399 Cool College Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Today, nearly two-thirds of college students are single, and that means a huge need for community, and campus groups. Groups help students form meaningful relationships and meet new people.

These groups can provide services such as tutoring, counseling, or even just having fun with friends!

College groups are beneficial because of the positive impact they can have on campus, whether it be helping people meet others or making connections with faculty and administration.

We have a few suggestions for college group names, from creative to informative. Here’s the list.

Catchy College Group Names

Get creative when naming a college group! Find an interesting word or phrase, and use it as the core of your group’s name. Include the group’s city name, location, or school name as well, for a more unique group name.

If you want to play up the name of your group’s school, use its abbreviation in the name.

For example, if you’re a group from Harvard University, your group’s name would be Harvard Women’s Club. If you’re from Texas State University, your group’s name would be Texas State Women’s Club.

  • Red Cats
  • Demon Owls
  • Blue Musketeers
  • Fanatical Tigers
  • Wet Indians
  • Bald Spiders
  • Orange Monsters
  • Red Camels
  • Dangerous Ducks
  • Odd Mules
  • Orange Senators
  • Bald Longhorns
  • Golden Cadets
  • Weak Buccaneers
  • Fighting Bees
  • Unethical Miners
  • Fanatical Rainbows
  • Simple Seahawks
  • Orange Mustangs
  • Blue Cats
  • Defective Bombers
  • Punctual Battlers
  • Running Hobos
  • Winter Wombats
  • Black Colts
  • Solemn Commodores
  • Big Dragons
  • Glistening Privateers
  • Big Gophers
  • Awkward Leopards
  • Delta Pacers
  • Wet Bombers
  • Wonderful Rainbows
  • Mighty Lakers
  • Great Dragons
  • Horrible Gophers
  • Mean Monsters
  • Fighting Bulldogs
  • Lady Pointers
  • Remarkable Bobcats
  • Orange Marauders
  • Odd Redskins
  • Horrible Bearcats
  • Ultimate Vulcans
  • Polar Rams
  • Purple Falcons
  • Polar Dragons
  • White Rustlers
  • Grotesque Rustlers
  • Running Patriots
  • Unaccountable Rainbows
  • Lady Bobcats
  • Fanatical Poets
  • Powerful Generals
  • Little Crusaders
  • Mighty Avengers
  • Seemly Short Firebirds
  • Weak Jays
  • Delta Mules
  • Screaming Magicians

Top 10 Rare College Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Love Books

College group names are a way of telling your students what kind of group you are. Whether you are part of a fraternity or sorority, you can choose any of the college names available online.

In the past, it was a common practice to have a fraternity and sorority named after the school they were associated with. However, nowadays, these groups can be anything.

Whether it is a political party or a club, these names make sure that everyone knows the intentions behind the name.

Love Books

2.     Just Our Types

If you are a person who always likes to have fun while working on your projects then you must use this name for your group name. This name will make your work so much easier as it will give a positive vibe to your team members.

Hence, if you want to have a happy team then you must choose this name.

Just Our Types

3.      Nature School

A nature school college group name should reflect the environment you study, be creative, and include your group’s mascot.

Get inspired by nature’s many beautiful elements. Consider the elements of nature that you study and your groupmates. What would you call a group of birds, butterflies, and trees? Or perhaps a group of rocks, trees, and water?

Do you study animals? How about a group of bears, wolves, and birds? Or maybe a group of plants, trees, and flowers? Whatever inspires you, let that guide you. Many schools and colleges have official mascot names that you can base your group name on.

Nature School

4.    Graduation Hat

Every person dreams of becoming successful in his/her life. Therefore, when it comes to naming your group then it is very important to choose an appropriate name that will help your group in reaching its ultimate goal.

Hence, you have to look for names like this, which will make your group be more dynamic and productive.

Graduation Hat

5.    Country Day School

Here comes an ideal name for those people who are always ready to help others and do their best to reach their goals. If you are one of them then you must choose this name for your group name.

You will feel proud and satisfied each time when someone calls you by this name. This will inspire you to do more work in your group and help others.

Country Day School

6.    Book point

This name is a perfect name for those people who are energetic and prove themselves in every field. It won’t only attract the attention of the readers, but also motivate your team members to do better in the group.

Thus, there can be no better option than using this name for your group name.

When you hear this name, your mind automatically starts pumping you to do better every time. This will help you in pushing your group toward your goals and dreams.

Book point

7.     Body Art

What a cool name! Body Art College Group Names are ideal for those individuals who wish to promote the arts in general and body art in particular. There is nothing like body art and its effects on others.

You will find many people who are willing to learn and even more eager to practice body art in your college group. Thus, this name will be an excellent addition to the list of names you have.

Body Art

8.      Book Club House

Book clubs aren’t just for reading anymore — these groups are also popular among college students. If your book club wants a name that fits the modern age, here’s how to do it right:

Choose your tone wisely. Do you want a name that’s intimidating, makes your group laugh or seems disarmingly sweet? Decide with your group what you’d like your name to convey before coming up with any options.

You can search on Google or Instagram for groups that share similar names, or simply browse their profiles to get an idea of the names they’ve used. Just make sure to ask permission first! Pick a name that has multiple meanings.

Book Club House

9.      Bee Easy

Whether you’re interested in a new hobby, or simply looking for a fun group name, you might consider naming your group after an insect. Here’s why:

If you’re not interested in beekeeping, you can still enjoy a little bit of the insect world through your group name. You can either pick a common insect for your group name (think “Ants” or “Insects”), or choose to incorporate a unique creature like a dragonfly or butterfly.

What about the name of your group? Insect names tend to be short and sweet, and your group could follow suit. Consider something like “Stingers” or “Jumping Jacks.”

Bee Easy

10.    School Bus

School bus college group names need to be original, unique, and memorable. Use the tips below to come up with a name for your school bus college group that fits these criteria.

Think about the community around you. What kind of group would make your school bus college group unique? Perhaps it’s a group made up of all the local high school students who drive their parents’ cars to school in the morning.

Or perhaps the group is a mix of college students and recent graduates, who often go to school together on weekends. Your group might be made up of everyone who rides the same bus to school or attends the same church or synagogue.

School Bus

Cool College Group Names

If your school or college is known for something cool, such as a cool campus, cool building, or cool classes, use that knowledge in your group name. Maybe your group focuses on being an influencer, a creative group, or just a cool group. The possibilities are endless.

Look through the list of college names to see if there are any common words that tie your school together. Use those words to create a group name that reflects your school’s history.

You could also take the opposite route, and pick a unique name that doesn’t sound anything like your school’s name. Try adding something to your school’s name to make a fun group name.

For example, you could choose a name like “Cool College of the Arts” if you attend an art school, or “Cool College of Business” if you go to a business school.

  • Delta Anchormen
  • Great Sunbirds
  • Bald Suns
  • Sugar Hurricanes
  • Marvelous Cowboys
  • Golden Ocelots
  • Seemly Short Engineers
  • Swift Vixens
  • Overconfident Senators
  • Silver Vixens
  • Orange Men
  • Overconfident Gentlemen
  • Green Rebels
  • Golden Cougars
  • Golden Flames
  • Horrible Raptors
  • Festive Foxes
  • Demon Pickles
  • Threatening Senators
  • Sugar Badgers
  • Little Braves
  • Flawless Monks
  • Orange Sox
  • Strange Brewers
  • Red Wave
  • Big Cowgirls
  • Supreme Explorers
  • Serious Cats
  • Threatening Jaguars
  • Coy Hurricanes
  • Coy Clippers
  • Hideous Squirrels
  • Unethical Boys
  • Flying Bees
  • Wet Sunbirds
  • Delta Coyotes
  • Unaccountable Squirrels
  • Old Bobcats
  • Golden Wolverines
  • Flawless Tigers
  • Horrible Raptors
  • Fighting Jackrabbits
  • Thundering Sox
  • Swift Suns
  • Voodoo Lakers
  • Wet Braves
  • Demon Engineers
  • Swift Rockets
  • Flawless Demons
  • Sassy Eagles
  • Graceful Pioneers
  • Hideous Mules
  • Supreme Kangaroos
  • Punctual Leopards
  • Deranged Foxes
  • Flaming Bobcats
  • Screaming Giants
  • Thundering Flyers
  • Ultimate Princes
  • Demon Kohawks

Creative College Group Names

If you’re looking for college groups that share a similar interest, use this idea to help you create a group name. Create a group name that reflects how you feel about your favorite subject, your favorite hobby, or your favorite way to relax.

For instance, if you’re a literature enthusiast, you could choose a name that sounds like “Pulp Fiction” or “Fiction.” You can also choose a name that relates to your group in some way.

If you love reading, choose a name that’s related to your favorite books, authors, genres, or settings.

  • Deranged Ramblers
  • Thundering Trailblazers
  • Purple Pilots
  • Fighting Wildcats
  • Mighty Penguins
  • Flying Lakers
  • Odd Dolphins
  • Black Pointers
  • Festive Badgers
  • Punctual Razorbacks
  • Educated Gamecocks
  • Powerful Highlanders
  • Flawless Gators
  • Educated Longhorns
  • Lady Cubs
  • Little Braves
  • Spicy Magicians
  • Weak Princesses
  • Threatening Ducks
  • Purple Senators
  • Coy Colonials
  • Running Pacers
  • Horned Devilettes
  • Bald Minutemen
  • Coy Ducks
  • Festive Crusaders
  • Festive Fleet
  • Glistening Reds
  • Punctual Privateers
  • Screaming Bombers
  • Great Yellowjackets
  • Wicked Commodores
  • Spicy Dolphins
  • Flying Oaks
  • Unethical Bluejays
  • Old Monks
  • Spicy Broncos
  • Orange Cowboys
  • Sugar Stags
  • Fighting Lancers
  • Lady Seahawks
  • Graceful Owls
  • Purple Indians
  • Screaming Cadets
  • Wet Princes
  • Festive Battlers
  • Voodoo Archers
  • Swift Comets
  • Flawless Chargers
  • Odd Devils
  • Running Monarchs
  • Coy Express
  • Ultimate Wolfpack
  • Defective Comets
  • Bald Rattlesnakes
  • Black Highlanders
  • Lady Wombats
  • Powerful Cowgirls
  • Lady Griffins
  • Spicy Pioneers

Unique College Group Names

College group names often need to stand out in order to stand out against the crowd. Don’t worry—unique college group names are easy to come by.

Create your group name from a word that represents the college you attend. Consider using your college’s name, the name of the college’s mascot, or a word that represents your college’s location.

You could also use the school’s name in a group name, or the name of your college’s city, and combine them to create a group name like Buckeyes from Columbus.

  • Orange Hawkeyes
  • Supreme Monarchs
  • Winter Panthers
  • Glistening Gators
  • Awkward Pride
  • Weak Minutemen
  • Wet Comets
  • Wonderful Devilettes
  • Lady Jaguars
  • Hideous Wolverines
  • Dangerous Captains
  • Wicked Rangers
  • Punctual Eagles
  • Lady Patriots
  • Ultimate Mountaineers
  • Supreme Aces
  • Blue Poets
  • Grotesque Gentlemen
  • Defective Boys
  • Lady Ravens
  • Horrible Heels
  • Prairie Firebirds
  • Polar Mules
  • Orange Trolls
  • Glistening Bulldogs
  • Deranged Gophers
  • Black Cats
  • Mean Artichokes
  • Cajun Senators
  • Unaccountable Ducks
  • Flaming Thunder
  • Fanatical Lakers
  • Running Blazers
  • Red Thunderbirds
  • Horrible Hobos
  • Winter Coyotes
  • Obscene Belles
  • Screaming Johnnies
  • Mad Ocelots
  • Lady Bluejays
  • Obscene Colonials
  • Hideous Squirrels
  • Unaccountable Princesses
  • Golden Lakers
  • Fighting Bengals
  • Mighty Dodgers
  • Weak Grizzlies
  • Black Hawks
  • Flying Suns
  • Orange Bulldogs
  • Punctual Aces
  • Serious Volunteers
  • Strange Penguins
  • White Peacocks
  • Coy Tornadoes
  • Flawless Vikings
  • Threatening Cobras
  • Old Titans
  • Serious Huskies
  • Delta Bloodhounds

Cute College Group Names

College groups tend to take their group names seriously. However, it’s not a bad thing to take a lighthearted approach to your group name, especially if it’s a name that your group can adapt and wear proudly.

Your college group name is an extension of who you are, so go all out and make it unique. You can incorporate your college mascot into your group name. If your college is known for its sports teams, you can easily find a sports term for your group name.

If your school has an academic mascot, you could use that instead. The possibilities are endless, so think outside the box!

  • Solemn Rockets
  • White Foxes
  • Overconfident Jays
  • Dangerous Dragons
  • Solemn Pioneers
  • Simple Wildcats
  • Educated Falcons
  • Serious Volunteers
  • Old Kohawks
  • Bald Cobras
  • Thundering Griffins
  • Seemly Short Men
  • Weak Explorers
  • Hideous Anchormen
  • Flawless Volunteers
  • Delta Fleet
  • Somber Paladins
  • Little Bears
  • Awkward Archers
  • Red Hurricanes
  • Cajun Racers
  • Big Griffins
  • Overconfident Heels
  • Screaming Volunteers
  • Horrible Wave
  • Cajun Pride
  • Defective Poets
  • Mad Camels
  • Red Pickles
  • Unethical Frogs
  • Cajun Devilettes
  • Delta Badgers
  • Punctual Blues
  • Demon Lions
  • Voodoo Pointers
  • Delta Rustlers
  • Fighting Panthers
  • Old Lancers
  • Golden Pilots
  • Serious Brewers
  • Purple Gorillas
  • Threatening Rangers
  • Graceful Pointers
  • Sugar Seagulls
  • Hideous Boys
  • Overconfident Bison
  • Grotesque Huskies
  • Fighting Oilers
  • Fighting Bombers
  • Unethical Blazers
  • Cajun Wolverines
  • Wonderful Badgers
  • Graceful Spiders
  • Mad Seawolves
  • Dangerous Seawolves
  • Strange Sunbirds
  • Cajun Giants
  • Fanatical Chargers
  • Awkward Lightning
  • Flying Boys

College Group Names

How to Decide Your College Group Name?

Group names for college students should be creative and fun — but they shouldn’t be too generic or boring. A name is just as important as what the group does together, so choose wisely!

Create your own college group name using these tips:

Keep it positive. College groups can be loud and rowdy, but there are plenty of ways to get laughs without making anyone feel excluded or uncomfortable. Try to choose a name that everyone will enjoy — or that’s at least acceptable to all group members.

You’ll want to consider the ages and experiences of your group members when picking a name. Use words that are campus-related. Campus slang can be useful for crafting your group’s name — look up words related to your school’s identity and inspiration.

For example, if your group is about food, look up words like “fridge” or “kitchen” to give your name a little more substance.

Make it memorable. A name needs to be easy to say, pronounce, and remember, so try to think about how the name sounds. For example, you could go with something like “Mushroom Madness,” “Slam Dunkers,” or “Coffee and Cookies.”

If your group is about movies or music, look for words or phrases related to these topics. You might try “Movie Club,” “The B-Side,” or “Vampire Diaries.”

Think about the personalities in your group. If your group is mostly quiet and reserved, you might want to think about what it means to be outgoing and extroverted. If your group is loud and boisterous, you might consider a name that sounds like a team name.

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