700 Enochian Names to Inspire Your Supernatural Stories

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a captivating journey into the mystical realm of 700 Enochian Names! Within this article, we’ve curated a collection of creative and enchanting names that will undoubtedly ignite your imagination. As the great William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So, let’s delve into the fascinating world of Enochian Names and discover the magic they hold.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the realm of fantasy character naming, I’ve had the privilege of delving into countless mythical languages and ancient scripts. The art of naming goes far beyond mere words; it is an alchemical process that breathes life into characters and settings. With every new name I create, I aim to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and leave a lasting impact on readers and players alike. This passion has led me on a quest to explore the depths of Enochian Names and unveil their hidden wonders.

In this article, I promise you the discovery of a truly unique name that will capture the essence of your envisioned character or tale. These 700 Enochian Names are not just random words; they are imbued with meaning and symbolism that will add depth and allure to your creative projects. So, prepare to be immersed in a world where every name has a story to tell and a power to transport you to realms beyond imagination. Let the journey begin!

Enochian Names

Enochian Names

  • Arkanth
  • Belthorin
  • Caelara
  • Daelorix
  • Elysiris
  • Faelion
  • Gravon
  • Halifrax
  • Ithoria
  • Jovanar
  • Kaelum
  • Lysandra
  • Malachar
  • Nepharia
  • Orphion
  • Phaelion
  • Quinalis
  • Ravendar
  • Selenix
  • Thalara
  • Utheron
  • Vaeloria
  • Wynthor
  • Xyrisa
  • Yshton
  • Zorinth
  • Astrava
  • Celestrix
  • Delorin
  • Ethalor
  • Florix
  • Galandria
  • Halion
  • Invaris
  • Jovandor
  • Kalara
  • Lysarion
  • Mystralia
  • Novaris
  • Omnilux
  • Pyrallis
  • Quenthor
  • Ravara
  • Solana
  • Thaloran
  • Umbralith
  • Vespera
  • Wynthara
  • Xandrion
  • Ylendris
  • Zaelith
  • Aethoria
  • Belandor
  • Celestiax
  • Draxiar
  • Elyssion
  • Faelara
  • Gaiandor
  • Halenix
  • Ignarion
  • Jovaris
  • Kaelora
  • Lumaris
  • Mystara
  • Nyctrix
  • Ombrael
  • Phaestra
  • Quinara
  • Raelion
  • Selendrix
  • Thalara
  • Umbrion
  • Valandor
  • Wynthia
  • Xyndriel
  • Yshtorin
  • Zephyris
  • Aestoria
  • Belara
  • Caelestis

20 Enochian Names With Meanings

Enochian Names

  1. Astronia – “The Celestial Brilliance; A Beacon of Cosmic Radiance”
  2. Ziridora – “Guardian of Ethereal Secrets; Keeper of Mystical Lore”
  3. Valenxus – “Warrior of Celestial Valor; Protector of Divine Realms”
  4. Lucidra – “Bringer of Clarity; Illuminating the Path of Knowledge”
  5. Syntara – “Harmony in Motion; Harmonizing the Cosmic Dance”
  6. Novaster – “New Star Rising; A Fresh Cosmic Luminary”
  7. Equilith – “Balance and Equilibrium; Restoring Cosmic Harmony”
  8. Pyralis – “Fiery Catalyst of Transformation; Igniting the Soul”
  9. Solstria – “The Eternal Sun; Source of Perpetual Light”
  10. Astrador – “Cosmic Explorer; Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries”
  11. Lumandra – “Radiant Embrace; Bestowing Celestial Blessings”
  12. Veridora – “Bearer of Truth; Reveling in Cosmic Wisdom”
  13. Xyphiron – “Mysterious Flux of Energies; A Phenomenon Untold”
  14. Ethorine – “Soulful Essence of Ethereal Wisdom; Wise and Profound”
  15. Zephyrax – “Wind of Transformation; Fostering Change and Renewal”
  16. Vesperine – “Evening Star’s Emanation; Guiding the Twilight Hours”
  17. Eudarion – “The Joyful Eudaimon; Spreading Happiness and Fortune”
  18. Serentrix – “Enchanting Harmonizer; Weaving Melodies of the Cosmos”
  19. Celestrixus – “Famous Celestial Being; Revered and Admired”
  20. Zyrgonel – “Master of Cosmic Vibrations; Manipulating Celestial Frequencies”

Enochian Angel Names

Enochian Names

  • Aquelin – The Messenger of Hope
  • Zephriel – Guardian of Cosmic Harmony
  • Phaendir – Keeper of Celestial Secrets
  • Lumiel – Bringer of Divine Light
  • Xanthon – Guide to Ascension
  • Quorien – Protector of Lost Souls
  • Zariel – Herald of Transcendence
  • Aethrian – Embodiment of Cosmic Wisdom
  • Helionis – Warden of Universal Balance
  • Pyralis – Flame of Spiritual Awakening
  • Vesperion – Patron of Astral Travel
  • Zenara – Watcher over Mortal Destiny
  • Ignisar – Keeper of Eternal Flame
  • Seraphiel – Serenade of Blissful Souls
  • Astrionyx – Weaver of Celestial Threads
  • Lucendis – Illuminator of Truth
  • Baeloria – Guardian of Earthly Realms
  • Yshtariel – Whispers of Cosmic Insights
  • Esmerion – Keeper of Cosmic Riddles
  • Zohrael – Guide to Universal Understanding
  • Gaianth – Custodian of Natural Harmony
  • Thalaxion – Emissary of Ethereal Realms
  • Aetherius – Nexus of Interstellar Wisdom
  • Oraculum – Oracle of Divine Prophecies
  • Nyctra – Luminary of Starlit Skies
  • Seleniel – Guardian of Lunar Magic
  • Elyssara – Patron of Spiritual Journeys
  • Solariel – Radiance of Celestial Grace
  • Morvandus – Sentinel of Cosmic Order
  • Xephyrion – Bearer of Winds of Change

Good Enochian Names

  • Solasta – Radiant and Uplifting
  • Amicitron – The Friendly Presence
  • Veralis – True and Virtuous
  • Veridian – Brimming with Green Vitality
  • Harmonix – Fostering Harmony and Unity
  • Astralis – Embracing the Celestial Realm
  • Luminara – Radiating Pure Light
  • Temporos – Mastering Time and Patience
  • Benevolis – Overflowing with Benevolence
  • Sancturus – Sacred and Revered
  • Serenara – Calm and Serene Aura
  • Empyria – Elevated and Divine
  • Caritara – Embodiment of Charity and Love
  • Clarion – Clear and Resonant
  • Ethorin – Noble and Honorable Spirit
  • Amoris – Heartful and Affectionate
  • Veritrix – Truthful and Sincere
  • Aequitas – Just and Fair-minded
  • Infinion – Limitless and Boundless
  • Invictus – Indomitable and Invincible
  • Felicora – Overflowing with Happiness
  • Meridian – Guiding and Balanced
  • Euphelia – Blissful and Euphoric
  • Vitantha – Vitality and Youthfulness
  • Meraki – Soulful and Passionate
  • Stellara – Shining with Stellar Brilliance
  • Verdantis – Flourishing and Abundant
  • Alacris – Lively and Spirited
  • Solvitur – Problem-Solving and Resourceful
  • Renovia – Renewed and Rejuvenated

Best Enochian Names

  • Celestara – The Celestial Star
  • Prophoros – Foresight and Divination
  • Resonara – Harmonious and Resonant
  • Omnilux – All-Encompassing Light
  • Exaltara – Uplifting and Exalting
  • Seraphor – Angelic and Serene
  • Valerion – Bravery and Valor
  • Veracunda – Truly Pure and Virtuous
  • Concordia – Keeper of Peace and Harmony
  • Magnifica – Magnificent and Grand
  • Incendium – Fiery and Passionate
  • Oraculus – Wise and Insightful Oracle
  • Eudaimon – Blessed and Fortunate
  • Astrala – Connected to Cosmic Energies
  • Elysium – Heavenly and Serene
  • Zelatrix – Guarding with Zeal and Vigilance
  • Gloriana – Glorious and Radiant
  • Equinoxia – Equilibrium and Balance
  • Sempervir – Everlasting and Immortal
  • Althorin – Noble and High-minded
  • Viventia – Full of Life and Vitality
  • Virescent – Blossoming and Thriving
  • Luminara – Illuminating and Enlightening
  • Fidelis – Faithful and Loyal
  • Provenzia – Proven and Trustworthy
  • Resilior – Resilient and Unyielding
  • Lucidara – Clear and Lucid
  • Iridesca – Shimmering with Colors
  • Sapientra – Wise and Knowledgeable
  • Ethorius – Ethereal and Otherworldly

Unique Enochian Names

  • Astrarion – Unique Star Entity
  • Solivian – Solitude of the Cosmos
  • Ephemris – Fleeting and Transient
  • Synthorix – Synthesis of Ethereal Energies
  • Novariel – Novel and Unexplored
  • Aelirose – Ethereal and Rose-like
  • Astrafae – Celestial Faerie Spirit
  • Zephiron – Whispers of the Breeze
  • Galactra – Embrace of Galactic Energies
  • Valerix – Valor in Its Purest Form
  • Lumindra – Illuminating the Mind
  • Celestrix – Star-Bound and Enchanting
  • Aethelis – Ethereal and Pure
  • Nocturnix – Dweller of the Night
  • Eudorin – Joyful and Jubilant
  • Astridora – Divine Essence of Stars
  • Aurovell – Golden and Luminous
  • Miravar – Miraculous and Unparalleled
  • Astriluna – Moonlit Celestial Spirit
  • Etheloria – Ethereal and Enigmatic
  • Lucindor – Bringer of Clarity and Light
  • Marivox – Melodic and Enchanting Voice
  • Solathea – The Shining Star
  • Caelitrix – Ruler of Celestial Realms
  • Elixaria – Potion of Ethereal Transformation
  • Arcanox – Keeper of Mystical Secrets
  • Veridelle – Truthful and Transparent
  • Umbraelle – Umbra of the Divine
  • Astraflux – Flowing Celestial Energies
  • Charislis – Graceful and Charismatic

Funny Enochian Names

Snorandor – The Sleepy Celestial

Gigglara – The Giggling Angelic Spirit

Quirkus – The Quirky Celestial Being

Absurion – Master of Eccentricity

Hilarix – The Hilarious Ethereal Being

Chucklelis – The Laughter-Inducing Angel

Comedicus – The Master of Comedy

Jestoria – Joyful and Jesting Spirit

Zanitrix – The Witty and Zany

Amusara – The Amusing Celestial

Guffawix – The Unstoppable Guffaw

Sillystra – Embodiment of Playfulness

Hootrix – The Expert Hooter of Laughter

Joculor – Master of Jocularity

Whimsara – Whimsical and Playful Entity

Chucklez – The Endless Chuckler

Waggicus – The Waggish Angel

Giggledor – Spreading Joyful Giggles

Grinidor – The Grinning Celestial Being

Drollerix – The Droll and Witty Spirit

Quipara – The Quick-witted Angel

Jokelith – Lithely Joking and Pranking

Punsara – Prolific Puns and Jokes

Waggara – The Supreme Waggle of Laughter

Risiblex – The One Who Incites Laughter

Chortlara – The Chortling Ethereal Entity

Merrilux – The Merriment of the Cosmos

Cackleon – The Master of Cackles

Whoopez – The Celebrator of Whoopee

Zestora – Zesty and Humorous Celestial

Cool Enochian Names

Aethrox – The Empowered Eon

Zyphren – Cool Breeze from Beyond

Exodyn – Emanating Dynamic Energies

Arcanum – The Mysterious Arcane Entity

Zirelia – The Zenith of Celestial Beauty

Quicksyl – Swift and Agile Celestial

Nebulon – Nebulous Cosmic Spirit

Astrapheon – Electrifying Celestial Presence

Chromaris – Radiant with Multicolor Light

Ethelaris – The Ethereal Wanderer

Lunaris – Lunar Guardian of Serenity

Vortexis – The Vortex of Energy

Euphoron – The Cool and Euphoric

Syntharis – Synthesis of Cosmic Energies

Draconix – Dragon-like Celestial Power

Zygoria – The Cosmic Voyager

Galaxion – Guardian of Galactic Realms

Phantasor – Creator of Fantastic Illusions

Zephyreon – Zephyr in Celestial Form

Enigmara – Enigmatic and Mysterious

Astrorath – The Cool Cosmic Catalyst

Chillora – The Chilling Celestial Spirit

Eclipsara – The Eclipse of Mystery

Quasaris – The Quasar of Energy

Solstice – The Timeless and Cool

Phazerix – The Phasing Ethereal Being

Stellarix – The Starry and Cool

Infinara – The Infinite Celestial

Serenox – The Cool and Serene

Zyrolith – The Zen Master of Energy

Catchy Enochian Names

Zyronyx – The Catchy Celestial Gem

Astrorise – Rising with Celestial Power

Harmonixus – The Harmony of the Cosmos

Zephyrora – The Breezy Celestial Aura

Luminatrix – The Luminous Matrix of Energy

Novavox – The Nova of Resonant Voice

Celestora – The Catchy Celestial Presence

Zestorial – Brimming with Zesty Energy

Enigmax – The Enigma of Cosmic Mysteries

Aetherex – The Catchy Aetheric Being

Lunarisol – The Catchy Lunar Essence

Quirilux – The Quirky and Luminous

Nebulare – The Nebula of Cosmic Splendor

Astrafire – The Fiery Celestial Spirit

Veridianth – The Verdant Celestial Force

Nebulith – The Catchy Celestial Stone

Zygonix – The Catchy Cosmic Chameleon

Serenova – The Serene and Catchy

Luminara – The Luminous Celestial Aura

Chromelon – The Catchy Cosmic Melody

Xylophor – The Resonant Celestial Wood

Ethervox – The Ephemeral and Resonant

Aquarinth – The Aquatic Celestial Path

Astraflux – The Flux of Celestial Energies

Infinaris – The Infinite and Catchy

Zyphoria – The Catchy Zephyr of Joy

Ethelaria – The Ethereal and Catchy

Aequilon – The Catchy Equilibrium

Oracelix – The Catchy Oracle of Wisdom

Eudorica – The Eudaimonic and Catchy

Famous Enochian Names

Aetheriel – Revered in Ethereal Realms

Zephara – The Celestial Messenger

Lumindel – Renowned for Divine Light

Pyrionis – Famous Flame of Awakening

Vespera – Eminent Patron of Twilight

Zenarius – Renowned Guide to Ascension

Celestion – The Renowned Celestial Entity

Seraphon – Famous Seraphic Being

Aquilaris – Widely Known Guardian

Phaenix – The Famous Resurrector

Astrion – Stellar and Celebrated

Elyssia – Eminent Patron of Journeys

Veridian – Famous Green Celestial

Ignisara – The Renowned Flame Guardian

Baelor – Famous Guardian of Earth

Solandriel – Revered as the Solar Angel

Ethoriel – The Eminent Ethereal Entity

Astraera – Famous Celestial Star

Zarien – Renowned Emissary of Heavens

Morvandus – Widely Known Cosmic Sentinel

Vitanthor – Famous Vitality and Youthfulness

Esmerius – Eminent Keeper of Riddles

Astraia – The Renowned Cosmic Enchantress

Zenaros – Famous Watcher over Destiny

Lumosar – The Renowned Luminary Spirit

Quoriel – Widely Known Protector of Souls

Phaedra – Celestial and Famous

Selenis – The Renowned Lunar Guardian

Zohra – The Famous Guide of Understanding

Zephriel – Renowned Guardian of Harmony

Enochian Names

How To Choose A Good Enochian Name

Within the mystical realms of the occult, Enochian names stand as powerful and enigmatic symbols of spiritual connection and esoteric wisdom. The process of choosing a fitting Enochian name is akin to unlocking the gates to ancient and hidden knowledge. In this article, we embark on a journey to understand the secrets of crafting authentic and potent Enochian names that resonate with the essence of the spiritual seeker.

Understanding Enochian Language and History:

Enochian is an ancient language with enigmatic origins, often associated with angelic communication and divine revelations. Its history is intertwined with occult practices, alchemy, and mystical traditions. Exploring the essence of Enochian language and its connection to esoteric knowledge enables us to grasp the power and significance of Enochian names, laying the groundwork for the creation of names that echo with sacred energy.

Key Characteristics of a Memorable Enochian Name:

A memorable Enochian name should encapsulate the essence of the individual or entity it represents. Whether it’s a practitioner seeking spiritual enlightenment or an entity invoked in ritualistic practices, the name should resonate with their true nature. Embracing the sacred and esoteric nature of Enochian allows for names that vibrate with mystical energy, invoking a sense of awe and reverence. Utilizing unique phonetic elements and linguistic symbolism adds depth and complexity, elevating Enochian names to a celestial plane.

Researching Inspirational Enochian Names:

To forge truly authentic Enochian names, delving into historical Enochian texts and grimoires is essential. Analyzing the names of celestial and divine beings in Enochian lore provides valuable insights into naming conventions and mystical associations. Drawing inspiration from the spiritual pantheon of Enochian entities enriches the naming process, infusing names with a divine and otherworldly resonance.

Crafting Your Own Enochian Names:

Crafting Enochian names is an art of invoking celestial sounds and spiritual vibrations. Experimenting with angelic and celestial sounds allows for names that resonate with higher frequencies, attuning seekers to spiritual realms. Infusing symbolism and spiritual significance into the names creates a tapestry of mystical meanings, enhancing their potency. While embracing creativity, it is vital to ensure that the names align with the spiritual path and purpose of the individual or entity.

Ensuring Practicality and Spiritual Resonance:

Practicality plays a crucial role in choosing Enochian names, especially for practitioners and enthusiasts who will use them in their spiritual practices. Ensuring ease of pronunciation and recognition fosters a deep connection with the name’s spiritual essence. Avoiding potential misinterpretations or misalignments is paramount to maintaining the purity and integrity of Enochian names. Evaluating the name’s spiritual resonance with the individual or entity guarantees a harmonious alignment with their spiritual journey.

Finalizing the Perfect Enochian Name:

To refine and finalize Enochian names, seeking guidance from experienced practitioners and occult experts is invaluable. Embracing their insights and wisdom elevates the names to their full spiritual potential. Once the perfect Enochian name is chosen, it becomes a sacred and empowering identity, forever etched in the seeker’s spiritual path, and opening doors to hidden realms of knowledge and divine communion.


In conclusion, we have embarked on an extraordinary expedition through the vast expanse of 700 Enochian Names, each one a shining gem in the treasure trove of the mystical. From celestial beings to ancient deities, these names hold the potential to elevate your stories, role-playing games, and creative projects to unparalleled heights. Remember, a well-chosen name can breathe life into your characters, add depth to your world-building, and forge a profound connection with your audience.

As a seasoned Naming Specialist, I can attest that the power of a name should never be underestimated. It is a key that unlocks the gateway to imagination and emotion, both for the creator and the audience. Whether you seek a name for a valiant hero, a cunning villain, or an enigmatic realm, Enochian Names offer an abundance of choices that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

As you venture forth on your creative endeavors, let the wisdom of Shakespeare’s words guide you: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Embrace the enchanting art of naming and watch as your characters and worlds come alive like never before. With these 700 Enochian Names at your disposal, the possibilities are limitless. So, go forth and unleash the magic of names upon your creations, and may your stories resonate in the hearts of those who encounter them. Happy naming!


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