399 Cool Cousin Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

Cousins are family members who you have known since childhood, and they are usually great friends to have. They might be older or younger than you, but they’re someone you love and you trust.

Cousin groups are great because you can spend time together and catch up on old memories and stories. You can also get together for birthday parties, anniversaries, and holidays.

You should try to make your cousin’s group name something that means a lot to you. Your friends would appreciate it, too. Just be sure to write your ideas down in a journal or notebook so you don’t forget them!

Catchy Cousin Group Names

A catchier group name is always better! Choose a group name that’s simple, clever, and memorable. Try making it rhyme or contain a pun. Or add an element of humor into your group name.

For instance, if your group includes business owners in a particular industry, make your group name a synonym for that industry, like “Pizza,” “Ice Cream,” or “Wine.”

Choose a group name that contains a keyword. If you have a group with a similar focus, consider choosing a keyword that is relevant to your group’s focus, like “Homes” or “Trees.”

  • The Jumping Jacks
  • Superstar Family
  • Mean Machine
  • Chat Lounge
  • Lake Lovers
  • The Cutest Cousins
  • Cousins Are Presents
  • Weekend kings
  • Singles Forever
  • Nice But Nuts
  • Chor Bazaar
  • Recycle Bin
  • Chocolate Cousins
  • Cousins Streets
  • Obnoxious Together
  • Freaky Friends
  • Granny’s World
  • Tough Team
  • Clank Magic
  • Ignorant Buddies

Top 10 Rare Cousin Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    A Bit Of Love

As per our experience, most business groups choose group names with names of their family members as they love their parents, siblings, grandparents, etc., very much.

But we are sure that you can’t choose such names for your groups because there are thousands of people in this world whose family members aren’t perfect enough to represent them. This will surely disappoint you in front of your customers or clients.

A Bit Of Love

2.    7 Rings

7 rings is an amazing number, and thus this name is quite suitable for you. You will not only attract attention but will motivate others to work with you. This will lead you to be a leader of your own. You will have to take the right steps to make the best out of it.

7 Rings

3.      Alpha Gang

Alpha Gang has many group names which are perfect for your groups. These names are designed in a way to make your group name popular. The name “alpha gang” gives you a sense of excitement and achievement.

People love to listen to these names because they think they have a good chance of becoming the leader in the group.

Alpha Gang

4.      Bot Barbarians

In this name, you can choose the name of the bot you like. You can either name it Bot Barbarian or just Bot Barbarian. It will depend on what kind of group you want to make.

If you want to start a team, you can go for the Bot Barbarian team, and if you want to make a group, then you can go for the Bot Barbarian group. Bot Barbarians Cousin is an interesting and awesome name for your group or team.

It would help if you used this name for your group or team name.

Bot Barbarians

5.      Bunny Dancers

Bunny Dancers Cousin Group Name – This name is all about the family. Every member of the family has a different style and this makes them a perfect part of the family. There are many ways to name a group that is based on the family relationship.

It will help you to get along with everyone as a whole. All the members will get along and there will be no issues in doing so.

Bunny Dancers

6.    Crazy Cats

Crazy Cats Cousin group name has become very popular. There are many groups that have this group name. The most common way to choose a name is by choosing something which is already a popular word and adding some letters to it.

This is exactly what has been done for this group name.

Crazy Cats

7.      Fairy Golds

This name is suitable for the people who love music and dancing and are very active in their lifestyle. They are fond of singing and dancing. These people are always cheerful and have a positive outlook on life. They are very friendly and outgoing people.

This name is great for group names. This name will give you a sense of achievement and positivity in life. You will always come up with new ideas and creativity. So, this is a perfect name to choose for your group name.

Fairy Golds

8.      Fantasy Phenom

A fantasy phenom cousin is someone with talent and potential who could make a great leader. Fantasy phenoms are usually people with great leadership qualities that they will be able to apply to their own teams.

These leaders are generally good at motivating others to help them reach their goals and dream.

Fantasy Phenom

9.      Family Forever

Family forever is the name of your group or team. This is a name that your family has given to your group. You can also choose a different name if you wish.

The main thing that you must keep in mind is that the group name must be memorable and easy to remember. We have some more names to choose from. Some of the names are-

Family Forever

10.      Flower Club

If you are a person who loves the outdoors and nature then this name will prove to be a perfect fit for you. The flower club cousin group names are really nice because they have the meaning of freshness.

Your friends will like this name because it will bring happiness to their life.

Flower Club

Cool Cousin Group Names

Choose a group name that includes keywords from each member’s profile. If one person in your group owns a flower shop, another person might be a baker, and another might be an expert on sports cars, add that person’s keyword into your group name.

If you’re a group of young entrepreneurs, name your group after your age, such as “Twentysomethings” or “The Millennials.”

Choose a group name that’s easy to remember. This isn’t an exact science, but if your group name is too hard to remember, you won’t stick with it.

  • Skull Crushers
  • The DysFUNctional Crew
  • The Wanderers
  • Forever Fam
  • Cousins Are Key
  • Staunch Ladies
  • Lovely Family
  • Queen of hearts
  • Family Ties
  • Jack Of All Trait
  • The Pretty Bunch
  • Just ‘Cuz
  • Brothers With Alms
  • Best Cousin Group Names
  • Six Spoons
  • The Grounded Losers
  • Lets Play Pubg
  • I Love You Bro
  • Party Cousins
  • Our Kindred League

Creative Cousin Group Names

Create a group name that reflects your cousin’s career or interests. If you have a creative cousin who loves cooking or photography, you can use those hobbies in your group name.

A creative group name will reflect the member’s interests and provide inspiration for the group. If your cousin works in a different field, you can also create a group name that incorporates his or her work.

You could use your cousin’s company’s name in your group name. Or you could make it more specific to your cousin’s industry and use a word that’s similar to his or her job title.

  • My Gene Pool
  • Phone Pals
  • Shopaholic Cousins
  • Feelings
  • Distant Relations
  • Snake Eyes
  • Chatting About the Family
  • Always together
  • Cousin Collective
  • Bhai Bheno ka Group
  • Equal Generations
  • Sonic Shade Chicks
  • One Direction
  • Urban Kings
  • Fantastic Cousions
  • Cell Mates[5]
  • Sibling Signals
  • Purple Cheetah Clan
  • Coffees Cousins
  • Forever Tight

Unique Cousin Group Names

If your cousin group isn’t a close-knit one, it’s time to create a unique group name. You’ll want to make your group name stand out from the rest since you’ll have to spend a lot more time marketing and promoting your group.

Make your group name the opposite of what people would naturally assume. Instead of “Cousins” for a group of cousins, try using the opposite meaning. “Non-cousins” sounds like the opposite of “cousins,” but if you say it correctly, it really means “non-cousins.”

When someone hears the name “Non-cousins,” they think “Wow, this is an unusual group of non-cousins, who are related to each other.” This type of unconventional wording creates intrigue.

  • The Meaning Of Family
  • Sliced Bread
  • Bachelor Bros
  • Banish Gang
  • Mad Monkey
  • The Bts Army
  • Wonderland of Nostalgia
  • Love Signals
  • Up Cuz?
  • Langoti Friends
  • Best Dudes
  • Anarchy With The Cousins
  • Classy Cousins
  • Cousin Quarrel Anatomy
  • With Love
  • My Near And Dears
  • Grandma’s Favourite
  • We all are here
  • Two Generations Away
  • The World of Cousins

Cute Cousin Group Names

Keep your group name short. It doesn’t need to be longer than 10 words. If you have a group of more than 10 members, then you should probably stick to 10-word names.

Choose a word that makes your cousin’s group name sound fun and lively. People who attend events will want to know more about the group, so they’ll likely check out your group’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

Make sure that your group name has an upbeat tone. If your cousin group has a negative connotation, you might want to avoid using that word.

Use a phrase or acronym that relates to your cousin’s group. If you’re a member of a sports team, you might use the term “sporty” or “hockey league” as your group name.

  • The Galfriends
  • The Good Times
  • My Dear Sister
  • The Bloomers
  • The Bad Bros
  • Fantastic Cousins
  • Quidditch Cup Adventure Team
  • Friends by Choice
  • More Than Family
  • Black Stones
  • Bro-Sis Group
  • Cousins colony
  • Game Of Phones
  • The Kid’s Table
  • Friends Laboratory
  • Those Manic Thoughts
  • Family Allies
  • Brown Band
  • Joy and Laughter
  • Sweet family

Cousin Group Names

How to Decide Your Cousin Group Name?

Creating a group for the purpose of creating a large family tree can be difficult, but it’s possible. To create a successful cousin group name, follow these steps:

Start with a simple yet unique name. A group of cousins should have a name that is easy to remember and makes people think of family.

However, you don’t want to choose something that’s so simple that you accidentally choose a name that you’ll need to change later. Make sure that the name is short enough to fit in a list, and that the first letters of the name spell out an important family history fact.

Find a name that is similar to a popular group. There are plenty of popular cousin groups with group names that are almost identical to one another — but there are also a few that are unique.

If there’s already a name that sounds like what you want your group to be called, it might be a good idea to try out the name with a few different words and see what you can do with it.

Be clear about your group’s purpose. Does your group want to be inclusive or exclusive? Does your group want to connect with all cousins or just certain ones?

Do you want your group to include only those who are biologically related or those who are more distant relatives? Make sure to clarify what your goals are before choosing a name.

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