501 Catchy Design Studio Names To Inspire You

Design business is a service-based business that sells design solutions for individuals and companies. It’s similar to a software development company. A design firm can create logos, websites, brochures, flyers, presentations, posters, and other print materials. It also offers services like graphic design, web design, copywriting, marketing, etc.

If you’re thinking of starting your own design business, it’s essential to come up with a catchy and memorable name that will set you apart from your competitors. A good name can help you stand out from other similar businesses, increase your chances of attracting clients, and help you grow your business.

How do you come up with a name for your design business? You don’t have to worry about this step. We’ve provided you with a massive list of creative and unique design studio names ideas to help you brainstorm.

We’ve divided the list into two categories: The first contains popular design business names that are easy to remember and type. The second category is filled with great design business name ideas. No matter what kind of design business you’re running, these names are sure to appeal to your target audience.

Design Studio Names

Whether you’re a graphic designer or just someone who enjoys designing logos and graphics, there’s nothing better than creating a logo for your business. If you have been thinking about opening up a business and don’t know how to go about it, then read on! We’ve created a handy guide that will take you through the entire process. The first step is to brainstorm and come up with a list of names that sound good and fit your business. Remember, your brand identity is everything. You want to make sure that your logo reflects your company’s message.

After you have your list of names, use an online logo generator to create a logo that is representative of your business.

  • Pnm Group
  • Ruckus Marketing, Llc
  • Fahl Designs
  • The Print Shop
  • Y. Technologies Inc.
  • Golden Glow Designs
  • Base Designs
  • Canada Create™
  • Yastech – Saskatoon Web Design
  • Dlr Group
  • Luxury Line
  • Zync Communications Inc.
  • Surfaceid Industrial Design Corporation
  • Praxent
  • Command Base Creative Design Inc.
  • Design Outsource
  • Edge Design Studio
  • Cube Design
  • Order Design
  • Crystal Graphix Design
  • Studio O+A
  • Graphic Detail
  • Perpetual Solution
  • Unparallel Brand + Design
  • Architectural Zygote
  • Eco-Tech Tankcraft
  • Earth Architecture
  • Loud Marketing
  • Square Thunder!
  • Quality Design
  • Avantgarde Graphics Co.
  • Lift Interactive
  • Design Shop
  • Design Usa Inc
  • Tim Webber Design
  • Advance Design & Construction
  • Brand & Mortar
  • Symetris
  • Objective Interior Design
  • Parachute Design Group Inc.
  • Convention Connections
  • Jordan Crown
  • White Light Studio
  • Graphos Product
  • Tungsten Collaborative
  • Cortex Design Inc.
  • Vesta Designs
  • Happy-Days Designs
  • Teetee Design
  • X-Design Inc.
  • Style Dash
  • Vision Creative
  • Mad Planet Creative Inc
  • Superb Design
  • Black Bear Design Group
  • Ship Designs
  • Roomy Studio
  • Ministry Of Design
  • Acme Web Works
  • Mb Creative
  • Amalgamate Architecture
  • Northern Commerce
  • Crei Fetch
  • Art Haven
  • Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.
  • C.E. Architects
  • Happy Cog®
  • Design Madness
  • Designocracy
  • Idiom Interactive
  • Upper Canada Signs & Graphics
  • Canadian Timberframes Ltd.

Top 10 Rare Design Studio Name Ideas

Design studios have become a hot commodity in recent years. As a result, there are many design studios that have cropped up across the country, each of which is trying to distinguish itself from the rest by coming up with creative and unique names for its business.

If you’re looking for a name for your design studio, you’ve come to the right place. This post offers a list of the top 10 rare design studio name ideas to help you brainstorm.

Crayon Production


Crayon Graphics Production is a great name for any graphic design company. It’s a short yet creative name. In fact, this is one of my favorite names for graphic designers.

You can even use this name on your social media platforms. Just put “Crayon Graphics Production Company” on your Instagram and Facebook page so that it gets more attention from people who use those platforms.

This name will definitely help your business grow.

Creative Studio

Geative Studio

When it comes to branding, there is no doubt that having a logo is important. However, a business name can also do wonders to the overall branding of the business. This is one reason why the name of this business is important.

This name tells people that they can expect something amazing from the production that will be done by the company. And with an amazing logo that is made using crayons, this name will definitely get people’s attention.

Body Geometry

Body Geometry

If you are thinking of starting a graphics production business, this name can be a great fit for you. This name tells people what kind of service you offer. In the graphic production industry, there are many types of companies. And if you look at their name, they do tell us about the services they are providing.

If you are interested in starting a graphics production business, this name can be a good fit for you.

M & H Studio

M & H Studio

When it comes to starting a business, you need to choose the right name for your business. This name is a good fit for you because it not only tells people about the type of business you are offering but also lets people know that they are getting a professional service at an affordable price.

Crayon graphics production has been around for ages and they are one of the best graphic design services. If you want to start a business offering the same or similar service like theirs, this name can be a great fit for you.

Mimi Maison


If you are starting a company that does graphic production, this name can be a good fit for you. The name tells people what kind of product you are selling. And if you are looking to sell a creative design for graphics, this name can be a good fit for you.

Another good thing about this name is that it can easily be remembered by customers. This will make it easier for them to find your products.




This business name is an example of how a business should be named. If you want to start a graphic design business, you can use this name as a starting point. This name is very easy to remember. You may also consider adding “Graphics” to the end of this name if you are thinking about having more than one service or product line.

When choosing a name for your business, you must take into consideration how important the business name is going to be in the long run. And the name that you choose should also be able to be remembered by the public. This name has both of those things.

Proda Design

PRODA DESIGN- Design Studio Names

This business name is ideal for businesses that are dealing with graphic design and printing. The name tells people that you are doing graphic design and printing. This is another good example of how a nail business should be named.

The last thing that you need to take into consideration when naming a business is the trademark laws. When you are going to use a business name that is already registered or trademarked, you need to make sure that you have the right to use that name before doing so.

Rad Design


A lot of people might wonder if this business name is original or not. Well, the name is actually not original but it’s very catchy. If you are looking to start a graphic design company, this name can be a good fit for you.

Because this business name is very short and can be easily remembered by anyone. Plus, the word “Design” also adds a positive vibe. When you get people to remember your brand name, you automatically have a leg up on the competition.

Prodigy Design

prodigy design

Do you want to start a graphic design business? This is an example of a great name for that. The name is a combination of two words that are easy to remember. Prodigy tells the reader about your high level of talent and design skill. The other word in this name is design and that tells the readers that you are going to design beautiful graphic designs for them.

Another good thing about this name is that it also gives a clear idea of what you are going to be offering your clients. Because if your clients know exactly what they are going to get from you, they will be more likely to choose you as their graphic design company. So this name makes it clear what kind of service you are going to offer.

Harp Design

HARP Design

This is a great name if you want to get into a business that involves designing and crafting. This name tells the people what kind of business you are doing. If you are interested in creating handcrafted furniture for people, this is a great business name for you.

Another great thing about this name is that it is catchy. And when you have a catchy name, you will get a lot of attention from people and clients. You are going to be noticed by the customers because of this name.

Catchy Design Studio Names

One of the most important things to consider when starting a business is naming it. Many people think that there is no need to do that – that is until they actually start thinking about it and realize how important a name really is.

If you’re still unconvinced, take a look at our list of great business names for your new design studio below. It will show you just how much thought is needed when creating a business name.

  • Arnold Street Media
  • New Wave Designs
  • Incom
  • Fashion Fairytale
  • Energetic Pink
  • Artistic Intentions
  • Fascinating Concepts
  • Kickr Design
  • Scientific Design Co Inc
  • Machining Design Associated Ltd.
  • Bizzare Matters Ltd.
  • Idea Theorem
  • Rainfall Design Studio
  • Design Delight
  • Perfect-Line Graphics
  • Big-City Designs
  • Macro Observatory
  • Burst! Creative Group
  • Twirls And Tips
  • Ideate Design Consulting Inc
  • Tell Your Tale
  • Scribbled
  • Web By Craig
  • Catwalk Juniors Clothing
  • Nine To Five Inc.
  • Stitches And Threads
  • Instyle Ensemble
  • Magic Screen Graphics
  • Logo Design Nyc
  • The Concept Lab
  • Iron Giant Big & Tall
  • Fashionista
  • Haute Couture
  • Dc Design House
  • Strong Studio
  • Fullview Design
  • Good Graphics
  • Tech4states
  • Buttoned Up!
  • Sparkle Be Design
  • Artistic Designs
  • Nuflux Media
  • Emphasis Design
  • Ecco Design
  • Suited
  • Graphics Haven
  • Brochure Designer’s Studio
  • True Market
  • A Dream Within Reach
  • Fashion Wear Boutique
  • 360 Degrees Design
  • Society Of Graphic Designers Of Canada
  • Jackpot Creative
  • Urban Space
  • Qny Creative
  • Graphicology
  • Elegant Daddys
  • Porcelain Apparel
  • Gorrie Marketing
  • Fig40
  • Lure Design
  • Hourglass Jeans
  • Nuvee Design
  • Coffee Cup Design Studio
  • The Rack Clothing

Interior Design Studio Names

A design studio is a perfect place for creative professionals to work and create their best work. But before you open your doors to customers, you’ll need to come up with a good business name for your design studio.

  • The Architects
  • Arc Design Studio
  • Neon Company
  • Twin City Dwyer Printing Co. Ltd.
  • Foundry Creative
  • Urban Moon
  • Screaming Design
  • Amour Fashion
  • Miracle Brand Design
  • Begin With B Web Design
  • Web Solutions, Inc.
  • Wicked Stitch
  • Zooms Design
  • Plain English Design Nyc
  • Pixel Bytes
  • 1000 Dreams
  • Arrowmark Designs
  • Beyond Logo Co.
  • Lime Freshness
  • Design Act
  • Tailor-Made Fashion
  • Design On A Budget
  • Morad Creative Agency
  • Contemporary Design Studio
  • Pixel Fusion
  • Effortlessly Chic
  • Unique Creations
  • Actionable Agency
  • Wabes
  • Graphics Warehouse
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Smartsites
  • Revel Design
  • Design Pickle
  • Usa Tees
  • Rainbow Graphix Design
  • Sculpt Like Paradise
  • Designer Labels
  • Love Of Color
  • Red Rock Studios
  • Les Ensembliers
  • Capstone Creative Design
  • Cirno Creations
  • Sunset Art Glass
  • Life Web & Design Inc.
  • Ardor – Interiors Architecture Studio
  • Codebright
  • Owens Design
  • Fly Kid Studios
  • Think In Inkk
  • Creative Clothes Boutique
  • C Rock Design Inc.
  • Two Twelve
  • Cush Design Studio
  • Astound Group
  • Talonx Creative Agency
  • Ingic
  • Unit 11 Inc
  • B Studio
  • Canadian Decorators Association
  • 247 Labs Inc.
  • Art & Science Digital Experience Design
  • Concrete Design Communications

Graphic Design Studio Names

One of the best ways to help you build your brand identity is through graphic design. Using a great logo and unique font style can be a great way to create a strong brand for your business.

Once you’ve picked a logo, you’ll want to make sure you have a great name to match it. You need something catchy and memorable that is going to really set your brand apart from others in the industry.

Here are some names to get you thinking.

  • Slide Genius
  • Statesman Group Of Companies
  • Claire Jane Stitch
  • Amalgamated Designs
  • Dream Accent
  • Interpix Design Inc.
  • Vector Masterpieces
  • Choice Omg
  • Destiny Intimates
  • Flagstaff Designs
  • The Story Method
  • Do Not Design
  • Seal & Design Canada
  • Lines And Designs
  • Alto Design Industriel
  • Cecconi Simone
  • Web Hosting Canada
  • Infinity Sportswear
  • You Plus Design
  • Orange Blossoms
  • Karten Design
  • Logochemist
  • Clutch
  • Sandhill Studios
  • Newton Group Ltd.
  • A Graphic Slice
  • Liquid Design
  • Grey Designs
  • Symphony Beads
  • Innovation Studio
  • Michele Fox Agency
  • The Beacon Design Collective Inc.
  • The Creative Momentum
  • Full Blast Creative
  • Gid Company
  • Cactus Studio Designers
  • Crimson Bay
  • Fabulous Finds
  • Space Lab
  • Veteran Design
  • Studioworkz Productions
  • Xl Design
  • Smart Design
  • Pixelcarve
  • Dialog
  • R&G Strategic Communications
  • Nedel Publishing
  • Fury Of Brews
  • Sull Graphics Inc.
  • Bold Designs
  • Quad Graphics
  • Nothing In Common
  • Canadian Web Designs
  • Southwest Design & Construction Ltd
  • Exquisite Collection
  • Ideabox
  • Sparkle And Shine
  • Mirror Design Studio
  • Abracadabra
  • Sandbox Studio
  • Icecube Digital
  • Blackwell Art Studio
  • Connected Dots
  • Cloud Design Studio
  • Design House
  • Spotlight Graphics
  • Web Axis
  • Elements Creative Studio
  • Luxe And Glam
  • Hawthorne Apparel Co.
  • Abracadabra Web Design
  • The Ginger Agency
  • Airy House Inc.
  • Gardening Studio
  • Space Involving Designs
  • Authentic Graphics
  • Ace Online Designs

Cool Design Studio Names

When starting a new business, one of the most important things you need is a good business name. Your business name is the face of your company so it has to be ‘catchy’ and memorable.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of design studio name ideas that are catchy and designed to stand out in the market. Pick through these names and see if any strike you as a potential fit for your design studio.

  • Designwell
  • Momentum Design
  • New Colour Theories
  • Thrifty Color Print
  • Beanerink
  • Ideas Garage
  • Dea Masters
  • Design World
  • Bravo Space
  • Humanscope
  • Raw Canvas
  • Black Studio Interiors
  • Artistic Detours
  • Breezy Borders
  • Adventurous-Designs
  • Studio Two Three Four
  • The Finishing Design
  • Supergraphics Signs And Printing
  • Made Design
  • Gestion Bâtiment Canada
  • Hooman Studio
  • Femme Couture
  • Oh Ok Creative
  • Design Department Inc.
  • Pacific Design Center
  • Purple Circle Design
  • Fab-Tastic Boutique
  • Elegant Studio
  • Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc.
  • Vault Clothing Co.
  • Graphics Gurus Vital Visuals
  • Dedicated Design
  • Acorn Design
  • Scrapbooking Studio
  • Hipster Graphics
  • Cutler
  • The Logo Company
  • Storm Brain
  • Design It Fine
  • The Illuminators
  • All Natural Designs
  • Riot Creative Imaging
  • Bespoke Colour Co Ltd.
  • Visual Creativity
  • All That Glitters
  • Fluxe Sparkle
  • Fast Frogs Design
  • A Little Off Centre
  • Spark Innovations Inc.
  • Net Solutions
  • Canadian Custom Apparel
  • Paperwhite-Studio
  • Value Arc
  • Bright Light Designs
  • Artistry In Design
  • Iprint And Design
  • Endeavour Fashion House
  • Get Stitched Up
  • Tiny Frog Technologies
  • Studio 51 Clothing Co.
  • Ad Age Creative
  • Red Power
  • Stylishome
  • Ace Studios Inc.
  • Flair And Fun
  • Liquid Studio
  • Attraction Studio
  • Skeleton Crew Creative Studio
  • Graycyan – Mississauga Web Design

Architecture Design Studio Names

The first step in designing a logo or business name is coming up with a concept. When designing a logo, you should always keep in mind what is going to catch the attention of your target audience. This means that you need to make sure that your design is catchy and stands out. To do this, you need to think about several different design factors like font type, layout, and color scheme.

Before you start your business, come up with a catchy logo or business name that is easy for your customers to remember. The best way to do this is to think about what kind of products or services you offer. Is your product innovative? Does it have a certain style? Do you sell products that make people laugh? Think about how you could bring these concepts into your design and make it unique.

  • Alpha Creative
  • Great Graphics
  • Float Studio
  • Biker Clothing Company
  • Professional Interior Designers Institute
  • Handskills Graphic Designer
  • Creative Concepts
  • The Design Lab & Co.
  • Hot Head Threads
  • Design 1st
  • Live Designs
  • Motive Design
  • Victorious Seo
  • Faust For The Stars
  • Labo Design Studio
  • The Savvy Studio
  • Fur-Bulous Fashions
  • Street Creative
  • Mid-West Design & Construction
  • Bay City Clothing
  • Melody Maker Studio
  • Forge And Smith
  • Rendezvous
  • Doodle Box
  • Caveni Digital Solutions
  • Graphic Goldmine
  • Sugar Design Group
  • Union Design
  • Adapt Design Group
  • Enticing Ideas
  • Webmax It Inc
  • Rooster Design Group
  • Fusion Group Usa
  • Simplistics Web Design Inc.
  • Newprint
  • Garden Design Studio
  • Cube Creative Design Inc.
  • Huge Design Llc
  • Brain Bend Media
  • Digital Design College
  • Branding And Design
  • Fastsigns
  • Particle Design
  • Works Fine Studio
  • Mindsea
  • Bang! Creative
  • Form3 Design Inc.
  • Plank
  • Rule29
  • Daring Raven Studio
  • Grit & Color Inc.
  • Blvr
  • Sunset Studios
  • Prica Global Inc.
  • Metajive
  • Gifted Design
  • Steelheart Design
  • Red Bra
  • A Fashion Trend
  • Drafting Concepts
  • Creative Focus
  • Architectural Renovations Inc
  • Trillion
  • Graffic Studios
  • Looka
  • Medium Designs
  • Catchy Creations
  • Clay – Ui Ux Design Agency
  • Burke & Burke Design
  • Salesforce Canada
  • Powershifter Digital
  • Style Central Studio
  • Strategic Design
  • Custom Logo Design Usa
  • Alter Reality
  • Capital Creative
  • Squirrel Media
  • Edesign Interactive
  • Archi Design Studios
  • Council Of Fashion Designers
  • Graphic Masters
  • Dogtown Media
  • Engine Digital
  • 2web Design Inc.
  • Lunar Media
  • Black & White Studios
  • Ficus Fine Art
  • Caravan Creative Co.
  • Bold Studios
  • Mint Digital Prints
  • Impact Input

Fashion Design Studio Names

Graphic design is a great profession to start a business in because there’s always a demand for graphic design services. In the long run, your graphic design business will pay off. If you do your homework beforehand, you will be able to make your graphic design business a success.

  • Dot Studio
  • Brandlume Inc.
  • North Studio
  • Brilliant Studio
  • Generator Design Of Canada Inc.
  • Robotics Design Inc
  • Ultimate Fashion
  • Sociallyinfused Media
  • Edgy Studios
  • Studiosia
  • Reelin’ Craps
  • The Creative Brush
  • Good Lux Studio
  • Prime-Art Studio
  • Elite Graphi
  • Code And Craft
  • Logo-Maniacs
  • Y5 Creative
  • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
  • The Imagination House
  • Echo Art
  • Major Tom
  • Upqode
  • Dime Saving Designs
  • Studio A Design
  • Common Space Design
  • Claire Fagan Design
  • Ckdesign Licensed Interior Design Inc.
  • Toolbox Design Inc
  • Jackpine Dynamic Branding
  • Art Fresh
  • Smith Custom Suits
  • Rethink House
  • Companion Design
  • Red Cherry Calgary Web Design
  • Ambitious Agency
  • Image Management Llc
  • The Beams Graphics
  • Self-Expression Studio
  • Social Media 55
  • Neglia Design
  • Conceptualise
  • The Fashion Zombie
  • One By Zero
  • Brain Shine
  • Creative Liquidators
  • Designagency
  • Domani Studios
  • Artistic Studio
  • Fine Design By Kim
  • Rise Up Graphics
  • Nirvana Canada
  • The Fold Line
  • Virtual Architecture
  • 6th Avenue Streetwear
  • Scenic Studio
  • Admire Architects
  • E-Design
  • Modern Visuals
  • Smashing Graphics
  • Mistywest
  • Visual Field
  • Sundry Designs
  • Bright Designs
  • Designworks, A Bmw Group Company
  • Bortolotto
  • Southwest Design & Construction

Creative Design Studio Names

If you are looking to start up a design studio, then you have come to the right place. Here we’ve listed some great design studio name ideas to help you get started.

There are many ways that you can start a design studio business, so choose your method accordingly. Perhaps you want to open a storefront office or work from home? Whatever method you decide upon, you should make sure that you pick a name that you are passionate about and that you will be able to stand by, day after day.

  • Power Design, Inc.
  • App Design & Development Company
  • Red Betty Boutique
  • Green Greeneries
  • All Tied Up Boutique
  • New Age Graphics
  • Studio 11 Design
  • Real Thread
  • Summer Designs
  • Abstract Architecture
  • Pixel Army
  • Graphic Designers Of Canada
  • West Side Street Clothing
  • Lifted Logic
  • Turtle Design Inc.
  • Beautiful Efforts
  • Extra Dimensions
  • Graphic Design Usa
  • Posterillons
  • Digital Tool Usa
  • Popart Studio
  • Patten Studio
  • Stevens Exhibits
  • Gemstone Design Studio
  • Blackvolution
  • Double Take
  • Avant Architecture Studio
  • Brooklyn Graphics
  • Homegrown Designs
  • Boutique Black
  • Glitzy
  • Imago Architects
  • Pure Design Studio
  • Dazzle Headlines
  • Sencia Canada Ltd
  • Atlanta Print And Design
  • Red Raven
  • Box Clever
  • Ford Motor Company Of Canada Limited
  • C. Patterns
  • Dreamfinesse
  • Boulders & Brush
  • Simplicate Interactive
  • The Creative Nose
  • Hppyhour Digital
  • Graphic Concepts
  • Concentric Studio
  • Speakeasy Agency
  • Warrior Designs
  • Creative Imaginations
  • Jacknife
  • Green Gem Designs
  • Glass Base Art
  • Architrix Group Inc
  • 500 Designs
  • Impressions Art And Design Studio
  • Naughty And Nice
  • Design Tech Grafix
  • Studio 888
  • Le Tache Brume
  • Build A Brand
  • The Jeans Yard
  • Rocketscience Design
  • Shine Graphic Designs
  • Ace Graphics Inc.
  • Momentum Product Design
  • Bright Concepts
  • Troika
  • Fashion Into Art
  • Three Cat Media
  • Rc Website Design Company
  • Simply Outrageous
  • Yabu Pushelberg
  • Renald Jensdorf
  • Design In Blue

Design Studio Names

How to Name Your Design Studio Business

Design studios are a popular business idea, especially for those who are skilled and talented in graphic design. However, this business does require a lot of investment and time.

Check: A Detailed Guide on How to Come up With a Business Name

While most companies will start off as a small-scale businesses and gradually grow, design studios are completely different. They are built to create high-end designs and sell their services to clients. They need to be established at the very beginning and therefore, they are required to have a great name and logo that will reflect the quality and image of their work.

To get a great start, you need to find a perfect domain name. This will help in your search for a great logo and name. So, make sure that you are able to secure a great domain name before you look for other things. After all, you will be investing a lot of time and energy to come up with a great name.

You need to have a great logo to go along with the name you have chosen. Your logo is the face of your company and it needs to reflect the kind of images you want to project.

It is very important to choose a name that will stand out from the rest and a unique name is a must for every design studio. But, what makes a name unique? You need to be creative and original when naming a design studio and keep in mind the following tips.

Make Sure Your Name is a Perfect Fit

Your name should be very simple and easy to remember. If you’re thinking about making your name longer, then don’t. Short names are always the best. They reflect a professional and classy image. However, they also allow you to use numbers. A combination of a word and a number makes it a lot easier to remember.

Don’t Make It Too Easy

You need to avoid naming your company in a way that is too easy to remember. This is a common mistake that a lot of companies make and they regret it later. If your name sounds like a word that everybody will know, it will not be memorable and thus, you won’t have much success.

You can avoid this by thinking of an uncommon name. But you need to think of a name that is very specific and won’t be confused with any other company. If you are unsure of how to make it sound unique, just try to find a name that has the word ‘Design’ in it. This will help you in many ways.

Use Numbers When Necessary

Numbers are very easy to remember. So, if your company is a big one, it is a good idea to use numbers instead of a name. It will be a lot easier to identify your company if it is referred to as ‘Design Studio 10’.

However, you cannot go too far with this. You should avoid adding up the numbers and should rather use them in your logo or slogan. This will make it easier for your customers to remember.

Be Creative

Once you have settled for a name that fits all the requirements, you will need to keep that name. Don’t use your business name to promote anything else. So, if you want to promote an online store, do not use the name of your business in the URL of the page. This will turn off visitors and will not make you look trustworthy.

Make Sure Your Name Is Appropriate

You need to make sure that the name of your company is appropriate for your business. It needs to convey the right kind of message. For instance, if your business sells a particular product, it would be wise to name your business a ‘Crello’ rather than a “company that sells.

Make Sure It Reflects Quality

Once you have a name, you need to make sure that it is unique and reflects the quality of your business. A unique name is a must for a quality business. If you are worried about it being taken by someone else, you can trademark your name.

If you are unable to trademark the name, you can hire a professional to do it. But, only if you want to. As stated before, if you want to keep a name that has been used before, you will need to be very careful and look into the facts of the situation.

Keep It Simple

You need to avoid using any fancy words. This will make your name look old and outdated and you will not want to be associated with a business that looks old.

Your name needs to be simple and not complicated. Using a name that is hard to pronounce or spell will not do.

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