700 Adorable Hedgehog Names to Melt Your Heart

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Hedgehog Names!” If you’re a hedgehog enthusiast, a proud pet parent, or simply looking for adorable and creative names for these spiky companions, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled an extensive list of hedgehog names that are sure to make your little ball of quills even more endearing. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And just like a rose, a hedgehog’s charm remains unchanged, regardless of the name it carries.

In this exciting naming adventure, you’ll find a plethora of unique and imaginative names for your hedgehog. But who am I to guide you in the world of naming? Well, I’m a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, and I’ve been passionately involved in the art of giving enchanting names not only to hedgehogs but also to fantasy characters in various realms. It’s a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and each name carries a special essence that defines its bearer.

As you delve into the list we’ve curated for you, you can rest assured that you’ll discover the perfect name for your hedgehog. Whether you’re seeking something cute, heroic, or even a bit quirky, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to embark on a naming journey that will leave your hedgehog with a name that truly suits its personality and makes it stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in and find the most enchanting name that will be cherished by both you and your spiky companion for years to come.

Hedgehog Names

Hedgehog Names

  • Whiskerwig
  • Bramblefoot
  • Snuggleton
  • Pippinsnap
  • Quillipup
  • Hedgesparks
  • Fizzlewisp
  • Thistletail
  • Sprocketquill
  • Zephyrlight
  • Snufflepuff
  • Quizzlina
  • Fuzzlenook
  • Bramblestorm
  • Hufflefluff
  • Prickleclaw
  • Wiggletuft
  • Thundertuft
  • Snugglekins
  • Quillington
  • Whiskersnap
  • Pippinpaws
  • Glimmerquill
  • Quillbert
  • Sniffleberry
  • Bramblebounce
  • Sparkletine
  • Zippertuft
  • Fuzzleton
  • Snickerbean
  • Prongleson
  • Whiskerwoof
  • Quillabreeze
  • Popplespikes
  • Thistleberry
  • Quackleton
  • Snufflesnout
  • Fizzlespark
  • Snufflenut
  • Bramblewhisk
  • Zephyrsniff
  • Fuzzlevine
  • Quibbletail
  • Snufflewhirl
  • Pippinspark
  • Quillixie
  • Thunderspike
  • Hugglequill
  • Snickersnap
  • Brambleshine
  • Whiskerflip
  • Snugglefizz
  • Zippertail
  • Snufflemoon
  • Pricklepuff
  • Wobblequill
  • Quillowisp
  • Fizzlebounce
  • Bramblewhisk
  • Snickerspark
  • Prickleton
  • Fuzzlenose
  • Snuzzlewhirl
  • Quibblepop
  • Bramblesnap
  • Thistlerose
  • Popplespike
  • Snufflenuzzle
  • Quillora
  • Snickerclaw
  • Bramblebloom
  • Whiskerbuzz
  • Quirkipaw
  • Sniffleton
  • Fizzlefluff
  • Snugglepop
  • Pippinstripe
  • Thundertwirl
  • Sparklewhisk
  • Quibblefuzz

20 Hedgehog Names With Meanings

Hedgehog Names

  1. Astraline: A celestial hedgehog with shimmering quills.
  2. Nimblethorn: A fast and agile hedgehog adorned with thorny spines.
  3. Cosmicwhisk: A hedgehog with cosmic energy in its whiskers.
  4. Velvetdash: A soft and speedy little hedgehog.
  5. Enigmuzzle: A mysterious hedgehog with a puzzling nose.
  6. Lunaspark: A hedgehog that glows like the moonlight.
  7. Jubilespine: A joyful hedgehog with exuberant spines.
  8. Quizzabelle: A quizzical and beautiful hedgehog.
  9. Flickerfluff: A hedgehog with fluffy and flickering fur.
  10. Chronoquill: A time-traveling hedgehog with quill-like patterns.
  11. Sapphireyes: A hedgehog with mesmerizing sapphire-colored eyes.
  12. Whiskerwhim: A hedgehog whose whiskers have whimsical movements.
  13. Solacepaws: A comforting hedgehog with soothing paws.
  14. Zephyrtuft: A breezy and tufted hedgehog.
  15. Serenquill: A peaceful and serene quill-covered hedgehog.
  16. Bramblegaze: A hedgehog with an intense and thorny gaze.
  17. Stellaprick: A starry hedgehog adorned with prickly spines.
  18. Eclipsewhisk: A dark and enigmatic hedgehog with unique whiskers.
  19. Euphoriastar: A euphoric and star-like hedgehog.
  20. Phenomuzzle: A phenomenal hedgehog with a puzzling nose.

Pet Hedgehog Names

  • Quillington – Little Quill Fighter
  • Pricklepaws – Paws of Prickles
  • Brambleberry – Thorny and Sweet
  • Spikester – Spiky and Dexterous
  • Hazelwitch – Witch of the Hedges
  • Fuzzykins – Fuzzy and Adorable
  • Snuffler – Sniffing Explorer
  • Pippinsqueak – Tiny Hedgehog Voice
  • Snugglethorn – Thorny Cuddle Buddy
  • Trufflenose – Snuffling for Treats
  • Splinterdash – Speedy Spiky Racer
  • Snootington – Distinguished Snooty Nose
  • Snickerquill – Chuckling Spikes
  • Hufflepuff – Hug-gable Puffball
  • Brambleclaw – Claw with Brambles
  • Gizmoquill – Gadget-Loving Hedgehog
  • Whiskerwisp – Whispering Whiskers
  • Bramblefoot – Thorny Paw Walker
  • Quillibrium – Perfectly Balanced Spikes
  • Squeakleton – Squeaky Tiny One
  • Needlenose – Nose Like a Needle
  • Snugleap – Snuggling Hopper
  • Popplespikes – Popping Prickles
  • Bramblebloom – Blooming with Prickles
  • Sizzlequills – Sizzling Spikes
  • Snufflemuffin – Snuffling Snack Lover
  • Prongles – Prickly and Playful
  • Snufflenook – Cozy Snuffling Corner
  • Thistlepuff – Puffy Thistle Guardian
  • Bristlebounce – Bouncing Bristles

Disney Hedgehog Names

  • Sonicana – Speed of a Hurricane
  • Quillorella – Royal Quill of Elegance
  • Mulbrier – Mulan’s Spiky Friend
  • Tanglefoot – Rapunzel’s Hedgehog Sidekick
  • Quilladin – Pocahontas’s Quilled Companion
  • Jaspike – Jasmine’s Prickly Pal
  • Hufflehugs – Hugging Pooh’s Friend
  • Quillette – Cruella’s Spiky Pet
  • Arielthorn – Ariel’s Underwater Hedgehog
  • Mushuquill – Mulan’s Fiery Sidekick
  • Quibelle – Belle’s Bookish Hedgehog
  • Thumbeo – Hedgehog of the Opera
  • Tigglespikes – Tigger’s Bouncy Companion
  • Quillo – Cinderella’s Royal Hedgehog
  • Quasimodo – The Hunchhog of Notre Dame
  • Cheshedge – Alice’s Grinning Friend
  • Scampilles – Scamp’s Mischievous Partner
  • Quackules – Donald’s Quilled Pal
  • Jaspork – Jasmine’s Hog-like Friend
  • Flounderquill – Flounder’s Spiky Sidekick
  • Quilladdin – Aladdin’s Adventurous Hedgehog
  • Thumperella – Cinderella’s Bunny Hedgehog
  • Timonspike – Timon’s Hakuna Matata Hedgehog
  • Quilzan – Tarzan’s Jungle Hedgehog
  • Peterprickle – Peter Pan’s Thorny Ally
  • Quillby – Mowgli’s Jungle Friend
  • Patchspikes – Patch’s Spotty Hedgehog
  • Quilloops – Goofy’s Clumsy Companion
  • Quilala – Maleficent’s Wicked Hedgehog
  • Chipthorn – Chip’s Charming Hedgehog

Hedgehog Names Male

  • Zephyr – Gentle Breeze
  • Thistletooth – Tooth Like a Thistle
  • Brambleburn – Burn of Brambles
  • Quillon – Courageous Quill Warrior
  • Snuffington – Noble Snuffler
  • Fizzlepaws – Paws that Fizzle
  • Pippington – Noble Small One
  • Quillux – Luxurious Quills
  • Snickerspike – Spike that Chuckles
  • Chestnutclaw – Claw like a Chestnut
  • Snugsworth – Comfy and Worthy
  • Thundertines – Mighty Thunder Spikes
  • Snarfle – Snuffling Giggler
  • Whiskerton – Whisker Baron
  • Quillborne – Born of Quills
  • Slumberthorn – Thorny Sleeper
  • Bramblewhisk – Whiskers of Brambles
  • Snuzzle – Snuggly Nuzzler
  • Hufflepuff – Hug-gable Puffball
  • Quillster – Master of Quills
  • Sparksnout – Spiky Nose Sparks
  • Sprocketquill – Mechanical Quills
  • Snicket – Dextrous and Quick
  • Prongleson – Son of Prickles
  • Quillfire – Fiery Spiky One
  • Sniffleton – Noble Sniffer
  • Thunderdash – Dashing Thunderbolt
  • Snazzythorn – Thorny and Snazzy
  • Whiskerkin – Whiskered Royalty
  • Brambleblaze – Blazing Bramble Warrior

Hedgehog Names Female

  • Brambleina – Queen of Brambles
  • Quillara – Elegant Quill Princess
  • Fizzletuft – Tuft with a Fizzle
  • Snufflina – Snuffling Serenade
  • Thistlebell – Bell of Thistles
  • Snickerdew – Dewy Chuckles
  • Sparklequill – Quills that Sparkle
  • Pippinsnap – Snappy Small One
  • Whiskerelle – Whiskered Lady
  • Snuglet – Snuggly Cozy One
  • Fuzzling – Fuzzy Darling
  • Thundress – Thunderous Grace
  • Bramblecharm – Charming Brambles
  • Quillora – Aura of Quills
  • Hufflefuzz – Huggable Fuzzy One
  • Sizzlepaws – Paws with Sizzle
  • Snufflesnap – Snapping Snuffler
  • Snickersnap – Snapping Chuckler
  • Whiskerose – Rosey Whiskers
  • Pippinette – Petite Pippin
  • Quilliana – Graceful Quill
  • Fizzletwirl – Twirling Fizzler
  • Snugglebloom – Blooming Snuggler
  • Thistlepetal – Petal of Thistles
  • Brambelle – Bell-like Bramble
  • Sparklesnout – Sparkly Sniffing Nose
  • Quibblette – Little Quibbler
  • Hufflefluff – Fluffy Hugglebug
  • Snickerdust – Dust of Chuckles
  • Fuzzlewing – Fuzzy and Light as a Wing

Funny Hedgehog Names

Snickersnort – Snorting Chuckler

Quillbert – Quirky Quill Master

Wobblepaws – Paws that Wobble

Sniffleblitz – Blitzy Sniffler

Pricklepants – Pants with Prickles

Hufflechuckle – Chuckling Fluffball

Bramblebum – Bumbling Brambler

Quizzlepop – Pop of Quizzles

Snufflenoodle – Noodling Snuffler

Dizzyquill – Quills that Make You Dizzy

Fuzzleton – Fuzzy and Full of Energy

Gigglethorn – Thorny Giggles

Quibblefuzz – Fuzzy Quibbler

Snortleton – Snorting Fellow

Wiggletuft – Tuft that Wiggles

Snickerwiggle – Wiggling Chuckler

Dazzlewhisk – Whiskers that Dazzle

Fizzlenose – Nose that Fizzles

Prickleflop – Floppy with Prickles

Bumblepuff – Puffy Bumbler

Gigglespike – Spiky Giggler

Quirklewig – Wiggly Quirk

Snuffleflop – Flopping Snuffler

Whimsyquill – Whimsical Quill

Snickerdoodle – Doodling Chuckler

Dizzythorn – Thorny Dizziness

Fuzzlenose – Fuzzy and Snuffly

Quillaroo – Quilled Kangaroo

Gigglefizz – Fizzing with Giggles

Snuzzlewig – Wiggly Snuggler

Cute Hedgehog Names

Pippinpie – Pie of Cuteness

Quillipop – Pop of Quills

Snufflesocks – Socks and Snuffling

Fuzzleton – Fuzzy and Full of Charm

Thumblet – Tiny and Adorable

Bramblebop – Bopping Brambler

Snickerpuff – Puffy Chuckles

Wigglenose – Nose that Wiggles

Pricklebloom – Blooming with Prickles

Bumblebean – Beany Bumbler

Gigglesnug – Snuggling Giggler

Quibblepuff – Puffy Quibbler

Snuzzlepaws – Paws that Snuggle

Flufflina – Fluffy Ballerina

Thistletuft – Tuft of Thistles

Whiskerkins – Kin of Whiskers

Dazzlewhisk – Whiskers that Dazzle

Snufflesocks – Socks and Snuffling

Bramblebounce – Bouncing Brambler

Giggletuft – Tuft of Giggles

Quillibean – Beanie Quills

Wigglesnout – Sniffing and Wiggling

Fizzletail – Fizzing Tail

Snickerbean – Beany Chuckler

Pricklefluff – Fluffy Prickles

Snugglepuff – Puffy Snuggler

Thumblets – Tiny Hedgehoglets

Whiskerfuzz – Fuzzy Whiskers

Dazzlepop – Pop of Dazzle

Fuzzletail – Fuzzy and Whiskery

Good Hedgehog Names

Serendipity – Pleasant Surprise

Evergreen – Enduring and Green

Quilliance – Brilliance of Quills

Amicability – Friendly and Kind

Tranquility – Calm and Peaceful

Snugglesworth – Worth of Snuggles

Jubilation – Joyful and Jubilant

Thistledown – Soft and Light

Felicity – Great Happiness

Snuzzlekins – Kin of Snuggling

Providence – Protective Guidance

Fuzzington – Noble Fuzziness

Zephyr – Gentle Breeze

Harmony – Melodic and Harmonious

Fuzzbuzz – Buzzing Fuzziness

Adorabloom – Blooming Adorableness

Brilliance – Brilliant and Clever

Euphoria – Intense Happiness

Snugglepaws – Paws that Snuggle

Affability – Warmth and Friendliness

Felicific – Bringing Happiness

Whimsicality – Playful and Whimsy

Plentiful – Abundant and Bountiful

Serendipaw – Paw of Serendipity

Snugglekins – Kin of Snuggling

Gratitails – Grateful Tails

Delightful – Full of Delight

Amiability – Friendly and Amiable

Snufflewisp – Wispy Snuffler

Hopeful – Full of Hope

Cool Hedgehog Names

Eclipse – Dark and Dashing

Thunderstrike – Striking like Thunder

Quillix – Quill Master

Vortex – Powerful and Swirling

Shadowtail – Tail of the Shadows

Zephyr – Gentle Breeze

Voltzkin – Electric and Cool

Brambleblade – Bladed Brambler

Snazzyquill – Quills with Style

Cyclone – Spiraling and Fast

Venomspike – Spike of Venom

Razorclaw – Claw as Sharp as Razor

Sizzlethorn – Thorny Sizzle

Flickerwhisk – Whisker that Flickers

Frostbite – Biting Coldness

Quicksilver – Fast and Silver

Hailstorm – Storm of Hail

Snarlstrike – Striking Snarl

Frostpaws – Paws of Frost

Quasar – Dazzling Celestial Object

Zenith – Highest Point of Success

Borealis – Brilliant and Colorful

Glimmerpuff – Puffy Glimmer

Cyclonose – Nose of a Cyclone

Prismquill – Quills Like a Prism

Snaggletooth – Tooth with a Snag

Flashspikes – Spikes that Flash

Sonicstorm – Storm of Sound

Vipertail – Tail of a Viper

Brambleflare – Flare of Brambles

Famous Hedgehog Names

Houdini – Escaped from Everywhere

Shakespeare – Master of Words

Quilliam Tell – Shot with a Quill

Snuffluther King – Leader of Snuffles

Beatrix Potter – Author and Illustrator

Bramble Vinci – Master Artist of Brambles

Einstein – Genius Scientist

Snuffluther King Jr. – Legacy of Snuffles

Bramblehem Lincoln – Leader of Brambles

Snufflonardo da Vinci – Artistic Snuffler

Quillis Caesar – Ruler of Quills

Snufflbert Einstein – Genius Snuffler

William Shakesquill – Quilled Playwright

Beatrix Spikerton – Spiky Illustrator

Bramblevangeline Lilly – Actress of Brambles

Snoop Dog – Cool and Musical

Snufflisa Simpson – Cartoon Snuffler

Quillevoltaire – Enlightened Quill

Spike Lee – Spike-Focused Filmmaker

Steve Jobs – Innovative Visionary

Snufflilliam Wordsworth – Poetic Snuffler

Leonardo da Quillci – Renaissance Quill

Snufflharriet Tubman – Underground Snuffler

Quillus Caesar – Ruler of Quills

Mozart – Musical Prodigy

Snufflorenzo Medici – Art-Loving Snuffler

Isaac Newton – Gravity Genius

Quilliam Shakespeare – Bard of Quills

Agatha Christie – Mystery Writer

Snufflelvis Presley – King of Snuffles

Unique Hedgehog Names

Eclipsar – Eclipsing the Rest

Zypheros – Airy and Ethereal

Thornix – Thorny and Mystical

Quizzleton – Town of Quizzles

Viperquill – Quill of a Viper

Aetherwing – Ethereal and Winged

Snazzleberry – Berry of Snazzle

Bramblaze – Blaze of Brambles

Thistlina – Tiny Thistle

Mystiquill – Quill of Mystery

Snuzzlewump – Wumping Snuffler

Quillora – Aura of Quills

Zephyrbane – Bane of Zephyrs

Pricklina – Tiny Prickle

Chromospikes – Colorful Spikes

Nebulon – Cloud-like and Shiny

SnipSnap – Snipping and Snapping

Fizzletop – Fizzling at the Top

Vexillia – Vexing Quills

Thundora – Thunderous Aurora

Quibbleflick – Flickering Quibbler

Celestine – Heavenly and Divine

Snufflazar – Celestial Snuffler

Brambus – Brambly and Shiny

Zephyrus – God of the West Wind

Galaxpike – Spiky Galaxy

Glitterfluff – Glittery and Fluffy

Quillith – Mythical Quills

Solstice – Turning Point of Seasons

Bramblelith – Mythical Brambles

Hedgehog Names

How To Choose A Good Hedgehog Name

Naming your hedgehog is not just an arbitrary task; it’s an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of your prickly companion. Hedgehog names hold a special place in the hearts of pet parents, as they reflect the personality, characteristics, and endearing quirks of these delightful creatures. Each name sets the tone for the journey you’ll embark on with your hedgehog, so it’s essential to choose wisely.

Understanding Your Hedgehog’s Traits:

Before diving into the vast ocean of names, take some time to observe your hedgehog’s behavior and temperament. Is your hedgehog playful and energetic, or more reserved and shy? Consider their physical characteristics and markings, as they might inspire a name that perfectly suits their appearance. Additionally, identifying any unique quirks and preferences your hedgehog has will provide valuable insights for selecting a fitting name.

Exploring Creative Naming Inspiration:

Get your creative juices flowing by exploring different sources of inspiration. From the wonders of nature, drawing names from flora and fauna, to literary gems inspired by books and characters, the possibilities are endless. Don’t shy away from the magical and mythical realm, as folklore and fantasy can offer enchanting names that add an extra layer of charm to your hedgehog’s identity.

The Art of Hedgehog-Themed Names:

Inject some fun and personality into your hedgehog’s name by exploring puns and wordplay. Play around with alliterations to emphasize the cuteness factor of your little spiky friend. If you seek a name with depth and meaning, consider symbolic names that resonate with your hedgehog’s character and the bond you share.

Practical Considerations for Hedgehog Names:

While creativity is key, don’t forget practicality. Ensure the name is easy to pronounce and call out, as it will become a regular part of your daily interactions. Strike the right balance with the name’s length, avoiding overly complex or overly simplistic choices. Be mindful of common mistakes or mispronunciations that might arise with more intricate names.

Testing the Name Fit:

Put the potential name to the test by saying it aloud and gauging how it feels when calling your hedgehog. Seeking input from family and friends can also provide valuable perspectives. Ultimately, observe your hedgehog’s response to the name – positive reactions may indicate a perfect fit!

Finalizing the Perfect Hedgehog Name:

When you’ve found the name that resonates with both you and your hedgehog, embrace the special connection it brings. Consider officially registering the name if you wish, giving it a sense of significance. Remember, just like your hedgehog, the name may evolve over time, reflecting the growth of your bond and the journey you share together.


In conclusion, we hope this comprehensive list of “700 Hedgehog Names” has been a delightful resource for all the hedgehog enthusiasts out there. From adorable and charming to bold and heroic, we’ve covered a wide spectrum of names to suit every hedgehog’s unique personality. Remember, the right name can add an extra touch of magic to your prickly friend’s life, so take your time and choose wisely!

As a Naming Specialist with years of experience, I can confidently say that finding the perfect name for your hedgehog is an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. It’s a chance to showcase your creativity and affection for your furry companion. Whether you opt for a name inspired by nature, literature, movies, or simply one that resonates with you on a personal level, the bond between you and your hedgehog will undoubtedly grow stronger with the right name.

Lastly, we want to assure you that this list will always be here for you whenever you need it. Hedgehogs, like all pets, are cherished members of our families, and their names become a part of our fondest memories. So take your time, explore the possibilities, and enjoy this special moment of choosing the perfect name for your beloved hedgehog. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us, and we wish you and your hedgehog many happy and memorable moments together!


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