502 Catchy Computer Repair Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

In this day and age, when you need to fix something, you just pick up your phone and call a local tech support provider.

You ask them to send over someone, and usually, within minutes, they arrive at your door, diagnose your problem, and provide you with a solution.

However, if you don’t have the time to wait for tech support, and you need to fix your computer, you might want to consider getting your hands on some computer repair service.

And to help you out, here’s a list of some cool, creative, and fun company names for a computer repair service.

Catchy Computer Repair Company Names

If you’re looking for some computer repair company names then here are some great suggestions to get you started.

Also, if you’re planning on opening a computer repair shop or just starting a computer repair company then these ideas can help get you in the right mindset.

Also, if you can’t think of anything catchy to use as your business name then simply use the last few words of the first suggestion as your business name.

  • Computer Clinic
  • Laptopeople
  • Cosmic Computers
  • Circuit City
  • Jewell Computer Shop
  • Computer Buddies
  • System Ville
  • Epic Data Recovery
  • Tech Alley
  • Jallah Computer Shop
  • Repair People
  • Ideal Glass
  • Frankwave Tech Repair
  • Mitec Solutions
  • Total Tech
  • Greatstex
  • Techryder
  • Extra Computer Repairs
  • Every Byte Care
  • Copier Repair Service
  • Repairs Made
  • Starrli Enterprise Inc
  • Comptech Shack
  • Rdi Solutions
  • Static Motion
  • Crompton Tech Repair
  • The Used Computer Store
  • Silicon Sense
  • Baruch Copies & Mailing Services
  • Gruppo Repair
  • Computer Repair Shoppe
  • Encrypted Tool Shed
  • Computer Solutions
  • Jeff’s Computer Service
  • Random Scales
  • Compusy
  • Renew Computers
  • Ifixscreens Greenwich Village
  • It Repair Corp
  • Data Gateway
  • Link Bytes
  • Total Knowledge Computer Services
  • Amegma Technology
  • God Sent Computer Division
  • Brooklyn Pc Clinic
  • Rossman Repair Group
  • Apurimac Technology
  • Fast Flexen
  • Tech Guys
  • Bnytech
  • Manhattan Information Systems
  • Weldwings Tech Repair
  • Tecotrex Tech Repair
  • Hardware Wizard
  • Computer Repair Club
  • Mobile Device Doctors
  • Cubicale Spade
  • Tech Premium
  • Computer Parts And More
  • Excellent Repairs
  • Sassyserene
  • Computer Park
  • Low Cost Geeks
  • We Fix Computers!
  • Techkey
  • We Fix It Better
  • Mobileflex
  • East Start Technology
  • Motion Plus
  • Screenworks
  • Zone Control
  • Decode Doctor
  • My Crazy Machine
  • Giga Empire
  • Fix Ipad Macbook Galaxy
  • Will Power Pcs
  • Nova Tech Repair
  • Midtown Tech Repair
  • Anytime Servicing Center
  • Comput Zent

Top 10 Catchy Computer Repair Company Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.      Tech Turtles

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

While reading the name, the customer will find out that they can trust you. On the other hand, this name is also memorable and unique.

Tech Turtles

2.     Top Gear Technologies

This business name is recommended for you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business.

Also, this name is very suitable for the computer repair company as the name of the company is related to technology.

Top Gear Technologies

3.      Be the Light

The name should have a meaning behind it. It should not just sound good to everyone who listens to it. Also, it should be meaningful and have real meaning to it. It should be catchy and have a great name to attract more customers.

Be the Light

4.      Eliminators

This is a perfect business name for a computer repair company because of its unique structure. It has an interesting and informative meaning.

The name gives an impression that you provide excellent services and that is why your customers will come back to you time after time.


5.      Fusion Informatics

In case you are looking for a name that can help your business grow, this business name is right for you.

The keyword is the same as your business and that is why it attracts more customers to your company.

Fusion Informatics

6.      Ovid Technologies

You should consider a name like Ovid Technologies Computer Repair Company Names because it is very attractive and easy to remember.

It is a very good business name because most people who have a computer are familiar with this brand.

Ovid Technologies

7.      Dynamic Shapes

A good business name should be a combination of words that have the meaning to describe your business and its services or products.

The name should be unique and descriptive so that your potential customers will understand what they are looking for.

Dynamic Shapes

8.      18-Speed Transmission

When naming a business, it is important to choose a business name that has great potential.

This can be the case with the business name “18-Speed Transmission Computer Repair Company”. This is because the name is unique and catchy.

18-Speed Transmission

9.      Custom Design Cabinets

You should be a Custom Design Cabinets Computer Repair Company if you want to get the best results for your business.

For example, if your main target audience is businessmen or professionals, then you should go for this name.

Custom Design Cabinets

10.     AERO DRONE

This name is perfect for those who want to offer computer repair services to their clients. People like to buy something that is new and cool.

This name is such a product for them because this business name includes the word “Aero” in its name which implies that the business deals with drones.

Aero Drone

Cool Computer Repair Company Names

Your computer repair business is an essential part of your business and therefore your brand identity. But with a plethora of computer repair companies around, you have to make sure that your business stands out.

Here are some catchy computer repair company names you can consider when naming your own company.

  • Wood Processor
  • Cyberworldcanada
  • Computer Store
  • The Little Laptop Shop
  • Gadgetworks
  • Overnight Pc & Mac Repair
  • Digiload Alert
  • Digideck Repairs
  • Gadget Gurus
  • Computersavvy
  • C Richard & Son
  • Computer Lifeguards
  • Equipped Solutions
  • Quality Macs
  • Iphone & Mac Repair
  • Techies City
  • Rescue 360
  • Tech Basic
  • Joy Stick Repairing
  • Byte And Tonic
  • Last Ditch Computer Repair
  • California Business Solutions
  • Boot Hub Repair Shop
  • Irenesquare
  • Groovy Geeks
  • Three Dot Repairing
  • New York Computer Help
  • Computer Squad
  • Az Comptech
  • Emc It Solutions
  • Affordable Bug
  • Mexell Tech Repair
  • Betterjoint Tech Repair
  • Your Computer Family
  • The Plugged
  • Budget Rescue
  • Algorithmics An Ibm
  • Comp Solutions
  • Run Repairs
  • The Profit Fix
  • Bluesquare
  • Battlegrounds
  • Corporate Computers
  • White Panel
  • Pc Support Office
  • Repubic Of Computer Repair
  • Tech Studios
  • Pc Service On Site -Toronto
  • Computer Repair Collective
  • Computer Answers
  • Double G Computer Repair
  • Urban Cables
  • Techno-Fix
  • Tekserve
  • Computer Savers
  • Smart Custom
  • Tech Street
  • Sensiflex
  • Pc Matrix
  • Fabfrenn Tech Repair
  • Tech Xperts Computer
  • Velvet Button
  • Lotus Repairs
  • Toronto Computer
  • Valley Support
  • New Image Of California
  • The Tech Guys
  • Repair Premier
  • Online Input
  • Morriss Technology
  • Motionfit Tech Repair
  • Flat Rate Pc Repair
  • Access Digital Mode
  • Cam Guard Systems
  • Computer Link
  • Village Computer Shop
  • Blend On Board
  • Tech Tags
  • Beach Impression
  • Spaceflag

Creative Computer Repair Company Names

Computer repairs can be both fun and frustrating. Sometimes, the computer just won’t turn on at all, while other times it’ll just be a matter of replacing a few components.

In any case, when dealing with computers, it’s essential that you get a good name for your business.

If you have a knack for fixing computers and want to help people get their devices back up and running, here are some catchy computer repair business name ideas to get you started.

  • Computer Sam
  • Mike’s Tech Shop
  • Panda Coast
  • Purple Tech
  • Nassau Electronics
  • Fusiongrade
  • Next Edge Repairs
  • Refresh Park
  • Star Sphere
  • Tech Reader
  • Pc Break Clinic
  • Softque Computers
  • Macbook Repair Shop
  • Byte By Byte Computer Diagnostics
  • Tm Computers
  • K2 Technics
  • Tech Touch
  • Round The Clock Repair Shop
  • Bluebar Tech Repairing Hub
  • Total Tech Support
  • Digiview
  • Repairology
  • Afrikpc Corporation
  • Techo Consultants
  • Computer Domain
  • Hopestone Tech Repair
  • Evermast Tech Repair
  • Anttech Repair Center
  • Innovative Repair
  • Computer Consultant
  • Repair Tricker
  • Desktopdandy
  • Fix Fanatics
  • U-Tec Clovis
  • Huberton
  • Deltech Comptuer Solutions
  • Geeks & Clicks
  • Century Computers
  • A Quick Fix
  • The Computer Restorers
  • Cpu Zone
  • Rapid Lab Repairs
  • Pc Geeks Computer Repair
  • Pc Mobile Techs
  • Computer Repair 4 Less
  • New Horizons
  • Refresh Button
  • Delaware Computer Mechanics
  • Ettission Technology
  • Softo World
  • Readerly
  • Hope Essentials
  • Archive Eyes
  • Value Networks
  • Alien Technology Computers
  • D And Q Computer
  • Rossmann Repair Group
  • The Computer Lab
  • Levelgrid
  • Computer Repair Warehouse
  • California Computer Guys
  • Those Apple Guys
  • Digital Computer Clinic
  • Geek Xpress
  • Fabcurves Tech Repair
  • Kill Bug
  • Phone Repair Genuine
  • Lowa Safe Technology
  • Ultra Techcare
  • Safe Garage
  • Waygeek
  • Cassex Tech Repair
  • Comput Geeks
  • The Buddy Tag
  • Brossman’s
  • A+ Computer Service
  • Pc Station
  • Diagnostic Dough
  • Repair Life
  • My Tech Prodigy

Unique Computer Repair Company Names

In our last post, we gave you the list of popular computer repair business names and now we’ll give you some ideas on how to pick a name for your computer repair company.

Computer repair companies are a great way to offer affordable services to your local customers. The biggest thing to consider is finding a catchy name that matches your brand and also helps you to stand out from the competition.

If you’re looking to pick an innovative computer repair business name, here are 5 computer repair business name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Repair Stop
  • Repair King
  • Qwerty Mate
  • Fix Drive
  • Pc Fighter
  • The Computer Whisperer
  • Safe Republic
  • Zero N’ Beyond
  • The Personal Geek
  • Winmac Inc
  • Ctrl-Click Repair
  • Apple Williamsburg
  • Mrstone Technology
  • The Intel Fixers
  • Simmply Macs
  • The Computer Doctor
  • Crompton Grid
  • The Scarper
  • Relish In Repair
  • Mac Medics
  • Weldmind Tech Repair
  • Tech Management
  • Sony Electronics
  • It Maestros
  • Ibm North America
  • Cascaddex Technology
  • Computer Fixers
  • Binary Bits
  • Geek Squad
  • Software Addic
  • Uptown Technology
  • Northelite Technology
  • Ai Computer Surgeons
  • Unbreak Xpress
  • Bright Byte
  • Safford
  • Techclinic
  • Decoded Computer Solutions
  • Relishing In Repairs
  • Express Link
  • Comtech Enterprises
  • Intel Instruments
  • Repair Here
  • Hopestone Technology
  • Pc Solver
  • Tech Base
  • Tragic Technology
  • Discount Computer Repairs
  • Repair Rampage
  • Wolton Tech Repair
  • Computer Booter Repair & Video Games
  • Circuit Doctor
  • Fixitechie
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • A Geeks Trick
  • On The Go Pc Repairs
  • Zero 2 Hundred Repairs
  • Tech Set Go
  • Infotech Computers
  • Far Beyond Technology
  • Expert Station
  • Hyperion Works
  • Nextspace Technology
  • Priority Tech
  • Power End Computer Repairs
  • Xpress Pc Repair
  • Joshmatthpc Computer Repair
  • Magic Minutes
  • Quest West
  • Budget Computer Repairs
  • Jump Start Crew
  • Leons Computers
  • Archisense
  • Expert Fix Tech
  • Mac Geeks
  • Rapid Fibers
  • Bug Burnouttech Wizards
  • Leading Repair Services
  • B-Z John Computer & Electronics
  • Fixing Center

Cute Computer Repair Company Names

Starting a computer repair service company is an exciting endeavor. With the right business name, it can be even more exciting. A clever name can not only help you attract customers, but it can also help you attract the right clients for your business.

You need to think carefully about what your customers will expect from your company. Will they want an honest, no-nonsense computer repair service? Or do they want a fun and friendly one? Think about the kind of customers you want to attract.

If you need some help coming up with a name, check out our list of cool and catchy computer repair company name ideas!

  • High Wire Repairs
  • California Micro Computer
  • It Consultants
  • Experimac
  • The Fixin Zone
  • Databuddy
  • Simpli Right
  • Tech Alert
  • Cmi Technology
  • Tom’s Hardware
  • Insight Enterprises
  • Archedrive Technology
  • Apple Surgeons
  • Ctrl R For Repair
  • A2b Pc Repair
  • The Computer Brothers
  • Silver Bullet Computer Repair
  • File Compet
  • Reach Data Technology
  • Mrmac’s Repairs
  • Every Solution
  • U-Tec Blackstone
  • Healthy Click Clinic
  • Climate Tech
  • Computer Repair
  • I Repair Cracked Screens
  • Log In Links
  • Prime Hybron
  • Gradetap Tech Repair
  • A+ Comp Systems
  • Kill The Bug
  • The Computer Surgeons
  • Pc Paradise
  • Bugs Be Gone
  • Motion Core
  • Techbrain Computer Solutions
  • Pc Outlet Tijuana
  • Trouble Fixers
  • Cruz Repair
  • Softpure Solutions
  • Hi-Five Computer Plus
  • Comtech Repairs
  • Patty East Technology
  • Pc Solutions
  • Binary Revamp Nation
  • Captain Omega
  • Ifixscreens Astoria Blvd
  • Compusettings
  • Repair Friends
  • Gecko Square
  • It Helpline
  • Tech Vibes
  • Dell Service Center
  • Configured Boot
  • Dream Street
  • Arrow Media
  • Extreme Point Computer Repairs
  • Hardware Guys
  • Little Techcare
  • Computer Services
  • Scalespires
  • Ultra Geeks
  • The Computer People
  • General Computer Systems
  • Precision Phone & Computer Repair
  • Computer Rescuers
  • Emerald Computers
  • Computer Workbench
  • Technocure
  • Happystring
  • Moreedge Technology
  • Carbon Computing
  • Safemodule
  • The Digital Fix
  • Computer Repair Posts
  • Excellent Repair
  • Source Media Solutions
  • Fixing Fiends
  • Repair My Mac
  • Computer Garage

Computer Repair Company Names

How to Decide Your Computer Repair Company Name?

As a computer user, you know that if something goes wrong, your first instinct is to try to fix it yourself. But what if you can’t fix it? What if you’re not qualified to fix it? Also, what if you don’t have the right tools? What if you don’t have the time?

Here are a few tips to help you find the best computer repair company for you:

1. Do some research.

First, research the different computer repair companies in your area. You can find reviews online or by calling around. Look for companies with a good reputation, and make sure they have the equipment and expertise to help you fix your computer.

2. Ask around.

Second, ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Chances are, someone you know has used a good computer repair company.

3. Look for a company with a good warranty.

Many computer repair companies offer a warranty, which means that if something goes wrong with your computer while they’re repairing it, they’ll fix it free of charge.

4. Compare prices.

Finally, compare prices to find the best deal. Some computer repair companies offer lower prices if you take your computer in right away, while others offer lower prices if you wait a certain amount of time.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find the best computer repair company for your needs.

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