700 Jotunn Names the Secrets of Norse Giants for Unforgettable Characters

Welcome to our blog article on the fascinating topic of “700 Jotunn Names”! In this post, we’ll be sharing a collection of creative and captivating names inspired by the jotunn, the formidable giants of Norse mythology. As J.R.R. Tolkien once said, “In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.” Similarly, in the vast realms of fantasy, names hold immense power, breathing life into characters and worlds alike.

With three years of experience as a Naming Specialist, I’ve delved deep into the art of crafting unique and evocative names for fantasy characters. I’ve spent countless hours studying the rich tapestry of mythology and folklore, drawing inspiration from ancient legends to create names that resonate with strength, mystery, and awe. Naming is an art, and through my journey, I’ve developed a keen eye for selecting names that capture the essence of a character or creature.

If you’re seeking a name that will make your jotunn stand out in the realm of imagination, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I promise to take you on a journey through 700 carefully curated jotunn names, each one brimming with individuality and charm. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a gamer looking for a unique character name, or simply a lover of Norse mythology, prepare to be enchanted as we unveil an array of captivating names that will add depth and authenticity to your creations.

Jotunn Names

Jatunn Names

  • Hjalmar Frostjaw
  • Vigdis Thunderblade
  • Asmundr Iceborne
  • Ragnhildr Stormbreaker
  • Jotur Ironheart
  • Gudrun Frostclaw
  • Thorkell Thunderstrike
  • Ingeborg Icestorm
  • Halfdan Frostshield
  • Sigrun Thunderflame
  • Haraldr Iceshard
  • Thordis Stormfury
  • Eirikr Frostfang
  • Astridr Thunderstorm
  • Oskar Icebane
  • Ragna Thunderhand
  • Ingridr Frostfire
  • Freyr Thunderbeard
  • Brynja Frostfury
  • Asgeir Stormbreaker
  • Gisli Iceheart
  • Hildr Thunderstrike
  • Eira Frostgale
  • Gunnarr Stormwielder
  • Svein Ironfrost
  • Inga Frostwhisper
  • Ketill Thunderclap
  • Sigrun Iceshield
  • Torsten Frostbrand
  • Elin Thunderflame
  • Sigurd Frostjaw
  • Greta Thunderblade
  • Arvid Iceborne
  • Gudrid Stormbreaker
  • Thorgunnr Thunderstrike
  • Sigyn Frostclaw
  • Hrafn Icestorm
  • Ragnvaldr Thunderstrike
  • Ingrida Frostfire
  • Halfgrim Iceheart
  • Astridr Stormfury
  • Steinunn Frostfang
  • Ragnhildr Thunderstorm
  • Jotul Ironheart
  • Gudlaug Frostshield
  • Aslaug Thunderflame
  • Eyvindr Iceshard
  • Thora Stormfrost
  • Eirunn Thunderhand
  • Freyja Frostbane
  • Brynjolf Thunderstrike
  • Haraldsdottir Icebane
  • Ragna Thunderflame
  • Ingrun Frostgale
  • Thorbrandr Stormbreaker
  • Gunnlaugr Iceheart
  • Svanhildr Thunderstrike
  • Elina Frostgale
  • Helgi Stormwielder
  • Skuli Ironfrost
  • Jarnhild Frostwhisper
  • Hakon Thunderclap
  • Gunvor Iceshield
  • Thorstein Frostbrand
  • Estrid Thunderflame
  • Sigtrygg Frostjaw
  • Freydis Thunderblade
  • Agnar Iceborne
  • Asger Stormbreaker
  • Gudny Thunderstrike
  • Thorkatla Frostclaw
  • Ragnald Icestorm
  • Inghildr Thunderstrike
  • Sigridda Frostfire
  • Halfdan Thunderbeard
  • Gunnvor Frostfury
  • Thorodd Stormbreaker
  • Ulfric Iceheart
  • Ingrida Thunderstrike
  • Hrafnhildr Frostgale

20 Jotunn Names With Meanings

Jatunn Names

  1. Njordr Stormbreaker: Unleashing tempests, he shatters barriers.
  2. Eirikr Frostfang: With icy teeth, he strikes fear.
  3. Astridr Thunderstorm: Electrifying and fierce, a force unleashed.
  4. Ragnarr Iceheart: Frozen core, a relentless warrior.
  5. Freyja Frostfire: A captivating beauty, radiating icy flames.
  6. Bjorn Ironsides: Unyielding and resilient, an indomitable presence.
  7. Ingridr Thunderclap: Roaring echoes, heralding imminent power.
  8. Torunn Frostgaze: Piercing eyes, freezing hearts in awe.
  9. Solveig Stormdancer: Dancing amidst storms, untamed grace.
  10. Ragnarok Icebane: Defying icy doom, a conqueror rises.
  11. Hilda Frostbrand: Brandishing frost, she commands respect.
  12. Ulfric Thunderstrike: Thunderous blows, resounding dominance.
  13. Brynhildr Icewhisper: Whispering ice, her secrets unfold.
  14. Gunnar Frostwielder: Mastering frost, wielding its chilling might.
  15. Runa Stormweaver: Weaving storms, a sorceress of tempests.
  16. Einar Ironfrost: Forged in ice, unyielding and formidable.
  17. Astridr Frostborn: Born of frost, her presence chills.
  18. Leif Thundercrash: Crashing thunder, destructive and awe-
  19. Sigrid Iceblade: Cold steel glinting, a lethal warrior.
  20. Kára Stormcaller: Summoning storms, her voice reverberates.

Norse Jotun Names

Jatunn Names

  • Hrungnir – “Giant of Strength”
  • Thokk – “Frosty One”
  • Surt – “Black One”
  • Bergelmir – “Mountain Roarer”
  • Hyrrokkin – “Fire Smoker”
  • Thrym – “Thundering Noise”
  • Skrymir – “Huge One”
  • Grid – “Greedy One”
  • Gerd – “Enclosed One”
  • Utgard-Loki – “Beyond Loki”
  • Farbauti – “Cruel Striker”
  • Logi – “Fire”
  • Gymir – “Giant”
  • Thokk – “Frosty Breath”
  • Geirrod – “Spear Power”
  • Gjalp – “Bellow”
  • Fafnir – “Embracer”
  • Laufey – “Leafy One”
  • Thiazi – “Blaze”
  • Angrboda – “She Who Offers Sorrow”
  • Hymir – “Shimmer”
  • Ymir – “Roarer”
  • Ran – “Robbery”
  • Aurboda – “Gravel Biter”
  • Alvaldi – “All-Wielder”
  • Groa – “Grumbler”
  • Skadi – “Harm”
  • Harbard – “Greybeard”
  • Narfi – “Seizer”
  • Grid – “Grumbler”

Jotunn Male Names

Jatunn Names

  • Vindr – “Storm”
  • Frosti – “Frost”
  • Eldthurs – “Fire Giant”
  • Havtorn – “Sea Buckthorn”
  • Mjollnir – “Crusher”
  • Hrungnir – “Boulder”
  • Norfi – “Shrinker”
  • Jormungand – “World Serpent”
  • Skrymir – “Mighty One”
  • Eikthyrnir – “Oak Thorn”
  • Stalo – “Lurker”
  • Bolverk – “Evil-Doer”
  • Frostfeng – “Frost Fist”
  • Jotunbjorn – “Giant Bear”
  • Eldgrim – “Fire Mask”
  • Logi – “Flame”
  • Fjalar – “Sly”
  • Gunnlod – “Battle Inviter”
  • Hyrrokkin – “Fire Roarer”
  • Rimefrost – “Frozen Frost”
  • Grendel – “Marauder”
  • Thrym – “Noise”
  • Bergelmir – “Mountain Giant”
  • Mimir – “Memory”
  • Geirrod – “Spear Might”
  • Ymir – “Roaring Giant”
  • Utgard-Loki – “Beyond Loki”
  • Fafnir – “Gripping One”
  • Angrboda – “Bearer of Anguish”
  • Hymir – “Shimmering Frost”

Jotunn Female Names

  • Skadi – “Harmful”
  • Hel – “Hidden”
  • Gersemi – “Precious”
  • Gerd – “Enclosure”
  • Ran – “Robber”
  • Skoll – “Mockery”
  • Gullveig – “Gold Intoxication”
  • Hildr – “Battle”
  • Jarnsaxa – “Iron Cutlass”
  • Hyrrokkin – “Fire Mover”
  • Fjorgyn – “Earth”
  • Grid – “Greedy One”
  • Ymir – “Roaring One”
  • Jord – “Earth”
  • Bergthora – “Mountain Goddess”
  • Thiazi – “Fiery Tempest”
  • Angrboda – “Bearer of Anguish”
  • Skrymir – “Giant One”
  • Thokk – “Frosty Breath”
  • Farbauti – “Cruel Striker”
  • Groa – “Grumbler”
  • Rind – “Shield”
  • Laufey – “Leafy”
  • Alvaldi – “All-Wielder”
  • Gunlod – “Battle Inviter”
  • Aurboda – “Gravel Biter”
  • Grid – “Grumbler”
  • Gjalp – “Bellow”
  • Thokk – “Cold Breath”
  • Gjoll – “Loud Shout”

Unique Jotunn Names

  • Haelgrim – “Heroic Ghost”
  • Isolf – “Ice Wolf”
  • Thrumlok – “Thunderous Hammer”
  • Frosthilda – “Frost Battle”
  • Njallgrim – “Valiant Flame”
  • Frostwolf – “Frozen Hunter”
  • Stormbringer – “Tempest Caller”
  • Glaciala – “Ice Sorceress”
  • Skalf – “Frost Horn”
  • Thrumgar – “Thunderous Roar”
  • Frostweaver – “Ice Magician”
  • Jotunskald – “Giant Skald”
  • Blazeknight – “Fire Warrior”
  • Iceblade – “Frozen Sword”
  • Driftwolf – “Wandering Wolf”
  • Frostthorn – “Icy Thorn”
  • Thunderjaw – “Roaring Beast”
  • Skynorn – “Cloud Giant”
  • Fjordancer – “Frozen Dancer”
  • Thunderstrike – “Electrifying Blow”
  • Mjollfrost – “Ice Crusher”
  • Frostborne – “Frozen Warrior”
  • Iceweaver – “Frost Enchanter”
  • Hrimtalon – “Frosty Claw”
  • Thunderrage – “Roaring Wrath”
  • Frostgaze – “Icy Stare”
  • Wyrmfrost – “Dragon’s Frost”
  • Stormcaller – “Tempest Summoner”
  • Frostnova – “Icy Explosion”
  • Thunderraven – “Roaring Bird”

Funny Jotunn Names

Chilly McBiggie – “Icy Goliath”

Frosty Von Thunderpants – “Freezing Thunder”

Biggy McFrostface – “Giant Icy Face”

Jotunna Bignose – “Big-Nosed Giantess”

Frosty McFrostington – “Chilled Frost Master”

Thundertoes – “Roaring Feet”

Icy McChillerson – “Frosty Jotunn”

Chubs McFreeze – “Chunky Frost”

Frosty Whiskers – “Chilled Facial Hair”

Jotunna Bellyrumbler – “Giantess with a Rumbling Belly”

Frosty McJotunn – “Cold Giant”

Thundersnort – “Roaring Snort”

Biggy McFreezy – “Huge Frosty”

Frostbeard – “Icy Facial Hair”

Jotunna McSnowbelly – “Giantess with a Snowy Belly”

Icy McThunderclap – “Frosty Roar”

Frosty McChillface – “Chilled Visage”

Thundertummy – “Roaring Stomach”

Frosty McJotunn – “Mister Cold Giant”

Frostnose – “Icy Snout”

Jotunna Gigglebelly – “Giantess with a Giggling Belly”

Frosty McFrostyson – “Cold Frost”

Thunderbuns – “Roaring Buttocks”

Icy McChillgiant – “Frosty Jotunn”

Chubby McFreezington – “Plump Frost Master”

Frosty Whiskerface – “Chilled Facial Hair”

Jotunna McChillybelly – “Giantess with a Chilly Belly”

Icy McThunderfeet – “Frosty Roar”

Frostbeef – “Icy Meat”

Thundersneeze – “Roaring Sneeze”

Famous Jotunn Names

Ymir Frost-Giant – “Legendary Frozen Giant”

Skadi Frostborn – “Renowned Ice Goddess”

Thrym Thunderbane – “Famous Thunder Slayer”

Bergelmir Mountain-Raiser – “Celeb Giant Creator”

Gerd Giantess of Beauty – “Iconic Beautiful Jotunna”

Utgard-Loki Trickster – “Legendary Tricky Jotunn”

Hrungnir Giant of Strength – “Eminent Powerful Jotunn”

Skrymir the Mighty – “Notable Strong Jotunn”

Farbauti Cruel Striker – “Infamous Savage Jotunn”

Grid the Greedy – “Well-Known Avaricious Jotunna”

Thokk Frosty One – “Prominent Frost Giant”

Angrboda Bearer of Anguish – “Famed Sorrowful Giantess”

Surt the Black – “Noted Dark Jotunn”

Laufey Leafy One – “Famous Foliage Jotunna”

Gjalp the Bellow – “Celebrated Roaring Jotunna”

Fafnir the Embracer – “Eminent Hugging Jotunn”

Hymir the Shimmering – “Renowned Shining Jotunn”

Logi the Fire – “Iconic Fiery Giant”

Hyrrokkin Fire Smoker – “Famous Smoke-Breathing Jotunna”

Thiazi the Blaze – “Notable Fiery Jotunn”

Gymir the Giant – “Legendary Colossal Jotunn”

Narfi the Seizer – “Renowned Capturing Jotunn”

Aurboda the Gravel Biter – “Famed Stone-Chewing Jotunna”

Groa the Grumbler – “Prominent Complaining Jotunna”

Ran the Robbery – “Noted Stealing Jotunna”

Harbard the Greybeard – “Eminent Elder Jotunn”

Gunnlod the Battle Inviter – “Celebrated War-Inducing Jotunna”

Mimir the Memory – “Famous Remembrance Jotunn”

Eikthyrnir the Oak Thorn – “Renowned Thorny Jotunn”

Gjoll the Loud Shout – “Iconic Noisy Jotunn”

Cool Jotunn Names

Frostbane – “Cold-Dispeller”

Thunderstrike – “Electrifying Blow”

Hailstorm – “Frozen Tempest”

Frostfall – “Icy Descent”

Thunderclap – “Roaring Thunder”

Glacierborn – “Frozen Birth”

Frostbite – “Icy Numbness”

Thunderheart – “Roaring Passion”

Hailstone – “Frozen Projectile”

Frostfire – “Icy Flames”

Thundercrash – “Roaring Collision”

Iceblood – “Frozen Essence”

Frostbringer – “Chilled Emissary”

Thunderfury – “Roaring Wrath”

Frostgale – “Icy Wind”

Frostvein – “Frozen Vein”

Thunderstorm – “Roaring Tempest”

Iceborn – “Frozen Birth”

Froststrike – “Icy Blow”

Thunderbolt – “Roaring Lightning”

Frostblight – “Chilling Disease”

Thunderheart – “Roaring Emotion”

Hailfrost – “Frozen Hail”

Frostfury – “Icy Wrath”

Thunderquake – “Roaring Earthquake”

Icestorm – “Frozen Tempest”

Frostfallen – “Chilled Descent”

Thunderstrike – “Roaring Strike”

Frostglacier – “Icy Ice”

Thundercrack – “Roaring Crack”

Catchy Jotunn Names

Frostbane – “Banisher of Cold”

Thunderstrike – “Blazing Roar”

Hailstorm – “Frozen Torrent”

Frostfall – “Chill Cascade”

Thunderclap – “Resounding Thunder”

Glacierborn – “Frozen Prodigy”

Frostbite – “Icy Gnaw”

Thunderheart – “Roaring Beat”

Hailstone – “Frozen Pebble”

Frostfire – “Chilled Blaze”

Thundercrash – “Roaring Impact”

Iceblood – “Frozen Essence”

Frostbringer – “Icy Messenger”

Thunderfury – “Roaring Vengeance”

Frostgale – “Chill Gust”

Frostvein – “Icy Rivulet”

Thunderstorm – “Resonating Tempest”

Iceborn – “Frozen Heir”

Froststrike – “Icy Strike”

Thunderbolt – “Roaring Bolt”

Frostblight – “Chilling Blight”

Thunderheart – “Roaring Soul”

Hailfrost – “Frozen Rime”

Frostfury – “Icy Fury”

Thunderquake – “Roaring Tremor”

Icestorm – “Frozen Storm”

Frostfallen – “Chilled Tumble”

Thunderstrike – “Resounding Blow”

Frostglacier – “Icy Glacier”

Thundercrack – “Roaring Break”

Best Jotunn Names

Ymir – “Roaring Frost Giant”

Skadi – “Goddess of Ice”

Thrym – “Thunderous Jotunn Lord”

Bergelmir – “Mountainous Giant”

Gerd – “Beautiful Giantess”

Hrungnir – “Mighty Frost Warrior”

Skrymir – “Giant of Legends”

Farbauti – “Cruel and Fierce”

Grid – “Powerful Giantess”

Angrboda – “Bringer of Sorrow”

Surt – “Master of Fire Giants”

Laufey – “Leafy Giantess”

Fafnir – “Gripping and Powerful”

Hyrrokkin – “Giantess of Fire”

Logi – “Flaming Giant”

Gjalp – “Roaring and Mighty”

Thokk – “Frosty Jotunn Queen”

Gymir – “Ancient and Wise”

Rind – “Shield Maiden Giantess”

Jormungand – “World-Encircling Serpent”

Gunnlod – “Inviter of Battles”

Eikthyrnir – “Mighty Giant with Thorn”

Groa – “Wise and Knowledgeable”

Ran – “Marauding Giantess”

Aurboda – “Jotunn with Gravel Bite”

Narfi – “Seizing and Powerful”

Harbard – “Greybeard Jotunn Sage”

Mimir – “Giant of Memory”

Thiazi – “Fiery and Fearsome”

Gullveig – “Golden Giantess of Power”

Jotunn Names

How To Choose A Good Jotunn Name

Jotunns, the mighty beings of Norse mythology, captivate our imagination with their power and enigmatic nature. Choosing a good Jotunn name is not only an exercise in creativity but also a way to honor the rich heritage of Norse mythology. In this article, we will explore the art of selecting a good Jotunn name, celebrating the allure and significance of these mythical beings in Norse culture.

Exploring Jotunn Mythology and Culture

To choose a good Jotunn name, it is crucial to delve into the world of Norse mythology and understand the significance of Jotunns. Jotunns are powerful giants associated with nature, chaos, and the elemental forces. Unveil the rich mythology surrounding Jotunns, their roles in Norse cosmology, and their interactions with gods and humans. Explore the symbolism and meanings associated with Jotunn names, as they often reflect the unique characteristics and traits of these formidable beings. By immersing ourselves in Jotunn culture, we gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of a well-chosen name.

Researching Norse Mythology and Jotunn Lore

To find inspiration for a good Jotunn name, embark on a journey through the annals of Norse mythology. Delve into ancient Norse texts, sagas, and Eddas that depict the tales of Jotunns. Study their origins, characteristics, and their interactions with other mythological beings. Uncover the rich symbolism and mythology behind Jotunn names, as they often carry hidden meanings and represent aspects of nature or cosmic forces. By delving into the depths of Norse mythology, you will find a wellspring of inspiration to guide you in choosing the perfect Jotunn name.

Reflecting Personal Connection and Identity

Choosing a Jotunn name goes beyond mythology—it reflects personal connection and identity. Reflect on your personal interests and fascination with Norse mythology. Explore the connections you feel to the characteristics, traits, or aspects of Jotunns that resonate with you. Unveil your personal aspirations within the realm of Norse mythology, considering how your chosen Jotunn name can align with your values and beliefs. By infusing your Jotunn name with personal meaning and connection, you create a unique bond with the ancient heritage and symbolism of Norse mythology.

Sound and Aesthetic Appeal

The sound and aesthetic appeal of a Jotunn name are significant considerations. Embrace the powerful and rugged sounds of Old Norse, allowing the name to resonate with strength and grandeur. Strike a balance between unique sounds and cultural resonance, ensuring that the chosen name captures the essence of Jotunn nature. Additionally, consider the visual impact of the name when written, ensuring it carries an aesthetic charm that aligns with the ancient Norse world.

Infusing Mythological Themes and Symbolism

Infusing mythological themes and symbolism into a Jotunn name adds depth and significance. Incorporate references from Norse mythology, such as elemental forces, natural phenomena, or specific Jotunn attributes. Explore the meanings and significance of ancient Norse symbols and incorporate them into the name. Choose a name that reflects your personal values and beliefs, infusing your Jotunn’s identity with a deeper sense of mythological themes and symbolism.

Seeking Inspiration and Feedback

As you narrow down your choices, seek inspiration from Norse mythology and literature. Immerse yourself in the stories, artwork, and interpretations of Norse mythology. Share your name options with fellow enthusiasts of Norse mythology, as they can provide valuable insights and perspectives. Consider seeking expert opinions from scholars or individuals well-versed in Norse mythology. Embrace diverse perspectives and feedback to refine your choices and ensure your Jotunn name is both authentic and resonant.


In conclusion, we have embarked on a remarkable exploration of 700 Jotunn names, drawing inspiration from the ancient Norse mythology and weaving a tapestry of creativity. Throughout this article, we have unveiled names that embody the strength, majesty, and enigma of these legendary giants. Whether you’re crafting a story, designing a game, or simply seeking a unique name, this extensive collection is sure to ignite your imagination and add a touch of grandeur to your creations.

Remember, the power of a name lies in its ability to transport us to other realms and evoke emotions. Each name on this list has been carefully selected to offer a distinct and memorable identity to your Jotunn characters. From thunderous names that command attention to serene names that exude wisdom, you’ll find a range of options to suit your specific needs.

So go forth, fellow adventurers, armed with these 700 Jotunn names, and let your imagination soar. Embrace the richness of Norse mythology, breathe life into your characters, and carve your own tales in the annals of fantasy. May these names guide you on a captivating journey where giants tread, and may your creations be forever etched in the minds of those who encounter them.


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