DJ Names: 500 Cool and Catchy Names For DJ

Do you love music? Do you enjoy playing it for others? Are you looking for a way to earn extra money by doing something you love? Then, you might just be the person who can become a professional DJ!

DJs play all kinds of music ranging from pop to hip-hop, rock, jazz, country, and many more genres. They use their skills to entertain people through live performances. DJs can work alone or in groups. Some even perform in clubs, bars, weddings, parties, and festivals.

DJ Name Ideas

Starting a career as a DJ isn’t easy. There are lots of steps involved in becoming a successful DJ. First, you need to learn how to mix different songs together. Next, you need to master the art of mixing music using software programs. Finally, you need to develop your personality and social skills to attract clients.

Once you’re ready to launch your DJ career, you need to come up with a great DJ name. Choosing a name that reflects your personality and professionalism will help you stand out among other DJs.

In this article, we’ve collected some cool DJ names that you can use to start your own DJ business. Hopefully, these business names will inspire you to create your very own DJ business.

Cool DJ Names

Do you plan on becoming a DJ someday? If yes, then this post is just for you. In this article, you’ll discover a ton of great catchy DJ names for your next endeavor. Whether you’re planning on playing house parties or wedding receptions, these names will definitely help get your clients excited about your upcoming performances.

  1. Spliff Soul
  2. Steel Fingers
  3. Funk Daddy
  4. Love & Bass
  5. DJ Flashback
  6. AudioMagik
  7. All You Need is Love
  8. 2Face
  9. DJ Vibe
  10. Bazza
  11. DJ Music Box
  12. DJ Dirty Demo
  13. DJ Jazzy Jeff
  14. DJ Matrix
  15. WunderKid
  16. DJ Mellow Moods
  17. Brutal Beats
  18. DJ HardBeats
  19. Berry
  20. Uplift
  21. Agent Orange
  22. Age of DJ
  23. Switch Boy
  24. All Night Long DJ
  25. Powertrip
  26. Drama Kool
  27. DJ Music Maelstrom
  28. Benderman
  29. DJ Hype
  30. Audio Hound
  31. DJ Rowdy Rainmaker
  32. Sweetiepie Sensation
  33. GenX
  34. DJ Capriccio
  35. Rocky
  36. DJ Acoustic Rock
  37. King of the Nightclubs
  38. DJ Divertido
  39. DJ Apollo
  40. Love & Laughter
  41. Broken Beats
  42. Saturday Night Fever DJ
  43. DJ Cosmic
  44. DJ Slack
  45. DJ Bacon
  46. J Quackers
  47. DJ Surprise
  48. DJ Organizer
  49. DJ Bass Badger
  50. Groove
  51. Darth Sidious DJ
  52. Freaker
  53. DJ Mindraker
  54. The Beats Prodigy
  55. Bridal DJ
  56. Omega
  57. Disco Danny
  58. Cool One DJ
  59. DJ Crackhead
  60. DJ Pulse
  61. DJ Sweet Beat
  62. DJ Crush
  63. Chillin DJ
  64. DJ – Love me Do
  65. Club Masta
  66. Thaw And Order
  67. DJ Tumult
  68. DJ Atom
  69. DJ Subwoofer
  70. Beat Drop
  71. Marry Me DJ!
  72. Lil’ B
  73. DJ Anonymous
  74. DJ Fiddlesticks
  75. The ClubMaster

How to Name a DJ Business 5 Tips

Funny DJ Names

If you love music, then you probably know how hard it can be to come up with a catchy, original, and memorable name for your personal DJ business. But, don’t worry! We got you covered. This post features a huge collection of inspirational DJ names that will definitely make your job easier!

One way to stand out among thousands of DJs just starting out is by using catchy names for their businesses. These names are designed to attract attention and will surely help you gain more clients.

Some people may feel intimidated by the fact that there are many options out there. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create great names for your business. All you need to do is keep these simple rules in mind:

Use words that sound natural and are easy to pronounce.

Choose a name that conveys professionalism.

Avoid using too much slang.

Of course, every company has its own specific requirements, so you shouldn’t try to copy someone else’s idea. Instead, look around yourself and ask yourself how your business differs. What makes you different from all the other DJs?

  1. The Sweet Beats
  2. DJ Darth Vader
  3. DJ Hit Parade
  4. DJ Dabble
  5. Blushing Bride
  6. Drag DJ
  7. DJ Megawatt
  8. Disco King
  9. nanoSTAR
  10. Engineering Beats
  11. DJ Burnie
  12. DJ Kaputt
  13. Mad Maxx
  14. DJ Batman
  15. Mashup Monsters
  16. Musica Mixologist
  17. Skull DJ
  18. DJ Whizz-Kid
  19. DJ Magic
  20. Big Beat
  21. The Abyss
  22. DJ Vinyl
  23. DJ Miasma
  24. 50 Shades of White
  25. DJ Mellow Jazz
  26. DJ Pinch
  27. Beatronix
  28. Funkmaster Flex
  29. Party Guys Inc
  30. Million Dollar DJ
  31. DJ Slowhand
  32. DJ Prodigy
  33. FR3SH
  34. Honeymoon DJ
  35. Disco Funk
  36. Thumbs Up DJ
  37. DJ Fracas
  38. Get Your Wedding On!
  39. DJ Batmann
  40. Karmatron
  41. The Ladies Man
  42. Demo Dad
  43. DJ Eight
  44. DJ Shake
  45. DJ Memories
  46. DJ Starsky
  47. Disco Duck
  48. DJ House Party
  49. After Party DJ
  50. Octane P
  51. DJ Rusty Cage
  52. Dark Sparklz DJ
  53. Extra Bass
  54. Ace Cat
  55. Bender
  56. DJ Bad Boy
  57. DJ Defiant
  58. Magik Disks
  59. DJ 100
  60. DJ MC
  62. DJ Acetone
  63. Masterfly
  64. Beats Re-defined
  65. DJ Fractor
  66. Moreno
  67. Bass Soldier
  68. DJ Agita
  69. DJ Hooligan Henry
  70. DJ Clone
  71. Crunk It
  72. Delusions of Grandeur
  73. DJ Juggernaut Jams
  74. Party Hearty DJ
  75. DJ Elevation
  76. Rock ‘N’ Roll Wedding

Clever DJ Names

Do you love playing music during parties or events? Do you think being a DJ might become your dream job someday? Well, if this sounds like something you’d like to do, then you’re probably looking for the right DJ name.

DJ Names

After all, DJs usually work behind the scenes and don’t interact directly with the guests. But their skills involve music knowledge and creativity, which makes them different than others who just play music. So, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a professional DJ, you may want to consider naming yourself that.

DJs can use various techniques to deliver their songs and announcements to the crowd. These include turntables, CD players, mixers, headphones, microphones, etc. However, there are many ways to spin a record.

Some DJs prefer vinyl records while others love digital music. Some even use MP3s. The truth is, no matter how you spin the music, you still need to have a great sense of timing, musicality, and personality to pull off a successful performance.

DJs are celebrities. They perform in front of thousands of people and often share a stage with famous musicians. That means that your reputation can be seriously damaged by poor communication skills. You can avoid such disasters by choosing a DJ name that reflects your personal style and taste. You can choose a funny nickname, or you can pick a more serious-sounding name. Whatever you decide, you should always have fun with it and enjoy yourself.

In fact, the popularity of DJ names has increased dramatically over the years. With the rise of social media, people now seek entertainment through online videos and blogs. As a result, many DJs have turned their passion into business. Many of them create websites where they post new tracks and announce gigs. Therefore, if you’re thinking about becoming a DJ, you should keep in mind that you could turn your hobby into a career.

Now, let’s talk about some interesting and clever DJ names.

  1. Double B
  2. You Do, We Do
  3. Mix and match
  4. Martin Walker
  5. DJ Uptown Funk
  6. DJ Wanderlust
  7. DJ Strobe Lights
  8. DJ Moondust
  9. DJ Kaver
  10. The Mixology Method
  11. The Show Stopper
  12. Glamlicious
  13. DJ Mumble
  14. DJ Stretch
  15. The Renegade
  16. Beats Bureau
  17. Loopy Tunes
  18. The Juliana
  19. Mixing Overlords
  20. Master of Ceremonies
  21. The Music Prince
  22. Tempo
  23. Boris’ Beats
  24. Rhythm Titan
  25. DJ Wedding Favorites
  26. Feel Good Music
  27. Kicking Mixes
  28. Young Antlers
  29. Volume XXX
  30. Sweet Sensation
  31. Dancefloor Destruction
  32. DJ Cosmopolitan
  33. DJ Big Daddy
  34. DJ Genesis
  35. Peaky B
  36. DJ Tempo
  37. Playing for the Bride
  38. DJ Grooverider
  39. Auto DJ
  40. Deadly DJ
  41. DJ Ballistic
  42. The DJ
  43. John D.
  44. The Wedding DJ
  45. Bear Beer
  46. DJ Cobra
  47. DJ Nexus
  48. Musicalia
  49. Circuit Breaker
  50. Audio Brothers
  51. Bellman Kurtz
  52. The Party Starter
  53. Boom
  54. DJ Cortez
  55. DJ Paragon
  56. Free Spirit
  57. Bendermania
  58. Bless
  59. Raise the Bar
  60. DJ Freedom
  61. DJ Indie Darling
  62. Double Dubbing
  63. B.Brennan
  64. The Audio Anarchist
  65. Baby J
  66. Disco Dan
  67. The Beats Doctor
  68. DJ Sparkles
  69. Saucebeatz
  70. Clubbing 4 Real
  71. Blast Boomer
  72. DJ Quicksticks
  73. DJ Commander
  74. Building Beats
  75. Alpha
  76. Beats that Rule
  77. Pick 2 Mix
  78. My Best Beats

Unique DJ Names

While these examples may seem absurd, the point is that you don’t necessarily need something serious or sophisticated to come up with a clever business name. In fact, there are plenty of creative ways to do this. One thing to keep in mind when thinking of a creative name is making sure it doesn’t sound too much like any existing business.

DJ Name Ideas

For instance, if you plan on starting a flower delivery business, then you might want to avoid the word delivery in the name of your business. Instead, use something more elegant, fun, and original.

Also, don’t forget to ask yourself why you’re choosing this particular name. Be honest and transparent. Then write down all the possible answers to this question. This way, you’ll know whether you picked the best name for your business.

  1. DJ Cadence
  2. DJ High Voltage
  3. Mystify
  4. DJ Magnetic
  5. pEtiX
  6. DJ Drez
  7. DJ Looper
  8. NERON
  9. Just Married!
  10. DJ Game On
  11. phantasy
  12. Anarhia
  13. The Beats Architects
  14. DJ Trent5
  15. The Mixmasters
  16. The Mastermind
  17. Nightman
  18. On Fire
  19. DJ Kicks
  20. Airwave
  21. DJ Danny Dilemma
  22. Dance Legend
  23. DJ Freeflow
  24. DJ Dizzle
  25. DJ Amigo
  26. DJ Shadow
  27. DJ Majordomo
  28. DJ Skid
  29. Lady Preya
  30. Balanced Act
  31. Zenith
  32. DJ Flash
  33. DJ Galaxy
  34. DJ Killjoy
  35. DJ Pimp Daddy
  36. DJ Xenolith
  37. Mixin’ with Mandy
  38. Just Audio (J.A.)
  39. The Music Maestro
  40. Super DJ
  41. DJ Abracadabra
  42. Frequency Modulated
  43. DJ Volume
  44. DJ Jams
  45. DJ Bombast
  46. Matching Numbers
  47. Gangstas Paradise
  48. DJ Giddy Gadget
  49. Bazzo
  50. DJ Arrow
  51. DJ Jazz
  52. Urban Nights
  53. Ziggy Phase
  54. Staci Nichols
  55. Sick Beats
  56. The Love Shack
  57. Sonic
  58. DJ Shadow Skillz
  59. Trap ‘n’ Loaded
  60. The Highwayman
  61. DJ Bride
  62. Dubulous
  63. DJ Space-Boy
  64. DJ Airwolf
  65. DJ Skull
  66. DJ Finyl
  67. Wizdom
  68. DJ Freaky Trigger
  69. DJ Zing Zombie
  70. DJ Kool
  71. DJ Ninja
  72. 2nd Life
  73. DJ Phantasmusical
  74. Next Level
  75. Big Bada Boom DJ
  76. DJ Black
  77. Evil Genius DJ
  78. DJ Scritchscratch
  79. DJ Jamboree

Creative DJ Names

As a DJ, you play a vital role in parties and events. But, it takes a lot of work to carve out a successful career in the DJing world. There are many responsibilities involved in becoming a DJ, including planning, preparation, hosting, performing, and much more. However, the biggest challenge is actually coming up with a creative DJ name that people will remember.

What exactly do DJs do? They are responsible for providing entertainment by playing different kinds of music during social gatherings, corporate events, weddings, and private parties. DJs use their skills to create fun, memorable experiences by blending various musical styles together. Sometimes, DJs are hired to play background music at restaurants or cafés; other times, they perform live sets with a band.

In addition to being a source of entertainment, DJs are also known for being great salespeople. They know how to build rapport with clients and encourage them to book your services again. So, a DJ name should reflect these qualities.

However, it can be quite challenging to come up with a name for your new professional venture. And while there are dozens of rules to follow when selecting a DJ name, there are also some guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Designated DJ
  2. DJ Rockin’ Ringo
  3. Party Time
  4. DJ Twist
  5. The Disco King
  6. DJ sl4sh
  7. DJ Cacophony
  8. DJ Diamond
  9. Captain Crescendo
  10. Adam & Eve – DJ duo
  11. Deadmau
  12. Mix Master
  13. Retro Spins
  14. Clueless
  15. DJ Disco
  16. Baydance
  17. DJ Basil
  18. DJ Faruk
  19. DJ Bionic Bill
  20. Big Ant
  21. Era-Defining
  22. Music Factor
  23. Capuzzio Ponte
  24. Basehead King
  25. Musical Genius
  26. DJ Beatster
  27. Mellow Mixologists
  28. Cuz You Can’t Dance
  29. DJ Audiophile
  30. DJ Desperado
  31. DJ Boom Boom
  32. Beeber
  33. Big Clunk

Female DJ Name Ideas

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a female DJ? If yes, then you’re definitely interested in this post. This article features a massive collection of DJ name ideas specifically designed for women. We’ve compiled this list of fun female DJ names for two main reasons:

1) To encourage people to consider a career in DJing.

2) To help them learn how to come up with their own great DJ names.

This way, you’ll become more confident with your ability to create a memorable music name. Furthermore, once you’ve created your own original DJ name, you can use it as inspiration to come up with even better names for future projects. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even become a famous DJ someday.

We hope you enjoy this list of female DJ name ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

  1. MC Beverly
  2. DJ Toaster
  3. Barrel of Laughs
  4. Mystical Mixology
  5. DJ Nite
  6. DJ Iceman
  7. Bananaz
  8. DJ Quixotic
  9. DJ Treble
  10. Gravity
  11. DJ Cure
  12. Blackout
  13. Crescendo
  14. Wicked Dubs
  15. DJ Digital Dirt
  16. Baz
  17. Little Miss Mixy
  18. The Wizard of Remixes
  19. DJ Relentless
  20. Tomboy
  21. Aquatrix
  22. Techno Life
  23. DJ Aria
  24. DJ Crow
  25. Nice Guy
  26. Engagement DJ
  28. The Entertainment Guru
  29. DJ Armstrong
  30. DJ Eddie Epiphany

Wedding DJ Name Ideas

Are you planning to launch a wedding event and looking for something fun and original to call your wedding dj service? If yes, you might be interested in checking out this list. Here, I’m going to share with you a massive list of cute, unique, and clever wedding DJ name ideas to help jumpstart your brainstorming process.

Weddings are one of the most special events in anyone’s life. They mark the beginning of a new family, a marriage, and a career path. Weddings are also extremely expensive affairs that require high-end catering, decorations, photography, flowers, entertainment, and many other expenses.

This makes them ideal for entrepreneurs who love to create their own businesses and offer their services to other people. However, weddings bring along lots of challenges, including finding the perfect venue, managing a large team of staff (including wedding dj), and keeping everything organized. All this takes a lot of work and attention.

Therefore, hiring a professional wedding dj is a great way to save time and money by doing away with the hassle of organizing all these activities yourself. You can hire a wedding dj to keep you and your guests entertained during the reception and party. Hiring a professional wedding dj means that you no longer need to worry about anything except your guests enjoying themselves.

With this being said, finding the perfect wedding dj name is probably the most challenging part of launching a wedding event. A brand name is simply the face of a company. So, it’s essential that the name of your wedding dj company captures the essence of what you do and how you provide value to your clients.

In this article, I‘m going to share with my readers 10 unique, creative, and quirky wedding dj name ideas that will help you come up with a memorable and catchy wedding dj name for your business.

If you feel like you’re getting bored with traditional wedding dj names, then give these wedding dj name ideas a try.

  1. Acapella
  2. Magnitude
  3. DJ Doo
  4. Sleek
  5. DJ ZZ
  6. High Energy
  7. Sophisticated Spins
  8. Kingz Konnectionz
  9. White Wedding
  10. Mad Dogg
  11. DJ Fresh Prince
  12. DJ Berserk
  13. Bluebelt
  14. In Good Hands
  15. DJ Aviator
  16. DJ Phantom
  17. The House Party Girls
  18. and Mrs Wedding
  19. Them Beats
  20. Darude
  21. Double D
  22. DJ Sonic
  23. OutKast
  24. Fabz
  25. Tracker
  26. Sound Check
  27. DJ Montay
  28. Dance to the Music
  29. The Beat Box

DJ Name Generator

DJs are the people who are responsible for playing musical accompaniment during weddings, parties, and celebrations. They perform a broad range of tasks such as mixing songs according to the mood of the party and setting the beat. DJs use high-quality sound systems to play their favorite tracks for the crowd.

You might say that being a DJ is a lucrative profession. But before you think about becoming a pro, you should know that there are many requirements that you need to meet before you can call yourself a DJ. First off, you need to learn how to mix songs together. Once you master this skill, you will be ready to start earning money from all kinds of events.

Although it may seem easy to be a DJ, it requires extensive training. In order to become a qualified DJ, you should attend classes and seminars. Apart from this, you will need to develop new skills such as public speaking, social media management, event planning, and working under pressure.

To give you an idea of how difficult it is to become a successful DJ, here are some stats:

In 2022 alone, the average salary of a full-time wedding DJ was $62,000.

A female DJ earns roughly $34 per hour.

  1. DJ Mando
  2. Classic Cool
  3. Pretty Boy
  4. DJ Ruckus
  5. DJ Rocket
  6. Rebel DJ
  7. Benjy
  8. Traxx
  9. ZipperHead
  10. Beat Mixer
  11. Blastin’
  12. DJ Storm
  13. Boogaloo
  14. Camberlake
  15. DJ Riff Rewind
  16. I Rock the Crowd
  17. Douse DJ
  18. Jamal Jones
  19. The Commander
  20. DJ Boomboy
  21. Mnemonic
  22. Default DJ
  23. DJ Mad Genius
  24. Metalhead
  25. Electrix
  26. DJ Sound Guru
  27. Disco Delight
  28. Gee Gee Green (Green DJ)
  29. DJ Eazy-E
  30. Contra
  31. Enigma
  32. Opal
  33. Smooth Spins
  34. DJ Decibels
  35. DJ Gravity
  36. DJ Chris Contraband

DJ Names

How to Name Your DJ Business: 5 Tips to Help You

When starting a DJ business or any other business, naming proves to be one of the most difficult decisions. Too many inspirations, unnecessary ideas, and the already existing pressure make it all the more hard. This is not a step that can be accomplished overnight or in a few days, instead, you have to prepare yourself for the onslaught of confusion and frustration and also muster up a whole lot of patience.

Only after you’ve decided on a name you can move forward with marketing and setting it up properly.

How To Name Your DJ Business

A catchy and fitting name can be achieved easily with the help of a few tips and hacks. Knowledge of these tips can help you a lot in avoiding common mistakes and using some helpful techniques. To make it easy for you, in this article we have listed off all the help that you need for naming your DJ business.

Assess Your Style of Music

Before beginning to find a name, you need to assess and be clear of what is the style of your music and how you want people to perceive your DJ business. What kind of audience do you want to target? Keep your target audience in mind before deciding on the name. You want to appeal to the target audience and also want to evoke a certain emotion through the name that compels them towards your business. For that, you need a name that best suits the demographics.

Take Some Inspiration

To find a name that catches the attention of the audience you can also take inspiration from things that inspire you or you like in general. It can be from pop culture, literature, music, any real music figure, or anything in general. Think of things that inspire you and please you, lose these things down and think of ways you can utilize these in your title.

Take examples from iconic masteries and reference them in the name of your DJ business. Using iconic references is a great and effective way of piquing the interest of the target audience. Going for such a creative approach will establish a creative and fresh image of your DJ business in their mind.

So think of some iconic moments that inspire you and the ones you can refer to. For example, the name “Avicii” was derived from the lowest level of hell in Buddhist culture. You can use cultural, religious, or national references like this and try incorporating them in the name of your business.

Go About Brainstorming!

Another technique to come up with a unique name that best represents the main aims and goals is to think of adjectives and keywords that you associate with your DJ business. Make a list of these adjectives and keywords and note them down. Use music’s related words like “Jazz”, “Bass”, “Beat”, “Strings” etc. After you’re done with the list you can test the  following techniques to decide a name for your DJ business:

  • Mix and Match: After you are done with your list of keywords, you can try mixing and matching the keywords, phrases, and adjectives. Try coming up with a new and equally catchy word. Combine different words from your list and see if they look and sound good and easy together.
  • Use Thesaurus: To find a unique and fresh name for your DJ business, you can use a thesaurus to find unique-sounding and fresh new words that have simple or basic meanings. “Thrill” has synonyms like “Bang”, “Charge” and “Wallop” while “Serenity” has similar words like “Tranquility” and “Stillness”. Use a thesaurus to expand your list and exposure and open the door to more options and ideas!
  • Alliterations: Use alliterations in the name of your DJ business to make it memorable and catchy. Several DJs have used alliterations in their names and it has worked well for them. So, look up your list and find all the similar sounding words that you think make good alliterations. This little tip only asks for a creative perspective to combine words to make them memorable and easy to pronounce. So, get creative and funky!

Avoid Generic Words

If you want the name of your business to stand out, avoid using “DJ” in it. This might have worked in the past but now with the growing industry and strong competition you want your business to stand out. Instead, as mentioned before, use other music-related words in the title. “Groove To Go”, “All That Jazz” and “All Jazz and Vibes” sound groovy don’t they?

Avoid Lengthy and Difficult To Pronounce Names

This one’s a given. For your DJ business name to be memorable and catchy, you need a name that is trendy and easy to pronounce. A unique name does not mean it should be weird and obscure. While finding a unique name for your DJ business keeps in mind the simplicity factor.

There are many examples of DJ business names that don’t work but they won’t be mentioned here for obvious reasons. Avoid names with more than 15 characters to make them trendy and memorable.

Assign It a Personal Touch

To make your DJ business name likable among the audiences, try giving it a personal touch. That can be done by including your name, the name of your city, hometown, or any other place you are connected with. Doing so brings out a personal and comfortable feeling among the audiences that can be quite helpful in establishing your DJ business.

Utilize Emotions

You want to evoke a certain emotion in the crowd or audience through the name and what better way to do it than using emotions in the title. Use emotions that are evoked by music like “Serenity”, “Nostalgia”, “Excitement”, “Thrill” etc. Psychology plays a big part in association and likability and associating a certain emotion with that will do its part well. It’s not a necessity but if you can find an innovative way to include it then go for it!

If you are looking for more creative and catchy name ideas, then check out Business Name Ideas from! and how to name a business.

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