502 Catchy Dental Clinic Names Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have a dental clinic that you’re trying to market? Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a successful practice, finding the right dental clinic name for your practice can be difficult.

Fortunately, this article is full of great ideas that will help you find the perfect name for your dental practice. When thinking about naming your practice, there are several things to consider.

There are a few factors that go into determining how well a dental clinic name works, including the name itself, the spelling of the name, the pronunciation, the font style, and the look of the name.

It’s also important to have a catchy, memorable, and professional name for your dental practice.

Catchy Dental Clinic Names

Starting a dental clinic is one of the best ways to start a thriving business, as patients will find it much easier to go back to your clinic for their dental treatment.

The process of starting up a dental clinic can be quite complicated and time-consuming, especially when you factor in finding a dentist willing to work with you.

So, to help you out, we’ve come up with a few catchy dental clinic name ideas that will help you attract more patients to your clinic.

  • Sound Dental Nyc
  • Dentology
  • Dentist Infections
  • Dental Love Llc
  • Newbury Dental Associates
  • Smiles Snappy
  • Prosthodontics Of New York
  • Smile Siren
  • A Dental Care 24 Hrs
  • 202 Family Dentistry
  • Poe Medical & Dental
  • Fresno Dental Surgery Center
  • Southeast Dental Care
  • Brighten Your Smile
  • Smiles N’ More Dental
  • Linhart Dentistry
  • Western Dentistry
  • Budge Dental Clinic
  • Merchandise Smile
  • Lifelong Brookside Dental Care
  • Brenham Family Dental
  • Brookside Dental And Orthodontics
  • Smile Sectors
  • Five Points Dental
  • Brush Up Dentistry
  • Dentist Intuitive
  • United Dental Group
  • Midtown Dental Excellence
  • Sunset Orthodontics
  • Smile Avenue
  • Trunk Dentist
  • Cross Timbers Health Clinics Inc
  • Valley Dental Care
  • Canarsie Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Smiles Aside
  • Smiles Spigot
  • Nasa Dentist
  • Awareness Dentist
  • East Village Dental Arts
  • Smilegeist
  • Ritchie Dental Group
  • Smile Serpent
  • Hwy 30 Family Dental Clinic
  • Ah! Dentistry – Ft Worth Tx
  • Smiles Suites
  • Dentist Plasma
  • Consignment Dentist
  • Noho Dental
  • Care Dental
  • W Dental Group
  • Ebenezer Dental
  • Elite Dental Arts
  • Peter Kouvaris Dental Studio
  • Smiles Simple
  • Dental Associates Mingle
  • Smiles Citizens
  • Lindale Dental
  • Greene Street Dental
  • Arch Dental
  • Hefty Smiles Dentists Office
  • Dentist Seal
  • Just Teeth!
  • We Dental Associates
  • Valley Health Team
  • Dunn Dental Clinic
  • Magi Dental Care
  • The Dentist
  • Montefiore Dental Broadway Clinic
  • Seguritan Dental Arts
  • West Village Dental Studio
  • Fusion Dental & Braces – Waco
  • Dazzling Dentures Dental Office
  • Western Practice Sales
  • Birch Dental Clinic
  • Far East Dental Clinic
  • Forecast Smile
  • Omnident Ny Rockefeller Center
  • Engine Dentist
  • Keith Bracy Dds Dentistry
  • Dental Care Of Texas

Top 10 Catchy Dental Clinic Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.     Doca Dent

If you’re thinking about opening your own dental clinic, then you know just how important a catchy and descriptive name for it is. A great name for your dental practice will make people want to come in and visit you.

A good dental practice name will make people feel confident about the quality of service they can expect when they go to your office.

Doca Dent

2.     Your Dental Care

Starting a dental clinic can be a great business opportunity if you are interested in being your own boss. However, as you prepare to launch your clinic, it is essential that you come up with a good business name.

If you do not have a catchy name for your clinic, chances are it will be difficult to attract patients to your dental practice.

Your Dental Care

3.      Healthcare

If you are considering starting up a healthcare dental clinic, you should consider starting with a catchy business name. This is a great way to ensure your clients know exactly what you offer when they call your number and visit your clinic.

Your business name should reflect your service or product, and should also convey your purpose as a professional business.


4.      Blue Denta

Starting a dental clinic from scratch requires a lot of time, money, and effort. But it doesn’t have to be an all-consuming nightmare – with just a little bit of forethought, and a few tips, you can set yourself up for success.

The first thing you need to do is think about your business name.

Blue Denta

5.      Emergenius

Dentists often think about the kind of dental care their patients are going to get from them. They must have a name that appeals to patients so they will not think about anything else.

So, if you are looking for a business name for your dental clinic, you might want to try this list of catchy dental clinic name ideas.


6.       Capsule Medico

The practice of dentistry requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and above all a certain amount of skill. In order to deliver excellent quality care, you need a team of professionals who have an impeccable level of education and training.

Your first step toward setting up a successful dental practice should be to pick a catchy and effective name for it.

Capsule Medico

7.      Jaune Pharma

This dental clinic is located at the beautiful and prestigious Jaune Health Club and Spa. The owner wants his clinic to be well-known for its exceptional dental services and they are looking for a name that makes that happen.

The best part about this idea is that it is all about dental care and is targeted toward men.

Jaune Pharma

8.      Health Plus

When considering health and dental clinic names, you should think about how many of your customers will visit your practice regularly. If you want a busy dental clinic, then opt for a short and easy-to-spell name.

If you want a more relaxing environment, then think about giving your clinic a soothing name.

Health Plus

9.      Aqual Vertis

We all know how important it is to have a great dental clinic name, and you should use it every time you talk about it. A name that’s catchy, meaningful, and memorable makes a strong first impression on customers.

If you’re of a creative mind, here are some examples of dental clinic names that will impress your patients.

Aqual Vertis

10.   First Aid Spot

If you run your own dental practice, you probably already know that you need a catchy business name.

People don’t usually remember the name of the practice they visited, so having a catchy and unique one that stands out will help to boost your practice’s reputation.

First Aid Spot

Cool Dental Clinic Names

Dentistry is a very personal subject, which makes it hard to come up with an idea for a business that isn’t already taken.

But if you take into consideration the dental care you received as a child, you might be able to come up with a name that you like, even if it’s something quite different than the usual ‘dentist’ business name.

Some of the names we’ve used include “Dentures” and “Dental Care”.

But just because they’re catchy, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. If you want to, you can always change them up a bit to match the type of service your business provides.

  • Heavenly Smiles
  • Malva Dentist
  • The Lost Tooth
  • The Gummy Bear Dentist
  • Poorman Norman Dds
  • Martin J Schwartz
  • Detailed Dental
  • Ask A Dentist
  • Toothache Relief
  • Complete Dental
  • Balfour Dental
  • Premier Dental
  • Presence Dentist
  • Greenville Rancheria Dental Clinic
  • Dental Office Rust
  • Fowler Family Denistry
  • Doctor D
  • Cypress Dental
  • New York Total Dental
  • West Village Pediatric Dentistry
  • Absolute Charm
  • Manhattan Dental Enterprise
  • Fairbanks Dental Clinic
  • Dr Cody C Graves Dds
  • All Smiles
  • Dentist Snug
  • Dazzling Smiles
  • Dental Associates Universe
  • Kitamura Dental Clinic
  • Ultimate Dentistry
  • Time For Teeth
  • On The Dot Denta
  • Chew Chew Dental
  • Petaluma Health Center
  • Access Dental & Orthodontics
  • Dental Group Motif
  • Western Affordable Dentistry
  • Qureshi Wasim N Dds
  • Best Cure In Town – Orthodontist
  • Texas Implant & Dental Center Of Fort Worth
  • Supreme Dental Clinic
  • Ismile Dental Center
  • Shes Dental Spa
  • Premier Dental Associates
  • Tribeca Pediatric Dentistry
  • Sumo Dentist
  • Dentist Angle
  • Mission Dental Care
  • Burre Dental Center
  • Drilling And Filling
  • Dentistry With Flair
  • Dentist Plus
  • Arise Family Dental
  • Astor Smile Dental
  • Victoria Elikashvili Dds
  • Smiles Spam
  • North Texas Family And Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Bits And Pieces Dentistry
  • Empire Dental Aesthetics
  • Dental Access
  • Smiles Eyes
  • Gentle Dental Care
  • Santa Maria Dental Office
  • Texas Dental Clinic
  • Arlington Dental Clinic
  • La Clinica Fruitvale Dental
  • Dental Concepts
  • Snappy Smiles Dental Clinic Ltd
  • Lodi Dental Care
  • Bold Perspectives
  • New You Dental
  • Ocean Dental Group
  • Cabrera Jesus E Dds
  • Nassau Street Dental Associates
  • Medisys Family Care Center
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Times Smile
  • Lumia Dental
  • Arnett Benson Medical And Dental Clinic
  • Luscious Lips Dentistry

Creative Dental Clinic Names

The dental clinic business is growing at a fast rate. And this is good news for dentists, who are in demand across the country. However, to stand out from the crowd, you must have a catchy and memorable name for your clinic.

Take a look at our list of dentist business names for ideas that are both catchy and relevant to the industry.

  • Snag Smile
  • Friendly & Fast Dentists
  • Smiles Soul
  • Itooth Dentistry
  • Dental Arts Suite
  • Adult And Pediatric Dental Care
  • The Magnificent Dentist
  • Smile Baseline
  • Dentis Taurus
  • License Smile
  • Smile Spear
  • Dazzling Dr Smile
  • Dentist Fabulous
  • Radiant Star Dental Services
  • Aesthetic Edge
  • Smiles Pipe
  • Beacon Dental Consultants
  • Smiles Minds
  • Dental Oral Surgery
  • Urbn Dental Uptown
  • Soho Dental Group
  • Smiles Squeak
  • Hope Medical & Dental Clinic
  • Dental Care Kernel
  • Monroe Dental Clinic
  • Harlem Dental Associates
  • Dentist Honest
  • Ivory Towers Of Dentistry
  • Tooth Sense
  • Midtown Dental Care
  • Global Orthodontics
  • Switch Smiles
  • University Dental Associates
  • Lucky Tooth Clinic
  • Parkside Dental Care
  • Montefiore Dental Billing
  • Noble Mcclintock Orthodontics
  • American Dental Clinic
  • Dentist Emotion
  • Clarity Dental Healing
  • Clinica De Salud
  • Dentist Dias
  • Dental Group Chatter
  • Free Dental Clinic
  • Smile Squadron
  • Healthy Floyyds
  • Sabal Dental – Harlingen
  • Dr Jessica Su
  • Better Life Center For Implant And General Dentistry
  • Texas Orthodontics
  • Granada Hills Dental Group
  • Dental Spa Vineyard
  • All Care Dental
  • Floss & Swish Dentistry
  • Brush Street
  • Dentistunt
  • Endodontic Works
  • Modern Dental
  • Smart Lyndi R Dds
  • Resourcecare Dental- Cross Plains
  • Dentist Rum
  • North Texas Dental Care
  • The Tooth Fairy Dentists
  • Dentist Champion
  • Lenox Hill Dental
  • All Bright Dental
  • Smiles Dental Care
  • Smile Mall
  • Dental Freak
  • Root Drive
  • Baum Dental Clinic
  • Align Dental
  • Dental Clinics Of Texas
  • Bronxcare Dental Services
  • Smile Wino
  • Dime Dentist
  • Surabian Dental Center
  • Waterside Dental Care
  • Fry Smile
  • Dental Clinic

Unique Dental Clinic Names

If you have just started a dental practice and are wondering how to give it a catchy name, you may find it difficult to think of an appealing name for your practice.

Well, you need not worry too much about coming up with something catchy as there are many catchy dental clinic names available out there to pick from. Here are a few of them:

Dr. Kool Smiles – This catchy name for a dental clinic was coined by the makers of the Dr. Kool Smile product. The product helps to cure bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

  • Comfort Dental Clinic Llc
  • Magic Smile
  • Family Dental Medicine
  • Gentle Care Dentistry
  • Gorgeous Gums Laboratory
  • Manhattan Dental Studio
  • Smile Sporty
  • Fiesta Dentist
  • The Porcelain Palace
  • Rashmi Poreddy
  • Park Smiles Nyc
  • Smiles Securely
  • Stromboe Shelly Dds
  • Whitlow Dental Care
  • Stocks Smiles
  • All Smiles Dental Pc
  • Smile Cinch
  • Smiles Spoon
  • Illuminaries Dental Studio
  • Community Healthcare Center
  • Smiles Swoop
  • Resourcecare Breckenridge
  • Smile Stead
  • Oceans Dentist
  • Dentist Bundle
  • House Of Smiles
  • Happy Teeth Family Dental
  • Seguin Family Health Center
  • Traders Dentist
  • Smiles Appetite
  • Glad Dental Pc
  • Alta Dental
  • Dentistry In A Flash
  • Toothy Grin
  • Smile Now
  • Dental Depot
  • Harris Health Dental Center
  • Dentist Sparkle
  • Advanced Care Dental Office
  • Granbury Dental Center
  • Wee Dental
  • Dental Group Spotlight
  • Skirt Smiles
  • Austin Road Dental Clinic Inc
  • Artfully Designed Dentistry
  • Grand Mission Dentistry Of Richmond
  • Dental Care Booth
  • Flatlands Family Dental
  • Smile Spigot
  • Atlantic Avenue Dental Group
  • Community Dental Clinic
  • Kiss & Floss
  • Smile Express
  • Smiles Score
  • Smiles Lines
  • Smiles Sceptre
  • Pain Free Dental Office
  • Killeen Family Dentistry
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • Premier Dental
  • Glossy Dental
  • Back Bay Dental Design
  • Smiles Snitch
  • Easy Smile Dental Care
  • Coleman County Dental Center
  • Smiles Strands
  • Cox Smile
  • Family Healthcare Network
  • Amazing Smile
  • Main Dentistry
  • Ross Dental
  • Tjc Dental Hygiene Clinic
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • Gramercy Orthodontics
  • Texas Dental
  • Dental Partners
  • Dental Associates Twilight
  • Achieve Dental
  • Sdny Dental
  • Americare Dental Group

Cute Dental Clinic Names

The dental industry is a lucrative industry that provides plenty of work and income opportunities. So if you’re considering setting up a dental clinic, there are many things you should consider before you begin.

Before you start thinking about the nitty-gritty details of a dental clinic, it’s a good idea to think about how you want your clinic to appear to customers and clients.

If you want to attract patients and clients, you’ll need a name that is going to give your business a competitive advantage. So here are some catchy dental clinic names to help you along the way.

  • Smile Pros
  • Resourcecare Merkel
  • Abacus Smile
  • Herbert Orlansky Dds
  • Gonzales Community Health Center
  • Edge Dental
  • Serina Cheung Pc
  • Healthy Smiles Dental Office
  • Vena Dental Arts
  • Dentist Football
  • The New Dental Boutique
  • Family Dental Center Of East Texas
  • Tooth Job
  • Harvard Dental Center
  • Medidental Care
  • Dentist Capable
  • Carrollton Family Dental
  • Dental Associates Certify
  • Smile Saga
  • First Place Dentistry
  • Madison Dental Loft
  • Free Dental Clinic At Sjvc Ontario
  • Smile Stealthy
  • Smile Slipper
  • Full Mouth Dentistry Services
  • Green California Dental Group
  • Ora Dental
  • Willow Dental Group
  • Royal Happy Clinic
  • Dental Office Steady
  • Great Expressions Dental Centers
  • Moonlight Smiles
  • Visalia Children’s Dental Surgery Center Inc
  • Access Dental Corporation Headquarters
  • Dentist Chairman
  • Dentist Notification
  • Lemdentalarts
  • Ft Worth District Dental Society
  • Equilibrium Dental
  • Colas Dentist
  • Artista Dental Studio
  • Dental Faculty Practice
  • Bright White Smiles
  • Tribeca Dental Club
  • Dental Care Celebrities
  • Sparkle Dental Clinic
  • Fawcett Center For Dentistry
  • Arista Dental Care
  • West Valley Dental
  • Aesthetic Dental & Implant Center
  • Uptown Dental Group
  • Uthealth School Of Dentistry
  • Vance And Goodwin Dds
  • Union Square Dental
  • Flourishing Dentist
  • Urbn Dental Midtown
  • Hispano Dental Care
  • Pediatric Dentistry Of San Angelo
  • Graham Dental Center
  • Smiles Seal
  • Santa Rosa Community Health
  • Dr Mita Desai
  • Cherry Grove Dental Practice
  • Dentist Virus
  • Preferred Dental Care
  • Vanderbilt Clinic
  • Xpress Dental
  • Atlantis Dental
  • Dentist Luck
  • Bite The Bullet Dental Office
  • Lake Country Dental Center
  • Amazing Grace
  • Rota Dentist
  • Smiles Supper
  • Brilliant Smile Care
  • Smile Stomp
  • South Texas Veterans Health Care System
  • Smiles Circus
  • Smile Dental
  • Texas Total Dental

Dental Clinic Names

How to Decide Your Dental Clinic Name?

If you are thinking about starting your own dental clinic, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important decisions is what name to use. Here are some tips on how to choose the right name for your clinic:

1. Consider the services that your clinic will offer.

If your clinic provides general dental services, you might want to choose a name that reflects this. For example, if your clinic provides oral surgery, you might choose a name like “Surgical Dental Center” or “Dental Surgery Center.”

If your clinic specializes in a certain type of dental care, choose a name that reflects this. For example, if your clinic offers dental implants, you might choose a name like “Implant Dental Center.”

2. Consider the location of your clinic.

If your clinic is located in a rural area, you might want to choose a name that reflects this. For example, you might choose a name like “Rural Dental Clinic.”

If your clinic is located in a city, you might want to choose a name that is easier to remember. For example, you might choose a name like “Dental Office” or “Clinic.”

3. Consider the name of your clinic’s predecessor.

If you are starting a clinic from scratch, you might want to choose a name that is different from the name of your predecessor. For example, if your predecessor was called “The Dental Clinic,” you might choose a name like “New Dental Clinic.”

4. Consider the name of your clinic’s industry competition.

If your clinic is located in a city, you might want to choose a name that is easier to remember. For example, you might choose a name like “Dental Office” or “Clinic.”

If your clinic is located in a rural area, you might want to choose a name that reflects this. For example, you might choose a name like “Rural Dental Clinic.”

5. Consider the name of your clinic’s predecessor.

If you are starting a clinic from scratch, you might want to choose a name that is different from the name of your predecessor. For example, if your predecessor was called “The Dental Clinic,” you might choose a name like “New Dental Clinic.”

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