700 Unique Darth Names for Your Epic Star Wars Adventures

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Darth Names”! In this post, we’re excited to share a collection of creative and unique names inspired by the iconic character Darth Vader from the Star Wars universe. As the famous Sith Lord once said, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” So, prepare to be amazed as we delve into a galaxy of naming possibilities.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of fantasy character naming, I’ve had the opportunity to explore various realms of imagination. From wizards and warriors to aliens and mythical creatures, crafting names that capture the essence of these fictional beings has been my passion. Now, I bring my expertise to the realm of the Sith, where we unleash the power of imagination to create 700 impressive Darth names.

Are you tired of the same old naming conventions? Do you long for a name that stands out from the crowd? Look no further! In this article, you will discover a vast array of unique and captivating Darth names that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re a fan of the dark side or simply seeking a distinctive moniker for a character in your own creative works, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to be inspired and let the journey to finding your perfect Darth name begin!

Darth Names

Darth Names

  • Malakor
  • Vexaris
  • Serpentia
  • Morwenix
  • Azraelis
  • Zephyrion
  • Nefraxis
  • Draconus
  • Stygiara
  • Oblivior
  • Nyctaria
  • Vesperus
  • Ravendus
  • Exsilara
  • Solitarius
  • Nocturnix
  • Valeriona
  • Infernalix
  • Veritara
  • Lucidora
  • Vortigan
  • Mortifex
  • Draegora
  • Seraphis
  • Zalvadoris
  • Nefarix
  • Solara
  • Ravacus
  • Nycturnus
  • Vesprix
  • Oblivora
  • Malatrix
  • Xeraphis
  • Stygiana
  • Vexorin
  • Draconiax
  • Seraphara
  • Zephyrus
  • Inferna
  • Mortifara
  • Valerionis
  • Exsilus
  • Solitaris
  • Nocturnara
  • Veritrix
  • Lucidus
  • Vortigara
  • Nefarionis
  • Draegonix
  • Seraphara
  • Zalvarus
  • Nycturnara
  • Vesperis
  • Oblivian
  • Malakora
  • Xeraphara
  • Stygiana
  • Vexaris
  • Draconius
  • Infernara
  • Mortifax
  • Valeriona
  • Exsilus
  • Solitara
  • Nocturnara
  • Veritara
  • Lucidus
  • Vortigan
  • Nefarix
  • Draegora
  • Seraphina
  • Zephyra
  • Infernus
  • Mortivia
  • Valeriona
  • Exsilara
  • Solitara
  • Nocturnis
  • Veritara
  • Lucidora

20 Darth Names With Meanings

Darth Names

  1. Darth Vexis – “Bearer of Unyielding Fury”
  2. Darth Obsidian – “Master of Shadowed Manipulation”
  3. Darth Maligma – “Twisted Architect of Secrets”
  4. Darth Riven – “Divider of Loyalties and Alliances”
  5. Darth Nyx – “Bringer of Endless Night”
  6. Darth Tempest – “Unleasher of Stormy Chaos”
  7. Darth Ignis – “Harbinger of Infernal Flames”
  8. Darth Nihilus – “Devourer of All Life”
  9. Darth Ebon – “Champion of Eternal Darkness”
  10. Darth Kyrosis – “Conqueror of Fear and Doubt”
  11. Darth Solus – “Bearer of Unwavering Will”
  12. Darth Umbra – “Caster of Enveloping Shadows”
  13. Darth Exar – “Master of Forbidden Knowledge”
  14. Darth Phobos – “Instiller of Deepest Dread”
  15. Darth Nyssa – “Sower of Poisoned Whispers”
  16. Darth Tyrannus – “Master of Ruthless Dominion”
  17. Darth Zephyr – “Manipulator of Tempestuous Forces”
  18. Darth Vorax – “Consuming Force of Annihilation”
  19. Darth Vespera – “Harbinger of Twilight’s Embrace”
  20. Darth Zephyra – “Mistress of Whispering Winds”

Darth Name Ideas

Darth Names Ideas

Vexorius – Mysterious and powerful dark warrior.

Malakor – Bringer of chaos and destruction.

Nefarian – Cunning master of dark arts.

Mortalis – Harbinger of death and despair.

Obsidianus – Dark knight of the shadows.

Ravynor – Enigmatic lord of the Sith.

Nocturnus – Nightfall personified in a Sith Lord.

Azrakel – Ancient and feared Sith sorcerer.

Infernus – Inferno of darkness and malevolence.

Zephyrus – Tempestuous Sith Lord, swift and deadly.

Sanguis – Bloodthirsty embodiment of Sith power.

Morbion – Vile and merciless wielder of the dark side.

Xalvador – Twisted and sinister Sith enforcer.

Stygianus – Dweller of the stygian abyss, shrouded in darkness.

Venomor – Venomous Sith assassin with deadly precision.

Gravion – Bearer of immense gravitational force, crushing all foes.

Abyssor – Conduit of the dark abyss, consuming all light.

Shadara – Mistress of shadows and mistress of deception.

Zeraphel – Fallen angel of the Sith, once bathed in light.

Draconis – Serpentine Sith Lord, wreathed in fire and fury.

Atramentus – Ink-black Sith scholar, master of forbidden knowledge.

Maledictus – Accursed Sith sorcerer, cursing all who cross his path.

Vespera – Evening star, bringing twilight and despair.

Onyxus – Unyielding Sith general, unbreakable and relentless.

Eclipso – Eclipse of hope, casting a shadow over the galaxy.

Nyctos – Shadowy Sith lord, ruler of the night.

Solarius – Dark sun, scorching all in its path with dark power.

Umbrae – Swarm of shadows, consuming all that is light.

Ignisar – Incendiary Sith master, setting the galaxy ablaze.

Verminus – Corrupter of life, spreading decay and pestilence.

Star Wars Darth Names

Darth Names

Malrex – Malevolent ruler of darkness.

Vexara – Troubler of the galaxy.

Serpentus – Cunning and venomous Sith.

Morvax – Dark warrior of destruction.

Azrakon – Fearsome conqueror of worlds.

Zephyrion – Master of swirling winds.

Nefraxis – Sinister architect of chaos.

Draconar – Fiery dragon of the Sith.

Stygarius – Shadowy assassin of fear.

Oblivik – Bringer of oblivion and despair.

Nyctaris – Nightmarish Sith harbinger.

Vesprius – Emissary of twilight and shadows.

Ravexus – Ruthless tyrant of the Sith.

Exsilara – Banished and vengeful Sith.

Solivus – Solitary Sith master of solitude.

Nocturnus – Master of darkness and night.

Valerion – Valiant and relentless Sith.

Infernox – Infernal embodiment of fury.

Veratrix – Mistress of manipulation and deceit.

Lucidus – Enlightened and visionary Sith.

Vortigus – Herald of vortexes and chaos.

Nefarian – Malevolent force of corruption.

Draegonar – Ferocious Sith warrior-dragon.

Seraphora – Serene and deadly Sith angel.

Zalvix – Deceptive and seductive Sith.

Nycturis – Enigmatic and shadowy Sith.

Vesperis – Twilight guardian of secrets.

Oblivaris – Eradicator of hope and memory.

Malivora – Devourer of light and goodness.

Xeraphara – Celestial avenger of the Sith.

Darth Names Male

Zekar – Ruthless and cunning Sith warrior.

Vorin – Dark and brooding Sith Lord.

Calixus – Master of manipulation and deception.

Draven – Intimidating enforcer of the Sith Order.

Thallax – Relentless and unforgiving Sith executioner.

Vexxon – Vicious and feared Sith assassin.

Mordek – Ancient and wise Sith master.

Zephyrion – Swift and agile Sith duelist.

Ravacor – Dark and mysterious Sith sorcerer.

Lucianus – Powerful and imposing Sith warlord.

Zargon – Brutal and merciless Sith conqueror.

Malifax – Corrupt and ambitious Sith Lord.

Azrael – Angel of death, reaper of souls.

Orinthal – Enigmatic and enshrouded in darkness.

Zalvador – Relentless and unyielding Sith general.

Nocturnus – Nightmarish Sith apparition, haunting dreams.

Nefarius – Sinister and malevolent Sith mastermind.

Mortivus – Harbinger of doom and despair.

Seraphis – Ascendant Sith lord, wreathed in flames.

Xalvador – Vengeful and merciless Sith destroyer.

Oblivion – Eraser of existence, wiping away all hope.

Draconis – Dragon-like Sith warrior, unleashing fiery wrath.

Vesperon – Shrouded in twilight, embodiment of fading light.

Infernus – Fiery and wrathful Sith tormentor.

Gravis – Heavy-handed Sith enforcer, crushing opposition.

Stygianus – Dweller of the stygian depths, drinking in darkness.

Xerxes – Emperor of shadows, ruler of the night.

Abyssor – Devourer of souls, submerging all in eternal darkness.

Morbion – Twisted and contorted Sith abomination.

Venarix – Venomous Sith infiltrator, striking unseen.

Darth Names Female

Malora – Seductive and deadly Sith temptress.

Vespera – Mistress of shadows and mistress of illusions.

Nyxara – Nightmarish Sith sorceress, conjurer of dark nightmares.

Zarael – Enigmatic and alluring Sith enchantress.

Seraphina – Fiery and fierce Sith warrior queen.

Lyraena – Melodic Sith assassin, luring victims with her song.

Azura – Mystic and enigmatic Sith oracle.

Ravenna – Hauntingly beautiful Sith sorceress, veiled in darkness.

Morwen – Vengeful and relentless Sith huntress.

Valeria – Elegant and deadly Sith duelist.

Zephyrine – Whisper of death, silent and swift.

Nocturna – Nightshade Sith mistress, cloaked in mystery.

Zaraena – Sinister and manipulative Sith seductress.

Malifica – Malevolent and cursed Sith enchantress.

Xanthe – Shimmering Sith sorceress, mistress of illusions.

Vesperis – Mistress of twilight, weaving dark spells.

Azraela – Angel of darkness, purveyor of doom.

Oblivia – Obliterator of hope, extinguishing all light.

Dracona – Dragon-hearted Sith queen, wreathed in flames.

Vexana – Haughty and calculating Sith dominator.

Morbiana – Twisted and tormented Sith abomination.

Stygiana – Dweller in the abyss, veiled in eternal darkness.

Xeraphina – Queen of shadows, ruler of the night.

Infernia – Infernal and wrathful Sith tormentor.

Abyssia – Devourer of souls, consuming all light.

Nyctara – Nightfall personified, harbinger of despair.

Malatrix – Manipulative and cunning Sith enchantress.

Ravynna – Mystical and seductive Sith sorceress.

Serpenthia – Serpentine Sith temptress, coiling in deception.

Valeriana – Elegant and lethal Sith duelist.

Cool Darth Names

Aetherion – Avatar of cosmic energy, wielding untold power.

Zypherius – Master of the unseen winds, manipulating reality.

Xalvion – Phoenix of darkness, rising from the ashes of light.

Excalibur – Legendary Sith knight, bearer of a dark blade.

Vindictus – Avenger of the Sith, relentless in pursuit of justice.

Zephyrus – Whisperer of storms, controlling lightning and thunder.

Nighthawk – Stealthy and elusive Sith assassin, striking swiftly.

Chronos – Time-bender, altering the fabric of reality.

Orionus – Constellation of darkness, guiding the Sith’s path.

Eclipse – Celestial phenomenon, casting the galaxy into shadow.

Vortex – Swirling maelstrom of Sith power, consuming all in its wake.

Solstice – Balance of light and darkness, wielded by the Sith.

Darkfire – Infernal flames, burning with malevolence.

Nebulon – Celestial cloud of chaos, distorting perceptions.

Astralyn – Astral traveler, exploring the depths of the Force.

Spectralis – Haunting and ethereal Sith spirit.

Nebulus – Mist of uncertainty, shrouding the Sith’s true intentions.

Thunderstrike – Resonating with thunderous power, shaking the galaxy.

Voidwalker – Transcending reality, traversing the void.

Virescent – Verdant Sith master, manipulating life energy.

Oblivion – Consuming emptiness, erasing all traces of existence.

Ragnarok – Apocalypse bringer, heralding the Sith’s triumph.

Helios – Solar inferno, scorching all in its path.

Aetherius – Luminary of darkness, illuminating the Sith’s path.

Paragon – Epitome of Sith perfection, surpassing all others.

Umbraxis – Shrouded in eternal darkness, harbinger of doom.

Stellaris – Celestial entity, radiating cosmic power.

Tyrannis – Ruthless and tyrannical Sith dictator.

Phantasmagoria – Illusory realm, distorting reality.

Ignis – Consuming fire, purging the galaxy of weakness.

Good Darth Names

Veritas – Seeker of truth and justice, fighting for balance.

Valiantus – Gallant Sith knight, upholding a code of honor.

Luminara – Radiant and compassionate Sith healer.

Seraphic – Angelic Sith guardian, protecting the innocent.

Valoran – Valiant and noble Sith warrior, defending the weak.

Equinox – Balance-bringer, seeking harmony within the Force.

Stellara – Guiding star, illuminating the path of righteousness.

Astraea – Celestial embodiment of justice, wielding the Force with fairness.

Harmonia – Harmonious Sith diplomat, seeking peace through negotiation.

Solarius – Radiant sun, bestowing warmth and light.

Aequitas – Arbiter of fairness, ensuring justice prevails.

Serenita – Serene and tranquil Sith sage, mediating conflicts.

Virtuosus – Virtuous and righteous Sith champion.

Illuminara – Beacon of hope, inspiring others with her light.

Fortis – Resilient and courageous Sith defender, standing against tyranny.

Amara – Immortal and compassionate Sith sage, guiding lost souls.

Justarius – Upholder of truth and righteousness, dispelling darkness.

Valora – Valor incarnate, embodying bravery and heroism.

Serenius – Serene and wise Sith counselor, offering guidance to others.

Sapiens – Enlightened Sith scholar, seeking knowledge and wisdom.

Concordia – Proponent of harmony and unity, bridging divides.

Salvator – Savior of the weak and oppressed, championing justice.

Veridicus – Truth-seeker, uncovering lies and deceit.

Equitatus – Advocate for fairness and equality, promoting balance.

Claritas – Clarity of purpose, illuminating the Sith’s path.

Amaranthia – Eternal Sith spirit, embodying undying compassion.

Justicia – Impartial and just Sith magistrate, ensuring fairness.

Seraphina – Angelic Sith protector, shielding innocents from harm.

Virtus – Exemplar of virtue, upholding moral principles.

Lucidus – Lucid and enlightened Sith philosopher.

Darth Sith Names

Malatrix – Mistress of darkness, corrupting the hearts of others.

Azaroth – Malevolent and cunning Sith manipulator.

Vexor – Tormentor of souls, inflicting agony with sadistic pleasure.

Nocturna – Embrace of the night, sowing fear in the hearts of enemies.

Ravager – Devourer of worlds, leaving destruction in the Sith’s wake.

Oblivion – Eradicator of hope, obliterating all traces of light.

Nefarion – Architect of chaos, reveling in anarchy and disorder.

Zalvatrix – Seductive and treacherous Sith seductress.

Mortalis – Bringer of death and decay, heralding the Sith’s triumph.

Infernix – Inferno of the Sith, engulfing all in flames of darkness.

Vespera – Mistress of shadows, orchestrating manipulative schemes.

Zephyrus – Gale-force fury, unleashing storms of Sith power.

Draconis – Dragon of the Sith, embodying primal fury and ferocity.

Stygian – Haunter of the stygian abyss, feeding on despair.

Abyssia – Abyssal sorceress, channeling dark energies from the depths.

Morbion – Twisted and abominable Sith abomination, defying nature.

Xalvador – Harbinger of doom, foretelling the Sith’s reign.

Venomora – Toxic seductress, poisoning the hearts of the weak.

Malakor – Wielder of chaos, plunging the galaxy into disarray.

Vexaris – Unpredictable and enigmatic Sith trickster.

Sanguis – Bloodthirsty and sadistic Sith executioner.

Morwen – Mistress of shadows, vanishing into darkness.

Azrael – Angel of death, reaping souls for the Sith’s cause.

Oblivia – Obliterator of hope, eradicating all traces of light.

Zeraphel – Fallen angel of the Sith, consumed by darkness.

Draegon – Ruthless and fierce Sith predator, hunting down enemies.

Nyctos – Shadowy Sith lord, cloaked in perpetual night.

Venatrix – Huntress of the Sith, stalking prey with deadly precision.

Morbiana – Twisted and cursed Sith sorceress, cursing all who oppose.

Xeraphel – Archangel of the Sith, wielding celestial power for destruction.

Darth Names

How To Choose A Good Darth Name

In the vast universe of Star Wars, the Sith Lords stand out as dark and powerful figures, wielding the Force for their nefarious purposes. At the heart of their sinister identity lies their Darth names. A well-chosen Darth name not only represents the Sith’s dark persona but also adds depth and intimidation to their character. In this article, we will delve into the art of choosing a good Darth name. By understanding the Sith culture, analyzing existing Darth names, reflecting your Sith persona, crafting a unique name, seeking feedback, and finalizing your Darth name, you can unleash the power of your Sith identity.

Understanding the Sith Identity

To choose a good Darth name, it is crucial to understand the essence of the Sith. The Sith embrace the dark side of the Force, seeking power, domination, and control. Their names play a significant role in reflecting their Sith identity, instilling fear, and conveying their malevolence. By exploring the depths of the Sith culture, you can grasp the importance of Darth names and their impact on the Sith persona.

Analyzing Existing Darth Names

To gain inspiration for your own Darth name, it is helpful to analyze the existing famous Darth names within the Star Wars universe. Break down the components and elements of names such as Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Darth Sidious. Look for common patterns, such as the use of strong consonants, harsh sounds, and symbolic meanings. This analysis will provide insights into the Sith naming conventions and help you craft a name that aligns with the dark side.

Reflecting Your Sith Persona

Choosing a good Darth name involves reflecting your own Sith persona. Embrace your dark side and delve into the characteristics and traits you wish to embody as a Sith Lord. Consider your motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. Infuse these elements into the name, creating a connection between your Sith identity and the chosen Darth name. The name should evoke a sense of power, danger, and malevolence.

Crafting a Unique Darth Name

To create a unique Darth name, play with sounds and syllables. Experiment with different combinations of letters and create an impactful and memorable name. Consider using wordplay and symbolism to add layers of meaning to the name. The goal is to create a name that is distinct and stands out among other Sith Lords.

Seeking Feedback and Testing the Darth Name

Once you have crafted potential Darth names, it is essential to seek feedback from fellow Star Wars enthusiasts or Sith aficionados. Share your name ideas and evaluate the reactions and impressions they elicit. Consider how the name resonates with others and whether it aligns with the Sith identity you wish to portray. Testing the name with others can provide valuable insights and help you refine your choices.

Finalizing Your Darth Name

After gathering feedback and evaluating the resonance and impact of your potential Darth names, it’s time to make a final decision. Choose a name that captures your Sith identity, aligns with your chosen persona, and evokes the power and malevolence associated with the Sith Lords. Embrace the chosen Darth name and unleash your dark side with confidence.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Darth Names” has sparked your imagination and provided you with an abundance of options for naming your Sith-inspired characters. From the powerful and menacing to the mysterious and enigmatic, these names offer a wide range of possibilities to bring your dark side personas to life. Remember, a great name can enhance the depth and allure of your characters, making them truly memorable.

As you venture into the realm of Sith naming, don’t be afraid to mix and match, explore different combinations, and add your own personal touch. The beauty of creating Darth names lies in the freedom to let your creativity soar. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or a fan of the Star Wars universe, these names offer a gateway to a world of dark allure and captivating storytelling.

So, embrace your inner Sith Lord and seize the power of naming. With 700 unique options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the perfect name that resonates with your vision and captivates your audience. Let your characters carve their path through the galaxy, leaving a lasting impact with their formidable presence. May the force be with you as you embark on your naming journey!


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