502 Catchy Home Flipping Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

If you want to launch your home-flipping career as a business, then you’ve come to the right place. This article contains a comprehensive list of creative, attention-grabbing, and memorable home-flipping business names.

You know it’s difficult to choose a good name when you’re planning to start a new business. You might even be having trouble deciding which way to go. That’s why we’ve taken the effort to collect hundreds of home-flipping business name suggestions.

We’ve got a variety of creative names in here. They include a little bit of humor, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of personality. We’ve got names that are descriptive, names that are fun, and names that are attention-getting.

There are names that are short, names that are long, and names that are a little quirky. There are names that are unique, names that are unique, and names that are unique. So, sit back, relax, and browse through these creative names for home-flipping businesses.

Catchy Home Flipping Business Names

Flipping houses is a very exciting venture. But before you jump into it, you first have to think of a name for your new business. If you want your house-flipping business to thrive, you should invest in a good name.

After all, a good name will help your business reach out to more clients and increase your chances of success. You may consider these home flipping business names:

  • Flip Code
  • All Seasons Realtors
  • Place Refurb
  • Realer Estate
  • Expert Home Sales
  • Stunning Flips
  • Rexxen Fabricator
  • Flip-A-Home
  • Discover City
  • House Flippers Real Estate
  • More Than A Lick Of Paint
  • Quick House Flippers
  • LowaLey Home Flipping
  • Wegmen
  • Middle Class Flippers
  • daySpring Home Flipping
  • Housing Hijinks
  • Ultima Flipping
  • Deal Effeca
  • Florida Heroes
  • Appropriately Property
  • Protectors Free Hub
  • Alpine Dream
  • Beyond Flipping
  • Jefferlay
  • Quick Houses
  • July Housing
  • EssenCut Home Flipping
  • Cassava Home Flipping
  • MoreStar
  • A-Z Flippers
  • Estate Gems
  • The Home Grow
  • Happy Hip Homes
  • Cinch Flipping
  • Brettlex
  • StreetMinute
  • A-Listers Flipping
  • Uppex Home Flipping
  • Metro Homes Group
  • Household Retail
  • Fat Cats Movers
  • Supreme Properties
  • WestElite
  • Empire Flippers
  • Sky Scrapers Dwell
  • Sande Realty
  • Tranquility Homes
  • Fabulously Flipped Homes
  • Colossal Properties
  • Indigo Property Company
  • House Flip Dudes
  • Realty Executives Santa Clarita
  • Lucky Seven Homes
  • Forever Wealth
  • Gala Investor
  • Garden Gates
  • Rainy Nova
  • Urban Discovery
  • Swift Sellers
  • Humane Homes
  • Making Renovations
  • The City Power
  • Brown Estates
  • Brittle Boy Housing
  • Flipping For Profit
  • Flipper Bricks
  • Woodgong
  • Merlin Home Flipping
  • AlloyAex Home Flipping
  • Realty Concepts
  • Allufex Home Flipping
  • Home Exchange
  • Fab Dwelling
  • Flotsam Flipping
  • Absolved Holding
  • Solutions House Flipping
  • Next Door Estates
  • Henlog Fabricator
  • Pristine Home Flipping

Top 10 Catchy Home Flipping Business Names

Here I have listed my favorite names along with why they are the best names.

1.      Real Estate

This business name is suggested to you because it has the ability to attract more customers to your business. Customers have always liked real estate home flipping business names as these names have a positive connotation in the minds of customers.

You can also use this business name to express that you are an expert in real estate home flipping.

Real Estate

2.     Uniqua Casa

The name “Uniqua Casa” has many meanings. It could mean a home or a house in English. But, you can give more meaning to it. If you add “Flipping” to it, it means that you want to buy a property and then sell it at a higher price.

The best way to do this is to make a website and put some ads. So, people will know that you have a real estate flipping business.

Uniqua Casa

3.      Rehouse

You have got a great chance to grab all the attention and customers with this business name. It means that it will be easier for you to market your business and gain more customers.

In addition, the name has good potential to earn you money as well. So, this is one of the best business names you can ever get.

Shoe Warehouse

4.     House Of The Devil

This business name is perfect for those who want to start a real estate business. It is very suitable because the name itself implies a real estate business. So, you can expect great returns if you choose this name.

The name has a positive meaning and that is why people will want to be associated with you. So, don’t hesitate to choose this name.

House Of The Devil

5.     Landlord Heaven

This name reflects that you are a landlord and you want to start a home flipping business so that you can have your own properties and enjoy them.

The name also shows that your business is based on homes. This is something that most landlords will appreciate. In fact, this is the best name for the landlord business.

Landlord Heaven

6.      Real Vector

Real Vector Home Flipping Business Names is a perfect business name for real estate business owners. This business name is perfect for business owners who deal with home flipping business.

In fact, Real Vector Home Flipping Business Names is one of the best business names if you want to start up a real estate business.

Real Vector

7.     Garden Hause

This name contains the word garden and it will be understood by the clients that this is a company that specializes in gardening services. The clients will see this as an opportunity and will want to hire your services.

This will drive more traffic to your website and will increase the number of your customers.

Garden Hause

8.      Bluefin House Rental

Bluefin House Rental Home Flipping Business Name is a very powerful business name that attracts new customers easily. This business name is extremely flexible and to be used in any type of business.

It is a good business name for a house-flipping business. Because the meaning of the word “bluefin” represents the concept of flipping houses.

Bluefin House Rental

9.      Party Rental Vegas

This name is perfect for a party rental business that is based in Las Vegas. It is very easy to remember and it can easily attract more customers to your business.

The name is catchy and it has a lot of positive associations with it. So, it will be very helpful for you to increase your sales and grow your business.

Party Rental Vegas

10.    City Com

If you are planning to open a business, then you have to pick the right name that reflects your service. You cannot take a risk by choosing a name that would let your customers know that you are not experienced and professional.

In fact, you might want to give them the impression that you are inexperienced in this area and do not know what you are doing.

City Com

Cool Home Flipping Business Names

Home flipping is a booming industry, with lots of profit margins to make in the process of getting into the home flipping business. But home flipping business is not an easy job. You need to invest a lot of time and effort, and even more, money to flip your home and get a profit from it.

You need to know how to build rapport with potential clients and how to get your name out there. So when you are starting your home flipping business, you first need to consider choosing a catchy name.

Check out our list of catchy home-flipping business names and see if any of them match your vision and style.

  • Calibrate Estate
  • HealthQuest Home Flipping
  • The Transformed Properties
  • Spruce It Up
  • Finish Up Rave Mansion
  • JamesJoe Home Flipping
  • Northstrett Home Flipping
  • Green Homies
  • Livefly Home Flipping
  • SoloSlash Home Flipping
  • Diligent Flipping
  • SuperPrime
  • Properly Property
  • ICBM Real Estate
  • YouZest
  • Neighbouring Real Esates
  • Hope To The Hill
  • Deal of the Day Flipping
  • Beauty Perfecto Houses
  • Realty Profit Solutions
  • Find a Home
  • Green Greats
  • MotherLove Home Flipping
  • Northmade Home Flipping
  • VelloJoy
  • A Brand New House
  • justCut Home Flipping
  • HelinHest
  • Up Rise Homes
  • Fresh Paint Flippers
  • Capiteal Wall Repairs
  • Swift Flippers
  • All Good Investments
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Decor Flipps
  • Skylight Real Estate
  • Vision Real Estate
  • Memorette Home Flipping
  • FabriCraft
  • RiseEdge Home Flipping
  • Hover House Fixes
  • Seven Seasons
  • Lucky Skylight
  • Objex Home Flipping
  • Olympus Invest
  • Flipping Locksmith
  • Hellinex Fabricator
  • Run To Sell
  • Capitex Fabricator
  • The Property Pioneers
  • healSide Home Flipping
  • Northheal
  • Luxury Lovers
  • Frenzy Kings
  • NeroProx
  • Ultra Home Flippers
  • Final Switch
  • Heaven Makers
  • Apartment Gate
  • MasterCrest
  • Smart Move Real Estate
  • Effeca Fabricator
  • Flip ‘n’ Live
  • Green Housing
  • Tatras Housing Fund
  • Properties Defined
  • Fixed Up And Flipped
  • Housing Jinks
  • High Focus
  • Demand Drops
  • Flippin’ Kings
  • We Flip for Fun
  • Estate Titans
  • Flextren Home Flipping
  • Florawell Home Flipping
  • MercyMind Home Flipping
  • Delight Homes
  • West Mania Residential
  • Home Solutions
  • Home Steelers

Creative Home Flipping Business Names

Starting your own home-flipping business isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts and you need to know how to handle them all. So to make it a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a list of home-flipping business name ideas.

Your home flipping business is going to be based around buying houses and selling them for profit. This means that you’re not only selling homes to people, but you’re also going to have to sell them to people that know what they’re doing.

The following home flipping business name ideas are catchy and designed to capture the attention of buyers and sellers alike. Try them out and see which ones work best for you.

  • LifeShades
  • Gleam Homes
  • House Chance
  • Kinship Flipping
  • Jade Estates
  • Urban Jungle Flippers
  • Properties By All
  • Sweet Sevens
  • Sprouting Lands
  • Bright Future
  • Flip A Dope
  • Marcell Fabricator
  • Plenty Real
  • Flipping Catch
  • Luxury Movers
  • Flipping Flummox
  • Flipside Investment
  • Freshly Flipping
  • MapleTwist
  • Liberton Home Flipping
  • Pinnacle Flipping
  • Five Stars Realty
  • Victor Fabricator
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Ferbion Fabricator
  • Fix-It Flipper
  • MasterWave
  • Smart Designs
  • Class Estates
  • Reasonable Thumb
  • Chronicle Homes
  • City Slide Flipping
  • Jonas Bro
  • Flipp In Time
  • Wend & Mend
  • BlueMarry
  • Vital Point Fummox
  • Victory Flipping
  • Better Shade Homes
  • New Home Pros
  • Heirloom Homes
  • Houseworthy
  • Blue Grass Homes
  • Cheap Homers
  • Astra Flippers
  • A Flip in Time
  • Classio Home Flipping
  • Middle Flippers
  • Estate Ques
  • Harry’s Houses
  • Prositivo
  • Day in the Life Flipping
  • Trioline Fabricator
  • Cindrella Dream Choice
  • Trust & Beyond
  • HealthBay
  • Future Homies
  • Wack Zing Real Estates
  • River Next Estates
  • The Golden Flip
  • Real Estate Kings
  • Four Stars Realty
  • Alpha Roads
  • House Convert
  • Birmingham House Flippers
  • Old Deserve
  • WaveCurves
  • Flip House Re-Op
  • Urban Prime
  • GlamaBerg
  • Flip To Fruition
  • Rising Mercy Estate
  • Flippo Fabro Inn
  • Urban Delights
  • House Transports
  • Merylex Fabricator
  • Urban Upgrades
  • HealthFocus
  • Flipping Made Easy
  • FabLayer Home Flipping

Unique Home Flipping Business Names

A home flipping business may sound like a glamorous way to get rich quickly, but in reality, it’s a tough business to get started. You’ll need capital, good credit, and an excellent marketing strategy to succeed.

If you’re feeling like you don’t have the necessary skills, consider selling property instead. You won’t make as much money as a flipper but you will probably get started much faster, with less capital needed.

  • Old N’ Beautiful
  • Fatso Flipping
  • Republichealth
  • Alpha Palace
  • Brick The Land
  • New York Style Home’s
  • Flippin Out Of Control
  • UrbanElite Home Flipping
  • Proxy Flip
  • Flip-O-Flex
  • Chip’s Flipping
  • Kicha Home Flipping
  • House Awaken
  • Bulkman Estate
  • House Rattles
  • Bounty Homies
  • R & R Properties
  • Houston Doors
  • Preston
  • Lorenzo
  • Freshly Designed Homes
  • House Upgrades
  • Old Houses Re-Born
  • Interesting Frontwards
  • Zaphyr Home Investments
  • Westcoast
  • Thirty Quarters
  • Lifespire
  • Johnex Fabricator
  • healthTrails
  • Hill Hope Raves
  • Old House New House
  • Great Beach Flippers
  • Chip’s Landworks
  • Pizzaz Properties
  • Smooth Move Realty
  • Metamerphy
  • Deal Lockers
  • Memorial Flippers
  • Place To Place
  • 2nd Walk Thru
  • GoodHill
  • Lifeguard Homes
  • SouthTown Home Flipping
  • Bluebliss Home Flipping
  • Hopehill
  • SafeCure Home Flipping
  • Smart Gardens
  • Crystal Properties And Investments
  • Victory Flip
  • Mottus Fabricator
  • MayGreen Home Flipping
  • Home to Do
  • Honeycomb Homes
  • Frank’s Fresh Flips
  • Nexton Home Flipping
  • Upgrade Residential
  • Elite Flip Houses
  • Guaranteed Sale Pro
  • Oops We Flipped Again
  • Bokehh Home Flipping
  • Dream Realty
  • More Properties
  • Sister Landmark
  • PentaMark Home Flipping
  • Chefshade Home Flipping
  • Added Value Flipping
  • House Grants
  • Mobile Amend
  • FoodMing
  • Vision Real Appraisal
  • Lflip N’ Save
  • Home Ultimo
  • CrystalVibe
  • Altaba Flippers
  • Double Double Flip
  • Home Levels
  • Enriched Homes
  • The Upgrade Guys
  • Reasonable Riffle

Cute Home Flipping Business Names

Flipping houses is an exciting way to turn a profit and live the dream of making money by renovating properties. With the right plan, marketing, and know-how, you too can become a house flipping pro.

You’ll need to get your hands on the keys to a property before you can begin renovating. This could take months or years, depending on the size and location of your house and the type of renovations you’re planning.

In order to prepare for this, you’ll need to purchase a home flipper business name for your new home business.

  • Mercy Homeworks
  • SpikeFesst Home Flipping
  • Profit Hunters
  • Rapid Realty
  • Quality Invest
  • Budget Vision
  • Smith Elite Homes
  • ChromoShield
  • protech Fabricator
  • House Makers
  • Fix & Flip
  • South Bounty Estates
  • FabriDots
  • Flipping Niche
  • Gorgonna Home Flipping
  • Flipsters
  • Power Investment Homes
  • The Marital Dimension
  • Dormant Fixers
  • Moveto Home Flippers
  • Estate Upscale
  • High Memorial
  • WhiteMayer
  • Healvibe Home Flipping
  • Home Guru Realtors
  • Razzle-Dazzle Estates
  • MacMerill Home Flipping
  • Generate Rate House
  • Tower Kicha
  • Mystery Gardens
  • YouZest Home Flipping
  • Ace House Flipping
  • Quip & Flip
  • Flippin’ Flora
  • Flipped Up
  • Hustle Homes
  • Property Fixers
  • House Call Realty
  • Spruce Homes
  • QuickWell Home Flipping
  • Kith-And-Flip
  • Inherent Holding
  • 2nd Avenue Realty
  • Scottish Trail Housing
  • Property Guys
  • Every Corner Realty
  • Dream Homeflipings
  • healthCrest
  • Urban Jungle
  • Chic Flips Home Staging
  • Pacific Housing
  • MetalFit Home Flipping
  • Noteworthy Homes
  • MounteBello
  • A-Lister Homes
  • Full In Supply
  • A+ Realty
  • Homes Brought 2 Life
  • Second Chance Houses
  • West Coast Flippings
  • Generous Estates
  • Dormant Homes
  • Useful Holding
  • Glad Republic
  • Plenty Values
  • Flip Goddess
  • Super Vison Flippings
  • VeloCity Home Flipping
  • Opalescent Properties
  • The Exclusive Land
  • CraftTrio Fabricator
  • Nova Estates
  • AlubrethFabricator
  • FabriMax Fabricator
  • House Sprout
  • Merlynex
  • Thrifty Flipping
  • Angel Bay Flippers
  • Home Lifters
  • Flip Flop Properties

Home Flipping Business Names

How to Decide Your Home Flipping Business Name?

If you’re thinking about flipping homes, it’s important to have a solid business plan in place. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Research your market.

Before you start flipping homes, it’s important to understand your local market. Do a little research to figure out which neighborhoods are in demand and which have more potential. This will help you find properties that are in high demand and have a higher chance of selling quickly.

2. Build a strong team.

One of the most important things you can do when starting a home-flipping business is to build a strong team. This will help you with the logistics of the business and help you manage multiple properties.

It’s also important to have a team that you trust, as flipping homes can be a stressful experience.

3. Make sure you have the right resources.

It’s important to have the right resources to help you with your home-flipping business. This includes things like a good real estate agent, a good computer system, and valuable property listing resources.

4. Know your risks and opportunities.

Before you start flipping homes, it’s important to understand the risks and opportunities involved. This will help you make informed decisions about the business and minimize potential problems.

5. Stay organized and keep track of your finances.

One of the most important things you can do when starting a home-flipping business is to stay organized and keep track of your finances. This will help you stay on top of expenses and make sure you’re making realistic predictions about how much money you’ll make.

6. Make sure you have the right insurance.

One of the most important things you can do when starting a home-flipping business is to make sure you have the right insurance. This includes things like property insurance, liability insurance, and business insurance.

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