700 Unforgettable Holiday Names for Every Occasion

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Holiday Names”! In this post, we’re excited to share a collection of creative and unique holiday names that will help you add a touch of magic and excitement to your celebrations. As the renowned author Charles Dickens once said, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.” With these holiday names, you can bring the spirit of joy and festivity to any occasion.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have had the pleasure of delving into the fascinating world of naming. From helping businesses find the perfect brand names to assisting authors in crafting memorable character names, I’ve explored the art and science of naming from various angles. In particular, fantasy character naming has always been a passion of mine, as it allows for boundless creativity and imagination.

In this article, I promise you an abundance of holiday name ideas that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re searching for a name for a new holiday tradition, a festive event, or a fictional world in your novel, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover names that evoke a sense of wonder, enchantment, and holiday cheer. Let’s dive in and find that perfect name that will make your celebrations truly memorable!

Holiday Names

Holiday Names

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Sunny Serenade
  • Harvest Homecoming
  • Blissful Bliss
  • Radiant Revelry
  • Whimsical Whirlwind
  • Enchanted Escapade
  • Merry Mingle
  • Festive Fusion
  • Sparkling Spectacle
  • Delightful Deluge
  • Jovial Jaunt
  • Serene Soiree
  • Luminous Lunacy
  • Joyous Journey
  • Gleeful Gathering
  • Rapturous Rendezvous
  • Celebratory Carnival
  • Playful Paradise
  • Blissful Bash
  • Festal Fiesta
  • Jubilant Jollity
  • Euphoric Extravaganza
  • Merry Medley
  • Captivating Celebration
  • Whirlwind Whimsy
  • Enthralling Event
  • Ecstatic Encounter
  • Radiant Rapture
  • Vibrant Voyage
  • Delightful Diversion
  • Blissful Banquet
  • Jolly Jubilee
  • Serendipitous Soirée
  • Festive Frenzy
  • Spirited Shindig
  • Enchanted Encounter
  • Merry Merriment
  • Joyful Jaunt
  • Sparkling Soirée
  • Delightful Dance
  • Jovial Journey
  • Luminous Luncheon
  • Whimsical Whirl
  • Gleeful Gala
  • Rapturous Revelry
  • Festal Fun
  • Playful Pageant
  • Blissful Ball
  • Euphoric Excursion
  • Merry Mélange
  • Captivating Cavalcade
  • Radiant Rendezvous
  • Whirlwind Whistle
  • Enthralling Escapade
  • Ecstatic Extravaganza
  • Vibrant Venture
  • Delightful Dalliance
  • Blissful Blast
  • Jolly Jaunt
  • Serendipitous Sojourn
  • Festive Frolic
  • Spirited Celebration
  • Enchanted Euphoria
  • Merry Mixer
  • Joyful Journey
  • Sparkling Soiree
  • Delightful Dose
  • Jovial Jive
  • Luminous Lunacy
  • Whimsical Whirlpool
  • Gleeful Gathering
  • Rapturous Rally
  • Festal Feast
  • Playful Parade
  • Blissful Bash
  • Euphoric Escapade
  • Captivating Commotion
  • Radiant Ramble
  • Vibrant Vacation

20 Holiday Names With Meanings

Holiday Names

Solstice Sparkle – Embracing the celestial transition with shimmering joy.

Serene Snowfall – A peaceful holiday, where the world is blanketed in pure white.

Harvest Harmony – Celebrating the fruitful abundance of nature and unity.

Jubilant Jingle – A festive occasion filled with joyful melodies and cheerful merriment.

Tranquil Tidings – Finding inner peace and spreading messages of serenity during the holidays.

Enchanted Ember – A magical time illuminated by the warm glow of hearth and heart.

Blissful Breeze – Embracing the gentle winds of happiness that the season brings.

Radiant Reunion – A joyous gathering of loved ones, rekindling the light of togetherness.

Frosty Fantasia – Embarking on an icy adventure where imagination knows no bounds.

Delightful Dawn – Welcoming a new day filled with delight and endless possibilities.

Gleaming Gala – A dazzling and glamorous holiday soirée, where splendor takes center stage.

Reverent Respite – A time of solemn reflection and inner peace, seeking solace in the holiday spirit.

Whimsical Whirl – Twirling through a whimsical wonderland, where enchantment abounds.

Euphoric Embrace – Embracing the sheer bliss and euphoria of the holiday season.

Vibrant Voyage – Embarking on a vibrant journey, exploring the colors and cultures of the festivities.

Serendipity Soiree – A fortuitous celebration where unexpected joys and surprises await.

Blissful Bonfire – Gathering around the crackling flames, finding warmth and joy in the holiday glow.

Luminous Laughter – Illuminating the season with laughter, filling hearts with pure happiness.

Captivating Carols – Spellbinding melodies that captivate hearts, spreading the magic of the holidays.

Wholesome Wonder – Discovering the wonders of the season, nourishing the soul with wholesome joy.

Cities With Holiday Names

Cities With Holiday Names

Santa Fe – Holy faith

Bethlehem – House of bread

Easter Island – Celebrating resurrection

Noelville – Christmas spirit

Valentia – Strong and healthy

Yuletide Park – Festive cheer

Thanksburg – Gratitude and abundance

Hallowsville – Hauntingly delightful

Christmasburg – Season of giving

Epiphanyville – Enlightenment and revelation

Harmonyville – Peace and unity

New Yearstown – Fresh beginnings

Rejoiceton – Joyful celebrations

Amor City – Love and affection

Harveston – Bountiful harvest

Remembrance Bay – Honoring memories

Independence Cove – Freedom and liberty

Candlelight Heights – Warmth and light

Gracelandia – Grace and elegance

Thanksgiving Springs – Gratefulness and abundance

Blessingborough – Divine blessings

Solsticetown – Celebrating celestial cycles

Heritage Village – Preserving traditions

Joyful Haven – Blissful happiness

Liberty Square – Freedom and independence

Resurrection Point – Renewal and rebirth

Celebration Bay – Festive merriment

Festivityville – Celebratory atmosphere

Amusement Oaks – Entertainment and delight

Unity Crossing – Communal harmony

Holiday Name Ideas

Holiday Name Ideas

Merrypalooza – Joyful extravaganza

FestiveFiesta – Celebratory gathering

BlissfulDaze – Serene and happy moments

JollyJubilee – Rejoicing and merriment

CheerfulSpectacle – Delightful and vibrant event

SparklingEscapade – Shimmering adventure

EnchantingEuphoria – Captivating and blissful experience

RadiantRevelry – Glowing and lively celebration

JoyfulHarmony – Pleasurable and harmonious occasion

DelightfulRendezvous – Charming and enjoyable encounter

JubilantJamboree – Exuberant and festive gathering

MagicalSoirée – Enchanting and magical party

SerendipitousFiesta – Serendipitous and lively celebration

WhimsicalGala – Playful and extravagant affair

GleefulExtravaganza – Full of joy and excitement

CaptivatingRitual – Engaging and captivating tradition

EuphoricFrolic – Ecstatic and carefree frolicking

EnthrallingFestivity – Thrilling and captivating festivity

VibrantCarouse – Lively and spirited celebration

DeliriousRejoicing – Intensely joyful and ecstatic merriment

ExhilaratingFête – Thrilling and invigorating festivity

EcstaticReunion – Rapturous and joyous gathering

RhythmicCarnival – Energetic and rhythmic carnival

WhirlwindCeremony – Fast-paced and exciting ceremonial event

EnergeticGathering – Dynamic and lively get-together

UpliftingPageantry – Inspiring and uplifting display

MesmerizingCelebration – Spellbinding and captivating celebration

LuminousFrolic – Radiant and luminous playfulness

SpiritedJoviality – Spirited and cheerful atmosphere

GloriousFest – Splendid and glorious festival

Famous Holiday Names

Christmas – Birth of Christ

Halloween – All Hallows’ Eve

Easter – Resurrection of Jesus

Thanksgiving – Gratitude and abundance

Diwali – Festival of lights

Hanukkah – Jewish festival of lights

New Year’s Day – Fresh beginnings

Independence Day – Freedom and liberty

Valentine’s Day – Celebration of love

Patrick’s Day – Irish cultural celebration

Ramadan – Islamic month of fasting

Chinese New Year – Lunar New Year in China

Mardi Gras – Carnival season before Lent

Cinco de Mayo – Mexican victory celebration

Bastille Day – French National Day

Good Friday – Crucifixion of Jesus

Vesak – Buddhist celebration of Buddha’s birth

Yom Kippur – Jewish Day of Atonement

Carnival – Festive season before Lent

Kwanzaa – African-American cultural celebration

Boxing Day – British public holiday

Labor Day – Workers’ rights celebration

Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year

Eid al-Fitr – Islamic festival marking the end of Ramadan

Anzac Day – Australian and New Zealand remembrance day

Holi – Hindu festival of colors

La Tomatina – Spanish tomato-throwing festival

Lucia’s Day – Swedish festival of light

Oktoberfest – German beer festival

Bastille Day – French National Day

Funny Holiday Names

Silly Season – Hilariously festive time

Giggle Gala – Laugh-filled celebration

Quirkmas – Eccentric holiday spirit

Chucklefest – Amusing and lighthearted festival

Wacky Wonderland – Whimsical and comical holiday

Jestful Jamboree – Playful and humorous gathering

Giggletide – Giddy and joyful season

Laugh-a-Palooza – Laughter-filled extravaganza

ComiHoliday – Fun-filled comedic celebration

Hilarity Holiday – Hysterically amusing festivity

Jokester Jubilee – Jovial and prank-filled jamboree

Chucklesville – Town of endless laughter

Hilarious Holiday – Utterly funny and entertaining occasion

Jestful Joyride – Playful and amusing adventure

Guffaw Gathering – Loud and contagious laughter

Quip Fest – Festive exchange of witty remarks

Funny Fiesta – Comically entertaining celebration

Comic Carnival – Humorous and lively spectacle

Amusement Escapade – Delightfully funny escapade

Laughing Palms – Chuckling and joyful atmosphere

Witful Merriment – Engaging and witty merriment

Chuckle Circus – Laugh-inducing extravaganza

Prankster Paradise – Playful and mischievous paradise

Hysteria Haven – Uncontrollable laughter and joy

Giggly Gala – Infectious and giggly gathering

Witty Wonders – Clever and amusing wonders

Comedy Conclave – Meeting of comedic minds

Haha Holiday – Nonstop laughter and fun

Farce Fest – Entertaining and ludicrous festival

Jester Junction – Meeting place for jesters and jokes

Catchy Holiday Names

Joy Blitz – Intense burst of joy

Sparklefest – Glittering and dazzling festival

Celebrathon – Marathon of celebrations

Festiviva – Vivacious and festive celebration

RadiantRave – Luminous and energetic revelry

JingleJam – Energetic and catchy holiday event

GalaRama – Extravagant and grand gala

BlissWave – Waves of bliss and happiness

DelightDash – Fast-paced and delightful festivity

MerryMania – Infectious and merry craze

JoyfulFiesta – Uplifting and joyful celebration

Revelicious – Deliciously fun-filled revelry

FestivityFrenzy – Exciting and frenzied holiday merriment

CheerChaos – Joyful and chaotic atmosphere

Sparkorama – Spectacular and sparkly extravaganza

Celebrate-a-Palooza – Nonstop celebration bonanza

JovialVortex – Whirlwind of joviality and mirth

RhapsodyRevel – Enthusiastic and passionate revelry

BlissBlitz – Intense and blissful holiday rush

JamboreeJoy – Festive and exuberant jamboree

MerrimentMaze – Engaging and delightful holiday maze

Celebrate-O-Rama – All-encompassing celebration fiesta

BlissfulBonanza – Abundant and blissful extravaganza

FestiveFusion – Harmonious fusion of festivities

SparklingCraze – Glittering and enchanting holiday craze

JoyBlast – Explosive and joyous celebration

DelightDazzle – Captivating and delightful dazzle

FestalFrenzy – Energetic and festive frenzy

JollyJive – Lively and jolly holiday jive

BlissBurst – Burst of bliss and happiness

Festival Holiday Names

Luminaria Festival – Celebration of lights

Dragon Boat Festival – Chinese cultural celebration

Oktoberfest – German beer and folk festival

Carnival of Venice – Masked festival in Italy

Holi Festival – Hindu festival of colors

Day of the Dead – Mexican remembrance festival

Songkran Water Festival – Thai New Year celebration

La Tomatina – Spanish tomato-throwing festival

Rio Carnival – Brazilian samba extravaganza

Lantern Festival – Asian lantern celebration

Diwali – Festival of lights in India

Glastonbury Festival – Iconic music festival in the UK

Hanami – Cherry blossom viewing festival in Japan

Carnevale di Ivrea – Italian orange-throwing carnival

Mardi Gras – Carnival season before Lent

Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korean mud extravaganza

Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Floating lanterns in Thailand

Day of the Sun – North Korean celebration of Kim Il-sung

Baisakhi – Sikh harvest festival in India

Loy Krathong – Thai festival of lights

La Mercè – Catalan cultural festival in Barcelona

Winterlude – Canadian winter festival in Ottawa

Koninginnedag – Dutch Queen’s Day celebration

Inti Raymi – Incan sun festival in Peru

Sapporo Snow Festival – Giant snow sculptures in Japan

Ganesh Chaturthi – Hindu festival honoring Lord Ganesha

Pongal – Tamil harvest festival in India

Fiesta de San Fermín – Running of the Bulls in Spain

Bonfire Night – British Guy Fawkes celebration

Day of the Dead – Guatemalan ancestral tribute

Holiday Names

How To Chose A Good Holiday Name

When it comes to holidays, the name plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression and establishing a distinctive identity. A well-chosen holiday name can capture the essence of the celebration, resonate with the target audience, and set the stage for successful marketing and branding efforts. In this article, we will explore the process of selecting a good holiday name and discuss the key considerations to keep in mind.

Understanding Your Holiday Theme

Before diving into the process of naming your holiday, it’s important to have a clear understanding of its theme and purpose. Define the essence of your holiday and identify the key elements and values associated with it. Is it a festive occasion centered around family gatherings, a cultural celebration, or a commemoration of a significant event? By pinpointing the core theme, you can create a solid foundation for the name selection process.

Researching Existing Holiday Names

Before settling on a holiday name, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to avoid duplicating existing names or infringing on trademarks or copyrights. Explore popular holidays that share similar themes and note the names that have successfully captured the spirit of the occasion. Analyze the characteristics of those names, such as their uniqueness, evocative power, and alignment with the holiday’s purpose. Additionally, ensure that the name you choose doesn’t conflict with any existing trademarks or copyrighted materials.

Brainstorming and Generating Ideas

To generate creative and original holiday name ideas, engage in a brainstorming session. Encourage free-flowing ideas without judgment and explore various avenues. You can use techniques like mind maps or word association to expand your creative horizons. Moreover, take advantage of online resources and name generators designed specifically for holiday name suggestions. These tools can provide valuable inspiration and spark unique ideas that you may not have considered otherwise.

Evaluating and Shortlisting Options

Once you have a list of potential holiday names, it’s time to evaluate and shortlist the most promising options. Consider your target audience and their preferences. A good holiday name should resonate with your intended demographic and evoke a positive emotional response. Test the names for memorability and ease of pronunciation, as you want it to be easy for people to remember and share with others. Furthermore, ensure that the name aligns with the core values and essence of your holiday.

Getting Feedback and Refining

Before finalizing your holiday name, it’s crucial to seek feedback from trusted individuals. Share the shortlisted options with friends, family, or colleagues who can provide constructive criticism. Pay attention to their opinions on clarity, impact, and potential associations with other ideas or concepts. Use their feedback to refine and improve the names, eliminating any potential ambiguities or misinterpretations.

Finalizing the Holiday Name

After carefully considering feedback and making necessary adjustments, it’s time to finalize your holiday name. Before fully committing to it, conduct a comprehensive trademark search to ensure that the name is not already registered or protected. If you plan to use the name for commercial purposes or branding, consider registering it to protect your rights and prevent unauthorized use. Once the name is secured, begin preparing marketing materials and promotional campaigns to create awareness and excitement around your newly named holiday.


In conclusion, exploring the vast collection of 700 holiday names has been an exhilarating journey. From traditional to whimsical, these names offer a plethora of options to add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to your celebrations. Whether you’re planning a festive gathering, starting a new holiday tradition, or simply looking for inspiration, this extensive list has something for everyone.

The power of a name cannot be underestimated when it comes to setting the tone and creating memorable moments during holidays. By selecting a name that resonates with the spirit of your festivities, you can elevate the atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you prefer the enchanting allure of “Enchanted Evergreen” or the joyful jingle of “Jovial Jubilation,” these names serve as a gateway to infuse your celebrations with charm and personality.

With 700 unique holiday names at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Take the opportunity to think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. Embrace the magic of the season and allow these names to guide you in crafting extraordinary experiences. Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or a large-scale event, the right name can set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. So dive into this treasure trove of inspiration and let the holiday names spark your creativity as you embark on your next festive adventure


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