502 Unique Dog Grooming Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Have you decided to start your own dog grooming business and need help coming up with a good name for it? If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

This article contains a huge list of catchy, unique, and creative dog grooming business name ideas to help jump-start your brainstorming process and assist you in finding the best name for your new venture.

It’s often said that the dog grooming industry is recession-proof. The statistics on the popularity of dog grooming services are staggering, but perhaps not surprising. When it comes to starting a new business, you want to put your best foot forward.

This includes choosing the perfect name for your business. It is a very important decision because the name can affect potential customers’ perception of your company.

The name of your business can make or break its success. A good name can help consumers remember your business long after they’ve heard about it and connect with the business’s values, such as what it does, is, or stands for.

But finding the right one can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve gathered hundreds of interesting caregiver business name suggestions to inspire you. Hopefully, you’ll find some really awesome names that fit your branding needs.

Dog Grooming Names

Dog grooming is a great business to start because it can provide you with both long-term work and a source of income.

If you’re considering opening a dog grooming business, it’s imperative that you come up with a name that can reflect the unique skills and talents of your business.

Choose something that will be remembered by your customers and by prospective employees. This is an important step as it will help you to build up a following and increase sales.

  • Barks & Bubbles
  • Champion Grooming
  • Paws to Beauty
  • Dog Hair Dressing
  • Natalie’s Dog Grooming Centre
  • Hounds and Hairs
  • Catch A Tail Pet Salon
  • Barking Outfits
  • All Paws and Ivory
  • Bayside Pets Care
  • mobile dog groomer london
  • Fido
  • Town and Country Pet Care Center
  • You Lucky Dog Grooming Studio
  • Chip and Brad Bichon Palace
  • Aroma Nails
  • VCA Adler Animal Hospital and Pet Resort
  • BnC Dog Grooming
  • Paw Prints Grooming
  • Barks and Claws
  • Diamonds in the Ruff
  • Jessica’s Dog Grooming
  • Silver Bark Grooming
  • Buddy’s Best Friend Grooming
  • For Pet’s Sake
  • Royalty Puppies
  • Woof! Doggies
  • Bark to Basics
  • Pawfect Pet Salon
  • The Clip Joint dog and cat grooming centre
  • Savannah SophistiCats
  • Animal Salon
  • Spaniel Salon
  • Pretty Paws Dog Grooming
  • Dog Eden
  • Aroma Paws Dog Spa
  • Good Dog Grooming
  • Parlor for Pets
  • Paws And Dog Day Care
  • Paw Alley Pet Grooming
  • Bed and Biscuit
  • The Dog House
  • Paws & Effect
  • Groom Town
  • Mud Puppies Pet Spa, Inc
  • Itchy Bits and Mary’s Malamutes
  • Canine Spa & Salon
  • Purplebone Dog Grooming
  • Shaggy2swaggypets
  • Alpha Dog Grooming
  • K-9 Cuts Pet Grooming
  • Wagging Tails Dog Spa
  • Furbrocious Dog Grooming
  • Asda Old Kent Road Superstore
  • Doggy-A-GoGo Pet Day Spa
  • A Pawsitive Dog Wash
  • Arriving Pets
  • Lots O Love Pet Wash Center
  • Bubble Leashes Pet Salon
  • Pet Beast Grooming
  • Bark ‘n’ Bath Now!
  • Argos Nine Elms in Sainsbury’s
  • The Spa for Dogs
  • Dog Sitting, Dog Daycare
  • Designed For Dogs
  • Up to Par Dog Grooming
  • Pet Wash
  • Moggy and Doggy Pet Care
  • Bow Wow Pet Grooming
  • Doggie Doo’s Grooming
  • Riverview Veterinary Hospital Ballincollig Cork
  • Riverside Dog Resort
  • Doggone Fabulous
  • Pets at Home Friern Barnet
  • Downtown Dogs
  • Groom Groom Mobile Dog Grooming
  • Bark Club
  • Dogz Club – Doggy Day Care
  • Dandy Dogs Pet Grooming
  • A Bark Above Dog Grooming
  • Dog-a-holick
  • Fireside Pets
  • The Groom Room London
  • A Dog’s Delight
  • PetWow
  • Fabulous Fur
  • Pawsitively Groomed
  • Evoke Pet Care
  • Stylish Paws Dog Grooming
  • Bayside Dog Spa
  • About Paws
  • Doggie Diva
  • Head to Tales Grooming
  • Bishop Burton College Kennels

Top 10 Rare Dog Grooming Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Poop Dogg

The name “Poop Dogg” sounds like a funny name for a dog grooming service business. But, this name will work for you as well. It will attract more customers to your business.

You can use the name “Poop Dogg” in its full or shortened form. You can create a website with this name or you can add this name to your business card and other marketing materials.

Poop Dogg

2.    Pet Shop

If you are searching for a name that is able to attract customers to your business then try to choose “pet shop dog grooming” as the name of your business.

You will be able to attract more customers because the name of the business will be able to reflect well in front of them. This is why you should go with this name because it is something that is important for you to achieve your goals.

It is better to make sure that your brand stands out among others in the market.

On the other hand, you will also be able to promote your business by creating a strong impression on people, and at the same time, you can also sell your products effectively.

Pet Shop

3.      Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson Dog Grooming’s business name will increase your brand awareness, and get you more customers. Your dog grooming services will surely become famous if you choose the name of Olivia Wilson.

This name will bring in more clients because when people think of dog grooming service, they usually think of Olivia Wilson. This name is very simple and easy to remember.

This will give a good impression to your clients that your business is reliable. This is why it is one of the best dog grooming business names.

Olivia Wilson

4.      No To Running

No running dog grooming business names is a great option for you because it is both short and easy to remember. But, there is one problem with this name. As you already know, most people associate dogs with a person who is not professional.

So, if you have a chance to choose between this name and another name which is related to an industry, it’s better for you to choose the one that is related to an industry.

If you want more traffic for your business, then choosing an industry-related name is the best thing that you can do.

No To Running

5.      Happy Fluffy

The name “Happy Fluffy Dog Grooming” describes the nature of the business. It has all the features required by a good business name, such as being short, easy to remember, easily spellable, and having positive connotations.

So, people will remember this name easily. Also, this name makes the customer want to visit your business.

Moreover, this name is very catchy. So, people will be attracted to this name and will find it very interesting and appealing. Therefore, they will immediately visit your business when they see the name on your sign or in any advertisement.

Also, this name will be very memorable for the customers. This means they will always remember you and the service you offer them.

Happy Fluffy

6.    Growing Pains

This name is a perfect choice if you want to start a dog grooming business. The name is memorable, and you can use it in your marketing strategy.

People love dogs, and that is why the demand for dog grooming services will increase rapidly in the future. So, this name is the right choice for your new business.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can change your logo into a dog or a paw print. That way, your brand will look cute and adorable. Also, this way you can easily differentiate your business from others in the market.

This name is also short, and it will not take much time to remember it. However, don’t use it without a logo. So, before using this name, create a logo for it first.

Growing Pains

7.      Fearers Bulldog

The name Fearers Bulldog Dog Grooming Business Names have a meaning. In fact, it is the meaning of the name Fearers Bulldog Dog Grooming Business Names.

The name Fearers Bulldog Dog Grooming Business Names mean A person who lives in the city of London but is considered a country person or a country dweller.

Fearers Bulldog Dog Grooming Business Names are very long and very difficult to remember. However, if you want to have a memorable and unique business name then this is the perfect name for you.

If you want to know the meaning of Fearers Bulldog Dog Grooming Business Names, then the name means A person who is known for his/her boldness and aggressiveness.

Fearers Bulldog

8.      Clinic Veterinary

Your business name should include the keywords related to the products or services that you provide. If you provide veterinary services, then the keywords that you should include in your business name are “Clinic Veterinary Dog Grooming Services”.

People searching for this kind of service will definitely visit your website when they see these keywords in your name. This is very important for you to keep in mind as a business owner.

Clinic Veterinary

9.      Canico

It is a short yet eye-catching name. Canico means ‘beauty’ and ‘candy’. This name suggests that your company is a beauty parlor and provides dog grooming services to its clients.

It is a very good choice because it attracts more attention to your brand. The name also sounds feminine and glamorous. You can also use this name for your children’s pet care business.


10.      Brave Barkers

This name can work perfectly as a business name because it can work as a verb. The business owners can use it as a verb to say, “We will Brave Barkers for your dog”.

The word “Barker” has meaning in itself. It means to bark and hence, if you use it in a sentence it means to call or contact the person.

Brave Barkers

Dog Grooming Business Names

If you’re thinking about running your own dog grooming business, you should know that there’s a huge demand for such services.

People are always looking for dog groomers, especially at the moment, when there’s been a number of high-profile dog grooming disasters. So you need to do all that you can to ensure that your business name is eye-catching and gets the attention of people.

You should think about naming your business after your specialty and/or location because this will make you stand out from other dog groomers in your area.

  • WaggyK9Tails
  • John Lewis & Partners
  • Follow My Lead – Enfield
  • Dog Gone Excellent Groomer’s
  • Kibble Pet Grooming
  • K9 Dog Grooming, College of West Anglia
  • Mutt’s Nuts Dog Grooming
  • Beauty & the Beasts
  • Valley Groomers
  • Doggies Gone Wild
  • Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center
  • Holiday Pet Grooming
  • Pup Culture
  • Dry N Dawg
  • While There’s Bark
  • Pet Pack
  • Wizard of Paws
  • The Groom Room Sydenham
  • Woof! There It Is!
  • Animal Lover’s Pet Grooming
  • Barking Beauties
  • Adventures in Grooming
  • Golden Bone
  • Love My Human
  • Riverside Pet Resort
  • Above-and-beyond Dog Grooming
  • Reddings Dog Sitter
  • Paragon School of Pet Grooming
  • K9 Cuts Inc
  • Parsons Green Pups
  • Great Tails
  • Norbury Pet Health Centre
  • downtown woof
  • Lily’s Dog Grooming Salon
  • Haute Dog Pet Spa
  • Pets at Home Yate
  • Two by Two Veterinary Centre
  • Perfect Love Pet Grooming
  • Peninsula Center Pet Hospital
  • Spa Wags
  • The Fur Ball Groomer
  • Bark in Style
  • B&M Store
  • Best Care Dog Grooming
  • Clip ‘N Clean
  • Exotic Pooch
  • Scratch Post Dog Wash
  • French Fluffy Poodle
  • A Paws Above Pet Salon
  • Ooh La La Pooch!
  • Bark N Go
  • Animal Courses Direct
  • Puptown Lounge
  • Puppy 4U
  • Furball, Fluff, and Fold
  • Poochy Paws
  • K9 Nails & Spa
  • Fur, Fur Fun Styling
  • Bow Wow London
  • OMG Mobile Pet Spa & More
  • Fido’s Palace
  • The Very Scrubby Clippers
  • Pet Valu
  • Willies Grooming & Petshop
  • Barky’s Grooming Factory
  • KD Grooming Studio LTD
  • For Paws
  • Bubbles & Cuddles
  • Clippity Chop Dog Grooming
  • Groom – Dog Care With Love
  • Moondoggie’s Pet Spa
  • Fiona’s Diggidy Daycare
  • Pawgeous Mobile Dog Grooming
  • PAW SPA (Dog Grooming)
  • Salty Dog
  • Perivale Dog Walking & Grooming
  • Top Dogs
  • Fluffy Puppy Dog Wash
  • Above and Beyond Pet Care Inc
  • Bird-Dog Grooming Ltd
  • Gromy Dog Pet Groomers
  • Albertsons
  • Clean Barky
  • Calling All Paws
  • Dog Grooming
  • The Dog House Essex
  • Hazel Corner Dog Hotel

Pet Business Names

Starting a pet business might seem like a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to have their own little buddy to hang out with? However, if you’re looking to run your pet business professionally, you need a good business name.

Before launching your business, you should brainstorm some good ideas about what to call it. This way, you will know what direction to go in.

We have put together a list of pet business name ideas that will help you to choose a name that will suit your pet business perfectly. Check out these names and use them to make your next business decision.

  • Shear Magic Dog Grooming Salon, Inc
  • Good Dog! Cleaning Services
  • Posh Pets Boutique
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Allfourpets
  • Salty Dawg
  • California Cat Center
  • Paw Salon and Spa
  • Linda’s Grooming Centre
  • Awesome Doggies
  • Poochie Paradise Pet Groomer
  • Bark and Purr Pet Grooming Inc
  • Pure Grooming
  • Barking Beauties (or Dogs)
  • Barking Beauties Pet Salon
  • Hair of the Dog
  • Paws Pet Grooming
  • Canine Companions
  • Be a Pet Stylist
  • Valley View Dog Grooming
  • For Dogs’ Sake
  • Ace Dog Grooming
  • Pawfect Wanders Dog Walking Services
  • Diva Dogs Centre
  • Woofs to Kittys
  • Pet So Pooch Parlour
  • The Tail End
  • Teddy Tail Groomers
  • Bark and Groom
  • Canadian Tire
  • Pet Peevish
  • Alpha Grooming Pet Salon
  • Fetching Fiends
  • Boutique K-9 Couture
  • The Mutts Cuts and Giggles
  • Yappy Hour Kennels
  • Wow That’s Smart Dog Grooming
  • Poodle Palace Pet Grooming
  • North London Cats
  • Whisker Lickin’ Good
  • Pets in the City
  • Fur Baby Grooming
  • The Groom Room Northampton
  • Dogstroll Doggy Day Care Wimbledon SW15 London
  • Bruce’s Pet Grooming
  • Woofur Holistic Pet Care Centre
  • Beasty Feast
  • Bark n’ Bubble Dog Grooming
  • Hair of the Dog Salon
  • Doggylocks
  • Charming Canines
  • Sparky’s Doggie Day Spa
  • Dynamic Grooming
  • River Bend Pet Center
  • Moondoggies Pet Grooming Salon
  • Dapper Dogs
  • Paw Commons Pet Resort
  • Course Springs
  • The Big Dog Groomer
  • Pets at Home Putney
  • Right Touch
  • Pinnacle Pets Play & Stay
  • Hakikat Food Centre
  • Canine Image
  • Dog Gone Good Grooming Spa
  • Finding Fido
  • Bark n’ Belly Whipped-Dog Treats
  • Harshit’s kennel
  • Plush Pups
  • Barking Mad
  • Companion Grooming
  • Posh Pets
  • Velvet Paws
  • Lucky Puppy Grooming
  • Curly Tail Wags
  • Bark Avenue Kennel
  • Happy Hounds Dog Grooming
  • Love My Human Townhouse
  • Canine Styles Grooming
  • Puppy World
  • Perfect Paws
  • Ruff Cuts Dog Grooming

Catchy Dog Grooming Names

Grooming dogs can be a fun hobby, but when you want to expand your business and increase profits, it’s important to come up with a catchy name.

You want your customers to be able to recall your name easily. But how do you come up with a good business name? Read below to learn more about some catchy dog grooming names.

  • Great and Small Dog Care
  • Epic Pets Plus
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Pets at Home Chingford
  • Greedy Dogs Grooming Salon
  • Gentle Paws Pet Grooming
  • Pawing Around
  • Amber’s Academy of Pet Styling
  • Kiss My Mutt
  • Fido’s Pet Care
  • Egg Harbor Curly K-9’s
  • Woof
  • Dog-Gone Good Grooming
  • Poundland
  • Riverside dog grooming School
  • Riverside Home Hardware Building Centre
  • Good Dog!
  • Animal Training College
  • Hounds to Bed
  • Bunnyluv
  • Pooch and Joy
  • Very Important Pets
  • Holly&Lil The Collar Makers
  • Bark in the Park Dog Grooming
  • Puppy Love Pet Spa
  • Just Pets
  • Jumanji Pets
  • Blue Ribbon Cuts Pet Salon
  • The Dog Salon
  • Be-Bark-in’ Pet Products, Inc
  • Rusty’s Discount Pet Center
  • Pawsitively Clean Pet Salon
  • Encino Pet Grooming
  • Majestic Pooch
  • Clip & Fluff
  • Classy Canines dog groomers
  • Taxis ‘n’ Tails
  • Dog Groomers Inc
  • Diva Dogs
  • Bath and Brush Up
  • Canine Company
  • Doggone It
  • First Class Grooming
  • Catwalk Pets & Bird Centre
  • Scruffy Canines
  • College farm Saddlery And pet store
  • Drop N’ Hide Pet Grooming
  • Lead on Dog Grooming
  • The Barkers Pet Center
  • Doggone it!
  • Pet’s Way Paws and Claws
  • Tanzeel Maktab & Hifdh Madrasah
  • Islington Dog Walkers
  • Halo Dogs
  • B&M Home Store with Garden Centre
  • Chew That
  • PawFect Grooming
  • Fetching Dog Grooming
  • Dog Dazzle
  • CJ Dog Grooming
  • All Paws Grooming
  • Pets at Home Greenford
  • Littleton Pet Center
  • Petacular Food & Supply Ltd.
  • Sydenham Grooming Salon Dog & Cat
  • Canine Creations Dog Grooming
  • Earthwise Pet Supply
  • Canine Capers Pet Grooming
  • Club Pet
  • Awesome Pet Grooming
  • The Bark Salon
  • Hair Of The Doggy
  • Pooches and Scissors
  • Alessandro Pet Spa
  • Plush Pups pet boutique and spa
  • Hug N Pups
  • Mobile Dog Wash
  • Grooming Tails
  • Violet Care
  • Doggie Dearest
  • Bark and Tail
  • Cutting Edge Grooming
  • Groom Dog City
  • Paw Files Groomery, Inc
  • Fur Coat Fabulous
  • UK Pets Company (Sheen)
  • Kahoots Pet
  • Purrfect
  • Pampered Pet Grooming
  • Premier Doggy Day Care
  • Waggin’ Tails Chelsea Veterinary Clinic

Creative Dog Groomer Names

Many dog owners would love to take their dog for a grooming session with a professional dog groomer.

For those who are looking to start a business in this niche, there is no better way to position yourself as a professional dog groomer than by choosing an appropriate business name.

Dog grooming is a highly competitive industry, and if you name your business correctly, you can stand out from the rest and attract a new clientele.

In order to help you choose a suitable name, we’ve compiled a list of creative dog groomer business names that are bound to draw in customers:

  • Grand Bark Dog Grooming
  • Puppy Love Dog Daycare and Training
  • Dr Doolittles 2 Petshop
  • Swept Off My Paws
  • Laura’s Pet Styles
  • Albert’s Dog Grooming & Care
  • Puppy Loft
  • Hackney Hounds
  • Pet Universe Cat & Dog Grooming Salon
  • Riseholme Dog Grooming
  • Posh Paws
  • The Drake Center for Veterinary Care
  • Dixans Boarding Kennels
  • Wagging Tails
  • Barehams Boarding & Daycare Centre
  • Kroger Distribution Center
  • Area Pet Grooming
  • The Grooming Project
  • The Pawsitive Dog Groomer
  • The Missing Paws Pet Grooming Salon
  • Masters Touch
  • Polly’s Paws
  • Walmart Supercentre
  • Dogs Rule Pet Grooming Calgary
  • Bark Avenue
  • Pets at Home New Malden
  • Verve London Pet Boutique
  • Bubble’s And Clips
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Bow Wow Shop
  • Fluff N Fold
  • Le Wag
  • Bark Avenue Care
  • Plush Pooches
  • It’s Grooming Time
  • Doggy Doozey Pooch Parlor
  • The Paw Resort
  • Coventry Pet Resort
  • Market Veterinary Centre
  • Morrisons
  • Cuddle Cuts
  • DogsZone
  • Look North Grooming & Training Centre Ltd
  • Puppy Days Pet Styling Inc
  • Classy Canine
  • Canine and Friends Doggy Daycare
  • Le Pooches Pet Grooming
  • Ruff Cutz Dog Grooming
  • Dapper dogs pet centre and quality grooming salon
  • The London Dog House
  • Dog Grooming Studio
  • Riverside Pet Salon
  • Heart + Paw
  • Bathe and Fluff
  • Barking Mad Grooming and Pet Supplies
  • Puppy Barber Mobile Pet Grooming
  • Pet Paradise
  • Scrub A Dub Dog Grooming
  • Pets Safe
  • CeeCeesgrooming
  • Crazy Dog Lady London
  • Washing Spot
  • Brockwell Pups
  • Scoopy Poochie Dog Wash
  • Paw Perfect Pet Sitting
  • Bloomingtails Pet Boutique
  • West Paw Doggie Day Care
  • The Jungle
  • Playground Pups
  • Pet Wash & More
  • Big Cat Parlor
  • Pets at Home Camden
  • First Class Care
  • Grooming Time
  • Tails of the Tundra
  • Cuddly Puppies Dog Grooming
  • Modern Pet Salon
  • Dog-gone Fun Pet Grooming
  • Back to Basics Dog Grooming
  • Pet Parlor and Spa
  • Park N Bark
  • The Loyalty Groomers
  • Paw Rules – the Dog Grooming salon
  • Sacramento Shar Pei Spa
  • Better Ears And Tails Grooming
  • Citizen Canine
  • Refreshing Paws
  • Camden Garden Centre
  • My Pooch ‘n Me
  • Vanity Fur
  • Groomer Has It
  • Adogable Pet Services
  • Pawsh Dogs
  • Pets Little Kingdom
  • Haute Pets
  • Beloved Dog Spa

Catchy Dog Grooming Business Names

Dog grooming is one of those niche industries that always seem to go in and out of fashion. But when it comes to grooming your dog, it’s very important to get the grooming done right.

After all, your dog’s coat is like your car’s paint – it can easily get scratched or cracked during its life. If you’re in the business of grooming dogs, it’s important to have a business name that reflects the quality of the service you provide.

After all, you don’t want a customer to think you’re only in it for the money. So here are some cute, funny, and catchy dog grooming business names that you could use for your business:

  • Cocker Spaniel Coiffures
  • Dogs ‘R’ Kids Inc
  • Doggie Dogs Pet Salon
  • Unfurr-gettable Pet Salon & Spa
  • Andy’s Pet Grooming and Daycare
  • Canine Collections
  • Paw My Style Doggy Clips
  • The Dog Cuddlers
  • Argos Wandsworth in Sainsbury’s
  • Absolute Pets The Grove Riverside
  • Dogtown Frenchies
  • Doggie Delights
  • The Pawfectionist, Inc
  • Pawfection
  • Pets at Home Charlton
  • Pampered Pets’ Retreat
  • Bayside Grooming
  • Center Sinai Animal Hospital
  • Happy Tails Dog Wash
  • Waggity Woof Dog Grooming
  • Heavenly Hound, Inc
  • Doggy Day Spa
  • Doggie Day Spa
  • The Grooming Parlour
  • The Dog Wash Salon
  • Bit of Class
  • Vetco
  • Fluff N’ Suds Pet Salon
  • Groom Paws
  • Dogs Trust Us
  • Mud Puppies
  • Clipsters
  • Uptown Pet Grooming
  • Westside Veterinary Clinic
  • Puppy Purrfection
  • Doggy Pretties
  • Puppy Palace
  • The Pawliticians
  • Barking Lot Inc.
  • Dog Gone Good Grooming
  • The Animal House
  • Best In Show Pet Grooming
  • Paw Patrol
  • Ask the Puppy Question
  • Lickety-Split Cuddles
  • Pet Bath and Blow Dry Shop
  • Dogs World
  • American Grooming Services, Inc
  • Dog World Grooming
  • the animal express mobile pet grooming
  • Argos Westfield Stratford
  • Central Alberta Co-op Red Deer Home Centre
  • The Mutt Hut
  • Four Paws Inn
  • Dog Togs and Tails
  • Biscuits & Bath
  • Spot On Dog Grooming
  • Spotz and Stripes
  • Maser’s Grooming and Pet Boutique Inc
  • Doggie in the Window
  • The Puppy Cut
  • Aurora’s Pets Best Care Ltd
  • Quick-Tag
  • London Pet & Garden Centre
  • Tippy Canines Salon
  • Woofs N Petals
  • Swanky Paws Pet Spa
  • Vale Veterinary Centre
  • The Wagging Tail Dog Grooming Service
  • Barkin’ Bandit
  • Petal to the Paw Dog Spa
  • Pretty Puppy Pets Dog Grooming
  • Absolute Pets Riverside
  • Mop Top Dogs
  • Scarsdale Vets
  • Canine Creations
  • Pawsitively Companion Pet Care
  • Fun Paws Dog Grooming
  • Dog Groomer & Boarding House
  • Canine Country Club
  • Best In Show
  • The College of Animal Welfare
  • Channy’s Laundry Mutts/Dog Grooming
  • Groom my Dog
  • Fresh wish
  • Hayward hounds
  • Riverside South Pet Shop
  • Pawfect grooms
  • Pet Grooming In, Out & About
  • Express Your Pet
  • A-1 Dog Wash

Cool Dog Grooming Business Names

We all know someone who owns a dog grooming business. They have a big, well-kept operation with lots of equipment and lots of clients. The owners are the very best dog groomers you’ll ever meet.

But you don’t have to be a large, successful business owner to own a dog grooming business. If you have a passion for pets and like working around dogs, you can open your own dog grooming business in no time.

While the equipment, facilities, and overhead costs may seem daunting at first, there are many great reasons why opening your own dog grooming business could be a great decision for you.

  • Pooch’s Butler
  • Hero’s Best Friend
  • Canine Coiffures Dog Groomers
  • Bark-n-frolic Pet Grooming
  • Argos Ealing
  • The Furry Company
  • Academy of Animal Arts
  • Pampered Pooch
  • Argos
  • Doglicious Spa & Wellness Center
  • Fairy Tails Care
  • Paws at Play Dog Grooming
  • Dog House Grooming Service
  • Pampered Pet
  • Pets at Home Sevenoaks
  • Comb & Collar
  • Bark And Purr Pet Grooming
  • The Friendly Groomer
  • The Wag Club
  • Just 4 Dogs Grooming Salon
  • Heavenly Hounds Dog Grooming
  • Bark Buds
  • Canine Divine Spa Inc
  • Best of The Pets
  • Lucky Paws Clapham Award Winning Pet Care Services
  • Dog Furr-gonzo
  • Paws To Perfection
  • To the Dogs
  • Scruffy Pup
  • Kay Doggie Dog Salon
  • Shiny Happy Dogs Inc
  • Fur-ever Friends
  • Riverside Grooming
  • The Fur Flipper
  • We Digg Pets
  • WagWorks
  • Classic Canine Cuts
  • Dots & Tots Doggy Day Care
  • Pets Love Us
  • San Gabriel Pet Center. Grooming
  • D-O-G Grooming Studio
  • Passion Pets
  • Petco
  • iPET Network Ltd
  • City Paws Club
  • Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa
  • Dogtopia
  • The Pet Grooming School
  • TW K9 Complete Dog Services
  • Poodles N Pups Dog Grooming Service
  • Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center
  • Dog’s Best Friend Inc
  • Thunder Sky Kennel
  • House Of Pet
  • Pets Best Friend Grooming Salon
  • Dogs Delight Grooming Salon
  • Happy Grooming
  • Whisker Wow!
  • The Groom Room Hendon
  • Riverside Pet Shop & Boarding Kennels
  • Animal Kingdom Pet Grooming
  • Peefer
  • Big Bark Dog
  • Puppy Chics Salon & Spa
  • Riverside Lodge Kennels
  • Bark & Birch
  • Puppy Love Groomer
  • Canine Café on the Go
  • Bark and Belly Walk
  • BoneAppétit
  • Pawsitively
  • Barking Beauties Spa
  • Poochd
  • Louisa’s Grooming Salon
  • Puppy Spring
  • Paw, Clip, & Go!
  • All Pets Veterinary Clinic
  • Alley Dog Grooming
  • Pawsitively Clean
  • Heads to Tails
  • Fido And Friends
  • London and Essex Kents Farm Kennels and Catteries
  • Hands & Paws
  • Bark-A-Lot Pet Grooming
  • Medivet Hyde Park
  • Fluff’n Buff
  • Clippendales Pet Grooming
  • Dog’s Dream Grooming
  • Dog A Day
  • Green Pet Grooming
  • Hunters Lodge Country Boarding Kennels

Unique Pet Grooming Business Names

When choosing a business name, you want it to be catchy, but you also want it to be unique. When naming a business, think about the products and services that your business offers. Make sure that these things can be described using the name.

You might choose a business name that can represent your business. For example, if you offer pet grooming, consider using the word “groove” in your business name. The word represents your business and it gives you a memorable name.

  • Barkingham Palace Pet Grooming
  • Squeaky Clean Pet Salon
  • 99 Cents Only Stores
  • Top Dog Grooming
  • Dog Gone Styling
  • The Fairy Tails K9 Centre
  • Pawspurri Canine Cuts
  • Wet Dog London
  • BOW WOW London Dog Grooming
  • Curracloe Dog Grooming Salon
  • Dogs will be dogs
  • Puppies World
  • Riverview ni
  • Four Furr Months
  • A Dog’s Tale
  • Dog Walker Richmond
  • Doodles Haircuts
  • Pampered Pets
  • Doggie’s Day Out of Palm Springs
  • City Pooch
  • Petco Grooming
  • Fresh Paws
  • Action Pack Dog Center
  • Trims & Treats
  • Bark Get Together
  • All Paws Shampoo
  • Nutts4Mutts
  • Pucci Parlour
  • Snip Snip Dog Grooming
  • Doggies Divine
  • Spot On Grooming
  • Dog-O-Licious
  • April Showers Pet Grooming
  • Sniff This Out Dog Grooming
  • Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa
  • Elmhurst Animal Care Center
  • The Posh Puppy Palace
  • Wash N’ Wiggle Pet Services Center
  • Dog Wash N’ Go
  • Dog Gone Sharp
  • Goda and the Dogs
  • Golrusk Pet Care Center
  • Woof and Wag Grooming Co
  • Doggy Dandruff Removal
  • PetSmart
  • Happy Paws Pet Grooming
  • Well Groomed
  • Pet Pavilion
  • Trendy Paws
  • Canine Cutz
  • Goldies Dog Salon
  • Treat Your Pup
  • Bark Avenue Pet Care
  • Lucky Dawg Salon Pet Grooming
  • Kissable Kitties Pet Groomer Lounge
  • The Pet Spa
  • Posh Pets Salon
  • Poodle Palace
  • The Pooch Parlour
  • Elegant Pet
  • Bravo Paws
  • The Paw Pad
  • Cat Grooming School, London UK
  • Fetch Fun
  • Show Stopper Grooming Salon and Spa
  • Pawsitively Pampered Pets Grooming
  • Pampered Pets Hospitality Center
  • Doggy Dorchester
  • Doggy Bath HouseKeeping
  • Paws at Main
  • Kennel Curiosity
  • Your Pawsitive Touch
  • Pawfectionz Dog Grooming
  • Doggone Stylish Boutique, Inc
  • Clippety Doo Dog Groomers
  • Bark and Whimper Pet Salon
  • Dog Days of Summer
  • Get The Grub
  • Cookie’s Pet Grooming
  • Chic Tails
  • Classy Canines
  • Sniffles Hampstead
  • Mutt Mart
  • Coyne Veterinary Center
  • Canine Casa
  • See Spot Groom
  • Dogaholics
  • Elmtree Pet Hotel
  • Shaggy Dog Grooming
  • Riverside Pet Grooming
  • Vinjon’s Kennel Yorba Linda
  • Urban Mutts Dog Club & Hotel
  • Agape Grooming
  • Riverside Boarding Kennels
  • Happy Pets
  • Brockley Paws

Mobile Dog Grooming Business Names

Mobile dog grooming is an exciting new career option. It offers you a flexible schedule, but also a lot of freedom to travel to clients in need. Mobile dog grooming businesses provide dog owners with a one-of-a-kind pet experience.

By offering dog owners services such as grooming, bathing, and even nail clipping, mobile dog grooming businesses are able to give their clients the time and attention they deserve. They also provide them with a positive and rewarding experience.

Here are some great business names to consider:

  • PetSmart Grooming
  • Groom With Care
  • The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel East Brainerd
  • Dogtown
  • Pawpairs
  • VCA Animal Medical Center
  • Baby Paws Grooming Spa
  • Champion Care
  • Pools and Pauses Bark Grooming
  • Cesar’s Best Groomers Inc
  • Happy Clicks
  • Bark Busters Pet Grooming
  • Doggy Love
  • Clipping Claws Pet Salon
  • Chic Paws
  • Barks and Beauty
  • Radlett Grooming Centre
  • Pets R Us
  • Nikkis Pet Spa
  • Forest of Dean Dog Grooming Phoenix Dog Grooming
  • Woof Woof Bark Boutique
  • Laundermutts
  • Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind
  • Best Paw Forward
  • CAW – Potters Bar Centre
  • Bark Attack
  • P Pets Salon
  • Velvet Paw
  • Pawfect Look for Paws
  • Hot Shot Dog Grooming
  • My Barking Daycare
  • Whiskey’s Spa and Grooming
  • Scentimental
  • Tina’s Pet Palace
  • The Range, Surrey Quays
  • Dog City
  • All Fur Pooch
  • Bark, Rinse, Repeat Dog Wash
  • Dogs Rule
  • Pomeranian Paradise Pet Salon Inc
  • Potters Paws – Dog Walking & Sitting
  • Hartfield Boarding Kennels & Grooming
  • Dogarama
  • Tail Wagging
  • Tail Waggin’ Great Grooming
  • Groovelicious
  • Furry Friends Grooming
  • On Fleek Pets
  • The Art of Dog Grooming
  • Paws With Ease
  • Paws Up Pet Grooming
  • Groomers on the Go
  • Dirty Pawz Self-Serve Dog Wash
  • Hot Doggery Grooming
  • The Salon – A Grooming Project
  • Diamond Dog Groomer
  • Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Spa
  • Head Turner Pet Salon & Day Care Centre
  • Riverside Drive Animal Care

Dog Grooming Business Names

How to Name Your Dog Grooming Business?

Do you love dogs and want to start a dog grooming business? This article will provide you with some helpful tips to start a dog grooming business.

Start With Research

Before starting a dog grooming business, one must first research the market and find out where the demand lies. This will help in determining whether the dog grooming business you’re planning to start has any potential at all or not.

Determine the Demand

The demand for dog grooming services varies depending on the location of the business. If the location you’re planning to start the business in is a high-traffic area, then chances are there’ll be a high demand for dog grooming.

On the other hand, a low-traffic location means there is very little demand for dog grooming services.

Gather Information

When researching the demand for dog grooming services, gather information about the current market players and the ones who failed. This will help you in figuring out how to stay competitive with other dog grooming businesses in the market.

Plan Ahead

Once you have a clear idea of the demand, the location, and the number of dog owners in the area, it’s time to plan your dog grooming business.

Before starting your business, consider how you’re going to promote it and how you’re going to market it.

You can start by setting up flyers and posters to place in the community and even go through the dog grooming business websites to determine how you can compete with them.

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