700 Dagger Names That Will Leave a Mark: the Power of Words

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Dagger Names”! We’ve curated a collection of creative and captivating names that are sure to inspire your imagination. As the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Similarly, not all daggers are meant to be merely sharp objects; they can possess a character of their own, reflecting the stories they have witnessed and the battles they have fought.

With over three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I’ve delved deep into the realm of fantasy character naming. It’s a fascinating field that requires a blend of creativity and storytelling prowess. Crafting names for daggers is no different. Each name has the power to evoke a sense of mystique, strength, or danger, depending on the story you want to tell. As a specialist in this domain, I’ve handpicked the most intriguing and evocative names to share with you today.

Rest assured, dear reader, that by the end of this article, you will find a truly unique name for your dagger. Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration for a fictional weapon, a gamer looking to enhance your character’s arsenal, or simply a fan of all things fantastical, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to embark on a journey through a vast collection of dagger names, where you’ll discover hidden gems that will add depth and excitement to your creative endeavors. Let’s dive in!

Dagger Names

Dagger Names

  • Obsidian Fang
  • Venomstrike Blade
  • Thunderstorm Shiv
  • Inferno’s Grasp
  • Frostbite Dagger
  • Moonshadow Blade
  • Shadowfire Stiletto
  • Stormbreaker Shiv
  • Crimson Rose Dagger
  • Nightfall Blade
  • Death’s Embrace
  • Starfall Stiletto
  • Soulrender Dagger
  • Voidborne Shiv
  • Celestia’s Gaze
  • Steelwind Blade
  • Serpent’s Sorrow
  • Ebonthorn Dagger
  • Ashen Whisper
  • Lunar Shiver
  • Dragonfire Blade
  • Frostwind Stiletto
  • Shadowstrike Dagger
  • Stormbringer Shiv
  • Emberblade
  • Twilight’s Touch
  • Viperfang Dagger
  • Bloodmoon Blade
  • Shadowfrost Shiv
  • Soulthirst Dagger
  • Ironbreeze Blade
  • Echoing Death
  • Silent Reaper
  • Stormcaster Shiv
  • Frostbite Blade
  • Moonlit Stiletto
  • Shadowthorn Dagger
  • Venomous Bite
  • Emberstorm Shiv
  • Starfire Dagger
  • Deathwhisper Blade
  • Voidheart Stiletto
  • Thunderclap Dagger
  • Blazefury Shiv
  • Ebony Fang
  • Nightshade Blade
  • Serpent’s Fury
  • Frostbite Stiletto
  • Shadowstrike Shiv
  • Stormrend Dagger
  • Infernal Scourge
  • Moonshadow Blade
  • Ashenfang Dagger
  • Lunar Eclipse Shiv
  • Venomspike Blade
  • Bloodmoon Stiletto
  • Twilight’s Call
  • Shadowflame Dagger
  • Frostwind Shiv
  • Viperstrike Blade
  • Emberglow Stiletto
  • Stormwhisper Dagger
  • Silent Death
  • Thunderstrike Shiv
  • Obsidian Thorn
  • Soulflame Blade
  • Ebonmoon Stiletto
  • Seraph’s Touch
  • Celestial Fury
  • Whispering Shadows
  • Frostbite Shiv
  • Moonlit Blade
  • Shadowclaw Dagger
  • Inferno’s Embrace
  • Stormbreaker Stiletto
  • Venomous Fang
  • Emberstorm Blade
  • Starfall Shiv
  • Deathwhisper Dagger
  • Voidheart Stiletto

20 Dagger Names With Meanings

Dagger Names

  1. Astral Whisper: An ethereal dagger that whispers secrets from distant realms.
  2. Celestial Fang: A divine blade with the bite of the heavens.
  3. Shadowsteel Blade: A dark, shimmering weapon forged in the depths of night.
  4. Phoenix’s Embrace: A fiery dagger that rises from the ashes of battle.
  5. Serpent’s Kiss: A venomous blade that delivers a deadly strike.
  6. Emberheart Dagger: A blade infused with the burning passion of the forge.
  7. Voidrend Shiv: A dagger that tears through reality, leaving void in its wake.
  8. Dreamwalker Blade: A weapon that walks the realms of dreams and reality.
  9. Echoes of Destiny: A dagger that echoes the path of fate itself.
  10. Stormweaver Shiv: A blade that controls the fury of thunder and lightning.
  11. Seraphic Whispers: A celestial dagger that whispers divine guidance.
  12. Enigma’s Edge: A mysterious blade that holds secrets untold.
  13. Lunar Eclipse Stiletto: A dagger that harnesses the power of the moon’s shadow.
  14. Obsidian Veil Dagger: A blade cloaked in darkness, veiled from prying eyes.
  15. Prismthorn Shiv: A dagger adorned with prismatic thorns that refract light.
  16. Solitary Moonblade: A solitary dagger that reflects the moon’s solitary glow.
  17. Everlasting Ebon Spike: A timeless dagger forged from eternal darkness.
  18. Vortexsteel Blade: A swirling blade that harnesses the power of a vortex.
  19. Whispering Zephyr Dagger: A blade that moves with the gentle whispers of the wind.
  20. Arcane Nexus Shiv: A dagger that taps into the mysteries of the arcane nexus.

Sci Fi Dagger Names

Dagger Names

  • Quantumstrike – Harnessing the power of quantum physics.
  • Neutron Blade – Infused with the energy of subatomic particles.
  • Plasma Saber – A blade of superheated plasma.
  • Nebula Edge – Inspired by the beauty of distant galaxies.
  • Cybersteel Dagger – Forged from advanced cybernetic alloys.
  • Warpblade – Able to manipulate space-time fabric.
  • Ionizer Dagger – Emits charged particles for devastating attacks.
  • Photon Slice – Cuts through matter with focused light energy.
  • Synaptic Stiletto – Enhances neural impulses for lightning-fast strikes.
  • Nanotech Shiv – Infused with microscopic machines for deadly precision.
  • Graviton Fang – Manipulates gravitational forces to deadly effect.
  • Chrono Blade – Controls time to outmaneuver opponents.
  • Void Piercer – A blade that taps into the power of the cosmic void.
  • Electromagnetic Dagger – Utilizes electromagnetic fields for versatile attacks.
  • Fusion Spike – Combines atomic nuclei for explosive power.
  • Hyperion Blade – Named after the mythological titan of light.
  • Tesla Stabber – Harnesses electricity to shock adversaries.
  • Plasma-Infused Shiv – Infused with superheated plasma for searing wounds.
  • Quantum Slicer – Slices through dimensions with quantum precision.
  • Holographic Dagger – Projects realistic holograms for deceptive maneuvers.
  • Arcane Blade – Tapped into mysterious and powerful arcane energies.
  • Tachyon Stiletto – Moves faster than the speed of light.
  • Plasma Pulse Dagger – Releases pulses of plasma for rapid strikes.
  • Gravitic Shiv – Manipulates gravity to control the trajectory of attacks.
  • Cyberspace Cutter – Able to penetrate digital defenses.
  • Sonic Dagger – Emits powerful sonic waves for disorienting foes.
  • Nanofiber Blade – Composed of interwoven nanofibers for enhanced durability.
  • Psyblade – Amplifies psychic abilities for mental attacks.
  • Dark Matter Dagger – Forged from the enigmatic substance of the cosmos.
  • Warpstone Shiv – Contains a fragment of a warpstone for unpredictable effects.

Funny Dagger Names

Dagger Names

  • Poke-A-Smile – It’ll leave them laughing.
  • Ticklish Stabber – Prone to making foes giggle.
  • Quirkblade – Eccentricity in every stab.
  • Wobble Slicer – Leaves targets off balance.
  • Giggle Stiletto – Inflicting laughter, not pain.
  • Chuckle Chopper – Cuts with a comedic touch.
  • Punny Puncture – A joke-filled stab.
  • Silly Shiv – A comically absurd blade.
  • Giggleslash – Slashes with laughter-inducing precision.
  • Whimsy Dagger – Infused with whimsical magic.
  • Chucklespike – Brings laughter to the battlefield.
  • Prankster’s Stabber – A blade that plays tricks.
  • Jester’s Jambiya – Fit for a mischievous jester.
  • Witblade – Wields wit with every strike.
  • Chuckling Cutlass – A cutlass that chuckles.
  • Hoaxing Harpoon – Tricky, yet deadly.
  • Witty Skewer – Pierces with cleverness.
  • Laughter Lacerator – Laughs with every slice.
  • Fool’s Foil – A blade that mocks.
  • Hilarious Hacker – Hacks with humor.
  • Jolly Javelin – Brings joy to the thrower.
  • Clownish Carver – Carves smiles into enemies.
  • Chucklepoint – Stabbing spot of amusement.
  • Humor Hatchet – A hatchet that jokes.
  • Chuckleblade – Cuts through seriousness with laughter.
  • Funny Fillet – A fishy blade with a sense of humor.
  • Jester’s Shiv – A jester’s weapon of choice.
  • Chuckling Chopstick – Laughs its way through targets.
  • Giggling Guisarme – A polearm that never takes itself seriously.
  • Jestful Jabber – Stabs with jest and japes.

Cool Dagger Names

  • Shadowstrike – Strikes from the darkness.
  • Frostbite Blade – A blade that freezes foes.
  • Midnight Serpent – Strikes swiftly and silently.
  • Stormlash – Unleashes the power of the tempest.
  • Phoenix Fang – Rises from the ashes to strike.
  • Venomous Viper – Injects deadly venom with each stab.
  • Thunderbolt Shiv – Strikes with the force of lightning.
  • Eclipse Dagger – Plunges enemies into darkness.
  • Silvermoon Stiletto – A blade blessed by the moon.
  • Bladestorm – Unleashes a whirlwind of deadly strikes.
  • Ashen Edge – Infused with the power of fire.
  • Frostfire Dagger – Combines ice and fire in one blade.
  • Nightshade Shiv – Coated in a potent toxin.
  • Stormbringer – Harnesses the power of raging storms.
  • Obsidian Spike – A dark and razor-sharp weapon.
  • Frostwind Blade – Cuts through the chill of winter.
  • Shadowstep Dagger – Enables swift and silent movement.
  • Thunderstrike Shiv – Shocks enemies with thunderous force.
  • Eclipse Spike – A blade that eclipses the light.
  • Phantom Fang – Strikes with ghostly precision.
  • Inferno Blade – Engulfs enemies in flames.
  • Frostbite Shiv – Freezes foes with an icy touch.
  • Twilight Serpent – Strikes in the hour of twilight.
  • Thunderclap Dagger – Delivers a deafening blow.
  • Moonshadow Stiletto – Cloaked in lunar darkness.
  • Stormwhisper – Whispers the fury of the storm.
  • Celestial Spike – Infused with celestial energy.
  • Frostburn Blade – Burns with icy intensity.
  • Shadowfire Dagger – Blends shadow and flame.
  • Nightfall Shiv – Brings darkness to all who face it.

Famous Dagger Names

  • Excalibur’s Point – A legendary King Arthur’s dagger.
  • Sting – Frodo Baggins’ trusty companion.
  • Harpe – Perseus’ weapon against Medusa.
  • Brisingr – Eragon’s magical dragon-forged dagger.
  • Tyrfing – A cursed weapon from Norse mythology.
  • Tizona – The sword of El Cid Campeador.
  • Durendal – Roland’s unbreakable weapon in the Song of Roland.
  • Angrist – The dagger used by Fëanor to steal a Silmaril.
  • Khopesh of Horus – An ancient Egyptian dagger.
  • Kukri – A traditional Nepalese knife with a curved blade.
  • Airgeadlamh – The silver arm of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
  • Szczerbiec – The coronation sword of Polish kings.
  • Orondor – The dagger of the elven king Gil-galad.
  • Crocea Mors – Julius Caesar’s ceremonial dagger.
  • Jambiya – A traditional Arab dagger with a curved blade.
  • Hrunting – The magical sword given to Beowulf.
  • Kindjal – A Central Asian and Caucasian dagger.
  • Misericorde – A long, narrow dagger used for mercy killings.
  • Parazonium – A short Roman dagger carried by emperors.
  • Main Gauche – A dagger used in conjunction with a rapier.
  • Vajra – A ritual dagger used in Vajrayana Buddhism.
  • Sgian-dubh – A Scottish ceremonial dagger worn in the sock.
  • Panther’s Fang – A mythical dagger associated with Black Panther.
  • Wolf’s Bite – A dagger inspired by Fenrir, the Norse wolf.
  • Shuriken Dagger – A throwing dagger inspired by ninja weapons.
  • Eagle’s Talon – A symbolic dagger associated with freedom and power.
  • Dragon’s Breath – A dagger with a dragon-themed hilt.
  • Serpent’s Kiss – A dagger with a snake-shaped handle.
  • Griffin’s Claw – A dagger adorned with griffin motifs.
  • Lionheart Blade – A dagger reminiscent of Richard the Lionheart.

Twin Dagger Names

Echo Blades – Mirroring each other in perfect harmony.

Serpent Slicers – Strike like venomous serpents.

Gemini Knives – Dual blades embodying the zodiac sign.

Harmony Stabbers – Working together in perfect synchrony.

Twin Shadows – Elusive blades that strike from all angles.

Mirror Cutlasses – Reflecting each other’s deadly beauty.

Double Helix Daggers – Spiraling blades of genetic symmetry.

Duality Blades – Balancing Yin and Yang in every strike.

Reflection Stilettos – Reflecting the enemy’s demise.

Dual Venomblades – Injecting poison in dual doses.

Gemini Crescent – Twin blades in the shape of a crescent moon.

Harmony Piercers – Finding harmony through piercing strikes.

Twinfire Shivs – Igniting enemies with dual flames.

Echo Slice – Blades that resonate with each other’s impact.

Mirrorblade – Twin blades that reflect each other’s strength.

Twin Serpent Fangs – Striking together like venomous snakes.

Gemini Flash – Quick as lightning, twice the devastation.

Doubletide Blades – Flowing like the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Harmony Fangs – Inflicting harmony through dual bites.

Twin Comet Cutters – Swift and unstoppable like twin comets.

Mirrorshard Stilettos – Fragmented reflections of danger.

Dual Rhythm Daggers – Dancing to the rhythm of combat.

Gemini Shiver – Sends shivers down the enemy’s spine.

Twinblood Shivs – Spilling blood in double doses.

Echostrike Blades – Striking with echoes of power.

Harmony Thrust – Thrusting together in perfect harmony.

Reflection Piercers – Piercing through reflections of fear.

Dual Phoenix Slicers – Rising from ashes to slice enemies.

Gemini Whisper – Silent and deadly like a whispering breeze.

Mirrorwhip Daggers – Blades that mirror the art of whip-like strikes.

Elvish Dagger Names

Aerendil – “Morning Star” .

Lómelindë – “Nightshade”

Nenharma – “Water Blade”

Tinúviel – “Daughter of Twilight”

Eärfalas – “Sea Foam” .

Gwaeron – “Serenity”

Aldaron – “Tree Lord” .

Aeluin – “Blue Water” .

Eärrámë – “Sea Wing” .

Celebrindal – “Silverfoot” .

Eldalótë – “Starflower”

Galadhrim – “Tree People” .

Cuilë – “Moonlight”

Caladwen – “Radiant Maiden” h.

Tinúlin – “Star Song” .

Nimloth – “White Blossom” sh.

Sindanórië “Grey Haven” .

Gwaelas – “Wood Elf” .

Aldaron – “Old Man of Trees”

Nénharma – “Water Blade”

Eärendil – “Sea-lover” .

Aelinor – “Starlight” .

Lómelindë – “Nightshade”

Tindómë – “Twilight”

Cúmëtar – “Moon Blade” .

Lissësúlë – “Sweet Breeze” .

Annúvien – “Evening Star”

Elessar – “Elfstone”

Tinwerúva – “Starheart”

Eärrámë – “Sea Wing”

Unique Dagger Names

Quillstrike – Pierces like a feathered arrow.

Aetherblade – Taps into the fabric of existence.

Chromatic Stiletto – Shimmers with ever-changing colors.

Soulthorn – Absorbs the essence of fallen foes.

Whisperwind Dagger – Moves silently on the wind.

Solstice Slicer – Cuts through the turning of seasons.

Ethereal Shiv – Exists between realms, impossible to grasp.

Sablethorn – A blade as dark as midnight.

Rune Carver – Engraves ancient symbols of power.

Astral Edge – Cuts through the fabric of reality.

Mirage Dagger – Plays tricks on the eye.

Maelstrom Spike – Channels the chaotic forces of a storm.

Enigma Blade – Shrouded in mystery and riddles.

Celestia’s Kiss – Bestowed with celestial blessings.

Nexus Shiv – Connects the threads of fate.

Obsidian Whisper – A blade that speaks in whispers.

Prismstrike – Breaks light into its vibrant components.

Voidlash – Taps into the emptiness between dimensions.

Dreamweaver Dagger – Weaves illusions in the minds of enemies.

Elysian Stiletto – Radiates an otherworldly aura.

Lumina’s Embrace – Illuminates the path to victory.

Shadowmeld Blade – Dissolves into the darkness.

Seraph’s Tear – A celestial teardrop transformed into a dagger.

Verdant Thorn – Harnesses the power of nature’s wrath.

Illusionist’s Shiv – Creates illusions to deceive foes.

Nebula Spike – Sparkles with the colors of distant galaxies.

Enigmatic Fang – A mysterious blade with unknown origins.

Spiritborne Dagger – Binds the wielder’s soul to the blade.

Cipherslice – Breaks codes and cuts through defenses.

Ephemeral Shiv – Fades away after each strike.

Best Dagger Names

Oblivion’s Edge – Cuts through all that exists.

Seraph’s Grace – Strikes with divine precision.

Harbinger of Doom – Foretells the end of enemies.

Valiant Heart – Wielded by heroes of great courage.

Eternity’s Blade – Immortal and unyielding.

Phoenix’s Respite – Rises from the ashes of battle.

Sovereign’s Justice – Dispenses righteous retribution.

Shadowbane – Strikes fear into the hearts of darkness.

Celestial Sunder – Tears apart the heavens themselves.

Radiant Glory – Shines with blinding brilliance.

Stormrender – Unleashes the fury of the tempest.

Echo of Heroes – Honors the legends of the past.

Silent Reaper – Claims lives without making a sound.

Celestium – Forged from the stars, a blade of destiny.

Fateweaver – Controls the threads of destiny.

Vengeance’s Embrace – Seeks justice for the wronged.

Eternal Vigil – Forever watchful, forever deadly.

Serpent’s Sorrow – Leaves a trail of sorrow in its wake.

Thunderous Retribution – Strikes with thunderous wrath.

Vanquisher’s Touch – Erases foes from existence.

Infinium Blade – A blade without limits, without end.

Defiant Honor – Defends with unwavering loyalty.

Celestial Wrath – Unleashes divine fury upon enemies.

Solstice’s Grace – Celebrates the turning of the seasons.

Valor’s Might – Exemplifies strength and bravery.

Twilight’s Embrace – Brings peace to the twilight hour.

Enigma’s Veil – Shrouds the wielder in mystery and power.

Immortal Scourge – Defies death with every strike.

Elysian Champion – A blade fit for a true champion.

Nexus of Power – Harnesses the energies of the cosmos.

Dagger Names

How To Choose A Good Dagger Name

When it comes to crafting a captivating story or immersing oneself in the realm of gaming, every detail matters. From the characters to the settings, every element contributes to the overall experience. One such detail that often holds symbolic significance is the name given to a dagger. A well-chosen dagger name can elevate its role in the narrative, making it more than just a weapon. In this article, we delve into the art of choosing a good dagger name and explore the factors to consider along the way.

Understanding the Purpose of the Dagger

Before embarking on the quest for the perfect dagger name, it’s essential to understand the purpose of the dagger itself. Whether you’re a writer crafting a story or a gamer developing a character, the dagger serves a specific role. Analyzing the characteristics and symbolism associated with daggers can provide valuable insights. Is the dagger a weapon of stealth, an instrument of justice, or a relic of ancient power? By aligning the name with the intended purpose, you can imbue the dagger with greater depth and meaning.

Researching Historical and Mythological References

To unlock a world of inspiration, delving into historical and mythological references is a fruitful endeavor. Many ancient cultures had distinct names for their daggers, each steeped in their own mythology and traditions. Researching names from ancient civilizations such as the Vikings, Romans, or Samurai can offer a rich tapestry of possibilities. Additionally, exploring mythological stories and legends associated with daggers can unearth unique names that carry a sense of mystique and enchantment.

Considering the Dagger’s Design and Features

The physical attributes and design of a dagger can guide you in choosing a fitting name. Take a moment to examine the dagger’s shape, materials, and overall aesthetic. Does it possess a sleek and elegant form, or is it rugged and battle-worn? Consider the symbolism behind these characteristics and how they align with the purpose of the dagger. A dagger with a jagged blade and darkened hilt might evoke a sense of danger, while a finely crafted and ornate dagger could hint at nobility or royalty.

Harnessing the Power of Language and Imagery

Language has an extraordinary ability to evoke emotions and paint vivid pictures in the minds of readers or players. As you embark on the journey of naming your dagger, consider the power of literary devices and figurative language. Metaphors, alliteration, or even onomatopoeia can add depth and impact to the name. Craft a name that conjures imagery and captures the essence of the dagger’s significance. For example, a dagger named “Whispering Shadows” invokes a sense of stealth and intrigue.

Incorporating Cultural and Linguistic Influences

Language is a gateway to different cultures, and incorporating diverse influences can lend an air of authenticity to your dagger name. Explore languages beyond your own and draw inspiration from their unique lexicons. Be mindful of cultural appropriation and ensure that you approach this process with respect. A name derived from ancient Gaelic, Japanese, or Norse languages can infuse your dagger with a sense of history and cultural richness.

Testing and Refining the Dagger Name

As with any creative endeavor, seeking feedback is crucial in refining your dagger name. Share your chosen name with trusted individuals who can provide valuable insights and perspectives. Consider their interpretations and suggestions, making adjustments and iterations where necessary. Remember that the ultimate goal is to create a name that resonates with both you as the creator and the audience who will encounter the dagger in your story or game.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Dagger Names” has sparked your creativity and provided you with a wealth of options for naming your own daggers. From the mystical and enchanting to the bold and fearsome, the names we’ve shared are designed to add depth and personality to your fictional world or gaming experience. Remember, a well-chosen name can bring a dagger to life, imbuing it with a story and capturing the imagination of those who encounter it.

As a naming specialist with a passion for the fantastical, I understand the importance of finding the perfect name. It can make a world of difference in how your characters and their weapons are perceived by your audience. By delving into the vast array of dagger names we’ve compiled, you’ll have the opportunity to unearth a name that resonates with your vision and adds an extra layer of intrigue to your storytelling or gaming adventures.

So go forth, armed with the knowledge of 700 unique dagger names. Let your imagination run wild as you select the one that speaks to you and enhances your creative endeavors. May your daggers be sharp, your characters be memorable, and your stories be filled with excitement. Happy naming!


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