700 Kurdish Names for Your Epic Fantasy Characters

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Kurdish Names”! If you’re searching for unique and creative names with a Kurdish flair, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll share a handpicked selection of captivating Kurdish names that carry deep meanings and rich cultural significance. As the great author Khalil Gibran once said, “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” So, let’s delve into the world of Kurdish names and discover the perfect one for your special occasion or character!

I’m a Naming Specialist with three years of experience in the field, particularly excelling in crafting names for fantasy characters. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of diving into various cultures, exploring their unique naming traditions, and learning about the stories behind each name. Kurdish names, in particular, have a captivating charm, often reflecting nature, heritage, and the aspirations of the individuals who bear them. Whether it’s a protagonist for your next fantasy novel or a name for your newborn child, I can assure you that you’ll find some truly remarkable and enchanting options in this curated list.

Now, let’s embark on this exciting journey together! As you read through our compilation of 700 Kurdish names, I promise you’ll stumble upon that one name that resonates deeply with you and captures the essence of what you seek. So, whether you’re seeking inspiration, delving into Kurdish culture, or simply on a quest for the perfect name, rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. Let’s celebrate the beauty of language and the power that lies within a single, remarkable name. So, without further ado, let’s get started on this adventure of discovery!

Kurdish Names

Kurdish Names

  • Azad
  • Dersim
  • Bawar
  • Shyar
  • Berxwedan
  • Havin
  • Chia
  • Siyar
  • Avesta
  • Ronîka
  • Rênas
  • Rihem
  • Narîn
  • Çiya
  • Aras
  • Bahoz
  • Bave
  • Berfîn
  • Bextiyar
  • Şilan
  • Şerwan
  • Cenga
  • Zozan
  • Çiya
  • Botan
  • Serhat
  • Berzan
  • Bûyer
  • Ciwan
  • Çîro
  • Dilgeş
  • Dîlan
  • Xemgîn
  • Dijwar
  • Derman
  • Farîn
  • Serfiraz
  • Ferman
  • Qehar
  • Berxan
  • Gulistan
  • Hêja
  • Hêmin
  • Rûken
  • Hesen
  • Şevîn
  • Havin
  • Xweş
  • Jiyar
  • Kamiran
  • Karwan
  • Kenan
  • Keşan
  • Lîlû
  • Lêgerîn
  • Malan
  • Mazlum
  • Mihemed
  • Mîrîam
  • Nûbihar
  • Nilgûn
  • Nûdem
  • Nursel
  • Pêşang
  • Pêxember
  • Qehreman
  • Rengîn
  • Rêzan
  • Rewşan
  • Ronahî
  • Serdar
  • Sereke
  • Şevger
  • Sîbel
  • Sibel
  • Xewna
  • Şîlan
  • Tarîk
  • Tayar
  • Xelîl

20 Kurdish Names With Meanings

Kurdish Names

  1. Evîn – Love, symbolizing affection and devotion.
  2. Roşan – Bright, denoting luminosity and brilliance.
  3. Arîn – Wish, representing hope and desire.
  4. Navîn – New, denoting freshness and novelty.
  5. Şêran – Noble, symbolizing dignity and honor.
  6. Jîn – Life, denoting vitality and energy.
  7. Şilan – Waterfall, representing grace and fluidity.
  8. Dilawer – Loyal, denoting faithfulness and dedication.
  9. Darya – Sea, symbolizing vastness and depth.
  10. Berzan – High mountain, representing strength and stability.
  11. Ronî – Light, denoting illumination and radiance.
  12. Derman – Medicine, symbolizing healing and remedy.
  13. Can – Soul, denoting spirit and essence of life.
  14. Avîn – Spring, symbolizing rejuvenation and growth.
  15. Şîwan – Spring, representing blossoming and renewal.
  16. Sirwan – Star, denoting a celestial presence.
  17. Havin – Air, symbolizing freedom and independence.
  18. Shivan – Youthful, representing energy and vitality.
  19. Chia – Snow, denoting purity and uniqueness.
  20. Rani – Delightful, symbolizing joy and happiness.

Iranian Kurdish Names

Kurdish Names

  • Rojhat – Sunrise, symbolizing hope.
  • Sîvan – Summer, representing warmth and growth.
  • Pervîn – Pleiades, denoting a cluster of stars.
  • Karwan – Caravan, signifying a journey.
  • Rênas – Phoenix, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.
  • Nûrîz – Blossom, representing beauty and vitality.
  • Şîlan – Waterfall, denoting grace and fluidity.
  • Mêvan – Guest, symbolizing hospitality and friendship.
  • Perwîn – Songbird, representing melodious charm.
  • Evdal – Poet, denoting a literary soul.
  • Berxwedan – Resistance, symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Sipan – Red dawn, representing the breaking of day.
  • Mihabad – Moonlight, denoting a gentle presence.
  • Farhad – Happiness, symbolizing joy and contentment.
  • Berîtan – Legend, representing a heroic tale.
  • Sernaz – Gold coin, denoting prosperity and fortune.
  • Zerdesht – Cypress tree, symbolizing endurance and stability.
  • Rûstî – Serenity, representing inner peace.
  • Serhed – Frontier, denoting a borderland spirit.
  • Nîlgûn – Sapphire, symbolizing preciousness and rarity.
  • Rojen – Daylight, representing brightness and optimism.
  • Avsin – Melody, denoting a musical soul.
  • Bîlind – Wise, symbolizing intelligence and knowledge.
  • Vîsta – Rainbow, representing a spectrum of colors.
  • Fîdan – Sapling, denoting youth and growth.
  • Dijwar – Cyclone, symbolizing power and strength.
  • Berfîn – Snowflake, representing uniqueness and delicacy.
  • Rêzan – Comet, denoting a celestial presence.
  • Hêja – Breath, symbolizing life and vitality.
  • Şahîn – Falcon, representing swiftness and agility.

Turkish Kurdish Names

Kurdish Names

  • Baran – Rain, symbolizing blessings and abundance.
  • Gülcan – Rosy soul, representing beauty and grace.
  • Serkan – Lion’s blood, denoting courage and strength.
  • Zehra – Bright flower, symbolizing elegance and charm.
  • Murat – Desired, representing aspiration and ambition.
  • Selin – Moonbeam, denoting a gentle presence.
  • Emre – Friend, symbolizing companionship and loyalty.
  • Elif – First letter, representing the beginning.
  • Tolga – Silvery moon, denoting a calm spirit.
  • İrem – Paradise, symbolizing beauty and serenity.
  • Berkay – Solid moon, representing constancy and reliability.
  • Arzu – Wish, denoting hope and longing.
  • Deniz – Sea, symbolizing vastness and depth.
  • Cemre – Spark, representing warmth and affection.
  • Irmak – River, denoting a flowing nature.
  • Ege – Aegean, symbolizing tranquility and peace.
  • Nazlı – Coquettish, representing playful charm.
  • Özgür – Free, denoting independence and liberty.
  • Serdar – Commander, symbolizing leadership and authority.
  • Şebnem – Dew, representing freshness and purity.
  • Aylin – Moon halo, denoting a luminous presence.
  • Serap – Mirage, symbolizing illusion and allure.
  • Tarık – Morning star, representing guidance and enlightenment.
  • Nilay – Nil (Nile) + ay (moon), denoting an exotic presence.
  • Hakan – Emperor, symbolizing sovereignty and power.
  • Aslı – Genuine, representing authenticity and truth.
  • Ozan – Poet, denoting a lyrical soul.
  • Şimal – North wind, symbolizing change and transition.
  • Devrim – Revolution, representing radical transformation.
  • Elvan – Rainbow colors, denoting diversity and variety.

Kurdish Last Names

  • Qadirî – Powerful heritage.
  • Sardarî – Leader’s lineage.
  • Serbazî – Courageous ancestry.
  • Şêranî – Noble descent.
  • Xelîlî – Wise roots.
  • Zîlanî – Lively heritage.
  • Teyarî – Falcon’s lineage.
  • Reşîdî – Guided ancestry.
  • Pêşko – Forefather’s legacy.
  • Perwerî – Knowledgeable heritage.
  • Nesrînî – Eagle’s lineage.
  • Merwanî – Contented ancestry.
  • Lîranî – Melodious heritage.
  • Keçelî – Joyful roots.
  • Gulbazî – Rose-like lineage.
  • Firatî – Euphrates’ ancestry.
  • Devrînî – Revolutionary heritage.
  • Berbangî – Nightingale’s lineage.
  • Azadî – Freedom’s ancestry.
  • Apocî – Proud roots.
  • Baverî – Brave heritage.
  • Barzanî – Snow leopard’s lineage.
  • Xelîlî – Gracious ancestry.
  • Şerzanî – Heroic heritage.
  • Karwanî – Caravan’s lineage.
  • Qederî – Destined ancestry.
  • Hawarî – Awakening heritage.
  • Dijwarî – Stormy lineage.
  • Selahî – Serene ancestry.
  • Rêzanî – Comet’s heritage.

Kurdish Male Names

Baran – Rain, symbolizing blessings and abundance.

Serhed – Frontier, representing a borderland spirit.

Kovan – Mythical hero, denoting bravery.

Navdar – Renowned, symbolizing fame and recognition.

Berxwedan – Resistance, representing strength and courage.

Rebaz – Falcon, denoting swiftness and agility.

Zanyar – Wise, symbolizing intelligence and knowledge.

Ronî – Light, representing illumination and clarity.

Berîvan – Lively soul, denoting vitality and liveliness.

Mêrgul – Rosebud, symbolizing beauty and delicacy.

Serko – Red dawn, representing the breaking of day.

Rênas – Phoenix, denoting rebirth and renewal.

Destan – Epic, symbolizing heroism and valor.

Xemgin – Cheerful, representing joy and happiness.

Dilovan – Loving heart, denoting affection and compassion.

Şervan – Servant, symbolizing humility and devotion.

Pêshang – Pioneer, representing innovation and progress.

Ciwan – Young, denoting youth and freshness.

Welat – Homeland, symbolizing a strong connection to the land.

Karwan – Caravan, representing a journey and adventure.

Rizgar – Liberated, denoting freedom and independence.

Botan – Plains, symbolizing vastness and openness.

Hêmin – Hopeful, representing optimism and positivity.

Aras – Eagle, denoting nobility and strength.

Sipan – Red dawn, symbolizing the dawn of a new era.

Şerwan – Brave, denoting courage and fearlessness.

Tayfur – Mountain peak, symbolizing height and ambition.

Zerdeşt – Wise philosopher, denoting wisdom and knowledge.

Welîd – Saint, symbolizing holiness and spirituality.

Cenga – Battle, denoting valor and bravery.

Kurdish Female Names

Rojîn – Sunbeam, symbolizing brightness and radiance.

Berîvan – Lively soul, representing vitality and energy.

Sîrîn – Sweet, denoting charm and sweetness.

Dîana – Luminous, symbolizing radiance and brilliance.

Ronahî – Light, representing illumination and clarity.

Zîlan – Lively, denoting liveliness and vivacity.

Ronîka – Brightness, symbolizing luminosity and brilliance.

Narîn – Delicate, denoting fragility and gracefulness.

Berfin – Snowdrop, symbolizing purity and innocence.

Serwan – Bravery, denoting courage and valor.

Perî – Fairy, symbolizing enchantment and magic.

Tara – Star, denoting a celestial presence.

Şevîn – Love, symbolizing affection and tenderness.

Welatê – Homeland, representing a strong connection to the land.

Lîla – Lilac, denoting elegance and beauty.

Avrîn – Water, symbolizing fluidity and adaptability.

Sarya – Flowing river, denoting a free spirit.

Çiya – Mountain, symbolizing strength and stability.

Rêzan – Comet, denoting a celestial presence.

Bextiyar – Lucky, symbolizing good fortune and blessings.

Cîhan – World, denoting global awareness and inclusivity.

Havîn – Air, symbolizing freedom and independence.

Sêvîn – Jasmine, denoting purity and grace.

Şevda – Passion, symbolizing intense emotions and devotion.

Rengîn – Colorful, denoting vibrancy and diversity.

Zalîn – Beauty, symbolizing attractiveness and allure.

Dilgesh – Loving heart, denoting affection and care.

Gulbahar – Spring flower, symbolizing renewal and growth.

Reşîn – Secret, denoting a mysterious presence.

Dîroka – History, symbolizing a rich heritage and past

Funny Kurdish Names

Qewlîn – Jokes, the funny ones!

Kekdar – Grandpa vibes, but young.

Xemxwar – Daydreamer with funny ideas.

Qelîpî – Prankster, but lovable.

Jêrîn – Always tripping over things.

Pêdivî – The clumsy comedian.

Hêjar – Has “dad jokes” for days.

Şopdar – Endless storytelling, with humor.

Dilgeş – Laughs at their own jokes.

Sazbend – The musical stand-up comedian.

Gûldar – Finds humor in everything.

Ronîka – Bright and quirky sense of humor.

Qelûl – The master of witty comebacks.

Dijmin – The cheerful mischief-maker.

Barzan – Puns and wordplay enthusiast.

Qehil – Eccentric humor, but endearing.

Dijwar – Animated, with funny facial expressions.

Keçkûş – The funny kid, always goofing.

Tarîn – Has an endless funny bone.

Navdar – Famous for funny catchphrases.

Berfîn – Snowball fights and giggles.

Cankur – Humor mixed with kindness.

Şaşal – The hilarious storyteller.

Dîroka – Loves pulling pranks.

Dilovan – Humor and warmth combined.

Qerarga – Jokes around but never mean.

Xatir – Always has funny anecdotes.

Zirav – Infectious laughter, spreads joy.

Qembo – The clown of the group.

Şêrko – Brave but with a funny twist

Unique Kurdish Names

Qiyam – Uprising, symbolizing rebellion and change.

Serendî – Enchantment, denoting a mesmerizing presence.

Zêrav – Thunderbolt, representing powerful impact.

Rewşen – Illuminated, symbolizing enlightenment and awareness.

Berbang – Nightingale, denoting a melodious soul.

Rihem – Graceful, representing elegance and poise.

Xewn – Vision, denoting a dreamer and visionary.

Gunde – Treasure, symbolizing preciousness and value.

Îsyan – Defiance, denoting rebellion and resistance.

Zimane – Language, symbolizing communication and expression.

Rûken – Steadfast, representing unwavering determination.

Çarşew – Rainbow, denoting a colorful and vibrant presence.

Perîşan – Disarrayed, symbolizing beauty in chaos.

Qûn – Blood, denoting vitality and life force.

Bextewar – Fortunate, representing blessings and luck.

Hêja – Breath, symbolizing life and vitality.

Çavreşam – My heart’s desire, denoting affection.

Xesîn – Serene, representing inner peace and calmness.

Şemam – My candle, symbolizing guidance and illumination.

Hêmin – Hopeful, denoting optimism and positive outlook.

Tîrmeh – July, symbolizing summertime and warmth.

Berxan – Dance, denoting a lively and rhythmic nature.

Hesp – Hope, symbolizing aspiration and ambition.

Tendûr – Hearth, denoting warmth and home.

Bextiyar – Lucky, symbolizing good fortune and blessings.

Rûn – Secret, denoting a mysterious presence.

Delal – Coquette, symbolizing playful charm.

Hêvî – Wish, denoting hope and desire.

Şopdar – Endless storytelling, symbolizing humor.

Firat – Euphrates, denoting a strong and flowing presence.

Famous Kurdish Names

Saladin – Renowned warrior, symbolizing strength.

Leyla Zana – Activist, denoting courage and advocacy.

Jalal Talabani – Statesman, symbolizing diplomacy and leadership.

Abdullah Öcalan – Philosopher, denoting intellectual influence.

Sherko Bekas – Poet, symbolizing literary impact.

Shirin Neshat – Artist, denoting creativity and expression.

Farzad Bazoft – Journalist, symbolizing media bravery.

Sirwan Kakai – Athlete, denoting sports achievement.

Shwan Jalal – Footballer, symbolizing athletic prowess.

Shiler – Singer, denoting musical influence.

Helly Luv – Pop star, symbolizing entertainment charisma.

Taha Karimi – Actor, denoting theatrical talent.

Evin Agassi – Director, symbolizing cinematic impact.

Bahman Ghobadi – Filmmaker, denoting creativity in film.

Kamal Hadeed – Musician, symbolizing instrumental skill.

Reza Barati – Scholar, denoting academic excellence.

Mazhar Khaleghi – Composer, symbolizing musical genius.

Yousif Qazaz – Pianist, denoting musical mastery.

Sherzad Hassan – Playwright, symbolizing dramatic talent.

Evin Agassi – Director, denoting cinematic brilliance.

Nouriya – Choreographer, symbolizing dance innovation.

Mihemed Şêxo – Philosopher, denoting intellectual depth.

Mem û Zîn – Folk tale, symbolizing cultural significance.

Mahmud Barzanji – Historian, denoting historical contributions.

Dildar – Poet, symbolizing literary prominence.

Ahmed Barzani – Politician, denoting influential leadership.

Sînan Anter – Writer, symbolizing literary impact.

Qahar Barzani – Scholar, denoting academic achievement.

Parez Karadaghi – Linguist, symbolizing language expertise.

Berîtan – Legend, denoting a heroic tale.

Cool Kurdish Names

Azmar – Visionary, symbolizing creative thinking.

Rêber – Leader, denoting influential guidance.

Hemîn – Fearless, symbolizing courage and daring.

Rêzan – Meteor, denoting a striking presence.

Beyar – Comet, symbolizing brilliance and speed.

Serhed – Frontier, denoting a borderland spirit.

Sernav – Gold, symbolizing prosperity and fortune.

Çiya – Mountain, denoting strength and stability.

Hêlîn – Star, symbolizing brightness and radiance.

Sefqan – Stylish, denoting fashion sense.

Dijwar – Cyclone, symbolizing power and energy.

Derya – Ocean, denoting vastness and depth.

Şeva – Night, symbolizing mystery and intrigue.

Rewşen – Illuminated, denoting enlightenment and awareness.

Navdar – Famous, symbolizing recognition and fame.

Şevdar – Luminous, denoting a radiant presence.

Hêja – Life, symbolizing vitality and energy.

Serko – Brave, denoting courage and fearlessness.

Berfîn – Snowflake, symbolizing uniqueness and delicacy.

Şevger – Attractive, denoting magnetic charm.

Sefkan – Unique, symbolizing distinctiveness and individuality.

Sernaz – Golden coin, denoting prosperity and fortune.

Zêrevan – Adventurous, symbolizing a daring spirit.

Qewlîn – Jokes, denoting a witty sense of humor.

Şevîn – Love, symbolizing affection and warmth.

Pêşko – Forefather, denoting heritage and ancestry.

Serendî – Enchantment, symbolizing allure and fascination.

Rêberî – Guidance, denoting influential leadership.

Pêşeng – Pioneer, symbolizing innovation and progress.

Cenga – Battle, denoting valor and determination.

Cute Kurdish Names

Bêrî – Seed, symbolizing potential and growth.

Pûl – Butterfly, denoting grace and transformation.

Rêz – Silk, symbolizing softness and delicacy.

Ronîka – Brightness, denoting a radiant presence.

Bextiyar – Lucky, symbolizing good fortune and blessings.

Pêlîn – Anise, denoting sweetness and charm.

Dilgeş – Heartwarming, symbolizing affection and care.

Çîya – Mountain, denoting strength and stability.

Rêngîn – Colorful, symbolizing vibrancy and cheer.

Şîlan – Waterfall, denoting grace and fluidity.

Derya – Ocean, symbolizing vastness and depth.

Ronahî – Light, denoting illumination and brightness.

Berfîn – Snowflake, symbolizing uniqueness and delicacy.

Xewn – Dream, denoting imagination and wonder.

Sîrîn – Sweet, symbolizing charm and cuteness.

Rênas – Phoenix, denoting renewal and rebirth.

Lîlan – Tulip, symbolizing elegance and beauty.

Narîn – Delicate, denoting gentleness and gracefulness.

Pervîn – Pleiades, symbolizing a cluster of stars.

Hêvin – Sky, denoting vastness and openness.

Gula – Rose, symbolizing beauty and affection.

Şevda – Passion, denoting intense emotions and devotion.

Qehar – Moonbeam, symbolizing gentle brightness.

Xwîn – Blood, denoting vitality and life force.

Bêrîtan – Legend, symbolizing heroic tales.

Welat – Homeland, denoting a strong connection to the land.

Pêşan – Pioneer, symbolizing progress and advancement.

Serfiraz – Cherished, denoting a precious presence.

Rêzan – Comet, symbolizing a celestial charm.

Gulîstan – Garden, denoting beauty and abundance.

Kurdish Names

How To Choose A Good Kurdish Name

The world of Kurdish names is a treasure trove of cultural richness and significance, reflecting the diversity and linguistic uniqueness of Kurdish naming traditions. In this article, we will delve into the art of choosing a good Kurdish name that embodies Kurdish identity, values, and historical symbolism. Whether you seek a name for your child or a character in a story, the realm of Kurdish names offers a plethora of options that carry the essence of an ancient and vibrant heritage.

The Kurdish Naming Culture

Kurdish naming practices are steeped in tradition, with a profound connection to family and tribal affiliations. Understanding the role of family and tribal names provides insight into the cultural importance of names within the Kurdish community. Additionally, the influence of language and geography on Kurdish names adds to the tapestry of diversity in Kurdish naming customs.

Embodying Kurdish Identity and Values

Kurdish names are not just mere words; they carry deep meanings and symbolism that resonate with cultural virtues and ancient heritage. Each name embodies attributes of courage, hospitality, and resilience, reflecting the values cherished by the Kurdish people. By interpreting the meanings and symbolism behind Kurdish names, one can choose a name that embodies the spirit of Kurdish identity.

Striking the Balance between Tradition and Modernity

When selecting a Kurdish name, one can choose between authentic names rooted in Kurdish history and contemporary names that reflect the modern Kurdish culture. Striking this balance ensures that the chosen name aligns harmoniously with the individual’s or character’s personality while preserving the cultural richness of Kurdish traditions.

Ensuring Phonological Harmony

The phonetic elements of Kurdish names add to their beauty and memorability. Understanding the phonological aspects allows for the crafting of names with pleasing sounds and rhythms. These melodic names become a delight to speak and hear, exuding the linguistic beauty of the Kurdish language.

Drawing Inspiration from Kurdish History and Folklore

Kurdish history and folklore offer a wealth of inspiration for unique name ideas. From historical figures and heroes to cultural symbols and mythology, the exploration of Kurdish heritage reveals a myriad of naming options. Unearthing lesser-known sources and tales adds an element of mystique and enchantment to the naming process.

Celebrating Heritage with a Kurdish Name

Choosing a good Kurdish name is a celebration of cultural heritage and ancestral connections. By bestowing a name that reflects family lineage and tribal affiliations, one nurtures a deep connection to the rich tapestry of Kurdish traditions. Each name becomes a thread that weaves individuals into the vibrant tapestry of Kurdish identity.


In conclusion, we hope this article on “700 Kurdish Names” has been a delightful journey of exploration for you. Our aim was to provide you with a diverse and extensive collection of Kurdish names that hold both cultural significance and individual charm. Names are more than just a label; they carry stories, aspirations, and a sense of identity. We believe that in this compilation, you have found some truly unique and captivating names that have sparked your imagination and touched your heart.

As you venture into the realm of Kurdish names, we encourage you to delve deeper into the cultural context and meanings behind each name. Embrace the richness of Kurdish heritage and the stories that have been passed down through generations. Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect name for your characters or a parent searching for a meaningful name for your child, the Kurdish naming tradition offers a treasure trove of possibilities.

Remember, a name has the power to shape destinies, forge connections, and leave a lasting impact. As you make your choice, be confident that the name you select holds profound meaning and reflects the essence of the person or character it represents. We thank you for joining us on this journey, and we’re honored to have played a part in this significant decision in your life. Happy naming!


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