700 Creative Drink Names to Elevate Your Cocktails

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Drink Names”! We’re excited to share with you a collection of creative and unique names for beverages that will spark your imagination and add a touch of excitement to your next cocktail party. As the famous mixologist Charles H. Baker once said, “The first requisite for a good cocktail party is an abundance of mixed drinks.” So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect name for your next refreshing libation!

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I’ve had the pleasure of diving into the world of creative wordplay and crafting unique names. I’ve honed my skills in various fields, including fantasy character naming, where imagination knows no bounds. Each name tells a story and captures the essence of the drink it represents. It’s a thrilling challenge to come up with names that not only sound enticing but also reflect the flavors and experience that the drink offers.

In this article, I promise you’ll find a name that will make your beverage stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical name for a fruity cocktail, a bold and daring name for a potent concoction, or an elegant and sophisticated name for a classic drink, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to be inspired as we present you with an extensive list of 700 drink names that will elevate your mixology game and leave your guests asking for more. Cheers to the art of naming and the delightful world of drinks!

Drink Names

Drink Names

  • Citrus Zing
  • Midnight Moonshine
  • Berry Bliss
  • Electric Lemonade
  • Tropical Temptation
  • Minty Mirage
  • Sparkling Stardust
  • Velvet Violet
  • Blueberry Burst
  • Passionate Pomegranate
  • Ruby Raindrop
  • Refreshing Rainforest
  • Fiery Dragonfruit
  • Caramel Delight
  • Pineapple Paradise
  • Soothing Chamomile
  • Maple Mocha
  • Ginger Snap
  • Frosted Mint
  • Dreamy Lavender
  • Peppermint Potion
  • Spicy Cinnamon Twist
  • Raspberry Rhapsody
  • Honeydew Haze
  • Jasmine Jazz
  • Cherry Jubilee
  • Coconut Crush
  • Vanilla Velvet
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Apple Avalanche
  • Peach Perfection
  • Almond Amaretto
  • Melon Magic
  • Bubblegum Bliss
  • Hibiscus Heatwave
  • Cranberry Craziness
  • Lemon Lime Fizz
  • Apricot Adventure
  • Blackberry Breeze
  • Grapefruit Glow
  • Kiwi Kiss
  • Mango Madness
  • Mulberry Muse
  • Nutmeg Nirvana
  • Orange Oasis
  • Papaya Pleasure
  • Peachy Keen
  • Plum Paradise
  • Raspberry Rapture
  • Strawberry Serenade
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Zesty Ginger Ale
  • Cucumber Splash
  • Lychee Lullaby
  • Elderflower Elixir
  • Cardamom Crush
  • Saffron Symphony
  • Bergamot Bliss
  • Tamarind Tango
  • Guava Galore
  • Starfruit Sparkle
  • Boysenberry Breeze
  • Sour Cherry Surprise
  • Plum Punch
  • Limeade Love
  • Grape Glee
  • Fig Fizz
  • Cranberry Crush
  • Blueberry Bubbly
  • Kiwi Cooler
  • Peachy Pizzazz
  • Pineapple Pop
  • Mango Mojito
  • Blackberry Blast
  • Strawberry Sizzle
  • Lychee Limeade
  • Grapefruit Grind
  • Tangerine Tango
  • Raspberry Refresher
  • Watermelon Whirl

20 Drink Names With Meanings

Drink Names

  1. Ethereal Essence – A transcendent elixir embodying celestial flavors.
  2. Enchanted Ember – A bewitching concoction with a fiery allure.
  3. Mystic Mist – A mystical blend of flavors that lingers like a gentle fog.
  4. Quixotic Quencher – A whimsical drink that defies expectations with every sip.
  5. Euphoric Fusion – A harmonious infusion of ingredients that induces pure bliss.
  6. Serene Serenade – A tranquil libation that soothes the senses with its melodic flavors.
  7. Enigmatic Enchantment – A captivating elixir that leaves you spellbound with its enigmatic allure.
  8. Luminous Lullaby – A radiant drink that enchants and lulls you into a dreamy state.
  9. Celestial Cascade – A celestial-inspired beverage that cascades with celestial flavors.
  10. Whimsical Whirlwind – A playful and exhilarating whirlwind of unexpected flavors.
  11. Nebulous Nectar – A nebula-inspired elixir that delights with its cosmic taste.
  12. Velvet Veil – A velvety drink that cloaks the palate in a luxurious and seductive embrace.
  13. Enthralling Elixir – An alluring potion that captivates with its irresistible charm.
  14. Zephyr Zest – A refreshing and invigorating drink that carries the essence of a gentle breeze.
  15. Ethereal Ember – A delicate and otherworldly concoction with a warm, flickering glow.
  16. Enchanted Echo – A drink that resonates with echoes of enchantment in every sip.
  17. Quirky Quicksilver – A playful and unpredictable elixir that sparkles with whimsy.
  18. Elysian Elixir – A divine drink that transports you to a state of pure bliss.
  19. Enigmatic Eclipse – A mysterious libation that shrouds the senses in an eclipse of flavors.
  20. Whimsy Whisper – A whimsical and delicate drink that whispers secrets of joy.

Drink Names Ideas

Drink Names

  • QuenchBliss – Satisfying hydration experience
  • Ambrosia Elixir – A divine drink of gods
  • Zephyr Zest – A refreshing gust of flavor
  • Serene Sip – A tranquil and calming drink
  • Vivid Infusion – Bursting with vibrant flavors
  • Frosted Oasis – A cool and refreshing escape
  • Enigma Brew – A mysterious and captivating concoction
  • Radiant Quaff – An illuminating and invigorating drink
  • Nectar Delight – Pure bliss in every sip
  • Velvet Essence – A smooth and luxurious taste
  • Sparkling Reverie – A dreamy and effervescent beverage
  • Ember Embrace – A warm and comforting drink
  • Cascade Quencher – A refreshing rush of flavors
  • Savor Bliss – Indulge in delightful satisfaction
  • Whimsical Zing – A playful and lively drink
  • Zestful Fusion – A harmonious blend of flavors
  • Exquisite Draught – A refined and elegant libation
  • Misty Elixir – A mystical and enchanting potion
  • Pure Serenity – Immerse yourself in pure relaxation
  • Cosmic Quench – A cosmic explosion of taste
  • Luminous Libation – A radiant and uplifting drink
  • Frothy Reverie – A creamy and dreamy delight
  • Enchanted Euphoria – A magical and euphoric elixir
  • Moonlit Ambrosia – A celestial drink of wonders
  • Captivating Zest – An irresistible burst of flavors
  • Secret Potion – A bewitching and clandestine concoction
  • Tantalizing Quaff – Temptation in every sip
  • Gilded Nectar – A golden elixir of opulence
  • Whirling Delight – A whirlwind of delightful sensations
  • Tranquil Essence – A peaceful and serene drink

Cocktail Drink Names

Drink Names

Sapphire Serenade – A dazzling blue concoction

Crimson Whisper – A passionate and alluring mix

Bitter Symphony – A harmonious blend of flavors

Mellow Moonrise – A soothing and relaxing cocktail

Electric Elixir – A vibrant and energizing libation

Tropical Tempest – A storm of tropical flavors

Scarlet Sunset – A fiery and captivating drink

Midnight Martini – A sophisticated and elegant classic

Enigmatic Eclipse – A mysterious and intriguing potion

Velvet Venom – A seductive and intoxicating elixir

Frosted Firework – A dazzling display of flavors

Citrus Sunrise – A refreshing burst of citrusy delight

Spicy Stardust – A fiery and celestial concoction

Liquid Gold – A luxurious and opulent libation

Summer Breeze – A cool and refreshing cocktail

Smoky Mirage – A mesmerizing and smoky drink

Raspberry Rhapsody – A symphony of raspberry flavors

Bubbly Bliss – A fizzy and effervescent delight

Emerald Euphoria – A vibrant green elixir of joy

Vanilla Sky – A creamy and dreamy cocktail

Zen Garden – A harmonious and Zen-like drink

Berry Bombshell – A burst of berry explosion

Caramel Swirl – A sweet and indulgent treat

Thunderbolt Punch – A powerful and electrifying concoction

Ginger Spice – A fiery and invigorating cocktail

Sunset Boulevard – A sunset-inspired drink of beauty

Melon Mojito – A refreshing twist on a classic favorite

Blue Lagoon – A tropical paradise in a glass

Coconut Crush – A tropical delight with a hint of coconut

Fiery Margarita – A spicy and tantalizing margarita variation

Funny Drink Names

Slapstick Slurp – A comically refreshing beverage

Chuckle Juice – A drink that tickles your funny bone

Giggle Gulp – A hilarious and delightful libation

Whimsical Whiskey – A playful twist on a classic

Silly Sipper – A drink that brings out your silly side

Jester’s Julep – A comical concoction fit for a jester

Goofball Grog – A drink that makes you goof around

Laughing Lager – A beer that brings laughter

Witty Whirl – A witty and amusing drink

Prankster’s Punch – A mischievous and surprising beverage

Quirky Quencher – A drink with a quirky personality

Cheeky Cocktail – A playful and flirtatious libation

Guffaw Guzzler – A drink that makes you burst out laughing

Clown’s Cordial – A whimsical and amusing potion

Hilarious Hooch – A drink that leaves you in stitches

Joker’s Jolt – A surprising and funny jolt of flavor

Chuckleberry Fizz – A fizzy and laugh-inducing concoction

Pratfall Pint – A beer that makes you stumble and laugh

Jovial Jigger – A drink that brings joy and merriment

Giggling Goblet – A goblet filled with laughter

Silly Sangria – A fruity and playful sangria variation

Laugh Riot – A drink that turns any moment into a comedy show

Wacky Whiskey – A whiskey that brings out your wild side

Chortle Cooler – A cool and refreshing drink that makes you chuckle

Funny Fizz – A fizzy and humorous beverage

Chuckles on the Rocks – A drink that puts a smile on your face

Comedy Club Cooler – A drink that enhances your sense of humor

Hysterical Highball – A highball that leaves you in hysterics

Giggles Galore – A drink that guarantees non-stop giggles

Comic Concoction – A drink inspired by comedy and laughter

Energy Drink Names

Dynamo Fuel – Ignite your energy levels

Power Surge – Unleash your inner power

Energetic Elixir – An elixir that boosts vitality

Turbo Thrust – Propel your energy to new heights

Lightning Bolt – Strike with unstoppable energy

Vigor Vortex – Dive into a whirlpool of energy

Energize Max – Reach the peak of energy

Revital Rumble – Energize your body and mind

Vitality Blast – Ignite your inner fire

ElectriCharge – Recharge with electrifying energy

Stamina Storm – Weather any challenge with stamina

Energy Blitz – A sudden surge of invigorating energy

Hyperdrive Fuel – Blast off with hyperactive energy

Power Quake – Experience an earthquake of power

Energion Eruption – An explosive eruption of energy

Pulse Pump – Feel your energy pulsating through you

Turbocharge Tonic – A tonic that turbocharges your energy

Verve Velocity – Move with lightning-fast energy

Energy Surge – Surge ahead with boundless energy

Resilient Reservoir – Tap into an endless supply of energy

Stamina Sprint – Sprint through the day with unwavering stamina

InvigoraBurst – A burst of invigorating energy

Energex Enigma – Unravel the mystery of unlimited energy

Hyperactive Hybrid – A drink that combines energy and excitement

Vigilant Vitalizer – Stay alert and energized all day

Powerwave Potion – Ride the wave of powerful energy

Energetic Overload – Overload your senses with energizing power

Dynamo Drive – Drive forward with unstoppable energy

Endurance Elixir – Boost your endurance to new levels

Energy Zenith – Reach the pinnacle of energy and vitality

Borg Drink Names

Cybernectar – The drink of the future

Techno-Tonic – Infused with futuristic technology

Cyborg Cooler – A cooling drink for cyborgs

Mech-Mojito – A mechanical twist on a classic

Robo-Rush – Energize your robotic self

Circuitry Cider – A cider powered by circuits

Nano-Nectar – Infused with microscopic technology

Quantum Quencher – A drink that defies traditional physics

Mechano-Mule – A robotic version of a classic cocktail

Bionic Brew – Brewed with the power of cybernetics

Techno-Thirst – Satisfy your futuristic cravings

Cybernetic Cooler – A cool and refreshing drink for cyborgs

Electro Elixir – A drink charged with electrical energy

Circuit Crush – A crush-worthy drink for cyborgs

Synthetic Spritzer – A synthetic and refreshing spritzer

Robo-Reviver – Revive your robotic self with this drink

Techno-Twist – A twisted and futuristic libation

Cybernetic Caffeine – A caffeinated boost for cyborgs

Mech Mule – A mechanical mule for tech enthusiasts

Nano-Nebula – A nebula-inspired drink with nanotechnology

Robotic Refresher – Refresh your robotic self with this drink

Circuitry Crush – Crush your thirst with this circuit-infused beverage

Cybernectic Cooler – Keep cool with this cybernetic-inspired drink

Techno-Tiki – A high-tech twist on a tropical cocktail

Mechano-Mint – A minty drink with a mechanical twist

Synthetic Surge – Experience a surge of synthetic energy

Cybernetic Colada – A futuristic take on a classic colada

Circuitry Cider – A cider infused with circuits and technology

Robo-Rumble – Rumble your circuits with this robotic drink

Quantum Quencher – Quench your thirst with quantum technology

Popular Drink Names

Blissful Breeze – A drink loved by many

Midnight Martini – A classic favorite for nights out

Zesty Lemonade – A refreshing go-to for hot days

Espresso Shot – A beloved pick-me-up for coffee lovers

Berry Burst – A fruity explosion of flavors

Tropical Punch – A crowd-pleasing tropical delight

Creamy Cappuccino – A creamy and comforting favorite

Mojito Madness – A popular choice for a refreshing cocktail

Sparkling Sangria – A bubbly and fruity party favorite

Margarita Fiesta – A go-to drink for tequila enthusiasts

Chocolate Martini – A decadent and indulgent treat

Whiskey Sour – A timeless classic loved by whiskey aficionados

Cosmopolitan Craze – A chic and sophisticated cocktail choice

Pina Colada Paradise – A taste of tropical paradise in a glass

Classic Old Fashioned – A go-to for fans of bourbon and elegance

Bellini Bliss – A sparkling and fruity delight

Lemon Drop – A tangy and sweet crowd-pleaser

Gimlet Glamour – A classy and refreshing cocktail option

Moscow Mule – A trendy and refreshing choice in copper mugs

Gin and Tonic – A classic and timeless combination

Daiquiri Delight – A frozen and fruity favorite

Rum Punch – A Caribbean-inspired party staple

Vodka Cranberry – A simple yet satisfying classic

Paloma Passion – A refreshing and tangy tequila-based drink

Mai Tai Magic – A tropical escape in a glass

Mimosa Morning – A brunch favorite for celebrations

Negroni Elegance – A sophisticated and bitter-sweet choice

Whiskey Ginger – A spicy and invigorating combination

Margarita on the Rocks – A classic margarita with a twist of lime

Mojito Mingle – A minty and refreshing crowd-pleaser

Drink Bear Names

Mellow Malt – A smooth and relaxing bear

Honey Hops – A sweet and comforting brew

Roaring Red – A bold and powerful beer

Hoppy Haven – A hop-filled sanctuary for beer lovers

Stout Serenade – A rich and velvety dark beer

Frothy Fizz – A bubbly and effervescent beer

Golden Growler – A radiant and golden ale

Berry Brew – A fruity and refreshing beer

Caramel Crush – A caramel-infused delight

Hoppy Haze – A hazy and hoppy IPA

Lager Lullaby – A smooth and easy-drinking lager

Citrus Sip – A citrusy and zesty beer

Amber Ambrosia – A heavenly and amber-colored brew

Nutty Nectar – A nut-infused beer with a rich flavor

Wheat Whirl – A whirlwind of wheat and flavor

Bitter Bliss – A bitter and satisfying beer experience

Creamy Crown – A creamy and regal beer

Hop Harvest – A beer bursting with fresh hop flavors

Saison Symphony – A complex and harmonious beer

Pilsner Paradise – A crisp and clean pilsner

Belgian Beauty – A Belgian-style beer with finesse

Smoky Stout – A smoky and robust stout

Hoppy Heart – A beer brewed with love and hops

Chocolate Porter – A rich and indulgent chocolate-infused beer

Gose Galaxy – A tart and salty journey through space

Hoppy Heritage – A beer that honors tradition and hops

Brewmaster’s Best – A masterpiece of brewing expertise

Sip of Sunshine – A beer that brings warmth and happiness

Irish Red – A smooth and malty Irish-style ale

Hoppy Haven – A sanctuary of hoppy delights

Cool Drink Names

Frostbite Freeze – A chilling and refreshing drink

Arctic Breeze – A cool and invigorating libation

Icy Oasis – A drink that transports you to a frozen paradise

Glacier Burst – A burst of icy freshness

Chillwave Crush – A crush-worthy beverage with a cool twist

Frozen Fusion – A harmonious blend of icy flavors

Polar Pop – A pop of icy delight

Cool Mist – A misty and refreshing concoction

Chillax Cooler – A cooler that helps you chill and relax

Winter’s Kiss – A drink that leaves you with a cool sensation

Arctic Chill – A chilly and refreshing beverage

Snowflake Sip – A delicate and unique drink inspired by snowflakes

Icicle Elixir – An elixir that cools and refreshes

Chillberry Fizz – A fizzy and cool berry-infused drink

Frosty Frappé – A frosty and blended delight

Arctic Splash – A splash of icy coolness

Frozen Fantasy – A dreamy and frozen concoction

Chilled Chai – A cool and refreshing twist on a classic

Glacial Gulp – A gulp of icy refreshment

Snowy Sparkler – A sparkling drink that evokes a winter wonderland

Cool Cucumber Cooler – A cucumber-infused cooler that cools you down

Frostbite Punch – A punch that leaves you with a refreshing chill

Icy Lemonade – A lemonade that quenches your thirst and cools you down

Chillwave Mojito – A cool and minty mojito variation

Winter Melon Freeze – A frozen delight made with winter melon

Glacier Grape – A grape-flavored beverage with a cool twist

Cool Mint Julep – A minty and cool julep for hot summer days

Arctic Orange Crush – A crush-worthy orange drink that cools you down

Snowy Sorbet Spritzer – A spritzer made with snowy sorbet for a cool treat

Chilled Coconut Refresher – A refreshing coconut drink served chilled

Unique Drink Names

Mystic Elixir – A mysterious and enchanting drink

Celestial Spark – A drink that sparkles like the stars

Serendipity Sip – A serendipitous and surprising libation

Enigma Euphoria – A drink that leaves you in a state of euphoria

Whimsy Whirl – A whimsical and magical concoction

Velvet Vortex – A smooth and mesmerizing drink experience

Astral Ambrosia – A celestial and divine nectar

Essence Infusion – An infusion that captures the essence of flavor

Kaleidoscope Crush – A colorful and ever-changing drink

Luminous Libation – A radiant and glowing beverage

Eclectic Elixir – A unique blend of flavors and ingredients

Enchanting Euphony – A harmonious and enchanting drink

Zephyr Zest – A drink that captures the essence of a gentle breeze

Nebula Nectar – A cosmic and otherworldly drink

Enigmatic Elixir – A mysterious and intriguing libation

Whirlwind Whiskey – A whirlwind of flavor and complexity

Ethereal Essence – A drink that embodies the ethereal realm

Esoteric Sip – A drink that holds secret and hidden flavors

Enchanted Euphoria – A magical and euphoric drink experience

Phoenix Fire – A fiery and rejuvenating drink that rises from the ashes

Enigma Mule – A mysterious twist on a classic mule

Kaleidoscope Kombucha – A kombucha with a kaleidoscope of flavors

Quirky Quencher – A quirky and refreshing drink option

Astral Ale – An ale that takes you on a celestial journey

Whimsical Whiskey Sour – A whimsical variation of a classic cocktail

Enchanted Iced Tea – A magical twist on a classic iced tea

Mystical Mojito – A mojito with a touch of mystery and magic

Nebulous Negroni – A mysterious and nebulous take on a classic

Enigma Elixir – An elixir that holds the secrets of flavor

Whimsy Wine – A playful and unconventional wine choice

Drink Names

How To Choose A Good Drink Name

In the highly competitive world of beverages, choosing a good drink name is a crucial step in capturing consumer attention, establishing brand identity, and creating a memorable experience. A well-crafted drink name can evoke emotions, pique curiosity, and convey the essence of the beverage. In this article, we explore the art of choosing a good drink name, delving into the various considerations and strategies that can help you make a lasting impact in the market.

Understanding the essence of the drink

Before diving into the naming process, it’s essential to understand the drink’s key attributes and flavors. Analyze the taste profile, aroma, and texture of the beverage. Is it refreshing, bold, or sophisticated? This understanding will guide the naming process and ensure that the name aligns with the drink’s core identity. Additionally, consider the target audience and the market positioning of the drink. Is it a luxury product targeting connoisseurs, or a trendy beverage for the younger generation? These factors will influence the tone and style of the name.

Brainstorming and creativity

Once you have a clear grasp of the drink’s essence, it’s time to let your creativity flow. Brainstorm a wide range of ideas that capture the spirit of the beverage. Think outside the box and explore unconventional concepts. Consider using vivid imagery, poetic language, or wordplay to create an evocative and memorable name. Let the name ignite curiosity and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Brainstorming sessions with a diverse group of individuals can spark unique ideas and foster a collaborative environment.

Incorporating brand identity

A good drink name should align with the brand’s values and personality. It should be a reflection of the brand’s identity and resonate with its target audience. Consider the brand’s story, mission, and positioning. If the brand is known for its sustainable practices, the name could incorporate elements of nature or environmental consciousness. Consistency in naming across product lines can strengthen brand recognition and create a cohesive image.

Cultural and historical references

Drawing inspiration from cultural traditions and historical references can add depth and storytelling to a drink name. Explore cultural symbols, mythology, or local folklore that resonate with the target audience. Incorporating elements of heritage can create an emotional connection with consumers and enhance the drink’s appeal. However, it’s essential to respect and understand the cultural context to avoid appropriation or misrepresentation.

Legal considerations

When choosing a drink name, it’s crucial to conduct thorough trademark searches to avoid potential infringement issues. Ensure that the name is unique and not already registered by another brand in the beverage industry. Additionally, consider labeling and regulatory requirements specific to the drink category. Compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid legal complications and ensure consumer safety.

Testing and feedback

Once you have a list of potential drink names, it’s important to gather feedback from focus groups or target consumers. Conduct surveys or taste tests to gauge their responses to different name options. This feedback will provide valuable insights and help refine the choices. Iterate the naming process based on the feedback received, and aim for a name that resonates strongly with the target audience.


In conclusion, we hope that our collection of 700 drink names has ignited your creativity and provided you with plenty of options to choose from. Naming your drinks is a wonderful opportunity to infuse personality and flair into your mixology endeavors. Remember, the name of a drink can evoke curiosity, set the tone, and even create anticipation among your guests. So, have fun exploring the possibilities and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Whether you’re a professional bartender, a home mixologist, or simply someone who enjoys hosting gatherings, finding the perfect name for your beverages can make all the difference. It adds an extra layer of excitement and allure to the drinking experience. Experiment with different combinations, play with words, and let your imagination run wild. The possibilities are endless, and the right name can make your drink truly memorable.

Lastly, we encourage you to embrace the art of naming and keep exploring new flavors, ingredients, and presentation styles. With each new creation, challenge yourself to come up with a name that captures the essence of the drink and enhances the overall experience. Cheers to the wonderful world of mixology and the power of a well-crafted drink name! May your future concoctions be as remarkable as their names suggest.


Cool Energy Drink Names