700 Unique Frankish Names for Your Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Frankish Names”! If you’re seeking inspiration for unique and creative names, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve carefully curated a list of Frankish names that are sure to pique your interest and leave you with plenty of options for your characters, stories, or even your little ones. As the famous writer J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “A name is a precious thing, given or received. It carries a piece of who we are and echoes through the ages.”

Having worked as a Naming Specialist for three years, I’ve had the pleasure of diving into the vast world of names and their historical significance. Fantasy character naming has been a particularly exciting area for me, as it allows for endless creativity and exploration. Understanding the cultural background of Frankish names has been a fascinating journey, and I’m thrilled to share my insights with you. Whether you’re an author looking for authentic character names or a parent searching for a distinctive name for your child, this article will undoubtedly spark your imagination.

By the end of this article, you can rest assured that you’ll come across a truly unique Frankish name that resonates with your preferences. Our comprehensive list covers a wide range of naming styles, from traditional to more unconventional options, so there’s something for everyone. So without further ado, let’s embark on this delightful journey of discovering enchanting Frankish names that will add depth and richness to your narratives or become a cherished identity for your loved ones. Let’s get started!

Frankish Names

Frankish Names

  • Adelinda
  • Berthram
  • Godwinia
  • Hrolfgard
  • Giselaud
  • Ermengar
  • Theodra
  • Chlothild
  • Aldemar
  • Wilfwin
  • Leofara
  • Grimberta
  • Roderikus
  • Freydis
  • Wulfruna
  • Alarick
  • Clothar
  • Gerlinda
  • Radulfus
  • Berengeria
  • Wulfric
  • Hildemund
  • Gisfrid
  • Dagomara
  • Valtrude
  • Sigibald
  • Ermolda
  • Godewyn
  • Hildeburg
  • Bertulf
  • Brunwin
  • Godelina
  • Wulfsigea
  • Eldrad
  • Theudoberta
  • Adelwin
  • Clothaire
  • Roderika
  • Wilfric
  • Leutsind
  • Hrolfgar
  • Grimhilda
  • Fredebert
  • Godwinus
  • Wulflind
  • Aldhelm
  • Eadgyth
  • Giselberta
  • Hildegrim
  • Theodhild
  • Bertgar
  • Clothilde
  • Gerulf
  • Dagoberta
  • Valdric
  • Sigilinde
  • Wulfruna
  • Eldgar
  • Theodeberga
  • Adalsind
  • Grimwulf
  • Gisfrida
  • Hrolfbert
  • Bertha
  • Godwina
  • Fredegar
  • Wilburg
  • Ermund
  • Hildesind
  • Radulf
  • Bertrude
  • Wulfram
  • Eldra
  • Theudofred
  • Aldwig
  • Clothgarda
  • Gerbald
  • Dagmar
  • Valdara
  • Sigibert

20 Frankish Names With Meanings

Frankish Names

  1. Sigifrid – Mighty ruler with victorious power.
  2. Alaruna – Noble journey, a path of greatness.
  3. Gisaldrus – God’s pledge, a divine protector.
  4. Eowine – Noble friend, a steadfast companion.
  5. Hildeleif – Battle heir, inheriting bravery.
  6. Valtrudis – Strong serpent, a resilient spirit.
  7. Wulfsige – Victorious wolf, a symbol of courage.
  8. Eldbertus – Wise pledge, a leader of wisdom.
  9. Thorgar – Thunder spear, a forceful warrior.
  10. Brunhilda – Brown battle heroine, a fierce warrior woman.
  11. Sigelgard – Victorious protector, a shield for others.
  12. Eowyn – Noble journey, an inspiring quest.
  13. Godwinus – God’s friend, a loyal confidant.
  14. Isolfrid – Ice strength, a cool and collected individual.
  15. Thrainulf – Steadfast wolf, unyielding and determined.
  16. Cedelind – Noble serpent, a regal and powerful presence.
  17. Elswith – Elf strength, a graceful and ethereal being.
  18. Aldradus – Noble ruler, a respected and esteemed leader.
  19. Hildebel – Battle oath, a promise of courage.
  20. Wilfrith – Resolute journey, unwavering in pursuit.

Medieval Frankish Names

Frankish Names

  • Aldricus – Noble ruler of all.
  • Berengarius – Brave as a bear.
  • Theodoric – Ruler of the people.
  • Chlodulf – Illustrious wolf.
  • Gislenus – Pledge of protection.
  • Dagobert – Glorious day ruler.
  • Clothilde – Renowned battle heroine.
  • Wulfgar – Wolf spear.
  • Adalindis – Noble serpent.
  • Leutwinus – Beloved friend.
  • Ermengarde – Whole, universal protector.
  • Grimoald – Resolute with a magic staff.
  • Fredegund – Peaceful ruler.
  • Hildebald – Brave in battle.
  • Richilde – Powerful ruler.
  • Gontranus – Steadfast in war.
  • Chlodosind – Noble strength.
  • Wulfruna – Wolf-wise.
  • Ansegisel – Noble hostage.
  • Ermengild – Universal hostage.
  • Godofrid – Peaceful god’s peace.
  • Alpaida – Noble beauty.
  • Waldebert – Bright ruler.
  • Gerhilde – Spear in battle.
  • Wulfram – Noble raven.
  • Ingeltrude – Loved by the god Ing.
  • Hardwin – Bold friend.
  • Biltrudis – Bright strength.
  • Radegund – Adviser in battle.
  • Godefriedus – God’s peace.

Good Frankish Names

Frankish Names

  • Ardrad – Noble council.
  • Bertesind – Bright journey.
  • Ermolda – Universal ruler.
  • Fredelind – Peaceful serpent.
  • Wilfridus – Resolute in peace.
  • Chlodoswintha – Noble victory.
  • Godegisel – God’s pledge.
  • Clothgarde – Renowned protector.
  • Ragnald – Wise counsel.
  • Aldegund – Noble war.
  • Rorich – Famous ruler.
  • Glismodis – Magic spirit.
  • Theudelind – Beloved ruler.
  • Wulfsige – Victorious wolf.
  • Berthilda – Shining in battle.
  • Erminaric – Whole, universal ruler.
  • Hlodulfus – Illustrious wolf.
  • Willerada – Resolute counsel.
  • Gerdrada – Spear counsel.
  • Theudobald – Brave people.
  • Biltrada – Bright counsel.
  • Rolfgar – Famous spear.
  • Walderada – Bright counsel.
  • Anselma – God’s helmet.
  • Leutsind – Beloved journey.
  • Cunegund – Brave in kin.
  • Grimbert – Resolute magic.
  • Adalgar – Noble spear.
  • Herleva – Army fortress.
  • Burchardus – Bold and wise.

Frankish Names Male

  • Adalric – Noble ruler.
  • Bertulf – Bright wolf.
  • Gerbald – Spear in battle.
  • Wulfric – Wolf power.
  • Chlothar – Famous army.
  • Hildebrand – Battle sword.
  • Radulf – Adviser wolf.
  • Theodebert – Bright ruler of the people.
  • Giselbert – Bright hostage.
  • Ansfried – God’s peace.
  • Clotharius – Renowned warrior.
  • Ragnaldus – Wise power.
  • Fredemar – Peaceful famous.
  • Ermoldus – Universal ruler.
  • Wulfgis – Wolf pledge.
  • Gontram – Steadfast in war.
  • Wilfredus – Resolute peace.
  • Gerulf – Spear wolf.
  • Hludowig – Famous battle.
  • Godewin – God’s friend.
  • Berenger – Brave spear.
  • Dagomar – Famous day.
  • Hrolf – Famous wolf.
  • Chlodoald – Illustrious power.
  • Gisfrid – God’s peace.
  • Theodoald – Brave people.
  • Grimwulf – Resolute wolf.
  • Adelwin – Noble friend.
  • Leutfred – Beloved peace.
  • Godefrid – God’s peace.

Frankish Names Female

  • Aldara – Noble spear.
  • Berthildis – Bright in battle.
  • Gerlindis – Spear serpent.
  • Clothilda – Renowned battle heroine.
  • Wilfrida – Resolute peace.
  • Theodelind – Beloved ruler.
  • Gisela – God’s pledge.
  • Ansoa – God’s victory.
  • Richilde – Powerful ruler.
  • Hiltrude – Battle strength.
  • Grimhild – Resolute in battle.
  • Ermengarde – Whole, universal protector.
  • Rorika – Famous ruler.
  • Clothegard – Renowned protector.
  • Waldrada – Bright counselor.
  • Gundebert – Battle protection.
  • Wulflind – Wolf serpent.
  • Fredegarde – Peaceful spear.
  • Chlodosvind – Noble strength.
  • Hildeberga – Brave protector.
  • Gerberta – Bright pledge.
  • Wulfruna – Wolf-wise.
  • Theodasinda – Bright journey.
  • Gontrude – Steadfast in war.
  • Grimilda – Resolute battle.
  • Hrodane – Famous boldness.
  • Berthilda – Shining in battle.
  • Godomar – Famous god.
  • Wulfburga – Wolf fortress.
  • Almerada – Noble adviser.

Funny Frankish Names

Gobbledygus – Hilarious ruler.

Clumsifrid – Awkward peace.

Wobblesind – Unsteady journey.

Jesterwin – Comical friend.

Prankulf – Playful wolf.

Quirkillus – Eccentric warrior.

Chucklebert – Laughing pledge.

Gigglesa – Amusing serpent.

Waggledrud – Funny strength.

Jestilda – Joking battle heroine.

Grinfried – Smiling peace.

Whimsibald – Whimsical ruler.

Chortleswin – Chuckling victory.

Zanysind – Witty journey.

Drollgar – Amusing spear.

Snickerlind – Giggling ruler.

Guffawselma – Laughing helmet.

Jocoser – Jovial warrior.

Witsige – Witty counsel.

Teasebrand – Playful sword.

Roflilda – Rolling in laughter.

Punsilva – Punster fortress.

Yuckesind – Disgusting strength.

Gleeberga – Gleeful protector.

Jestibert – Jester pledge.

Quibblemund – Argumentative ruler.

Tickletilda – Tickle battle heroine.

Snickerwig – Chuckling magic.

Prankberta – Playful friend.

Jestocia – Comical power.

Fantasy Frankish Names

Mystorius – Mysterious ruler.

Elenoria – Ethereal serpent.

Celestarn – Heavenly warrior.

Valdrigore – Spirit of the wolf.

Thundrik – Thunderous ruler.

Astryluna – Star journey.

Drakomir – Dragon peace.

Sylveria – Silver battle heroine.

Magiobert – Wizardly pledge.

Faerilda – Enchanting battle.

Mythandor – Legendary power.

Celestine – Heavenly ruler.

Luminor – Radiant warrior.

Feydora – Fairylike counsel.

Seraphald – Angelic spear.

Arcanulf – Mystical wolf.

Dreambald – Visionary journey.

Felaurora – Happy dawn.

Myrrhgarde – Magical protector.

Valkraken – Valkyrie serpent.

Fantasius – Fantastic strength.

Wispbert – Wispy ruler.

Enigmara – Enigmatic friend.

Celestriel – Heavenly magic.

Aurorick – Dawn ruler.

Driftilda – Ethereal battle heroine.

Sorcarius – Sorcerous power.

Velindra – Veil of the serpent.

Faelrick – Elf-like ruler.

Arcanabel – Mysterious pledge.

Unique Frankish Names

Quirillan – Unusual ruler.

Elysgar – Unique wolf.

Ethelara – Singular journey.

Valdrada – Exceptional counsel.

Quiriber – Rare warrior.

Ermoria – Uncommon battle heroine.

Brynnulf – Rare and noble wolf.

Valdricus – Unprecedented ruler.

Leofara – Beloved serpent.

Aldoswin – Noble journey.

Zephelma – West wind helmet.

Wyrmbert – Dragon magic.

Vesperilda – Evening battle.

Aelisand – Ancient strength.

Quillberta – Featherlike friend.

Uldorix – Unique power.

Ailfrida – Elf power.

Zephygar – West wind spear.

Beltricia – Bright star.

Cyrillian – Lordly ruler.

Valmaris – Renowned of the sea.

Zinsofia – Mystic wisdom.

Belisand – Brilliant journey.

Ulfgrim – Noble wolf.

Zephyrel – Gentle breeze.

Ethelgarda – Noble fortress.

Wulframir – Noble peace.

Aelfsind – Elf journey.

Quillmund – Feathered protector.

Valdoria – Unique battle.

Cool Frankish Names

Cyricus – Strong ruler.

Valerik – Valiant journey.

Alarion – Noble wolf.

Damaris – Gentle battle heroine.

Tyrbold – Bold and powerful.

Eowyn – Noble friend.

Gwennar – White spear.

Brynhild – Armored battle.

Cedricus – Chieftain ruler.

Wulfgar – Wolf spear.

Elowyn – Elf friend.

Thoren – Thunder battle.

Eadric – Prosperous ruler.

Ingrith – Battle goddess.

Aldwin – Noble friend.

Valdrina – Exceptional fortress.

Isolde – Ice battle.

Wulfric – Wolf power.

Eowine – Noble friend.

Aelfric – Elf ruler.

Caelwen – Sky journey.

Gwalchmai – Hawk battle.

Valstern – Star warrior.

Cynewyn – Royal friend.

Roderik – Famous ruler.

Eldricus – Wise ruler.

Valeria – Strong battle heroine.

Thrain – Steadfast warrior.

Aldora – Noble serpent.

Brynewyn – White friend.

Catchy Frankish Names

Zarvick – Powerful ruler.

Lyssara – Cunning serpent.

Brondar – Thunder warrior.

Valeris – Valiant battle heroine.

Zephyro – West wind ruler.

Alaric – Noble wolf.

Vaeloria – Stellar journey.

Drakon – Dragon warrior.

Wulfgar – Wolf power.

Faelinn – Elf counsel.

Alarwin – Noble friend.

Zephine – West wind battle.

Brynhild – Armored battle.

Valadan – Unyielding ruler.

Elsin – Noble journey.

Thrandor – Thunder power.

Zalda – Winged serpent.

Eldric – Wise ruler.

Valeria – Strong battle heroine.

Zephara – West wind journey.

Ailfric – Elf ruler.

Thrain – Steadfast warrior.

Aldora – Noble serpent.

Zalvyn – Winged friend.

Drakara – Dragon ruler.

Brynolf – Wolf armor.

Zestryn – Energetic journey.

Valerik – Valiant friend.

Zephyrilda – Gentle battle.

Aldwen – Wise friend.

Frankish Names

How To Choose A Good Frankish Name

In the captivating realm of historical richness, Frankish names stand as remarkable emblems of a bygone era. The art of choosing a good Frankish name is a voyage that traverses time and culture, holding the essence of identity and heritage. This article unravels the significance of selecting a meaningful Frankish name, exploring the historical context, the symbolism, and the profound impact such names can have on an individual’s sense of self.

Understanding Frankish Naming Traditions:

Frankish naming traditions are steeped in the legacy of ancestors, where names served as powerful indicators of identity and lineage. Cultural influences from various regions and historical periods have shaped Frankish naming practices, infusing them with diverse elements. The role of naming ceremonies played a pivotal part in bestowing a name upon a child, solidifying their place within the community.

Researching the Etymology and Symbolism:

Delving into the etymological origins of Frankish names reveals a treasure trove of linguistic wonders. Each name bears a historical context that resonates with ancient tales and the ethos of the time. By unearthing the meaning behind Frankish names, one gains insight into the symbolic representations that they encapsulate, adding depth and significance to the name selection process.

Embracing Authenticity and Cultural Relevance:

Choosing a Frankish name goes beyond a mere act of naming; it becomes a profound gesture of honoring cultural heritage. By embracing authenticity, individuals demonstrate a commitment to preserving the legacy of the Frankish culture within their own lives. Striking a balance between tradition and modern preferences ensures that the chosen name retains cultural relevance while resonating with contemporary sensibilities.

Seeking Inspiration from Frankish History and Legends:

Drawing inspiration from Frankish history and legends infuses the name selection process with a touch of grandeur. Exploring heroic figures and mythological names allows individuals to imbue their children’s names with the essence of valor and strength. Considering names associated with notable events commemorates historical milestones, connecting the present generation to the triumphs and struggles of their ancestors.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Frankish Name Selection:

In the pursuit of historical accuracy, it is vital to ensure that the chosen name aligns with the relevant time and region. Additionally, avoiding names that may be inappropriate or offensive is essential to uphold the respectability of the chosen name. Being mindful of contemporary pronunciation and usability ensures that the selected name can be comfortably carried through the ages.

Embracing Individuality and Timelessness:

Embracing individuality is at the heart of choosing a unique Frankish name. Each name has the potential to tell a distinct tale, reflective of the aspirations and dreams of the individual. While rare names add an air of uniqueness, it is equally important to strike a balance and choose a name that withstands the test of time, resonating with charm and elegance through generations.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Frankish Names” has been a valuable resource in your quest for the perfect name. Exploring the historical roots of Frankish names has allowed us to uncover a treasure trove of captivating and meaningful options. Whether you’re an aspiring author crafting a fictional world or a parent seeking a distinct moniker for your child, these names offer a blend of tradition and uniqueness that can breathe life into any character or individual. Remember, a name holds significance beyond its sound; it carries a piece of history and identity.

We’ve carefully curated this list with creativity and diversity in mind, ensuring there’s something for every preference and style. From classic and timeless choices to more unconventional and evocative ones, the Frankish names presented here have the potential to leave a lasting impact. Names are an essential aspect of our lives, shaping how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. Embracing a Frankish name for your character or loved one can add a layer of authenticity and depth that enriches their story or life journey.

As you embark on your naming journey, keep in mind the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, who once said, “A name is a precious thing, given or received. It carries a piece of who we are and echoes through the ages.” We hope that the names you’ve discovered here will resonate with you and that you find the perfect fit for your purpose. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of Frankish names, and may the names you choose bestow meaning, uniqueness, and joy for years to come. Happy naming!


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