia Confederation: Celestial realms united alliance.

Radiant Commonwealth: Radiating light and positivity.

Zenith Dominion: Peak of dominant civilization.

Arcanum Enclave: Arcane knowledge-seeking community.

Solara Federation: Sun-illuminated united alliance.

Ascendancy Realm: Spiritual elevation-seeking civilization.

Astralis Commonwealth: Diverse astral civilization union.

Harmonia Empire: Empire of harmony and balance.

Etherealis Union: Unity of ethereal realms.

Utopia City-States: Idealistic independent cities.

Civilization Name Ideas

Old Civilization Names

Nova Kingdom: Resplendent new civilization.

Edenia Dominion: Pristine flourishing dominion.

Seraphic Confederation: Angelic beings-led alliance.

Illuminara City-States: Enlightened independent cities.

Aurelian Commonwealth: Golden prosperity commonwealth.

Empyreal Enclave: Celestial and ethereal sanctuary.

Radiance Federation: Radiant energy-driven federation.

Zenith Republic: Pinnacle of ideal society.

Etherealis Empire: Ethereal power-harnessing empire.

Ascendant City-States: Ascended beings-inhabited cities.

Astral Dominion: Astral plane-connected civilization.

Harmonic Commonwealth: Culturally harmonized commonwealth.

Celestia Enclave: Divine beings-inhabited enclave.

Veridian Federation: Thriving civilization united alliance.

Etherealis Kingdom: Ethereal beings-ruled kingdom.

Astralis Union: Astral realms cooperative union.

Serenity Republic: Peaceful and serene republic.

Stellaris Commonwealth: Brilliance-embracing commonwealth.

Arcadian Dominion: Simplicity-rooted dominant civilization.

Elysium City-States: Paradisiacal independent cities.

Celestial Empire: Celestial beings-led civilization.

Illuminara Confederation: Knowledge-seeking united alliance.

Ancient Civilization Names

Primordia Empire: Ancient empire of primordial origins.

Eldoria Kingdom: Kingdom of ancient elders.

Mythos Republic: Republic based on ancient myths.

Ancientsphere Dominion: Dominion of ancient wisdom.

Progenitus Civilization: Civilization of ancient ancestors.

Antiqua Empire: Empire from ancient times.

Venera Republic: Ancient revered civilization.

Timeless Kingdom: Kingdom existing across time.

Archaica Dominion: Dominion from ancient eras.

Immortalis Civilization: Immortal beings’ ancient civilization.

Prisca Empire: Empire of ancient origins.

Eternia Kingdom: Kingdom of eternal existence.

Immemora Republic: Republic from forgotten times.

Primigenia Dominion: Dominion of ancient beginnings.

Mythica Civilization: Civilization steeped in mythology.

Antiquitus Empire: Empire of ancient antiquity.

Vetustus Kingdom: Ancient and revered kingdom.

Ancestralis Republic: Republic honoring ancient ancestors.

Archeos Dominion: Dominion of ancient archetypes.

Prehistoria Civilization: Civilization predating recorded history.

Good Civilization Names

Lumina Empire: Empire of radiant light.

Harmonic Dominion: Dominion of harmonic resonance.

Seraphic Kingdom: Angelic kingdom of serenity.

Ethereal Republic: Republic existing in the ethereal realm.

Celestial Empire: Empire ruled by celestial beings.

Stellaris Commonwealth: Commonwealth shining with starlight.

Arcanum Union: Union bound by arcane knowledge.

Elysian Federation: Federation of blissful realms.

Astralis Dynasty: Ancient dynasty connected to the stars.

Solara Enclave: Enclave illuminated by the sun.

Zenith Republic: Republic reaching the peak of excellence.

Ascendant Dominion: Dominion of ascended beings.

Empyrean Kingdom: Kingdom residing in the celestial heavens.

Aurelian Confederation: Confederation of golden prosperity.

Utopia Empire: Empire striving for an ideal society.

Edenia Commonwealth: Commonwealth reminiscent of a paradise.

Radiant City-States: Independent cities emanating with radiance.

Etherealis Enclave: Enclave inhabited by ethereal entities.

Astral Federation: Federation governed by astral principles.

Harmonious Dominion: Dominion characterized by harmony and balance.

Good Civilization Names

Random Civilization Names

Veritas Empire: Empire of truth and knowledge.

Elysium Commonwealth: Commonwealth of utopian ideals.

Ethereal Enclave: Enclave existing in ethereal dimensions.

Celestia Republic: Republic guided by celestial wisdom.

Astralis Kingdom: Kingdom deeply connected to astral realms.

Harmonic Federation: Federation promoting harmonious coexistence.

Seraphic Empire: Empire ruled by celestial beings.

Radiant Dominion: Dominion emanating with radiant energy.

Zenith City-States: Independent cities at the pinnacle of achievement.

Arcanum Commonwealth: Commonwealth of mystical arts and secrets.

Solara Union: Union powered by the energy of the sun.

Ascendant Republic: Republic of enlightened beings.

Empyreal Kingdom: Kingdom existing in heavenly realms.

Aurelian Enclave: Enclave adorned with golden prosperity.

Utopia Federation: Federation aspiring to create an ideal world.

Edenic Empire: Empire embodying the essence of paradise.

Celestial Commonwealth: Commonwealth aligned with celestial forces.

Etherealis Kingdom: Kingdom inhabited by ethereal beings.

Astral Dominion: Dominion connected to the astral plane.

Harmonious City-States: Independent cities fostering harmony and balance.

Funny Civilization Names

Quirktopia Empire: Empire of delightful eccentricity.

Chuckleville Kingdom: Kingdom known for its laughter.

Whimsyland Republic: Republic of whimsical wonders.

Sillyopolis Commonwealth: Commonwealth of lighthearted silliness.

Giggleton Empire: Empire that brings laughter to all.

Jokerville Kingdom: Kingdom where jokes never end.

Absurdia Republic: Republic where absurdity reigns.

Laughtopia Dominion: Dominion filled with contagious laughter.

Wackyland Civilization: Civilization of delightful oddities.

Mirthville Empire: Empire that thrives on mirth and joy.

Amuseland Kingdom: Kingdom dedicated to endless amusement.

Chuckleburg Republic: Republic where chuckles are mandatory.

Hilarityville Commonwealth: Commonwealth that embraces hilarity.

Goofball Empire: Empire ruled by the silliest.

Quipville Kingdom: Kingdom known for its clever wit.

Gigglesphere Dominion: Dominion where giggles echo.

Jestonia Republic: Republic where jesters reign supreme.

Nonsenseville Civilization: Civilization that defies logic and reason.

Guffawtopia Empire: Empire where guffaws never cease.

Pranksterland Kingdom: Kingdom of mischievous pranks.

Cool Civilization Names

Aetheria Empire: Empire of ethereal power.

Vanguard Dominion: Dominion at the forefront of progress.

Radiantia Republic: Republic radiating with brilliance.

Zenithia Kingdom: Kingdom at the peak of greatness.

Stellaris Commonwealth: Commonwealth embracing stellar excellence.

Arcanum Union: Union of arcane mysteries and knowledge.

Celestria Federation: Federation connected to celestial realms.

Elysian Empire: Empire of serene beauty and tranquility.

Astralis Dominion: Dominion aligned with cosmic forces.

Harmonia Kingdom: Kingdom of perfect harmony and balance.

Luminary Republic: Republic guided by luminous wisdom.

Ascendant Commonwealth: Commonwealth ascending to new heights.

Etherealis Empire: Empire transcending the boundaries of reality.

Utopia Union: Union striving for an ideal society.

Empyreal Federation: Federation dwelling in celestial splendor.

Arcadia Dominion: Dominion embodying a paradise-like existence.

Seraphic Kingdom: Kingdom graced by angelic presence.

Veridian Commonwealth: Commonwealth flourishing with vitality.

Astral Empire: Empire connected to the astral realm.

Nova Republic: Republic of new beginnings and innovation.

Cool Civilization Names

Greek Civilization Names

Olympian Empire: Empire of the gods.

Hellenic Dominion: Dominion of Hellenistic culture.

Athena Republic: Republic guided by wisdom.

Dionysian Kingdom: Kingdom celebrating pleasure and revelry.

Delphic Commonwealth: Commonwealth with oracular knowledge.

Spartan Empire: Empire known for its military prowess.

Helios Dominion: Dominion devoted to the sun god.

Poseidon Republic: Republic influenced by the sea god.

Elysian Kingdom: Kingdom of blissful paradise.

Olympiad Commonwealth: Commonwealth inspired by Olympic ideals.

Artemis Empire: Empire dedicated to the hunt and nature.

Hermes Republic: Republic associated with commerce and travel.

Zeusian Dominion: Dominion ruled by the king of gods.

Aphrodite Kingdom: Kingdom exuding beauty and love.

Muses Commonwealth: Commonwealth driven by arts and inspiration.

Heraclean Empire: Empire embodying heroic strength.

Apollo Republic: Republic devoted to music and healing.

Aresian Dominion: Dominion influenced by the god of war.

Pythian Kingdom: Kingdom connected to the Oracle of Delphi.

Demeter Commonwealth: Commonwealth honoring agriculture and harvest.

Fantasy Civilization Names

Eldoria Empire: Empire of ancient elders.

Mythos Dominion: Dominion of mythical legends.

Celestria Republic: Republic governed by celestial beings.

Arcanum Kingdom: Kingdom of arcane secrets.

Avaloria Commonwealth: Commonwealth of enchanting realms.

Draconis Empire: Empire ruled by mighty dragons.

Elven Dominion: Dominion inhabited by elegant elves.

Magi Republic: Republic of powerful sorcery.

Feywild Kingdom: Kingdom existing in the realm of faeries.

Shadowfell Commonwealth: Commonwealth shrouded in darkness.

Dwarven Empire: Empire of skilled dwarven craftsmen.

Centauri Republic: Republic of noble centaur tribes.

Sylvan Kingdom: Kingdom embraced by lush forests.

Elemental Dominion: Dominion ruled by elemental forces.

Meridian Commonwealth: Commonwealth dwelling in underwater realms.

Gnomish Empire: Empire known for its ingenious inventions.

Faun Republic: Republic inhabited by playful fauns.

Celestial Kingdom: Kingdom touched by celestial magic.

Nymphic Dominion: Dominion blessed by ethereal nymphs.

Beastmen Commonwealth: Commonwealth of diverse anthropomorphic creatures.

Civilization Names


In conclusion, naming your civilization is a crucial aspect of any video game or creative writing project. A great name can add depth and personality to your civilization, making it more memorable and engaging for your audience. With our list of 700 unique and creative civilization names, you’re sure to find the perfect name to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for something majestic and grand, mysterious and enigmatic, or quirky and fun, our list has got you covered. We’ve spent hours researching and curating this list to ensure that it’s the best it can be. So why settle for a generic or boring name when you can choose something truly special?

Remember, choosing the right name for your civilization is just the beginning. It’s up to you to bring your creation to life and make it stand out from the crowd. We hope that our list of 700 civilization names has sparked your creativity and given you the inspiration you need to create something truly unforgettable. Good luck, and happy naming!


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