Dispensary Names: 400+ Best and Classy Names For Dispensary

Do you have plans to open up a dispensary? Well, if you do, then you might want to consider a few things before you decide on a name for it. In this article, I’m going to share with you a huge list of catchy dispensary name ideas to help you come up with something great.

A dispensary is a store where people can buy cannabis products. They usually sell marijuana, hashish, edibles, oils, and concentrates. There are many different kinds of dispensaries, including medical dispensaries, recreational dispensaries, and even head shops.

As you can see, there are many different types of dispensaries. However, all of them serve the same purpose – selling marijuana products. So, if you plan to open up a dispensary, you should think carefully about the name you’re going to use.

Your name should reflect who you are and what you stand for. You should also keep in mind that your name should be easy to pronounce and spell. Also, it should be memorable. That way, your customers wont forget your name once they’ve walked through your door.

Lastly, your name should sound professional and trustworthy. After all, you don’t want your customers to feel uncomfortable buying weed from you.

However, choosing a name isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time and energy to come up with a perfect name. But luckily for you, we have collected tons of amazing dispensary name ideas to help inspire you.

Witty Dispensary Names

  1. Clear Skies Ahead
  2. Doobie Brothers Cannabis Company
  3. Kush Castle
  4. Blaze Green
  5. Legal Leaf
  6. Smoke Haven
  7. The Smoke Shoppe
  8. Just Buds & Things
  9. The Marijuana Pot Shop
  10. High Times Cannabis Company
  11. Marijuana Medical Pot Clinic
  12. Residential District Designs
  13. Pot Head
  14. Reefer Madness
  15. Green Man Cannabis Company
  16. Cannabis Collectors
  17. Pride Dispensary
  18. Good Neighbor Dispensary
  19. Health Warehouse
  20. Euphoria Dispensary – You can feel it in the air here
  21. Indica Diamond
  22. The Pretty Leaf
  23. Yes You Cannabis
  24. Real men cannabis
  25. Grass-O-Matic
  26. Chilltown
  27. Urban Flavors
  28. Green Queens
  29. Plants R Us
  30. Mary Jane Lane
  31. Hello Harvest
  32. Cannacopia
  33. My Blessed Healing
  34. Kushbusters
  35. Get Natural High
  36. Trance Tea Medicinal Marijuana
  37. Cannabis Palace
  38. Brother’s Flowers
  39. CBD Connection
  40. Green Biscuit Cannabis Dispensary
  41. Better Buds
  42. Cannabis Headquarters
  43. High Time
  44. City Leaves
  45. Business is Budding
  46. High on the Hill
  47. Alpha Pharma
  48. Good Weed
  49. Work High
  50. Crazy Daze
  51. Pure Green Gold
  52. The Smoke Spot
  53. Calm and collected cannabis
  54. Breaking Bad Dispensary
  55. Optimum cannabis
  56. Zen Medicine
  57. Canna Daze
  58. Cannabis Co.
  59. Happy High Herbs
  60. Oakland Organics
  61. Anything but Weed
  62. Clear sight cannabis
  63. Reliable Dispensary
  64. Medical Marijuana Inc
  65. Comfortably Higher
  66. MedImpact
  67. Classic Cannabis
  68. Volcano’s Edge
  69. Let’s Joint Venture LLC
  70. Plants and Shoots
  71. The Urban Kush
  72. Cannibis Cave
  73. Newly Legal
  74. Leafy Green Dispensary
  75. Aloha Medicinals Dispensary
  76. Academy of Cannabis
  77. All Good Things CBD
  78. Date Night Cannabis
  79. El dorado cannabis
  80. Euphoria cannabis
  81. Bud Verde
  82. Grateful Growers
  83. Milky Way Dispensary
  84. Green Shack
  85. Professional Medical Marijuana
  86. Think Green
  87. EZ Stash Cannabis Company
  88. Herbal Haven
  89. Phony Baloney’s Dispensary
  90. Allure cannabis
  91. High Supply

Classy Dispensary Names

  1. High Life
  2. Weed for Life
  3. Dr Green Stuff
  4. The Honey Pot Dispensary
  5. Atlas Drugs
  6. Central Cannibis
  7. Bean There Done That Dispensary
  8. The Herbalist
  9. King’s place cannabis
  10. The Herbal Age
  11. Grand Medicine
  12. CBDistillery
  13. 31° North Company
  14. CRXTs
  15. Hotspot cannabis
  16. Lifeshave Dispensary
  17. Weed Lunchbox
  18. Joints R Us
  19. Fun fest cannabis
  20. Evergreen Herbal Dispensary
  21. Dank Dispensary
  22. Marijuana Maniacs
  23. Garden of Eden (for a chain store)
  24. The Hemp Palace
  25. Grow Like Weed
  26. Thrifty Way Dispensary
  27. Chill Pills Cannabis Company
  28. Grass Roots Pot Shop
  29. DFW Wellness
  30. The Single Wharf Collective
  31. Holistic Healing Center
  32. The Connoisseur Club
  33. Greener Grass Roasters
  34. Cannabis Connosieurs
  35. Healthy High
  36. Green Out
  37. Hashish House
  38. Cash Saver Dispensary
  39. Good Hash
  40. After Hours Cannabis
  41. First Hill Dispensary
  42. Smoke Signals
  43. Double Daze
  44. Green Revolution
  45. Kings cannabis
  46. Acculife Drug Stores
  47. Caregivers of America Cannabizness
  48. Ginger Buds
  49. In High Supply
  50. High Noon Harvest
  51. Fresh cannabis
  52. Freshly Baked Grass Office
  53. Happy Herbals
  54. Bit O Weed
  55. Budding Business
  56. Green Cross Cannibis
  57. Marijuana Cash
  58. High Hopes Dispensary
  59. Bold face cannabis
  60. Crafted Cannabis
  61. Dank Street Market
  62. The Calm Leaf
  63. Respect cannabis
  64. Smokey cannabis
  65. New Era
  66. Lovely Leaves
  67. Thumbs up cannabis
  68. Purple Haze
  69. Union Center Dispensary
  70. Cannibis Country
  71. Healthy Harvest
  72. NewLeaf
  73. The Green Kingdom (for a chain store)
  74. Purple Tea
  75. Complete Perth
  76. Quality cannabis
  77. Green Light Wellness
  78. Green Cross
  79. Timeless cannabis
  80. Spot Rx
  81. Drugs Pot Dispensary
  82. Peace Herbal Relief Center
  83. Cannibis Direct
  84. Cannabis Care
  85. Magic Garden
  86. Bud Buddy’s Dispensary
  87. Athena Dispensary
  88. Weed Barn
  89. Purple Monkey Growers
  90. Marijuana Matrix
  91. All Greens Dispensary
  92. The Green Leaf
  93. Luscious Leaves
  94. Superior cannabis
  95. GreenTime

Weed Dispensary Names

  1. Comfort Lights
  2. Aspirin-E
  3. Full pleasure cannabis
  4. The Hippie’s Green Farmacy and Dispensary
  5. Pot of Gold Dispensary
  6. Cafe Chronicles
  7. Mellow Green
  8. Greener Grass Delights
  9. Hemp Flower Dispensary
  10. Joint Jungle
  11. Speed Weed
  12. Great Exotic Weeds
  13. GreenFresh
  14. MediBis
  15. West Coast Weed
  16. Bold Buds
  17. Greener Pastures Gardens
  18. Green Therapy
  19. Weed Buddha
  20. What’s the Bud?
  21. Cali Cannibis
  22. Canna Bean Coffees
  23. The Cannabis Companion
  24. Live With Herbals
  25. Legal Herbz
  26. On the High Hill
  27. Inner Health Harvest
  28. Number One Herb Shop
  29. Mary Jane High
  30. Your Highness Dispensary
  31. The Good Doctor
  32. All-Time High
  33. Weed World
  34. Exquisite cannabis
  35. Weed Workdays
  36. Organic Acres
  37. Scientific Serenity
  38. High target cannabis
  39. Bud Haven
  40. Sticky Buds Dispensary
  41. The Business of Cannabis
  42. Healthy Plants
  43. Chronic Central
  44. Pot Playground
  45. The Green Goddess Boutique
  46. Medical Marijuana
  47. Explore cannabis
  48. Happy Harvest
  49. Health Corner
  50. Ace of Cannabis
  51. The Pot Spot
  52. Green Health and Recreation
  53. Apollo Cannabis Clubhouse
  54. NutraLeaf
  55. Love Sativa
  56. Smoke It
  57. The Canna Factory
  58. City Cannabis Company
  59. WeedTime
  60. Herbology
  61. BudBuddies
  62. Elevated Chemical Solutions
  63. The Purple Giraffe
  64. Green General Store
  65. Green Machines
  66. Green Apothecary
  67. High Harvest
  68. Family Drug Mart
  69. Clean Cannibis
  70. Cash n’ Kush weed bank in town)
  71. Bud Drop Dispensary
  72. Eagle Eye Supply
  73. Herbal Assasins
  74. Pot Pals
  75. Leaves of Green
  76. Admiration cannabis
  77. High effect cannabis
  78. The Grass Building Green Light
  79. The Bong Connection
  80. Nurture Nurseries
  81. Conscious cannabis
  82. Herbinator
  83. Relief Leaf
  84. Old Metropolitan
  85. Extreme High
  86. 420 Store Pot Shop & Dispensary
  87. Ageless cannabis
  88. 420 Express
  89. Suppliers for Hire

Cute Dispensary Names

  1. Greener Pastures Dispensary
  2. Munchie Palace
  3. Fabulous cannabis
  4. BUDding
  5. Cannabis Coloured Jeans
  6. Awake cannabis
  7. Green Thumb
  8. Joint Jerusalem
  9. Karma Treats Dispensary Company
  10. Aphrodisiac Seeds Bud & Breakfast
  11. High and Mighty Herbs
  12. Cool Cannibis
  13. Baked Dispensary
  14. The Cannabis Clinic
  15. Smooth sail cannabis
  16. SmokeABowl
  17. Heartland Dispensary
  18. The Happy Herb
  19. Your Kind Buds Dispensary
  20. The Fresh Dispensary
  21. CanniBusiness
  22. Smokey’s Pot Palace
  23. The Herb Bank
  24. Sky-High-Rocks Marijuana Solutions
  25. Medicinal House
  26. 420 Friendly Caregivers
  27. Green Dreams
  28. Cannabis Wellness
  29. Gem Drugs
  30. Green Gardens
  31. Cannabis Connection
  32. Blink Health
  33. Aphrodite Cannabis
  34. Bud Depot
  35. Cannabis home
  36. Wellport Drugs
  37. The Mad Alchemist
  38. Herbal Emporium
  39. Blazer
  40. Banks Apothecary
  41. Chronic Relief Dispensary
  42. Bioplus Specialty
  43. The Acoustic Kush
  44. Green Castle
  45. Marijuana Momma
  46. The Herbo-Luxury
  47. Mary Jane Inc.
  48. Red Eye Remedy
  49. CannaCare
  50. Maximal cannabis
  51. Keystone Dispensary
  52. The Bitter Bud
  53. Cannabis Yes
  54. Cannabis Weed Strain Dispensary
  55. Dank Meds
  56. Ace of Carts Cannabis Delivery
  57. Mother Nature’s Herbal Remedy
  58. Weedy Treats
  59. The Zen Dispensary
  60. Green Thumb Growing Dispensary
  61. Extreme Heights
  62. Third Time Lucky
  63. Bud n’ Breakfast
  64. Green Street
  65. Weed Freedom
  66. Sunwest
  67. Nullabor Cannabis Farm
  68. Acres of Green
  69. Wellness Weed
  70. Cannabis Corner
  71. Cannabis Central
  72. Phytochemicals
  73. Canna Ridge
  74. PrecisionMed
  75. Cannabis Solutions
  76. The Wacky Weed Barn
  77. The Green Zone
  78. Discount Drug Mart
  79. Austin Green Stop Medical Dispensary
  80. Edifying Edibles
  81. Plants R’ Us
  82. Coastal Cannibis
  83. BudPals
  84. Weed Wonderland
  85. Pot 4 Less
  86. Home of cannabis
  87. Snooze and Bloom Herbal Care
  88. Honorable cannabis
  89. Mint Dispensary
  90. California Grown
  91. Sweet Green Treats
  92. The Stoned Crow

Dispensary Name Generator

  1. Sweet CBD Flavors
  2. Chimney Pot Cannabis Shop
  3. Wellwise
  4. Bud to Bud
  5. Express Food & Dispensary
  6. Weedin’ n’ Chewin
  7. Authentic cannabis
  8. Cannibis Coop
  9. The Pot Collective Inc
  10. Arctic Cannabis
  11. Stoned Immaculate
  12. Island Greens
  13. The Frosted Doobie
  14. Apex cannabis
  15. Green Theory Laboratory Incorporated
  16. Hello Sunshine Canna Care
  17. Cannabis Convenience Corner
  18. One Stop Supply
  19. Cannibis Source
  20. Pure Green
  21. The Pot Place
  22. Eddies Edibles
  23. Marijuana Mayhem
  24. Cannabis City
  25. Touch of class cannabis
  26. The Sticky Dojo
  27. Endless Puffs
  28. Prescription Hope
  29. Cannibis Castle
  30. The 420 Emporium
  31. Brownie Bonus
  32. Medterra Wellness
  33. Ganja Galleria
  34. Kush Bottles
  35. The Pot People
  36. Maplewood Dispensary
  37. Pot People
  38. Smoke Sense
  39. Inspiration cannabis
  40. Elegant cannabis
  41. Rise Supercity
  42. Be Cool and Chill
  43. Globe Dispensary
  44. Bong Water
  45. Smokey Joe’s
  46. Adirondack Cannabis Company
  47. Leafy Green Health Care Centers
  48. Greenhouse Cure
  49. Green Fields
  50. Herbalize it
  51. X-Treme High
  52. Cannaholics
  53. The Smoke Store
  54. The Lovely Leaf
  55. Warrior Weed
  56. Taste Bud
  57. Weed and Grass City
  58. Envolve Health
  59. The Green Jar
  60. Ultimate Heights
  61. Marijuana Cash LLC
  62. The Bud Hut
  63. Green Machine
  64. Sweet Bud
  65. Paragon cannabis
  66. Four Green Fields
  67. Priority Dispensary
  68. CanniBiz
  69. The Modern Galleria Group
  70. Cannabis Collaborative
  71. Medicinal Oasis
  72. Sky High Medicinals
  73. Welcomed Wellness
  74. Quality Cannibis
  75. Acapulco Gold Dispensary
  76. Bud Hut
  77. Weed Galore
  78. Cannibis Collaborative
  79. A-50 All Green
  80. The Dispensary
  81. Ultimate Marijuana
  82. Put That In your Pipe
  83. Cannabis Weed Club
  84. X-Men Grown Here Dispensary
  85. Green Gate Farms
  86. The Joint Company
  87. High Up
  88. Prescription Lifeline
  89. Bud Buds
  90. Cannabis Cup
  91. The Cannabis Craft

Dispensary Names

7 Dispensary Business Naming Tips for You

So, are you all set and ready to start up your medical dispensary? When opening a business of any kind from any industry, a name plays an integral part in its success. The reason for this is a name’s role in setting up the right expectations and perceptions. A name can simply make or break a business.

When establishing a business in its initial stages, a good name provides all the advantage that is needed for promotion and growth. A name is a mouthpiece and its importance should never be neglected. Fortunately and unfortunately, the customers won’t visit your dispensary first based on your services. It will be based on its name.

For any entrepreneur with no prior experience, this is one hefty task that has many on the brink of giving up. Don’t worry because you won’t have to. To help you with this frustrating process we have compiled all the best advice and helpful tips to name a dispensary. So, buckle up because this task might take a month or so.

How to Name Your Dispensary

Listed below are some of the most preferred tips, brainstorming techniques, and rules to name a dispensary or any business for that matter.

What Are Your Goals Regarding This Business

Before moving ahead with the naming procedure you need to have a clear vision of your goals and aims regarding this business. Many new entrepreneurs begin the naming process without having clarity on this matter and that often leads to frustration and confusion for them.

Not having any clear idea of the main purpose and vision will leave you clueless. Here are some ways you can achieve that clarity and level-headedness that will help you in naming your dispensary:

  1. Review Your Business Plan: To make sure of your aims and goals, review your business plans thoroughly. What is your strategy to attract more customers? How will ensure the customers that what you are selling is authentic and effective? We’re you have a full-fledged business plan based off of these points to attract customers. So, why not represent these strategies and goals through the name? Your strategy will pull in customers and that strategy should be represented through the name.
  2. Converse With Potential Customers and Employees: When starting your business you need to keep in mind the interests of the target audience as well. Your services are for the customers only and what good purpose would the name serve if it does not satisfy and attract the customers. So, have a detailed conversation with your potential customers and peers beforehand to assess their expectations regarding your business. You also need to converse with your potential employees to get to know their perceptions of your business. Note the important points down and think of ways you can come up with a name that stands by these expectations.

Jot Down Keywords

Now that you’ve reviewed your plans and conversed with the potential customers, it’s time to get to the work. Begin brainstorming and write down medical and medicine-related words.

Visualize your dispensary. What are the words that come to your mind when you think of it? What words do you associate with the overall feel of the dispensary?

Think about it all and then write down these adjectives and phrases as well. Highlight preferable phrases and words as you go. You can come back and review the whole list after 3-4 days with a fresher mind.

Use A Thesaurus

If you feel like your loss of phrases and keywords is not enough you can use a thesaurus to expand it. A thesaurus will provide you with hundreds of different and unique words for your dispensary name. Write down your favorite words and think of ways you can utilize these in your title.

Don’t Use Bland Terms

You want the name of your dispensary to be catchy and memorable. For that purpose, avoid bland terms and words. Refrain using “medical store” or “medical shop” in the name of it’s not thought out creatively.

A name’s memorability is dependent on its uniqueness. Think of how many shops or medical stores a general person comes across daily. How will your dispensary name stand out amongst all those names? By being different and catchy of course. Avoid basic words and terms and think out of the box!


One way you can make your dispensary name memorable while being creative with it is by putting alliterations to use. Alliterations are super fun to come up with an equally easy to remember. Go through your list of keywords and combine similar sounding words. Check their memorability and if they’re good enough then voila! You have a potential name.

Keep In Mind The Storefronts and Packaging

The Name of your company will be on display on the storefronts for everyone to see. It will be the first introduction of your business and you want to give a good first impression. Keep the storefront of your dispensary in mind when looking for a name.

Opt for a name that looks nice and attractive on the storefront and appeals to the onlookers. It will also be easier for your graphics team to incorporate a name onto the storefront with great designs if it’s creative and not too wordy.

Take Opinions From Your Friends and Family

Setting up and naming a business is no easy task. You will of course need a lot of help in this process. You can take this help from your friends and family by asking for their opinions on some of the potential names for your dispensary. Tell them all the names that you have in mind and ask them about it 15-30 minutes later.

If they can easily remember and pronounce any of the names after a while then you’re good to go. Highlight the name that got the most acknowledgment and you might have yourself the name you were searching for!