500 Catchy Coffee Shop Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you love coffee? Do you dream of owning your own coffee shop someday? Well, if this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, then you’re probably wondering how to come up with a great coffee business name. After all, a great name is essential for a successful business.

Coffee shops are everywhere these days. They’re popping up in every neighborhood and city. So, if you’re thinking about starting your own coffee shop, you may be wondering how to come up a good name for it.

A good name can make or break a business. It can either attract people to your store or drive them away. But, there’s no denying that a good name can make a big difference.

In fact, a study found that a good name can boost sales by up to 30%. And, according to another survey, a good name can increase profits by up to 50%!

So, if you’ve got a passion for coffee and you’re looking for a way to start your own coffee shop, here are some tips to help you come up with a great name for your business.

Cute Coffee Shop Names

Coffee shops have become quite trendy these days. They offer people a chance to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while chatting with friends and family members. Not only do they provide a safe environment for adults to socialize and relax, they are also known to attract a wide range of youthful patrons.

A clever coffee shop name can boost your chances of grabbing more customers. But creating a great name takes a lot of work. And oftentimes, you might end up going through dozens of ideas just to land upon something truly compelling.

That’s why we’ve compiled a huge list of cute coffee shop name ideas for you to browse through.

  1. Elemental Coffee
  2. Spot Coffee
  3. Primary Coffee Roasters
  4. Antipode
  5. Persephone Bakery
  6. Cafe Volan
  7. Klara Green – Café
  8. Delicious Cafe London
  9. Sugarbean Cafe
  10. Gadz Coffee shop
  11. Artificer Coffee
  12. 19grams Alex – Café, Kaffeerösterei & Event Location
  13. Bourgeois Pig Cafe
  14. Uliveto Cafe
  15. Luna Coffee Roasters
  16. Spitfire Coffee
  17. Dolci Coffee & Juice
  18. Archetype Coffee
  19. Lion Coffee + Records Clapton
  20. Vagabond N7
  21. Selen Cafe
  22. The Wren Coffee
  23. The Henry
  24. Jardin St James
  25. Cafe
  26. Finch Cafe/Restaurant
  27. Populus Coffee
  28. Tempered Cafe
  29. Rosslyn Coffee Queen Victoria Street
  30. Curators Coffee Studio
  31. Kingswood Coffee
  32. 2 Love
  33. Algerian Coffee Stores
  34. Boon Cafe
  35. Espressamente Illy
  36. Starbucks Hyde Park
  37. Eroma Cafe London
  38. Keys Cafe & Bakery
  39. O’Connell Street Cafe
  40. Coffee Van Sydney
  41. The London Coffee Festival
  42. Chairs & Coffee
  43. Markt 5 Café
  44. Love Coffee
  45. The Walrus Sydney CBD
  46. Over Under Ladbroke Grove
  47. The Shop
  48. Silo Coffee
  49. phillips heritage cafe
  50. THE BARN Roastery
  51. Cafe Wacker
  52. moko made cafe
  53. Born Drippy
  54. Illy Cafe 2nd Floor
  55. Oddly Correct Coffee Bar
  56. Chrysler Cafe Bar, Castlereagh Street
  57. Soma
  58. Coffee Fellows
  59. Veneziano Coffee
  60. Foxy Loxy Cafe
  61. Canvas Cafe
  62. Georgie Boy’s Coffee Co
  63. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – Westferry
  64. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Centaurus Mall
  65. Linea Caffe
  66. illy Caffé
  67. Eternity Cafe
  68. THE BARN Café
  69. The Root Cafe
  70. KASCHK by BRLO
  71. Mist Coffee
  72. Babel Art House / Cafe & Restaurant London.
  73. Ozzies Cafe London
  74. Sunshine Cafe London
  75. Story Coffee
  76. Starbucks Coffee
  77. Regiment
  78. Lowry & Baker
  79. STC Cafe
  80. Association Coffee
  81. The English Rose Café and Tea Shop

Earning of Coffee Shops

Many coffee shops are owned by Millennials who use them as their primary meeting places. In fact, millennials spend over $20 billion annually at coffee shops.

Therefore, you probably noticed how many coffee shop names focus on youthfulness and creativity. To appeal to young consumers, a coffee shop name should sound hip, original, and quirky.

Catchy Coffee Shop Names

Running a successful coffee shop isn’t easy. While there is no shortage of cafes popping up all around the globe, there are still a few things many don’t know about. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is finding a name that can set their business apart from the others.

Therefore, to help you out with this task, we’ve collected hundreds of interesting coffee shop names to spark your creativity and keep you motivated throughout the whole process. So, whether you’re planning to open a new coffee shop or rebranding an existing one, you might find something useful here.

And don’t worry — all of these clever names won’t cost you a fortune. All of them are quite affordable, which means that even a startup can benefit from them.

Let’s start browsing our list of catchy coffee shop names that can be used to get inspiration.

  1. Go Get Em Tiger
  2. The Espresso Room
  3. Second Cup Jinnah Park
  4. Long & Short Coffee Roasters (Brick Lane)
  5. Bluebelles of Portobello
  6. Arro Coffee
  7. Workshop Espresso.
  9. A. Cafe
  10. Milch Halle Berlin Coffee
  11. Host Café
  12. Cornerstone Cafe London
  13. Lexpress Coffee
  14. Rausch Schokoladenhaus
  15. Timbers
  16. illy
  17. Condesa
  18. For All Things Coffee
  19. Coffee Man House
  20. Junkyard Cafe Islamabad
  21. Meet Gerard
  22. Roasting Plant Coffee
  24. VERVE KAFFEE Detmold
  25. Joseph’s Cafe & Restaurant London
  26. Towpath
  27. The Coffee Room
  28. Espressory
  29. White Rabbit Sydney CBD
  30. Two Chaps
  31. Bear + Wolf
  32. Home Café
  33. Eternity Coffee Roasters
  34. Coffee Shop Sheraton
  35. Starbucks York Street
  36. Esselon Café and Coffee Roasting
  37. Irish Cafe
  38. Lorca
  39. Climpson & Sons Café
  40. Westberlin
  41. Allegro Coffee Roasters
  42. SUPREMO Coffee Roasters & Café
  43. Georgie Boy’s Coffee Co.
  44. Lobby Expresso Bar
  45. Elixr Coffee 16th and Market
  46. Cafe 4
  47. The Strong Coffee Company
  48. London’s Original and All-Inspiring Coffee House
  49. Red star box coffee
  50. Aniis
  51. Schmalznudel – Cafe Frischhut
  52. Canary Coffee
  53. the coffeeshop
  54. The Naked Duck.
  55. Wayne’s Coffee
  56. The Grounds of the City
  57. Double Tap Coffee
  58. Markus Coffee
  59. Rosslyn Coffee London Wall
  60. Salvador Coffee Kiosk
  61. The Colombian Coffee Company | SOHO
  62. Coffee & Candy
  63. Cafe in Sydney – Nth Degree Cafe
  64. Joe Black X
  65. Station Cafe London
  66. The Gentlemen Baristas Holborn
  67. Goswell Road Coffee
  68. Central Cafe London
  69. Origin Coffee
  70. Plants & Coffee
  71. Fika Coffee House
  72. Grind
  73. Kafi
  74. Nude Espresso
  75. Crumbs & Whiskers

Cool Coffee Shop Names

Do you enjoy drinking coffee while browsing through social media websites? Do you love making new friends by hanging out together and sharing stories? Well, all these are possible thanks to the fast growing trend of cafes. And with this rising number of cafes and their increasing demand for coffee shop owners, this is an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to start their own cafe business.

However, there are many challenges associated with running a successful coffee shop. One of them is finding a great name for your café. Choosing a good name may seem easy, however, it can become quite difficult once you start exploring different ideas. As a result, a lot of people end up throwing money and resources into something that doesn’t work. To avoid this, you should start by taking note of the common mistakes that people usually make when naming a business. By doing this, you’re going to save a ton of precious resources – both financial and human – and pave the way for a successful venture.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a name for your cafe:

1. Consider the kind of services offered by the business. What kind of products do you offer? How much space do you have? How big is your building? Once you know these details, you’ll be able to figure out how large your café should be.

2. Find out whether your area already has a similar business. If your city or town has several cafés already, then chances are high that it will become very competitive.

3. Don’t rush into choosing a name. Take your time. Explore various ideas until you come across one that sounds perfect.

  1. Kiss the Hippo Coffee Fitzrovia
  2. Berliner Kaffeerösterei Ku’damm
  3. Wholegreen Bakery CBD Cafe
  4. Café Kalwil Berlin
  5. Gloria Jean’s Coffees I – 8
  6. Allpress Espresso Bar London
  7. Notes Coffee Roasters & Bar
  8. L’ express Cafe
  9. L’Express Coffee Company
  10. Augenblick Kaffee & Co
  11. Nook Clarence St
  12. New London Cafe
  13. Carter Lane Coffee House
  14. District
  15. Terry’s Cafe London
  16. Benk&Bo
  17. cafe felix sydney
  18. SACRED Cafe
  19. The Borough Barista
  20. Gerhard Coffee Shop
  21. Piccolo Me, 80 Elizabeth St
  22. Cafe Hernandez.
  23. ASLAN Coffee Roasters – St Peters
  24. next door coffee club
  25. Bar Italia
  26. Big City Coffee and Cafe
  27. Vanilla Black Coffee & Books
  28. Joe Black Cafe
  29. Good Vibes Only
  30. Level Eighteen
  31. Cutbow Coffee
  32. Pablo & Rusty’s Sydney CBD
  33. Hills Bros Cafe
  34. Hunter House Cafe
  35. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
  36. Rabble Coffee
  37. Cafe Sydney
  38. De’Longhi Sydney Coffee Lounge
  39. Princess Cheesecake
  40. Miss Carter
  41. Elixr Coffee Roasters
  42. Howarts Coffee Shop
  43. .. Where Coffee Is An Art
  44. Panther Coffee – Miami Beach
  45. Lumberjack Cafe
  46. AM PM Cafe
  47. One Way Cafe London
  48. Röststätte
  49. Found Coffee
  50. Caffeina Roasting Company
  51. The Coffee Tree
  52. Dritan Alsela Coffee.
  53. Devon Cafe
  54. Cafe L’Express
  55. Workshop Coffee at White Collar Factory
  56. Roasters
  57. Coffee and Beans
  58. The Shed Cafe
  59. Old Spike
  60. Café Spitz
  61. Zamana Cafe Serena
  62. Social Brew Cafe London
  63. My Coffee Room
  64. Café In Time
  65. Marlowe’s Way
  66. Literati Cafe

Be sure to give enough thought to your chosen location and theme before deciding on a name. Ideally, you should pick a name that reflects what type of cuisine you serve. For example, if you plan to serve Asian foods, you should consider naming your café using words related to Asia. Similarly, if you plan to offer Mediterranean menu items, you should use names like “Mediterranean Café” or “Olive Oil Bar & Cafe”. The same goes for other languages, such as French or Spanish.

Christian Coffee Shop Names

A coffee shop is a great option for both small entrepreneurs and larger companies looking for a way to generate additional revenue by providing customers with a convenient location where they can enjoy their morning cup of joe. However, there’s no denying the fact that naming a coffee shop can be challenging.

If you‘re thinking about starting a new coffee shop, you might feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of you. After all, you need to consider choosing a name for your shop, decorating the space, hiring staff members, purchasing equipment, ordering supplies, and much more. But worry not; we’ve got you covered! Here are some amazing Christian coffee shop names ideas to give you a head start.

  1. Hackney Coffee Company
  2. New Row Coffee
  3. Abuelo
  4. Gimme! Coffee
  5. Konditorei Buchwald
  6. Crave on Maddox
  7. ONEA Café
  8. Brickfields Chippendale
  9. Catalyst
  10. Underground Espresso
  11. Resurrect Art Coffee House
  12. Perfect Blend Cafe & Bakery
  13. The London Review Cake Shop
  14. Oh!Matcha by Chanoma cafe
  15. Bloomsbury Coffee House
  16. Cafeeeee
  17. MCA Cafe
  18. The Gardens Cafe
  19. Kam Hing Coffee Shop
  20. Matinee Coffee
  21. Ceremony Coffee Roasters – Mt. Vernon
  22. Gypsy Espresso | Potts Point
  23. Gumption by Coffee Alchemy
  24. Costa Rica: Coffee House & Breakfast
  25. Little Sparrow Melbourne
  26. Glass Coffee
  27. Ground Floor Cafe
  28. Something’s Brewing
  29. The Lillipad Cafe Sydney
  30. Notes Coffee Roasters | Bond St Station
  31. Cabrito Coffee Traders.
  32. Venice Cafe London
  33. Pure Bean Coffeehouse
  34. Workshop Coffee at The Pilgrm
  35. Monmouth Coffee
  36. Waynes Coffee
  37. The Salty Donut
  38. Chrysler Cafe Bar, Sydney Arcade
  39. Salt + Honey Bakery Cafe
  40. Barista Parlor
  41. Nutella Cafe Chicago
  42. Lomond Coffee
  43. Zendo
  44. Ministry Of Coffee.
  45. Sample Coffee
  46. Shams
  47. Costa Coffee London City Airport
  48. goodies deli Berlin Friedrichshain
  49. Café Anna Blume
  50. Station Cafe
  51. Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
  52. Coffee Art Studio Sydney
  53. The Pavilion Cafe
  54. Little Goat Coffee Roasting Co.
  55. Beppe’s Cafe.
  56. Southpaw Coffee
  57. Sey Coffee
  58. Spoons
  59. Bittersweet
  60. CC’s Coffee House
  61. KleinMein Coffee & Coworking
  62. Normcore Coffee Roasters
  63. 80 Bar & Cafe
  64. Two Black Sheep
  65. Hoppenworth & Ploch Campus
  66. Cafelix Berlin
  67. American Coffee Shop
  68. Brudo’s Coffee City
  69. Rose’s Cafe London
  70. WatchHouse Tower Bridge

Coffee shops are among the most common businesses in our society, which makes them a popular choice for many entrepreneurs who are looking to strike it big. Many people love going to cafes after work or grabbing a quick drink while on their lunch breaks.

Therefore, if you’re planning to open up a coffee shop, you’d better pay close attention to the name you decide upon. There is a saying that goes “you don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression.” Therefore, you need to think carefully about how customers will perceive your store.

Hipster Coffee Shop Names

Do you love coffee drinks and fancy pastries? Do you crave something sweet and delicious? Have you decided to open up a hipster cafe where people can sip their favorite beverages while enjoying tasty treats? If so, then this article is for you! In fact, we have a huge list of cool, quirky, and unique coffee shop names to help spark your creativity and get your brain thinking!

Coffee shops are usually located near popular local landmarks and tourist attractions. They provide a convenient meeting spot for people who don’t have much time to spare during their busy days.

They also serve as a great venue for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products. As such, you may consider starting up a boutique coffee shop. But how do you come up with a catchy coffee shop name?

This question is pretty common among aspiring entrepreneurs. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing coffee shop names including your location, type of café/restaurant, service style, etc.

In this article, we will cover many different ways to choose your own special coffee shop names. We hope these suggestions will help you come up with a great idea. So, let’s dive in.

  1. Bowery Lane
  2. Library Cafe
  3. Spot Coffee Express Cafe
  4. Urth Caffe Beverly Hills
  5. Paloma Espresso Cafe
  6. Bridge Cafe London
  7. Five Elephant Kollwitz
  8. The Friends Cafe London
  9. Loafology Bakery & Cafe
  10. Votu coffee shop
  11. Onyx Coffee Lab – Fayetteville
  12. Birch Coffee
  13. Juveniles Coffee
  14. Glasshouse Espresso Bar
  15. The Rocks Cafe
  16. Sizzler Grill & Coffee House
  17. Tomtom Coffee House
  18. Fire Station Cafe
  19. Goliath Coffee Roasters
  20. Feel Good Cafe @sydney
  21. Chapter Coffee Roasters
  22. SteamDot Coffee & Espresso Lab
  23. Room Ten
  24. Parcafé
  25. Amoret Coffee Portobello
  26. Porto’s Bakery and Cafe
  27. Candy Cafe
  28. The Gentlemen Baristas London Bridge
  29. Black Market Coffee Enmore
  30. Second Cup F-11
  31. WatchHouse Fetter Lane
  32. Prufrock Coffee
  33. Anthology Coffee
  34. 202
  35. Black Cowboy Coffee
  36. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – I-8 Markaz
  37. Kingswood Coffee North Sydney
  38. Coffee Fellows – Kaffee, Bagels, Frühstück
  39. The Lab Cafe
  40. Loft Coffee Company
  41. Stamm Kaffee
  42. Hand Cafe
  43. Dunkin’ Donuts
  45. Ozone Coffee Roasters, London Fields
  46. Fossix Coffee
  47. Paradox Design + Coffee
  48. Allpress Espresso Roastery and Cafe
  49. Silk Cafe & Restaurant
  50. Establishment Coffee
  51. Caffè Nero
  52. SOHO Coffee Co.
  53. Zeit für Brot
  54. Alfredo Espresso Bar
  55. Copenhagen Coffee Lab – Eppendorf
  56. Sensory Lab
  57. Onyx Coffee Lab – Bentonville
  58. Edition Roasters
  59. Social Brew Cafe
  60. Black Dog Coffeehouse
  61. Amante Coffee (Uptown Broadway)
  62. Coffee Bike
  63. Will & Co on George
  64. Tap Espresso & Salad Bar
  65. Rd’s Cafe
  66. Campos Coffee
  67. Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  68. Balance Coffee
  69. The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker
  70. Farm Girl Notting Hill
  71. Sea Island Coffee
  72. The Blend
  73. The Grounds of Alexandria
  74. DeNovo Coffee
  75. The Chipped Cup
  76. Dutch Smuggler Coffee Brewers
  77. Hidden Coffee
  78. Store Street Espresso
  79. Story Coffee – Wandsworth
  80. Artisan Coffee
  81. Mughead Coffee
  82. Espumoso Caffè

Use Location to Inspire a Name

There are two main ways to use geographical features to inspire unique coffee shop names. One way is to incorporate a nearby geographical feature into your coffee shop name. For example, if you are going to open a coffee shop in New York City, you might decide to use a word that refers to the city itself, like “Brooklyn” or “Manhattan.” Another option would be to use a famous landmark within the vicinity of your shop. For example, if your coffee shop is next door to Times Square, you could call it “Times Square Cafe.”

Spiritual Coffee Shop Names

If you‘re planning to open your own coffee shop, the next step is to come up with a decent name for your establishment. But how do you choose a good name for your business? How do you know which one fits your personality and your brand?

A good name is typically memorable and catchy. And it should reflect your brand, service, and vibe. A good name should also be easy to spell and pronounce. At the same time, it shouldn’t appear too similar to existing businesses. The best way to avoid these issues is to hire a professional to help you out!

Luckily for you, we‘ve compiled a massive collection of fun, quirky, and creative coffee shop names to help spark your imagination and assist you in choosing the perfect name for your amazing new café!

  1. Butter Bakery Cafe
  2. Coffee Island
  3. Cafe Dulce
  4. Macchiato Woodfire Pizza and Coffee Roasters
  5. Society Caffe Bar
  6. Industry Beans York St
  7. Two Good Eggs Cafe
  8. Starbucks
  9. Heritage Bikes and Coffee
  10. Balcone London
  11. SweetS Coffeeshop
  12. American Cafe
  13. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company
  14. Kaffee & Tee
  15. Bluestone Lane Hudson Yards Café
  16. Distrikt coffee
  17. The Ivy Café
  18. Yellow Warbler
  19. Four Barrel Coffee
  20. ROB Java Cafe
  21. Kahve Dunyasi
  22. Good Co. Coffee
  23. Chaipotle
  24. Rustica
  25. THE BARN Rosenthaler Platz Café
  26. One Shot Coffee
  27. The Fields Beneath
  28. Black Sugar Coffee Company
  29. Baby Coffee Co.
  30. THE BARN Roastery & Café
  31. Coffee shop
  32. Cafe Opla
  33. Sky Lobby
  34. Millfields Coffee
  35. EL&N London
  36. Mikayla’s Cafe
  37. Attendant Coffee Roasters
  38. Soho Espresso
  39. Mikel Coffee UK
  40. Camber
  41. The Hangover Cafe
  42. The Coffee Bar
  43. Cafe Sugar Mama
  44. Pret a Manger
  45. Krispy Kreme
  46. Doppio Espresso
  47. Black Rifle Retail Store
  48. Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  49. Little Wolf Coffee
  50. Descanso Espresso Bar
  51. Pavilion Bakery
  52. nook urban fresh bar
  53. Circa Espresso
  54. Crema Cafe
  55. Costa coffee Blackfriars Station
  56. Milstead & Co.
  57. Night Swim Coffee
  58. Omotesando Koffee
  59. Perks Coffee & Cafe
  60. Old Gold Cafe – Coffee & Goodies by Sample Coffee
  61. Handcraft Specialty Coffee Newtown
  62. Plaistow Cafe London
  63. The Wormhole Coffee
  64. CAFE Stopover
  65. Mecca Coffee
  66. Blancos Cafe
  67. Atrio
  68. Methodical Coffee
  69. M2 Cafe & Bar
  70. Five Elephant KaDeWe

Cafe Du Monde – New Orleans, USA

This French bistro serves up the traditional Creole fare – including beignets, jambalaya, gumbo, po boys, and many more – and was originally named Café du Monde. However, the original establishment closed down years ago. In 1998, the owners opened a new location, Cafe du Monde, and the legendary menu items are still served today.

Spanish Coffee Shop Names

Whether you run a cafe or a bar, you’ll always benefit from a catchy, memorable name. A good name is essential when building a successful business, which is why it’s so important to create something that sticks in everyone’s mind. And that’s exactly what you can do by choosing a suitable name for your coffee shop.

Here are our recommendations of some of the best coffee shop names you can use for inspiration. Maybe one of these ideas will strike a chord with you and help you choose a unique name that reflects your business’ core values.

  1. Peter’s Cafe London
  2. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  3. Union Hand-Roasted Coffee
  4. Oslo Kaffebar
  5. Milk Beach
  6. Nick’s Cafe
  7. Old Vienna Coffee House
  8. Café Fabric
  9. Caffè Streets
  10. Sunrise Cafe London
  11. Alchemy Café – Hand Roasted Specialty Coffee
  12. PJ’s Coffee
  13. Morning Glass Coffee
  14. Kaffeine
  15. Roasters Coffee House & Grill
  16. BUSI
  17. Colectivo Coffee – Logan Square
  18. knockbox coffee
  19. Brick & Mortar Coffee
  20. Peet’s Coffee of Chattanooga
  21. D1 Coffee
  22. Two Penny Blue
  23. Phoenix 3 Cafe
  24. Saint Nine Coffee
  26. Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters
  27. Cafe & Bar Celona Frankfurt
  28. Dymocks Cafe
  29. Brew Cafe
  30. Coffee XS
  31. Five Elephant Kreuzberg
  32. No Fire No Glory
  33. Café Du Monde Mail Order
  34. TiramisU Cafe – London Kiosk
  35. Kent Street Fare
  36. Bond Cafe
  37. Cafe 338 London
  38. Marina Cafe London
  39. #HASHTAG Coffee Shop
  40. Paramount Coffee Project
  41. Fuel America
  42. The Mill
  43. Doppio Coffee Warehouse Shoreditch
  44. Toto’s Cafe Sydney
  45. The Fine Food Store
  46. Fibonacci Coffee.
  47. Sendero Specialty Coffee
  48. Isla coffee Berlin
  49. Infusion on Clarence
  50. Zehra’s Cafe London
  51. The Visit Coffee Roastery
  52. The Tiny Giant
  53. Bar + Cafe Esprit owner Robert Vogel e. K.
  54. Café Wunschlos glücklich
  55. Philosophy Cafe
  56. Ozone Coffee Roasters, Shoreditch
  57. Federation Coffee
  58. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
  59. 1900 Cafe Bistro
  60. Novo Coffee
  61. Romo Coffee
  62. Tandoori Matka Chai & Coffee
  63. Toby’s Estate Flagship Café Darling Square
  64. Double Roasters
  65. The Johnny Cash Museum & Cafe
  66. Comet Coffee
  67. EspressoBase Speciality coffee
  68. Difference Coffee Co.

Here are some examples of what kind of business can take the above names.

Roasting Businesses

Roasting businesses are usually smaller operations where coffee is roasted on site. These companies typically roast their coffees locally using small batches. Roasting coffee is often done in a large wood-burning oven.

Barista-Only Businesses

Barista-only establishments are also known as cafes. These shops only sell ready-to-serve coffee drinks. All of their coffee must be prepared offsite. Some barista-only coffee shops also bake their own pastries. Barista-only shops sometimes feature a kitchenette that allows patrons to cook and eat their meals at their tables.

French Coffee Shop Names

French cafés / cafes (or “cafes”) are small restaurants found throughout France, which serve drinks or hot foods in addition to baked goods. But there’s no reason why you can’t add them to your menu. If you’d like to open up a café in another country, you can easily adapt these names to suit your own language and taste preferences.

Coffee shops often serve beverages, snacks, light meals, pastries, sandwiches, and various kinds of cakes. To differentiate from baristas / barista, many coffee shops use the term “Cool barista” or “coffee barista” instead of “barista’. In general, a coffee shop offers more than espresso drinks. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t call yourself a Cofeeee, just pick a different name for your café.

A café is a very simple, easy concept to follow. All you need to start selling your products and services is a table and chairs, a countertop, and perhaps some shelves. If you want to expand your business, you can buy additional tables and chairs, counters, and shelves.

However, there is always room for improvement. When naming your café, you might want to think about adding some creative elements.

  1. Coffee Alchemy
  2. The Coffee Shop at Little America Hotel
  3. Machhörndl Kaffee
  4. Flat White
  5. Indie Coffee
  6. ..
  7. Campos Coffee – Head Office
  8. Crown – Cafe Português
  10. Salvage Specialty Coffee
  11. Monmouth Coffee Company
  12. The Precinct by Toby’s Estate
  13. Georgie Boys Coffee Co
  14. Deus Cafe
  15. Hjem Kensington
  16. Art Cafe London
  17. Nord Coast Coffee Roastery
  18. Second Shot Coffee
  19. Madcap Coffee Company
  20. Junior’s Cafe & Grill
  21. Caffe Reggio
  22. Best Bagel & Coffee
  23. Neighbourhood Speciality coffee
  24. Adore Coffee Roasters
  25. Klink
  26. Espresso Bar
  27. Xavion The Coffee House
  28. Shaman London – Bermondsey
  29. Copenhagen Coffee Lab – Schanzen
  30. Little Owl Coffee
  31. Motown Coffee Brewers
  32. Doppio Coffee Warehouse Kentish Town
  33. Intermission Coffee
  34. Haven Specialty Coffee
  35. ASLAN Coffee Roasters – The Rocks
  36. Jezve Coffee
  37. Copenhagen Coffee Lab – Martinstraße
  38. Café Einstein Stammhaus
  39. Crystal Cafe London
  40. Tandem Coffee Roasters
  41. Luna Cafe & Roastery
  42. Dark Habit
  43. Mojo Coffee
  44. BeanTowne Coffee House
  45. Bluestone Lane Hoboken Café
  46. Flying Roasters
  47. Isabella Coffee Shop
  48. Scooter’s Coffee
  49. Bluestone Coffee Roasting Company
  50. Colectivo Coffee at US Bank Center
  51. Beany Green
  52. Lüttes
  53. Glasshouse Coffee, Fulham
  54. Picho’s Cafe London
  55. Kafeyz
  56. ELIXR Coffee 3675 Market
  57. Nano Kaffee
  58. Kaffa Coffee
  59. Another Broken Egg Cafe
  60. The Colombian Coffee Company | Borough Market
  61. Bluestone Lane Bowery Café
  62. Alex Coffee
  63. The Visit Coffee
  64. Joseph Hyde
  65. Coffee Station

Coffee Shop Names Generator

Coffee shops are a great way to meet new people and enjoy some relaxation while sipping on a cup of coffee. Most coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi access so customers can stay connected while enjoying their favorite beverages.

Coffee shops can be found everywhere – in malls, airports, hotels, hospitals, and even school campuses. However, there’s no denying that coffee shop owners struggle to come up with catchy, original, and unique names for their shops. As a result, many coffee shop owners end up settling for generic names that don’t represent them well.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to come up with a unique and memorable name for your coffee shop. In fact, you can easily do just that by using our free tool.

This tool will help you generate dozens (if not hundreds) of names for your coffee shop in just minutes. No matter how big or small your business is, chances are our list of names will be something you can use.

Of course, if your current coffee shop name isn’t grabbing attention from your potential customers, then it might need improvement. The best thing to do if you’re looking for a fresh start is to redesign your logo or rebrand your business altogether. The next thing you’ll need to do is come up with a catchy, original, and innovative name for your brand.

  1. Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters
  2. Bomonti Cafe & Restaurant
  3. Shift Eatery
  4. Yurt Cafe
  5. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  6. Coffee and Tea Limited
  7. Amastris Cafe
  8. Rising Star Coffee Roasters
  9. Caravan Exmouth Market | Outdoor Dining, Takeaway & Coffee
  10. Assembly Coffee London
  11. Barber Coffee Shop
  12. Coffee Story
  13. Saturday Morning Cafe
  14. Verve Coffee Roasters
  15. Monarch Coffee
  16. Concierge Coffee
  17. Fratelli Cafe
  18. The Coffee Place
  19. Café Am Dom
  21. Union Coffee Company
  22. Enjoy Cafe London
  23. Waffel oder Becher
  24. Botanic Gardens Cafe
  25. Siboni’s Coffee
  26. One Line Coffee-Short North
  27. Ipsento 606
  28. DoubleEye
  29. 15grams | Independent Specialty Coffee Shop
  30. Sevens Specialty Coffee
  31. The Loveless Cafe
  32. Dilara’s
  33. Vesta Coffee Roasters
  34. Coffee Circle Café
  35. Second Best Coffee
  36. Oliver’s Cafe
  37. Alpha Gourmet Cafe
  38. Coco Noir Cafe.
  39. Romeo und Romeo
  40. Volcano Coffee Works
  41. Divine Coffee
  42. amjose Coffee Shop
  43. Mondays
  44. Café Canna CBD Coffee & Shop
  45. Bonanza Coffee Heroes
  46. La Sicilia Italian Bakery & Cafe
  47. Hej Coffee – Bermondsey
  48. E10 Station Cafe London
  49. Birdhouse
  50. Normcore Coffee
  51. 8oz cafe sydney
  52. Copenhagen Coffee Lab – Düsseldorfer Str.
  53. Benchmark Expresso
  54. Peet’s Coffee
  55. Brudo’s Coffee
  56. Agro Beans
  57. Café Blá – Specialty Coffee Shop
  58. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  59. Arro Coffee – Seven Dials
  60. Danieli Cafe
  61. Stan’s Donuts & Coffee
  62. Bikini Beans Coffee
  63. Double Shot Covent Garden
  64. Ona Sydney
  65. Glory Days Coffee
  66. Hopper Coffee
  67. Sapid Coffee
  68. Mel’s Cafe
  69. Citi Cafe
  70. Lanark Coffee
  71. Easy Coffee Cafe London
  72. Bunca Barista & Caterer
  73. Blue Sail Coffee

What Kind of Coffee Shop Should I Open?

To determine what kind of coffee shop you should run, you need to understand the different types of coffee shop businesses. While there are thousands of coffee shops scattered across the United States, coffee shops fall under five general categories: café, bakery-café, bistro, espresso bar, and convenience store-cafe.

Coffee Shop Names

A Guide to Generate the Perfect Name for Your Coffee Shop

How many factors do you think to play a role in setting apart a business from its counterparts? Regardless of your approach towards this matter, there are at least two key factors that cement the position of your coffee shop that should not be ignored.

With the first one being your unique and recognizable taste, it’s the second factor that undeniably plays an integral part in setting apart your coffee shop; your café’s name. I am pretty sure you are aware of the fact that a name plays a crucial role in establishing the position of a business in the market, regardless of it is a software company or a coffee shop.

The name of your coffee shop will be the first thing that the customers will encounter when they come across your café. It plays an important part in creating an image of what you sell and how you sell it. While a unique and well-thought-out name helps in establishing a fresh image of your café, a monotonous name will have adverse effects on your newly launched café.

How to Name Your Coffee Shop

Being clueless when finding a name for a café or any other business is a normal thing. It’s all the more frustrating with the existing anxiety and pressure of opening a café. No need to worry now because we are here with an all-ready list of advice you need before deciding on a name for your coffee. Listed below are some of the Do’s and don’ts when naming a coffee shop.

Review Your Plans

Before you begin to look for a name for your café thoroughly review your business model. Your strategies on what you will be selling and how, and what makes your café different than the others will help you in figuring out what you want from your coffee shop’s name.

You also need to keep in mind the “aesthetic representation” and interior of your coffee shop. Are you going for a cozy-themed design? Or will the café have a sophisticated feel to it? The design of your Café can and should be reflected in the name of your coffee shop.

You can start by making a list of adjectives and keywords that come to your mind when visualizing your café. Once you are done with the list, brainstorm for all the possible titles or even get funky by combing two or more words from the list to create a fun and catchy name.

Let It Be Unique and Catchy

The first step in deciding on an appropriate name for your coffee shop is to find a unique and catchy one. Don’t settle on a poorly plagiarized name for your coffee shop that has a generic ring to it.

Bring your style to the front by keeping it unique and eye-catching. Search all the possible names you have in mind on the internet to check their availability. If you see a name similar to yours it’s best to toss that one out. We don’t want to make our fellows angry now do we?

Keep It Short

While you are finding a name for your coffee shop, keep in mind that it should be concise while staying unique. Long names don’t give off an appealing look and have been shown to put off customers. Don’t be too descriptive with your café’s name.

Keep it brief and easy. Lengthy names are of course difficult to memorize and that in turn will result in your newly-formed coffee shop losing its word-to-mouth value real soon. You want your friends, family, and new customers to promote your business but how will they do it if they cannot remember your café’s name long enough?

Keep In Mind the Design

Memorization is not the only reason for keeping your coffee shop’s name short. Short names are cheap to incorporate into napkins, trays, furniture, and most importantly, storefront. A long name taking up all the space on your café’s shopfront is not the kind of eye-catching that we are going for here.

It will also be easier for the graphics team to design a trendy logo for your café. There’s no denying how striking a short and trendy name looks on storefronts and cute little napkins right?

Think of Your Specialty

Do you have a signature drink or treat that’s appreciated among your peers? If yes then you can try incorporating that in the name of your coffee shop. This will help in giving your café a much-needed unique look. “Frappe Connoisseur” and “Espresso Express” are some examples of drinks included in the name of the café.

Try Giving It a Personal Touch

If you’ve got a unique and easy-to-pronounce name then you can incorporate that in the name of your coffee shop as well. If not yours, then you can include the name of love. This will help in giving your café a personal touch and that always goes well among visitors.

Use Your Location to Advantage

You can always use the location of your coffee shop to your benefit. If your café is situated near a beach or seaside, you can include words like “Waves”, “Coast”, “Shore” and “Tide” in your coffee shop’s name.

If you’ve opened your café in a small town then you can put its name to use as well. You can also use the name of your hometown when opening your café in a big city to bring your personal touch from back home.

Is The Name Web-Friendly?

Always keep in mind the web availability of your coffee shop’s name. Search your café’s name on google and see if it is visible in the top search results. You need to make sure you can secure a web domain with the name you’ve opted for too.

Also, don’t underestimate the influence of social media in today’s day and age. When opening a new café, you will of course also need social media pages for promotional purposes. For your Instagram profile, you need a short name that stays relevant among the users. Refrain from using apostrophes, random symbols, and unnecessary numbers in the name of your café.

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