700 Ghoul Names for Your Supernatural Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Ghoul Names” where we’ve gathered some delightfully creative and spooky names for your eerie characters! As Edgar Allan Poe once said, “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” Now, you can bring those mysterious and chilling dreams to life with the perfect ghoul names for your stories, games, or role-playing adventures.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the realm of fantasy character naming, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deep into the mystical world of creatures like ghouls. Unraveling the essence of their existence and conjuring up names that truly capture their essence has been an exciting journey. Through my extensive research and passion for the genre, I’ve curated an extensive list of 700 ghoul names that are both captivating and bone-chillingly befitting of these otherworldly beings.

Rest assured, dear reader, that by the time you reach the end of this article, you’ll have discovered a name that resonates perfectly with your vision. Whether you’re seeking a name for a malevolent ghoul haunting a graveyard or a mischievous ghoul playing pranks on unsuspecting victims, our list has something for every fiendish tale. So, let’s embark on this thrilling adventure together, and may you find the ideal ghoul name that sends shivers down your readers’ spines!

Ghoul Names

Ghoul Names

  • Xander Bloodmoon
  • Ember Nightshade
  • Nyssa Grimshadow
  • Zephyr Blackthorn
  • Astrid Deathwhisper
  • Thane Nightwing
  • Seraphina Gravesong
  • Orion Dreadbane
  • Vesper Shadowblade
  • Lyra Morbida
  • Morgrim Ghostheart
  • Luna Spectralis
  • Kael Phantomstrike
  • Selene Darksworn
  • Draven Wraithborne
  • Isolde Eclipsia
  • Riven Shadefang
  • Thalon Graveheart
  • Aria Cimmerian
  • Talia Cryptshade
  • Zara Soulweaver
  • Vaelin Ombra
  • Cade Mortem
  • Lysandra Umbraluna
  • Sylas Nox
  • Ravenna Macabria
  • Aeon Grimscar
  • Eira Obsidiana
  • Caden Shadevale
  • Zephyra Ebonbane
  • Lysara Nightraven
  • Riven Twilightdusk
  • Sable Hallowed
  • Kael Duskmire
  • Zara Moonshroud
  • Sylar Hexgrave
  • Talia Gloomwing
  • Aria Nightlock
  • Lyria Grimmoon
  • Orion Tombheart
  • Theron Mistshade
  • Zephyr Darktide
  • Ember Deathwhisper
  • Astrid Nightfallen
  • Nyx Vespertine
  • Xanthe Cimmeria
  • Vesper Dreadthorn
  • Lunara Shadewood
  • Thane Grimstar
  • Seraphina Nocturne
  • Zephyr Wraithclaw
  • Lyra Nightshade
  • Riven Moonshadow
  • Kael Darkraven
  • Zara Blackthorn
  • Talia Bloodmoon
  • Draven Mortis
  • Isolde Grimwood
  • Morgrim Shadowbane
  • Sylas Necros
  • Lysandra Nightlock
  • Orion Eclipsia
  • Theron Macabre
  • Aria Umbralune
  • Ember Nyx
  • Zephyr Nightgale
  • Vesper Hallowgrave
  • Astrid Tombfrost
  • Xanthe Mortalis
  • Seraphina Phantomshade
  • Lunara Darkheart
  • Riven Wraithwood
  • Talia Gravefrost
  • Kael Ombra
  • Zara Nightraven
  • Lyra Deaththorn
  • Thane Umbralock
  • Sylas Spectreclaw
  • Morgrim Duskwraith
  • Orion Obsidian

20 Ghoul Names With Meanings

Ghoul Names

  1. Eurus Vespero: Whispers of the evening wind.
  2. Astrid Phantasma: A starry, ethereal presence emerges.
  3. Vaelin Sepulcro: The guardian of ancient tombs.
  4. Elara Umbrosia: A nymph who wanders in shadows.
  5. Thalon Nocturnus: Nightfall heralds his eerie apparition.
  6. Lysandra Nihilus: The void draws her spectral essence.
  7. Zephyr Mortalis: Gentle breeze carries the deceased.
  8. Aurelia Obscuris: Golden ghost, veiled in darkness.
  9. Draven Hauntwell: A haunting melody echoes through.
  10. Elysian Cryptos: Heavenly secrets shrouded in mystery.
  11. Thalia Spectrale: A joyful spirit dances in twilight.
  12. Mordred Umbrae: Dark knight roams the shadows.
  13. Zara Lethia: Sleep’s enchantress, haunting dreams softly.
  14. Zephyr Grimwood: Gentle wind in the haunted woods.
  15. Seraphina Shadefall: An angelic figure descends mysteriously.
  16. Nyx Vesperis: Goddess of night, a haunting presence.
  17. Raven Nectura: A raven’s caw echoes through.
  18. Theron Hallowmere: A hollow echo lingers by water.
  19. Lunara Cimmeria: Lunar goddess rises in darkness.
  20. Xerxes Hauntsong: Warrior’s ghost sings haunting ballads.

Ghost Ghoul Names

Ghoul Names

  • Ephemeral Specter – Transient spirit.
  • Haunting Wraith – Persistent apparition.
  • Ethereal Phantom – Otherworldly shadow.
  • Enigmatic Shade – Mysterious ghost.
  • Phantasmal Spectre – Illusory revenant.
  • Wandering Ectoplasm – Roaming entity.
  • Unseen Apparition – Invisible manifestation.
  • Spiritus Incognitus – Unknown spirit.
  • Nebulous Revenant – Unclear ghost.
  • Vanishing Poltergeist – Fading haunt.
  • Cryptic Phantom – Puzzling wraith.
  • Obscure Haunter – Concealed specter.
  • Transcendent Apparition – Elevated ghostly figure.
  • Unearthly Visage – Supernatural presence.
  • Spectral Enigma – Uncanny ghoul.
  • Eerie Aberration – Spooky anomaly.
  • Vagrant Spirit – Drifting revenant.
  • Esoteric Shade – Secretive apparition.
  • Phantom of Shadows – Ghostly silhouette.
  • Phantom Prowler – Sneaky ghost.
  • Enshrouded Wraith – Veiled specter.
  • Elusive Ephemera – Hard-to-catch apparition.
  • Clandestine Specter – Covert ghost.
  • Spectral Illusion – Ghostly mirage.
  • Translucent Haunter – Semi-transparent revenant.
  • Unfathomable Phantom – Incomprehensible wraith.
  • Vaporous Apparition – Misty ghost.
  • Forgotten Ghostling – Overlooked spirit.
  • Illusive Presence – Deceptive ghoul.
  • Mystic Phantasm – Magical specter.

Nameless Ghoul Names

  • Incognito Entity – Concealed presence.
  • Anonym Vaporer – Unnamed apparition.
  • Shadowy Enigma – Mysterious ghoul.
  • Faceless Haunter – Featureless spirit.
  • Phantom Persona – Unidentified specter.
  • Obscured Spectre – Hidden wraith.
  • Unrecognized Apparition – Unacknowledged ghost.
  • Cognito Esse – Unknown being.
  • Unidentifiable Phantasm – Enigmatic revenant.
  • Anonymous Shade – Nameless spirit.
  • Unseen Ectoplasm – Invisible entity.
  • Unspecified Revenant – Undisclosed ghoul.
  • Veiled Phantom – Cloaked specter.
  • Ghost of Anonymity – Name-free ghost.
  • Unattributed Wraith – Uncredited apparition.
  • Hidden Aberration – Concealed haunt.
  • Masked Apparition – Disguised ghost.
  • Vanishing Enchantment – Disappearing specter.
  • Name-Free Presence – Identity-less revenant.
  • Uncertain Haunt – Ambiguous ghoul.
  • Incognita Phantasm – Unknown wraith.
  • Obscure Ghostling – Mysterious spirit.
  • Unrecorded Spectacle – Unregistered apparition.
  • Cloaked Being – Shrouded ghoul.
  • Enigmatic Mirage – Cryptic specter.
  • Nebulous Essence – Unclear revenant.
  • Phantom Incognito – Ghost in disguise.
  • Veiled Mystery – Obscured ghost.
  • Silent Apparition – Speechless haunt.
  • Unnamed Illusion – Nameless vision.

Male Ghoul Names

  • Ebon Thantos – Dark male ghoul.
  • Morpheus Shadeborn – Dreamy specter.
  • Obsidian Cryptor – Black ghost.
  • Vesper Nocturne – Evening revenant.
  • Stygian Ombra – Shadowy apparition.
  • Draven Mortuis – Deathly wraith.
  • Azazel Cimmerian – Mysterious ghoul.
  • Zephyr Erebos – Airy specter.
  • Ignis Charon – Fiery ghost.
  • Atrius Nox – Gloomy revenant.
  • Theron Nether – Hunter of the afterlife.
  • Lucius Spectralis – Shining apparition.
  • Desmodus Umbral – Twilight ghoul.
  • Caligo Phasmatis – Dark spirit.
  • Morbix Vespertilio – Creeping wraith.
  • Nyx Umbrae – Nightshade specter.
  • Erebus Requiem – Shadowy ghost.
  • Talon Calvariam – Bone-chilling revenant.
  • Astraeus Noctis – Starry apparition.
  • Grimor Striges – Grisly ghoul.
  • Lunus Caelum – Moonlit wraith.
  • Vortigern Obscurus – Enigmatic specter.
  • Acheron Mortalis – River Styx ghoul.
  • Balthazar Umbrus – Dark lord of the afterlife.
  • Phobos Umbra – Fearful ghost.
  • Nyktos Charon – Night ferryman revenant.
  • Obscurio Malum – Malevolent apparition.
  • Mortimus Stygias – Deathly ghoul.
  • Erebus Somnus – Sleepy specter.
  • Alaric Nox – Eternal night wraith.

Female Ghoul Names

  • Nyx Nocturna – Goddess of night.
  • Elysia Umbralis – Twilight spirit.
  • Lilith Acherontia – Queen of the underworld.
  • Seraphina Tenebrae – Angelic apparition.
  • Nox Erebella – Dark lady ghost.
  • Thalia Obscuriana – Joyous ghoul.
  • Nyssa Mortuara – Deathly revenant.
  • Morgana Nyktoria – Enchanting specter.
  • Hecate Caligo – Witch of shadows.
  • Selene Stygia – Moonlit wraith.
  • Isadora Phantasmia – Gift of the muses.
  • Belladonna Charonia – Beautiful death.
  • Lunara Umbraelle – Lunar goddess ghost.
  • Sable Umbria – Dark goddess apparition.
  • Vespera Atra – Evening star revenant.
  • Malina Nocturnis – Night princess ghoul.
  • Nephthys Morpheana – Egyptian dreamer.
  • Lucasta Phasmara – Illuminating specter.
  • Ravenna Nigresca – Black enchantress.
  • Astrid Somnia – Starry-eyed wraith.
  • Elara Calvaris – Starlit revenant.
  • Nyx Bellatora – Warrior of the night.
  • Hesperis Morta – Evening death.
  • Octavia Umbraline – Eighth-born ghoul.
  • Morwen Charonia – Dark enchantment.
  • Pandora Umbertine – All-gifted specter.
  • Seren Nocturnelle – Serene night ghost.
  • Celestia Requiem – Heavenly apparition.
  • Erebus Lethia – Nightly forgetfulness.
  • Morvina Phantaselle – Seaworthy wraith.

Funny Ghoul Names

Wacky Wailord – Hilarious haunt.

Jovial Jestergeist – Merry specter.

Chuckles Macabre – Humorous ghost.

Quirky Quipper – Eccentric revenant.

Giggles Ghoulio – Laughing ghoul.

Hilarity Haunter – Comical apparition.

Guffaw Grimsby – Amusing wraith.

Jester Jinx – Trickster specter.

Snicker Spook – Mirthful ghost.

Giggly Grim – Laughing revenant.

Chortle Charmer – Chuckling ghoul.

Playful Poltergeist – Prankster apparition.

Zany Zephyr – Eccentric specter.

Laughing Lich – Jolly wraith.

Mirthful Mort – Amusing haunt.

Quipster Quaker – Witty ghost.

Waggish Wisp – Joker revenant.

Glee Ghast – Joyful apparition.

Funnybones Fiend – Humerous ghoul.

Jocular Jinxer – Witty specter.

Whimsy Wraith – Capricious wraith.

Ha-Ha Haunter – Comedic ghost.

Grin Ghastly – Smiling revenant.

Witty Wight – Clever apparition.

Chuckling Changeling – Gleeful ghoul.

Merriment Mysterium – Merry specter.

Chuckle Charlatan – Laughing ghost.

Punny Poltergeist – Witty wraith.

Giddy Gaster – Excited apparition.

Jestful Jamboree – Playful ghoul.

Unique Ghoul Names

Eirwen Necrosis – Snow-white death.

Xerxes Maceration – Warrior of decay.

Astrid Exequia – Star-like funerals.

Tyrian Nemesis – Imperial vengeance.

Lyra Sepulchra – Harp of tombs.

Nocturne Exanima – Night of souls.

Zephyr Ossuary – Gentle breeze of bones.

Nyssa Cimmeria – Dark forest spirit.

Umbra Pharos – Shadowy lighthouse.

Arcturus Mortem – Brightest death.

Charon Twilighta – Ferryman of dusk.

Acantha Tumulus – Thorny burial mound.

Stygian Sempitern – Endless gloom.

Elysian Exsilium – Heavenly exile.

Erebos Cryptos – Hidden darkness.

Thalassa Cenotaph – Sea memorial.

Nyx Ultimatum – Goddess of the end.

Callidora Moribund – Gift of death.

Lunaria Demisius – Moon’s twilight.

Thanatos Solitudis – Death’s loneliness.

Ombra Obliviscor – Shadow of forgetfulness.

Obscuris Eclipsis – Dark eclipse.

Nephela Ethernalis – Cloud of eternity.

Lucasta Umbraluna – Bright shadow of the moon.

Melinoë Requiem – Goddess of nightmares.

Zohar Aeon – Radiant eternity.

Evadne Lethia – Pleasant forgetfulness.

Umbriel Nescient – Shadow of the unknown.

Morvina Eon – Sea of eternity.

Erebus Solitudinis – Darkness of solitude.

Famous Ghoul Names

Casper Cynosure – Friendly ghost.

Victor Von Spectre – Mastermind revenant.

Elvira Eclipsia – Mistress of darkness.

Slimer Wraithsworth – Green ectoplasmic entity.

Beetlejuice Ossington – Mischievous ghost.

Freddy Phantazma – Nightmare haunter.

Samara Umbralis – The Ring’s specter.

Marshmallow Morbius – Sweet marshmallow ghost.

Norman Nighthollow – Paranorman’s wraith.

Jason Ghosthees – Friday the 13th ghoul.

Anabelle Cimmerian – Haunting doll spirit.

Michael Hauntson – Halloween’s revenant.

Poltergeist Puck – Mischievous poltergeist.

Screamington Shadewell – Scream’s specter.

Slenderman Umbrosus – Tall and thin apparition.

Jigsaw Ghoulberg – Saw’s sinister ghoul.

Sadako Phantasmere – The Grudge’s wraith.

Medusa Ghostoria – Gorgon’s ghost.

Pennywise Phobos – IT’s eerie presence.

La Llorona Umbraluna – Weeping apparition.

Ghostface Stygia – Scream’s masked specter.

Nosferatu Nigris – The vampire ghost.

Leatherface Macabre – Chainsaw-wielding ghoul.

Frankenstein Umbertos – Reanimated revenant.

Krueger Obscurus – Nightmare’s apparition.

Ringu Vespera – The Ring’s evening ghost.

Chucky Mortem – Child’s Play’s haunting doll.

Carrie Nox – Telekinetic specter.

Cthulhu Nyctalops – Eldritch cosmic ghoul.

Hannibal Charonia – Cannibalistic wraith.

Fantasy Ghoul Names

Thrain Darkbane – Dwarf ghoul.

Lyanna Moonshadow – Elven specter.

Ragnar Bonecrusher – Orcish revenant.

Seraphiel Emberstorm – Angelic apparition.

Talia Stormcaster – Sorceress ghoul.

Draven Bloodthorn – Vampire wraith.

Ignatius Ironclad – Golem ghost.

Auriel Frostwing – Fae specter.

Zephyr Starweaver – Air elemental revenant.

Elara Nightshade – Nymph apparition.

Eamon Shadowdancer – Shapeshifter ghoul.

Morgrim Dreadheart – Undead wraith.

Aurora Sunstrike – Phoenix ghost.

Thalgrim Stoneshield – Gargoyle specter.

Morgana Spellbinder – Witch revenant.

Galadriel Moonlily – Faery apparition.

Theron Stormrider – Centaur ghoul.

Luna Nightfallen – Werewolf specter.

Vaelin Emberblade – Fire elemental revenant.

Nyxara Moondancer – Moon nymph ghost.

Arcanus Shadowsong – Spellcasting wraith.

Seraphina Frostbloom – Ice fairy specter.

Valgrim Skullcrusher – Minotaur ghoul.

Selene Starstrider – Celestial revenant.

Ravenna Moonshroud – Shadow enchantress.

Asher Shadowbane – Shadow elemental wraith.

Lunaria Starwhisper – Star fairy apparition.

Alistair Emberforge – Dwarf blacksmith ghost.

Arwen Moonwillow – Elf druid specter.

Morgrim Bloodfang – Lycanthrope ghoul.

Cool Ghoul Names

Xander Grimstone – Mysterious specter.

Sylas Nightshade – Shadowy ghoul.

Riven Hexwood – Cursed apparition.

Ezri Soulshadow – Eerie revenant.

Kael Blackthorn – Darkened wraith.

Celestia Moonstrike – Ethereal specter.

Zephyr Frostbane – Frosty ghoul.

Astrid Stormweaver – Tempestuous apparition.

Aeon Obsidian – Timeless revenant.

Nyx Inferno – Fiery specter.

Jareth Moonfall – Lunar ghoul.

Seraph Blackwood – Angelic apparition.

Draven Nightfall – Night-dwelling wraith.

Morpheus Twilight – Dreamy specter.

Raven Shadowfrost – Mysterious ghoul.

Isolde Stormrider – Tempestuous revenant.

Orion Darkfire – Fiery specter.

Luna Starcaller – Celestial apparition.

Thane Frostborn – Chilled wraith.

Nyssa Shadowblade – Stealthy ghoul.

Zephyr Moonstrike – Airborne specter.

Aria Blackfire – Enchanting apparition.

Vex Nocturne – Troublesome revenant.

Cade Grimstrike – Bold ghoul.

Seren Frostgale – Serene wraith.

Lysander Nightwind – Nocturnal specter.

Talia Emberstorm – Passionate ghoul.

Rook Starflare – Stellar apparition.

Zara Darkmoon – Moonlit revenant.

Eira Frostheart – Cold-hearted wraith.

Ghoul Names

How To Choose A Good Ghoul Name

Ghouls, those enigmatic and malevolent creatures, have long held a prominent place in the realms of horror and fantasy storytelling. From spine-tingling tales to chilling games, these unearthly beings add an eerie allure to any narrative. A vital aspect of creating an unforgettable ghoul character lies in the selection of a compelling and evocative name. A well-chosen ghoul name can lend depth and intrigue, captivating readers and players alike. So, let’s delve into the art of choosing a good ghoul name and unravel the secrets to crafting a truly haunting moniker.

Understanding the Ghoul’s Character:

Before diving into the naming process, it’s essential to comprehend the essence of your ghoul character. Examine their traits, characteristics, and role within your story or game. Are they sinister and malevolent, lurking in the shadows with malicious intent? Or perhaps they possess a mysterious past, hinting at a deeper connection to the supernatural world. Understanding your ghoul’s origins and lore will aid in the creation of a name that aligns seamlessly with their identity, enhancing the overall depth of the character.

Creating a Spooky Atmosphere:

A ghoul’s name must send shivers down the readers’ spines and evoke an unsettling feeling. Embrace eerie and macabre language when brainstorming name ideas. Draw inspiration from renowned horror literature and films, immersing yourself in the dark ambiance they evoke. Additionally, infusing cultural and mythological elements into the name can add an extra layer of authenticity and intrigue.

Wordplay and Alliteration:

The art of wordplay can yield exceptional results when crafting ghoul names. Experiment with dark and sinister-sounding words to instill a sense of foreboding. Playing with alliteration can make the name more memorable and impactful, reinforcing the ghoul’s identity. Strive for a balance between originality and readability; a name that stands out but is still easy to pronounce and remember.

Balancing Originality and Pronunciation:

While originality is crucial, it’s essential to avoid common and overused ghoul names that may dilute the character’s uniqueness. Test the name’s appeal through feedback, ensuring it resonates with the intended audience. A well-crafted ghoul name strikes a chord with readers and players alike, leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

Cultural and Historical References:

Drawing from ancient folklore and ghostly legends can infuse the ghoul name with a rich historical context. Cultural references add layers of meaning and depth, making the character more relatable to specific audiences. However, it’s crucial to approach cultural references with sensitivity and respect, avoiding misrepresentation or appropriation.

Personal Connection and Intuition:

Ultimately, trust your instincts and creative intuition when selecting the perfect ghoul name. Seek inspiration from personal experiences, allowing your emotional connection to influence the naming process. A name that resonates deeply with you will likely have a similar effect on your readers or players, forging a profound connection between them and your ghoul character.


In conclusion, we hope this comprehensive list of “700 Ghoul Names” has ignited your imagination and provided you with an abundance of sinister inspiration. The world of ghouls is vast and diverse, and we aimed to capture that richness in our compilation. From spine-chilling names that evoke fear to eerie monikers that hint at dark mysteries, these names are sure to add depth and character to your supernatural tales.

As you embark on your storytelling journey, remember that the names you choose for your ghouls can greatly impact the overall ambiance and intrigue of your narrative. Each name holds a unique power, capable of shaping how your readers perceive and connect with these otherworldly creatures. So, take your time, explore the list, and find the perfect name that resonates with your creative vision.

In the realm of fantasy, naming characters is a thrilling art that allows you, the author, to breathe life into your creations. We genuinely believe that every name in this collection carries the potential to add an extra layer of macabre magic to your stories. Happy writing, and may your ghouls haunt the dreams and nightmares of your readers for years to come!


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