700 Galaxy Names for Your Universe

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Galaxy Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and imaginative names for galaxies, you’ve come to the right place. We have curated a list of 700 unique and captivating galaxy names that will transport you to the wonders of the universe. As Carl Sagan once said, “The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.” Get ready to explore the vastness of the cosmos through these enchanting names.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have had the privilege of delving into the world of naming and creating unique identities for various entities. From fantasy characters to celestial bodies, I have dedicated myself to the art of crafting names that captivate the imagination. Each name tells a story, evokes emotions, and sets the stage for new adventures. Through my expertise, I have discovered the perfect balance between elegance, intrigue, and the celestial nature of galaxies.

In this article, I promise you an exciting journey filled with a multitude of possibilities. Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration for your science fiction novel, a gamer looking for a captivating name for a futuristic planet, or simply someone fascinated by the vastness of the cosmos, you will find a name that resonates with you. Brace yourself for a cosmic exploration that will lead you to uncover names that are truly out of this world. Let’s embark on this celestial voyage together and discover the perfect name for your imaginative endeavors.

Galaxy Names

Galaxy Names

  • Astral Nova
  • Nebula Starlight
  • Stellaris Cascade
  • Celestial Radiance
  • Luminous Galaxy
  • Nebulith Realm
  • Stellara Nebula
  • Celestria Major
  • Nebulosphere Cluster
  • Astralis Twilight
  • Luminastra Domain
  • Nebulora Nexus
  • Celestis Eternity
  • Stellaris Veil
  • Nebula Dreamer
  • Astrafire Spiral
  • Radiantora Galaxy
  • Celestrix Dominion
  • Nebula Aurora
  • Stellaris Essence
  • Astralis Nebulous
  • Lumina Terra
  • Nebulosphere Twilight
  • Celestia Solaris
  • Stellaris Whirlwind
  • Nebulithus Cascade
  • Astrafirma Radiance
  • Luminara Twilight
  • Nebularis Nexus
  • Celestora Cluster
  • Astralis Aurora
  • Nebula Serenity
  • Stellaris Ecliptic
  • Celestria Twilight
  • Nebulith Majoris
  • Astrafire Cluster
  • Luminastra Nova
  • Nebulora Radiance
  • Stellaris Serenity
  • Celestrix Spiral
  • Astralis Celestial
  • Luminous Veil
  • Nebula Whisper
  • Stellara Eternity
  • Celestis Essence
  • Nebulosphere Nova
  • Astrafire Veil
  • Radiantora Twilight
  • Celestria Cluster
  • Nebula Aurora
  • Stellaris Nebulous
  • Astralis Lumina
  • Luminastra Majoris
  • Nebularis Whirlwind
  • Celestrix Radiance
  • Astralis Nova
  • Nebula Seraph
  • Stellaris Ether
  • Celestia Nebula
  • Nebulith Twilight
  • Astrafire Eclipsa
  • Luminastral Cluster
  • Nebulora Celestial
  • Stellaris Luminara
  • Celestrix Majoris
  • Astralis Cascade
  • Luminous Nova
  • Nebula Spectrum
  • Stellaris Whispers
  • Celestria Essence
  • Nebulosphere Celestial
  • Astrafire Radiance
  • Luminastra Nebula
  • Nebularis Cluster
  • Celestrix Twilight
  • Astralis Solaris
  • Luminara Veil
  • Nebulith Nova
  • Stellaris Spiral
  • Celestia Nebulous
  • Astrafire Essence
  • Nebula Serenity
  • Stellaris Ecliptica
  • Celestria Twilight
  • Nebulosphere Radiance
  • Astralis Aurora
  • Luminastra Seraph
  • Nebulora Ether

20 Galaxy Names With Meanings

Galaxy Names

  1. Eternum Galaxy – A timeless realm of everlasting cosmic beauty.
  2. Astralara Cluster – A cluster where celestial melodies intertwine in harmony.
  3. Nebuloria Major – A major galaxy where nebulae flourish in breathtaking diversity.
  4. Stellavia Realm – A realm where stars ignite the path of cosmic exploration.
  5. Celestria Nova – A nova-like galaxy bursting with radiant celestial phenomena.
  6. Nebulithos Spiral – A spiral galaxy adorned with ethereal nebulous formations.
  7. Stellarion Nexus – A nexus point where cosmic energies converge in celestial synergy.
  8. Luminastra Domain – A domain where luminescent stars guide cosmic navigation.
  9. Nebulosa Minor – A minor galaxy characterized by delicate and captivating nebulae.
  10. Celestis Prime – A prime galaxy resonating with the celestial essence of the cosmos.
  11. Astralis Spectrum – A spectrum of cosmic wonders that dazzle the senses.
  12. Nebulora Rift – A rift leading to a realm where nebulae transcend reality.
  13. Radiantara Cluster – A cluster where radiant celestial bodies illuminate the cosmic tapestry.
  14. Celestria Stellaris – A stellaris galaxy where cosmic brilliance thrives in abundance.
  15. Nebularis Enigma – An enigmatic galaxy shrouded in the mysteries of nebulous formations.
  16. Stellara Fluxion – A fluxion galaxy where cosmic energies ebb and flow with mesmerizing dynamism.
  17. Astrafirma Spiral – A spiral galaxy that embodies the celestial foundation of cosmic existence.
  18. Luminaqua Realm – A realm where luminescent celestial bodies mirror in cosmic waters.
  19. Nebulys Majoris – A major galaxy where nebulae come alive with captivating luminosity.
  20. Celestrix Domain – A domain ruled by celestial forces, harnessing the power of the stars.

Space Galaxy Names

Space Galaxy Names

  • Nebula’s Edge – The outermost reaches of a cosmic cloud.
  • Celestial Horizon – Where the heavens meet.
  • Stellar Cascade – A mesmerizing flow of stars.
  • Interstellar Nexus – A connection between distant realms.
  • Nebulous Nexus – A meeting point of ethereal formations.
  • Galactic Traverse – A journey through the vastness.
  • Cosmic Mirage – A captivating celestial illusion.
  • Orion’s Tapestry – A stellar masterpiece woven by the Hunter.
  • Astral Elysium – A heavenly paradise beyond comprehension.
  • Supernova Mirage – A fleeting glimpse of explosive radiance.
  • Zodiac Nebula – Where the constellations come to life.
  • Cosmic Arcadia – A utopian realm in the cosmos.
  • Solar Flare Cascade – A cascade of fiery brilliance.
  • Aurora Veil – An enchanting curtain of shimmering lights.
  • Comet’s Embrace – A celestial body’s gentle caress.
  • Milky Way Whirlwind – A swirling dance of stars and dust.
  • Sirius Radiance – The brilliance of the Dog Star.
  • Andromeda’s Tapestry – A cosmic masterpiece in another galaxy.
  • Galactic Serenity – A tranquil haven amidst cosmic chaos.
  • Lunar Luminosity – The gentle glow of Earth’s satellite.
  • Orion’s Beltway – A cosmic highway through the Hunter’s domain.
  • Stellar Mirage – A captivating illusion of distant stars.
  • Cosmic Symphony – A harmonious arrangement of celestial bodies.
  • Solaris Ascendancy – The rise of a new solar system.
  • Epsilon Eclipse – A rare alignment of distant stars.
  • Spiral Galactica – A mesmerizing spiral of cosmic wonders.
  • Stellar Zephyr – A gentle breeze of starlight.
  • Nova Nebula – The birthplace of explosive celestial events.
  • Celestial Ascent – A cosmic journey to new heights.
  • Quasar Radiance – The blinding brilliance of an active galactic nucleus.

Galaxy Planet Names

  • Astral Haven – A sanctuary in the cosmos.
  • Nova Prime – The foremost celestial body.
  • Zodiacia – A planet governed by the constellations.
  • Nebulaeia – A world enveloped in cosmic gases.
  • Stellaris – A planet brimming with celestial wonders.
  • Cometia – A world visited by transient cosmic travelers.
  • Orionia – A planet under the Hunter’s watchful eye.
  • Andromedae – A celestial world beyond the Milky Way.
  • Solaria – A planet bathed in perpetual sunlight.
  • Lunaris – A moon-like planet with a serene ambiance.
  • Galactopia – A planet teeming with cosmic lifeforms.
  • Celestia Major – A significant celestial body in the galaxy.
  • Meteorora – A planet known for its meteor showers.
  • Serenova – A planet of serene cosmic beauty.
  • Aurora Prime – A world where the auroras never fade.
  • Stardustia – A planet formed from cosmic remnants.
  • Stellaris Minor – A minor celestial body in a vast galaxy.
  • Nebulon – A planet shrouded in ethereal mists.
  • Zenithia – A planet at the pinnacle of cosmic existence.
  • Quasaria – A planet influenced by energetic cosmic phenomena.
  • Eclipsara – A world where celestial eclipses are frequent.
  • Celestria – A planet inhabited by celestial beings.
  • Nebulosphere – A planet with a hazy, otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Planetarum – A planetarium-like world, displaying cosmic wonders.
  • Galaxis – A planet nestled within a vibrant galaxy.
  • Stellaris Major – A significant celestial body in the cosmos.
  • Solis – A planet closely orbiting its radiant sun.
  • Zodiacalia – A planet ruled by the celestial zodiac.
  • Quasaris Minor – A minor celestial body with energetic phenomena.
  • Nebuluna – A moon-like planet surrounded by cosmic clouds.

Star Wars Galaxy Names

Star Wars Galaxy Names

  • Forcehaven – A refuge for Jedi and Sith.
  • Hyperion Cluster – A cluster of star systems with ancient secrets.
  • Mandalore Sector – A region dominated by the Mandalorians.
  • Sithara Dominion – A domain ruled by the Sith.
  • Republica Core – The heart of the Galactic Republic.
  • Jedi Enclave – A secluded gathering place for Jedi knights.
  • Hutt Cartel Realm – A territory controlled by the Hutts.
  • Droidika System – A system known for its advanced droid technology.
  • Wookiee Homeworld – A planet inhabited by the mighty Wookiees.
  • Tatooine Frontier – The remote borderlands of the desert planet.
  • Coruscant Metropolis – A sprawling city-planet at the galaxy’s center.
  • Alderaan Remnants – The remnants of the destroyed planet Alderaan.
  • Kamino Cloning Hub – A facility renowned for its cloning technology.
  • Sith Eternal Citadel – The stronghold of the Sith Eternal.
  • Mandalorian Stronghold – A fortress of Mandalorian warriors.
  • Naboo Royal Realm – The regal domain of the Naboo people.
  • Kashyyyk Canopy – A lush forested world home to the Wookiees.
  • Hoth Outpost – An icy outpost in the frigid reaches of space.
  • Endor Sanctuary – A sanctuary for the Ewoks.
  • Jakku Wasteland – The desolate wastelands of the planet Jakku.
  • Mustafar Inferno – A fiery planet with treacherous landscapes.
  • Geonosis Arena – A deadly arena planet favored by the Separatists.
  • Yavin 4 Jungle – A dense jungle moon housing ancient temples.
  • Dathomir Nightscape – A haunting world infused with dark energy.
  • Lothal Outskirts – The outskirts of the Lothal system.
  • Scarif Shores – A tropical paradise hiding Imperial secrets.
  • Bespin Cloud City – A floating city amidst gas giants.
  • Corellia Shipyard – A bustling shipbuilding hub.
  • Tatooine Dunes – The endless dunes of the desert planet.
  • Mortis Realm – A mystical realm with ethereal beings.

Galaxy Themed Names

  • Astral Mirage – A mirage of cosmic wonders.
  • Celestial Essence – The essence of the heavens.
  • Nebula Whisper – A whispered secret of cosmic beauty.
  • Stellar Reverie – A dreamlike state inspired by the stars.
  • Galaxy Euphoria – A state of cosmic bliss.
  • Cosmic Kaleidoscope – A dazzling display of celestial colors.
  • Lunar Lullaby – A soothing melody inspired by the moon.
  • Starry Enchantment – An enchantment woven by starlight.
  • Celestial Radiance – The radiant glow of the cosmos.
  • Nebulous Symphony – A symphony performed by cosmic entities.
  • Astral Serenity – A serene calm inspired by the celestial.
  • Stellar Luminary – A shining beacon of cosmic brilliance.
  • Cosmic Rhapsody – A harmonious composition of cosmic elements.
  • Galaxy’s Embrace – A warm embrace from the cosmos.
  • Celestial Cadence – A rhythmic dance of celestial bodies.
  • Nebula Cascade – A cascading flow of nebulous beauty.
  • Stardust Symphony – A symphony created from celestial particles.
  • Lunar Radiance – The radiant glow of the moon.
  • Stellar Whispers – Whispers carried by celestial winds.
  • Celestial Canvas – A canvas painted with cosmic hues.
  • Nebula Elixir – An elixir that harnesses nebulous energy.
  • Astral Harmony – A harmonious balance inspired by the stars.
  • Cosmic Reverberation – The echoes of cosmic events.
  • Lunar Resplendence – The resplendent glow of the moon.
  • Stellar Illusion – An illusory display of celestial magic.
  • Nebulous Enigma – An enigmatic cosmic phenomenon.
  • Celestial Tranquility – A state of serene cosmic calm.
  • Galaxy’s Brilliance – The brilliance emanating from the cosmos.
  • Astral Euphoria – A euphoric state inspired by the heavens.
  • Stellar Luminescence – The radiant luminosity of celestial bodies.

Cool Galaxy Names

Hypernova – A supermassive explosion of cosmic energy.

Quantum Nebula – A nebula existing in multiple states.

Nova Veil – A celestial veil of explosive brilliance.

Nebula Nova – A new birth in cosmic brilliance.

Stellar Blaze – A blazing star of extraordinary intensity.

Galaxy Ghost – A phantom-like presence in the cosmic expanse.

Celestial Matrix – A cosmic framework of interconnectedness.

Nebula Spectre – A spectral presence within a nebula.

Supernova Pulse – A pulsating surge of explosive energy.

Solar Flare Fury – A furious eruption of solar energy.

Galactic Blitz – A swift and powerful cosmic assault.

Stellar Vortex – A swirling vortex of celestial matter.

Nebula Mirage – A mesmerizing mirage within a nebula.

Cosmic Catalyst – A catalyst for cosmic change.

Lunar Eclipse – The cool darkness of an eclipse.

Stellar Quasar – A quasar emitting intense cosmic radiation.

Galaxy’s Edge – The outermost boundary of a galaxy.

Nebula Ignition – The ignition of a cosmic fire.

Celestial Cascade – A cascading flow of celestial brilliance.

Supernova Surge – A surge of energy from a dying star.

Solar Radiance – The radiant energy emitted by a star.

Galactic Fury – A cosmic fury that knows no bounds.

Stellar Shroud – A shroud of cosmic mystery.

Nebula Nexus – A nexus point within a cosmic cloud.

Cosmic Eclipse – The convergence of celestial bodies.

Aurora Nova – A new dawn of cosmic beauty.

Lunar Luminary – A shining light in the night sky.

Nebula Nebulous – A cloud of cosmic ambiguity.

Celestial Cascade – A cascading flow of celestial beauty.

Supernova Serenity – A serene state amidst explosive energy.

Fantasy Galaxy Names

Eldoria Galaxy – A realm of ancient celestial beings.

Enchantara – A galaxy imbued with magical energies.

Mystara Realm – A realm of mystery and wonder.

Draconis Cluster – A cluster ruled by mighty dragons.

Celestis Nexus – A nexus of celestial realms.

Arcanica Galaxy – A galaxy abundant with arcane knowledge.

Faeris Spiral – A spiral galaxy inhabited by magical creatures.

Mythos Constellation – A constellation telling mythical tales.

Shadowmire Nebula – A nebula shrouded in shadows and secrets.

Astralis Dominion – A realm governed by cosmic magic.

Magoria Cluster – A cluster of magical dimensions.

Elenthar Galaxy – A galaxy where elemental forces converge.

Spellbound Nebula – A nebula infused with enchantment.

Dreamweaver Realm – A realm shaped by dreams and imagination.

Rune Star System – A star system etched with ancient runes.

Sylvanis Galaxy – A galaxy thriving with lush, mystical forests.

Celestial Arcanum – A realm holding the secrets of the cosmos.

Mythoria Spiral – A spiral galaxy teeming with mythical creatures.

Sorceris Cluster – A cluster inhabited by powerful sorcerers.

Fabled Nebula – A nebula steeped in ancient legends.

Enigmara Realm – A realm of enigmatic cosmic phenomena.

Arcanum Nexus – A nexus point of arcane energies.

Celestis Realm – A celestial realm of divine magic.

Mythos Nebula – A nebula embodying mythical tales.

Wraithgate Galaxy – A galaxy haunted by spectral beings.

Magica Cluster – A cluster pulsating with magical energies.

Astralis Spiral – A spiral galaxy governed by cosmic forces.

Enchantra Nebula – A nebula radiating enchanting energies.

Mystara Dominion – A domain ruled by ancient mystics.

Dreamwoven Galaxy – A galaxy woven from dreams and fantasies.

Unique Galaxy Names

Ethereon – A galaxy of ethereal beauty.

Luminastra – A galaxy filled with radiant stars.

Nebuloria – A galaxy where nebulae thrive.

Stellarium – A galaxy adorned with brilliant celestial bodies.

Astralia – A galaxy with a mesmerizing astral landscape.

Nebuloria – A galaxy where nebulae thrive.

Stellara – A galaxy with a captivating stellar display.

Celestria – A galaxy of celestial wonders.

Nebulastra – A galaxy where nebulae illuminate the cosmos.

Radiantia – A galaxy emitting radiant cosmic energy.

Astrafirma – A galaxy with a celestial foundation.

Nebulosphere – A galaxy encompassed by cosmic mist.

Stellaris Major – A major galaxy with abundant cosmic phenomena.

Nebulospectra – A galaxy displaying a diverse array of nebulae.

Luminara – A galaxy filled with luminous celestial objects.

Celestis Major – A major galaxy teeming with cosmic marvels.

Nebulaeum – A galaxy abundant in nebulous formations.

Stellaris Minor – A minor galaxy with its own unique cosmic tapestry.

Nebularia – A galaxy characterized by a multitude of nebulae.

Astraluna – A galaxy where the moon and stars intertwine.

Celestria Majoris – A major galaxy known for its celestial grandeur.

Nebuloris – A galaxy dominated by ethereal nebulous structures.

Stellarium Minor – A minor galaxy showcasing its own stellar brilliance.

Nebulosium – A galaxy enriched by the presence of nebulous formations.

Celestis Minor – A minor galaxy captivating with its cosmic beauty.

Nebulopia – A galaxy where the allure of nebulae never ceases.

Stellarica – A galaxy resplendent with stellar phenomena.

Celestia Minoris – A minor galaxy with celestial wonders of its own.

Nebulantis – A galaxy dwelling in the enchantment of nebulae.

Astralynx – A galaxy connected through cosmic threads.

Different Galaxy Names

Veridian Galaxy – A galaxy of vibrant green hues.

Eclipta Cluster – A cluster shaped like an eclipse.

Pyroxis Galaxy – A galaxy ablaze with fiery phenomena.

Chromatica Nebula – A nebula displaying a spectrum of colors.

Celestria Rift – A rift leading to otherworldly dimensions.

Astralith Cluster – A cluster of star systems with crystalline formations.

Zephyrion Galaxy – A galaxy with constant celestial winds.

Lunaris Spiral – A spiral galaxy reminiscent of a lunar cycle.

Stellara Flux – A galaxy in a state of constant fluctuation.

Nebula Obscura – A nebula veiled in darkness and mystery.

Ignitara Realm – A realm of cosmic ignition and combustion.

Chromatic Nexus – A nexus point where colors converge.

Verdantia Galaxy – A galaxy adorned with lush greenery.

Pyronova Cluster – A cluster with explosive cosmic phenomena.

Ecliptra Nebula – A nebula exhibiting eclipses within its formations.

Zephyria Spiral – A spiral galaxy swept by celestial winds.

Lunara Cascade – A cascading flow inspired by the moon.

Stellar Fluxion – A fluctuation of cosmic energies.

Chromis Realm – A realm painted with vibrant colors.

Verdora Nexus – A nexus point abundant with verdant energies.

Pyrosphere Galaxy – A galaxy engulfed in fiery cosmic spheres.

Ecliptronica Cluster – A cluster of celestial bodies linked to eclipses.

Zephyric Nebula – A nebula stirred by gentle celestial breezes.

Lunaterra Spiral – A spiral galaxy reminiscent of a lunar landscape.

Stellar Oscillation – An oscillating rhythm of cosmic phenomena.

Chromatica Cascade – A cascading flow of chromatic beauty.

Verdantus Dominion – A domain ruled by the verdant forces of nature.

Pyroclasmic Realm – A realm of explosive cosmic activity.

Eclipsolux Galaxy – A galaxy basking in the brilliance of eclipses.

Zephyrosphere Cluster – A cluster shaped by swirling celestial winds.

Galaxy Names

How To Choose A Good Galaxy Name

When it comes to creating a captivating galaxy, a good name is essential. It sets the stage, evokes curiosity, and invites exploration. A well-chosen galaxy name can ignite the imagination of your audience, making them eager to dive into the depths of your fictional universe. In this article, we will explore the process of choosing a good galaxy name and the factors to consider along the way.

Understanding the Purpose

Before diving into the naming process, it is crucial to understand the purpose behind the galaxy name. Identifying the context in which the name will be used is essential. Is it for a science fiction novel, a video game, or perhaps an artistic project? Consider the genre and target audience as well. A name for a gritty, dystopian galaxy will differ from one for a whimsical, fantasy realm. Understanding the purpose and context will guide your decision-making process.

Research and Inspiration

To find inspiration for a good galaxy name, look no further than the vast expanse of our universe. Explore existing galaxy names, both real and fictional, to gather ideas and understand naming conventions. Additionally, delve into celestial terminology and mythology. Ancient mythologies often hold rich sources of inspiration, with names derived from gods, constellations, and cosmic creatures. This research phase will help you develop a deeper understanding of the cosmic world and generate unique name ideas.

Brainstorming and Creativity

Once you have a solid foundation of knowledge and inspiration, it’s time to let your creativity soar. Engage in brainstorming sessions, either alone or with a group of like-minded individuals. Encourage free association and wordplay, allowing ideas to flow freely. Explore different languages, blend words together, or create new words entirely. Unleash your imagination and embrace the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.

Evoking the Essence

A good galaxy name should capture the essence of the celestial body it represents. Consider the unique characteristics of the galaxy, such as its size, color, or notable features. Does it emanate a sense of mystery, power, or tranquility? Use descriptive words and vivid imagery to convey these qualities through the name. A well-crafted galaxy name can evoke emotions and create a visual image in the minds of your audience.

Testing and Feedback

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential names, seek feedback from trusted sources. Share the names with friends, fellow writers, or experts in the field. Evaluate their responses and gauge the impact of each name. Does it resonate with others? Does it align with the intended genre and target audience? Take the feedback into consideration and refine your choices accordingly.

Finalizing and Implementing

After careful consideration and refinement, it’s time to choose the perfect galaxy name. Ensure that the selected name aligns with your creative vision and resonates with your target audience. Once finalized, consider registering the name to protect your intellectual property. Finally, seamlessly integrate the galaxy name into your project, allowing it to shine and captivate your audience.


In conclusion, we have journeyed through the cosmos and explored 700 captivating galaxy names. From the ethereal and poetic to the bold and powerful, these names offer a wide range of options for anyone seeking to add a touch of celestial wonder to their creations. Whether you’re a writer, a game developer, or simply an enthusiast of all things cosmic, these names are sure to spark your imagination and transport you to galaxies far, far away.

Remember, a name holds the power to shape perceptions and ignite curiosity. It sets the stage for grand adventures and invites exploration. Each name in our curated list has been carefully selected to evoke a sense of awe and wonder, reflecting the immense beauty and mystery of the universe. By incorporating these names into your projects, you can create a sense of depth and authenticity that will captivate your audience.

So, go forth and unleash your creativity. Let the names of these galaxies inspire you to weave tales of interstellar journeys, to design new worlds in virtual realms, or to simply marvel at the vastness of the universe. The possibilities are endless, and with these 700 galaxy names at your disposal, you are sure to find the perfect one that will leave a lasting impact on your audience and transport them to realms beyond imagination. Embrace the cosmic adventure and let your imagination soar among the stars.


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