700 Daedra Names to Bring Your Fantasy Characters to Life

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Daedra Names”! If you’re looking for creative and intriguing names for your fantasy characters, you’ve come to the right place. We have curated a list of unique daedra names that will add depth and mystique to your storytelling. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy-stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is plain that I do not accept the tone of scorn or pity with which ‘Escape’ is now so often used. Why should a man be scorned if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls?” So, let your imagination soar with these enchanting names!

As a naming specialist with three years of experience in the field, I have delved into the art of crafting names for fantasy characters. I have studied various mythologies, folklore, and literary works to develop a keen understanding of the power of a well-chosen name. With my expertise, I have helped numerous authors, game designers, and role-playing enthusiasts bring their characters to life. The process of naming is an adventure in itself, and I am thrilled to share some of my favorite daedra names with you.

In this article, you will discover a treasure trove of 700 daedra names that will ignite your creativity and help you find the perfect name for your otherworldly characters. Each name has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of mystery, darkness, and grandeur. Whether you’re writing a novel, creating a game, or simply seeking inspiration, you can rest assured that you will find a unique and captivating name within these pages. So, join us on this journey and let the magic of these daedra names transport you to realms beyond imagination!

Daedra Names

Daedra Names

  • Zaelin
  • Vexara
  • Azraxis
  • Nyctros
  • Xanthias
  • Morvena
  • Zephyron
  • Valeriax
  • Nephron
  • Azeria
  • Xeranthe
  • Morvexis
  • Zaryth
  • Vesperoth
  • Azraelis
  • Nyctalia
  • Zephyrelle
  • Vexalia
  • Xyander
  • Morvanya
  • Zephiron
  • Nysara
  • Azeron
  • Vaelor
  • Xanthira
  • Morvira
  • Zephyrika
  • Valerion
  • Azmaris
  • Nyxeria
  • Xylin
  • Zaphira
  • Vesperain
  • Nephira
  • Zephyrus
  • Xandriel
  • Morvainis
  • Azaria
  • Vexeria
  • Zelara
  • Xyvareth
  • Nyctavian
  • Valeriana
  • Azraxa
  • Zephyrusis
  • Vesperis
  • Xyralis
  • Morvaine
  • Nychthonia
  • Zephara
  • Azrodan
  • Valeris
  • Nysandria
  • Xyvanna
  • Vexaroth
  • Zephyrith
  • Astra
  • Morvika
  • Nyxaris
  • Xeraphis
  • Zephiri
  • Vesperine
  • Azrath
  • Xandria
  • Morviraith
  • Nephilas
  • Zephyriana
  • Vexorin
  • Xyvora
  • Azrith
  • Nyxandra
  • Zephyma
  • Vaelora
  • Xyleris
  • Morviana
  • Zephyrisis
  • Azaran
  • Nyxalia
  • Valeris
  • Xanthoria

20 Daedra Names With Meanings

Daedra Names

Morvath: This name evokes a sense of impending doom and desolation, representing the ominous presence of a Daedric entity.

Zerapha: A name that combines the elements of fire and ash, embodying the destructive power and chaos associated with the Daedric realm.

Nihilus: Symbolizing the void and nothingness, this name represents a Daedric entity that brings oblivion and emptiness.

Vesperoth: An enchanting name that reflects the twilight and serenity, capturing the essence of a Daedric presence that emerges during dusk.

Zarethra: A name infused with secrecy and enigma, signifying the queen of illusions and hidden knowledge in the Daedric pantheon.

Xeron: This name exudes a sense of darkness and despair, representing a Daedric being that feeds on anguish and sorrow.

Valerion: A name that exudes dominance and control, symbolizing a Daedric entity with the power to rule and manipulate.

Xalvira: Evoking a sense of desolation and darkness, this name represents a goddess of solitude and melancholy in the Daedric realms.

Azryn: A name that signifies the devourer of souls, embodying a Daedric entity’s insatiable hunger for life essence.

Sylphara: This name carries a touch of elegance and grace, representing a Daedric presence associated with ethereal beauty and mysticism.

Venrik: Symbolizing the embodiment of vengeance and wrath, this name represents a fearsome Daedric entity that seeks retribution.

Draconis: A name that resonates with power and ferocity, signifying a Daedric being that possesses dragon-like attributes and might.

Elysium: This name conjures images of a heavenly paradise, representing a Daedric realm associated with divine pleasures and bliss.

Malachi: A name that carries an air of darkness and prophecy, symbolizing a Daedric entity with the ability to foresee and manipulate fate.

Zerathiel: This name represents the embodiment of sorrow and despair, symbolizing a Daedric being who thrives on the anguish of mortals.

Lythron: Evoking the essence of chaos and discord, this name represents a Daedric presence that revels in the disruption of order.

Ophelia: A name that exudes mystique and allure, signifying a seductive and enchanting Daedric entity in the realms of Oblivion.

Morgrath: This name carries a sense of malevolence and corruption, representing a Daedric being that spreads darkness and decay.

Aetherius: Symbolizing the essence of divine energy and light, this name represents a Daedric presence associated with celestial power.

Solvena: A name that conveys purity and cleansing, embodying a Daedric entity that purges and eradicates impurity from the mortal realm.

Skyrim Daedra Names

Daedra Names

Malacath – The Lord of Curses and Betrayal

Meridia – The Lady of Infinite Energies and Light

Sheogorath – The Mad God of Madness and Chaos

Molag Bal – The Lord of Domination and Enslavement

Hircine – The Huntsman of the Primal Stalk

Azura – The Queen of Dusk and Dawn

Hermaeus Mora – The Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge

Clavicus Vile – The Trickster Prince of Wishes and Deals

Boethiah – The Prince of Plots and Deceit

Namira – The Mistress of Decay and Shadow

Sanguine – The Prince of Debauchery and Revelry

Peryite – The Taskmaster of Order and Pestilence

Vaermina – The Mistress of Nightmares and Dreams

Nocturnal – The Night Mistress of Shadows and Stealth

Mehrunes Dagon – The Lord of Destruction and Change

Jyggalag – The Prince of Logical Order and Deduction

Mephala – The Webspinner of Lies and Secrets

Malyn Varen – The Forsworn Necromancer

Fa-Nuit-Hen – The Multiheaded Worm of Lorkhan’s Blood

Molag Grunda – The Giant Daedroth

Dagon Fel – The Daedric Ruin in Vvardenfell

Namira’s Rot – The Disease Associated with Namira

Haskill – The Chamberlain of Sheogorath

Mazken – The Golden Saints of Dementia

Order of the Mythic Dawn – The Cult of Mehrunes Dagon

Thedret – A Lesser Daedra in the Shivering Isles

Morian Zenas – The Scholar of the Daedric Princes

Shadowscales – The Dark Brotherhood’s Assassin Agents

Umaril the Unfeathered – The Ayleid Sorcerer-King

Vile Lair – The Player Home associated with Clavicus Vile

Daedra Male Names

Daedra Names

Vorenthar – “Bearer of Eternal Fire”

Kaldur – “Champion of Chaos”

Draven – “Lord of Shadows”

Thalric – “Bringer of Desolation”

Xerikar – “Soul Harvester”

Malvern – “Master of Malevolence”

Zethrax – “The Fiery Destroyer”

Lokaius – “Prince of Torment”

Zeraphon – “Ember of Darkness”

Morvathus – “Conqueror of Realms”

Belthor – “Taker of Souls”

Zephyrus – “Stormbringer”

Nyctarian – “Night’s Vengeance”

Vorlanthir – “Lord of Oblivion”

Xalvador – “Doombringer”

Kaelin – “Shadowweaver”

Theros – “Herald of Chaos”

Vexaris – “Harbinger of Havoc”

Xandrak – “Eternal Conqueror”

Zaelrick – “Dark Lord of Annihilation”

Malachi – “Bringer of Ruin”

Drexar – “Master of Maleficence”

Vorrik – “Prince of Perdition”

Xerithor – “Sovereign of Suffering”

Zaron – “Bane of Mortals”

Thulgrim – “Ravager of Realms”

Vyrakas – “Scourge of the Living”

Zephiron – “Sorcerer of Shadows”

Morgaroth – “Lord of Despair”

Belrik – “Bearer of Eternal Night”

Daedra Female Names

Azariel – “Mistress of Flames”

Nyxandra – “Queen of Shadows”

Xalara – “Enchantress of Chaos”

Zephira – “Whisperer of the Winds”

Morvanna – “Lady of Desolation”

Vesperis – “Goddess of Twilight”

Malysa – “Seductress of Souls”

Zeraphine – “Bearer of Eternal Light”

Dravena – “Mistress of Shadows”

Kaelitha – “Queen of the Abyss”

Thalara – “Champion of Darkness”

Nyrissa – “Lady of Nightmares”

Vexara – “Harbinger of Chaos”

Xandria – “Mistress of Illusions”

Zephyrine – “Maiden of the Breeze”

Morgana – “Sorceress of Doom”

Belara – “Lady of Malevolence”

Zaraena – “Goddess of Vengeance”

Nyctessa – “Night’s Enchantress”

Voriana – “Queen of Annihilation”

Malvira – “Mistress of the Void”

Thaluria – “Empress of Shadows”

Xyvela – “Lady of Eternity”

Zephanya – “Siren of Tempests”

Morwenia – “Queen of Despair”

Vespera – “Goddess of Twilight”

Zelara – “Sorceress of the Unknown”

Azariah – “Bearer of Eternal Darkness”

Nixara – “Queen of the Night”

Valeria – “Lady of Serenity”

Daedra Prince Names

Mephralis – “Prince of Shadows and Deception”

Varthamor – “Prince of Knowledge and Forbidden Lore”

Azraxis – “Prince of Destruction and Chaos”

Nihilus – “Prince of Oblivion and Nothingness”

Xyvandros – “Prince of Illusions and Trickery”

Morvainus – “Prince of Desolation and Solitude”

Zephyrion – “Prince of Winds and Change”

Vexaris – “Prince of Discord and Manipulation”

Thalara – “Prince of Nightmares and Fear”

Valarion – “Prince of Dominion and Control”

Zaelara – “Prince of Temptation and Corruption”

Nyctessa – “Prince of Shadows and Secrecy”

Xandriel – “Prince of Enigmas and Riddles”

Malathor – “Prince of Suffering and Torment”

Vespera – “Prince of Twilight and Balance”

Zeraphine – “Prince of Light and Purity”

Morvenna – “Prince of Betrayal and Deception”

Astarion – “Prince of Stars and Destiny”

Thulgrim – “Prince of War and Conquest”

Nyctros – “Prince of Night and Darkness”

Xerikar – “Prince of Flames and Annihilation”

Valeris – “Prince of Wisdom and Enlightenment”

Zephyrina – “Prince of Storms and Renewal”

Belarion – “Prince of Chaos and Disorder”

Nefara – “Prince of Seduction and Temptation”

Azreth – “Prince of Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge”

Vorenthar – “Prince of Fire and Brimstone”

Zephirus – “Prince of Freedom and Liberation”

Malvoria – “Prince of Despair and Desolation”

Xylenus – “Prince of Shadows and Silence”

Best Daedra Names

Netherak – “Eternal Flame of Destruction”

Zireth – “Shadow Essence of Deception”

Ravynus – “Harbinger of Chaos and Desolation”

Zephyrus – “Lord of the Winds and Change”

Vexaris – “Master of Illusions and Manipulation”

Xyralis – “Bringer of Twilight and Mysteries”

Malevorn – “Bearer of Malevolence and Suffering”

Nyxaris – “Lady of the Night and Shadows”

Zephyria – “Enchantress of the Breezes and Tranquility”

Morvanna – “Mistress of Doom and Despair”

Netherion – “Prince of the Abyss and Void”

Zephyreth – “Guardian of Storms and Tempests”

Vesperis – “Goddess of Dusk and Reflection”

Xandros – “Master of Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge”

Malachor – “Harbinger of Ruin and Annihilation”

Nocturna – “Queen of Darkness and Nightfall”

Zirael – “Ethereal One, Weaver of Fate”

Vaelin – “Champion of Dominion and Control”

Nycteria – “Empress of Shadows and Nightmares”

Zeraphon – “Divine Light of Justice and Order”

Morgravia – “Lady of Enigmas and Mysteries”

Xalara – “Seductress of Souls and Temptation”

Maleficor – “Malevolent Force of Destruction”

Nefaris – “Archmage of Forbidden Arcana”

Zeraphine – “Radiant Angel of Balance and Harmony”

Xylonis – “Emissary of the Primeval Forest”

Vesperoth – “Avatar of Twilight and Serenity”

Xerikar – “Lord of Infernal Flames and Devastation”

Noctros – “Shadow Knight of the Night”

Zirena – “Mistress of Shadows and Seduction”

Famous Daedra Names

Mehrunes Dagon – “Lord of Destruction and Change”

Sheogorath – “The Mad God of Madness and Chaos”

Molag Bal – “The Lord of Domination and Enslavement”

Azura – “The Queen of Dusk and Dawn”

Mephala – “The Webspinner of Lies and Secrets”

Boethiah – “The Prince of Plots and Deceit”

Clavicus Vile – “The Trickster Prince of Wishes and Deals”

Hermaeus Mora – “The Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge”

Hircine – “The Huntsman of the Primal Stalk”

Malacath – “The Lord of Curses and Betrayal”

Meridia – “The Lady of Infinite Energies and Light”

Namira – “The Mistress of Decay and Shadow”

Peryite – “The Taskmaster of Order and Pestilence”

Sanguine – “The Prince of Debauchery and Revelry”

Vaermina – “The Mistress of Nightmares and Dreams”

Jyggalag – “The Prince of Logical Order and Deduction”

Nocturnal – “The Night Mistress of Shadows and Stealth”

Ebonarm – “The God of War and Strife”

Malyn Varen – “The Forsworn Necromancer”

Mannimarco – “The King of Worms and Master of Necromancy”

Molag Grunda – “The Giant Daedroth”

Menta Na – “The Demiprince of Revelry and Merriment”

Fa-Nuit-Hen – “The Multiheaded Worm of Lorkhan’s Blood”

Peryite – “The Taskmaster of Pests and Disease”

Haskill – “The Chamberlain of Sheogorath”

Barbas – “The Shapeshifting Hound of Clavicus Vile”

Morian Zenas – “The Scholar of the Daedric Princes”

Umbra – “The Sentient Sword of Malacath”

Lyranth – “The Dremora Advisor to Mehrunes Dagon”

Mankar Camoran – “The Mythic Dawn Leader and Daedric Worshipper”

Cool Daedra Names

Zalthor – “Eternal Flame of Destruction”

Xyraxis – “Shadowblade of Deception”

Vexaroth – “Champion of Chaos and Havoc”

Nyxara – “Whisperer of Shadows and Night”

Malrok – “Lord of Malevolence and Despair”

Zephyrix – “Master of Winds and Change”

Morvath – “Harbinger of Doom and Desolation”

Xerith – “Sorcerer of Illusions and Manipulation”

Vyraxis – “Prince of Twilight and Mysteries”

Zerapha – “Mistress of Flames and Ash”

Nyrax – “Bearer of Shadows and Secrecy”

Vaelus – “Knight of Darkness and Nightfall”

Zareth – “Lord of Secrets and Forbidden Knowledge”

Xaloria – “Bringer of Chaos and Disarray”

Malvira – “Mistress of Suffering and Torment”

Nyctera – “Empress of Nightmares and Fear”

Zephron – “Sorcerer of Storms and Tempests”

Morvix – “Guardian of Desolation and Solitude”

Valerion – “Champion of Dominion and Control”

Zyrina – “Maiden of Shadows and Seduction”

Xyris – “Emissary of Shadows and Night”

Netheron – “Lord of Abyss and Void”

Zarethra – “Queen of Enigmas and Illusions”

Vesperoth – “Avatar of Twilight and Serenity”

Xeron – “Soulstealer of Despair and Anguish”

Nihilus – “Prince of Nothingness and Oblivion”

Zephyra – “Lady of Breezes and Tranquility”

Malachor – “Bringer of Ruin and Annihilation”

Vorlyn – “The Silent One, Keeper of Secrets”

Xalvira – “Goddess of Darkness and Desolation”

 Famous Daedra Names

 How To Choose A Good Daedra Name

Choosing a name for your Daedra character in the vast world of fantasy can be an exciting and significant endeavor. Daedra names possess a certain allure, carrying the weight of ancient power and mystique. They not only define your character’s identity but also add depth and authenticity to their persona. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good Daedra name and guide you through the process of creating a name that resonates with your character and the Daedra culture they inhabit.

Understanding Daedra Names:

Daedra names have a rich history and cultural significance within the Elder Scrolls universe. These names are deeply rooted in the lore of the Daedra pantheon, which consists of powerful and enigmatic entities. Understanding the origins and symbolism of Daedra names can help you create a name that aligns with the spirit of your character and the realm they belong to. Daedra names often feature unique phonetics, aesthetic qualities, and visual elements that distinguish them from other fantasy names.

Researching Daedra Lore:

Before diving into the process of choosing a Daedra name, it is essential to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the Elder Scrolls lore. Explore the vast realms of Oblivion and study the various Daedra Princes and their domains. Delve into the history, myths, and stories associated with these entities. This research will provide you with inspiration and insights into the nature of Daedra names, helping you craft a name that reflects the essence of your character.

Defining Your Character:

To choose a good Daedra name, you must first have a clear understanding of your character’s traits, personality, and backstory. Consider their motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and the role they play within the Elder Scrolls universe. Is your character a fierce warrior seeking vengeance, or a cunning rogue skilled in the art of deception? Defining your character’s identity will guide you in selecting a name that resonates with their essence.

Considering Phonetics and Aesthetics:

Daedra names often have a unique phonetic quality, evoking a sense of otherworldliness. Pay attention to the sounds, syllables, and rhythms of the name you are crafting. Experiment with different combinations to create a name that rolls off the tongue and carries a certain musicality. Additionally, consider the visual and thematic elements associated with Daedra culture. Incorporate symbols and aesthetics that reflect the dark and mysterious nature of the Daedra realms.

Incorporating Meaning and Symbolism:

Daedra names often carry hidden meanings and symbolism. Dive into the meanings behind Daedra words and symbols to infuse depth and significance into your character’s name. Choose components that represent the character’s purpose, attributes, or destiny. For example, if your character embodies the concept of stealth and shadows, incorporate words related to darkness or stealth into their name. The symbolism and meaning behind the name will add layers of depth to your character’s identity.

Testing and Refining:

Once you have created a Daedra name that resonates with your character and captures the essence of the Daedra culture, it’s time to test its effectiveness. Seek feedback from fellow enthusiasts or friends who are familiar with the Elder Scrolls universe. Gauge their reactions and consider their insights. Additionally, test how the name sounds when spoken aloud or written down. Refine and iterate the name if necessary, ensuring it is both pleasing to the ear and evocative of the character’s nature.


In conclusion, we hope that this article on “700 Daedra Names” has sparked your imagination and provided you with a wealth of creative options for naming your fantasy characters. Naming is an essential aspect of world-building and storytelling, as it helps shape the identity and personality of your creations. By incorporating these daedra names into your works, you can infuse your stories with a sense of otherworldly enchantment and intrigue.

Remember, the power of a name lies in its ability to captivate readers and transport them to realms beyond their everyday lives. Each name on our list has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of mysticism, darkness, and wonder. Whether you’re embarking on an epic quest, unraveling ancient secrets, or engaging in battles of cosmic proportions, these daedra names will lend an air of authenticity and depth to your characters.

So go forth and unleash your creativity! Experiment with these names, mix and match them, and let your imagination soar. The possibilities are endless, and with the right name, you can create characters that will leave a lasting impact on your readers. Embrace the magic and intricacies of the daedra names, and let them guide you on a fantastical journey of storytelling. May your characters find their voices and your stories resonate with readers far and wide. Happy naming!


Daedra Names