700 Gnoll Names to Showcase Your Characters’ Strength

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Gnoll Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and unique names for your gnoll characters, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a fantastic collection of names that are sure to inspire you. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “The story-maker proves a successful ‘sub-creator’ only when he creates a secondary world which your reader believes in, even if momentarily.” So, let’s dive into the world of gnolls and discover some captivating names!

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the pleasure of delving into the fascinating realm of fantasy character names. From elves to dragons and now gnolls, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting names that capture the essence of these extraordinary creatures. Through extensive research and a passion for storytelling, I’ve honed my skills in creating names that evoke a sense of adventure and intrigue. I’m excited to share my expertise with you and help you find the perfect name for your gnoll character.

In this article, you can expect to find a treasure trove of 700 unique gnoll names. Each name has been carefully curated to reflect the diverse personalities and characteristics of these fierce and cunning creatures. Whether you’re an avid gamer, a fantasy writer, or simply seeking inspiration for your next tabletop role-playing session, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to embark on a naming journey that will bring your gnoll character to life and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Get ready to discover a name that will set your gnoll apart from the pack!

Gnoll Names

Gnoll Names

  • Griznak
  • Vorkul
  • Snarltooth
  • Groldur
  • Zaggok
  • Skratch
  • Thrash
  • Sniktar
  • Krugul
  • Rend
  • Fangor
  • Gnarl
  • Bloodclaw
  • Gruul
  • Zogar
  • Brakka
  • Durgul
  • Grikar
  • Zhor
  • Snagg
  • Snik
  • Murgul
  • Grok
  • Zark
  • Krag
  • Vorok
  • Grak
  • Zorn
  • Sniktar
  • Thrax
  • Grish
  • Zoktar
  • Skrag
  • Roknar
  • Ziggul
  • Grakkar
  • Krusk
  • Gnar
  • Zog
  • Thrak
  • Snar
  • Vruk
  • Gorak
  • Kraz
  • Grom
  • Sniktar
  • Zarn
  • Grusk
  • Vrak
  • Kruskor
  • Snagg
  • Skralk
  • Groth
  • Varg
  • Gralk
  • Zornak
  • Thrakor
  • Sniktar
  • Skarr
  • Drak
  • Gnarzak
  • Snarl
  • Rok
  • Kruskar
  • Grunk
  • Vorg
  • Zarrak
  • Zurg
  • Sniktar
  • Grakar
  • Zogar
  • Krazak
  • Snaggul
  • Skarg
  • Grishnar
  • Vrakk
  • Kruskul
  • Gnarok
  • Zarkor
  • Sniktar

20 Gnoll Names With Meanings

Gnoll Names

  1. Grimgore – Fearsome warrior with a sinister aura.
  2. Vexanara – Agile huntress skilled in stealth.
  3. Ragnak – Savage brute with unmatched strength.
  4. Zephyrash – Swiftest of the pack, unstoppable runner.
  5. Vorakhan – Cunning strategist, master of tactics.
  6. Hexblade – Dark sorcerer wielding cursed magic.
  7. Grendraug – Ferocious beast, ruler of wilderness.
  8. Nixblood – Shadowy assassin, leaving no trace.
  9. Ashenfang – Fiery warrior, teeth like embers.
  10. Zalgor – Mysterious seer, bearer of prophecies.
  11. Thornbreaker – Indomitable warrior, shattering all obstacles.
  12. Swiftclaw – Fleet-footed tracker, unmatched in speed.
  13. Grimjaw – Ruthless predator, jaws that crush.
  14. Thundermaw – Thunderous roar, striking fear into hearts.
  15. Vexthorn – Stealthy rogue, skilled in subterfuge.
  16. Ironhide – Invulnerable defender, armor like steel.
  17. Drakka – Venomous serpent, striking with deadly precision.
  18. Shadowscar – Elusive hunter, marked by darkness.
  19. Bloodthorn – Bloodthirsty berserker, spilling crimson tides.
  20. Emberstrike – Pyromancer, controlling flames with mastery.

Gnoll Pathfinder Names

Gnoll Names

  • Vexthorn – Thorny warrior with deadly precision.
  • Zephyrash – Agile scout, swift as the wind.
  • Ragnak – Ferocious leader, blazing the trail.
  • Grimgore – Merciless hunter, leaves no survivors.
  • Vorakhan – Wise tracker, guiding the pack.
  • Hexblade – Dark sorcerer, bending magic’s essence.
  • Grendraug – Massive brute, unstoppable force.
  • Nixblood – Shadow assassin, concealed in darkness.
  • Ashenfang – Fiery warrior, burning with vengeance.
  • Thornbreaker – Fearless warrior, shattering all obstacles.
  • Vorkul – Swift-footed pathfinder, exploring unknown lands.
  • Skratch – Nimble-fingered scout, adept at finding secrets.
  • Gnarltooth – Tenacious tracker, unrivaled in ferocity.
  • Zalaraith – Mysterious seer, seeing paths unseen.
  • Snarlblade – Ruthless warrior, striking with deadly precision.
  • Driftwood – Wandering explorer, leaving no trace.
  • Swiftclaw – Agile hunter, pouncing with lightning speed.
  • Grikar – Clever strategist, outsmarting adversaries.
  • Rend – Savage marauder, leaving destruction in their wake.
  • Sniktar – Silent stalker, mastering stealth and ambush.
  • Grakka – Fierce trailblazer, forging through uncharted territories.
  • Thornclaw – Tenacious survivor, enduring the harshest environments.
  • Vexanox – Daring adventurer, defying the odds.
  • Groldur – Relentless explorer, seeking new horizons.
  • Skralk – Elusive scout, disappearing into the shadows.
  • Zarka – Intrepid wanderer, venturing into the unknown.
  • Krugul – Fearless pathfinder, conquering untamed lands.
  • Gnar – Resilient trailblazer, thriving in adversity.
  • Snik – Silent observer, uncovering hidden truths.
  • Zephraug – Spirited explorer, embracing the wild.

Gnoll Names Wow

Gnoll Names

  • Gravok – Impressive warrior, striking awe-inspiring fear.
  • Zarknar – Commanding leader, instilling respect and loyalty.
  • Vrakkar – Legendary champion, renowned throughout the realm.
  • Skarrok – Unyielding powerhouse, an unstoppable force.
  • Gromgar – Mighty conqueror, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Zulthok – Formidable warlord, dominating the battlefield.
  • Grishok – Exalted hero, admired and revered by all.
  • Thraxar – Ferocious berserker, bringing chaos and destruction.
  • Snikfang – Ruthless predator, feared for their lethal bite.
  • Rokthar – Indomitable warrior, a true force of nature.
  • Kraglok – Towering colossus, striking awe into enemies.
  • Zulgar – Fearsome tyrant, ruling with an iron fist.
  • Skaldor – Legendary slayer, a name whispered in tales.
  • Grikthar – Unstoppable juggernaut, unmatched in strength.
  • Gravark – Dauntless warlord, leading with unbreakable resolve.
  • Snarlgrim – Terrifying monster, striking terror into hearts.
  • Thraknar – Unrelenting champion, prevailing against all odds.
  • Kruskul – Savage annihilator, leaving devastation in their wake.
  • Rendok – Dominant conqueror, leaving no survivors.
  • Vornok – Invincible titan, a true force to be reckoned with.
  • Skarok – Menacing enforcer, enforcing fear and submission.
  • Zarkoth – Commanding presence, a name that echoes in legends.
  • Grizzar – Ferocious beast, unmatched in sheer power.
  • Snikjaw – Ruthless warrior, jaws that tear through flesh.
  • Grommok – Legendary behemoth, a name whispered in hushed tones.
  • Zephyrash – Agile marvel, moving with grace and elegance.
  • Vorakhan – Swift phantom, vanishing like a fleeting shadow.
  • Hexblade – Enigmatic sorcerer, wielding dark and arcane powers.
  • Grendraug – Unstoppable force, leaving destruction in their wake.
  • Nixblood – Shadowy assassin, leaving no trace behind.

Dnd Gnoll Names

  • Grakka – Powerful warrior, instilling fear.
  • Skralk – Elusive rogue, master of deception.
  • Vorkul – Loyal defender, guarding the pack.
  • Zalaraith – Mystical shaman, communing with spirits.
  • Gnarltooth – Brutal enforcer, enforcing dominance.
  • Rend – Bloodthirsty marauder, reveling in chaos.
  • Sniktar – Silent killer, striking without warning.
  • Grak – Fierce berserker, unleashing untamed fury.
  • Zarka – Skilled hunter, tracking prey relentlessly.
  • Krugul – Cunning strategist, outwitting opponents.
  • Gnar – Resilient survivor, enduring against all odds.
  • Snik – Mysterious scout, gathering vital information.
  • Groldur – Fearless explorer, venturing into the unknown.
  • Vexanox – Adventurous wanderer, seeking new horizons.
  • Skarrok – Ruthless executioner, dealing swift justice.
  • Zarknar – Formidable leader, commanding respect and obedience.
  • Grishok – Legendary hero, celebrated for their deeds.
  • Thraxar – Wild berserker, unstoppable in battle.
  • Snarlgrim – Ferocious beast, striking terror into hearts.
  • Rokthar – Relentless warrior, an unstoppable force.
  • Kraglok – Towering behemoth, overwhelming enemies.
  • Zulthok – Unyielding warlord, reigning with an iron fist.
  • Grikthar – Invincible champion, revered by allies.
  • Gravok – Intimidating warrior, inspiring fear in adversaries.
  • Skaldor – Renowned slayer, feared by all.
  • Vrakkar – Indomitable gladiator, triumphing against all odds.
  • Zulgar – Dominant tyrant, ruling with absolute authority.
  • Snikfang – Deadly predator, striking with lethal precision.
  • Gromgar – Mighty conqueror, leaving a path of destruction.
  • Rendok – Savage annihilator, showing no mercy.

Unique Gnoll Names

  • Vexthorn – Mystical protector, safeguarding the pack.
  • Zephyrash – Serene wanderer, embracing freedom’s breeze.
  • Ragnak – Primordial warrior, embodying ancient strength.
  • Grimgore – Shadowed reaper, bringing doom upon foes.
  • Vorakhan – Celestial guide, leading with celestial wisdom.
  • Hexblade – Arcane enigma, bending reality to will.
  • Grendraug – Elemental force, shaping nature’s fury.
  • Nixblood – Ebon specter, haunting dreams of adversaries.
  • Ashenfang – Embered phoenix, rising from ashes of adversity.
  • Thornbreaker – Resilient guardian, shattering barriers with might.
  • Vorkul – Luminous sentinel, defending the pack’s honor.
  • Skratch – Agile trickster, leaving confounding marks.
  • Gnarltooth – Enduring survivor, withstanding the harshest trials.
  • Zalaraith – Ethereal seer, glimpsing paths yet untrodden.
  • Snarlblade – Silent reaper, cutting down enemies swiftly.
  • Driftwood – Nomadic wanderer, carried by ever-changing tides.
  • Swiftclaw – Lightning’s herald, striking with blinding speed.
  • Grikar – Strategic architect, constructing victories with intellect.
  • Rend – Chaos’s avatar, unleashing unrestrained devastation.
  • Sniktar – Phantasmal shadow, slipping through foes undetected.
  • Grakka – Unyielding explorer, uncovering the uncharted.
  • Thornclaw – Stoic survivor, enduring the prick of adversity.
  • Vexanox – Unquenchable adventurer, chasing dreams without limits.
  • Groldur – Fearless pioneer, forging paths where none tread.
  • Skralk – Phantom scout, vanishing into the ethereal.
  • Zarka – Trailblazing vagabond, seeking paths yet discovered.
  • Krugul – Limitless wayfarer, conquering the unexplored.
  • Gnar – Timeless voyager, transcending boundaries with resilience.
  • Snik – Veiled observer, uncovering truths in hidden realms.
  • Zephraug – Enigmatic wanderer, embracing the untamed realm.

Good Gnoll Names

Gravok – Honorable champion, protector of kin.

Zarknar – Valiant commander, leading with courage.

Vrakkar – Noble hero, inspiring hope and loyalty.

Skarrok – Benevolent guardian, defending the weak.

Gromgar – Righteous conqueror, vanquishing darkness.

Zulthok – Just ruler, ensuring fairness and equity.

Grishok – Brave defender, sacrificing for the greater good.

Thraxar – Courageous warrior, facing danger without hesitation.

Snikfang – Loyal companion, steadfast and trustworthy.

Rokthar – Reliable ally, dependable in all situations.

Kraglok – Protector of the innocent, shielding from harm.

Zulgar – Charitable benefactor, aiding those in need.

Skaldor – Philanthropic benefactor, improving the lives of others.

Grikthar – Kind-hearted leader, fostering unity and harmony.

Gravark – Compassionate healer, mending both body and spirit.

Snarlgrim – Merciful judge, offering redemption and forgiveness.

Thraknar – Selfless guardian, sacrificing for the defenseless.

Kruskul – Peaceful mediator, resolving conflicts with diplomacy.

Rendok – Generous patron, supporting arts and culture.

Vornok – Honored elder, sharing wisdom and guidance.

Skarok – Noble strategist, finding peaceful resolutions.

Zarka – Enlightened scholar, pursuing knowledge and enlightenment.

Grizzar – Benevolent ruler, fostering prosperity and well-being.

Snikjaw – Defender of justice, upholding law and order.

Grommok – Advocate of equality, fighting for fairness.

Zephyrash – Ecological steward, preserving nature’s balance.

Vorakhan – Protector of sacred traditions, preserving ancestral knowledge.

Hexblade – Defender of the weak, wielding power for justice.

Grendraug – Guardian of the realms, protecting against evil.

Nixblood – Champion of the oppressed, liberating the downtrodden.

Best Gnoll Names

Grakka – Supreme conqueror, unmatched in power.

Skralk – Supreme infiltrator, unseen and untouchable.

Vorkul – Supreme sentinel, guarding with unwavering loyalty.

Zalaraith – Supreme oracle, unveiling destiny’s secrets.

Gnarltooth – Supreme executioner, striking fear in all.

Rend – Supreme annihilator, leaving no survivors.

Sniktar – Supreme assassin, eliminating with precision.

Grak – Supreme berserker, unstoppable in fury.

Zarka – Supreme hunter, tracking with relentless pursuit.

Krugul – Supreme tactician, outmaneuvering opponents effortlessly.

Gnar – Supreme survivor, defying death’s grasp.

Snik – Supreme infiltrator, gathering intel unnoticed.

Groldur – Supreme explorer, venturing where others fear.

Vexanox – Supreme adventurer, seeking the ultimate challenges.

Skarrok – Supreme enforcer, imposing order with an iron fist.

Zarknar – Supreme leader, commanding unwavering loyalty.

Grishok – Supreme hero, idolized by all.

Thraxar – Supreme warrior, triumphing against insurmountable odds.

Snarlgrim – Supreme terror, striking horror into hearts.

Rokthar – Supreme warlord, ruling with absolute authority.

Kraglok – Supreme colossus, towering above all.

Zulthok – Supreme dominator, bending others to their will.

Grikthar – Supreme champion, undefeated in battle.

Gravok – Supreme intimidator, instilling fear in enemies.

Skaldor – Supreme slayer, feared across the land.

Vrakkar – Supreme gladiator, unmatched in combat.

Zulgar – Supreme despot, ruling with an iron grip.

Snikfang – Supreme predator, striking down with deadly precision.

Gromgar – Supreme conqueror, subjugating all in their path.

Rendok – Supreme annihilator, obliterating everything in sight.

Fantasy Gnoll Names

Vexthorn – Enigmatic wanderer, veiled in mystery.

Zephyrash – Ethereal trickster, dancing with the wind.

Ragnak – Elemental juggernaut, harnessing primal forces.

Grimgore – Fiendish terror, spreading chaos and despair.

Vorakhan – Astral guide, navigating the celestial realms.

Hexblade – Arcane enchanter, weaving spells of enchantment.

Grendraug – Eldritch abomination, defying comprehension.

Nixblood – Shadowspawned fiend, lurking in twilight’s embrace.

Ashenfang – Infernal specter, bearing embers of destruction.

Thornbreaker – Celestial champion, shattering celestial barriers.

Vorkul – Mystical protector, safeguarding ancient artifacts.

Skratch – Otherworldly trickster, toying with reality’s boundaries.

Gnarltooth – Cursed monstrosity, trapped between worlds.

Zalaraith – Arcane mystic, channeling ancient wisdom.

Snarlblade – Abyssal reaper, cleaving through dimensions.

Driftwood – Elemental wanderer, carried by currents of magic.

Swiftclaw – Fey acrobat, leaping through enchanted realms.

Grikar – Interdimensional architect, constructing portals to new worlds.

Rend – Primordial destroyer, unmaking the fabric of existence.

Sniktar – Shadowborne phantom, stalking through realms unseen.

Grakka – Planar explorer, venturing into uncharted territories.

Thornclaw – Spirit-touched sentinel, guarding ethereal gateways.

Vexanox – Transcendent wanderer, traversing planes of existence.

Groldur – Cosmic pioneer, charting the unknown cosmos.

Skralk – Enigmatic shadow, slipping through the cracks of reality.

Zarka – Arcane sage, deciphering ancient scripts of magic.

Krugul – Dimensional traveler, navigating the multiverse.

Gnar – Timeless wanderer, existing beyond the bounds of time.

Snik – Void-walker, traversing the darkness between worlds.

Zephraug – Elemental drifter, attuned to the ebb and flow of magic.

Cool Gnoll Names

Gravok – Merciless annihilator, leaving devastation in their wake.

Zarknar – Sinister overlord, ruling with an iron fist.

Vrakkar – Enigmatic specter, haunting nightmares of the weak.

Skarrok – Ruthless marauder, spreading chaos and terror.

Gromgar – Unstoppable force, obliterating all opposition.

Zulthok – Dark tyrant, commanding fear and obedience.

Grishok – Insidious shadow, manipulating from the shadows.

Thraxar – Savage berserker, unleashing unbridled fury.

Snikfang – Ruthless predator, striking with lethal precision.

Rokthar – Ferocious warlord, carving a path of conquest.

Kraglok – Towering behemoth, instilling fear with every step.

Zulgar – Malevolent despot, reveling in suffering and pain.

Skaldor – Infamous slayer, leaving a trail of bodies.

Grikthar – Dreaded champion, feared by all who face them.

Gravark – Sinister enforcer, enforcing loyalty through fear.

Snarlgrim – Fearsome terror, striking horror into hearts.

Vornok – Vicious executioner, showing no mercy.

Skarok – Cold-blooded assassin, eliminating targets without remorse.

Zarka – Calculated hunter, stalking prey with precision.

Grizzar – Savage beast, tearing through enemies with primal rage.

Snikjaw – Bloodthirsty butcher, reveling in carnage and gore.

Grommok – Unrelenting conqueror, leaving nothing but ruins.

Nixblood – Ebon assassin, shrouded in darkness and mystery.

Ashenfang – Cursed specter, bringing doom to all who cross their path.

Thornbreaker – Indomitable warrior, breaking through any obstacle.

Vexthorn – Mysterious wanderer, surrounded by an aura of intrigue.

Ragnak – Cataclysmic force, unleashing destruction on a massive scale.

Hexblade – Enigmatic sorcerer, wielding forbidden magic with mastery.

Groldur – Relentless wanderer, always seeking new challenges.

Zephyrash – Elusive phantom, disappearing into thin air without a trace.

Gnoll Names

 How To Choose A Good Gnoll Name

Choosing a name for your Gnoll character is not merely a superficial task; it holds immense significance in setting the tone and creating a unique identity. A well-chosen Gnoll name can evoke a sense of intrigue, capture the essence of the character, and leave a lasting impression on your audience. In this article, we will delve into the art of choosing a good Gnoll name and provide you with valuable insights and techniques to assist you on your naming journey.

Understanding Gnolls

Before delving into the naming process, it is essential to have a solid understanding of Gnolls themselves. Gnolls are mythical creatures often portrayed as humanoid hyenas, known for their ferocity, cunning, and primal instincts. In various fantasy lores, Gnolls possess unique characteristics and traits that can inform the naming process. From their physical attributes to their cultural backgrounds, these elements can shape the choice of a Gnoll name.

Factors to Consider

When selecting a Gnoll name, several factors should be taken into account. Firstly, consider the cultural context and origins of the Gnoll character. Different regions or tribes may have distinct naming conventions that reflect their history, beliefs, or practices. Secondly, delve into the personality traits and alignment of the Gnoll. A name that aligns with the character’s nature and motivations can enhance their authenticity. Lastly, the physical attributes and appearance of the Gnoll should also influence the choice of a suitable name, as it adds depth and visual imagery to the character.

Research and Inspiration

To kickstart the naming process, it is crucial to gather inspiration from various sources. Dive into Gnoll mythology and folklore, exploring tales and legends that revolve around these fascinating creatures. Additionally, draw inspiration from real-world cultures that exhibit characteristics similar to Gnolls, such as tribal societies or groups with strong animal symbolism. Analyzing existing Gnoll names in literature, games, and other media can also provide valuable insights into naming patterns and themes.

Wordplay and Sound

One of the essential aspects of choosing a good Gnoll name is considering wordplay and sound. Incorporating onomatopoeia and alliteration can add a touch of whimsy and make the name more memorable. Experiment with different phonetic combinations to create a name that rolls off the tongue and captures the essence of the Gnoll character. Focus on crafting a name that carries a distinct and evocative sound, aligning with the overall atmosphere you wish to create.

Authenticity and Originality

While seeking inspiration and drawing from existing sources, it is vital to maintain authenticity and originality in your Gnoll name. Avoid falling into clichés and stereotypes, and instead strive to create a name that stands out from the crowd. Infuse the name with personal touches and unique twists that reflect your creativity and storytelling style. Strike a balance between being inventive and coherent, ensuring that the name fits seamlessly within the broader narrative or gaming world.

Testing and Feedback

Choosing a Gnoll name is not a solitary endeavor. Seek feedback from fellow enthusiasts, friends, or online communities dedicated to fantasy and role-playing games. Engaging others in the naming process can provide fresh perspectives and insights that you may have overlooked. Adopt a trial and error approach, testing different names and gauging their reception. Iteratively refine the name until it feels just right, both to you and the character you are creating.


In conclusion, we hope that our comprehensive list of 700 Gnoll names has provided you with an abundance of inspiration and options for your gnoll characters. Whether you’re a gamer, a writer, or simply someone who enjoys exploring the realms of fantasy, finding the perfect name can add depth and authenticity to your creations. Remember, a well-chosen name can make your gnoll character come alive and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match the names to create something truly unique. Feel free to adapt and customize the names to suit your specific needs and the world you’re building. Let your imagination run wild as you delve deeper into the intricate details of your gnoll character’s personality, backstory, and motivations.

We invite you to bookmark this article or jot down your favorite names for future reference. And if you ever find yourself in need of more naming inspiration, don’t hesitate to visit our blog again. We’re constantly updating our resources to provide you with the best and most creative names for all your fantasy endeavors. Happy naming, and may your gnoll characters conquer their foes and forge their own legends in the vast and captivating world of fantasy!


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