700 Laotian Names for Characters Fuel Your Fantasy World

Welcome to our blog article on “700 Laotian Names”! In this exciting compilation, we’re thrilled to share with you a treasure trove of creative Laotian names that are both unique and meaningful. As the saying goes, “A name is a gift you give to a person; it’s the first thing people remember about you.” So, let’s embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Laotian nomenclature and discover some truly remarkable names!

With over three years of experience in the naming field, specializing in fantasy character naming, I can confidently say that Laotian names are an endless source of inspiration. From enchanting names inspired by nature’s beauty to powerful monikers that exude strength, the Laotian naming tradition offers a diverse array of options. Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect name for your protagonist or a parent looking for a unique and meaningful name for your child, you’re sure to find something captivating in this collection.

If you’re tired of the same old names and yearn for something distinctive, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we promise to unveil some of the most fascinating and uncommon Laotian names you won’t find elsewhere. So, get ready to dive into this rich reservoir of culture, history, and linguistic beauty, and be prepared to leave with a name that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. Let’s get started on this exciting journey of discovery!

Laotian Names

Laotian Names

  • Khamsouk
  • Sithiphone
  • Phetsamay
  • Khampheng
  • Souksakhone
  • Keobounphan
  • Vilavanh
  • Manisack
  • Sisomphone
  • Thongloun
  • Soukanh
  • Khamsene
  • Ketsana
  • Keovilay
  • Sengphet
  • Anoulack
  • Thipphaphone
  • Keovongsa
  • Vilayvanh
  • Bounkhong
  • Phimmasone
  • Sithiphone
  • Phonesouk
  • Khamvongsa
  • Souksavanh
  • Vilayphone
  • Manivong
  • Soulinn
  • Keomanivane
  • Thipsavath
  • Khamphay
  • Bounleuth
  • Sisavath
  • Phonesavanh
  • Souvankham
  • Keophouthone
  • Khamsaeng
  • Vilathong
  • Khamphay
  • Sengsavang
  • Thongkham
  • Keobandith
  • Khamvone
  • Bounpheng
  • Soukthavy
  • Sithiphone
  • Phouvanh
  • Sengaloun
  • Khamphet
  • Keopaseuth
  • Vilayvanh
  • Thipphakone
  • Khamsavanh
  • Keophet
  • Souksamone
  • Bounchanh
  • Vilasack
  • Sithiphone
  • Phonesavanh
  • Sengsoulith
  • Anoulom
  • Thongdeng
  • Keobounma
  • Vilaychith
  • Soukthida
  • Sithiphone
  • Phimmachanh
  • Khampeng
  • Soukdee
  • Bounmee
  • Keomany
  • Thipsavanh
  • Khamsouk
  • Soukkhavong
  • Sengphone
  • Sithiphone
  • Phanouvong
  • Khamphoune
  • Vilaykham
  • Soukthavy

20 Laotian Names With Meanings

Laotian Names

  1. Thongkham – “Golden heart”
  2. Souksakhone – “Fortunate realm”
  3. Sithiphone – “Blessed sound”
  4. Phetsavanh – “Precious light”
  5. Bounthida – “Blessed wisdom”
  6. Keobounma – “Brave warrior”
  7. Khamsene – “Golden charm”
  8. Vilaphone – “Rewarding voice”
  9. Sengpheth – “Prosperous victory”
  10. Khamphay – “Sky’s gold”
  11. Soulinn – “Peaceful sleep”
  12. Keomanyvanh – “Wise and beautiful soul”
  13. Thipphavanh – “Precious silver”
  14. Soukchaleun – “Shining star”
  15. Sithisak – “Blessed life”
  16. Phimmasak – “Golden smile”
  17. Sackdalay – “Lucky brilliance”
  18. Bounpheng – “Good brightness”
  19. Khamsook – “Golden happiness”
  20. Vilaychit – “Rewarding wit”

Common Laotian Names

Laotian Names

  • Phet – “Diamond”
  • Somchai – “Lucky”
  • Mali – “Jasmine flower”
  • Khampheng – “Golden mountain”
  • Sengphet – “Prosperous diamond”
  • Anoulack – “Victorious person”
  • Sombat – “Happiness”
  • Chantha – “Moon”
  • Souksavanh – “Prosperous beauty”
  • Khamsing – “Golden lion”
  • Vilay – “Reward”
  • Thipphavanh – “Precious silver”
  • Khamtan – “Golden heart”
  • Khouane – “Successful one”
  • Keomany – “Wise woman”
  • Bounleuth – “Blessed and happy”
  • Sisombat – “Fortune and happiness”
  • Manichanh – “Precious jewel”
  • Vilayvanh – “Beautiful reward”
  • Oudone – “The fat one”
  • Sackda – “Lucky and happy”
  • Manivone – “Lucky girl”
  • Phonesavanh – “Precious light”
  • Souliya – “Red flower”
  • Singthong – “Golden lion”
  • Phimmasone – “Golden jasmine”
  • Sithiphone – “Blessed sound”
  • Manisack – “Lucky and cherished”
  • Phonesouk – “Golden flower”
  • Khonesavanh – “Golden treasure”

Good Laotian Names

Laotian Names

  • Souksamlane – “Good fortune”
  • Keobounma – “Good warrior”
  • Anoulom – “Good victory”
  • Bounchan – “Good luck”
  • Amphone – “Good judgment”
  • Sackchit – “Good intelligence”
  • Bounthavy – “Good progress”
  • Manichan – “Good jewel”
  • Phonesai – “Good omen”
  • Bountham – “Good heart”
  • Vilayphone – “Good reward”
  • Khamsouk – “Good gold”
  • Khamphay – “Good sky”
  • Soutsakhone – “Good kingdom”
  • Bounthanh – “Good peace”
  • Khamphane – “Good fragrance”
  • Soulinn – “Good sleep”
  • Bounthone – “Good warmth”
  • Thipphaphone – “Good silver sound”
  • Anoulack – “Good victory”
  • Vilasack – “Good smile”
  • Khampheng – “Good mountain”
  • Manivong – “Good prosperity”
  • Bounpheng – “Good brightness”
  • Sackdavone – “Good fortune and light”
  • Khampeng – “Good power”
  • Keomanivane – “Good sage”
  • Phonesai – “Good omen”
  • Sithisane – “Good charm”
  • Soukanh – “Good being”

Laotian Male Names

  • Bounthavy – “Prosperous”
  • Phetsamone – “Precious gem”
  • Khamsing – “Golden lion”
  • Sithiphone – “Blessed sound”
  • Manichanh – “Adored jewel”
  • Keobounma – “Brave warrior”
  • Anoulom – “Victorious spirit”
  • Sackdavone – “Lucky and light”
  • Souksamlane – “Fortunate gentleman”
  • Khamphay – “Sky’s gold”
  • Khouane – “Successful man”
  • Phonesavanh – “Bright light”
  • Soutsakhone – “Cherished kingdom”
  • Khamphane – “Fragrance of gold”
  • Phimmasone – “Golden jasmine”
  • Bounthanh – “Peaceful heart”
  • Vilasack – “Smiling warrior”
  • Manivong – “Prosperous leader”
  • Phonesai – “Omen of glory”
  • Khampeng – “Powerful strength”
  • Vilayphone – “Rewarding voice”
  • Khampheng – “Golden mountain”
  • Anoulack – “Triumphant hero”
  • Sengphet – “Prosperous diamond”
  • Soulinn – “Peaceful sleep”
  • Bounleuth – “Blessed and happy”
  • Khamtan – “Golden heart”
  • Khonesavanh – “Treasured gold”
  • Phetdavone – “Bright diamond”
  • Soukanh – “Noble being”

Laotian Female Names

  • Manisack – “Cherished lady”
  • Souksavanh – “Beautiful gold”
  • Bounchanh – “Lucky charm”
  • Khamsouk – “Golden happiness”
  • Phonesouk – “Golden flower”
  • Vilayvanh – “Graceful reward”
  • Souliya – “Red flower”
  • Keomany – “Wise woman”
  • Sithisane – “Charming radiance”
  • Sisombat – “Fortune and happiness”
  • Thipphavanh – “Precious silver”
  • Oudone – “The prosperous one”
  • Khampheng – “Golden mountain”
  • Bounleuth – “Blessed and happy”
  • Khouane – “Successful woman”
  • Manichanh – “Precious jewel”
  • Sackdavone – “Lucky and light”
  • Keomanivane – “Sage woman”
  • Vilayphone – “Rewarding voice”
  • Phimmasone – “Golden jasmine”
  • Sithiphone – “Blessed sound”
  • Souksamlane – “Fortunate lady”
  • Khamphane – “Fragrance of gold”
  • Phonesavanh – “Bright light”
  • Soutsakhone – “Cherished kingdom”
  • Anoulack – “Triumphant heroine”
  • Manivong – “Prosperous leader”
  • Khamphay – “Sky’s gold”
  • Phetsamone – “Precious gem”
  • Khonesavanh – “Treasured gold”

Unique Laotian Names

Khemkham – “Sparkling gem”

Akara – “Boundless sky”

Thongphet – “Golden soul”

Sirisack – “Eternal laughter”

Ananta – “Infinite glory”

Visoun – “Enlightened warrior”

Vilavone – “Moonlit beauty”

Souliny – “Peaceful river”

Phanuphan – “Crested phoenix”

Chansamone – “Radiant moon”

Bounthone – “Singular warmth”

Keopaseuth – “Resolute triumph”

Vannapha – “Celestial aura”

Kiettisack – “Glorious fortune”

Phetsamay – “Everlasting diamond”

Achara – “Eternal grace”

Thongdeng – “Shining candle”

Aphaimane – “Boundless dream”

Chalermchai – “Triumphant artist”

Daraniphone – “Resplendent melody”

Souriya – “Sunlit essence”

Thanakorn – “Golden bravery”

Vannalee – “Graceful wave”

Vilasinh – “Lion’s charm”

Khamvongsa – “Golden ruler”

Phitsamai – “Adored treasure”

Aphaimane – “Infinite dream”

Sisouk – “Radiant light”

Vatthanac – “Supreme soul”

Visay – “Eternal glory”

Famous Laotian Names

Souphanouvong – “Red Prince”

Kaysone – “Red flag”

Souvanna Phouma – “Golden land”

Oudom – “Prosperity”

Sananikone – “Eternal sunshine”

Bounnhang – “Blessed fortune”

Thongloun – “Shining victory”

Khamtai – “Golden drum”

Bouasone – “Lotus flower”

Thongsing – “Lucky lion”

Nouhak – “Guiding light”

Thongphet – “Golden soul”

Souk-Aloun – “Fortunate peak”

Bounchan – “Lucky charm”

Souliya – “Red flower”

Souvanh – “Moonlight”

Sisavath – “Protector of treasures”

Khamsene – “Golden charm”

Souvankham – “Golden melody”

Vichit – “Victorious warrior”

Thipphakone – “Silver spear”

Sithon – “Blessed throne”

Souvanna – “Golden garden”

Khouane – “Successful one”

Seng-Aroun – “Prosperous dawn”

Sisomphone – “Protector of tranquility”

Bounkong – “Blessed sky”

Sackona – “Lucky aura”

Ketsana – “Victorious light”

Anoulack – “Triumphant hero”

Cool Laotian Names

Kaisone – “Cool red flag”

Anouparb – “Fearless warrior”

Keolakhone – “Cool thunderbolt”

Siriphone – “Cool smile”

Sithideth – “Cool eternity”

Khamsouk – “Cool gold”

Souksomboun – “Cool unity”

Thipsavanh – “Cool silver moon”

Souksakhone – “Cool realm”

Anoulak – “Cool victory”

Phimmachanh – “Cool diamond”

Ketsada – “Cool victory”

Thongchanh – “Cool prosperity”

Phouvanh – “Cool mountain”

Vilavanh – “Cool moon”

Sinsamay – “Cool charm”

Chanthala – “Cool moonlight”

Keobounphan – “Cool warrior”

Thipsavath – “Cool protector”

Sithiphone – “Cool sound”

Vilaychith – “Cool reward”

Khamseng – “Cool lion”

Souvanthong – “Cool gold”

Chansamone – “Cool moon”

Manivong – “Cool leader”

Phongphet – “Cool diamond”

Phimmachack – “Cool gem”

Khamphay – “Cool sky”

Oudone – “Cool prosperity”

Soutsakhone – “Cool kingdom”

Funny Laotian Names

Khamsap – “Golden shrimp”

Soukhoun – “Happy cloud”

Sacknack – “Lucky duck”

Khamphueng – “Goldfish”

Manifun – “Jolly jewel”

Vilalaugh – “Amusing reward”

Bounbanana – “Lucky fruit”

Ketsalaugh – “Victorious laughter”

Sinsmile – “Charming grin”

Keophunny – “Funny warrior”

Bounjoke – “Lucky prank”

Thongtease – “Shiny tease”

Anoulol – “Triumphant laugh”

Souksilly – “Foolish beauty”

Chanthalaugh – “Moonlight giggle”

Phetpunny – “Diamond joke”

Khamha-ha – “Golden chuckle”

Thipsnicker – “Silver snicker”

Souvanha-ha – “Happy moon”

Khamsilly – “Golden fool”

Manisnicker – “Cherished giggle”

Keoprank – “Warrior’s prank”

Vilawit – “Rewarding wit”

Sackcomic – “Lucky humor”

Khamfun – “Golden fun”

Phimmajest – “Diamond jest”

Thongtickle – “Shiny tickle”

Bounrofl – “Lucky joke”

Keochuckle – “Warrior’s chuckle”

Souksmile – “Happy beauty”

Cute Laotian Names

Phetpetite – “Tiny diamond”

Souksand – “Cute light”

Khamkiss – “Golden kiss”

Sithisweet – “Charming sweetness”

Keocharm – “Adorable warrior”

Bounbunny – “Lucky rabbit”

Vilaybaby – “Precious reward”

Thipsunshine – “Silver sunshine”

Khamsweetie – “Golden sweetie”

Sengpetal – “Prosperous petal”

Soukitty – “Cute kingdom”

Thongdimple – “Shining dimple”

Phimmacupcake – “Diamond cupcake”

Anouhug – “Triumphant embrace”

Maniheart – “Cherished heart”

Sacksnuggle – “Lucky snuggle”

Khamcuddle – “Golden cuddle”

Vilaycherub – “Rewarding cherub”

Keoblossom – “Warrior’s blossom”

Thipsmooch – “Silver smooch”

Khamsprout – “Golden sprout”

Soukstar – “Cute star”

Keokiss – “Warrior’s kiss”

Bounflutter – “Lucky flutter”

Sithipetal – “Blessed petal”

Vilaycuddle – “Rewarding cuddle”

Thongdaisy – “Shining daisy”

Maniblossom – “Cherished blossom”

Phetcharmer – “Diamond charmer”

Anouhug – “Triumphant embrace”

Laotian Names

How To Choose A Good Laotian Name

Names are more than mere words; they carry cultural significance, connecting individuals to their heritage and traditions. In the case of Laotian names, this connection becomes even more profound as they reflect a rich tapestry of history and symbolism unique to Laos. Choosing a Laotian name for yourself or a loved one is a meaningful endeavor that involves understanding the essence of Laotian culture and the art of name selection.

Understanding Laotian Naming Traditions

Historical Roots and Cultural Influences

Laotian naming traditions have deep historical roots, influenced by various cultural, religious, and ethnic factors. The names often reflect the country’s historical journey, combining indigenous elements with influences from neighboring countries and beyond. Understanding the historical context can provide valuable insights into the names’ significance and evolution over time.

Symbolism and Meanings in Laotian Names

Names in Laos are often laden with symbolism and meanings. They can represent positive qualities, wishes for prosperity, or attributes reflecting nature’s beauty. The names can also carry blessings, bestowing good fortune and protection upon the bearer. Exploring the meanings behind names can help in finding one that resonates with personal aspirations.

Importance of Family and Ancestry

Family holds immense importance in Laotian culture, and names often serve as a way to honor ancestors and preserve familial legacies. Choosing a name that maintains a connection to family history is a way to celebrate one’s heritage while looking towards the future.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laotian Name

Phonetic Harmony and Melody

Laotian is a tonal language, making pronunciation a crucial factor when selecting a name. Strive for phonetic harmony and consider the melodic flow of the name. The tones and sounds should complement each other, creating a pleasing and balanced effect when spoken aloud.

Balance Between Modernity and Tradition

In today’s globalized world, there might be a desire to opt for modern or trendy names. While this is acceptable, it’s essential to strike a balance between modernity and preserving Laotian traditions. A name that respects cultural roots while being contemporary can have a powerful impact.

Personal Connection and Cultural Identity

A name should resonate with the individual or family choosing it. It should evoke a sense of cultural identity and personal meaning. A name that holds sentimental value can foster a deep connection to one’s heritage.

Exploring Different Types of Laotian Names

Names Inspired by Nature and Geography

Laos is known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty. Many names draw inspiration from elements like rivers, mountains, flowers, and animals. These names connect the bearer to the land’s beauty and invoke a sense of harmony with nature.

Traditional Names from Folklore and Mythology

Laotian folklore and mythology offer a treasure trove of captivating names. These names often carry stories of legendary figures and mythical beings, infusing a sense of magic and wonder into the name.

Names with Religious and Spiritual Significance

Religion plays a significant role in Laos, and names can be inspired by Buddhist teachings or other spiritual beliefs. Such names imbue the bearer with virtues like compassion, wisdom, and inner peace.

Tips for Pronunciation and Spelling

Navigating Tones in Laotian Language

Mastering the tonal aspects of Laotian names can be challenging for non-native speakers. Practicing pronunciation with native speakers or language resources can aid in getting the tones right and ensuring the name sounds accurate.

Common Phonemes and Difficulties for Non-Natives

Certain sounds in Laotian names might be unfamiliar to those from different linguistic backgrounds. Learning about common phonemes and potential difficulties can aid in selecting a name that is easier to pronounce for a wider audience.

Ensuring Accurate Transliteration

For those not well-versed in the Laotian script, transliteration is a helpful tool to convert names into a readable format. However, ensuring accurate transliteration is vital to preserve the name’s authenticity and meaning.

Honoring Legacy and Heritage

Keeping Family Traditions Alive

Choosing a name that aligns with family traditions and customs fosters a sense of continuity and respect for ancestral heritage. It allows the family to honor their roots while embracing the present.

Paying Tribute to Ancestors and Elders

Selecting a name that pays tribute to respected ancestors or elder family members is a way to acknowledge their influence and contributions to the family’s journey.

Passing Down Values Through Names

Names often carry virtues and values that parents wish to instill in their children. By selecting a name with positive connotations, parents can pass down essential life lessons and aspirations.

Modern Adaptations and Global Appeal

Balancing Cultural Authenticity and Accessibility

In an interconnected world, Laotian names might find their way into diverse cultural contexts. Striking a balance between preserving cultural authenticity and ensuring accessibility to a broader audience can make the name more universally appreciated.

Laotian Names in the Contemporary World

As globalization continues to influence cultures, Laotian names can find a place in the contemporary world. Celebrating and embracing these names can enrich the global naming landscape.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

The richness of Laotian names adds to the beauty of the world’s naming traditions. Embracing diversity and inclusivity in naming choices can foster a global community that appreciates the uniqueness of each culture.


In conclusion, we hope this extensive list of 700 Laotian names has been a source of delight and inspiration for you. The Laotian naming tradition is truly a treasure trove of diverse and meaningful names that reflect the country’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a name for your child, a character in your story, or simply exploring the fascinating world of names, this compilation has something for everyone.

Choosing a name is a special and important decision, and we understand the significance it holds in shaping one’s identity. The names we’ve shared in this article are more than just words; they carry stories, sentiments, and aspirations. Each name is a doorway to a unique story waiting to be told, and we encourage you to delve deeper into the meanings and origins behind the names that caught your attention.

As you venture forth with your newfound knowledge of Laotian names, we hope you approach this process with an open heart and a keen appreciation for the linguistic artistry embedded in each name. Embrace the beauty of diversity and celebrate the richness of cultures that contribute to our global tapestry of names. May you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart, and may it become a cherished and meaningful part of your journey. Happy naming!


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