700 Unique Igbo Names For Your Character You’ll Love

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Igbo Names”! If you’re on the hunt for some creative and meaningful Igbo names, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll be sharing an extensive list of names inspired by Igbo culture, each with its own unique significance and charm. As Chinua Achebe, the renowned Nigerian author, once said, “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” Embrace the richness of Igbo culture through the lens of these captivating names.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to delve into the world of names, both in traditional and fantasy contexts. Whether it’s finding the perfect name for a newborn or creating fictional character names for epic adventures, I’ve been passionate about the art of naming. The Igbo culture, with its deep-rooted traditions and meaningful symbolism, has always fascinated me, and I’m excited to share some of the most captivating names I’ve come across.

So, dear reader, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as you explore this extensive list of 700 Igbo names. Each name has its own story to tell and carries the weight of history and heritage. Whether you’re looking for a name for your child that reflects your roots, or you’re an author seeking an authentic name for your next fictional hero, we promise you’ll find something unique and special within these pages. Let’s dive in and celebrate the beauty of Igbo names together!

Igbo Names

Igbo Names

  • Obinwanne
  • Chukwunedum
  • Amaka
  • Ebelechukwu
  • Iheoma
  • Chiagozie
  • Adaugo
  • Ifunanya
  • Ozioma
  • Chizitere
  • Ezinnekwu
  • Obumnemechi
  • Uzochi
  • Oluoma
  • Chimaobi
  • Ifeanyinwa
  • Amadi
  • Chiomaikpere
  • Ekenedilichukwu
  • Uchendu
  • Adaobiakunna
  • Ikenna
  • Amogechukwu
  • Omalicha
  • Ifeanyichukwu
  • Obianujuoma
  • Amarachukwu
  • Chiemelie
  • Kamsiyochukwu
  • Chigoziri
  • Nkemdilim
  • Kosisochukwu
  • Uchennaoma
  • Okezie
  • Amarachiogu
  • Chukwumamaka
  • Nkemdirim
  • Nneoma
  • Obiozor
  • Ugochinyere
  • Obumneme
  • Ebubechukwuzo
  • Onyinyeakamaka
  • Chideraokonkwo
  • Nmesomachukwu
  • Chinemerem
  • Ogonnaokoro
  • Obiefule
  • Chiwetalu
  • Obiageliakunna
  • Uchennaya
  • Egbunam
  • Olisaeloka
  • Onyinyechukwueze
  • Nwakaegoamaka
  • Chizaraokwu
  • Iruka
  • Ifeyinwanne
  • Oziomachukwu
  • Uchennaolisa
  • Okechukwuaku
  • Adaezeokoro
  • Nkemjikaku
  • Chinezeonu
  • Oluchichukwu
  • Ifeomaonwuka
  • Chizaramakachukwu
  • Obioraolisa
  • Nkechinyeremogu
  • Onyinyechukwuezugo
  • Nwannekaego
  • Ifechukwuobi
  • Chimezieamara
  • Chiamandigom
  • Nonyelu
  • Onwukaolisa
  • Ezeogidigo
  • Ebukamnachimdi
  • Kachisim
  • Ifesinachi

20 Igbo Names With Meanings

Igbo Names

  1. Chizitere – “God is our guide”
  2. Ogechukwu – “God’s time is the best”
  3. Ifeanyichukwu – “Nothing is impossible with God”
  4. Nkemakonam – “My own is good for me”
  5. Chidera – “What God has written”
  6. Uzochukwu – “God’s way”
  7. Chukwudi – “God lives”
  8. Amarachi – “God’s grace”
  9. Nnenna – “Father’s mother”
  10. Uchenna – “God’s will”
  11. Chijioke – “God is the bestower of gifts”
  12. Obumneme – “The one who pleases me”
  13. Nkechi – “What God gave”
  14. Chukwuebuka – “God is great”
  15. Onyinye – “Gift of God”
  16. Ifunanya – “Love”
  17. Obinna – “Father’s heart”
  18. Ijeoma – “Safe journey”
  19. Ikechukwu – “God’s power”
  20. Kosisochukwu – “As it pleases God”

Nigerian Igbo Names

Igbo Names

  • Zaraugo – “Gold’s pride”
  • Obumneme – “Kind father”
  • Chidubem – “God is leading me”
  • Ogochukwu – “God’s glory”
  • Amaechi – “Who knows tomorrow?”
  • Nnenna – “Father’s mother”
  • Ezenwa – “A respected man”
  • Chiemeka – “God has done great”
  • Amarachi – “God’s grace”
  • Uchenna – “God’s will”
  • Onyinye – “Gift of God”
  • Emenike – “Attracting strength”
  • Nwabueze – “Child is king”
  • Obiageli – “Heart of wealth”
  • Ifeoma – “Good thing”
  • Odira – “Time will tell”
  • Kambili – “Let me live”
  • Nkemjika – “My own portion is greater”
  • Ikechukwu – “God’s power”
  • Adaobi – “The first daughter”
  • Tobechukwu – “Praise God”
  • Ndubuisi – “Life is first”
  • Chizoba – “God protects”
  • Nnamdi – “My father is alive”
  • Ozioma – “Good news”
  • Obumneme – “The one who pleases me”
  • Chidera – “What God has written”
  • Adanna – “Her father’s daughter”
  • Okechukwu – “God’s portion”
  • Akunna – “Father’s wealth”

Common Igbo Names

  • Chinedu – “God leads”
  • Ngozi – “Blessing”
  • Obi – “Heart”
  • Ogechi – “God’s time”
  • Chijioke – “God is the bestower of gifts”
  • Nneka – “Mother is supreme”
  • Ikechi – “God’s strength”
  • Uzoma – “Good road”
  • Chidi – “God exists”
  • Ada – “First daughter”
  • Nkem – “Mine”
  • Chinwe – “God owns”
  • Ifeanyi – “Nothing is impossible with God”
  • Oluchi – “Work of God”
  • Uche – “Wisdom”
  • Obinna – “Father’s heart”
  • Amarachi – “God’s grace”
  • Chioma – “Good God”
  • Okeke – “Born on Eke market day”
  • Olaedo – “Gold”
  • Ebere – “Mercy”
  • Oge – “Time”
  • Obiajulu – “The heart is consoled”
  • Nnenna – “Father’s mother”
  • Chukwuemeka – “God has done great”
  • Uchenna – “God’s will”
  • Onyinyechi – “God’s gift”
  • Ifunanya – “Love”
  • Chimaobi – “God knows the heart”
  • Nonye – “Mother of her kind”

Igbo Last Names

  • Okoye – “Born on Oye market day”
  • Eze – “King”
  • Nwachukwu – “Child of God”
  • Nnamani – “Father is alive”
  • Okafor – “Born on Afor market day”
  • Uzor – “Mercy”
  • Okafo – “Born on Afo market day”
  • Ezeilo – “The king’s wrath”
  • Nwadike – “Child of the warrior”
  • Ezeh – “He is good”
  • Ibe – “Born on Eke market day”
  • Ezeani – “Land’s king”
  • Obi – “Heart”
  • Okwuosa – “Talk of the community”
  • Nze – “Chief”
  • Ezeaku – “King of the land”
  • Iloh – “Sorrows”
  • Onyejekwe – “Who is greater than a lion?”
  • Nwokeke – “Man’s child”
  • Nwadiuto – “Child is sweet”
  • Ojukwu – “Death is terrible”
  • Ezenwa – “Respected man”
  • Nwadike – “Child is strong”
  • Obodozie – “The heart of the family”
  • Onwuka – “Death is supreme”
  • Okonkwo – “Born on Nkwo market day”
  • Ezeoguine – “King of the forest”
  • Nwadinobi – “Child is with me”
  • Onwubiko – “Death has paid a visit”
  • Ezeugwu – “King’s pride”

Male Igbo Names

  • Obinna – “Father’s heart”
  • Okechukwu – “God’s portion”
  • Chima – “God knows”
  • Ikechukwu – “God’s power”
  • Nnamdi – “My father is alive”
  • Ifeanyichukwu – “Nothing is impossible with God”
  • Uchenna – “God’s will”
  • Chibuike – “God is strength”
  • Ndubuisi – “Life is first”
  • Ogochukwu – “God’s glory”
  • Kenechukwu – “Praise God”
  • Chukwudi – “God lives”
  • Obiora – “Heart of the community”
  • Onyekachukwu – “Who is like God?”
  • Maduabuchi – “People are precious to God”
  • Ezechukwu – “King’s testimony”
  • Chijindu – “God holds my life”
  • Uzochukwu – “God’s way”
  • Ezediuto – “A strong man is sweet”
  • Chinedum – “God leads me”
  • Chizurum – “God’s gift”
  • Chibunna – “God gives”
  • Nkechinyere – “What God has given”
  • Chukwunweike – “God is the owner of power”
  • Ebubechukwu – “God’s glory”
  • Nwabufo – “Child is wealth”
  • Ugonna – “Father’s pride”
  • Chukwuma – “God knows best”
  • Obumneme – “Kind father”
  • Chidiebere – “God is merciful”

Female Igbo Names

Ifunanya – “Love”

Adaego – “First daughter of wealth”

Chidinma – “God is good”

Oluchi – “Work of God”

Nkemjika – “My own portion is greater”

Amarachi – “God’s grace”

Onyinyechi – “God’s gift”

Ijeoma – “Safe journey”

Chizoba – “God protects”

Adanna – “Her father’s daughter”

Nwakaego – “Child is greater than wealth”

Chisom – “God is with me”

Nkechi – “What God gave”

Obiageli – “Heart of wealth”

Ugonwanyi – “Mother of all”

Chikaima – “It’s in God’s hands”

Onyeka – “Who is greater than God?”

Chinyere – “God’s gift”

Chioma – “Good God”

Ifechukwu – “God’s light”

Nkeiru – “The best is yet to come”

Ezinne – “Good mother”

Chiazokam – “God has saved me”

Adaolisa – “Daughter of the greatest God”

Chisara – “God is with me”

Nkeiruka – “The future is greater”

Uchenna – “God’s will”

Kambili – “Let me live”

Obianuju – “Born in the midst of abundance”

Nnedimma – “Mother is good”

Funny Igbo Names

Ajuluchukwu – “The deity is angry”

Ogbanje – “The wandering child”

Ogbalu – “The noise maker”

Onyeisi – “Who knows tomorrow?”

Alenkpu – “The chatterbox”

Agbakwuru – “The one who fails at the last minute”

Okirika – “The lucky one”

Nwatakiri – “The stubborn child”

Onyeakuko – “The one who eats plenty”

Agbomma – “The fine girl”

Ajirija – “The wanderer”

Okpoo – “The gossiper”

Onyeobodo – “The town crier”

Ajuju – “The mysterious one”

Ajumobi – “The one who buries children”

Okwute – “The rock”

Akuko – “The chicken”

Onyejekwe – “Who is greater than a lion?”

Anwuru – “The troublemaker”

Onwunali – “The beggar”

Okporoko – “The dried fish”

Onyeisiugbo – “Who knows the market?”

Akalaka – “The one who succeeds in everything”

Okwuluora – “The loved one”

Agbakwuruoha – “The one who fails in many attempts”

Onyeka – “Who is greater than God?”

Okporo – “The goat”

Onyeulo – “The scatterbrain”

Ekwensu – “The devil”

Onyenweanyi – “Who is woman?”

Unique Igbo Names

Ugonnaechi – “The father’s pride”

Kamsiyochukwu – “As I asked God”

Amarachukwu – “God’s grace is great”

Dikachi – “Trust in God”

Ebubechukwuzo – “God’s glory is sufficient”

Ogadinma – “It will be well”

Onyinyeaku – “God’s gift is greater”

Nwabunwanne – “Sibling is the best companion”

Ifeyinwa – “Nothing can be compared to a child”

Chukwuebukaogu – “God is the ultimate healer”

Nkechinyerem – “What God gave me”

Kachisidechukwu – “As God has written”

Chetachukwu – “Remember God”

Obinali – “The heart of wealth”

Ihuomachukwu – “God’s words are true”

Ekeneolisa – “Praise to the greatest God”

Ifunanyachukwu – “God’s love”

Nwadikọlu – “Child is worshiped”

Chikereobi – “Creation of God”

Onyekachukwugozie – “Who is like God in blessing?”

Nnennayako – “Mother’s child is the best”

Obiageliakunna – “The heart of wealth is the father’s wealth”

Chinyelugo – “God’s thought”

Obielumnaizu – “The heart of the family is the lion”

Eziuchechukwu – “The good God”

Ifedinmauto – “If what is sweet is good”

Nwukaego – “The child is greater than wealth”

Obiageriaku – “The heart of wealth is greater”

Ochudozie – “The heart of the family is the lion”

Obiomaonu – “Good hearted person”

Cool Igbo Names

Kosisochukwu – “As it pleases God”

Ekenechukwu – “Thanks be to God”

Chukwudalu – “God leads the way”

Oluebube – “The glorious work of God”

Somtochukwu – “Join me to praise God”

Nnaemeka – “The father is doing great”

Chidiebube – “God is glorious”

Obumneme – “The one who pleases me”

Chukwudinma – “God is good”

Olaedo – “Gold”

Obumnemechi – “God has given me joy”

Ikemefuna – “May my struggle not be in vain”

Chukwuebuka – “God is great”

Onyedikachukwu – “Who is guided by God?”

Obiageli – “Heart of wealth”

Chibunnaegozie – “God gives the ultimate blessing”

Nwakaegoamaka – “Child is the best companion”

Chimamanda – “My God will never fail”

Ifunanyamaka – “Love is the best companion”

Okeziechukwu – “The time has come for God’s power”

Chukwunonyelum – “God’s eyes”

Omalichanwa – “The beautiful child”

Chiemelie – “God does with me”

Onyekachukwu – “Who is like God?”

Ebukamnachimdi – “I am praying to God”

Ogonnayachukwu – “God’s joy”

Chibuihechukwu – “God is my strength”

Obioha – “The heart of the people”

Chideraolisa – “God’s pillar”

Onyinyeanyi – “Gift of God”

Good Igbo Names

Eberechi – “Mercy of God”

Chidimma – “God is good”

Nkechi – “What God gave”

Ifechukwu – “God’s light”

Obumneme – “The one who pleases me”

Chidiebere – “God is merciful”

Ugochukwu – “God’s glory”

Chisom – “God is with me”

Onyinyechi – “God’s gift”

Ifeoma – “Good thing”

Obinna – “Father’s heart”

Uchenna – “God’s will”

Oluchi – “Work of God”

Chika – “God is the greatest”

Amarachi – “God’s grace”

Nkemjika – “My own portion is greater”

Ifeanyichukwu – “Nothing is impossible with God”

Nneka – “Mother is supreme”

Chukwudi – “God lives”

Obi – “Heart”

Chizoba – “God protects”

Onyeka – “Who is greater than God?”

Nwakaego – “Child is greater than wealth”

Chukwuebuka – “God is great”

Ogochukwu – “God’s glory”

Nnenna – “Father’s mother”

Chiemeka – “God has done great”

Uchendu – “The will of God”

Chisara – “God is with me”

Nonyelum – “The one I follow”

Famous Igbo Names

Chimamanda – “My God will never fail”

Nnamdi – “My father is alive”

Chinua – “God’s blessings”

Ifeoma – “Good thing”

Chimere – “God did it for me”

Olaudah – “God’s prosperity”

Adaobi – “The first daughter”

Chibundu – “God is my life”

Chineze – “God protects”

Kambili – “Let me live”

Obierika – “The heart of the community”

Chimdi – “My God exists”

Ifeanyi – “Nothing is impossible with God”

Adichie – “My crown”

Obinze – “The heart of the king”

Chukwuemeka – “God has done great”

Emecheta – “Mercy of God”

Olanna – “Father’s wealth”

Chigozie – “God blesses”

Adaku – “Daughter born into wealth”

Nwoye – “Born on Nwoye market day”

Chizaram – “God answered me”

Ifediora – “God’s will is a law”

Adanna – “Her father’s daughter”

Chukwudum – “God leads me”

Adindu – “The crown is alive”

Chukwudi – “God exists”

Onyeka – “Who is greater than God?”

Nnenne – “Mother of the child”

Ezeulu – “King’s son”

Igbo Names

How To Choose A Good Igbo Name

Choosing a name for a child is a momentous decision, and in the Igbo culture, it holds even greater significance. Names are not merely labels but embody the essence of one’s identity and heritage. In Igbo tradition, names are deeply intertwined with the beliefs, customs, and history of the people. Therefore, selecting a good Igbo name is a matter of cultural pride and familial heritage.

Understanding Igbo Naming Conventions:

To choose a good Igbo name, it is essential to comprehend the naming patterns and customs within the culture. Typically, Igbo names are derived from ancestors, as they believe that a child inherits the characteristics and blessings of the namesake. Often, the first-born child is named after their paternal grandfather, while the second-born is named after the maternal grandfather, and so on, thus preserving the lineage.

Symbolism and Meanings:

The beauty of Igbo names lies in their profound meanings and symbolism. Each name carries a unique significance, often inspired by natural elements, historical events, or personal experiences. For example, the name “Chidubem” translates to “God is my guide,” signifying a deep reliance on divine guidance. When choosing a name, parents should explore the meanings behind various options and select one that resonates with their values and aspirations for their child.

Modern and Traditional Names:

As Igbo culture evolves in a globalized world, parents may find themselves torn between preserving traditional naming practices and embracing modern trends. Striking a balance is key – they can choose a name that pays homage to their cultural heritage while considering contemporary options. For instance, the name “Chinonso” (God is near) maintains its traditional roots while sounding fresh and appealing to the modern ear.

Consulting Elders and Naming Ceremonies:

In Igbo tradition, seeking advice from elders is crucial in the naming process. Elders possess wisdom and insight that can guide parents in making the right choice. Moreover, naming ceremonies are an integral part of Igbo culture. They are occasions for celebration and blessings, during which the child receives their name, affirming their place within the community.

Personalizing the Name Choice:

While adhering to cultural norms is essential, parents can also add a personal touch to the name selection. They may opt for names that reflect their child’s personality traits or family values, creating a unique connection between the child and their name. This personalization ensures that the name carries a deep emotional significance and becomes a source of pride for the child as they grow.

Preserving the Igbo Identity:

Names play a vital role in preserving the rich identity of the Igbo people. As parents choose names for their children, they actively contribute to the continuity of their cultural heritage. By giving their child an Igbo name, they honor their roots and pass down the values and traditions of their ancestors to the next generation.


In conclusion, we hope that this comprehensive list of 700 Igbo names has been a delightful journey for you. Exploring the vast array of names deeply rooted in Igbo culture allows us to appreciate the richness and significance of each name. Whether you’re seeking a name for your child, creating a character for a story, or simply curious about the beauty of Igbo names, we believe you’ve found something special here.

The Igbo people have a strong sense of identity and pride in their names, and each name carries a unique meaning, often influenced by historical events, nature, or personal experiences. By embracing these names, we embrace the essence of Igbo culture and its enduring traditions.

As you continue your exploration of names, we encourage you to delve further into the stories behind each name. Let the meanings and histories inspire you, and may you find a name that resonates with your heart and soul. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we wish you all the best in your pursuit of the perfect name, one that reflects your values and aspirations, and celebrates the beauty of Igbo heritage. Happy naming!


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