700 Exotic Dothraki Names to Inspire Your Inner Warrior

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Dothraki Names”! If you’re looking for creative and intriguing names inspired by the Dothraki culture, you’ve come to the right place. As George R.R. Martin once wrote, “A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.” In this post, we will share a treasure trove of Dothraki names that are sure to captivate your imagination and transport you to the world of Westeros.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I have delved deep into the realm of fantasy character naming. From valiant knights to fearsome dragons, I have honed my skills in creating names that breathe life into fictional worlds. Each name carries a unique essence and serves as a vessel for storytelling. The Dothraki names I present to you today have been meticulously crafted to embody the fierce and nomadic spirit of the Dothraki people.

In this article, I promise you an extraordinary collection of Dothraki names that will leave you spoiled for choice. Whether you’re seeking a name for your latest role-playing character or simply indulging in the joy of creative naming, you’ll find something special here. Let the rhythmic cadence of these names roll off your tongue, conjuring visions of vast grasslands and the thundering hooves of horse-mounted warriors. Get ready to discover a name that will set your imagination ablaze!

Dothraki Names

Dothraki Names

  • Khazrak
  • Ashanna
  • Jorvik
  • Rhogar
  • Zaraqo
  • Kalyra
  • Vakar
  • Vellara
  • Mordoth
  • Qyria
  • Drekhan
  • Zhalia
  • Kavron
  • Raknar
  • Qestra
  • Aelor
  • Xyndra
  • Gharak
  • Vyssa
  • Qiros
  • Zorvik
  • Malara
  • Xandar
  • Keldan
  • Rhysa
  • Nyron
  • Zarkhan
  • Vaelis
  • Lyra
  • Qadrok
  • Ashira
  • Jorvyn
  • Zephyra
  • Xalon
  • Valdor
  • Qyria
  • Keshara
  • Vexan
  • Myrthos
  • Rylara
  • Zandar
  • Khoran
  • Ashrya
  • Jorvos
  • Zaryn
  • Kyria
  • Vexal
  • Vaelara
  • Xandros
  • Qadron
  • Zhalara
  • Malak
  • Rhosya
  • Nykras
  • Qaros
  • Ashyla
  • Jorvas
  • Vexira
  • Zarys
  • Keldor
  • Qadria
  • Zyndra
  • Valak
  • Xyria
  • Zandrik
  • Kharis
  • Ashkara
  • Jorvan
  • Vexara
  • Kallan
  • Zyndros
  • Qysha
  • Zalak
  • Vaelor
  • Rhora
  • Malora
  • Khoros
  • Qestria
  • Ashrok
  • Jornyx

20 Dothraki Names With Meanings

Dothraki Names

  1. Qorin the Steadfast – Unwavering warrior with indomitable resolve.
  2. Yara the Swift – Agile and swift as a falcon.
  3. Vezhra the Wise – Wise and astute leader.
  4. Ashkarn the Fierce – Ferocious warrior with unyielding strength.
  5. Kyra the Fearless – Fearless and dauntless in battle.
  6. Zohara the Mystical – Possessing mystical powers and enchanting presence.
  7. Vexis the Cunning – Cunning and strategic mastermind.
  8. Morghul the Shadow – Shrouded in darkness and mystery.
  9. Zephyrion the Celestial – Radiant and celestial presence like the wind.
  10. Nyctra the Nightshade – Stealthy and elusive, a master of shadows.
  11. Valerion the Valiant – A gallant and courageous hero.
  12. Xyris the Whisperer – Whispers secrets and possesses hidden knowledge.
  13. Vaeloria the Luminescent – Shining with radiant light and ethereal beauty.
  14. Aeradis the Skyborne – Soaring through the skies, untethered and free.
  15. Zarahk the Deathwhisperer – Bringer of doom with chilling whispers.
  16. Solairis the Solar Flare – Radiant and fiery like the sun.
  17. Pyraxis the Inferno – A blazing inferno of destruction and power.
  18. Thaladir the Sandsweeper – Commanding the desert sands with authority.
  19. Nyxara the Twilight Sorceress – Harnessing the magic of dusk and twilight.
  20. Vexryn the Voidwalker – A traveler between realms, wielding dark powers.

Dothraki Character Names

Dothraki Names

  • Khal Drogo – Great Warrior King
  • Daenerys Stormborn – Stormy Queen
  • Jorah Mormont – Loyal Bear Knight
  • Drogon the Devourer – Ferocious Dragon
  • Khaleesi Rhaego – Fierce Queen’s Son
  • Rakharo the Swift – Agile Horse Archer
  • Qotho the Fearless – Bravery Incarnate
  • Irri the Spirited – Passionate and Determined
  • Aggo the Fearbringer – Intimidating Warrior
  • Doreah the Cunning – Clever and Deceptive
  • Ogo the Savage – Ruthless Fighter
  • Moro the Valiant – Heroic and Gallant
  • Cohollo the Unyielding – Indomitable Warrior
  • Mirri Maz Duur – Mystical Healer
  • Mago the Ruthless – Merciless and Cruel
  • Qhono the Loyal – Devoted and Faithful
  • Qartheen the Wise – Intellectually Astute
  • Khal Moro – Majestic and Respected Leader
  • Woth the Stalwart – Unwavering and Steadfast
  • Qartheen the Exquisite – Refined and Elegant
  • Zho the Enigmatic – Mysterious and Intriguing
  • Lhara the Serene – Calm and Tranquil
  • Khal Graka – Dominant and Powerful
  • Quaro the Mighty – Strong and Forceful
  • Vezhof the Vigilant – Watchful and Alert
  • Aegon the Conqueror – Victorious Ruler
  • Khaleesi Daenerys – Empowered Queen
  • Drogo the Unbroken – Indomitable Fighter
  • Jaqqa the Cunning – Shrewd and Calculating
  • Qhassar the Merciless – Relentless and Pitiless

Dothraki Names Female

  • Daena – Fiery
  • Arha – Wildcat
  • Lashara – Swift Wind
  • Mysara – Moon Shadow
  • Vezhvena – Noble Beauty
  • Rhaenna – Enchantress
  • Kyra – Sunbeam
  • Rhenna – Graceful Dancer
  • Xara – Warrior Maiden
  • Alya – Fierce Lioness
  • Kassara – Golden Flame
  • Zorya – Starry Night
  • Visha – Untamed Spirit
  • Ylva – She-Wolf
  • Nayra – Radiant Sun
  • Esra – Mysterious Beauty
  • Yasha – Silent Hunter
  • Qhona – Resolute Warrior
  • Nyra – Nightshade
  • Qora – Steelheart
  • Saria – Serene River
  • Rhoza – Blossoming Flower
  • Maelis – Brave Heart
  • Syra – Daring Adventurer
  • Lysara – Moonlit Sky
  • Elys – Whirlwind
  • Yara – Free Spirit
  • Ashara – Burning Ember
  • Maela – Fearless Protector
  • Talara – Thunderstorm

Dothraki Names Male

Dothraki Names

  • Kaelar – Iron Fist
  • Ashak – Ruthless Blade
  • Zolgo – Thundering Stallion
  • Rakkaro – Swift Hunter
  • Qarro – Fearless Rider
  • Vekko – Merciless Warlord
  • Nyko – Fiery Soul
  • Zekho – Unyielding Warrior
  • Ekkaro – Fierce Guardian
  • Voro – Savage Battler
  • Morotho – Valiant Hero
  • Tego – Boundless Strength
  • Zhorro – Intrepid Adventurer
  • Gharro – Relentless Fighter
  • Qothro – Dauntless Knight
  • Dharro – Cunning Strategist
  • Jhorro – Steadfast Protector
  • Rhozo – Silent Shadow
  • Lekko – Thunderous Force
  • Kyro – Resolute Champion
  • Tharro – Mighty Conqueror
  • Korro – Fearless Gladiator
  • Sharak – Storm Bringer
  • Shogo – Ferocious Beast
  • Korroth – Loyal Guardian
  • Yarro – Bold Warrior
  • Jarkho – Vengeful Avenger
  • Zekko – Unbreakable Spirit
  • Zharro – Relentless Pursuer
  • Qhono – Indomitable Leader

Good Dothraki Names

  • Zorya – Star of Hope
  • Vezhven – Noble Heart
  • Moroth – Valiant Soul
  • Elys – Whirlwind of Courage
  • Qorin – Steel Will
  • Vekkar – Loyal Protector
  • Zekhro – Unyielding Resolve
  • Ashara – Burning Spirit
  • Qothor – Fearless Defender
  • Rhanno – Noble Fighter
  • Maelis – Brave Hearted
  • Syrra – Radiant Warrior
  • Rhotho – Boundless Strength
  • Kaelara – Ironclad Warrior
  • Nyrra – Indomitable Spirit
  • Gharro – Relentless Avenger
  • Dhorro – Cunning Strategist
  • Teghar – Unwavering Courage
  • Zhorro – Fearless Guardian
  • Qoro – Mighty Conqueror
  • Vekko – Merciless Hunter
  • Lekkar – Thunderous Force
  • Sharak – Storm Rider
  • Khorro – Vengeful Warrior
  • Zekko – Unbreakable Spirit
  • Ashkho – Resilient Protector
  • Qhorro – Steadfast Champion
  • Jekkar – Intrepid Adventurer
  • Morarro – Gallant Hero
  • Qoroth – Noble Leader

Unique Dothraki Names

Xylo – Whispering Wind

Kryssa – Ember of Passion

Zaelor – Celestial Thunder

Pyrrhia – Fiery Serpent

Arvandus – Stormtide Fury

Cyndra – Lunar Shadow

Zephyros – Zephyr of Freedom

Solara – Radiant Star

Kyndrix – Resilient Spark

Vaelin – Echoes of Valor

Astraea – Stellar Vision

Zephyrion – Windborne Legend

Ilios – Sunfire Incarnate

Elara – Ethereal Enigma

Nyxis – Nocturnal Whisper

Valerius – Valiant Sovereign

Nerys – Mystical Harmony

Zaladri – Shimmering Cascade

Kyroth – Luminous Vanguard

Lysandra –Luminescent Essence

Zephyrus – Breath of the Wind

Aelara – Everlasting Aura

Zaelion – Thunderous Roar

Pyrrhus – Blazing Fury

Vespera – Twilight Enchantress

Astraeus – Celestial Guide

Solstice – Ephemeral Radiance

Nyctra – Shadowed Tempest

Valerian – Unyielding Valor

Kyranth – Whispers of Destiny

Cool Dothraki Names

Zaraq – Blade of Shadows

Vexis – Ebon Fury

Ashkarn – Flameborn Champion

Krios – Death’s Whisper

Zephyr – Stormbringer

Pyralis – Infernal Conqueror

Skyrin – Thundering Eclipse

Nyxaris – Twilight Serpent

Vaelen – Frostbite Avenger

Vexara – Venomous Tempest

Morghul – Undying Reaper

Zohar – Radiant Inferno

Ashrak – Sinister Slaughterer

Kyrix – Phantom Wraith

Vesperis – Midnight Phoenix

Xyris – Shadowblade Sentinel

Zethos – Crimson Vengeance

Zarakoth – Stormborn Conqueror

Nyctalus – Nightshade Executioner

Valrak – Ironheart Marauder

Ashrath – Abyssal Annihilator

Zephyrion – Galeforce Tempest

Solairis – Solar Flare Champion

Vekaris – Thunderous Warbringer

Zohara – Emberheart Temptress

Ashkaron – Bloodfire Berserker

Vexryn – Voidborn Executioner

Pyraxis – Immortal Blademaster

Zarahk – Deathwhisper Avenger

Skylan – Stormcaller Sentinel

Fantasy Dothraki Names

Thaladir – Serpent of the Sands

Aerindor – Skyborne Ranger

Valerian – Lorekeeper of Legends

Zephyria – Celestial Songweaver

Pyrathor – Flameforged Guardian

Nytharis – Moonshadow Stalker

Vexanthor – Enigmatic Spellbinder

Ashranth – Emberbane Warlock

Zaraena – Frostwind Sylph

Morghul – Darkreaper Sorcerer

Vaeloria – Radiant Enchantress

Xyralis – Whispersong Bard

Zephyranth – Stormwrath Templar

Solarian – Sunfire Magus

Ashryn – Shadowblade Assassin

Valerion – Arcane Archmage

Nyxara – Nightshade Hexslinger

Vexaria – Veilwalker Seer

Pyronyx – Inferno Titan

Zarynth – Fateweaver Oracle

Aeradis – Windborne Seraph

Thalrak – Sandswept Paladin

Vaelorin – Crystalweaver Mage

Morghanna – Bloodmoon Necromancer

Solaraith – Dawnbringer Paladin

Zephyrion – Elemental Stormcaller

Ashkara – Shadowmancer Witch

Valeris – Astral Dreamweaver

Nyxanthor – Eclipsed Conjurer

Pyraxis – Dragonflame Warlock

Famous Dothraki Names

Drogoth the Fearless – Legendary Dothraki Warrior

Khaleesi Daenerys Stormborn – Mother of Dragons

Khal Jhaqo – Renowned Dothraki Khal

Mirri Maz Duur – Powerful Dothraki Priestess

Aggo the Unyielding – Legendary Dothraki Horse Lord

Qhono the Merciless – Infamous Dothraki Bloodrider

Khal Moro the Magnificent – Famed Dothraki Khal

Daena the Valiant – Celebrated Dothraki Warrior

Rakharo the Swift – Renowned Horse Archer

Jorah Mormont the Loyal – Notable Dothraki Advisor

Doreah the Enchanting – Famous Dothraki Companion

Qotho the Ruthless – Feared Dothraki Fighter

Irri the Devoted – Trusted Handmaiden of Daenerys

Khal Graka the Unconquered – Legendary Khal of Dothraki

Khal Drogo the Unbroken – Iconic Dothraki Leader

Qartheen the Wise – Renowned Qarth Noble

Zho the Unpredictable – Infamous Dothraki Outlaw

Lhara the Serene – Revered Dothraki Mystic

Khal Jhago the Victorious – Celebrated Khal of Dothraki

Drogon the Mighty – Legendary Dothraki Dragon

Qartheen the Exquisite – Admired Qarth Socialite

Jorah the Faithful – Devoted Dothraki Knight

Mirri Maz Duur the Cursed – Notorious Dothraki Witch

Khal Moro the Valiant – Noble Khal of Dothraki

Daenerys the Conqueror – Legendary Dothraki Queen

Qhono the Loyal – Esteemed Dothraki Bloodrider

Khal Graka the Resolute – Revered Leader of Dothraki

Rakharo the Fierce – Celebrated Dothraki Warrior

Doreah the Alluring – Notable Dothraki Concubine

Qotho the Relentless – Infamous Dothraki Berserker

Dothraki Names

How To Choose A Good Dothraki Name

Choosing a good Dothraki name is an invitation to immerse oneself in the captivating world of the Dothraki culture and language. With their distinct nomadic lifestyle and fierce warrior spirit, Dothraki names hold a certain allure and evoke a sense of adventure. In this article, we will delve into the art of choosing a good Dothraki name by understanding Dothraki culture and traditions, researching Dothraki naming conventions, embracing Dothraki language and sound, reflecting Dothraki traits and characteristics, balancing authenticity and accessibility, and establishing a personal connection and individuality.

Understanding Dothraki Culture and Traditions:

To choose a good Dothraki name, it is essential to grasp the unique culture and traditions of the Dothraki people. Unravel the nomadic lifestyle that defines their existence, characterized by their mastery of horsemanship and their roaming across the vast grasslands. Recognize the values and customs upheld by the Dothraki, such as strength, honor, and loyalty to their khalasar. Understand the deep-rooted importance of names in Dothraki society, as they serve as a representation of one’s identity and standing within the community.

Researching Dothraki Naming Conventions:

Dothraki naming conventions provide valuable insights into crafting a good Dothraki name. Explore the traditional patterns that guide the naming process, including the use of certain sounds, syllables, or combinations. Unearth the meanings behind specific names, which often reflect attributes such as bravery, prowess in battle, or connections to Dothraki mythology. Consider the influence of Dothraki customs and history, drawing inspiration from notable figures or historical events.

Embracing Dothraki Language and Sound:

To create an authentic Dothraki name, it is important to explore the unique phonetic sounds and linguistic characteristics of the Dothraki language. Discover the distinct guttural sounds and rolling Rs that define Dothraki names. Incorporate Dothraki language elements into the names you choose, lending an air of authenticity and cultural immersion. Strive for the proper pronunciation and flow of the name, ensuring it captures the essence of Dothraki speech.

Reflecting Dothraki Traits and Characteristics:

Dothraki names offer an opportunity to reflect the fierce independence, strength, and warrior-like qualities associated with the Dothraki people. Choose names that embody these traits, evoking images of power, resilience, and fearlessness. Infuse elements of Dothraki culture and mythology into the name, drawing inspiration from legendary warriors, mythical creatures, or significant symbols. Convey a sense of the nomadic spirit that characterizes the Dothraki way of life.

Balancing Authenticity and Accessibility:

While authenticity is crucial in Dothraki names, it is equally important to strike a balance between linguistic accuracy and ease of pronunciation. Avoid names that are overly complex or difficult to pronounce, as they may detract from the reader’s immersion in the story. Strive for a name that remains accessible and relatable to readers, while still capturing the essence of the Dothraki culture.

Personal Connection and Individuality:

Ultimately, choosing a good Dothraki name is a deeply personal decision that allows you to bring your Dothraki character to life. Trust your instincts and consider your own preferences when selecting a name. Take into account the personality and backstory of your Dothraki character, choosing a name that resonates with their individuality and evokes the desired image. Nurture a personal connection to the chosen name, allowing it to enhance the depth and authenticity of your Dothraki character.


In conclusion, we have embarked on a thrilling journey through the vast expanse of Dothraki names. From the noblest warlords to the most cunning khaleesis, this collection of 700 names has offered a multitude of options for your creative endeavors. Each name carries the rich heritage and distinct flavor of the Dothraki culture, allowing you to breathe life into your fantasy characters and stories.

As you explore the depths of this extensive list, you may have discovered names that resonate deeply with your imagination. The Dothraki names we’ve shared have the power to transport you to the sweeping plains of Essos, where brave warriors conquer and fierce tribes clash. Whether you’re an avid fan of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series or simply drawn to the allure of exotic and evocative names, this collection has something for everyone.

So, go forth and unleash your creativity! Whether you’re crafting a novel, developing a game, or simply seeking a unique name for your online persona, these Dothraki names will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Let your imagination soar as you bestow these names upon your characters, allowing them to embody the untamed spirit of the Dothraki people. Embrace the power of language and storytelling, and watch as your creations come to life with the might of a thousand Dothraki horses.


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