700 Enigmatic Cloak Names for Your Fantasy Characters

Introducing the Ultimate Collection of 700 Creative Cloak Names! Unleash your imagination as we present a diverse array of cloak names that are sure to add a touch of mystique and allure to any character or setting. “Cloaks are more than just garments; they conceal the ordinary and reveal the extraordinary.” Embrace the power of these words as you delve into our enchanting list of cloak names fit for heroes, villains, and everything in between.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve immersed myself in the art of crafting names that captivate and resonate with readers and gamers alike. From fantasy realms to sci-fi universes, I’ve honed my skills in the realm of Fantasy Character Naming, and now, I’m excited to present you with this treasure trove of cloak names. Prepare to embark on a journey that will ignite your creativity and breathe life into your characters with names that leave a lasting impression.

But wait, there’s more! We promise you’ll discover the perfect cloak name that suits your character’s persona like no other. Each name in this handpicked compilation carries its own tale, waiting to be unraveled. So, whether you seek a name shrouded in mystery, drenched in darkness, or brimming with magical allure, we’ve got you covered. Brace yourself to wield the power of words and bestow your characters with names that will echo through the ages. The most extraordinary cloak names await you right here!

Cloak Names

Cloak Names


  • Luminous Moonshade
  • Nebula Nebulite
  • Enchanted Ecliptica
  • Celestial Whispersilk
  • Ethereal Umbralwraps
  • Dreamweaver Spellcloak
  • Arcane Starstrider
  • Stellar Phantomhood
  • Shadowed Solace
  • Mystical Glimmer
  • Lunar Luminescent
  • Enigmatic Midnight
  • Zephyr Zephyrium
  • Cosmic Cloaklight
  • Eon Ephemeral
  • Whispering Aether
  • Seraphic Serenade
  • Twilight Veilstrike
  • Enchanted Mirage
  • Fae Luminara
  • Nebulous Stardust
  • Shimmering Moonfall
  • Ethereal Eclipse
  • Phantom Nebulon
  • Astral Moonshadow
  • Luminal Starfade
  • Arcane Serenity
  • Celestia Ethereon
  • Mystic Nebulite
  • Whispermantle Eon
  • Stellar Moonweave
  • Lunar Whisperwind
  • Enigmatic Stardancer
  • Dreamweaver Celestia
  • Nebula Veilsong
  • Luminara Shimmerveil
  • Cosmic Dreamshade
  • Zephyr Starstrider
  • Ephemeral Whispers
  • Celestial Veilstorm
  • Ethereal Enigma
  • Shadowed Nebulashroud
  • Twilight Moonfall
  • Mystical Arcanum
  • Enchanted Driftcloak
  • Seraphic Cloakfire
  • Whispering Stardancer
  • Stellar Spellwraps
  • Lunar Enshroudment
  • Enigmatic Eonweave
  • Nebulous Luminara
  • Luminal Umbracape
  • Arcane Celestian
  • Dreamweaver Starlance
  • Astral Ethereon
  • Celestia Zephyrweave
  • Mystic Cloaklight
  • Whispermantle Twilight
  • Stardust Phantomhood
  • Cosmic Stardancer
  • Eon Veilstrike
  • Shimmering Ephemera
  • Nebula Veilsilk
  • Enchanted Stardust
  • Ethereal Moonstrider
  • Lunar Dreamshade
  • Twilight Nebulashroud
  • Mystical Celestia
  • Luminal Stardancer
  • Arcane Whisperwind
  • Celestial Dreamstrider
  • Dreamweaver Nebulite
  • Stellar Veilsong
  • Enigmatic Stardust
  • Nebulous Moonshadow
  • Luminara Moonfall
  • Cosmic Celestian
  • Ephemeral Stardancer
  • Whispering Stardust
  • Celestial Stardancer

20 Cloak Names With Meanings

Cloak Names

  1. Ethereal Whisper – Mystical and hushed.
  2. Nebulux Veilstrike – Celestial and striking.
  3. Luminal Enigma – Radiant and puzzling.
  4. Shadow Svelte – Dark and sleek.
  5. Enchanted Cloak – Magical and enchanting.
  6. Celestial Eclipsorium – Heavenly and obscured.
  7. Dreamweaver Phantom – Fantastical and elusive.
  8. Zephyr Drifter – Breezy and wandering.
  9. Arcane Mantle – Mysterious and elegant.
  10. Lunar Shroudburst – Moonlit and concealed.
  11. Mystic Mirage – Enigmatic and illusory.
  12. Starlight Whispers – Glowing and hushed.
  13. Enigmatic Illusions – Puzzling and deceptive.
  14. Astral Cascade – Celestial and flowing.
  15. Ethereal Embercloak – Otherworldly and fiery.
  16. Fae Enshroudment – Enchanting and concealed.
  17. Twilight Veilstorm – Dusk-inspired and striking.
  18. Clandestine Serenade – Secretive and melodic.
  19. Stellar Drapery – Dazzling and elegant.
  20. Celestic Illusion – Heavenly and deceptive.

Cloak And Dagger Names

Cloak Names

  • Obsidian Shadows – Dark and mysterious.
  • Whispering Vipers – Sneaky and cunning.
  • Phantom Veil – Elusive and enigmatic.
  • Covert Eclipses – Concealed and secretive.
  • Enigmatic Riddles – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Clandestine Saboteurs – Stealthy and cunning.
  • Midnight Illusions – Camouflaged and deceptive.
  • Stealthy Mirage – Discreet and elusive.
  • Shadowy Masquerade – Hidden and enigmatic.
  • Veiled Intruders – Unseen and covert.
  • Cryptic Whispers – Hidden and secretive.
  • Eerie Cloaksters – Uncanny and shrouded.
  • Shady Phantoms – Mysterious and concealed.
  • Enshrouded Enigmas – Elusive and puzzling.
  • Nebulous Espionage – Ambiguous and secretive.
  • Whispering Shadows – Stealthy and mysterious.
  • Arcane Camouflage – Mysterious and concealed.
  • Veiled Saboteurs – Disguised and cunning.
  • Cryptic Nightfall – Puzzling and enigmatic.
  • Elusive Illusions – Concealed and elusive.
  • Phantom Espionage – Covert and hidden.
  • Obscure Riddles – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Clandestine Intruders – Secretive and stealthy.
  • Shrouded Whispers – Concealed and ambiguous.
  • Stealthy Enigma – Discreet and mysterious.
  • Whispering Veil – Mysterious and concealed.
  • Shadowy Saboteurs – Hidden and cunning.
  • Enigmatic Eclipse – Puzzling and obscure.
  • Covert Cloaksters – Disguised and secretive.
  • Nebulous Shadows – Ambiguous and mysterious.

Fantasy Cloak Names

Cloak Names

  • Celestial Radiance – Heavenly and resplendent.
  • Enchanted Veil – Magical and alluring.
  • Mystical Ether – Enigmatic and otherworldly.
  • Astral Enchantment – Cosmic and captivating.
  • Fae Drapery – Ethereal and charming.
  • Arcane Mirage – Mysterious and illusionary.
  • Enigmatic Elysium – Puzzling and divine.
  • Enchanted Shroud – Magical and ethereal.
  • Celestial Zephyr – Heavenly and ephemeral.
  • Dreamweaver Cloak – Fantastical and captivating.
  • Mythical Eoncloak – Legendary and timeless.
  • Ethereal Moonshade – Otherworldly and lunar-inspired.
  • Wizarding Mantle – Magical and mystical.
  • Faerie Elegance – Enchanting and graceful.
  • Luminescent Nebula – Luminous and celestial.
  • Sorcerer’s Drapery – Mystical and powerful.
  • Celestic Whisper – Heavenly and secretive.
  • Enigmatic Arcanum – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Elemental Aura – Mystical and elemental.
  • Mystifying Nebula – Enigmatic and celestial.
  • Elven Enigma – Mystical and elven-inspired.
  • Twilight Veilstrike – Eerie and twilight-themed.
  • Enchanted Ephemera – Magical and transient.
  • Mythical Umbralwraps – Legendary and shadowy.
  • Enigmatic Vanishings – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Arcane Kaleidocloak – Mysterious and colorful.
  • Celestic Opticape – Heavenly and visionary.
  • Ethereal Oddyssey – Otherworldly and adventurous.
  • Wizarding Chronomantle – Magical and time-themed.
  • Dreamweaver Illusorium – Fantastical and illusionary.

Mysterious Cloak Names

  • Shadowed Secrets – Concealed and enigmatic.
  • Nebulous Whispers – Unclear and secretive.
  • Cryptic Enigma – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Enigmatic Veil – Mysterious and concealed.
  • Whispering Shadows – Stealthy and obscure.
  • Obscure Illusions – Hidden and mysterious.
  • Arcane Phantoms – Mystic and enigmatic.
  • Eerie Drapery – Uncanny and shrouded.
  • Cloaked Nebula – Concealed and celestial.
  • Veiled Riddles – Hidden and puzzling.
  • Cimmerian Mirage – Dark and elusive.
  • Twilight Enshroudment – Uncertain and concealed.
  • Whispering Mists – Mysterious and hidden.
  • Mystic Camouflage – Enigmatic and disguised.
  • Shadowy Solitude – Hidden and secluded.
  • Elusive Eclipse – Disguised and mysterious.
  • Obsidian Intrigue – Dark and secretive.
  • Enigmatic Tenebris – Puzzling and obscure.
  • Nebulous Nightfall – Unclear and mysterious.
  • Cryptic Eclipses – Puzzling and concealed.
  • Shrouded Cipher – Concealed and mysterious.
  • Whispering Serenity – Hidden and tranquil.
  • Arcane Ephemera – Mystical and transient.
  • Phantom Vagary – Elusive and uncertain.
  • Clandestine Secrets – Hidden and secretive.
  • Veiled Nebulon – Obscured and celestial.
  • Obscured Puzzler – Unclear and enigmatic.
  • Enigmatic Occultist – Puzzling and mysterious.
  • Cimmerian Infiltrator – Dark and stealthy.
  • Whispering Whodunit – Mysterious and puzzling.

Funny Cloak Names

  • Entertaining Saboteurs – Amusing and cunning.
  • Chuckle-worthy Enigma – Humorous and mysterious.
  • Jovial Veilstrike – Playful and celestial.
  • Whimsical Illusorium – Quirky and illusionary.
  • Whimsy Wraps – Playful and charming.
  • Chuckle-worthy Veil – Amusing and entertaining.
  • Jestful Drapery – Light-hearted and comical.
  • Wacky Camouflage – Quirky and unconventional.
  • Amusing Enshroudment – Entertaining and puzzling.
  • Playful Mirage – Mischievous and enigmatic.
  • Laughable Eclipses – Hilarious and obscure.
  • Silly Saboteurs – Goofy and cunning.
  • Jolly Cloaksters – Merry and disguised.
  • Comical Whispers – Entertaining and secretive.
  • Droll Enigma – Amusing and mysterious.
  • Grin-inducing Veil – Smiling and concealed.
  • Merriment Mantle – Cheerful and mystical.
  • Hysterical Illusions – Laughable and deceptive.
  • Whimsical Phantom – Playful and hidden.
  • Chucklesome Drapery – Funny and ethereal.
  • Quizzical Camouflage – Puzzling and amusing.
  • Giggle-inducing Eclipses – Funny and hidden.
  • Laughworthy Riddles – Amusing and enigmatic.
  • Waggish Veilstrike – Mischievous and celestial.
  • Entertaining Enshroudment – Fun and mysterious.
  • Whimsy Cloaksters – Playful and secretive.
  • Comedic Nebulon – Humorous and celestial.
  • Quirky Puzzler – Unconventional and puzzling.
  • Silly Intruders – Goofy and sneaky.

Unique Cloak Names

Luminal Chronocloak – Radiant and time-bending.

Ephemeral Umbracape – Transient and shadowy.

Nebuline Chromashroud – Celestial and colorful.

Arcanum Astracloak – Mystic and stellar.

Zephyr Eclipsorium – Breezy and obscured.

Synthwave Vanishings – Retro and enigmatic.

Ethereal Aegiscape – Otherworldly and protective.

Phantasmal Luminoscape – Ghostly and radiant.

Celestic Etherweave – Heavenly and ethereal.

Enigmara Nova – Puzzling and resplendent.

Seraphic Spectrohood – Angelic and spectral.

Enchantel Nimbus – Enchanting and cloud-like.

Nebulux Mirage – Celestial and illusionary.

Ecliptic Nebulashroud – Celestial and shadowy.

Zephyr Nebulcloak – Breezy and celestial.

Lumosynth Drapewind – Luminous and melodic.

Elysian Nebulweave – Heavenly and celestial.

Alchemic Chromashroud – Mystical and colorful.

Whisparcan Luminary – Whispering and radiant.

Enigmara Celestria – Puzzling and heavenly.

Synthelum Veilsong – Synth and melodious.

Nebuluxe Chromaveil – Luxurious and colorful.

Spectrex Arcanium – Spectral and mystic.

Ethereal Celestaloom – Otherworldly and weaving.

Luminal Astralapse – Radiant and time-traveling.

Celestia Nimbuscape – Heavenly and cloud-like.

Luminara Enigmaveil – Luminous and mysterious.

Enchantel Zephyrweave – Enchanting and breezy.

Nebuline Chronocloak – Celestial and time-bending.

Ethereal Umbracipher – Otherworldly and puzzling.

Good Cloak Names

Virtuous Veilstrike – Righteous and celestial.

Benevolent Eclipsorium – Kind-hearted and obscured.

Noble Nebulweave – Honorable and heavenly.

Ethical Luminoscape – Moral and radiant.

Righteous Spectrohood – Just and spectral.

Decent Aegiscape – Respectable and protective.

Honorable Drapewind – Upright and melodic.

Wholesome Chromashroud – Healthy and colorful.

Admirable Nebulcloak – Worthy and celestial.

Respectful Vanishings – Considerate and enigmatic.

Praiseworthy Celestria – Commendable and heavenly.

Upright Luminaloom – Honest and weaving.

Ethical Enigmara – Moral and puzzling.

Righteous Nebulweave – Virtuous and celestial.

Noble Chronocloak – Honorable and time-bending.

Benevolent Umbracipher – Kind-hearted and puzzling.

Virtuous Eclipsorium – Righteous and obscured.

Honorable Nebulashroud – Respectable and shadowy.

Decent Luminara – Fair and radiant.

Wholesome Spectrex – Healthy and mystic.

Admirable Celestaloom – Praiseworthy and weaving.

Respectful Nimbuscape – Considerate and cloud-like.

Praiseworthy Enchantel – Commendable and enchanting.

Upright Zephyrweave – Honest and breezy.

Ethical Chromaveil – Moral and colorful.

Righteous Celestria – Virtuous and heavenly.

Noble Enigmaveil – Honorable and mysterious.

Benevolent Synthelum – Kind-hearted and melodic.

Virtuous Luminalapse – Righteous and time-traveling.

Honorable Nebuluxe – Respectable and luxurious.

Cool Cloak Names

Stellar Eclipsorium – Dazzling and obscured.

Nebular Spectrecape – Celestial and spectral.

Lunar Aegiswraps – Moonlit and protective.

Twilight Vanishings – Dusk-inspired and enigmatic.

Eon Chromashroud – Timeless and colorful.

Astral Luminora – Celestial and radiant.

Cosmic Enigmara – Vast and puzzling.

Mystical Eclipscape – Magical and shadowy.

Stellar Luminara – Dazzling and radiant.

Shadow Sentinel – Dark and watchful.

Nebula Nova – Celestial and new.

Celestial Enigma – Heavenly and puzzling.

Lunar Eclipse – Moonlit and obscured.

Arcane Eclipse – Mysterious and obscured.

Eon Elegy – Timeless and mournful.

Ethereal Eclipse – Otherworldly and obscured.

Spectral Silhouette – Ghostly and shadowy.

Cosmic Mirage – Vast and illusory.

Astral Drifter – Celestial and wandering.

Stellar Veil – Dazzling and concealed.

Shadow Sentinel – Dark and watchful.

Nebula Nova – Celestial and new.

Celestial Enigma – Heavenly and puzzling.

Lunar Eclipse – Moonlit and obscured.

Arcane Eclipse – Mysterious and obscured.

Eon Elegy – Timeless and mournful.

Ethereal Eclipse – Otherworldly and obscured.

Spectral Silhouette – Ghostly and shadowy.

Cosmic Mirage – Vast and illusory.

Astral Drifter – Celestial and wandering.

Cute Cloak Names

Celestia Cuddlehood – Heavenly and cozy.

Sweet Serenade Wraps – Melodic and endearing.

Dreamweaver Hugshroud – Fantastical and huggable.

Whimsical Cuddlecape – Playful and cuddly.

Luminal Snugglewrap – Radiant and embracing.

Enchantel Hugscapes – Enchanting and warm.

Fae Cuddleweave – Charming and snuggly.

Eclipsian Cuddlehood – Obscured and affectionate.

Ethereal Snugglescape – Otherworldly and cuddly.

Zephyr Lovecloak – Breezy and affectionate.

Nebula Nuzzlewraps – Celestial and endearing.

Luminara Purrshroud – Radiant and adorable.

Sweet Serenade Veilstrike – Melodic and charming.

Dreamweaver Cuddlecape – Fantastical and cuddly.

Whimsy Snugglewraps – Playful and warm.

Celestia Hugscapes – Heavenly and snuggly.

Enchantel Purrshroud – Enchanting and adorable.

Luminous Lullaby – Radiant and soothing.

Nebula Nuzzlewrap – Celestial and cuddly.

Sweet Seraphic Shroud – Angelic and endearing.

Celestial Cuddlecape – Heavenly and huggable.

Enchanted Purrcloak – Magical and adorable.

Whimsy Snugglewrap – Playful and cozy.

Zephyr Hugshroud – Breezy and embracing.

Cosmocuddle Veilstrike – Cosmic and affectionate.

Dreamweaver Cuddlehood – Fantastical and snuggly.

Luminara Lovecloak – Radiant and affectionate.

Nebula Cuddleweave – Celestial and warm.

Fae Snugglescape – Enchanting and cuddly.

Ecliptic Hugshroud – Moonlit and embracing.

Best Cloak Names

Celestial Aegiscape – Heavenly and protective.

Luminary Veil – Radiant and mystical.

Nebula Enshroudment – Celestial and concealed.

Ethereal Mirage – Otherworldly and illusory.

Enigmatic Drapery – Mysterious and elegant.

Arcane Cloakster – Mystic and disguised.

Eon Elegance – Timeless and graceful.

Astral Phantoms – Celestial and elusive.

Spectral Enigma – Ghostly and puzzling.

Stellar Wraps – Dazzling and enchanting.

Lunar Illusions – Moonlit and deceptive.

Whispermantle – Whispering and concealed.

Luminal Camouflage – Radiant and disguised.

Cosmic Saboteurs – Vast and cunning.

Dreamweaver Veilstrike – Fantastical and striking.

Ethereal Eclipses – Otherworldly and obscured.

Enchantel Cloaksters – Enchanting and mysterious.

Arcane Riddles – Mystic and puzzling.

Eclipsian Mirage – Obscured and illusory.

Celestic Illusion – Heavenly and deceptive.

Luminal Enshroudment – Radiant and concealed.

Nebuline Phantoms – Celestial and elusive.

Ethereal Whispers – Otherworldly and secretive.

Stellar Drapery – Dazzling and elegant.

Lunar Camouflage – Moonlit and disguised.

Whispermantle Veilstrike – Whispering and striking.

Luminal Saboteurs – Radiant and cunning.

Cosmic Cloaksters – Vast and mysterious.

Dreamweaver Riddles – Fantastical and puzzling.

Enigmatic Eclipses – Mysterious and obscured.

Cloak Names

How To Choose A Good Cloak Name

Within the folds of fabric, the world of cloak names unveils an enigmatic appeal that has intrigued cultures and authors throughout history. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the art of choosing a good cloak name, one that wraps the wearer in a shroud of elegance and charm. From understanding the essence and symbolism of cloaks to drawing inspiration from mythology and literature, the process of cloak naming becomes an evocative and memorable endeavor.

Unveiling the Essence of Cloaks:

Cloaks, with their versatility and practicality, have been a wardrobe staple for centuries. Symbolically, they represent an air of mystery and protection, cloaking the wearer in a veil of allure. It is this very essence of cloaks that serves as a wellspring of inspiration for naming, evoking images of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloak Name:

Selecting a cloak name involves capturing the essence of the cloak’s design and aesthetics. The name should resonate with the purpose and function of the cloak, whether it be for warmth in cold climates or for theatrical and ceremonial use. Balancing classic naming styles with a touch of uniqueness ensures that the chosen cloak name stands out in a sea of possibilities.

Drawing Inspiration from Mythology and Literature:

Throughout ancient mythological tales and fictional worlds, cloaks have woven themselves into captivating narratives. Names of legendary cloaks from mythology and renowned literary works hold a touch of magic and mystery, making them an enchanting source of inspiration for naming.

Researching Historical and Cultural Cloak Naming:

Across cultures, cloaks have been an integral part of traditional attire, each with its own unique name and significance. Exploring the language and etymology of cloak terms sheds light on the cultural roots of these names. Discovering regional variations and naming customs enriches the breadth of possibilities for choosing a meaningful cloak name.

Navigating the Ethical and Cultural Sensitivities in Cloak Naming:

With the celebration of diverse cultures comes the responsibility to navigate cloak naming with sensitivity and respect. Avoiding cultural appropriation and stereotyping ensures that cloak names honor the heritage and traditions they represent. Thoughtful consideration is vital to avoid controversial or insensitive choices, preserving the elegance and charm that cloak names should embody.

Finalizing the Perfect Cloak Name:

Beyond the act of selection, choosing a good cloak name becomes a personal experience, forging a deep connection between the wearer and their chosen attire. The perfect cloak name should embody meaning and sentiment, evoking a sense of elegance and charm that resonates with the wearer’s identity. With grace and allure, the chosen cloak name wraps the wearer in a cloak of timeless sophistication and becomes a delightful reflection of their unique style.


In conclusion, we hope that this comprehensive list of 700 Cloak Names has sparked your imagination and provided you with a plethora of options for your characters and storytelling endeavors. Naming plays a vital role in creating memorable and engaging characters, and we believe that the right cloak name can add depth and intrigue to any narrative. Whether you’re a writer, gamer, or simply a lover of fantasy worlds, we’re confident that you’ve found inspiration within these pages.

Remember, the beauty of naming lies in its boundless possibilities. Don’t hesitate to mix and match, tweak, or even combine names to create something entirely unique. Your characters deserve names that resonate with their essence and leave a lasting impact on your audience. So, go forth and wield the power of these cloak names to craft extraordinary tales of heroism, treachery, and magic.

If you’ve discovered a favorite name or feel inspired to share your own creations, we encourage you to connect with us in the comments below. And keep an eye out for more naming resources and creative content from our team. As you embark on your storytelling journey, always remember that a well-chosen cloak name can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your characters and immersing your readers or players in a world of wonder and enchantment. Happy writing, and may your characters’ cloaks forever be draped in mystery and allure!


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