700 Authentic Khmer Names for Your Loved Ones

In this blog post, we are thrilled to present a collection of creative Khmer names that will captivate your imagination. As Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Indeed, names have a unique power to evoke emotions and shape our perceptions. So, get ready to embark on a journey through a rich assortment of Khmer names that carry profound meanings and cultural significance.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I have delved deep into the art of naming, particularly in the realm of fantasy characters. Crafting names that resonate with a character’s personality, background, and story is an exhilarating process. Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand how the perfect name can breathe life into a fictional persona and make them unforgettable. Now, I am excited to bring this expertise to the realm of Khmer names, unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities for you.

In the pages that follow, you can expect to discover a plethora of unique and enchanting Khmer names. Whether you’re seeking a name for a new family member, a beloved pet, a character in your story, or simply want to explore the beauty of Khmer language and culture, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find that one special name that will leave a lasting impression and resonate with your heart and soul.

Khmer Names

Khmer Names

  • Sophorn
  • Sopheap
  • Chankrisna
  • Chamnan
  • Veasna
  • Rotha
  • Sokun
  • Serey
  • Piseth
  • Samnang
  • Davuth
  • Monika
  • Rany
  • Sovannary
  • Theary
  • Panha
  • Rattana
  • Chomreang
  • Vichet
  • Sophea
  • Sokheng
  • Chantha
  • Vanna
  • Kimly
  • Davika
  • Sarith
  • Veata
  • Rathana
  • Chanleakna
  • Chenda
  • Phirun
  • Panit
  • Kunthea
  • Sameth
  • Rith
  • Sokha
  • Monorath
  • Thavry
  • Khemara
  • Sopanha
  • Samaly
  • Vichea
  • Kanha
  • Srey
  • Phearun
  • Thida
  • Veary
  • Pisey
  • Rasmey
  • Sopanith
  • Chheng
  • Monorith
  • Chou
  • Panhavuth
  • Sreyleak
  • Chamroeun
  • Vireak
  • Phirum
  • Mony
  • Sokchea
  • Sopheaphea
  • Chansophea
  • Sopheapvan
  • Chhorda
  • Davysamrach
  • Khemary
  • Khemara
  • Leakhna
  • Virak
  • Puthika
  • Phally
  • Tha
  • Thavy
  • Keo
  • Pisal
  • Visoth
  • Sokphally
  • Sarak
  • Sothea
  • Bophary

20 Khmer Names With Meanings

Khmer Names

  1. Khemira: A radiant name symbolizing eternal beauty.
  2. Sovannakiri: A treasure of golden splendor.
  3. Rathanika: A jewel-like name exuding brilliance.
  4. Pichpisey: A diamond of triumphant victory.
  5. Visakha: A bright star of auspiciousness.
  6. Chendaora: A melodious and charming presence.
  7. Chandavy: A graceful moonlight dancer.
  8. Vattanaksa: A royal lineage of great eminence.
  9. Viriya: A name representing boundless determination.
  10. Chanmonyka: A serene moonlit tranquility.
  11. Samudra: A vast ocean of wisdom.
  12. Sokny: A peaceful and gentle soul.
  13. Chetanakara: A creative and intelligent artist.
  14. ThidaVichea: A radiant and wise scholar.
  15. Chamroenpich: A majestic diamond of courage.
  16. DavyVisal: A beloved and prominent presence.
  17. KuntheaBorey: A noble and beautiful flower.
  18. Veasnasotra: A destiny adorned with fragrance.
  19. MoniSopheap: A wise and elegant blossom.
  20. ChakriyaChampei: A skillful frangipani enchantress.

Good Khmer Names

Khmer Names

  • Sopheap – “Blossom of kindness”
  • Samnang – “Lucky and auspicious”
  • Veasna – “Wisdom and enlightenment”
  • Chandara – “Moonlit heart”
  • Chantha – “Resplendent charm”
  • Vannak – “Heaven’s offering”
  • Rasmey – “Eternal delight”
  • Serey – “Genuine and honest”
  • Sothy – “Clever and sharp-minded”
  • Phearun – “Ray of hope”
  • Rothana – “Growth and development”
  • Davuth – “Protector of truth”
  • Sokchea – “Boundless brilliance”
  • Chamnan – “Talented and skilled”
  • Borey – “Noble and honorable”
  • Channary – “Like a moonbeam”
  • Saney – “Blessed and fortunate”
  • Malis – “Jasmine flower”
  • Chetra – “Universe of power”
  • Panha – “Guide and leader”
  • Keo – “Wise and knowledgeable”
  • Ratana – “Precious gem”
  • Visal – “Visible and prominent”
  • Sopanha – “Persevering and resilient”
  • Sokun – “Purity and clarity”
  • Khemara – “Everlasting and eternal”
  • Sokha – “Peaceful and serene”
  • Piseth – “Success and triumph”
  • Thida – “Radiant and pure”
  • Puthy – “Blossom of virtue”

Common Khmer Names

Khmer Names

  • Sok – “Happiness and bliss”
  • Chan – “Moon-like charm”
  • Pich – “Diamond-like brightness”
  • Tha – “Generous and giving”
  • Kim – “Golden and precious”
  • Ly – “Gentle and polite”
  • Chet – “Intelligent and clever”
  • Leak – “Brave and courageous”
  • Peng – “Enduring and steadfast”
  • Vireak – “Glory and fame”
  • Nita – “Guiding light”
  • Chhouk – “Stable and steady”
  • Kunthea – “Goddess-like beauty”
  • Samay – “Timely and punctual”
  • Ravy – “Clear and melodious”
  • Sarin – “Fragrant and sweet”
  • Veata – “Trustworthy friend”
  • Kolab – “Rose flower”
  • Mony – “Financial prosperity”
  • Lyheang – “Graceful and elegant”
  • Chheng – “Resourceful and capable”
  • Sarath – “Honest and virtuous”
  • Neary – “Young woman”
  • Vanny – “Lovable and affectionate”
  • Pisal – “Fulfillment of dreams”
  • Sophea – “Wisdom and intellect”
  • Piseth – “Growth and development”
  • Davy – “Beloved and cherished”
  • Chamroeun – “Progress and advancement”
  • Kimleang – “Radiant and luminous”

Male Khmer Names

  • Sovann – “Golden and precious”
  • Panith – “Wise and discerning”
  • Visoth – “Clear and pure”
  • Dara – “Star and moon”
  • Rath – “Cartographer and planner”
  • Virak – “Brave and courageous”
  • Kiri – “Mountain and summit”
  • Sitha – “Moon and evening star”
  • Sovan – “Dream and aspiration”
  • Rithy – “Artistic and creative”
  • Puth – “Wealth and prosperity”
  • Chetra – “Realm and universe”
  • Vuthy – “Renowned and famous”
  • Vireak – “Glory and triumph”
  • Ravy – “Sunlight and brightness”
  • Borey – “Noble and esteemed”
  • Rina – “Rays of the sun”
  • Chann – “Moon and celestial body”
  • Chy – “Sweet and sugary”
  • Veasna – “Destiny and fate”
  • Chantha – “Moon and stars”
  • Pisal – “Achievement and success”
  • Bopha – “Flower and blossom”
  • Dorn – “Mountain and peak”
  • Thy – “Hope and aspiration”
  • Thyso – “Vision and foresight”
  • Pheakdey – “Brilliance and splendor”
  • Piseth – “Growth and development”
  • Kosal – “Ancient and historic”
  • Sopheap – “Elegant and graceful”

Female Khmer Names

  • Dalin – “Gentle and tender”
  • Kunthea – “Goddess-like beauty”
  • Monorath – “Enchanting and captivating”
  • Rany – “Delightful and charming”
  • Botum – “Lotus flower”
  • Chandavy – “Moonlight and radiance”
  • Kimleng – “Radiant and luminous”
  • Vatey – “Knowledgeable and wise”
  • Sokunthea – “Pure and virtuous”
  • Chanmony – “Gentle and peaceful”
  • Sokhak – “Eloquent and articulate”
  • Vanny – “Affectionate and loving”
  • Borey – “Noble and honorable”
  • Piseth – “Growth and development”
  • Chenda – “Melodious and sweet”
  • Sophea – “Intellect and wisdom”
  • Sovannary – “Graceful and golden”
  • Dalisay – “Pure and pristine”
  • Sreyleak – “Beautiful and elegant”
  • Rany – “Gleaming and shining”
  • Champei – “Frangipani flower”
  • Samnang – “Lucky and auspicious”
  • Chanleakna – “Radiant and brilliant”
  • Rasmey – “Eternal and timeless”
  • Sovichea – “Knowledge and wisdom”
  • Veata – “Trustworthy and reliable”
  • Phearun – “Ray of hope”
  • Thida – “Radiant and pure”
  • Davika – “Beloved and cherished”
  • Chomreang – “Colorful and vibrant”

Funny Khmer Names

Chalant – “Laid-back and carefree”

Bongkob – “Coconut head”

Krohom – “Red nose”

Banteay – “Temple-like belly”

Taab – “Big belly”

Slek – “Slippery and clumsy”

Neang Mefaa – “Miss Squid”

Angkat – “Loud and noisy”

Tver – “Small and tiny”

Thom-Thom – “Big-belly”

P’kak – “Noisy talker”

Champei Snaeh – “Frangipani Romance”

Phearum Chit – “Buffalo Brain”

Kroper – “Sleepy and drowsy”

Choub – “Punch and strike”

Mui-Mui – “Munch and chew”

Thom-Sre – “Big bottom”

Choun – “Fat and plump”

Chongkrohom – “Red Cheeks”

Sling-Bong – “Sleepyhead”

TaMoy – “Big Bear”

Kroper – “Sleepy and drowsy”

Pros – “Lively and energetic”

Chheurk – “Sweet tooth”

Teuk-Mon – “Fish Ball”

Sok Muy – “Very Pretty”

Toul-Tum – “Big nose”

Yeay Krong – “Granny Cabbage”

Brok – “Stomach-growling”

Chnam Muy – “Very Delicious”

Unique Khmer Names

Sambathya – “Eternal blessings”

Chedmony – “Astute serenity”

Sochenda – “Lotus illumination”

Komsotra – “Perfumed tranquility”

Rathavuth – “Royal prominence”

Apsara – “Celestial dancer”

Devyani – “Goddess of love”

Raksmeykiri – “Eternal ray of hope”

Kambujalok – “Khmer brilliance”

Ratathanak – “Treasure of wisdom”

Sovanmala – “Golden garland”

Mitapheap – “Friendship bond”

Kimino – “Golden field”

Sarakravanh – “Elegant peacock”

Chetanak – “Intelligent mind”

Rithikasal – “Artistic valor”

Sabaydara – “Joyful delight”

Kunthearyat – “Goddess of love”

Channita – “Moonlit serenity”

Bophaopa – “Fragrant aura”

Vichearavuth – “Wise prominence”

Chedimonika – “Astute melodiousness”

Piseysoma – “Triumphant dream”

Pheakdeychour – “Radiant moon”

Davikaruna – “Beloved compassion”

Kimilayuth – “Golden lion”

Soknangmealea – “Lucky fortress”

Chetraakas – “Universe of power”

Ranydoma – “Delightful thunder”

Visayontre – “Clear-eyed sage”

Cool Khmer Names

Zandar – “Mystic wanderer”

Zyanya – “Forever strong”

Axion – “Limitless potential”

Vexora – “The enigmatic one”

Zephyr – “Free-spirited breeze”

Pyrova – “Fiery intensity”

Nyxara – “Mysterious allure”

Kairos – “The opportune moment”

Aelara – “Eternal radiance”

Astron – “Celestial voyager”

Althorin – “Supreme guardian”

Phyreli – “Passionate soul”

Xylera – “Soulful melody”

Zenith – “Highest point of achievement”

Vyndra – “Dynamic and vibrant”

Lyricen – “Poetic storyteller”

Solstice – “Time of transformation”

Aeria – “Sky-dweller”

Vaelorian – “Starlit conqueror”

Zyrelle – “The essence of beauty”

Rythos – “Rhythm of life”

Valerion – “Majestic and powerful”

Zephira – “Winged enchantress”

Astraos – “Guiding star”

Veridian – “Emerald-hued life”

Sylon – “Mystical silence”

Celestia – “Heavenly and divine”

Iliara – “Moonlit serenity”

Kaelius – “Fiery brilliance”

Noctura – “Nighttime magic”

Cute Khmer Names

Bongkob – “Adorable coconut”

Chhnam – “Sweet little one”

Kosal – “Tiny treasure”

Romnea – “Little sweetheart”

Vattey – “Cutie pie”

Kunthea – “Darling flower”

BongPich – “Little diamond”

Mony – “Little money”

ChanMey – “Moon’s smile”

Choub – “Little chubby cheeks”

Veasna – “Little destiny”

Raksmey – “Little ray of hope”

SreyLeak – “Little beauty”

Chhun – “Little star”

Panha – “Little guide”

Ravy – “Little sunlight”

Borey – “Little noble”

Kimhouy – “Little golden one”

Monika – “Little melodious”

ChanRasmey – “Little eternal delight”

Sokhak – “Little eloquent”

Moni – “Little teacher”

Sopha – “Little wise one”

Kiri – “Little mountain”

Sreyleak – “Little charm”

Khemara – “Little eternal”

Samnang – “Little lucky”

Tha – “Little generous”

Chetra – “Little universe”

Phearun – “Little ray of hope”

Famous Khmer Names

Norodom Sihanouk – “King-Father of Cambodia”

Angkor Wat – “Magnificent temple complex”

Jayavarman VII – “Great Khmer King”

Norodom Ranariddh – “Cambodian politician”

Hun Sen – “Long-serving Prime Minister”

Preah Vihear – “Historic temple”

Ta Prohm – “Temple in Angkor”

Norodom Sihamoni – “Current King of Cambodia”

Khmer Empire – “Ancient Southeast Asian civilization”

Banteay Srei – “Temple in Angkor”

Pol Pot – “Infamous Cambodian leader”

Angkor Thom – “Ancient city in Angkor”

Sam Rainsy – “Opposition leader”

Bokator – “Traditional martial art”

Indradevi – “Khmer queen and consort”

Chenla Kingdom – “Medieval Khmer state”

Khmer Rouge – “Communist regime in Cambodia”

Ang Duong – “19th-century Cambodian king”

Suryavarman II – “Builder of Angkor Wat”

Preah Khan – “Temple in Angkor”

Norodom Monineath – “Queen Mother of Cambodia”

Sisowath – “King of Cambodia”

Bakong – “Ancient temple in Angkor”

Ta Keo – “Mountain temple in Angkor”

Norodom Buppha Devi – “Cambodian princess”

Sdach Korn – “Legendary Khmer hero”

Koh Ker – “Ancient temple complex”

Ang Snuol – “Cambodian actress”

Sihanoukville – “Coastal city in Cambodia”

Bayon – “Smiling faces temple”

Khmer Names

How To Choose A Good Khmer Name

In the culturally rich land of Cambodia, Khmer names hold a profound beauty that reflects the country’s heritage and personal identity. Selecting a good Khmer name is an art that goes beyond mere labels; it celebrates the linguistic roots, historical references, and spiritual symbolism of Khmer culture. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of choosing a good Khmer name, one that embraces the essence of the Khmer language and conveys meaningful virtues and aspirations.

Understanding Khmer Culture and Traditions:

To embark on the journey of choosing a Khmer name, one must first delve into the rich heritage and linguistic roots of Cambodia. Understanding the naming customs and rituals practiced by the Khmer people provides valuable insights into the significance of names in their society. Each name carries a sense of pride and personal identity, making the process of naming an essential cultural practice.

Exploring the Khmer Language:

The Khmer language boasts a unique set of phonetics and characters, making it distinct from other linguistic traditions. Exploring the cadence and beauty of Khmer linguistics allows for the crafting of names that resonate harmoniously with the language. By immersing in the nuances of Khmer speech, one can better appreciate the intricacies of naming.

Unearthing Uncommon Khmer Terminology:

Khmer history is a treasure trove of uncommon words and meanings that have withstood the test of time. Unearthing ancient references and utilizing forgotten terminology adds depth and authenticity to Khmer names. Drawing inspiration from historical sources enriches the name with a sense of timelessness.

Embracing Symbolism and Meaning:

Khmer names often reflect a deep connection with nature, spirituality, and cultural virtues. Choosing names that connect with the beauty of Cambodia’s landscapes and the spiritual beliefs of its people adds a layer of symbolism and meaning to the name. Conveying virtues and aspirations through the name allows the individual to carry these qualities throughout their life.

The Art of Crafting Beautiful Khmer Names:

Crafting a beautiful Khmer name is an art that involves harmonizing sounds and syllables. The flow of the name should evoke a sense of elegance and grace, echoing the poetic nature of the Khmer language. A well-crafted name becomes a melodic expression of identity and cultural pride.

Seeking Cultural Validation and Feedback:

To ensure cultural sensitivity and accuracy in naming, it is essential to seek validation from Khmer language experts. Consulting with those well-versed in Khmer culture and language can provide valuable guidance. Gathering opinions and feedback from the Khmer community further validates the chosen name’s cultural resonance.


In conclusion, we hope this journey through 700 Khmer names has been an enlightening and enriching experience for you. The Khmer culture boasts a remarkable diversity that is beautifully reflected in the array of names we’ve explored. Each name carries a profound meaning, a piece of history, or a cultural significance, making them more than just a combination of letters. They are windows into the rich tapestry of Cambodia’s heritage and traditions.

As you’ve delved into this extensive collection, you may have found names that resonate with your own experiences or strike a chord in your heart. The art of naming is a deeply personal and meaningful endeavor, and we encourage you to embrace the beauty of Khmer names as you embark on your own naming journey. Whether you’re seeking a name for a newborn, a character in a story, or simply expanding your knowledge of diverse cultures, Khmer names offer a treasure trove of possibilities.

Let us remember that a name is not merely a label but a reflection of identity and culture. By exploring and appreciating Khmer names, we embrace the value of diversity and the richness it brings to our lives. Let us carry this newfound appreciation for Khmer names with us, honoring the tradition and meaning behind each name, and celebrating the beauty of cultural heritage that binds us together as a global community.


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