700 Unique Etruscan Names for Your Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Etruscan Names”! In this exciting piece, we’ve curated a collection of creative Etruscan names that are sure to spark your imagination and transport you to ancient times. As the great Roman poet Virgil once said, “A name is a term used for identification.” And what better way to identify your characters, projects, or even pets than with a unique and fascinating Etruscan name?

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field of fantasy character naming and historical research, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various cultures and their naming traditions. Etruscan names, in particular, have always captivated me with their rich history and distinct sounds. Drawing inspiration from ancient inscriptions and texts, I’ve handpicked a diverse array of 700 Etruscan names for you to choose from. Whether you’re a writer seeking authentic character names or someone looking for a distinctive name for your baby, I’m confident that you’ll find the perfect name within this compilation.

Dive into the article, and I promise you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique and captivating Etruscan names. Each name carries its own story and essence, making them ideal for breathing life into your creative projects or infusing a touch of antiquity into your everyday life. So, let’s embark on this fascinating journey together, and by the end, you’ll be equipped with a name that will leave a lasting impression and resonate with the spirit of the ancient Etruscans. Get ready to be inspired and find the perfect name that sets you apart!

Etruscan Names

Etruscan Names

  • Larthun
  • Turanis
  • Arxna
  • Fluvius
  • Thesia
  • Ramthal
  • Velthria
  • Xyron
  • Tarchne
  • Pheruna
  • Marther
  • Vetinia
  • Celsor
  • Zephyrth
  • Zyrlin
  • Spelthur
  • Avilia
  • Tharnea
  • Vestrus
  • Faluna
  • Nythria
  • Velsor
  • Ralthis
  • Tyrgus
  • Felsia
  • Tarquon
  • Tynthus
  • Zynthea
  • Valnus
  • Nyxora
  • Aulus
  • Zirtha
  • Tarchas
  • Tyranth
  • Marnaia
  • Xyrlus
  • Rasmor
  • Zethra
  • Tharsyna
  • Velthra
  • Zyrtis
  • Marthex
  • Tyllia
  • Pherxus
  • Valsar
  • Zilna
  • Turania
  • Velthus
  • Thyrcea
  • Arctur
  • Velnar
  • Lysin
  • Thesnia
  • Zylthar
  • Tarchil
  • Xyrlia
  • Zythun
  • Feleria
  • Tarchus
  • Larxus
  • Tynthia
  • Valtor
  • Zythia
  • Pherus
  • Tyrra
  • Zaryn
  • Marnth
  • Zalthea
  • Xynthia
  • Thelna
  • Larthex
  • Zernus
  • Zyctra
  • Marxus
  • Tynthra
  • Zerthia
  • Nylior
  • Tarchor
  • Zirthia
  • Zyria

20 Etruscan Names With Meanings

Etruscan Names

  1. Synthra – Radiant soul, the beacon of light.
  2. Lysora – Enigmatic muse, igniting creative sparks.
  3. Verthus – Noble guardian, protector of virtues.
  4. Zephira – Breeze of serenity, calming spirits.
  5. Caelion – Celestial traveler, exploring cosmic wonders.
  6. Zenyx – Zen master, attaining inner tranquility.
  7. Nycta – Night’s allure, embracing moonlit mysteries.
  8. Thelius – Mystic heart, unlocking ancient wisdom.
  9. Valyra – Vibrant mystique, alluring and captivating.
  10. Zyrian – Enchanting rebel, defying conventional norms.
  11. Auron – Solar champion, embodying boundless energy.
  12. Lysian – Harmonious essence, spreading joyful melodies.
  13. Cynthor – Silver moonbeam, illuminating darkness.
  14. Zalina – Fearless aura, exuding unwavering confidence.
  15. Zyndra – Whimsical charm, delighting with playful magic.
  16. Talthar – Ancient seer, foreseeing fate’s unfolding.
  17. Zyrisa – Celestial song, captivating hearts with music.
  18. Valoria – Spirited grace, emanating strength and poise.
  19. Elyntus – Evergreen soul, embodying eternal vitality.
  20. Phaenna – Luminous wonder, a captivating presence.

Etruscan Name Ideas

Etruscan Names

  • Lucretius – Wise advisor
  • Tarquinia – Queen of Etruria
  • Velthur – Fierce warrior
  • Marce – Protector of the sea
  • Tarchon – Skilled architect
  • Felsina – City of artisans
  • Vetis – God of the underworld
  • Avile – Noble leader
  • Larthia – Priestess of the moon
  • Porsinna – Righteous ruler
  • Falan – Swift messenger
  • Nethuns – God of water
  • Aplu – Divine healer
  • Velni – Guardian of the forest
  • Rasa – Serene muse
  • Arnth – Powerful thunder
  • Aulu – Bird of wisdom
  • Tluscna – Sacred fire
  • Tesna – Earth’s harmony
  • Ramtha – Spirit of ancestors
  • Nasna – River of life
  • Eca – Eternal flame
  • Vei – Keeper of secrets
  • Talna – Guiding light
  • Arnth – Noble guardian
  • Pherene – Mystic seer
  • Turan – Goddess of love
  • Artumnal – Autumn’s embrace
  • Lur – Watchful sentinel
  • Thesan – Bringer of dawn

Funny Etruscan Names

Etruscan Names

  • Gigglus – Eternal jester
  • Quirkna – Curious mind
  • Chucklus – Master of laughter
  • Whimsia – Unpredictable joy
  • Punsna – Witty wordsmith
  • Guffawus – King of comedy
  • Snickeria – Mischievous charm
  • Amusna – Endless fun
  • Chuckletha – Smiling spirit
  • Grinlyn – Joyful prankster
  • Quipra – Quick wit
  • Jocula – Playful soul
  • Drolla – Whimsical performer
  • Laughius – Eternal chuckler
  • Waggus – Happy trickster
  • Quirkus – Quirky joker
  • Merrimenta – Boundless mirth
  • Giggletta – Laughing fairy
  • Pucklus – Magical mischief
  • Sniggletha – Snickering sprite
  • Chortlea – Gleeful adventurer
  • Witzia – Clever comedian
  • Jeston – Jovial spirit
  • Funtus – Fun-loving friend
  • Lighthearta – Cheerful joy
  • Chuckleton – Hilarious jester
  • Gleeza – Bubbling gaiety
  • Wrylyn – Witty observer
  • Banterius – Master of banter
  • Quiplyn – Wry humor

Etruscan Names Male

Etruscan Names

  • Arruns – Intelligent advisor
  • Macstarna – King of the people
  • Tarchnas – Fearless warrior
  • Auletes – Masterful musician
  • Pullo – Brave fighter
  • Celsn – Skillful artisan
  • Voltumna – Supreme leader
  • Raufe – Enigmatic scholar
  • Sethlans – God of metalworking
  • Spurina – Protector of youth
  • Laris – Poetic soul
  • Marun – Powerful ruler
  • Thalna – Swift runner
  • Thethi – Divine teacher
  • Nethus – Keeper of secrets
  • Thethi – Divine teacher
  • Tages – God of knowledge
  • Artile – Artistic soul
  • Vetin – Deep thinker
  • Mantre – God of dreams
  • Spelna – Storyteller’s voice
  • Tlura – Champion of the people
  • Ralna – Warrior’s spirit
  • Clutin – Trustworthy friend
  • Marce – Protector of the sea
  • Velthur – Fierce warrior
  • Eca – Eternal flame
  • Aulu – Bird of wisdom
  • Vei – Keeper of secrets
  • Arnth – Noble guardia

Etruscan Names Female

  • Thethia – Wise seer
  • Vethi – Fearless warrior
  • Lursna – Poetic inspiration
  • Arthi – Artistic soul
  • Phanis – Guardian of secrets
  • Velsna – Protector of home
  • Phersi – Serene muse
  • Eilna – Mystical healer
  • Thalna – Swift runner
  • Tethni – Woman of wisdom
  • Macsna – Queen of hearts
  • Ramtha – Spirit of ancestors
  • Thesan – Bringer of dawn
  • Tuchna – Protector of dreams
  • Aulesna – Divine singer
  • Marna – Motherly love
  • Talnua – Guiding star
  • Spurine – Noble protector
  • Tlura – Champion of the people
  • Eca – Eternal flame
  • Ralsa – Dancing spirit
  • Velne – Bright spark
  • Nasna – River of life
  • Turine – Goddess of strength
  • Avile – Noble leader
  • Arti – Visionary artist
  • Arnthi – Noble defender
  • Tesne – Harmonious soul
  • Celsa – Radiant light
  • Tarchna – Queen of wisdom

Unique Etruscan Names

Xyphra – Enigmatic wonder

Zylthia – Celestial essence

Synnus – Soulful synergy

Euphrosyne – Joyful spirit

Zyrlis – Ethereal dancer

Valthor – Mystic guide

Nyxius – Night’s embrace

Astraea – Starlit maiden

Pyrrhus – Fiery conqueror

Zephyra – Breeze of serenity

Astraia – Cosmic enchantress

Valthruna – Oracle of dreams

Elixia – Healing elixir

Phoenia – Resurrecting flame

Zenthis – Zen master

Zirel – Angelic grace

Synnara – Harmonious heart

Valyssia – Serene melody

Aelius – Timeless sage

Zyrena – Moonlit aura

Cynthra – Silver moonbeam

Xavian – Celestial wanderer

Zarthus – Enlightened soul

Zeraphin – Winged guardian

Aeliona – Celestial traveler

Zylphia – Ethereal muse

Xylotha – Melodic resonance

Valeriax – Everlasting valor

Zephyrus – Gentle breeze

Astrion – Stellar brilliance

Good Etruscan Names

Bonifra – Benevolent soul

Veritas – Truthful heart

Benedyne – Gracious protector

Prudentus – Wise leader

Virtulus – Virtuous strength

Providens – Providing guidance

Honoria – Honorable spirit

Sapien – Wise sage

Amicitra – Friendly bond

Justior – Just and fair

Benevus – Kind-hearted one

Genera – Generous soul

Aequitas – Equitable judge

Charitas – Charitable love

Recta – Righteous path

Fidelis – Loyal companion

Humilitra – Humble presence

Serenius – Peaceful demeanor

Sapientia – Wisdom’s grace

Sincerus – Sincere intentions

Tranquillar – Calm and composed

Amabilitra – Gentle and kind

Patiens – Patient endurance

Clemens – Merciful nature

Fortitudus – Steadfast courage

Comitas – Courteous soul

Temperus – Even-tempered spirit

Integritra – Integrity’s core

Concilius – Mediating peace

Prudens – Discreet wisdom

Famous Etruscan Names

Romelia – Founding mother of Rome

Lucius – Influential philosopher

Velthurna – Legendary warrior queen

Larsal – Renowned poet

Tarchnas – Historic military commander

Macstarna – Celebrated king

Tarquinia – Notable queen

Auletes – Famous musician

Tarchon – Eminent architect

Velthur – Distinguished warrior

Pullo – Revered fighter

Aplu – Legendary healer god

Spurina – Respected protector

Vetis – God of the underworld

Nethuns – Deity of water

Larthia – Renowned priestess

Avile – Historic leader

Turan – Beloved goddess of love

Tages – Wise god of knowledge

Sethlans – Revered god of metalworking

Ramtha – Ancestral spirit

Thesan – Dawn’s bringer

Artumnal – Famous autumn deity

Porsinna – Notable ruler

Tluscna – Sacred fire deity

Tlura – Honored champion

Arnth – Noble guardian

Eca – Eternal flame

Velni – Forest guardian

Falan – Etruscan messenger

Cool Etruscan Names

Stygus – Edgy mystique

Cyrena – Cool breeze

Jethro – Timeless rebel

Zyron – Mystic energy

Nyxen – Night’s allure

Zalara – Fearless aura

Thexa – Dynamic force

Kaelus – Urban chic

Valeria – Cosmic coolness

Rhydian – Enigmatic charm

Zarael – Avant-garde elegance

Cynxius – Charismatic flair

Vaelor – Magnetic presence

Vespera – Twilight allure

Zephron – Winds of change

Celestis – Heavenly grace

Zayna – Mystical allure

Zyler – Enchanting rebel

Calyx – Elemental cool

Zaria – Vibrant mystique

Xylara – Ethereal essence

Zethan – Bold sophistication

Astraeus – Celestial poise

Rylin – Modern enigma

Zoraya – Exotic coolness

Kaelon – Urban edge

Vyrion – Cosmic charisma

Nyxa – Night’s mystery

Zyta – Dynamic spirit

Xyrus – Cutting-edge style

Catchy Etruscan Names

Zyralia – Melodic wonder

Lumara – Luminous spirit

Valeria – Spirited grace

Zyndra – Whimsical charm

Amethra – Timeless allure

Valtheon – Bold adventurer

Zyrellis – Enchanting storyteller

Thelion – Mystic heart

Zephra – Airy inspiration

Arlyn – Celestial song

Nyxis – Night’s embrace

Zaelon – Ethereal dreamer

Sylara – Enigmatic muse

Valarian – Noble essence

Aeloria – Celestial enchantress

Zinara – Serene aura

Thylara – Cosmic harmony

Vaelen – Timeless journey

Xylior – Starlit wanderer

Zyrenth – Captivating energy

Veridian – Evergreen soul

Caelis – Seraphic grace

Zyara – Boundless wonder

Nyxra – Night’s mystery

Valeriax – Limitless valor

Astrin – Stellar glow

Zyralei – Enchanting radiance

Elysar – Heavenly presence

Zythara – Eternal adventure

Theslyn – Celestial whisper

Etruscan Names

How To Choose A Good Etruscan Name

There is an undeniable allure to Etruscan names, drawing us into a world of ancient charm and captivating mystery. The Etruscan civilization, with its rich history and cultural significance, has left behind a treasure trove of names waiting to be embraced once again. Delving into the world of Etruscan names allows us to connect with a bygone era and celebrate the uniqueness that such names offer. In this article, we will embark on a journey to discover the art of choosing a good Etruscan name, unearthing the beauty and significance they hold.

Unraveling Etruscan Naming Traditions:

Etruscan naming conventions were steeped in symbolism and significance. Names often carried meanings that reflected the hopes and aspirations of parents for their children. Some names were inspired by gods and deities, endowing the bearer with divine protection and favor. Exploring these naming traditions provides us with insight into the ancient Etruscan mindset and offers a deep connection to our past.

Exploring Etruscan Language and Phonetics:

The Etruscan language, while fascinating, can pose a challenge for modern speakers. Its unique phonetic structure and distinctive sounds make Etruscan names both captivating and mysterious. Understanding the interplay between consonants and vowels is essential in pronouncing these names accurately. Don’t be discouraged; with a little practice and guidance, you’ll find yourself rolling the syllables off your tongue with grace and precision.

Etruscan Names for Boys:

For parents seeking strong and masculine names for their sons, Etruscan names offer a plethora of options. From noble and regal names that exude authority to heroic and mythical monikers that inspire greatness, Etruscan names carry an air of grandeur and resilience.

Etruscan Names for Girls:

Elegant and feminine, Etruscan names for girls are a celebration of beauty and grace. Often inspired by nature and poetry, these names evoke a sense of serenity and charm that will resonate with any parent seeking a name of timeless appeal for their daughter.

Choosing the Perfect Etruscan Name:

The process of choosing an Etruscan name is an exploration of meaning and personal preference. By honoring Etruscan heritage and history while embracing modern sensibilities, you can find a name that is both unique and meaningful to you and your family.

Embracing Your Etruscan Name:

Embracing an Etruscan name is not just adopting a label; it is celebrating a connection to a remarkable ancient civilization. Sharing the beauty of these names with others fosters a sense of identity and belonging, making the journey of choosing an Etruscan name truly special.


In conclusion, we hope this journey into the world of “700 Etruscan Names” has been an enlightening and enjoyable experience for you. The Etruscans, an ancient civilization with a unique cultural heritage, have left us a treasure trove of names that are both captivating and meaningful. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, a parent, or simply someone with an interest in history, these names offer a wealth of possibilities to add depth and authenticity to your creations and connections.

By delving into the depths of Etruscan history and language, we’ve carefully curated this list to provide you with a diverse array of options that suit various tastes and preferences. Each name carries a special essence and charm, reflecting the rich tapestry of the Etruscan civilization. So, whether you seek a powerful name for a valiant hero, a lyrical name for a mystical creature, or a graceful name for a beloved child, you’re sure to find it among these ancient gems.

As we bid farewell, we encourage you to embrace the spirit of exploration and creativity that the Etruscans embody. Let these names inspire your imagination, breathe life into your stories, and forge deeper connections with the past. We hope that this compilation of “700 Etruscan Names” has not only provided you with a unique and distinctive name but also sparked an appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of the ancient world. Thank you for joining us on this memorable journey, and may these Etruscan names become cherished companions in your adventures, both real and imagined.


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