399 Cool Fantasy Group Names Ideas and Suggestions

A fantasy group name doesn’t have to be out there in the real world, though. You can make up a fantasy group name, and make it the perfect name for your business.

If you are a writer or know a writer, then this can be a great idea. Instead of having a “Writers of the World, Unite” group, why not create a “World Fantasy Authors Club”? Or if you love superheroes, you could call your group “Superhero Writers Association.” The possibilities are endless.

These fantasy group names may be the perfect way to put a personal touch on your business. You can think about what your business does — and how that relates to your fantasy group name.

This can also be a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. For example, if you’re a website design company, you might call your group “Designers of the World, Unite” instead of “Web Designers.” Or if you sell clothes, you could call your group “Clothing Sellers of the World.”

If you’re stuck for a fantasy group name, feel free to ask for help on our forum. Our members have tons of creative ideas, and you’ll be surprised at how many of them fit perfectly with your business!

Catchy Fantasy Group Names

Fantasy names are fun and whimsical, but they can also be tricky. Use our tips to come up with a name that fits your group’s interests, and that everyone will enjoy.

Choose a fun fantasy name that matches your group’s personality. If you’re all book lovers, you might choose a name like “Book Nymphs” or “Book Dragons.” A name that’s reminiscent of your group’s interests will be more effective than one that simply has “fantasy” in the title.

Think of your fantasy name as a slogan. Use your chosen fantasy name as a tagline. “The Book Dragons” might sound funny when spoken aloud, but it’s not really a phrase you’d want to repeat over and over. Try to use your group’s fantasy name as a mantra, so that everyone in your group can easily associate it with your group’s activities.

Use a fantasy name that is a direct translation of a real-world name. Some groups use names like “Vampires” or “Werewolves” to represent their favorite mythological creatures. Other groups might take inspiration from their favorite mythological creature, or even one of their favorite books, movies, shows, or music.

  • Better Than Goodell
  • Pelvis Pushers
  • Dick Glover
  • Touchdown Factory
  • Chubby Chasers (Nick Chubb)
  • Fly Eagles Fly
  • Force Majeure
  • Fabrication
  • Browns 2.0
  • Primary Winners
  • Golden Tate Warriors
  • Goff My Lawn
  • In A Van Down By The Rivers
  • Rock’s Rancors
  • Purple Reign
  • Drew Daddy
  • I Gotta Thielen
  • Golden Taint
  • Enigma

Top 10 Rare Fantasy Group Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.    Best Kingdom

In most cases, the names of groups are in the form of some sort of a word or a phrase. But in this case, we have seen the best name ever used for a group name. It is ‘Name Here’ and it is given by the name here.

Best Kingdom

2.      Greenman

Green Man is the name of one of the most well-known mythological creatures. If you wish to represent some sort of mythological figure then this is the best name for you. It has the power to take you out of your comfort zone and make you try something new. It is the ideal name for those who wish to have a unique and strong identity.


3.      Gorilla Warfare

If you are an adventurous person and always ready to explore new things then this name is a perfect one for you. If you are ready to take on any challenge and win then it would be the best option for you. It will motivate you to do better and win against your competitors. You must use this name for your group name.

Gorilla Warfare

4.    Fantasy Phenom

If you are one of those fantasy players who loves playing with fantasy cards then, you must go for this name. This name will help you to be one step ahead of your friends in the game. The use of this name will also help your team to have more fun while playing. It will definitely boost the morale of your team as they will start believing that they can play the game and compete with any other group. Thus, it will become easier for you to build up a winning strategy, which will be very helpful in attaining your goal. You must use this name for your team name or group name.

Fantasy Phenom

5.      The Swaggers

If you have a knack for being witty and always ready to make jokes, then this name is a perfect name for you. Moreover, if you have a passion for making other people laugh, then this name is an ideal one. Hence, if you have all the qualities that we have mentioned earlier in this list of names, then it is quite possible for you to choose this name for your group or team. This is a name that is sure to make you stand out among all the others and prove to everyone that you have the best skills to do so.

The Swaggers

6.    Dumpster Fire

This name has a meaning attached to it which will leave an impact on you when you listen to this name. When you use this name for your group or team name, it will encourage your members to put more effort and energy into their work and efforts. Thus, you can be sure to find a high amount of success using this name.

Dumpster Fire

7.      All-Stars Team

If you don’t want to wait for your company to create a team, then you can create it yourself. This will let you choose your team members as per your preferences. This is not only going to increase the morale of your employees, but it is also going to make them feel very good about themselves. Moreover, this is going to increase your trust among them. Use this name for your group name.

All-Stars Team

8.      Bad & Breezy

You may have the best ideas in your head, but nothing happens if it isn’t translated into reality. Users should not hesitate while naming their team and group as this will give a great impact on their performance. You should also use this name for your company or organization.

Bad & Breezy

9.      Crazy Crew

In case you are a person who is looking to join a group where everyone comes together and has fun. Then, this name would be a great choice for you. This will give you an image of a crew of crazy people who are always ready to have fun and get along well with each other. Thus, it is the best option for you to name your group as the above.

Crazy Crew

10.      Steady Cams

No matter how bad your work performance is, if you are good in the heart then you will get an opportunity to change your life. If you are looking forward to taking up a better job, then you must use this name for your group or team name. If you don’t have any idea about what it means, then this will be the best name for your group or team. You can use this name to promote your company’s products or services and achieve success at the workplace.

Steady Cams

Cool Fantasy Group Names

Use a fantasy name with a shortened version of a real-world name. If your group loves the show Game of Thrones, it’s possible to translate that into a fantasy name like “Game of Thrones” or “GoT.”

Take advantage of a common curse word. If your group loves playing video games, you can use a common curse word like “nigga” or “ghetto” to help make your fantasy name unique.

You might find that choosing your own fantasy name is difficult; you might have a hard time finding a name that’s unique enough. That’s okay! Don’t worry — there are plenty of great fantasy names out there that you can use instead.

  • Patoka Punishers
  • Electing Political Jokes
  • Watson In Your Wallet
  • Orchids Of Asia
  • Cajun Crew
  • Committing Perjury
  • Chubby Pickle
  • No Further Details Boy
  • Lambeau Leapin’
  • Ben Dover
  • Leaveon A Prayer
  • Alabama Slammer
  • Putterboy
  • Justify This 3Peat
  • Decepticons
  • Big Meech
  • Baby Badine
  • Chillin’ Wit Mahomes

Creative Fantasy Group Names

Think about your fantasy name’s origin story. When you think of a person, place, thing, or concept that represents your fantasy name, you’ll find inspiration to create a more fitting name for your group. The name of your group could be inspired by the book you read or the location you visited together — or even a character or creature from a story you love.

Be careful with curse words. Your fantasy name might contain words that your group doesn’t want to use around the office or family. You might be surprised how many options you have for a fantasy name that will still be appropriate, though! Consider the following ideas:

  • Greenman
  • Flacco Seagulls
  • Lynn It To Win It
  • Head Trip
  • Mixon Match
  • O’Fallon Sex Panthers
  • Cry Momo Cry
  • 12 Enter; 1 Leaves
  • Redskins4life
  • Dumb Football
  • Breesus, King Of The Drews
  • Arts & Krafts
  • Crazy crew
  • Let Me Win!
  • Green Eggs And Cam
  • Flaunt And Taunt League
  • Steady Cams
  • Mighty Beanz

Unique Fantasy Group Names

Fantasy roleplaying games are an excellent way to connect with your friends and get into fantasy roleplaying. You can create your own unique group name using these suggestions:

Think about your groupmates. Most roleplaying groups are made up of several players who share similar interests and personalities. By thinking about what your groupmates enjoy and enjoy talking about, you can create a name that makes everyone feel right at home.

Find inspiration in your group’s history. Take inspiration from real-life groups that were formed for a similar purpose or had a similar name to yours. Consider whether the name is similar to something you already know, or if it can be used as inspiration to create a unique name.

  • Mahomies
  • The Sleepy Creepy Joes
  • Kush Gordon
  • Humpty Trumpty Sat On A Wall
  • Big 12
  • JJ S W A T T Team
  • Dobbs Squad
  • Four And Out
  • You Fant Touch This
  • Carr-Dee B
  • Cowboys Fan
  • King Of The Hill
  • Mountain West Champs
  • New Orleans Taints
  • Body Bag Ballers
  • Evans Can Wait
  • Bennyandajets
  • Baby Got Dak
  • O’Brees Wan Kenobi
  • Paul’s Undersea BAMF

Cute Fantasy Group Names

A common fantasy roleplaying group name is “The Adventurers” or “The Knights” — both of which are very simple names and could be used for any fantasy roleplaying group. However, you can also come up with more unique names, such as “The Dragon Warriors” or “The Blood Eagles.”

Consider your fantasy setting. Does your group want to be part of a larger setting? Is it important that their name is related to the game world?

Have fun with your name! Fantasy roleplaying games can be a great time to be creative and get away from the typical constraints of reality. You can pick a name that reflects how your group sees itself, or create a name that is all about the fantasy world and characters.

  • Rancho Smo
  • Guns And Rosen
  • Phinatics
  • Way Cool League
  • Gorilla Warfare
  • Fantasy Phenom
  • Tua-Nd A Half Men
  • J In It To Win It
  • Brady Gaga (Tom Brady)
  • Diggsie Chicks
  • Dumpstah Fire
  • Dirty Randolph
  • ER Waiting List
  • Clam Crowder
  • Drewbisky
  • Bad & Breesy
  • Of Rice And Beans
  • Marcogaroppolo
  • Iplay4keeps
  • The Scrubs

Fantasy Group Names

How to Decide Your Fantasy Group Name?

Deciding the perfect group name for your fantasy football team can be an overwhelming task, and there are so many options to choose from.

So how do you decide which name is best for your fantasy team? Here are a few helpful tips to help you select the perfect fantasy group name:

Find inspiration in other groups. Find out what your fantasy group is named in the real world. For example, does your group have the same name as another NFL team or the same name as an anime franchise? Knowing the name of your real-world team might give you some idea of the names that would be appropriate in the fantasy realm.

Pick a nickname. Sometimes, choosing a more generic name isn’t the best choice. For example, if you were going to name your fantasy football team “The Eagles,” it would probably be best to pick a nickname that reflects your group’s personality instead of sticking with the standard name.

Use a name that stands out. When you’re searching for group names, make sure your group name is unique and stands out. There are a lot of fantasy football group names available, but your group’s name should make your group stand out as special.