700 Exquisite Latvian Names From the Land of Amber

Welcome to our blog post on “700 Latvian Names”! Get ready to explore a treasure trove of creative and captivating Latvian names that will undoubtedly spark your imagination. As William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Indeed, names hold a special power, and in this article, we’ll dive into the rich world of Latvian naming traditions.

As a Naming Specialist with three years of experience, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to delve into the realm of Fantasy Character naming and study the fascinating nuances of Latvian names. Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered the importance of names in shaping identities, whether it’s for a fictional hero in a fantasy novel or a beloved character in a video game.

Now, you may wonder, why should you explore this collection of 700 Latvian names? The answer is simple: within this carefully curated list, you’ll uncover a unique name that resonates with your aspirations and captivates your heart. Whether you’re a writer seeking the perfect moniker for your protagonist, a soon-to-be parent searching for a distinctive name for your child, or simply a name enthusiast intrigued by the beauty of Latvian culture, this article has something special in store for you. So let’s embark on this exciting journey of exploration and inspiration, where you’re bound to discover a name that feels like it was destined just for you!

Latvian Names

Latvian Names

  • Roberts
  • Indra
  • Valters
  • Gunta
  • Rihards
  • Māra
  • Jānis
  • Viviāna
  • Eduards
  • Inga
  • Rūdolfs
  • Dita
  • Armands
  • Sigita
  • Artūrs
  • Ziedīte
  • Emīls
  • Zinta
  • Ansis
  • Dace
  • Ernests
  • Jūlija
  • Aivars
  • Līga
  • Voldemārs
  • Evija
  • Teodors
  • Ilze
  • Einārs
  • Zanda
  • Uģis
  • Aija
  • Valters
  • Antra
  • Oskars
  • Milda
  • Dzintars
  • Vesta
  • Krišjānis
  • Sabīne
  • Juris
  • Elza
  • Vilnis
  • Laura
  • Kārlis
  • Inese
  • Aigars
  • Alīna
  • Visvaldis
  • Alise
  • Andris
  • Zelma
  • Kārlis
  • Ieva
  • Modris
  • Asnate
  • Gatis
  • Laimrota
  • Elvīrs
  • Silvija
  • Aldis
  • Ilga
  • Niks
  • Liene
  • Dāvis
  • Lība
  • Aivis
  • Aiga
  • Emīlija
  • Zigfrīds
  • Žanete
  • Jurģis
  • Laimdots
  • Elīna
  • Eižens
  • Lauma
  • Rūta
  • Rainers
  • Mārīte
  • Miervaldis

20 Latvian Names With Meanings

Latvian Names

  1. Oskars – A valiant defender and leader.
  2. Lilija – A graceful and pure lily.
  3. Arnolds – A powerful ruler with courage.
  4. Evelīna – A bright and radiant life.
  5. Reinis – A wise and guiding counselor.
  6. Gita – A soulful and melodious song.
  7. Alvis – A supernatural and magical being.
  8. Helēna – A shining light and torchbearer.
  9. Jorģis – A hardworking farmer of the earth.
  10. Astrīda – A beloved and divine star.
  11. Kaspars – A treasure bearer and protector.
  12. Dzirkstele – A sparkling and twinkle of light.
  13. Ingmārs – A famous and renowned god.
  14. Elvīra – A fair and white enchantress.
  15. Didzis – A great and magnificent leader.
  16. Vaira – An ancient and noble soul.
  17. Edvīns – A prosperous and wealthy friend.
  18. Zelma – A protected helmet of defense.
  19. Evalds – A life-giving and awakening force.
  20. Lāsma – A pleasant and delightful sensation.

Good Latvian Names

Latvian Names

  • Valdis – “Powerful ruler”
  • Mara – “Of the sea”
  • Janis – “God is gracious”
  • Elza – “Noble”
  • Edgars – “Wealth spear”
  • Zinta – “A sparkling woman”
  • Agris – “Sharp, fierce”
  • Laima – “Luck, fate”
  • Vilis – “Resolute protector”
  • Inese – “Pure, chaste”
  • Juris – “Justice, fair”
  • Aija – “Joyful”
  • Haralds – “Army commander”
  • Liene – “Light, bright”
  • Kaspars – “Treasure bearer”
  • Velta – “Wave, surge”
  • Raimonds – “Protecting hands”
  • Zara – “Morning star”
  • Vilnis – “Wave”
  • Inta – “Heavenly”
  • Arnolds – “Eagle power”
  • Ausma – “Dawn, sunrise”
  • Reinis – “Advice, counsel”
  • Daina – “Song, poem”
  • Emils – “Industrious, eager”
  • Zane – “God’s gracious gift”
  • Gunars – “Warrior, fighter”
  • Signe – “New victory”
  • Modris – “Courageous”
  • Una – “One, unique”

Old Latvian Names

  • Andulis – “Little eagle”
  • Bertrams – “Bright raven”
  • Egle – “Fir tree”
  • Valda – “Ruler, power”
  • Raina – “Queen”
  • Vilhelm – “Helmet of resolution”
  • Elza – “Noble, exalted”
  • Ermanis – “Beloved man”
  • Jadviga – “Battle warrior”
  • Lote – “Camomile flower”
  • Niklavs – “Victory of the people”
  • Eira – “Mercy, compassion”
  • Justs – “Fair, just”
  • Milda – “Gracious, dear”
  • Rostislavs – “Glorious fame”
  • Velta – “Wave, surge”
  • Osvalds – “Divine power”
  • Laimrota – “Fortunate speech”
  • Zigfrids – “Victory, peace”
  • Velta – “Wave, surge”
  • Ludmila – “Favor of the people”
  • Raivo – “Warrior, hero”
  • Ruta – “Rue, bitter herb”
  • Rihards – “Powerful ruler”
  • Dzirkstite – “Sparkle, twinkle”
  • Aldonis – “Old, wise”
  • Lineta – “Flaxen-haired”
  • Guntis – “War, battle”
  • Melise – “Bumblebee”
  • Zintis – “Thoughtful, intelligent”

Male Latvian Names

  • Aivars – “Spear warrior”
  • Krišjānis – “Follower of Christ”
  • Vilis – “Resolute protector”
  • Zigmārs – “Famous victory”
  • Haralds – “Army commander”
  • Rainers – “Deciding warrior”
  • Jurģis – “Farmer, earthworker”
  • Edijs – “Wealthy, rich”
  • Artūrs – “Bear, hero”
  • Dainis – “Song, poem”
  • Gustavs – “Staff of the gods”
  • Andris – “Man, warrior”
  • Reinholds – “Advice, ruler”
  • Valters – “Ruler of the army”
  • Ziedonis – “Blossom, flower”
  • Uldis – “Wave, billow”
  • Toms – “Twin”
  • Rūdolfs – “Famous wolf”
  • Jāzeps – “God will add”
  • Arvīds – “Eagle tree”
  • Ernests – “Serious, earnest”
  • Laimdots – “Fortunate gift”
  • Ričards – “Powerful ruler”
  • Igors – “Warrior of peace”
  • Jēkabs – “Supplanter”
  • Ansis – “God of the forest”
  • Austris – “From the east”
  • Renārs – “Advising army”
  • Kārlis – “Free man”
  • Jorģis – “Earthworker, farmer”

Female Latvian Names

  • Alise – “Noble”
  • Dace – “Good fortune”
  • Līva – “Lion”
  • Zane – “God’s gracious gift”
  • Antra – “Second one”
  • Ieva – “Yew tree”
  • Elza – “Noble, exalted”
  • Maija – “May, goddess of spring”
  • Velta – “Wave, surge”
  • Gunita – “Song, melody”
  • Ināra – “Sun ray”
  • Ausma – “Dawn, sunrise”
  • Laima – “Luck, fate”
  • Daina – “Song, poem”
  • Indra – “God of thunder”
  • Lauma – “Fairy, nymph”
  • Maija – “May, goddess of spring”
  • Gita – “Song”
  • Arta – “Golden”
  • Elvīra – “Fair, white”
  • Zelma – “Helmet of protection”
  • Vesta – “Chaste, pure”
  • Malda – “Prayer, supplication”
  • Brigita – “Exalted, revered”
  • Alda – “Old, elder”
  • Renāte – “Rebirth”
  • Evija – “Living, alive”
  • Zinta – “A sparkling woman”
  • Mirdza – “Famous, renowned”
  • Sigita – “Victory, protection”

Funny Latvian Names

Ābols – “Apple”

Dumjāns – “Foolish, silly”

Smiekliņa – “Little laughter”

Pūciņš – “Small owl”

Blēdis – “Babbler, blabbermouth”

Neklātnis – “Absent-minded person”

Mūžīte – “Eternal, forever”

Smaida – “Smile, grin”

Vārds – “Word”

Trakais – “Crazy, mad”

Smejais – “Laughing, giggling”

Briesmīgs – “Scary, dreadful”

Sārts – “Red”

Blēdis – “Babbler, blabbermouth”

Lūzeris – “Loser”

Prieks – “Joy, happiness”

Viltīgs – “Deceptive, tricky”

Jokains – “Joking, jesting”

Smaidīgs – “Cheerful, smiling”

Trakums – “Craziness, insanity”

Smaidiņš – “Little smile”

Pūķis – “Dragon”

Mulsinošs – “Confusing, puzzling”

Šausmīgs – “Terrible, horrifying”

Lološs – “Daydreamer”

Traģiskais – “Tragic, sorrowful”

Klunciņš – “Key, latch”

Vecais – “Old one”

Lēnais – “Slow, sluggish”

Šarms – “Charm, allure”

Unique Latvian Names

Austra – “Dawn”

Vaidelote – “Chatterbox, talkative”

Kārlis – “Free man”

Lelde – “Warmth, comfort”

Pēteris – “Stone, rock”

Uzdis – “Awakening, inspiration”

Visvaldis – “All-ruler, omnipotent”

Zoss – “Sweetheart, darling”

Jūra – “Sea”

Zviedris – “Swede, from Sweden”

Rūsiņš – “Little Russian”

Ikars – “Longing, yearning”

Ziedonis – “Blossom, flower”

Silvija – “From the forest”

Valda – “Ruler, power”

Everita – “Eternal, everlasting”

Ābele – “Apple tree”

Ozols – “Oak tree”

Smuidra – “Fragrance, aroma”

Zigurds – “Victorious peace”

Krēsliņš – “Little chair”

Daila – “Beautiful, lovely”

Pavils – “Small, humble”

Sarmīte – “Herb, plant”

Norītis – “Little sun”

Zila – “Blue”

Berzins – “Birch tree”

Prūsiņš – “Little Prussian”

Aizdis – “Beyond, further”

Lazdins – “Hazel tree”

Famous Latvian Names

Miervaldis – “Peaceful ruler”

Aspazija – “Welcome, beloved”

Lauma – “Fairy, nymph”

Atis – “Father, forefather”

Rainis – “Deciding warrior”

Līga – “Holy, sacred”

Zemgus – “Earth god”

Elita – “Chosen, elite”

Zenta – “Genuine, sincere”

Aina – “Sight, vision”

Zigfrīds – “Victory, peace”

Līvija – “Free, independent”

Miķelis – “Who is like God?”

Bārbala – “Barbara, stranger”

Jānis – “God is gracious”

Alfrēds – “Elf counsel”

Vaira – “Ancient, past”

Uldis – “Wave, billow”

Laimdots – “Fortunate gift”

Māra – “Of the sea”

Raimonds – “Protecting hands”

Žanis – “John, God is gracious”

Spodra – “Morning light”

Imanta – “Power, strength”

Krišs – “Follower of Christ”

Ausma – “Dawn, sunrise”

Miķelis – “Who is like God?”

Austris – “From the east”

Zanda – “Fierce, passionate”

Valdis – “Powerful ruler”

Cool Latvian Names

Rūta – “Rue, bitter herb”

Līvija – “Free, independent”

Atis – “Father, forefather”

Raimonds – “Protecting hands”

Alise – “Noble”

Krišs – “Follower of Christ”

Austris – “From the east”

Zara – “Morning star”

Laimdots – “Fortunate gift”

Zigmārs – “Famous victory”

Ieva – “Yew tree”

Vilnis – “Wave”

Dace – “Good fortune”

Aivars – “Spear warrior”

Ausma – “Dawn, sunrise”

Ernests – “Serious, earnest”

Rihards – “Powerful ruler”

Velta – “Wave, surge”

Elza – “Noble, exalted”

Jurģis – “Farmer, earthworker”

Daina – “Song, poem”

Lauma – “Fairy, nymph”

Janis – “God is gracious”

Alda – “Old, elder”

Signe – “New victory”

Inese – “Pure, chaste”

Artūrs – “Bear, hero”

Laima – “Luck, fate”

Valda – “Ruler, power”

Elvīra – “Fair, white”

Catchy Latvian Names

Zara – “Morning star”

Arvīds – “Eagle tree”

Zane – “God’s gracious gift”

Niklavs – “Victory of the people”

Velta – “Wave, surge”

Edgars – “Wealth spear”

Inese – “Pure, chaste”

Vilis – “Resolute protector”

Laima – “Luck, fate”

Janis – “God is gracious”

Milda – “Gracious, dear”

Aivars – “Spear warrior”

Vilis – “Resolute protector”

Zinta – “A sparkling woman”

Mara – “Of the sea”

Raimonds – “Protecting hands”

Mara – “Of the sea”

Dainis – “Song, poem”

Elza – “Noble, exalted”

Zigmārs – “Famous victory”

Mara – “Of the sea”

Juris – “Justice, fair”

Raina – “Queen”

Velta – “Wave, surge”

Elza – “Noble, exalted”

Gunars – “Warrior, fighter”

Vilis – “Resolute protector”

Daina – “Song, poem”

Laima – “Luck, fate”

Zane – “God’s gracious gift”

Latvian Names

How To Choose A Good Latvian Name

Choosing a name for oneself or a loved one is a momentous task, as names hold a profound influence on a person’s identity and life journey. In Latvian culture, names carry an additional layer of significance, deeply rooted in historical traditions and linguistic elements. This article aims to guide you through the process of selecting a good Latvian name, one that resonates with your values, heritage, and aspirations.

Understanding Latvian Names:

To embark on this journey of name selection, it’s essential to grasp the foundations of Latvian names. These names are steeped in rich cultural heritage and often carry semantic origins reflecting nature, professions, or historical events. Latvian names typically consist of three elements: the given name (Vārds), followed by a patronymic or matronymic name (derived from the father’s or mother’s name with the suffix -sons or -dottir), and lastly, the family name (Uzvārds). Paying attention to the pronunciation and accentuation of these names is crucial to maintaining their authenticity and honoring their cultural roots.

Delving into Name Meanings:

Beyond their linguistic aspects, Latvian names possess symbolic and meaningful representations. Exploring the semantic origins of names unveils hidden connections to nature, elements, and cultural references. Some names carry the essence of water or forests, while others bear mythological and historical allusions. Understanding the deeper meanings allows you to find a name that aligns with your personal beliefs and aspirations for the future.

Factors to Consider:

When choosing a good Latvian name, several essential factors come into play. Firstly, seek a name that holds a personal connection or significance, resonating with your values and beliefs. Secondly, consider cultural appropriateness to ensure your choice respects the heritage and traditions associated with Latvian names. Additionally, pay attention to the sound and phonetics of the name, as the rhythmic flow can contribute to its appeal. Lastly, embracing modernity and uniqueness in your name choice allows for a distinctive identity in contemporary society.

Exploring Name Databases and Resources:

Embarking on a name-finding expedition involves delving into various resources and databases. Online platforms offer extensive collections of Latvian names with their meanings and origins. Consult Latvian language resources, dictionaries, and linguistic experts to understand the nuances and pronunciation rules. Seeking guidance from specialists ensures an informed and culturally appropriate decision.

Seeking Inspiration from Latvian Culture:

To gain inspiration for your name choice, immerse yourself in Latvian culture and history. Learn about famous namesakes from Latvia’s past and present, individuals who have left a lasting impact on society. Draw inspiration from traditional festivals, customs, and folklore, as these elements can breathe life and meaning into your chosen name.

Finalizing Your Decision:

As you narrow down your list of potential names, seek feedback and opinions from friends, family, or experts. Hearing different perspectives can offer valuable insights and solidify your choice. Once you’ve made your decision, embrace your chosen Latvian name with pride, knowing that it carries a rich tapestry of history, culture, and significance, uniquely woven to shape your identity and journey through life.


In conclusion, delving into the world of “700 Latvian Names” has been a captivating and enriching experience. We’ve explored the beauty of Latvian naming traditions and the significance of names in shaping identities, be it in fantasy worlds or real-life scenarios. As we’ve seen, names carry a profound power that can leave a lasting impression on individuals and communities.

Through this journey, we’ve not only uncovered a vast array of unique and enchanting Latvian names but also gained a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness embedded in each name’s meaning and history. Whether you’re drawn to names that evoke strength and courage or names that exude grace and elegance, the Latvian naming tradition offers a diverse and beautiful selection to choose from.

So, whether you’re an aspiring writer, a new parent, or someone simply curious about the world of names, we hope this article has sparked your creativity and provided you with a wealth of options to consider. Remember, a name is not just a label; it’s a reflection of who we are and the legacy we leave behind. Embrace the journey of naming with enthusiasm, for within these names lies the potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who bear them. As you venture forth, may you find the perfect name that resonates with your heart and soul, adding a touch of Latvian magic to your life’s narrative. Happy naming!


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