700 Unique Hag Names to Fuel Your Creativity

Welcome to our blog article on 700 Hag Names, where we dive into the fascinating realm of mythical and mystical beings. We’ve compiled an extensive list of creative and captivating names for hags that will transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost,” and with these names, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating world of hags and their captivating stories.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of delving deep into the art of naming fantasy characters. I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact a well-chosen name can have on a character’s identity and the overall narrative. Through my exploration of the naming field, I’ve developed a keen eye for unique and evocative names that breathe life into fictional beings. With this expertise, I’ve curated a list of 700 hag names that will ignite your imagination and help you craft compelling characters of your own.

In this article, you can expect to uncover a name that is as extraordinary as the hags themselves. Whether you’re a writer seeking inspiration for your next novel or a gamer looking for the perfect moniker for your character, we’ve got you covered. Each name on this extensive list has been meticulously chosen to ensure its distinctiveness and evoke a sense of mystique. Prepare to be immersed in a world of magic and intrigue as you discover the perfect name that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on an exciting journey through the realm of hag names!

Hag Names

Hag Names

  • Morgana Hallowshade
  • Grimelda Blackthorn
  • Zephyrine Nightbloom
  • Bellatrix Shadowheart
  • Seraphima Moonstone
  • Lilith Darkwater
  • Azalea Hexwisp
  • Morvina Ashenwood
  • Drusilla Twilightspell
  • Pyralia Emberwind
  • Valeria Frostshadow
  • Zarael Stormbringer
  • Sylvestra Moonwhisper
  • Ravenna Bloodthorn
  • Nocturna Duskbloom
  • Lilura Shadowfire
  • Seraphira Wraithwood
  • Ophelia Frostbane
  • Zephyra Nightglen
  • Morgathia Darkflame
  • Grimora Blackthistle
  • Belladonna Moonheart
  • Hexeria Shadowthorn
  • Morwen Ashencraft
  • Draven Nightshroud
  • Azariah Hexwraith
  • Seraphine Moonshadow
  • Lilith Darkwillow
  • Pyrithia Emberstone
  • Zeraphina Stormblade
  • Morgiana Hallowgloom
  • Grimwina Blackglen
  • Bellatrix Shadowwisp
  • Seraphima Moonshade
  • Azalea Hexthorn
  • Morvella Ashenfall
  • Drusina Twilightbane
  • Pyralina Emberwillow
  • Zephyrine Nightspark
  • Ravinia Bloodthistle
  • Nocturnia Duskbane
  • Lilura Shadowflame
  • Seraphira Wraithwillow
  • Ophelina Frostglen
  • Zaraena Stormshadow
  • Morgotha Darkwood
  • Grimoira Blackspell
  • Belladonna Moonwhisper
  • Hexandra Shadowgloom
  • Morwenna Ashenbrook
  • Draven Nightthorn
  • Azaria Nightshade
  • Seraphine Moonwillow
  • Lilith Darkthistle
  • Pyrithia Emberthorn
  • Zeraphina Stormglen
  • Morgara Hallowthorn
  • Grimelda Blackshadow
  • Bellatrix Shadowflame
  • Seraphima Moonbrook
  • Azalea Hexfire
  • Morvina Ashenmist
  • Drusilla Twilightthorn
  • Pyralia Emberglen
  • Zephyrine Nightflame
  • Ravenna Bloodwillow
  • Nocturna Duskglen
  • Lilura Shadowbrook
  • Seraphira Wraiththorn
  • Ophelia Frostwillow
  • Zarael Stormshadow
  • Morgathia Darkbrook
  • Grimora Blackflame
  • Belladonna Moonthorn
  • Hexeria Shadowbrook
  • Morwen Ashenwillow
  • Draven Nightshroud
  • Azariah Hexshadow
  • Seraphine Moonbrook
  • Lilith Darkthistle

20 Hag Names With Meanings

Hag Names

Morvanna Darkthorn: A hag whose thorny presence strikes fear into hearts.

Malatrix Grimshadow: A malevolent hag whose shadowy powers inspire dread.

Zephyria Nightgloom: An enchantress of the night whose presence brings darkness.

Ravina Bloodthistle: A sorceress whose blood magic is as dangerous as her namesake plant.

Lilith Vileheart: A wicked hag with a heart tainted by malevolence.

Drusilla Doomshade: A mistress of doom and gloom, casting shadows wherever she goes.

Morgathia Ashenbane: A sorceress whose spells leave a trail of ash and ruin.

Hexara Cursedawn: A hag whose cursed magic heralds the dawning of misfortune.

Seraphine Nightshade: An enchantress whose dark allure conceals her sinister nature.

Bellatrix Dreadsong: A hag whose haunting melody spreads fear and despair.

Pyralia Emberthorn: A fire sorceress whose flames burn with an unquenchable fury.

Azariah Frostwhisper: An icy enchantress whose whispers chill the soul.

Sylvaria Moonwraith: A sorceress who wields the power of moonlight to weave her spells.

Nocturna Shadowbane: A mistress of shadows who brings darkness and demise.

Valeria Stormrider: An enchantress who rides the tempestuous winds of the storm.

Zarael Twilightveil: A sorcerer who shrouds himself in twilight, straddling the line between light and dark.

Morwen Mistwalker: A hag who walks amidst misty enchantments, veiling her presence.

Lilura Bloodthorn: A sorceress whose blood rituals imbue her with dark power.

Seraphira Stardust: An enchantress who harnesses the shimmering essence of celestial dust.

Ophelia Tidecaller: A water witch who heeds the call of the tides, commanding the flow of the sea.

Hag Names Reddit

Hag Names Reddit

Vexxethra – Mystical sorceress of dark enchantments.

Grimswind – Keeper of ancient curses and forbidden knowledge.

Hexanna – Mistress of hexes and arcane rituals.

Maledra – Whisperer of dark secrets and forbidden whispers.

Netheria – Weaver of shadows and master of dark illusions.

Zephyra – Mysterious enchantress who manipulates winds and storms.

Morbithia – Harbinger of doom and collector of lost souls.

Malatrix – Manipulator of minds and twister of reality.

Sepulcra – Guardian of forgotten tombs and harbinger of death.

Nycteria – Nightmarish sorceress who thrives in darkness.

Eclipsia – Mistress of eclipses and controller of celestial bodies.

Obsidiania – Summoner of shadows and mistress of black magic.

Pyrithia – Fiery sorceress who harnesses the power of flames.

Seraphina – Fallen angel turned wicked enchantress.

Valeriana – Seductress who steals the hearts of men.

Nebulora – Weaver of cosmic energies and manipulator of stars.

Illuvia – Enchantress of illusions and master of mirages.

Sylvaria – Guardian of enchanted forests and protector of nature.

Mortissa – Collector of bones and mistress of necromancy.

Zephyria – Siren of the skies and temptress of the winds.

Scathara – Sorceress of shadows and mistress of the night.

Vespera – Twilight enchantress who dances with the moon.

Ravenna – Dark queen of ravens and mistress of omens.

Alastrina – Mistress of storms and summoner of lightning.

Volucris – Shapeshifting sorceress with mastery over avian creatures.

Caligra – Witch of ancient manuscripts and keeper of forbidden knowledge.

Stygiana – Mistress of the underworld and conductor of lost souls.

Ziraelle – Scribe of fate and weaver of destinies.

Labyrinthia – Mistress of mazes and manipulator of perception.

Astraluna – Cosmic enchantress who draws power from the moon and stars.

Male Hag Names

Baelgor – Warlock of the twisted woods.

Morgrath – Cursed sorcerer of ancient bloodlines.

Grimnor – Master of dark alchemy and forbidden potions.

Hexander – Scholar of hexes and curses.

Draven – Shadowmancer who wields the power of darkness.

Thulgrim – Guardian of ancient relics and forbidden artifacts.

Malachi – Prophet of doom and harbinger of chaos.

Vortigern – Manipulator of time and seer of fate.

Zephyrus – Elemental sorcerer who commands the winds.

Lucian – Moonlit sorcerer with powers over illusions.

Sablethorn – Thorned enchanter who draws power from pain.

Morvane – Necromancer who controls the spirits of the dead.

Pyrethor – Fire-wielding sorcerer with a burning rage.

Alaric – Enchanter of dreams and manipulator of sleep.

Azrael – Death mage who commands the souls of the departed.

Nocturnus – Master of shadows and orchestrator of nightmares.

Mordecai – Warlock with a penchant for blood magic.

Eldritch – Sorcerer who harnesses eldritch energies from other realms.

Vesperus – Twilight mage who harnesses the power of dusk.

Phobos – Mage of fear who feeds on mortal terror.

Ozymandias – Ancient sorcerer who remembers the rise and fall of empires.

Valerian – Enchanter of desires and master of seduction.

Zephyrion – Stormcaller who conjures lightning and thunder.

Astaroth – Hellfire mage who draws power from infernal realms.

Hexavian – Sorcerer with the ability to manipulate reality.

Gravewalker – Necromancer who commands an army of the undead.

Draugr – Wraith-like mage who haunts the living.

Obsidian – Dark sorcerer who controls the power of obsidian.

Nihilus – Mage who seeks the annihilation of all existence.

Astraeus – Astral mage who traverses the celestial planes.

Female Hag Names

Morgana – Enchantress of illusions and weaver of dreams.

Lilith – Seductress who tempts mortals with forbidden desires.

Ravenna – Sorceress with a heart as cold as ice.

Seraphina – Angelic enchantress with a dark secret.

Morwen – Mistress of the night and mistress of shadows.

Drusilla – Sorceress with a penchant for blood magic.

Zarael – Moonlit enchantress who controls tides and emotions.

Morgause – Sorceress of ancient bloodlines and dark prophecies.

Vespera – Mistress of twilight and whisperer of stars.

Azalea – Flower sorceress with powers over nature.

Sylvara – Guardian of enchanted forests and mystical creatures.

Ophelia – Water witch who commands the power of the sea.

Morgathia – Sorceress with mastery over life and death.

Calliope – Muse of dark poetry and keeper of forbidden tales.

Belladonna – Enchantress who uses her beauty as a weapon.

Morvanna – Mistress of curses and manipulator of fate.

Zephyrine – Wind mage who dances with the breeze.

Morghana – Necromancer who communes with the spirits of the dead.

Lysandra – Sorceress of light and master of illusions.

Nyx – Nightshade sorceress who thrives in darkness.

Isolde – Sorceress with the power to heal and harm.

Valeriana – Mistress of desires and manipulator of emotions.

Zeraphine – Celestial enchantress who channels divine energies.

Emberlyn – Fire mage with a burning passion for destruction.

Morgathiel – Sorceress with the ability to control dreams and nightmares.

Desdemona – Sorceress with a tragic past and a thirst for revenge.

Elysia – Heavenly enchantress with powers over celestial realms.

Morgara – Mistress of forbidden knowledge and ancient lore.

Astraia – Star mage who draws power from the cosmos.

Zephyra – Mistress of storms and tempests.

Famous Hag Names

Famous Hag Names

Baba Yaga – Slavic folklore witch with a chicken-legged hut.

Maleficent – Iconic Disney villain from “Sleeping Beauty.”

Ursula – Sea witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.”

Elphaba – The Wicked Witch of the West from “Wicked.”

Hecate – Ancient Greek goddess associated with witchcraft and magic.

Circe – Enchantress from Greek mythology who turned men into animals.

Morgan le Fay – Arthurian legend sorceress and half-sister of King Arthur.

Glinda – Good witch from “The Wizard of Oz.”

The White Witch – Jadis, the antagonist from “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

The Witch of the Waste – Character from “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

Bellatrix Lestrange – Dark witch from the Harry Potter series.

The Wicked Witch of the East – Villain from “The Wizard of Oz.”

The Sanderson Sisters – Characters from the movie “Hocus Pocus.”

Agatha Harkness – Marvel Comics character associated with witchcraft.

Endora – Samantha’s mother from the TV show “Bewitched.”

Morgause – Arthurian legend sorceress and half-sister of King Arthur.

Jadis – The White Witch from “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Granny Weatherwax – Discworld series character by Terry Pratchett.

Mother Gothel – Antagonist from Disney’s “Tangled.”

Mombi – Character from L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” series.

The Witch of Endor – Biblical figure who summoned Samuel’s spirit.

The Blair Witch – Fictional witch from the “Blair Witch Project.”

The Wicked Witch of the North – Character from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Winifred Sanderson – One of the Sanderson Sisters from “Hocus Pocus.”

Baba Jaga – Slavic folklore witch known for her magical hut.

Glinda the Good – Fairy witch from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Morgana – Arthurian legend sorceress and half-sister of King Arthur.

Sabrina Spellman – Teenage witch from the TV show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Queen Ravenna – Villainess from the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

The Witch-king of Angmar – Lord of the Nazgûl in “The Lord of the Rings.”

Hag Coven Names

Hag Coven Name

Coven of the Veiled Moon – Masters of lunar magic and illusions.

The Nightshade Sisters – Wielders of deadly poisons and potions.

Circle of the Twilight Grove – Protectors of enchanted forests.

The Covenspire Coven – Masters of dark alchemy and forbidden knowledge.

Sisters of the Waning Shadows – Manipulators of darkness and shadows.

Circle of the Arcane Tempest – Commanders of storms and tempests.

The Coven of Eternal Night – Sorceresses who draw power from the stars.

Coven of the Serpent’s Embrace – Mistresses of serpents and venom.

Sisters of the Crimson Moon – Blood witches who harness life essence.

Circle of the Enchanted Veil – Weavers of powerful enchantments.

The Coven of Forgotten Lore – Keepers of ancient and forbidden knowledge.

Coven of the Ebon Mists – Mistresses of illusion and misdirection.

Sisters of the Cursed Cauldron – Masters of potions and curses.

Circle of the Celestial Spires – Sorceresses who commune with celestial beings.

The Coven of the Shrouded Sands – Manipulators of desert winds and scorching heat.

Coven of the Lunar Eclipse – Harnessers of dark energies during eclipses.

Sisters of the Whispering Woods – Protectors of nature and mystical creatures.

Circle of the Frozen Hearth – Masters of ice and frost magic.

The Coven of the Astral Nexus – Seers and travelers of the astral plane.

Coven of the Mystic Moonstone – Sorceresses who channel moonstone energy.

Sisters of the Binding Vortex – Manipulators of time and space.

Circle of the Envenomed Thorn – Masters of poisonous flora and fauna.

The Coven of the Ethereal Cascade – Weavers of ethereal energies and spirits.

Coven of the Eclipsed Sun – Wielders of solar magic during eclipses.

Sisters of the Arcane Whispers – Whisperers of forgotten spells and incantations.

Circle of the Sylvan Enclave – Protectors of ancient forests and sacred groves.

The Coven of the Misty Shroud – Mistresses of fog and illusion magic.

Coven of the Veiled Enigma – Keepers of mysterious and hidden lore.

Sisters of the Wicked Harbinger – Harbingers of doom and destruction.

Circle of the Celestial Enclave – Sorceresses who commune with celestial beings.

Fantasy Hag Names

Zeraphina Darkthorn – Shadow sorceress with a thorny presence.

Malevolia Grimwraith – Wicked hag with a penchant for curses.

Morgathia Nightshade – Mistress of darkness and poison.

Morvanna Bloodmoon – Sorceress who draws power from lunar blood.

Hexeria Shadowspire – Weaver of dark hexes and enchantments.

Vespera Blackthorn – Twilight enchantress with a sinister allure.

Draven Ironthorn – Warlock with a heart as cold as iron.

Lilith Ravenshadow – Seductress who commands a legion of dark birds.

Morghana Grimheart – Necromancer who steals hearts and souls.

Azrael Stormrider – Elemental mage who conjures storms and lightning.

Belladonna Dreadshade – Enchantress who brings doom with her touch.

Pyrithia Flamebringer – Fire sorceress with an unquenchable inferno.

Ravenna Duskbane – Mistress of twilight and harbinger of darkness.

Zephyrus Nightgale – Sorcerer who commands the winds with a haunting melody.

Valeriana Moonshadow – Lunar enchantress with powers over dreams.

Morwen Frostbane – Ice mage who freezes hearts and minds.

Malachi Doomweaver – Seer of fates and herald of destruction.

Sylvaria Wildwood – Guardian of ancient forests and protector of nature.

Nocturna Shadeweaver – Mistress of shadows and mistress of the night.

Eldritch Voidcaster – Sorcerer who taps into eldritch energies from other realms.

Nycteria Soulrender – Sorceress who feeds on the essence of souls.

Grimnor Duskblood – Master of dark alchemy and forbidden potions.

Zarael Moonstrike – Moonlit sorcerer with powers over illusions.

Morghast Ashenclaw – Necromancer who commands an army of the undead.

Zephyrion Stormcaller – Sorcerer who channels the power of storms and tempests.

Hexander Shadowbane – Scholar of hexes and curses.

Morgara Deathwhisper – Sorceress with mastery over life and death.

Seraphina Voidsong – Fallen angel turned dark enchantress.

Ozymandias Voidwalker – Ancient sorcerer who defies the passage of time.

Astraeus Celestialium – Astral mage who journeys through celestial realms.

Cool Hag Names

Mortessa Shadowfire – Mistress of shadows and wielder of fire.

Hexara Darkthistle – Sorceress with a thorny presence and mastery over hexes.

Vespera Nightshade – Enchantress who blossoms under the moon’s embrace.

Morvanna Blackthorn – Dark sorceress who draws power from ancient trees.

Lilith Bloodmoon – Seductress with a thirst for blood and moonlit rituals.

Drusilla Grimmire – Mistress of dark magic and bringer of misfortune.

Pyra Infernova – Fiery enchantress who burns bright with passion.

Morgathia Shadowgloom – Sorceress who casts a shadow of doom and gloom.

Seraphina Duskwraith – Angelic enchantress who walks the path of twilight.

Belladonna Ashenheart – Enchantress with a heart as cold as ashes.

Zephyra Stormrider – Sorceress who rides the winds and commands storms.

Azariah Frostwind – Ice mage with a chilling presence and icy touch.

Ravenna Moonshadow – Sorceress who harnesses the power of moonlight.

Lilith Hexbane – Hex mistress who breaks curses and dispels enchantments.

Morgana Voidwalker – Sorceress who walks the void between realms.

Zarael Nightfall – Sorcerer who commands darkness and embraces the night.

Morwen Emberfall – Fire mage who leaves a trail of smoldering destruction.

Sylvara Twilightveil – Enchantress who dances between light and darkness.

Zephyrion Thunderstrike – Sorcerer who calls forth thunder and lightning.

Valeriana Shadowwhisper – Mistress of shadows and secrets.

Nocturna Moonstone – Sorceress with a moonlit glow and powers over dreams.

Pyrothia Darkflame – Fiery enchantress with a passion for chaos.

Morghana Nightshade – Necromancer who thrives in the depths of darkness.

Hexavian Shadowblade – Sorcerer who wields the power of shadows as a weapon.

Azalea Bloodthorn – Flower sorceress with a dangerous beauty.

Seraphina Stardust – Enchantress who harnesses the power of celestial dust.

Ophelia Mistwalker – Water witch who walks the misty shores of enchantment.

Astraeus Celestion – Celestial mage who radiates cosmic energy.

Nyx Shadowfall – Sorceress who thrives in the depths of night.

Zeraphine Moonstrike – Sorceress who strikes with the power of moonbeams.

Hag Names

How To Choose A Good Hag Name

In the realm of fiction, naming plays a crucial role in creating immersive and believable characters. Whether you’re a writer crafting a novel or a game designer developing fantastical worlds, choosing the right name for your hag character is essential. A good hag name not only adds depth and authenticity but also sets the tone and atmosphere for the entire narrative. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good hag name and unravel the secrets to creating memorable and captivating characters.

Understanding the Hag Character

To choose a good hag name, it’s important to first understand the nature and traits of the hag archetype you’re working with. Hags are often depicted as supernatural beings with distinct characteristics, such as wisdom, cunning, and a connection to the magical realm. Familiarize yourself with different hag archetypes, such as the crone, the witch, or the enchantress, and consider how their unique traits can influence the name you choose.

Research and Inspiration

When seeking inspiration for hag names, immerse yourself in mythology, folklore, and historical references. Ancient tales and legends often offer a wealth of unique and evocative names that can add depth and authenticity to your hag character. Look beyond the obvious sources and explore lesser-known mythologies to discover hidden gems that resonate with your character’s persona. Additionally, draw inspiration from nature, symbolism, and even other languages to infuse your hag name with a touch of mystery and intrigue.

Setting the Tone and Atmosphere

The name of a hag should evoke the desired tone and atmosphere of your narrative. Consider the personality and role of your hag character, and choose a name that reflects those qualities. For an eerie and mysterious hag, opt for names with dark undertones and enigmatic connotations. On the other hand, if your hag exudes power and authority, select a name that commands attention and respect. Alternatively, for a more playful and whimsical hag, embrace names that are light-hearted and filled with mischievous charm.

Reflecting the Hag’s Abilities and Story

A good hag name should align with your character’s magical abilities, backstory, and origin. Reflect upon the powers and skills your hag possesses, and infuse those elements into the name. For instance, a hag with the ability to control fire may have a name that signifies flames or inferno. Additionally, consider the hag’s history and create a name that hints at their past, adding depth and intrigue to their persona.

Considering Pronunciation and Readability

While uniqueness is desirable, it’s important to strike a balance between a name that stands out and one that is easily pronounced and read by your audience. Avoid tongue twisters or excessively complicated names that may hinder the reading experience. Test the name’s flow and rhythm when spoken aloud, ensuring it rolls off the tongue smoothly while still maintaining its unique qualities.

Ensuring Originality and Uniqueness

In a world filled with countless fictional characters, it’s crucial to ensure your hag name stands out as original and unique. Conduct thorough searches to ensure the name hasn’t been used extensively in existing works. Avoid falling into stereotypes and clichés by veering away from overused hag names. Instead, add a personal touch by incorporating distinctive elements that make your hag name one-of-a-kind.

Seeking Feedback and Iteration

Don’t hesitate to seek feedback from trusted peers or fellow writers. Share your hag name options and evaluate the responses and suggestions received. Constructive criticism can be invaluable in refining your choices and ensuring the name resonates with your desired audience. Embrace the iterative process, making adjustments and improvements as needed to craft the perfect hag name.


In conclusion, our exploration of 700 Hag Names has been a captivating journey into the world of mythical beings and enchantment. We’ve provided you with an extensive list of creative and evocative names that are sure to ignite your imagination and breathe life into your characters. Whether you’re a writer, gamer, or simply someone who appreciates the allure of the mystical, these names offer endless possibilities for storytelling and character development.

Remember, a well-chosen name has the power to shape a character’s identity and leave a lasting impression on your audience. By utilizing the names we’ve curated, you can add depth and intrigue to your narratives, immersing your readers or players in a world where hags roam and magic reigns supreme. Let your creativity soar as you uncover the perfect name that captures the essence of your hag character and sets them apart from the rest.

We hope that our collection of 700 Hag Names has sparked your imagination and provided you with a wealth of inspiration for your creative endeavors. Whether you’re embarking on a writing project, diving into a role-playing game, or simply exploring the depths of fantasy, these names will serve as a valuable resource. Embrace the enchantment, embrace the power of a well-chosen name, and let your hags leave an indelible mark on the world you create.


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