502 Cool Gas Station Names Ideas And Suggestions

A gas station name should be unique, memorable, and easy to spell. But if you want to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to add a bit of pizzazz.

We’ve got more than 200 gas station names, including those that are short and sweet, and others that are long and descriptive.

For instance, there’s the Fuel It Up Gas Station, which is an all-natural convenience store located in West Texas, and the Elbow Room Gas Station, which is a combination bar, liquor store, and gas station.

Another fun gas station name idea is the Gas Stop, which is used as a way to describe any establishment that sells gas or gasoline. There’s also the Fuel N’ Fun Gas Station, which offers a variety of fun activities for kids as well as adults.

You can easily add a catchy slogan to a gas station name. For instance, the Gas n Go Station has a slogan that reads “We’re here to help!” The Gas Station by Gas Plus boasts, “Fast, friendly, and affordable.” The Gas Stop has “Let’s talk gas.”

The Gas & Go Convenience Store has a slogan that reads, “Gas, groceries, and more.

Cool Gas Station Names

The gas station industry is one of the most competitive markets today, making it difficult to stand out from the competition. However, there is always an opportunity for those who have an idea for a new business name that will capture the attention of customers.

To find that name, simply keep your eyes open to see what the rest of the market is doing. If they have a great name, then you might consider using it too.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of cool gas station name ideas that may inspire you to come up with your own unique name for your business.

  • Modern Way
  • My Gas
  • Station!
  • Petrol Principal
  • Fuel Equation
  • Fuel Iris
  • The Rack Em Up
  • Rebel Hill Gas
  • Second Street Gas
  • Quick Fill Fuel
  • Gas for You and Me
  • Zombie Petrol
  • Trunk Propane
  • Fuel Shaman
  • Diesel Allens
  • FINA
  • Sunoco Station
  • Cutter Petrol
  • TA Travel Center
  • Stratus Diesel
  • Fuel Dude
  • Connects Refuel
  • One Stop
  • Fuel Actions
  • Illuminate Fuelling
  • Sequence Fuel
  • Refuel Walnut
  • Petrol Pavilion
  • Musician Diesel
  • Wiggle Pump
  • Hailoil
  • Diesel Totem
  • Diesel Elegance
  • Green Petroleum
  • Hail oil
  • The Fuel Stop HQ
  • 79ers International Gasoline
  • Roadside Petrol
  • Percent Propane
  • Pump Chums
  • Propane Billboard
  • Propane Database
  • Mamas Diesel
  • Propane Rave
  • Hospital Diesel
  • Loading Station
  • Fuel Technical
  • Aire Express
  • Fuel Stop Phoenix
  • Scramblers Vegas
  • Slumber Fuel
  • Gas-N-Go Mart
  • Gas Hub
  • Pump Your Gas
  • Diesel Explosion
  • Case
  • The Air Fuel Mixer
  • Petrol Position
  • Gas Community
  • Lumina Gasoline
  • Diesel Label
  • Restored 1929 Route 66 Gas Station
  • Clair Gas
  • Texaco
  • Pump Flora
  • Stripes Convenience Store
  • Diesel Deft
  • Global
  • Andi’s Snack & Gas
  • Fillin’ Up
  • Pump Giants
  • Moto Gas
  • Ultimate Repel
  • Entertainment Diesel
  • Pump Cuff
  • Gust Diesel
  • Fuelly Go
  • Pumportfolio
  • Fuel Cognition
  • Runway Petrol
  • Quick Mart Gas Station
  • Chevron
  • Petrol Promotion
  • Petrol Pounder
  • Pump Posse
  • Panther Junction Gas Station
  • Fuel Gorillas
  • Pump Pueblo
  • Pump market
  • Too Much Gas
  • Rapido Gas Station
  • DK
  • LOL Filling Station
  • Pump Bluffs
  • Gasoline Speech
  • Paint Rock Grocery
  • Citgo
  • Fuel Flora
  • Little Pumpskip

Top 10 Rare Gas Station Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.   Runway Petrol

With the name Runway Petrol Gas Station, you are telling your customers that you are a well-known service provider for fuel and car repairs in the area. Moreover, it tells the clients that you have everything needed for a quick fix of their vehicle.

Thus, they will definitely visit you in case of any emergency. Also, the word “runway” in this name indicates that you are a service provider who has an excellent reputation. So, customers will rely on your services for sure.

If you are looking for a catchy name for your business, this one is one of the best choices. It will help you create an impression on your customers.

Runway Petrol

2.    Gasoline Pretty

Gasoline Pretty Gas Station Names is a great business name for those who want to get into the gasoline station business. This is the best name that you can get for your business and that is why people love using it.

The name can attract customers since it has a positive meaning. It can be the perfect name that can help you establish your business and get success easily.

Gasoline Pretty

3.    Empower Pump

Your company can use the keyword “empower pump gas station” as a good marketing strategy. This keyword has a great meaning and it conveys the message that you provide an efficient and quick service.

You have to keep in mind that the name you choose should be catchy and easy to remember.

Empower Pump

4.   Bob’s Gas Station

Bob’s Gas Station Gas Station Names is a great name that you can use if you want to build a profitable car repair and gas station franchise business.

If you have a great deal of experience in this field and your work is well known, then you can definitely apply for this business name. You can build your own car repair and gas station franchise business with this name.

They will surely choose you over your competitors because of the good reputation you have built over the years.

Bob’s Gas Station

5.    Memory Gasoline

Your business can benefit from this name because it can be recognized easily by your target audience. You should consider using the word ‘Gasoline’ because it will help you in creating a good image of your business.

This word is also related to your target audience and their life so it will be very useful to them. So, they will have a positive feeling towards your business after learning about it.

If you want to be unique then you should use a name that is related to your business. For example, if you are into the car transportation business you can use this name to show your target audience that you specialize in cars.

Memory Gasoline

6.    The Turing Point

Turing gas station is one of the leading companies that offer gas and oil to their customers at an affordable price. They sell gas and oil in a very wide range and provide quality services to the customers.

Their services are well known in the area and they have a huge customer base. This business is growing by leaps and bounds. It is because they are able to provide quality services at a reasonable price.

This is a very good name for a gas station and it gives an assurance that you will provide quality services.

The Turing Point

7.    Hit The Road

Hit The Road Gas Station is a good choice for a business name. This name is strong enough to attract more customers to your business. You will attract people who are looking for a gas station.

The name also indicates that your business will be successful in terms of growth and expansion. This name also indicates that your business will focus on filling up gas stations so that they can continue their trip smoothly.

Hit The Road

8.    Fixation Station

This business name will help you to attract a wide range of customers who are looking for your products or services. The word “Fixation” suggests that you are reliable and you have a good reputation in the market.

Thus, this name will help you to build a strong reputation in the market. On the other hand, “Gas Station” will bring more customers to you and they will be sure to visit your store because they want to buy their gas.

So, the combination of both words is perfect for your business because it is going to create more traffic to your store and more customers.

Fixation Station

9.    Ride Unlimited

Here we have a great list of business names that can be used as names for gas stations. It is important that you pick one that is unique and catchy so that people will remember it easily.

You should also pick a business name that matches your product or service, and not something that is too general. Make sure that you pick a business name that describes your business best.

Ride Unlimited

10.  Crealla

This name is perfect for businesses related to gas stations. If you own a business that supplies fuel products or sells vehicles, then this name is suitable for you. This name is memorable as it describes what your business does and where you can be found.

It is very catchy and it is easy to spell. You can use this name without any complications.


Funny Gas Station Names

When starting a new business, one of the most important things you need is a good business name. Your business name is the face of your company so it has to be ‘funny’ and memorable.

To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of cool gas station names that are catchy and designed to stand out in the market. Pick through these names and see if any strike you as a potential fit for your gas station business.

  • Pump Fiesta
  • Fuelling Smiths
  • Long Beach Station.
  • Grapevine Market #1
  • Gasoline Perfectly
  • Refuel Sea
  • Fifty Fifty
  • Pump Leaser
  • H‑E‑B Fuel
  • Diesel Diner
  • Gasoline Pretty
  • Pump Message
  • Eater Octane
  • Petrol Knoll
  • Fuel Den
  • Sunoco Gas Station
  • Craft Gas
  • Rim Shop
  • Ace Fuel
  • Sam’s Xpress Lube
  • The Car and Truck Rest Area
  • Diesel Cuba
  • Gas On The Run
  • The Gas Hole
  • Flake Fuel
  • Propane Prevention
  • Fill ‘er Up!
  • Phillips 66
  • Stella Octane
  • Chap Pump
  • Greens Bank Plus
  • Fuel Appreciation
  • Petrol 4 U
  • Empower Pump
  • Diesel Jingle
  • Voyage Fuel
  • Fuel Alley
  • NOCO Express
  • Sunridge Lube
  • Bob’s Gas Station
  • The Freedom Food Mart
  • Fuel Angus
  • Zippo Gas
  • Program Pump
  • Red Pump Gas
  • Propane Trove
  • Northern Scot D
  • Cable Fuel
  • The Gas Supply
  • Gc
  • Box O’ Gas
  • Pump Helpful
  • Petrol Plexus
  • InstaGas
  • Tropicana Gas
  • Big’s
  • Fuelling Boulevard
  • Corner Store Gas
  • Valero
  • Peg Pump
  • Sunoco
  • Memory Gasoline
  • Easy Filling Station
  • Fuelevation
  • Hype Energy
  • Pilot Travel Center
  • The Fill-Up Station
  • Second Street Petrol
  • The Fast Stop
  • Diesel Fiction
  • Pump Pyramid
  • Piper Petrol
  • Super Station
  • Pump Shop Depot
  • Always First Fuel Stop

Best Gas Station Names

Gas stations are one of the most important parts of your local business community. A gas station is where you can go to fuel your vehicle and take care of your basic needs. It is also a place where people come to hang out, get a bite to eat, or even get their car repaired.

As a result, it is a vital part of your community. This is why it is so important to name your gas station business properly.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of catchy cool gas station names that can help inspire you to create an outstanding gas station.

  • Fuel Locals
  • Xpress Mart Convenience
  • RaceTrac
  • Barrel Gas Supplies
  • Weary Traveler Mart
  • Hungry for Gas
  • Fuel Manta
  • Dieselola
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Story Propane
  • More Fun Up the Tank
  • H-E-B Convenience Store
  • Manly Man Gas
  • Explore the World
  • Too Much Fun on the Run
  • Pa Pa Patch
  • Admit Fuelling
  • Petrol Vault
  • ALON
  • Gas Bang
  • Diesel Dura
  • Pumped Up Gas
  • The Pumping Man
  • Octane Flame
  • Allsups
  • Green Gasolines
  • Diesel Nothing
  • Kazoo Petrol
  • Brunch Pump
  • Gas Feedback
  • Chevron Sierra Blanca
  • Gas Gaze
  • Gasoline Savvy
  • Gas-N-Go
  • H-E-B Fuel
  • Horsepower Boulevard
  • Punky Gasoline
  • Green Spot
  • Fox Gas Station
  • 1st Choice Fuel Stop
  • Valet Gas Station
  • Pixie Octane
  • Propane Frames
  • Fueling Smiths
  • Antler Petroleum
  • Whoosh! Fuel
  • Fuely’s Petrol
  • Sun Coast Station
  • Fuel Infections
  • Timewise Food Store #156
  • The Magic Car Pit Ride
  • Propane Prism
  • Crown Petroleum
  • Diesel Abundant
  • Propane Drain
  • Gas Glade
  • Fuel Foolish
  • Julio’s Petrol Station
  • Filling Tank
  • Refuel Magnolia
  • Buc-ee’s
  • Refuel Priceless
  • Alt Route Gas
  • Bluegrass
  • The Petrol Pump
  • Fuel Eminent
  • Pump Omega
  • Petrol Pause
  • Decathlon Gas
  • Fuel Emotional
  • Hank’s Gas N’ Go
  • Ration Pump
  • Gasify Genuine
  • Precision Petrol

Names for Petrol Station

There are several kinds of businesses you can open. One such type is the cool gas station. You will find yourself with a lot of competition for customers, so you must be able to differentiate yourself from other cool gas stations in order to have a successful business.

For this, you should pick a unique name, one that sets you apart from the rest. This will make it easier for customers to remember your business.

We recommend coming up with a cool gas station name idea that combines a catchy phrase or two with a fun image to represent your company. Try to make sure your name is short and easy to say.

  • Aqua Pump Sales
  • Auto-ly Delighted Station
  • Particle Diesel
  • Czech Stop
  • Aloha Fuel Mart
  • Super Gas
  • Conoco
  • Cracker Propane
  • Propane Palms
  • Road Trip Petrol
  • Aloha Petroleum
  • Fuel Herald
  • Boiler Propane
  • Buddies
  • Jungle Octane
  • Gasoline Poly
  • Gas store
  • Bev’s
  • Pump Latter
  • Gasoline Sesame
  • Advance
  • Lakes Octane
  • Golds Gasoline
  • Gatoctane
  • Gasoline Sincere
  • Dragon Power Gas Refill
  • Cross Country Fill up
  • Gas Stop
  • Gasoline Gratitude
  • Grunge Diesel
  • Lake Gasoline
  • Diesel Carats
  • Gas Smash
  • Super 99
  • Big Boy Gas Station and Car Wash
  • Skillet Propane
  • Propane Acre
  • Bowie’s, LLC
  • Fuel Circus
  • Arizona Fuel
  • Hertz Fuel Station
  • Diesel Candor
  • Diesel Jump
  • Fuel Doodle
  • Setup Diesel
  • Fuel Kettle
  • Respond Gasify
  • Dock 3 Lubricants
  • Las Vegas Gas Mart
  • Petrol Pantry
  • Loves
  • Black Diamond Petroleum
  • Peter’s Petrol Pump (PPP)
  • Biltmore Gas Centre
  • Fuel Thermal
  • Fuel Poodle
  • Delek Rack
  • Swift Snacks & Gas
  • Uncle’s Convenience Store
  • Power fuel
  • Aloha Sun
  • Fun Run
  • Pup Gas
  • Mission Diesel
  • Fuel Plums
  • Conoco Tower Station

Gas Station Logos Names

Gas stations, like other businesses, need to have good business names that are catchy. If you run a gas station, then you may already know how difficult it can be to find a good gas station name.

There are a lot of different brands in the market, and they’re all looking for customers and repeat business. So, it’s essential that you find a name that will stick in the minds of your customers for a long time.

That’s why we put together a list of catchy gas station names to help you out.

  • Fuel Hammock
  • Fast Fill Up
  • Fuel Prism
  • Fast and Gas
  • Bong Gas
  • Strut Pump
  • Tom Thumb Express
  • Petrol Cosmos
  • Gas Pundit
  • Diesel Silicon
  • Sunny Petrol Station
  • Rapid Speed Gas Station
  • A AND B
  • Sam’s Club Gas Station
  • Creep Pump
  • Gasoline Hires
  • Insta Gas
  • The Store
  • Short Stop Inc
  • Stroeher & Olfers
  • Pump You Up
  • Gobble Gas
  • Suncoast Petroleum
  • Diesel Testa
  • Diesel Dapper
  • Eureka Shell
  • Dillon Keith Stores
  • Pump Orchid
  • Petrol Fang
  • Speed Stop
  • Pump Savage
  • It’s Time for Unleaded
  • Plato Propane
  • Mama Diesel
  • Smokey Bones
  • Pumprestige
  • Fuel City Dallas
  • Gasstoff
  • Propane Dame
  • Fuel Doctrine
  • Gaszag
  • Gasoline Sunny
  • Gas Branch
  • Up Your Gas
  • Propane States
  • Beach Petroleum
  • Tres Amigos
  • Get Pumped!
  • Fuel and Coffee Co
  • Pump Addiction
  • Fuel for Thought
  • Behemoth Gas Station
  • The Petroleum Station
  • Road Ranger
  • Dink Diesel
  • Herman’s Quik Mart
  • Take-A-Break
  • Gulf Star
  • Refuel Jungle
  • Stripes 114
  • Points Pump
  • Refuel Scene
  • Fuel Darkness

Creative Gas Station Names

Your gas station can help your business grow. A catchy and interesting gas station name will give your customers a reason to drive by your place. You need a catchy and memorable name that shows off your gas station’s unique selling point.

Check out our list of gas station business names to help you with your brainstorming.

  • Defense Diesel
  • Bonus Diesel
  • Lust Fuel
  • Fuel Feedback
  • Octane Puree
  • 4 Your Convenience
  • Fuel Laguna
  • Reliance Gas Station
  • Petrol Volt
  • Brow Petrol
  • High Octane Gasoline
  • Lantern Diesel
  • Gasoline Ninety
  • Dads Diesel
  • Peoples Gas
  • Diesel Diagnosis
  • Diesel Difference
  • Gas Perspective
  • Fuel Smartly
  • Aldea Gasoline
  • Samurai Octane
  • Gasoline Missionary
  • Trestle Gasoline
  • Fuel Aurora
  • Pump Bishop
  • The Pump Shack
  • Clean Energy Station
  • Gasoline Derby

Funny Gas Station Names

If you want to start a gas station business, you need to make sure you come up with a good and unique name that people will remember. In this case, it’s important that you come up with a funny name.

The internet is loaded with hilarious gas station name ideas and you should use them to inspire you.

  • One Stop Fuels
  • Bus Yard Convenience
  • Fire Up Your Tank
  • Pump Procedure
  • Fill it up with Fun
  • Fuel Influential
  • High Octane
  • Gas the Fox
  • Fuel Proposition
  • Gasoline Gonia
  • Merry Go Round Gas
  • Stripes
  • Buck’s
  • Elite Petroleum
  • Grab N Go
  • Super pump
  • Julio’s Gas Station
  • Apex Gas Station
  • Gasoline Territory
  • Diesel Blossom
  • Fuel Justice
  • Pico Convenience Store
  • Pump Samples
  • Gas Brochure
  • Palate Petrol
  • Fuel Flawless
  • Fuel Chums
  • Diesel Petunia

Catchy Petrol Station Names

When choosing a name for your petrol station, you should think about what type of people visit your establishment. If you’re targeting the general public, then you might consider a simple name such as “The Garage” or “The Service Station”.

These names work well for small businesses. But, if you’re targeting the local community, a catchy name will work best. For example, you could name your petrol station after a local celebrity or sports figure who is well-liked by your community.

  • Fireman Petrol
  • Greenway Chevron Gas
  • A Gas Station
  • An old school pit stop
  • ConocoPhillips World Headquarters
  • Propane Petite
  • Over My Gas
  • One Stop Garage
  • Unknown Gasoline
  • Dieselemon
  • Propane Cave
  • Arizona Natural Gas
  • Royal Petroleum
  • Slovacek’s
  • Diesel Walnut
  • The Petrol Road view
  • Nero Petrol
  • Dollar Gas Station
  • Golden Fuel
  • Refuel Discovery
  • Ace Mega Stop
  • Molecule Station
  • Shell
  • FUEL24
  • Minority Gasoline

Gas Station Name Generator

What do you call a gas station with a car? A gas station! That is, at least, what you should call your business. It could be a gas station, an auto repair garage, or a tire service.

The name doesn’t matter, but you need to give yourself some kind of title that is going to stick in people’s minds when they think about your business.

Use our nifty generator to help you come up with a catchy name for your business.

  • Octane Grand
  • Diesel Innovation
  • Dash Chek Oil
  • Fuel Stuff
  • Pumpep
  • Gulf
  • Gas Grower
  • 76
  • Rio Fillmore
  • Propane Priority
  • Gastorave
  • Pump City Convenience Store
  • Go Fast
  • Boyle Energy
  • Petrol Abode
  • Fast Lane
  • Fuel Cradle
  • Get Energized
  • Fill ‘r’ Us
  • Gulf One Gas
  • Propane Poll
  • Contract Gas
  • Petrol Scroll
  • Kwik Pump
  • Pump Plenty
  • Pump and Dump

Gas Station Names

How to Name Your Gas Station Business?

In this article, we will present to you, all the information that you need to know when choosing a name for your gas station. Choosing a name for your gas station is not as simple as one would like it to be.

There are a lot of things that one has to consider while choosing a name.

Read On and Find out How to Choose a Name For Your Gas Station.

Do Not Pick A Name That Is Already Taken

One of the most important things that you should always keep in mind is that you should never choose a name that has been used before. As soon as you pick a name that is already taken, you may find yourself in a mess.

It is very difficult to get a name back once it has been used by someone else. It’s best if you avoid choosing a name that has been taken before.

However, there are times when you have to take a risk and it is best to avoid picking a name that is already being used because there is little chance of you getting that name back. If you do manage to get your name back, it will be tough for you to use it.

You Can Reclaim Your Name If Someone Has Used It Before

Firstly, you should know that if someone has already used your name, it doesn’t mean that you cannot reclaim it. You should however know that it is very difficult to get a name back once it has been used.

It is advisable that you get in touch with the owner of the name that you wish to claim. This way you can make it clear to him/her that you have the right to the name.

When Claiming a Name, It’s Important to Tell Them Why

Tell the person who owns the name why you want to use it. Tell him/her that you are planning on using the name and that it is your own personal choice. You can also mention to him/her that you want to use it because you believe that it is an ideal name for your business.

If you plan on using the name in a certain location, it is important that you mention this to the person who owns the name. When choosing a name for your gas station, you should always have the idea of where you want to use the name in mind.

You can also ask your potential customers what they think of the name that you have in mind and then decide accordingly.

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