399 Cool Consulting Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Business consulting has exploded since the Great Recession. It’s easy to get into this field if you’re a good problem solver and like meeting new people.

As a consultant, you help companies grow by coming up with innovative ways to improve their products or services. The more successful you are, the more money you’ll earn, which means you can quit your day job.

You might work from home or you may travel to the client’s office, but you won’t be limited to any particular career path. It’s all about having the right skills and being determined.

With that in mind, here are some names you can think about using in your business, or you can choose your own if you want to make your own brand!

Catchy Consulting Group Names

Group names can make or break your consulting business. Choose a catchy group name to give your group more exposure and get more clients. Use a popular consulting term in your group name.

If there’s an existing brand that relates to your area of expertise, use it. If your group works with several different clients, use the same catchy word for each client’s group name.

For example, if your group specializes in health and fitness, and you work with several different clients who all specialize in nutrition, you could use the catchy words “nutrition” and “exercise” in your group names.

  • One Advisers
  • Mentor
  • LabelWind Consulting
  • Essonex Business
  • Elite Chambers
  • Clientaid
  • Temple Group
  • Protection Design & Consulting
  • Fresh Pond Properties
  • Consultake
  • Reelify
  • Bain & Company
  • Careerist
  • EliteMovers
  • Global Management Consultants
  • Cue
  • Give your business an edge.
  • Thrifty Guides
  • Consulting Points
  • True North Consult

Top 10 Rare Consulting Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Helping Hand

This name has been chosen because it gives a feeling of a helping hand. In every aspect of the work, it will provide you with the required support and help you to reach your goals and dreams.

So, if you want to create a team with the motive of reaching our goals then you must go for this name. This name gives a feeling of a helping hand and thus you need to keep it as your team name.

Helping Hand

2.    Home Guru

This is one of the best names that can be used for your business. The reason why it is so popular is that it is easy to remember. It will give your business an outstanding identity. This is a great way to distinguish yourself from other competitors.

This name is good for any kind of business, whether it is online or offline. It is not very formal and not too informal.

Home Guru

3.      Hope’s Healing

If you want to bring change to society then this name is just made for you. This name will let your friends and colleagues know what kind of work you do. With such an exciting name, you can surely expect a better name.

This name is sure to attract the attention of the audience, as it is easy to remember. This name is sure to inspire your team and also motivate them to work harder for your cause. Use this name for your group or team name.

Hope’s Healing

4.      Ganja Planter

If you are a person who likes working under pressure, then this name is the perfect choice for you. This will definitely motivate you in your work and make your group perform better than ever before.

Thus, it should be used by your group or team, as they will definitely need to perform at their best.

When you use this name, it will definitely attract the attention of the readers. Moreover, this will create a positive atmosphere in your team. Thus, it will increase the productivity of your group and you as well.

Ganja Planter

5.     Dynamic Shapes

If you are an expert in your domain and also have an understanding of the latest trends, then the name ‘Name here’ is the right choice for you. With a name like this, your clients or customers will definitely feel that you are a master in your profession.

Your work will improve as the name is catchy and eye-catching.

Dynamic Shapes

6.    Couples Therapy

This name is for those couples who are interested in sharing their problems with each other and thus, the name makes the couple therapy consulting group names more attractive.

If you have any idea about starting a couple of therapy consulting groups, then use this name. You will get all the attention of the group when the name is used. If you are not sure how the name sounds to you, then don’t hesitate and ask others about it.

They will definitely give you the right advice.

Couples Therapy

7.      Bureau 121

The following names are unique and creative. You may have used some of them in the past, but when you see these names with “Bureau 121”, you will definitely start thinking about the past. They are just perfect names for you to use.

You may find any one of them suitable for your group name. These names will definitely give a kick to your career and make you move ahead to newer heights.

Bureau 121

8.      Celtic Tours

There are many names that can be used as your group name, however, we have selected some names for you, which are very attractive. We hope that these names would suit your group name and it would also motivate your team to work harder and achieve success.

The names are Celtic Tours, Celtic Tours Consulting, Celtic Tours Consulting Group, Celtic Tours Consulting Group, and Celtic Tours Consulting Group.

Celtic Tours

9.      Coastal Baddie

Coastal Baddie has become a popular brand name in the consulting world. The name is a good one to use as it has been used by the company since its inception. In addition to this, it will help in building a strong brand image for your company.

You must use this name for your company or group name.

Coastal Baddie

10.      Circle of Trust

For any business organization, getting a good name is not an easy task. So, you will definitely need an expert’s advice and assistance to get a unique and catchy name. In such situations, you need to take the help of Circle of Trust Consulting Group Names.

These names are very popular and have been used by various companies for their team and group names.

Circle of Trust

Cool Consulting Group Names

Use a cool name that reflects your consulting company’s values. If your consulting company’s values are high-quality, ethical work, then your group name should reflect this as well.

You can choose a name that is descriptive of your company’s goals or mission statement.

If your company is known for working on projects with heart, then you can choose a name like “Heart Projects,” which would incorporate the theme of your company into your group name.

  • Big Strategy Consultants
  • Seek Consultancy
  • GreenSynergy
  • Myconsult
  • The Skill Works
  • Seo Consulting Team™
  • Business Performance
  • Small Biz Wisdom
  • Green Synergy
  • Spears Group
  • MicroCurves Managers
  • ThinkMove
  • Strategy
  • Directional Advice
  • Project Design Consultants
  • Ettmoss Business Consulting
  • BusinoSpire Consulting
  • MicroCurves
  • The Judge Group
  • LabelWind Business Consulting

Creative Consulting Group Names

Use a name that is catchy and memorable. When potential clients hear your company name, they will remember it more easily.

Use a word that represents your company. If you work with lots of animals, your company’s name might be related to your company’s focus. If you help people overcome life’s challenges, your group name might feature a challenge like “Overcome Your Challenges.”

Use a term associated with your company’s focus. For example, if you’re a business consultant who focuses on helping entrepreneurs start a home-based business, your group name could include words like “home” and “entrepreneur.”

  • Make your life easier.
  • People Performance Group
  • Advice Portal
  • Guide Skill
  • Straight Forward Solutions
  • Lowa Leys
  • Consultancy Corner
  • Confab Counsel
  • Silver Fox Management Ltd
  • NYC Advisers
  • Consult City
  • Begs The Question
  • DashBuddy Business Consulting
  • First Flynn Inc.
  • Signox Consulting
  • Prospect Business Consulting
  • Method
  • Amegma Consulting
  • Advising Partners
  • Marketing Eye

Unique Consulting Group Names

You might want to be part of a unique consulting group. You can find unique consultants through referrals or networking. Once you decide to become a member, you need to come up with a name that will set you apart from other consultants in your field.

When choosing a group name, think about the purpose of your group. Do you want to focus on specific fields or do you want to promote yourself as a professional? If you’re focusing on a specific field, pick a word or phrase that relates to that area.

For example, if you plan on starting a unique food blog, you can name your group Bloggers Eat Delicious. This group name makes it clear that the group is focused on delicious food, which is a perfect fit for what you plan on offering.

  • Frank herdzdog
  • Imperia Axis
  • Pursue your career with us.
  • The Consulting Experts
  • Consultic
  • Boss Business Advising
  • Brainmaster
  • Consulting Den
  • Onyx Consulting Inc.
  • You Smart Business
  • Advice House
  • HiFiConsultations
  • GreenSynergy Business
  • City Consult
  • Key Consultants
  • Merlyn Consulting
  • Connestart
  • Bold Steps Advisers
  • Consult Station
  • Flemben

Cute Consulting Group Names

If you want to promote your services, think about the type of clients you expect to have. If you know that your target market will include doctors, lawyers, and accountants, you can choose a unique group name that includes those professions.

You can create a group for each profession or come up with a group name that has a general term and includes the profession’s subgroup.

For example, if you plan to work with clients that are doctors, lawyers, and accountants, you might create a group called Doctors Lawyers and Accountants. The group name shows the professionals that are included in the group.

  • Aeftiss
  • Market America Inc.
  • Innovas Business
  • Advised1
  • Diversity Consultants
  • Statistics Solutions, Inc.
  • Foresight
  • Precision Research Inc.
  • ThinkBizz Business Consulting
  • Axio Consulting
  • Slalom
  • Wolf Management Consultants
  • North Edge
  • Patty East
  • Great Quest Consulting
  • Micro Curves
  • Intertwine
  • Support People
  • Consultancy Ware
  • Concise

Consulting Group Names

How to Decide Your Consulting Group Name?

Consultants have one of the highest demands of any business. They are always working on multiple projects, and they require extensive communication. When selecting a consulting group name, you’ll need to keep the following things in mind:

Choose a name that is professional, but not formal. Consulting group names should be business-like, but still, allow the members of your group to have fun together.

For example, “The Geek Squad” could work well as a name for a consulting group — but you could also come up with a name like “The Awesome Consultants.”

Keep it professional. You don’t want to give the impression that your consulting group members spend their time goofing around on the Internet or watching television.

A consulting group name should reflect the type of work your group does — if it’s business-related, use words like “consultant” or “advisor” that will communicate this to others.

Don’t forget the group’s industry. Consultants typically work in specific industries — and your consulting group name should reflect this. For example, a “Graphic Design” consultant would need a name that’s similar to “Graphic Designer”.

If you’re in the business of helping businesses find new ways to reach consumers, “Business Consultants” could work well for you. On the other hand, if you’re in the creative field and want to offer advice to creatives, you could call yourself “Creative Consultants.”

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