399 Cool Clothing Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

A clothing group is a great way to share information about a particular brand, type of clothing, or even just clothing in general.

If you’re planning on starting your own clothing group, be sure to select a niche that you can really promote. Your goal should be to have people interested in your group because that’s how you can get the most out of it.

Here are some clothing group names to choose from:

Clothing groups can be a great source of income if you find a niche that is popular among your target audience.

Catchy Clothing Group Names

A clothing group name needs to be catchy. Start by brainstorming and choosing words that are similar to your group’s products. You don’t need to use any exact product names, but you should think about a handful of options for a few keywords.

Group names like “Tees” and “Dresses” are usually not going to work well because they are too generic. Instead, you’ll need to include specific product terms that your group sells.

If you sell T-shirts, you could include words like “tee,” “shirt,” or “polo.” If you sell shoes, try “shoe,” “boots,” or “sneakers.

  • Aeropostale
  • UpTempo
  • Ark & Co.
  • Sparkle Boutique
  • The cauldron
  • BabyBlue
  • Your Chance
  • Fashion Guru
  • Luna Boutique
  • Zara
  • Fahrenheit
  • Grow Up Glam
  • Aqua 4 Swimwear
  • Classy Missy
  • Lilboo-Tique
  • Fashion and trend
  • Nike
  • Makeover
  • Fashion
  • Fancy Thread

Top 10 Rare Clothing Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Dress in style

Do you know what we all need? We all need the right style of clothing to dress up. That’s why when it comes to choosing a name for your group or team name, you should make sure that you choose the right name.

With the help of these names, you will be able to stand out and make your team members proud. You can see from the above names that they are extremely cool and they have very good meaning to them.

So, if you are looking for such cool names for your group or team name, then you have come to the right place.

Dress in style

2.     Boutique Paris

It is quite a difficult task to choose an ideal name for your group. When it comes to choosing names for your boutique, you must consider many things before taking a final call.

These days, people are getting into fashion and thus, there is an increase in demand for clothing and accessories. If you are also a business owner and have a strong business background, then you must opt for such names for your boutique.

There is no need to go with these common names, which are easily available online. You must look for some creative and original names, which will let your clients and customers feel that you are one of them. This will help you gain the trust of your clients and customers.

Boutique Paris

3.     Fashion Guru

This name speaks more about your fashion, styling, and designing skills. If you are good at your work, then you must make sure that you are able to come up with creative ideas, which are unique and innovative.

Use this name for your group or team name to get more recognition.

Fashion Guru

4.      Shooting star

Shooting star clothing is a brand that produces the best fashion at an affordable price. When it comes to fashion, shooting star clothing is one of the most popular brands. Their designs are always amazing, and they never let go of their creativity.

The name here is shooting star clothing group names.

Shooting star

5.      High-class Boutique

There is a group of people whose dream is to own their very own boutique clothing store. So they have decided to start a group named ‘High-class Boutique’. This will help them to make a good impression in the marketplace.

They will also be able to sell their products at cheaper rates as compared to other brands. Moreover, when they use this name for their group name, they will get to know what a name is capable of doing.

High-class Boutique

6.     Trendy

If you have recently established a group and still do not have a name for it, then you must opt for this name. Using this name, your team will never fail to provide high-quality services. The name will make your team appear trendy and fashionable.

In addition, using this name, your team will never fail to reach new heights. Thus, your team will become very popular amongst all people.


7.      Royal and Rebel

The name “Royal and Rebel Clothing” will inspire the audience to feel more royal and rebel at the same time. A group name that sounds like a fashion statement is sure to attract your audience to your brand.

This would definitely help your brand in reaching out to a larger audience. This will also encourage your audience to do something for themselves. You can choose any font style you want, as long as it’s readable.

Royal and Rebel

8.      Crealla

Crealla Clothing Group Names are very popular names. You can use this name for your group or team name. You need to pick a name that best suits your group or team.

If you are looking for a group name that is unique, then this name is not a bad one. This will let you get noticed easily.


9.      Daughterly Designs

This is a name that can take the focus away from the company. When you have a company named “Daughterly Designs Clothing Group Name”, you can easily expect the customers to feel connected with your company.

This kind of name will give you an image of professionalism and seriousness. So, if you are planning to launch a clothing company or fashion brand, then this name would be the best option for you.

Daughterly Designs

10.    Kathy

If you are a person who loves to dress up and put on your best clothes, then you need to go for this name. This will give you a sense of confidence and a sense of style.

You don’t have to worry about the looks because, with this name, you will get all the desired results. So, you have to use this name for your group or team.


Cool Clothing Group Names

Choose a word that describes your group’s type of clothing. If you like the look of casual, relaxed clothing, choose a word that describes casual clothing, like “Casual.” If your group enjoys dressing up, choose a word that describes formal clothing, like “Dapper.”

Choose a word that describes your group’s activity or occupation. If you’re in a group for work, consider using a word that describes what you do, such as “Office” or “Employees.”

  • Hidden Boutique
  • Glow and grow
  • Freckles
  • Red Strings
  • Sina the Elegant
  • Boomtique
  • Dress it Up
  • New Look
  • Gucci
  • Cuba Cut
  • Glyder
  • Vintage Flair
  • Fashion Mansion
  • Midnight
  • Burberry
  • Dress in style
  • Hunny Bunny Baby
  • Edgy
  • Trendy
  • The Wardrobe

Creative Clothing Group Names

If you’re in a group for fun, you might choose a word that describes your activity or occupation, like “Gymnastics” or “Volleyball.”

Choose a word that describes the clothing your group wears. You could choose a word that describes the style of clothing your group wears, like “Clothes” or “Jeans.” Or you could pick a word that describes the kind of clothing your group wears, like “Tee Shirts” or “Sweaters.”

  • Boutique Paris
  • Just Black
  • Pink Elixir
  • Blank Leaf
  • Red Light Green Light Swag.
  • Foxglove
  • Cowboys
  • Break the ice
  • Blue Hours
  • She Fabulous
  • Shim Shimmer
  • Shooting star
  • See Ever
  • An Approach
  • Beam and Gleam.
  • I just Woke Up
  • Jade
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Legacy
  • Be You Boutique

Unique Clothing Group Names

Create a group name that describes the type of clothing your group owns. The group name can be as specific as the brand of shoes you own or as broad as your clothing group encompasses, like “clothing” or “all clothing.”

When choosing a group name, think about what your members’ clothing preferences are. Look at the types of clothing that your group owns. Does your group wear only designer clothes, or does it include items from every type of manufacturer?

If your group is a men’s clothing group, think about the types of shirts, jeans, coats, and accessories that your members own.

  • Fort-Dress
  • Dress-Up Fam
  • High Fashion
  • H&M
  • Calvin Klein
  • Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.
  • Rehab
  • Good Better Dress
  • Cotton Loft
  • Buttercup squash
  • Rose Fashion
  • Little Bo-Tique
  • Dress Up Sec-Shi
  • Babylon
  • Pumpkin Clothing Co.
  • Glam
  • Passion Petals
  • Grown-Up Glam
  • Royal and Rebel
  • Dress Up

Cute Clothing Group Names

If you like to wear cute clothing items, you might name your group “Cute Clothes.” Make sure you don’t make your group name sound too cliché or too long.

If your group contains adults and children, use a combination of two terms to create a name. Instead of saying “Adults & Kids,” you could say “Adults With Kids.” You can also use a mix of both “adults” and “kids” in your group name.

If your group is focused on fashion, you can choose a cute item from your wardrobe and use a similar name for your group. If you’re looking for cute ideas for your group name, you can browse our previous article about creative names for a clothing group.

  • Regal
  • Wind-Flower
  • Shortie’s
  • High-class Boutique
  • Chic and Swag
  • Royal Boutique
  • Phoenix
  • Catch that Glimmer
  • Hocus-Pocus
  • Classic Curves
  • Leather Or Lace
  • Glittering Glam
  • Upcycle Clothing
  • The Closet
  • Start over
  • Fashion Palace
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Armani
  • Twinkle shop
  • Your Little Shop

Clothing Group Names

How to Decide Your Clothing Group Name?

A clothing group is an exciting idea for those who love fashion. It allows you to share your passions with your friends and keep your wardrobe organized and on point.

Create your own clothing group name using the following tips:

Think of your niche. What kind of clothing do you wear the most often? Choose a specific area of clothing you like — for instance, skirts, suits, dresses, or shoes — and think about how to incorporate that into your name.

For example, you might create a group named “Pantsuit” “Dress Club” or “Sneakers & Bags.” You can also branch out into other styles such as “Boho” “Minimalist” or “Casual.”

Come up with a good name. The name of your clothing group should not only reflect the kind of clothes you like, but also the kind of person you are. Does your group prefer a casual dress code, or does it like to express its style through clothing?

Do your group members have certain likes or dislikes? Whatever you decide, stick with it! You want your clothing group to be a cohesive unit — and a great group name makes it easy to connect with others.

Choose an icon or logo to represent your group. An iconic image will make your clothing group stand out and make it easy for people to remember your group. An icon or logo you find online is perfect, but you could also get creative and draw one yourself.

Remember that the name of your clothing group should be memorable. That means keeping your choices short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t choose a group name that’s long, detailed, complicated, or that has too many acronyms.

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