700 Imp Names the Secrets of Naming Your Fantasy Creatures

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Imp Names”! If you’re looking for some creative and unique names for your fantasy characters, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Imp names that are sure to spark your imagination. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy-stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is plain that I do not accept the tone of scorn or pity with which ‘Escape’ is now so often used. Why should a man be scorned if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls?” So let’s embark on an exciting journey of naming with our Imp names!

As a naming specialist with three years of experience in the field, I’ve had the pleasure of creating unique and captivating names for various fantasy characters. Naming is an art that requires a deep understanding of the character’s traits, story, and the world they inhabit. With my expertise, I’ve honed my skills in crafting names that not only sound appealing but also resonate with the essence of the characters. Whether you’re a writer, a gamer, or simply someone who loves exploring the realm of fantasy, you’ll find valuable insights and inspiration in this article.

In this article, you can expect to discover a vast collection of Imp names that will leave you spoiled for choice. We’ve curated a list of 700 names that range from mischievous and playful to dark and mysterious. Each name has been carefully selected to evoke the essence of an Imp and bring your fantasy characters to life. So get ready to dive into a world of enchanting possibilities and find the perfect name that will make your characters unforgettable. Let’s unleash the magic of naming together!

Imp Names

Imp Names

  • Ashbane
  • Thornstrike
  • Sablewhisper
  • Obscurus
  • Zephyrflame
  • Infernoglimmer
  • Mysticshade
  • Quillfang
  • Emberlynx
  • Grimthorn
  • Celestialgaze
  • Mirthfuljester
  • Ebonclaw
  • Whisperwing
  • Flickerspark
  • Waggletail
  • Seraphicflame
  • Gloomstrike
  • Nebulaflare
  • Snickersnatch
  • Bramblescale
  • Chucklefizzle
  • Pyroclaw
  • Lunaflare
  • Sootwhisper
  • Thornflicker
  • Emberglide
  • Quipsterquill
  • Wispwhirl
  • Thunderstorm
  • Shadowclaw
  • Zephyrdust
  • Infernoshade
  • Mysticscale
  • Grimbane
  • Sablewhisk
  • Obsidianflame
  • Whimsygleam
  • Celestialsnap
  • Mirthfulmuse
  • Ebonstrike
  • Whisperwhirl
  • Fizzlepop
  • Wagglesnout
  • Seraphicglow
  • Gloomthorn
  • Nebulawhisper
  • Snickerdangle
  • Bramblewhisper
  • Chucklewhip
  • Pyroscale
  • Lunashade
  • Sootglow
  • Thornsnap
  • Emberdance
  • Quipsterquiver
  • Wispglimpse
  • Thunderclaw
  • Shadowwhisper
  • Zephyrglimmer
  • Infernoheart
  • Mysticfire
  • Grimscale
  • Sablewhim
  • Obsidianflare
  • Whimsyspark
  • Celestialwhisk
  • Mirthfulglimpse
  • Ebonflame
  • Whisperwhisp
  • Fizzlesnicker
  • Waggletwist
  • Seraphicspark
  • Gloomclaw
  • Nebuladance
  • Snickerdangle
  • Brambleglide
  • Chucklewhisk
  • Pyroflare
  • Lunawhisper

20 Imp Names With Meanings

Imp Names

  1. Emberwhisper – Flickering imp that speaks softly
  2. Shadowbane – Imp that strikes fear in shadows
  3. Glimmergaze – Imp with captivating and shimmering eyes
  4. Bramblethorn – Thorny imp that pricks with mischief
  5. Celestialwhisper – Heavenly imp that communicates discreetly
  6. Fizzlespark – Imp that creates electric sparks of chaos
  7. Zephyrclaw – Imp with swift and gusty claws
  8. Mirthfulmischief – Imp that brings laughter through mischief
  9. Obsidianfire – Dark and fiery imp with intensity
  10. Whimsykins – Playful and whimsical imp that spreads joy
  11. Graveshadow – Eerie imp lurking in the shadows
  12. Pyroclaw – Imp with blazing claws and fiery temperament
  13. Twilightwhisper – Imp that emerges at dusk, whispering secrets
  14. Quicksilver – Agile and elusive imp with fluid movements
  15. Wispwhirl – Imp that spins and dances like a wisp
  16. Sootscale – Sooty imp with shimmering scales
  17. Lunaflare – Radiant imp that embodies lunar essence
  18. Gigglesnatch – Mischievous imp that steals laughter
  19. Thunderstrike – Imp that unleashes thunderous chaos
  20. Emberlynx – Fiery and agile imp with feline grace

Imp Character Names

Imp Names

  • Zephyrthorn – Fierce and elusive
  • Grimshaw – Cunning mischief-maker
  • Shadowbane – Stealthy and deceptive
  • Infernus – Fiery and chaotic
  • Nightshade – Dark and mysterious
  • Whisperwind – Whimsical and mischievous
  • Pyroclast – Destructive and fiery
  • Stardust – Playful and enchanting
  • Venomfang – Sly and poisonous
  • Moonbeam – Evasive and ethereal
  • Sootspike – Dirty and mischievous
  • Emberheart – Passionate and fiery
  • Quicksilver – Agile and swift
  • Cindersnap – Charred and restless
  • Thornwhisper – Thorny and secretive
  • Felstrike – Malevolent and maleficent
  • Frostbite – Cold-hearted and icy
  • Gloomshadow – Gloomy and shadowy
  • Lurkscale – Sneaky and reptilian
  • Mirthful – Playful and joyous
  • Ravendusk – Dark-feathered and ominous
  • Scorchclaw – Burning and sharp-clawed
  • Spiritwisp – Ephemeral and spectral
  • Ashenfang – Ash-covered and fanged
  • Hazebristle – Misty and prickly
  • Chaosmaw – Chaotic and ravenous
  • Emberglow – Glowing and smoldering
  • Puckish – Mischievous and impish
  • Viperscale – Venomous and serpentine
  • Bristleback – Spiky and defensive

Imp Names Wow


  • Igniferox – Blazing and fierce
  • Arcanodusk – Mystical and shadowy
  • Sylphspark – Graceful and electric
  • Stygianwhisper – Dark and whispering
  • Zephyrflame – Whirlwind of fiery
  • Seraphicshade – Angelic and shadowy
  • Cindernox – Burning and enigmatic
  • Vortexclaw – Twisting and sharp-clawed
  • Pyrothorn – Fire-spitting and thorny
  • Astralsmoke – Celestial and smoky
  • Tempestfang – Stormy and fanged
  • Infernalum – Infernal and otherworldly
  • Radiantwhisper – Radiant and secretive
  • Thunderflare – Thunderous and blazing
  • Chromashade – Colorful and mysterious
  • Enigmadusk – Enigmatic and twilight
  • Frostfire – Icy and fiery
  • Voidwhisper – Void-touched and whispering
  • Auroraflame – Breathtaking and fiery
  • Galethorn – Gale-force and thorny
  • Celestialspark – Heavenly and electric
  • Ebonclaw – Dark and sharp-clawed
  • Nebulashimmer – Nebulous and shimmering
  • Flamewisp – Flaming and ethereal
  • Illusionfang – Illusive and fanged
  • Radiantember – Radiant and glowing
  • Cyclonethorn – Cyclonic and thorny
  • Novaflare – Explosive and fiery
  • Prismawhisper – Prism-like and whispering
  • Scaldclaw – Scalding and sharp-clawed

Famous Imp Names

  • Mephistopheles – Legendary mischievous
  • Puck – Shakespearean trickster
  • Loki – Norse god of mischief
  • Krampus – Alpine Christmas demon
  • Nuckelavee – Scottish water demon
  • Kobal – Demon of jokes and laughter
  • Hop-o’-My-Thumb – Clever and cunning
  • Redcap – Bloodthirsty and territorial
  • Robin Goodfellow – Shakespearean sprite
  • Alastor – Avenger and punisher
  • Impundulu – South African lightning bird
  • Huginn and Muninn – Norse raven
  • Rumpelstiltskin – Enigmatic and tricky
  • Orkney Imp – Mischevious island spirit
  • Anansi – West African trickster spider
  • Kappa – Japanese water
  • Samael – Angel of death and temptation
  • Incubus – Seductive and demonic
  • Tengu – Japanese avian trickster
  • Asmodeus – Demon of lust and wrath
  • Abarimon – Elusive and mythical
  • Stribog – Slavic god of wind
  • Phooka – Shapeshifting and prankster
  • Dantalion – 71st demon of Solomon
  • Ariel – Sprite of air and nature
  • Namahage – Japanese demon
  • Drekavac – Balkan child-stealing
  • Paimon – King of hell and knowledge
  • Callicantzaro – Greek Christmas goblin
  • Ba’al – Canaanite god of fertility

Good Imp Names

  • Arcanewhisper – Mystic and enchanting
  • Nimblefang – Agile and sharp-toothed
  • Celestialecho – Heavenly and resonating
  • Shadowglimmer – Elusive and shimmering
  • Emberwisp – Fiery and ethereal
  • Enigmascale – Mysterious and scaled
  • Stardance – Playful and sparkling
  • Lighthorn – Illuminated and horned
  • Gleamstrike – Radiant and striking
  • Serenashade – Serene and shadowy
  • Twilightspark – Dusk-kissed and electric
  • Whisperspike – Whispering and spiky
  • Mysticthorn – Mystical and thorny
  • Effervescent – Bubbly and effervescent
  • Flareclaw – Flaming and clawed
  • Wispwanderer – Wandering and ethereal
  • Shadowstrike – Stealthy and striking
  • Glimmerfire – Glowing and fiery
  • Ebonwhisper – Dark and whispering
  • Emberglide – Smoldering and gliding
  • Swiftscale – Swift and scaled
  • Lunaflare – Lunar and fiery
  • Zephyrwhisper – Breezy and whispering
  • Thornbloom – Thorny and blooming
  • Solsticeglimmer – Solstice-born and shimmering
  • Azureclaw – Blue-hued and clawed
  • Radiancewing – Radiant and winged
  • Miragestrike – Illusory and striking
  • Igniswhisper – Fire-kissed and whispering
  • Verdantthorn – Green and thorny


Best Imp Names

Zephyrblade – Swift and sharp

Infernoshade – Fiery and shadowy

Mysticflame – Mystical and blazing

Seraphicwhisper – Angelic and whispering

Emberstorm – Fiery and stormy

Thunderstrike – Thunderous and striking

Stardustspark – Enchanting and sparkling

Celestialscale – Heavenly and scaled

Pyrothorn – Fire-spitting and thorny

Enigmatwist – Mysterious and twisting

Moonshadow – Lunar and shadowy

Astralglide – Celestial and gliding

Vortexfang – Swirling and fanged

Radiantflame – Radiant and flaming

Nebulawhisper – Nebulous and whispering

Frostbite – Icy and biting

Solsticeblaze – Solstice-born and blazing

Zephyrglimmer – Breezy and shimmering

Infernospike – Fiery and spiky

Mysticscale – Mystical and scaled

Thunderstorm – Stormy and thunderous

Celestialwhisper – Heavenly and whispering

Emberglide – Gliding and smoldering

Twilightthorn – Dusk-kissed and thorny

Azureflame – Blue-hued and fiery

Seraphicstrike – Angelic and striking

Radiancewhisper – Radiant and whispering

Nebulaburst – Nebulous and bursting

Vortexclaw – Swirling and clawed

Frostwind – Icy and wind-born


Funny Imp Names


Pranksterpants – Mischievous imp with humor

Snickerdoodle – Chuckling and mischievous

Whimsykins – Playful and whimsical

Mirthfulmischief – Mischievous imp full of mirth

Gigglefizzle – Giggling and fizzling

Chucklesnatch – Snickering and playful

Wagglesnout – Wiggly-nosed and mischievous

Jesterling – Juggling and jesting

Gigglegoblin – Giggling and goblin-like

Chortlespark – Chortling and sparkly

Wittywhisper – Witty and whispering

Mischiefmaker – Classic mischief-making

Gigglesnicker – Snickering and giggling

Quipsterquill – Quick-witted and quill-wielding

Jestercackle – Cackling and jesting

Waggletail – Playful and tail-wagging

Grinmischief – Grinning and mischievous

Chucklechomp – Chuckling and toothy

Snickerdangle – Snickering and dangling

Quirkywhiskers – Quirky and whiskered

Guffawglint – Guffawing and gleaming

Jesterjinx – Juggling and jinxing

Snickerdoodle – Chuckling and mischievous

Giggleswizzle – Giggling and sizzling

Playfulprank – Playful and prank-loving

Wittywiggle – Witty and wiggly

Jestfuljingle – Jovial and jingling

Giggleglimpse – Giggling and fleeting

Snickerdangle – Snickering and dangling

Quipsterquill – Quick-witted and quill-wielding

Imp Names Male

Ashcroft – Charred and crafty

Ebonheart – Dark and resolute

Bramblethorn – Thorny and resilient

Malachite – Fiery and cunning

Sootshade – Sooty and elusive

Emberclaw – Fiery and fierce

Obsidian – Dark and formidable

Blazewing – Blazing and soaring

Grimshadow – Grim and shadowy

Flintstrike – Flint-like and striking

Thunderspark – Thunderous and sparking

Infernalshade – Infernal and shadowy

Ravenwing – Raven-like and swift

Coalburn – Charred and burning

Gloomfang – Gloomy and fanged

Stormclaw – Stormy and clawed

Obsidian – Dark and unyielding

Ashenheart – Ashen and courageous

Cindermaw – Fiery and voracious

Obscurus – Obscure and enigmatic

Brimstone – Sizzling and intense

Emberstrike – Fiery and forceful

Thunderclaw – Thunderous and clawed

Pyroshade – Fire-born and shadowy

Charcoal – Charred and resilient

Sootscale – Sooty and scaled

Stormblade – Stormy and sharp

Emberfang – Fiery and toothy

Darkflame – Dark and fiery

Blazethorn – Burning and thorny

Imp Names Female

Lilith – Seductive and powerful

Ebonfire – Dark and passionate

Vespera – Evening-born and alluring

Emberlyn – Fiery and graceful

Sable – Dark and mysterious

Ashenwing – Ashen and elegant

Twilight – Dusk-kissed and enchanting

Ravena – Raven-like and cunning

Emberlynn – Fiery and radiant

Obsidian – Dark and mesmerizing

Seraphina – Angelic and ethereal

Cinderella – Fiery and enchanting

Luna – Moon-inspired and captivating

Nocturna – Night-born and mysterious

Emberlynne – Fiery and alluring

Ashlynn – Ashen and bewitching

Tempest – Stormy and fierce

Obscuria – Obscure and elusive

Aurora – Radiant and captivating

Stormraven – Stormy and cunning

Sootlyn – Sooty and elegant

Cinderella – Fiery and captivating

Dusk – Twilight-born and intriguing

Emberlynx – Fiery and feline

Darkmoon – Dark and mystical

Ashira – Ashen and powerful

Shadowfire – Shadowy and passionate

Emberlynx – Fiery and agile

Obsidian – Dark and seductive

Seraphina – Angelic and enchanting


Imp Demon Names


Belial – Deceptive and cunning demon

Abaddon – Destroyer and tormentor demon

Lilith – Seductive and powerful demon

Asmodeus – Demon of lust and wrath

Beelzebub – Lord of the flies demon

Mammon – Demon of greed and wealth

Belphegor – Demon of sloth and idleness

Leviathan – Sea monster demon

Azazel – Fallen angel and scapegoat demon

Astaroth – Duke of hell and temptation

Moloch – Demon of child sacrifice

Sammael – Angel of death and temptation

Baalzebub – Lord of the flies demon

Belphégor – Demon of sloth and idleness

Azrael – Angel of death and transformation

Amon – Marquis of hell and knowledge

Beleth – King of hell and seduction

Nybbas – Demon of dreams and illusions

Ashtaroth – Demon of lust and temptation

Marbas – President of hell and healing

Ronwe – Demon of knowledge and rhetoric

Dagon – Sea god and demon

Malphas – President of hell and builder

Marchosias – Marquis of hell and transformation

Halphas – Earl of hell and war

Morax – Demon of knowledge and wealth

Furfur – Earl of hell and storms

Vepar – Duke of hell and water

Forneus – Marquis of hell and divination

Buer – President of hell and healing

Imp Names


How To Choose A Good Imp Name

Choosing a good Imp name is an essential part of crafting a captivating fantasy world. Just as the name carries significance in our everyday lives, it holds immense power in the realm of fiction. A well-chosen Imp name sets the tone for your fantasy world, evoking curiosity and capturing the essence of these mischievous creatures. In this article, we’ll explore the art of selecting a good Imp name that not only resonates with your audience but also adds depth to your characters.

Understanding Imps and their characteristics:

Before diving into the naming process, it’s crucial to understand the nature of Imps themselves. Imps have long been a part of folklore and fantasy, known for their mischievous and often unpredictable behavior. They are often depicted as small, supernatural creatures with a penchant for causing trouble. When choosing an Imp name, it’s important to consider these characteristics, as the name should reflect their nature and add an extra layer of authenticity to your storytelling.

Researching Imp names:

One of the most effective ways to find inspiration for Imp names is to delve into mythology, folklore, and existing fantasy works. These sources can provide a wealth of unique and intriguing names that align with the lore surrounding Imps. Explore ancient mythologies, such as Norse or Celtic, where Imp-like creatures may have been mentioned. Additionally, immerse yourself in fantasy literature and games, taking note of the names that stand out and resonate with you. Remember, research is the foundation upon which you’ll build your own creative ideas.

Considering the context and purpose:

A good Imp name should not only suit the creature’s characteristics but also align with their role and purpose within your story or game. Consider the personality traits of your Imp character and the role they play in the narrative. Are they mischievous tricksters or loyal companions? Let their traits guide you in selecting a name that encapsulates their essence. Additionally, think about how the chosen name fits within the larger context of your fantasy world. Does it mesh well with the overall theme and atmosphere you’re aiming to create?

Wordplay and creativity in naming:

When it comes to Imp names, wordplay and creativity can elevate the naming process to new heights. Experiment with sounds, syllables, and linguistic elements to create names that are distinct and memorable. Consider combining words or creating portmanteaus to generate unique and evocative names. For example, “Whispertwist” or “Shadowfire.” These creative twists add depth to the naming process and make your Imp characters stand out in the minds of your audience.

Testing and refining your chosen name:

Once you’ve settled on a potential Imp name, it’s essential to test it and gather feedback. Share the name with trusted friends, fellow writers, or members of your gaming community to gauge their reactions. Consider their opinions on the name’s suitability and overall appeal. Additionally, evaluate the name’s ease of pronunciation and memorability. A good Imp name should roll off the tongue and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Avoiding common pitfalls:

While exploring Imp names, it’s crucial to avoid common pitfalls that can diminish the impact of your characters. Steer clear of clichéd names that have been overused in fantasy literature and gaming. Instead, strive for originality and a touch of uniqueness. Furthermore, it’s essential to ensure cultural sensitivity when naming your Imp characters. Avoid perpetuating stereotypes or appropriating cultural elements without proper understanding or respect.

Embracing uniqueness and originality:

In the vast realm of fantasy naming, embracing uniqueness and originality is key. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and break away from conventions. Consider combining different elements, such as descriptive terms or unexpected linguistic features, to create a truly distinct Imp name. Let your imagination soar and allow your creativity to flow freely as you breathe life into your Imp characters through their names.


In conclusion, we hope that our article on “700 Imp Names” has provided you with a treasure trove of inspiration for your fantasy characters. Naming is a vital aspect of character development, and finding the right name can add depth and personality to your creations. Whether you’re writing a novel, playing a role-playing game, or simply indulging in your imagination, choosing the perfect Imp name can bring your characters to life and captivate your audience.

Remember, the key to finding a unique name lies in exploring different sources of inspiration and allowing your creativity to flow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment with sounds and meanings, and let your intuition guide you. Our extensive list of Imp names offers a wide range of options to suit various personalities, settings, and storylines. We encourage you to take your time, delve into the nuances of each name, and select the one that resonates with you and your vision.

As you embark on your naming journey, remember that the name is just the beginning. It’s the foundation upon which you can build a rich and captivating character. Combine it with a well-crafted backstory, unique traits, and compelling motivations, and you’ll have a character that will come alive on the pages of your story or within the realms of your game. We wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavors and hope that our Imp names have sparked your imagination and set you on the path to crafting unforgettable characters. Happy naming!


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